has, for a long time (since 2002), shown two pictures titled:

Objects emerging from lesion on child’s lip at 200x

The two photos were probably taken with a QX3 microscope, and have an image size of 512×384 pixels (standard size for QX3 and QX5 microscopes) and they exhibit the characteristic lighting of QX microscopes.

Here is one of the photos from


Here is a photo I took on a QX5 at 200x


Notice the similarities. The size of the “structures” are almost identical. They exhibit a characteristic “flattening” in places. They have similar lengths, thickness and variety.

What are they? Kleenex tissue, stained with blood.

Here’s the same thing at 10x


The only difference here is in the color, which can be accounted for by the lighting, and the amount of blood soaked into the sample. Mine just had a tiny bit of blood on it, so the fibers are not fully soaked.

So, the fibers that were found in a lesion on a child lip look exactly like Kleenex soaked in blood. Does it seem at all unlikely that if you (or your child) has some seeping lesions on their lip, then they might at some time dab them with a Kleenex, perhaps leaving a few fibers? also says the fibers “have tentatively been identified as cellulose”. What is Kleenex made from? Cellulose (refined from wood pulp).

While this does not explain the dark fibers in other photos, it’s an obvious and simple explanation for the “Objects emerging from a lesion”, and should no longer be claiming that these are somehow unusual, unidentified, hyphae-like structures.

They look exactly like Kleenex fibers, soaked in blood. That’s probably what they are.

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  1. so why dont you tell us who’s payroll you are on. On second thought, why not come and give me a hug if you feel so confident in your analysis.

    Disinformation specialist right out in the open. so who is it? Merck? pfizer? Hmm who are you? all my money on the bet that that answer is quite interesting. for you readers other than this sites owner, here’s a few simple facts and why I believe this guy is an industry specialist.

    1 The medical world, esp. big pharm. are huge industries. The goal of industry, all industry, is profit. so in a nutshell.

    Industry=generation of $ with profit as goal


    3 research depends on budget.

    4 biomedical AND pharm. Industries provide the majority of research groups with their budget.

    Therefore all research is controlled for self serving reasons, with very few exceptions to this rule.

    5 laboratory and other research results are shared only if they are part of subsidized research. This represents capital investment on the part of industry.

    So… It is safe to assume that unfavorable research will not be funded.

    6 There are many out there who’s work is either shut down or suddenly has funds cut because of controversy or negitive effects on industry profit margin.

    watch the video at

    so how do these relate to the initial conclusions based on the video?

    this element(organism) is genetically manipulated. How would the acknowledgement of this affect or benefit industry

    the reality is, the result would devistate the industry. AND, if not forced, who would perform this task?. They realise what this agent represents to thier livelyhood, thats where guys like this sites host come in.

    they are paid by industry to negate, confuse, and otherwise make a mockery of those suffering. And believe me, this illness is a bitch to live with.

    some day pal, myself or someone else will get their hands on you. it is called karma, and even though this illness is the pits, it still beats having to look in the mirror and see what you do everday.

    this genetically manipulated specie has become commensal AND DIFFERENTIATES–this means a single pathogen is able to cause several seemingly different diseases.

    DISEASE=$ for Industry. there are no arguments here concerning this fact

    And Generally speaking…..

    Degenerative disease is of our day, meaning new and emerging. Indeed, the exploitation of an otherwise healthy body is becoming very common.

    To cure is not profitable, but to treat the effects(symptoms) is now everyday life and generating BILLIONS on top OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS by simply selling symptom suppressive drugs for the life of who needs them.

    that this bug will most likely link to many of these types of diseases and other antibiotic resistent maladies of our day. All of them ENORMOUS capital machines.

    Hence, until a money machine equal to the current one is thought of or discovered that would also benifits us, the infected, funding for research will never be granted.

    If one pathogen is worth a billion dollars, Then a differentiating pathogen must be worth many billions of $.

    This bug is a money maker.

    As stated, Unfavorable research will never be funded by industry. Those who continue work on these types of things are either persecuted(e.g. Dr Schwartz) or their findings are bought by the industry and not reported. e.g. Vioxx.

    Do you believe that industry is unrepresented in forum groups such as this one? You would be foolish to believe they are not,

    These realities are incredibly important to bear in mind when reading or viewing any new information which becomes available. The bottom line is that the general public must begin asking questions about this disorder without having to become infected themselves.

  2. How can you tell it is genetically modified?

  3. Kleenx fibres??!! you fool, you Tool.

    Here are some ‘kleenex’ fibres I got out of my arm. Care to look, or do you rightly fear.

    A hug, yes a hug, a group hug, maybe you just need a hug, ..’cmere ya lil varmint’ lol.

    You know not where you tread nor the nature of the arena.

    I learn, I write, I do, for the sake of the children, who need not know this hell.

    But you… ‘cmere ya lil varmint, lol, I just wanna huuuuug’.

    - Fighorfly.

  4. I looked at your photos. You’ve got Tinea (and probably something else). Tinea causes the small pustules, and the flaking off skin. The fibers are environmental, and will naturally get attached to and embedded in the dead skin areas. So, no, it’s not Kleenex.

  5. Where is your evidence to support your claim that the fibres are environmental. How can you make that judgement from a photo? How dare you dismiss the opinion of soemone who is living with it?

  6. Just take the hug that you have been offered and then start a new blog – “Forget the Kleenex – THERE ARE FIBRES EMERGING FROM MY SKIN!!”

  7. All I was saying was that the fibers in the photo look EXACTLY the same size, shape and consistency as Kleenex fibers soaked in blood. Many other photos look like something different.

  8. Kleenex sounds good to me. All I’ve been amazed at, over those photos,
    is making something out of a kid having chapped lips from drooling in his sleep, and getting (what appeared to me as being logical, having done it in childhood, myself), blanket fuzz stuck to his mouth. Who hasn’t had a kid and been-there-done-that! How about the blister on his heel with what…sock fuzz? The child is faring quite well now, and the founder of the organization has never shared with her beloveds how he got better, so they can all follow suit.

    Imagine how these people must react to friends and family that try to reason with them in person. They speak so directly abusively, and excuse themselves as having a right to!

    So rational, and so mature. They’re the only people to ever have something to disable them and not know what it is, or have cure for it. That gives them a right to go off like they do.

  9. How do you know that child didn’t have a cast on his lips to keep the blanket fuzz out.

  10. FYI

    He was Loved by many.

    Travis Allen Wilson

    Appeared: 2006-04-26

    Travis Allen Wilson, born on December 29, 1982, died on Sunday, April 23, 2006, at the age of 23 from complications of Lyme disease and Morgellons disease. Travis was born in Olympia and lived most of his life in Shelton. He lived for a time in Tenino, and for the past three years had resided in Leander, Texas. He is survived by his mother, Lisa Wilson, of the family home in Leander; father, Mark Wilson, of Shelton; sister, Trisha Wilson, of Herndon, Virginia; great- grandparents, John and Mary Thompson, of Rainier, Oregon and St. Petersburg, Florida; and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Viewing will be at McComb Funeral Home in Shelton on Friday, April 28, 2006, from 12:00 noon until 5:00 p.m. A Funeral Service will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 916 North 12th Street, Shelton, on Saturday, April 29, 2006, at 10:00 a.m., with burial to follow at Miller Cemetery in Agate, outside of Shelton. A gathering will follow at the Shelton home of Mimi Cook. Memorial donations may be made to the Morgellons Research Foundation, P.O. Box 16576, Surfside Beach, South Carolina, 29587. Arrangements are under the direction of McComb Funeral Home, Shelton, Washington.

