Many Theories have been proposed for the cause of “Morgellons”, many were gathered at:

Here’s a selection of some of the more interesting theories:

  • I think this could be a tiny fly (midge) that carries a parasite (something like leishmania). The fly loves to live in hair, and the fly larva loves to live in our skin.
  • CO poisoning, mold, and the Lyme disease?
  • Took wormwood, used sulfur and had round spot- things “explode” out of my pores that hurt. Biting sensation can be pricly to very sharp. Are these hook worms?
  • I have leaned towards man-made govt. botches, bioterrorism, or…..get this… of the plagues of the end times
  • I believe that this is a bacterial infection primarily with a secondary parasitic element for the majority of patients
  • I believe this to be some type of fungus, bacteria or mycoplasma that resides in the dermis layer of skin. It is transparent and it attracts parasites that feed on it or its effects through skin pores.It could well be a new bio engineered strain of something that has escaped or been turned loose upon us
  • are military bases….something to ponder
  • I also had a Saltwater Aquarium w/ live rock & live sand. During water changes & moving the live rock, I cut my finger on sharp edge. I believe it is a strong possibility how I was infected.
  • contact with dying patient who supposedly had Norwegian scabies? Touched his rash- no gloves- immediate crawling
  • I believe this is an insect that morphs from one stage into another.
  • I got this from an ac system in a sick building.
  • I do believe that this blight was bio-engineered
  • possibly bug lives within body and crawls thru nasal cavity or tear ducts or when introduced to other insects
  • our government has a patent on Mycoplasma - this needs more research. Stealth Viruses are definitely involved. Government altered nematodes that were originally to be used to damage enemies crops.
  • I’ve research black pedra, which is a fungus of the hair/scalp. I believe it’s a fungus which can spread from hair falling out.
  • I also feel that the slow permeation of the environment with radioactive dust and the imbalance created by electromagnetic pollution has given ‘bad’ fungi and bacteria an edge over ‘good’, creating more food for these super bugs.
  • Maybe the sticky liquid is the fungal infection and the lesions are our skin’s attempt to fight this infection.
  • I believe the string/ lint/ hairs / etc. are both 1. Part of the cocoon structures produced to protect “their” young and 2. A way to transmit along blood to “their” young = via an umbilical-cord or veins….. I believe the sand-like granuals are nymphs / still in development….
  • Maybe this is a way to thin out the population
  • I use to think that I got this from doing crank way back then.
  • I am the only coffee drinker in the house. I used to drink tea but changed to coffee 6 years back. same time I noticed itching no other member off my family has symptoms
  • I think it is a parasite and not a fungus. This parasite can produce toxic substances such as threads and crystals.
  • This is part of the military and federal health care vaccination programs, people who receive the military vaccine and flu shots are heavy mostly asymptomatic carriers, avoid them for your life and especially EVERY vaccine even the new bird flu.
  • The fact that just entering the room people begin swatting at their eyes proves no doctor could claim this to be delusional because they are attacked by being within apex 3 ft of me.
  • One of my dogs has tested positive for Lyme disease
  • My torment is related to bird mites after removing a sparrow’s nest from my garage
  • I had Morgellons lesions on my legs when sewage backed up into my tub
  • No such type of parasite exists in medical circles. They bite and create wounds. They are blood seeking parasites
  • This Morgellons creature has been identified by someone as the same creature that was found within the Frass Meteorite. Perhaps from another planet
  • I think this problem is a result of genetic engineering of enzymes and/or altering insects so or their larva used to controls pests so as to improve crops
  • My house, when I got back from out of town, was covered with black fiber balls everywhere, in every room and that’s how I caught it. It couldn’t of been fungus, and I believe it could’ve been used by most likely our government, in order to test out a new biological weapon.
  • I do believe it is possible Morgellons are “new” or possibly manmade, accidentally or otherwise. I find it curious that many Morgellons message boards have been visited by shady characters and/or harassed out of existence.
  • It seems to me that the most prevalent factors are water damage and dampness
  • These things make themselves in their own image. They take food, & reproduce themselves in my mouth.
  • scabies are a possible way of infection as im sure i had scabies first, and then these took over
  • I am 99.99% sure that my infestation came from a houseplant that I had left outside and brought into my house after several days and watering. I believe numerous types of mites infested the plant.
  • I think there is something else to all of this, but what “it” is, I just don’t know.
  • The nanoflagellar machine. The idea of using bacterial nanocombinations in computers.
  • I believe something the biochemists made somehow mutated from what they thought it was and they are trying to correct it by putting things in the air, they didn’t know it was affecting people, and now, what they are doing is making us worse.
  • my theory is that we have been infected much longer, but some recent environmental change (environmental becuase of it’s diffuse nature among the population) may have brought on the acute parasitic effects or somehow made a dormant infestation become active.