  11. Figorfly,

    It’s very sad that Travis has died. But the truth is important, and it’s very important that people understand that morgellons is not a disease. It’s also important that people understand that Travis’ death was not a direct result of Lyme Disease or complications of a mysterious condition that has been mis-labeled as Morgellon Disease. Freedom is the result of Truth, and the acceptance of it.

    Also, just so everyone will know, Travis is not the child under discussion. That child is very much alive and doing quite well.


    Don’t flatter yourself by suggesting that Merck or Pfizer would ever consider the research of the Morgies a threat. They don’t even know you exist! Besides, if anyone is promoting big pharm it’s people like you that squander your savings purchasing pharmacheuticals you don’t need.

    Tall Cotton

    Tall Cotton

  12. One thing that confuses the issue is the way that Mary, from the Morgellons Research Foundation, describes the fibers as if they were all alike. They are clearly not all of the same type. Some of the Scattered Emission Micrographs at her website appear the fungal hyphae of Wangiella. Check Google Images of Hyphae. Wangiella is also pictured with the hyphae at AltaVista.

    Other micrographs appear to be paper or rayon. Paper is constructed of hollow cellulose tubes and rayon is constructed of solid cellulose rods. The round “beads” within the fibers are nothing more than reflected light. Hair without it’s pigmentation will also produce the internal “beads”. I think it’s quite reasonable to think that some of these images are Kleenex or blanket fuzz.

    Tall Cotton

  13. Travis openly, and privately, communicated that he did not FEEL loved by many. Fighorfly, you’ve tried using his memory to achieve something here, on an unrelated topic.

    Cheers, Yagermeister. May better days lie ahead.

  14. Travis Wilson killed himself.

  15. I am a doctor.
    Morgellons is a fraud…
    nothing more than lint and hypochondriasis.

    This disease is on a par with chronic fatigue syndrome and should be treated with topical reassurance and anti-psychotics.


  16. Great short and sweet answer, there, Doc. Once they get that taken care of, they can fix the rest. Trouble is, they don’t want to. They’ve got something to believe in. Why are they complaining? If we only knew.

  17. Oh really.

    I like how the doc shows up to confirm its all in the head.

    Dumb ass.

    Hey doc,

    These bio engineers are light years ahead of you. Dont think they will tell you what they have created in the lab intentionally or accidently.

  18. “im a Doctor”

    oh I see, Doctor=expert.

    Expert says crazy=expert must be right.

    Expert fails to understand bioengineers have created problems that experts dont understand therefore blames the patient so he doesnt look like a dumbass.

    University of Dartmouth.

    “Developement of bioactive fibers”

  19. To the Doctor.

    I worry about people like you that “treat” people.

    Seriously, that is a disturbing throught that you use a phrase like that to presribe a pshycotropic drug.

    For fuck sake you and peer related review bullshit. You all sound the same including the three running this site.

    This is no different than your unneccesary use of statin drugs, antidepressents, and impotence drugs. Brings in good cash dont it Doc. Especially when you keep the patient legally fucked up for a long period of time.

    More and more drugs.

    Doctors now the 3rd cause of mortality in the United States as reported by your own American Medical Association. Doctor Mercola also posts it on his site. Have a look.

  20. Someone keeps insisting on wearing their insanity on their sleeve.

  21. Anonymous,

    Have you stopped to consider how many people would die prematurely if we didn’t have doctors. I’m sure they save a hell of a lot more than they kill. Everyone makes mistakes, even you. But what Smileykins said is so true. You wear your insanity on your sleeve. I guess you think that your theories are correct, and that those of the rest of the “Morgies” are not. Why don’t you go argue with Spec. She’s convinced that Morgellons is cause by the platyhelminth blood fluke, Schistosoma. Of course, she’s just as insane as you are.

    Tall Cotton

  22. Could this be some type of creepy tropical plant the Mexicans are bringing in? It looks like roots to me.

  23. Smileykins, tall cotton and Michael.

    Answer and respond to the document I posted. Theres more where that came from.


    Why dont you call the University of Dartmouth insane for embedding bio modified e-coli into textiles?

    Any basic student of biology will tell you that e-coli, especially bio modified e-coli does not belong on the outside of the body.

    This may explain why people have longstanding infections with bizzare symptoms.

    I want you to respond to the document. The three of you.

    And I want to hear something intellegent out of the three of you and not this parasitical dilusional bullshit you sling around when your backed in a corner.


  24. Let’s stick with the facts. I’m not interested in your theories.

    Tall Cotton

  25. Thinky,
    thinky a little less abstract, and reel yourself back in.

    “RESPOND TO THE DOCUMENT”….Tall Cotton and Smileykins probably did, at one time or another, in the past. Sorry, but no thank you. We are not afraid of our clothes, and if we were, we’d join a nudist colony.

  26. No but you will technically debunk every other theory wont you.

    Except the one that intimidates you.

    Then its:

    “oh we read that a long time ago”.

    Your lying.

    Christians arent supposed to lie remember.

    So when you tell people they “lie” remember that. I can force a lie out of you to show yourself your no Goddamn better than anyone when you preach to from your pulpit.

    You never read it. Thats why it took you 3 days and a demand for you to respond.

    Lost in your memory
    my ass.

    Just cant accept the fact that a bio modified fiber can be created in the lab with all the good DNA from gods green earth can ya.

    Gods creation right?

    YOu have no idea what we can do in the lab do you? You havent even begun to understand everything we are doing.

    “clothing materials are generally bio friendly and sources of heat, moisture and even NUTRIENTS for cellular microdevices and are ALL READILY AVAILBLE FROM THE HUMAN BODY”

    University of Dartmouth

    Ever wonder why those fibers autoflouresce that are pulled from the skin?

    Bio engineered e-coli bacteria spliced with genes from many creatures. Is it any wonder why people get longstanding infections.

    But according to you and your cohorts everyone is an excoriator and does this too himself and the only way to alieviate the problem is to listen to gods little helper, smileykins and get physcotropic drugs.

    Didnt you agree with the Doctor when he made the comment. You didnt say some need it and some dont. You praised the doctor for making that sweeping statement.

    Pull your head out of your ass because there is alot you dont know.

  27. Well, what is your theory? All you’ve done is post a link to a paper that theoretically describes how to to make better odor-eaters.

    The theoretical bacteria, described in that link, live on fibers, they do not make fibers.

    What is your theory?

  28. My friend.

    When will you learn.

    We can grow fibers in the lab.

    Its that simple.

  29. Theoritical bacteria huh?

    Whats a matter didnt reading it in black white sink in?

    This technology is already in place and being used. The manufacturers lined up for licensing rights before they were even done with the project in the year 2000.

  30. Erm… So we now have better odor eaters?

  31. Well guy If you like e-coli on your skin the next time you take a dump dont wash your hands, just wipe it on your body like the cook at the restaurant who cooks your food.

    E-coli doesnt belong on the outside of the skin. This particular bacteria will cause many problems in the body. On the outside and on the inside.

    Any basic student of biology knows this.

    Why dont you?

  32. Most strains of E. coli are harmless, as you know, our bodies depend on E.coli for our source of Vitamin K and B-complex vitamins.

    Perhaps you were thinking specifically of E.coli 0157:H7, which is PROBABLY NOT the strain they are using for odor eaters.

    Tell me, why would clothing manufacturers create clothing that would make you sick?

    Don’t you think they would think of this?

    What do they have to gain?

  33. 1111 West 17th Street
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107-1898
    May 15, 2006
    Re: Morgellons Disease
    From: Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D., Department of Pharmacology & Physiology
    Rhonda Casey, D.O., Department of Pediatrics
    Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Dear Practitioner,
    This letter concerns a patient population that manifests a particular set of symptoms we have encountered
    with increasing frequency, and that OSU-CHS is actively researching. The condition has been labeled as
    Morgellons Disease and it is unclear if this is a single disease or a multi-faceted syndrome. Until recently, most of
    these patients have been grouped as a subset of the diagnosis of Delusions of Parasites (delusional parasitosis;
    DOP). After obtaining careful patient histories and thorough physical exam, we have determined that Morgellons
    patients have several important distinctions ruling out the diagnosis of DOP.
    This population of patients frequently exhibit the following symptoms:
    • Distinct and poorly healing skin lesions with unusually thick, membranous scarring upon eventual healing.
    • Moderate to extreme pruritis at sites of lesions as well as un-erupted skin.
    • Microscopic examination of these lesions will most often reveal the presence of unusual fibers, which may be
    black, blue or red. These fibers, which many healthcare providers initially thought to be textile
    contaminants, are often present in the deep tissue of biopsies obtained from unbroken skin of individuals
    with this condition. Careful examination of these fibers further reveals that they are frequently associated
    with hair follicles, and are definitely not textile in origin.
    • Most of these patients suffer from a host of neurological symptoms which can vary in severity from mild to
    severe. These neurological symptoms include peripheral tingling, paresthesias and varying degrees of motor
    involvement which appear to progress.
    • Intermittent cognitive and behavioral status changes are often observed and also seem to progress with the
    severity of disease. This is often referred to as “brain fog” by the patient as they experience a waxing and
    waning of this symptom.
    • Laboratory findings in these patients are variable, but often reveal eosinophilia and elevated levels of
    Immunoglobin E.
    • Other symptoms of varying severity and frequency have been described, and are included in the attached
    case definition.
    Morgellons patients differ from classical, delusional parasitosis patients in several areas. They do not respond to
    antipsychotics, and new lesions continue to appear upon complete cessation of manual excoriation.
    Due to the sensation of foreign material in their tissue, that has been described as sharp, stinging and/or splinterlike,
    the patient may have discovered the fibers prior to seeking medical care, and may bring them to your office for
    examination. Please do not assume that the patient’s problem is purely psychological based on this propensity.
    Many of these patients may appear skeptical of traditional medical care due to frequent dismissal of their
    symptoms in the past. The combination of suffering from a chronic disease with distressful symptoms and no known
    cause or cure can cause some patients to appear anxious or agitated.
    We encourage you to take the time to carefully interview any patient who may fall into this category, perform
    any testing you may deem appropriate, and most importantly treat the patient with compassion and dignity.
    Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D. Rhonda Casey, D.O.
    Director of Research, Associate Professor of Pediatrics
    Morgellons Research Foundation
    Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
    Oklahoma State University
    Center for Health Sciences
    1111 West 17th Steet
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107-1898
    Morgellons Information Line: (877) 599-7999

  34. most simply cannot fathom the ramifications of such a disclosure. The infectious agent causing this is caused by a stray target (nondisclosed) created by experimental research done under a C3 permit by a proteomics research center. In other words it is a man made creation which has escaped containment. This target was created for research into artificial skin, wound dressing as well as cancer research tools. This is a military issue of high caliber, enough so to be defended by many parties, hence all the conflicting reports and otherwise lack of any credible information. The microscopic images shown in the video found at (follow the links) is completely out of my area of expertise, I am not a microbiologist. However the Macroscopic images shown and this agents interaction with host are EXACTLY the same thing I am able to show on my own body to anyone that will listen and would like to look. For photos of the fibers, follow these links.

    for the picts showing the dissemination in skin follow these links.

    Pictures of typical lesions series of slides.

    Picture of the synthetic polymer showing random recombination. series of slides.


    and finally the most common thing reported and seen by those suffering from this is the fibers seen outside the body. One can put fresh sparkling clean sheets on their bed, shower and scrub fanatically, go from shower to bed, then wake up to find these structures in bed with them. I am not kidding when I say these were not in the bed when you got in it.
    The video compiled by a scientist in Europe can be viewed by following the links at If you are a scientist or research professional, please share your comments concerning what you are seeing in this, as I have said, only the macroscopic images mean anything to me and would love some qualified remarks concerning the microscopic images.

    From what I understand the reasons for the lack of acknowledgement from the medical community is a political as can be. Once the uninfected general public becomes aware of the release of this thing into public space, reactions may become unpredictable. Also, the economic problems which will be sure to follow. Everything these days is genomic/ proteomic research related—from the paint on the door to the food on your plate. In fact, several hundred billion a year in the US alone. Also it appears that even though this seems to be a accidental release, this accident is being “nurtured” by big pharm with obvious goal of the need for lifelong suppressive therapy.

    The video’s creators have also stated that this element is differentiating. Meaning it is the cause of several seemingly unrelated diseases. If a single pathogen is worth a billion dollars to the medical industry then this pathogen is worth 10’s of billions. This bug is a money maker and we are all at the mercy of the medical industry. The key word to concentrate on here is INDUSTRY. All industry is profit orientated and this should scare the bejeebbers out of you. Hence the lack of motivation to fund research into this disorder. It will without doubt prove that these industries focus primarily on the effects of disease and not the cause of them. To cure is not profitable, but to treat over and over again is. Look at the treatments HIV patients must take for life in order to stay alive.

    A pathogen represents billions and to take a cause of disease away is a disaster for many.

    More to follow, my damn fingers hurt and I stink at typing.


  35. ” The medical world, esp. big pharm. are huge industries. The goal of industry, all industry, is profit. so in a nutshell.”

    Yeah yeah yeah, there’s not true altruism… whatever….


    Of course, or they’d be in another industry.

    “research depends on budget.”
    Would you go to your job for free?

    “5 laboratory and other research results are shared only if they are part of subsidized research. This represents capital investment on the part of industry.”

    Since when? Research results are shared when somebody publishes them. Nothing to do with budget.

    “So… It is safe to assume that unfavorable research will not be funded.”

    No, it’s safe to assume that unfeasable research is not funded.