Still think everyone has the same thing?

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  1. I think our law makers and the CDC are too patient and kind, being bothered with all this.

  2. Not everybody that has morgellons may have the same thing as far as a parasitic infection
    The common denominator that morgellons sufferers have regardless of the parasitic infection involved doctors are not doing their home work as far as ruling out an actual parasitic infection before pronouncing the DOP diagnosis as per protocol
    Most Doctor’s do a visual check and a W.B.C count if your lucky A biopsy and they might take specimens that are brought in to them and send them to the lab for scrutiny but I hold my reservations that they are probably dunked in the trash as soon as the patient leaves the room
    They do none of the test that would rule out infection for sure like skin scrapings stool count so on and so forth
    In most cases the patient is met with Resistance if he/she ask for such test you would have to be there to believe it

    So you are right on target morgellons is not just one thing
    it is more of a name for Doctors being lazy in ruling out parasitic infection as per mandated in the in the diagnostic protocol more than any thing

    The dangers of such a mistake are huge to the patient if happens
    to be actual parasitic infection

  3. The problem though, it that people like the Morgellons Research Foundation and Savely are saying that Morgellons is one particular disease, and people are being fooled into thinking they have it, which can distract from effective treatment.

    If instead you are suggesting we should reclassify Morgellons as “a condition shared by a number of people, being a conviction that their doctor is too quick to diagnose somatization”, then I’m all for it.

  4. Doctors aren’t stupid, as they’re so often labeled as being. Patients need to know how to effectively make the most of that crucial, allotted amount of time they spend in the office with them.

    If a morgie repeats the same ings, as always, but repeats them to another doctor, and yet another, and so on and so forth, expecting to be given more satisfactory results from the encounter, each and every time

    …why do they fail to realize that it is THEIR presentation

    …they, themselves, and NOT the fault of their doctors’?

    Any medical professional that is “puzzled” by this morgie business, as the so-called ones in the news in Texas, recently, had better take a refresher course in basic human anatomy, and pay closer attention in class, this time around, to the properties of the epidermal layer’s innate immunity.

    Anyone who plans to visit a doctor, needs to just stop their confusing talk that gets them an unsatisfactory diagnosis, as well, and practice a better way of presenting the symptoms. Stop repeating the mistakes, over and over.

    Put the damned crud into the trash receptacle at home, and stop obsessing. Normal people don’t own microscopes.

    Just TRY getting a grip and doing yourselves a favor, morgie people.

    Cast aside the childishness too, of being so presumptuous to exclaim that only fit and healthy individuals are opposed to the beliefs you embrace and in the misconceptions in your thought processes that cause them.

    That alone speaks volumes in addressing part of the problem, and the more that morgies rise to their defense, the more of the underlying mental aspects to the etiology of this phenomenon is apparent to the public.

  5. Another thing that proves the mental aspect of this, is that when someone is truly suffering, they want relief.

    You don’t defend the cause of the so-called-suffering, and morgies fail to realize everyone sees through that.

    It’s real sad, but I think that maybe they’ve been persecuted in their lives, and there is an element of masochism, for some of them.