    “6 There are many out there who’s work is either shut down or suddenly has funds cut because of controversy or negitive effects on industry profit margin.”

    And there’s many that keep on going, what’s your point?

    I see pictures, pictures, pictures from you people. Does no one have a video camera to take a picture of it actually happening?

  36. Queenbugb, you just broke a rule. We’re not allowed to ask questions.

  37. the point is that the medical community was once looked upon as a social service. Now the only motivation is profit.

  38. There are 500,000 doctors in the US. Surely some of them care about other people. What about when their relatives get sick? What about pro bono work? Is it all part of a conspiracy to make money from Morgellons?

  39. there is no conspiracy. The facts are right in front of you to look at. Vioxx, lipitor etc etc. unless you are a relative or friend I guarantee you will not recieve more than 10 to 20 minutes (at most) with any physician per visit, UNLESS you are diagnosed with an illness that is a proven profit generator. ie cancer, heart problems and other operable ailments. otherwise you are in or you are out or shuffled to other specialists for testing etc. They have an incredibly high workload just like any other profession and as in any industry, time efficiency is second only to the focus on profitability, hence the reason for the medical world being ranked so high in the mortality index. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good doctors out there that do care about an individual, but they are all faced with time restraints per client. Now if you are unlucky enough to be uninsured…. Thats another ball game entirely.

  40. by the way, Why are you not allowed to ask questions and who made that rule? seems incredibly stupid if in fact you are trying to give an objective view on any issue, let alone one of such importance. It appears you have shown yourselves to be completely closed to discussion and indeed do have an agenda other than what you have stated.

  41. Smileykins was joking about the “don’t ask questions” thing. I think she was alluding to the uncritical atmosphere of forums such as Lymebusters – where hard questions are ridiculed or deleted.

  42. You say there is no conspiracy. But they you imply that the doctors know what Morgellons is, but they know that the treatment will not make the pharmacuticle companies prifits bigger, so they ignore the suffering of their patients.

    What exactly is the doctor getting out of this arrangement? The doctor is paid by the insurance company. How does the doctor benefit from this arrangement?

  43. sorry for the confusion. The doctors dont know what this is, they are only now starting to notice the number of people showing these symptoms which in the past have been textbook DOP. This is where the problem has been. two minutes with them and they send you on your way and get to the next patient. case closed. The number of people reporting this are now beginning to stir an interest by these physicians and from now on this issue will continue to gain importance and priority. What I have claimed is that this is a product of experimental microbiology loose in public space and yes there are some who are very much so aware of this and will defend the issue simply because of possible effect it may have on the biotech fields as a whole as well as global economy. This is not a small issue. I have been told the release of this thing appears to have been accidental, however, the politics involved with such a disclosure and said ramifications have allowed a situation where this most likely will become a huge cash cow for the R&D sectors as well as big pharma. With this in mind it is easy to imagine this things spread being “nurtured” along to those ends. But this is simply speculation.

    Much needs to be discovered and disclosed for sure, and all information gathered by those that made the video have not yet been made public but certainly will be in time.

    On a personal note, I read your biography and I am glad to know that you have your addiction under control and what you had thought to be morgellons was in fact related to the meth. I can tell you that this illness(morgellons) is like no other before seen and if you do become infected there is absolutely no way to mistake it for anything else. Its bad and it is spreading with many of those infected asymptomatic at this time. I believe that with time, it will be shown that what we are seeing now is simply the tip of the iceburg, and I have never wanted to be wrong quite this badly.

  44. I don’t have a biography. Who are you referring to?

  45. sorry, i had you confused with someone going by the name tall cotton.

    “My name is Tall Cotton, and Smileykins is my future bride. She’s very beautiful, and I’m very proud of her. She’s been on a long and painful path, but she’s getting stronger every day. While she was working to restore her own health, she helped me to restore mine. I am an ex-methamphetamine addict. I am also an ex-morgie.”

  46. Kudos to Kleenex guy. You’re right, they DO look similar, remarkably so…although it is not an expert analysis by any means, it’s a start at debunking this crap, and I like that.

    Memes have been around for hundreds of years in hundreds of forms. What better breeding ground than a medicinal, conspiracy-ridden culture, a television generation who is just LOOKING for something to excuse the way they’ve become?

    I’m with the doctors on this one…hoax built up out of the desires of hypocondriacs.

    Oh yeah, and that video? I especially liked that you have NO Idea what the guy is actually saying, you have to trust the translator (if translation is what that is) therefore you have NO CLUE what he’s actually showing you or what the effects are. We also have NO information about this guy’s credentials aside from the fact that he’s standing in a lab wearing a white coat…

    Great…that’s real quality work. Another thing: Morgellon’s ‘sufferers’ are exactly that. They are NOT medical professionals, they do NOT have medical training or even scientific training. Some claim to, some make huge claims of their accomplishments online, but this video is meant to spread nothing but hysteria and justification. Sufferers are Belivers…there is no critical thinking in that paradigm…only the need to be justified. These videos show you picture after picture with no reference as to what they are, accompanied by screaming children in the background. Awfully fucking subtle.

    Quoting the second video at “Novel environmentally resistant pathogenic and contagious stem cell related man made synthetic quorum sensing micro organisms.” – How Lone Gunman are we going to go here? Occam’s Razor this, and what you end up with is far more believable than the above stated, most imporantly CONTRIVED theory.

    Yes, the CDC is -said- to be being investigating, and several universities have devoted fellows to researching it, but THIS DOES NOT CONFIRM THE EXISTANCE OF ANYTHING. This just confirms that enough people have bought into this and been infected with this meme, and enough people are posting pictures of their SCABS and other skin-dirt online that the CDC and other researchers wonder what the psychos are bitching about.

    Cry me a fucking river.

  47. I believe some fibers have a simple explanation. But , from what I’ve read abut chemtrails, I believe the real Morgellans results from the fibers released by planes and which are electromagnetized from ground installations attempting weather control. Perhaps some fibers appear to move because of the body’s magnetic field. But, how would they become attached to and penetrate skin?

  48. Unfortunately the evidence for Chemtrails is even less convincing than the evidence for Morgellons.

    Quit theorizing, and start some observation. You’ve missed several steps in the scientific process.

  49. How many of you, doubters, have spent as much time with a sufferer of this condition? Maybe actually seeing, sampling, observing or whatever is needed to prove or disprove the existence of this – whatever it is. Instead you are just wanting to be confrontational and opinionated about something that you have not experienced. I welcome you to take samples from my body, since, obviously the many many specimens I have collected would somehow be tainted due to the simple fact that I am not you- UNINFECTED! SOMEHOW THIS SEEMS TO MAKE YOU MORE LEGITIMATE THAN ANYTHING AN INFECTED PERSON COULD REVEAL. OH, I FORGOT WE ARE DELUSIONAL.

  50. I’m not asking that the burden of proof be put upon you, the sufferer. Instead I’m just asking that the Morgellons Research Foundation produce some documented evidence to black their extraordinary claims. I’m also asking that the media so some real research before they propagate those same claims.

    If it were as simple as spending time with someone, then one of the tens of thousands of mainstream doctors who have seen Morgellons believers would have been convinced by now.

    If it is so self-evident, then what exactly is the problem?

  51. that crap is all in the head. Theres no way that is real. It makes makes me laugh when someone belives in something unproven and untrue

    its kleenex or hair or blanket or someting else

  52. dog is a liar its the aliens i swear it came to me in a vision!

    no lie

  53. “I believe some fibers have a simple explanation. But , from what I’ve read abut chemtrails, I believe the real Morgellans results from the fibers released by planes and which are electromagnetized from ground installations attempting weather control. Perhaps some fibers appear to move because of the body’s magnetic field. But, how would they become attached to and penetrate skin?”

    Wow. With geniuses like this on the case, I bet the morgies’ll have the medical community eating their words in no time!

  54. whether you believe in it or not, there are evidently thousands of people (that we know of) who are suffering from basically the same symptoms. for those who think it’s all kleenex and mental illness: please explain the fact that biopsies taken from unbroken skin were tested by a forensic labotatory, and did not match ANY known fibers? perhaps you would find it more rational to believe that tiny space aliens sneak into our rooms at nite and magically ‘beam’ little shreads of kleenex into us while we are sleeping? or would that at least be more comforting to you?
    as for either military or pharmeceutical giant conspiracies, while i believe either is possible (hey, just LOOK at aids) i personally have had symptoms that i am now finding out coincide with morgellons for at least 36 years. if it’s a conspiracy or a containment breech issue, it’s an old one.
    i know my ramblings won’t sway anyone, that’s not my intent. just a little food for thought. i myself find great comfort in knowing there ARE others like me, and i’m not suffering alone anymore.

  55. Sad,

    Just this afternoon I pulled a shard of glass from my left shoulder, previously unbroken skin.

    How on earth could such a thing happen?

    Well, many years ago, I ate a windshield, and there were many, many small bits of glass that could not be picked out in the ER, and so were trapped under my healing skin and under thick scar tissue.

    Foreign objects *always* find a way out.

    My injuries were all on the right side of my face, many years ago. An ancient shard of glass erupting on my left shoulder is interesting conversation, but in fact not at all unusual in medical science.

    The fibers either originate in the patient, and thus must be organic (burnable) or they are external, foreign objects being expelled by the body.

    We are told that the fibers cannot be destroyed by heat. Therefore, they are not organic, and cannot be produced by the human body or any known parasite. The logical conclusion is external breaches and contamination.

  56. One more thing …

    I have only one visible, obvious scar – it’s the one that itched a lot, so I picked at it constantly.

    But scar tissue does not have to be obvious, to be real. Sometimes, it’s just thickened skin that forces bits of glass to find an easier way out.

  57. According to legend, my grandmother had a sewing needle surface and begin to protrude from her skin. It caught on her sweater and was discovered and pulled out. She had no recollection of having swallowed it, but if the story is true, it got inside her somehow.

  58. The plodding patience of the human body at expelling foreign objects is incredible, and worthy of its own blog ;)

  59. hmmm. i had not heard that the fibers are heat resistant. the mystery deepens. as to the glass, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the fibers are some sort of foreign something that has gotten into the body somehow and are slowly being worked out. who knows, perhaps the mystery fibers originated as asbestos particles, and our bodies are somehow adapting to the contamination in a way other than cancer, somehow changing the fibers into something less irritating as it attempts to expel them. mabye we’re human oysters, and the fibers are our pearls?

  60. Sad, pearls are organic. If the fibers are not organic, then they are not being produced by the human body.

  61. doh? pearls are created by the oyster coating grains of sand (or an implanted bead in the case of cultured pearls) because the foreign substance is irritating to it. and has someone said the fibers are non organic? i thought they were supposed to be cellulose in nature, which would by definition BE organic. my point, however, was that perhaps the ‘fibers’ start out as a foreign substance, such as asbestos, and are then modified by the body, like the sand ‘becomes’ a pearl.
    personally, i like the idea of mini aliens beaming the kleenex bits into us while we sleep…. i’ll never keep generic beside the bed again! from now on it’s puffs plus for me! after all, they advertise it as less irritating!

  62. Don’t waste your time on This website is being paid for by the people responsible for spreading this disease/parasite/bacteria, whatever it is.

    Factual information can be found at: (note that you scroll through the posts on the biology website by using the “GoTo Page…” in the upper right hand corner.

    Also see: and here is more:
    I just found out it is from the tobacco hornworm! This is the insect that the parasitoid wasp does a number on!!

    I have been trying to tell you guys about the ricsettsia diseases, in which they now call all of them the Bartonellas:

    Lice Join Ticks As Possible Disease Carriers

  63. Unfortunately, not listening to doctors, for the reasons which are obvious to some people, but so far away and foreign to so many of these patients, is what helped to pave their ways into thinking they all have this, and had led them to where they are today. Nobody can do anything about that, nor where it continues to lead each individual. If some are able to manage just having the state they’re in to remain constant, they’re luckier than others. The decline is inevitable, for some. As I used to reiterate on Lymebusters’ message board, life is an individual journey each one of us is on. We choose how we think, and follow our own paths. Some people can’t, or they really had a genuine belief that they were, in the beginning, when they thought they had more intelligence than their doctor. Some of these people will forever remain caught up in something they can’t understand, angered at the rest of the world for realizing it.

  64. Hi Sad,

    Therein lies the problem. Jace, who evidently is subjecting the fibers to lab testing, says they are NOT organic. Others say that they are cellulose-based. It can’t be both. They are either organic, or not.

    Now, with regard to foreign objects trapped under the skin and gradually being expelled, then your pearl analogy is quite valid. The bits of glass that find their way out of my body are absolutely encased in organic material. I suppose if they were left to fester long enough, they could be human pearls ;)

    But Morgellons fibers are argued as being completely inorganic in nature.


  65. I saw a program called medical mysteries and an agent from the FBI ran analysis on some of the fibers and said they DID NOT MATCH ANY OF THE 20 SOME THOUSAND KNOW SAMPLES OF FIBERS THE FBI LAB HAS IN IT’S DATABASE. Not cotton not polyester not any known man made fiber. explain that DR. How can you make a judgement on what the fibers were from a picture? How about chemical analysis how about handleing the fibers and studying them.

  66. It was not an FBI agent, it was a Tulsa city PD worker.

    It was not a fiber database, the FBI fiber database only has 1,800 fibers in it. It was probably a FTIR database, and they said 200,000 samples. However there are 20,000,000 chemical compounds.

    They also said it does not melt at 1400F, meaning it’s not organic, meaning it was not produced inside the body, meaning it came from outside.

    See here:

  67. The fact that we’re seeing that there are probably millions of more gullible people in the world than we ever dreamed of, is a whole lot scarier than anything called “morgellons disease”.