    They’ve got a lot going on, mentally, that feeds into the whole picture. Whatever their individual situations are, they appear to not be able to cope with them, and morgellons is their escape.

    As long as they keep it, they have something to allow themselves to not have to try dealing with the things in their lives that are bothering them. Trying to help them understand anything, is worse than trying to wean a babie that’s hooked on a pacifer.

    They nuture this thing, and defend it, because they don’t want rid of it. It’s the only thing giving definiton to their lives right now.

  6. I’ve also wondered if it had to do with doing crank years ago. That’s when it started. Since I have been off crank for 6 years,it has pretty much gone away. I had the white fibers poking through my skin. I’d try to pull them out but it seemed as though they were attached to something in my body. When I’d let go of it,it would retract back in so I couldn’t remove it. This is giving me the eebee jeebees just thinking about it. I have many scars from this. I havn’t really told anyone until now because I was sure that it was from doing crank. I didn’t want to admit to anyone that I had done that.

  7. Well, it’s nobody’s business what we do in our personal lives. I’ve never done crank, but when people have to turn to alcohol or drugs, that’s certainly not a reflection that they are bad people. It’s usually quite the opposite. If I encounter a homeless person outside a store, begging for money to buy a bottle of booze with, I give them $10. The poor souls always invent an outlandish story of what they need the money for. It’s so sad.

    Anyway, I’ve always thought, since the media made us all aware of “crank bugs”, and that users seemed to experience the same things as morgie people, that it was due to unintentional neglect.

    We basically tend to take our skin for granted, until there’s a problem, and sometimes that problem, if the unintentional neglect has gone on too long, can become really major, really quickly.

    It doesn’t just serve as a barrier to keep toxins out of our systems, but it serves to eliminate them as well.

    Congratulations on getting off the stuff!!!

  8. I work in the tech support field. I have worked tech support and customer service telephone jobs for well nigh 7 years now. I can usually spot a scam a mile and a half away.

    Doctors usually have a ton of experience before they can call themselves MDs. Then an experienced doctor on top of that—-you think they can’t spot a delusional patient?

  9. It’s nerve-wracking, isn’t it? And yet, they’ll blame morgellons disease on wrecking their lives and driving people away. (Gosh, that makes my head hurt thinking of what I just said.)

  10. Has it actually been established that “Smileykins” thinks?

  11. I’m sorry you have a low IQ, Frowneykins. I sure can’t help you with that, anymore than I could help a person suffering from delusions that are caused from not understanding what is really wrong with them, when it’s so apparent to a thinking society.

    I’d once had DOP, for a couple of months, without needing a doctor to tell me that was what it was.

    Maybe you need some courage to face up to things, like an adult. If you don’t have it, seek assistance from a professional. There is absolutely no shame in that!

  12. Frownykins,

    Yes, as a matter of fact, it has been established that Smileykins thinks. Her writings are some of the most intelligent you’ll ever read. For anyone but a moron that would be obvious.

    Tall Cotton

  13. Oh now, hush, Tall Cotton. You know we can all only recognize each other by the fruits we bear.
    I’m thought of as a narcissist, by morgie people. Narcissists are all caught up in themselves, with no concern for anyone else. I’ll wear that hat if it fits, but morgies are more suitably qualified to wear it, than I am.
    Are any of us making fun of morgies? Not like the rest of society.
    Michael, Tin Hat Foil Merchant, You, Me, and all the others, here, and about, on the internet, cannot help it if they view what we say outside the protective walls of their universe.
    If peeking into the realm of the real world is upsetting to them, they need to stop, and seek cover from harm, back inside the walls of their fortress.
    They can’t fool anyone but themselves.

  14. Oh, “Tin Foil Hat Merchant”, I’d meant to say. I think I’ll go into the kitchen and make myself a little one right now, out of some Reynolds Wrap, and see if that helps me think a little more clearly. Maybe I can pick up some electromagnetic signals to assist me in my thought processing abilities, and explore the vast unknown.