  68. isn’t it strange that o many people are having the same trouble, problems in the very same time period? My mother was a health care worker for almost 22 years at the same hospital. She wore scrubs each day, her troubles started about may 2003, the very same way most stories coming to light today started. She is convinced that there was something in the scrubs she recently bought from a place she normally buys them from online.
    She said she didn’t wash them like she normally would, for what reason she didn’t but she didn’t.
    it started at work with the picking crawling feeling like we all hear in her pants. which she says she checked out in the bathroom at work that day and found black fibers on her legs.

    with in 2 days she said there were blister like small rashes first on the legs, then worked upward to now after all this time she has 3 spots left on her face that will not go away and still are raw. she quit her job that summer, and has not worked since. Like so many stories she was told the same,,, its in your head, you have depression, fibermyalgia.(sp). blah blah blah.
    I personally have seen these hairs, comming from the skin, and picked them off too,,, I actually watched them be pulled from the skin tissue like a growing hair. same results,,, they were from clothing, kleenex.. blaw blaw blaw.
    my mother is not that old,52 when this started. was healthy before this outbreak, no huge bills, house paid for, and a loving family. I do not with with her, I have a family, wife, and household. but not far from her. 10 miles. How is it possible that my wife and I are delusional to this effect that we witness??
    If this is self inflicted, why would these spots seem to be where an average person can not actually rub their skin raw? like on the middle shoulder blade?
    for 2 years now, I have watched my mother not go out of the house because she is so worried about her face, which ofcourse by now is depressed to the state of mind where whis is getting delussional from the lacrusive life she runs due to the outbreak?
    so far, medical, nor head shrienks,, can help her..I don’t care what the answer is,, she has many years left. what is the answer.
    and by the way, there seems to be a huge amount of talk about “lymes” desease,,, she has been tested for that too,,, and negative… so far..

    I’m 37 years old, and not a closed minded fellow.. Im only looking for answers from who ever, or what ever orginization that can help.

    and no, I hate typing,,, cause it shows.

  69. No, it’s not strange, people have always had skin problems.

    Does your mother actually have lesions in a place she cannot reach? Are you sure? Are they the same as the lesions on her forearms and face?

    What exactly is it that you and your wife witnessed? Can you be more precise?

  70. Pipe,
    I sympathize with your Mother because of her condition. I would like to state that there are a lot of possible causes of the type of sensations she is experiencing. How do you know that these hair-like fibers are not hairs?
    Tall Cotton

  71. just like to comment on scientific rigour.
    this criticism is entirely directed at you Michael, considering your obvious voyuerism.
    its just the name of this blog aint scientific ya cock, its emotive, subjective, derisive, its a bit like me saying “gee, it looks like a conspiracy with TC and smilykins n you n others”
    now, i know that aint true guys

    oh Michael
    go blow a load

  72. so, Michael you are editing my blogs and deleting them
    well done old chap, indeed the power is yours.
    i dare you to post them you weak assed yank, this is why i urge all those who feel abused by the unholy trio, to print hardcopy of this site, as i have been from inception.. the differences will astound, nay disturb. so where are my posts margy poo?,, and i notice both smkns and tc have withdrawn their blogs at times… that open to us all? or only u three?


  73. Hello Pipe,
    First I am not surprised at all, but have no real answers. I will list some conditions that have similar symptoms like human skin mites (scabies) or L1 stage larvae (hookworms and others) can penetrate skin. It is possible that the infection came from the hospital enviornment not the uniform. Many of our clothes and shoes are assembled in China and other Asian and African countries (thanks to NAFTA) and can have parasites or more often parasite eggs. Due to immigration and world travel, infections are present here and now but epidemic yet. Doctors won’t believe it till it happens! Also it is possible that third world terrorists might use parasites instead of anthrax. That is the way it was done in ancient times to win wars.
    In 2004 I had a bad experience and a store when I tried a on a pair of shoes. There was something in the shoes (made in China) and it felt like my feet were being stung even after I quickly removed the shoes. When I got home there was red broken red skin on the tops of both of my feet which left scars. In 2005 I came down with very bad asthma and was very sick for the first time in my life. During this time period I coughed up tiny moving worms and took them to my doctor. He sent them to Labcorp and they said it was digested vegetable fiber. The doctor said not to worry. After the Labcorp diagnosis I have been to three doctors and none take me very serious. Soon I was having much pain and it looked like blood in my urine I looked closer and with magnification found tiny worms moving. They were tiny, dark with a forked tail, slender body and a rounded blunt head. The dr. put them in formelin and made an appt. for me at Johns Hopkins. On the moring I left for the JHH I went to pick up the worms but the dumb asses had LOST them. I had to go empty handed, 400 mi. to my appt. sat for hrs. in the waiting room for another dr. and got no results since I had no proof. The dr. at JHH wanted me to come back for another appt but I was too damn discouraged. I don’t have time nor money for that kind of BS. I have lost faith in doctors and feel disillusioned with conventional medicine. From now on I will treat mysef! Doctor #2 treated me with Vermox and Stromectol and I am still not cured. I treated myself with Albenza which has helped most but still not completely cured. Most likely the bites on my feet were the source of infection but it could be zoonotic. Praziquantel might cure me but I hesitate because of concern of adverse reactions. At first I very scared and thought I might die but no longer think so. I am feeling much better and hope to be well soon. Another source of possible infection was when I used a siphon hose to clean my fish tank and accidently got water in my mouth and choked. Don’t try this at home LOL! My fish were imported directly from Thailand). Now my biggest worry is that is contagious and might cause children, famiy, friends and others to become infected, plus having parasites is embarrasing. Doxycyclene is almost a miracle drug and will heal skin infections and will prevent and cure some kinds of Malaria just to mention a few. If used for at least a year it will kill worms that cause elephantitis because it kills the bacteria they need to live. If your mother’s skin infection can be cured then she can seek medical treatment or get meds to treat herself at the local pharmacy. If doctors can’t cure her she needs to try to cure herself. Even over the counter meds need to be used as directed and with caution also be aware of the possible adverse reactions. Always believe and never give up hope of a cure.

  74. Anyone that HAS parasites, and KNOWS it, isn’t the same as this imaginary disease, called “morgellons”. HUGE difference.

  75. Sunny, that isn’t smart, at all, to not be treating with doctors. You’d better collect all of your medical records, so you can get the lowdown on what you have, and go back to your doctor and discuss it.

  76. Try this link Smalln’
    for hints on, well, just about everything..

    What of your CV/Qualifications Smelly? :)

  77. Quailifications for what? Can you be more specific, Al?

  78. sure hun
    :) lol

    so you stupid person, let me be very specific.
    1/… Do you have any Tertiary Qualifications?
    2/…Do you represent the veiws of any third party?
    3/…How do you respond to the allegation that you are colluding with others in this matter?
    4/…Do you hold any current Practitioners License?
    5/…Have you had any License to Practice revoked?

    N.b. Please adress all points in a concise erudite fasion.

    Regards as ever, in pain AL

  79. We don’t answer to you, Al. In fact, we don’t answer to anyone. It’s time for you to grow up. You’re only making yourself look bad. The things you say aren’t funny and they’re very immature.


  80. Hello, my name is Chris i havent a medical degree or any degrees for that matter. I guess its because i dont rate my intellect with a piece of paper.I guess i dont match it with any other because i believe nobody is smarter.Ha
    I believe u mislable ur findings Michael Disease. I guess its because being in the medical field u ignorantly only focus there. For it is not a disease whatsoever.I have examined these alive worm like organisms for lack of a better label under a microscope and i believe i have a guess of their purpose and can produce them at request. Their gross but not a disease. In close i must say i am serious about all i have said except being the smartest im sure there is somebody out there with my superior intellect. ha
    p.s. show me the money

  81. Hello, Chris Kryza . I’m Smileykins. To the best of my knowledge, the only people commenting on Michael’ blog who are in the medical field have been those who have stated so, underneath various topic headings’ comments, consisting of a few nurses that have said they have “morgellons disease”, and a doctor who’d once suggested a treatment.

    A person with the username of John Boy, I believe, is a retired entomologist. Queen BugB, I believe, claimed to be a psychologist who’s known of some delusional parasitosis patients. JenniferH, is an interested nurse. Jace, is a researcher who works with Randy Wymore. Their comments are here and there.

    Concerning these “alive worm like organisms for lack of a better label”, what is your guess of their purpose? Thank you.

  82. Hello Chris,

    I don’t have a degree the medical field either, and I don’t think anything but common sense and some background information is necessary to correctly conclude that Morgellons isn’t a disease. The people who think they have Morgellons really have a wide variety of disorders, and most of these people, if not all, are delusional in their thinking.

    “Morgies” tend to question our credentials, but they don’t question the credentials of the few quacks that believe them, and they ignore the highly credited doctors that have diagnosed them with delusional parasitosis. You do sound smarter than other people we deal with.

    As far as the “worms” are concerned, I assume you are speaking of whatever Sunny is referring to in her/his urine. Right off, my opinion is also that they are NOT worms. But I don’t have a clue what is really being observed, and I suggest that Chris see a doctor and quit self-treating.

    Thank you for your post.

    Tall Cotton

  83. Their gross but not a disease.

    Spot on Chris!
    How are you? I am definitely not a doctor either (and wouldn’t want to be!) I am a victim of “Morgellons”. I do have some sort of chronic illness taking place, which is still under investigation, and I have ended up with DOP.
    Please take the advice of Tallcotton, see a doctor and stop playing with the “hair like things”.

  84. ….Kleenex fibers? Thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  85. Yes, it seems extremely stupid, but appreciating the fact that Mary Leitao is very ill, it’s understandable. She claims to have taken the little guy’s “bugs mommy” literally. I’ve yet to run across any literature on delusional parasitosis causing the person who has it to misinterpret things ONLY in others, such as she, with her children.

    The significance of how lindane cream was used could, quite possibly, have been a major contributing factor.

    She’s said that the advice in a letter to her little boy’s doctor, from the Johns Hopkins’ specialist he referred her to take him to, was that she be evaluated for Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome, and he’d expressed hope, in that letter, that she would not subject her child to further explorations. Yet, look where things stand today. Here is an informative article from last summer about her. This entire thing is just so sad.

  86. I have this desease and I can’t wait till these people who say its not real get it. Normally i wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, but to say its all in my head and im some kinda nut job just really pisses me off, so i hope every person who calls us nut jobs gets it,

  87. Dear Ray:

    I’m sorry that you’re ill. If you don’t feel that you can benefit from what I am going to say, cast it aside.

    1. When engaging in interactions with people, if anyone responds towards me in a negative manner, I have to consider what their motivation is for doing so.

    2. The first thing I consider is where the responsibility lies in having produced the negative effect. Is it me, or is it them?

    3. My response, then, depends on the situation’s level of importance, and, of course, varies, depending on the circumstances.

    4. If it is something of grave importance, and I have done a poor job in expressing myself, I often tell the person that there has been a mistake in our communication, and I repeat what I am saying to them in a way that I hope can get us onto the path of a clearer understanding.

    5. If someone says anything to me, such as you’ve said has been said to you, I have:

    a. Assessed myself, and identified whether I was responsible for their reaction
    b. Assessed them, and considered their rank of importance

  88. Ray, I’d also like to add that you’re not hurting anyone other than yourself if anyone has literally called you a nutjob, and for no good reason. If they said such a thing, allowing it to get to you, and wishing and hoping that anything bad will befall them, does nothing at all, other than to break down your immune system, and to release stress hormones, and raise your blood pressure. Nothing will ever occur to them, only to you. Do something you enjoy and allow a sense of calm to flood over you. Close your eyes and drift into a sea of blue.

  89. I’ve had something like what you’re all calling “morgellons disease”, before. I didn’t need anyone to believe me over it. I believed in myself, and my Creator, and I recovered. For me, the state was triggered by heat exhaustion and dehydration, and I formed, and passed, kidney stones, among many other very strange occurrences. I knew it was not normal, and just happening to me. Had I spoken about it, I, for certain could have gotten called a nutjob, too.

    I’m sure that you’re ill, and that whatever has caused you to feel like it is “morgellons disease” has been the result of another, already known, underlying, disease process. Good luck in achieving a better sense of understanding. No one else holds your place in the universe, and you should not care about any “we” or “us” when it comes to your health, and your life, other than how things affect those in your immediate circle of family and friends.

  90. Frightening to think what these parents are putting their impressional children through picking at every sore on their body with tweezers and examining the “debris” under a microscope. Is this not child abuse? And then to wish this horrible “disease” on someone else real or imagined shows your quality quite nicely Ray.

  91. Sceptical Analysis and Discussion.

    Opinions are like noses, we all have them.
    These are my opinions.

    First, about “science”: Read Thomas Kuhn’s book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” and then read Popper’s book: “The Logic of Scientific Discovery.” After reading these books, you will have a slight inkling about how “science” evolves (or doesn’t), I opine.

    “What is science?” Answer “Science is what scientists do.” The most important point to notice is that over 97% of all submissions to Scientific Journals are rejected. What is published has a direct “old-school” connection to the Editors that want to sustain the scientific status quo and the insatiable hubris of certain facilities and research communties. Fortunately, I opine, the Internet is showing just how academically interbred these leading Journals are. This disease has rarely been given the light of day in any health Journal. Why not? Why did it need the nudging of a politician to get the research underway? Perhaps because it is not a money maker?

    Second, an “appeal to Authority” is a weak, very weak argument to dismiss evidence that may be true, I opine. Aristotle put the brakes on the science of momentum (calculus) because people would never question his Physics work. It is right we should listen to Doctors. But it is also right to consider that they too are human, and therfore have their weaknesses. A letter with a special stamp in the corner has nothing to do with the truth of the written content or the intergrity of the letter’s author. Not nowadays.

    Capitalism is currently at its greatest strength: truth and morality are in recession. Common sense and dignity, intellectual curiosity and self-confidence have no place in a medical flow-chart or a medical book. I know. I have read more than a few. Go and look for yourself. Many modern medical doctors know more about how to “finance” critical operations, new medical IPO’s and retirement condo deals, than about the latest medical techniques or new diseases.

    Some people suggest that new diseases are created because the cure can be created at the same time; thus creating new diseases turn out to be an obvious money-maker to those that have the medicine to the cure. If so, more new un-natural diseases will be forthcoming, on the condition that Capitalism will continue its global engulphment of all terrestrial societies.