  15. Well, Ginger is getting her claim to fame. Channel 2 (CBS)in Los Angeles just ran a 10 minute special on Morgellons Friday, May 19. ( will get you the video. It is tragic what is happening. How can the health profession stop this hysteria?

  16. The Morgies are claiming that their so-called “disease” has given them new found psychic powers. I wonder why they don’t use those powers to determine the source of the all American red, white, and blue industrial fibers. I knew that they had let their ordinary illnesses turn into a curse, but it seems that they have now tuned in to the devil himself.

  17. johnboy,

    I don’t know when the hysteria will stop, but the morgellons cult is hurting a lot of people. It not only hurts the “believers”, but also their precious innocent children. It also hurts the family pets. These innocent ones suffer from neglect and the ill effects of their experiments. The children are also being indoctrinated into the same crazy way of thinking as their parents. It all began with a young boy named Drew and his crazy mother.

  18. Yes, John Boy. They’re preying on these misfortunate members of society and being served extremely well.

    I don’t know how it can be stopped, when it never should have begun in the first place.

    Mary Leitao’s own illness is what kicked the entire thing off and she is flourishing with the fame she sought. I would be embarrassed as hell, if it were me, as anyone should be, but with the evil agenda that’s behind it all, it doesn’t matter that the CDC will continue to ignore them.

    That isn’t even what this is about to begin with. There is no way to protect this vulnerable portion of society. Their own families and friends can’t even help them.

    Morgies are allowing their small children to be neglected, as well as their pets, even allowing them to go without veterinary care, until they die.

    The networks that broadcast news items about this, are out for ratings, and that’s all. The bad thing that it serves to do, as you well know, is to reach other mentally ill individuals, to assist in perpetuating the evil agenda Mary Leitao and her crew have for themselves.

    About all that could feasibly be done, would be for the Surgeon General to step in, or for the CDC to run public service announcements denouncing it. But nobody pays attention to this except for the mentally ill.

    Mary Leitao should be burned at the stake for what she’s doing to these poor victims.

    Our public officials are well aware of this (and you know “how-and-why”), and it will be addressed in the long run.

    When that could occur, I’m afraid, will be a long way off in the future.

    In the meantime, the poor morgie people are waiting around just like little children anticipating Santa Claus to arrive on Christmas eve.

    It’s bad enough what’s going on with them, but now, when it involves innocent children and animals, that’s far, far too much for our society to take sitting down. They have it inside their poor, confused, sick minds that “morgellons disease” is the cause of the sufferings of their babies and pets.

    They embrace that, too!!!

    Psychopharmacology is the only answer to this. If they got their minds back on track, everything else about their health, and their lives, and the lives they are affecting with this, would eventually fall into place.

  19. You are all so FOOLISH – while you all waist time bickering amongst yourselves, just remember the rest of us Morgellons Disease sufferers across the other side of the world. We would like your Government to “pull their finger out”. You are all entitled to your opinion, but I don’t believe that personal attacks on people ie. the Morgellons Foundation members is at all called for. Please consider making a website that will show how totally incompetent, stupid, and down right careless the CDC really is.

  20. abac68, have you actually read anything here? Maybe you could comment on that?

  21. Frass Meteorite…? ‘Frass’ means bug crap…Coincidence?!?

    (Sorry, haha…I just stumbled on this site because I find the whole Morgellons thing really fascinating. Good material for a Tool video…)

  22. It’s an old scam. People with somatoform disorders (psychological syndromes that manifest as a delusional belief in physical symptoms) don’t want to believe it is all in their heads. A readily curable psychological/psychiatric disorder does not serve their psychological needs.

    All a quack with no ethics needs to do is to tell somatizers that they have something horrible and debilitating that requires long-term treatment and isolation—-which is EXACTLY what a somatizer wants to hear.