    Third, the disease. (a) If it is “real,” then it will be easy to establish its presence. But if all evidence cannot pin-point a problem, then it is also rightful to say so.

    Fourth, it is unwise to belive we know everything about what is going on regarding the current manipulation of DNA. It is unwise to believe that only the very best scientists are involved in this science. And it is unwise to believe that such science cannot affect, for the worse, the food and fluids our body needs, as well as the body and the parasites that live on it. If this turns out to be a man-made disease, ALL OF THOSE that produced it (if it was produced), and all those that have a stake or share in the company (if it was a company that created it) must be punished with termination of life, I opine. This is because such man-made diseases are a threat to all of humanity.

    Fifth, those who think it is just “mob-psychosis” may do so, provided they also allow four legitimate well-financed public studies to resolve the argument completely. Four is sufficient and more than four is superfluous, I opine.

    Sixth: Suppose this disease to be legitimate. What follows? What are some of the questions we can raise? (a) Where did it come from? (b) Why now? (c) What is its ultimate, or terminal scenario? (d) Can it be stopped, if so how? (e) Is it contagious? (f) What is its lifecycle? Interestingly the same questions apply if the disease is not legitimate. That is to say, calling the disease “psychotic” answers no questions. But rather invites more, I opine.

    Intellectual curiosity linked to the Hippocratean Oath (which Doctors sign but never read), will surely go to the bottom of this, but nothing else will. Power corruption, modern capitalism, lab-mistakes, litigation, and as we now know, politics, all play their part in denying or accepting a new disease. It is not like the old days. Today it is all about profit and loss. Whatever this condition is, it must be investigated thoroughly in order to decide what must be done, I opine.

    It must be noted that GLOBALIZATION is not just a word anymore. I am fatigued when I meet educated dumb-asses who say the word but have no idea what it means. Many think GLOBALIZATION is about getting cheap spatulas made in China. Or having their Chevvy doors made in Mexico. No. Sorry, it is more than this. It is about profit at the expense of everything else, and this includes humanity.

    To those who have the disease, I wish you soothing moments

  92. On the topic of the fibers…

    The fibers found off the open sores are of two types, textile and non-textile fibers. The textile fibers are of clothing or bedding sources and are often used by arthropod opportunistic infections as nesting material. The non-textile fibers are usually the mycelia of such opportunistic Mycetome fungi infections as Madurella spp. with the “black specks” being possibly their mycelial masses. The healing of some patients’ sores was observed to be correlated with the exit of remaining fibers from the lesions.5 Other fungi and bacterial infections indentified from swabs taken from patients’ open sores included Staphylocci, e.g., Staphylococcus aureus and S. haemolytica; Actinomycetes, e.g., Streptomyces spp., yeast, e.g., Candida albicans, and Enterobacteriaceae, e.g., Klebsiella sp.2,4 opportunistic infections with these organisms have been shown to aggravate the cutaneous symptoms of NCS patients.3

  93. NTC Project: F03-MD15

    This is all the fault of proteomics

    Ahhhh… look at some of the COINCIDENTAL breakthroughs in
    Bio-active fibers

    to all you scientists who thsck bioengineers who think that genetics ARE LIKE LEGO BUILDING BLOCKS i hope for all our sake you get the disease so that someone who know the specfics on protein and nanotechnological engineering get this disease so at least these bastards who have no CLUE what they are scewring around with.

  94. Sometimes, “morgellons disease patients” say the most profound things.

    Some people suggest that new diseases are created because the cure can be created at the same time; thus creating new diseases turn out to be an obvious money-maker to those that have the medicine to the cure.

    I think that is 100% applicable to what “morgellons disease” and “chronic lyme” are.

  95. Oops! My apologies to you, TOTEbag. Upon review, I see that you don’t consider yourself to be someone who thinks they have “morgellons disease”. Do you know, though, that to have it, all that’s required is a belief in it?

  96. How can something so soft look so *painful*?!

  97. All of these fibers are everywhere posts and taking pictures of cleanex, clearly are people who had not had it. From a lesion in the lower lumbar section of my back. Right up against the left side of my vertebrae, I had an open lesion. It would move around and there are scar trails show that. I thought it was Larva Migrans from hookworms. I took medication for that, did pass hookworms for 3 days, and thought I’d be fine. The lesion never healed. I had it for 15 months. This lesion was almost tumour like twisted up horizontally to your skin but with a center about the size of a quarter that barely ever blead. More, this clear liquid with tiny granuals of what looked loke may be dried blood, and these fibers. There were two kinds. One was black, weak and stringy.Almost like little strips of carbon paper that were partially deteriorated. Then there was a tough white fiber that seemed to be made of a certain type of connective tissue. It wasa fairly consistent size. It appeared the one strand about 1.5mm to 2mm wide and ran the entire length of whatever this was. I did not have to pick at or make this bleed, or remove a scab. I pulled on the skin on the skin around the lesion, not touch the lesion at all. It felt as if it were “unwinding”. I would do this in the bath tub and always have the bottom of the bath tub with these scattered clear liquid gel things that had some kind of black deteriorating fiber in it, and some strong why connective tissue fiber. I took Amox., Ceph, and 500mg Metronidazole, 3 times a day, 7 days. It definitely cleared it up. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. My brother had this too but it hit his lungs. I started checking his pH and his salivary pH was running from 8-9which doesn’t even seem possible. A couple times it appeared to be over 9. He took a once time treatment of 2.0 grams of a derivitive of Metronidazole. I think he’s still go it. so I’m ordering him the Metronidale for a week. 3x/day/500mg. I don’t know, but, I know that pH is whacked. Then after he tok the one time similar drug, he caughed a lot and his pH is right around 6.8 to 7.0. People just have to be around this and observe it to understand it. Out 8 visits to 4 hospitals in 2 states. I’ve been to since X-mas, none were willing. Non diagnosed much correctly at all. They did find and correct some problms. But, heck for a quarter million, you gotta go home with at least a consolation prize.

    Bottom line,
    1) Morgellan’s is a valid condition
    2) The condition messes you up psychologically
    3) Therefor, most healthcare prviders believe your symptoms are invalid symptoms are invalid.

  98. I feel for all of you that are suffering with this crazy thing that is going on with our body. Mine too….. I use to be a pretty normal person,.. Now.,,,,l It is totally seems to be controlling my life, my life stile, mostly, my state of mind. I’m sick and what I think I Know, seems to be working to get rid of it. The devastating thing for me, I’m starting to realize I keep getting it back because everyone that I’m close to has it too….. They just don’t know it.. Not everyone has it to the point of infestation when they start popping out on there own… I’m new to this site and I’m not even sure that this will get posted so I’m going to submit this for now. What I’m really interested in is. Do you want to try something new, a new out look at what you have. A way to get rid of it??? If I share with you what I know and you try it and it works then It will help you and me, and everyone can quit calling us all crazy. Before today I’ve only told two people and thats what they said…. Please Respond back to me anytime. I’m here working on my next Comment. Thanks Debbie

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