    Just look at what happened with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

  23. You can see that morgellons is their one, true, best friend. It isn’t right to scam people to profit from their problem, but that’s just the way it is.

  24. I had these exact symptoms,my doctor prescribed Hydroxyzine HC 10 MG. and Clobetasol Propionate 0.05% The symptoms were gone in 10 days,no itching or burning. The parasite does not appear on my skin anymore.

  25. A vast majority of these sufferers have no parasites associated with their condition with the exception of the opportunists they have attracted to their open lesions. Yet many of these individual have the unshakable belief that dead skin cells, extra cellular debris, scabs, hairs, industrial fibers, and products of normal immune responses, like the production of alternate cellular energy pigments are parasites.

    In their twisted minds they see blood monsters, egg layers, cercaria, bugs, worms of every sort, and virtually every malicious arthropod their sick minds can imagine. They try to destroy these things using antibiotics, fungicides, anti-microbials, anti-helminths, and pesticides. They only succeed is compromising their skin’s integrity and immunity.

    They scratch, pick, obcess, and photograph. They pick at their poop and compare note. They save their corrupted “specimens” which are undoubtedly crawling with the dangerous microbes they have attracted, and they continuously revisit this material that is much more than worthless. We try to help them and they wish the curse on us. God help these poor misguided souls. Crazy Mary and Wacky Wymore are leading their cult to destruction and their followers are simply too dumb to realize it.

  26. I have “suffered” from generalized itching for a good 20 years now. It comes and it goes, sometimes it is maddeningly intense. But it NEVER crossed my mind that I might be infested with some unidentifiable parasite. I don’t dig at my skin or examine scabs under a microscope.

    The difference between me and a “morgie” is that I don’t CARE why I am itching, I just want to stop itching.

    So I pop a Benadryl and get on with my life.

  27. It is excellent that Benadryl helps you to cope, Itchyitch, and it sounds like you have a perfectly level head.

    I misunderstand it when people say they’re “suffering”, perhaps. The word is defined as something painful, injurious, or unpleasant, and I suppose it means different things to different people, encompassing a broad range, and many different levels of “suffering”.

    For instance, like the 1-10 pain assessment scale used in the medical field, with 10 being the highest level of pain.

    It’s no doubt a mistake that I don’t associate the term with anything I view as painfully uncomfortable, but relievable in any way, even if it’s only in some small way.

    Being disabled, I equate the usage of the word with a high degree of pain that can’t be altered.

    Having experienced skin problems akin to this phenomenon called morgellons,
    skin problems, alone, don’t fall within the scope of my own personal definition of the word, “suffering”, although, granted, I have spent much of my life in a very high state of discomfort from my skin at times.

    Whatever has morgie peoples’ minds so “blocked” and confused, that keeps them in the states they’re in, doing what they do, defies all matter of reasoning to me.

    I was ill with delusions involving, and stemming from, my skin a few years ago. It was due to a combination of serious health problems. I “suffered” then, for a very short, although too long, a period of time. But, if there had been anyone in my life telling me why I was doing it, and could have helped me get to a doctor, or pointed me into the right direction of regaining a better state of health again, I’d have latched onto it really quickly. I learned the hard way, but I was alone, with no support system.

    In a very odd way, even though it almost resulted in my demise, I was lucky. Luckier than someone with mixed up ideas, remaining stuck in the states they’re in, and defending it.

  28. smiley.

    I dont believe a single word you said about your former skin condition.

    You sound more like a Phsycologist trying to befriend people and to relate to people in that understanding judgemental style you use before you diagnose them online or start PROJECTING your former self on to others.

    Cut the shit. You sound fake as hell.

  29. I am fascinated by this new “disease” I just discovered by reading a small quip on Yahoo.

    It seems to me that man’s attempt at playing “God”, and his immature, naive and illegitimate “science” and genetic engineering and technology is the cause of all of this.

    Example: nobody ever heard of the Avian Flu, or West Nile Virus, until some researchers started trying to genetically modify the canary virus to make an anti-HIV vaccine. Strange…I’ve always wondered if HIV escaped from a bio-warfare laboratory, and Tom Bearden, an internationally known retired physicist in Huntsville Alabama STRONGLY believes in this. See, for more details on Tom’s strange (but probably true) beliefs.

    After reviewing a windows media file I strangely was able to download from (don’t know how I did this, but when you try to visit this page, it consistently says the man’s html transmission bandwidth is exceeded, dah, dah, dah)…after reviewing this video clip, I had an overwhelming sensation that the plagues described in the book of Revelations, in the Bible, are all MANMADE disasters!

    This disease is strangely reminiscint of a plague described in the book of Revelations, where Scorpions are biting people and they long for death, but death flees from them…of course, the way I interpret the Holy Bible, these real plagues don’t start until the middle of the “Great Tribulation Week”, or Time of JacobIsrael’s Trouble. You have to understand Daniel’s 70 weeks of Years of prophetic time, allocated to the Jewish peoples, to fulfill thier earthly destiny, and to bring in Messiah’s eternal Kingdom…blah, blah, blah…this is very deep, and totally inappropriate to go into here.

    If I were someone infested with this hideous disease, I would simply take Almighty God at His Word and promises to heal those who will respond to His offer of awesome love and salvation and grace, offered at the Cross of Calvary – which, to me, is the greatest miracle in the world, that Christ died for we twisted homo sapiens, corrupted by an alien race, aeons ago, before AnatekRephaim was destroyed and then became the asteroid belt that now sandwiches between earth and mars….long story, Alien intervention, long ago, Genesis 6, Noah’s Flood, etc.

    The Word of God promises, in Isaiah chapter 53, that for those of us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ (wholeheartedly), that there is no more curse! Also, see Romans chapter 8:28, where God plainly says that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are the called, according to His eternal purposes, in Christ Jesus our precious Lord….again, this is deep, and only the Holy Spirit of Jesus ca help each individual understand these profound truths of God’s great Cosmos Creation.

    I hope I don’t seem to far-hearted away from all the poor people who are suffering from this atrocious disease, as my heart and my prayers go out to them.

    This whole hideous thing sound just too dadgum strange, but yet, it’s apparently a real disease. It’s strongly smacks of the X-Files, and my gut feeling is that our own government is cooperating with a very ancient and very evil race of demons and fallen angels (a.k.a., “aliens”), to orchestrate this disease, in order to help bring about the fall of the current world order and global empire.

    I believe this disease is just another form of biological warfare, and that it has been deliberatly genetically engineered in a laboratory, by some evil, devious master-mind (someone like Hitler would fit the bill)…I believe Alien nanite technology is involved and this is a special form of living nanite made from organic materials.

    There seems to be some type of ANT mentality to this entire disease phenomenon, as Ant appear to operate with a single collective mind…pheromone communications is not the only form of communication, as it is now known that even DNA nucleotide base pairs can form tiny microscopic antenna arrays (especially where there is a repeating gold atom every 50th nucleotide base pair).

    I hope my OPINION helps…opinions are like buttholes, and everybod has one…but not everybody believes that Almighty God is real…I for one, do believe in Him, with all my heart, soul, strength, mind and body…He was the first scientist and this whole planet earth is STILL His original experiment in Free Will.

    I pray for God to show mercy on all these poor people, and to help the CDC scientists to find a cure and find one very soon…this is some form of alien hybrid technology, and these evil fallen demons are back at work, trying to recapitulate what they lost in Genesis 6, when the evil nephilim died, that God had detroyed.

    As per Chris Carter of the X-Files…Chris, if you read this…thanks so much for a very brave christian man like yourself to uncover many of Satan’s lies and propagandas and evil works of darkness…

    To the Lord Jesus Christ, Yahweh Supreme Commander of the Universe be all the eternal Glory, Amen.

  30. Wisdom,

    Morgellons is not a disease. No it’s not. How about that? But, it can sure be a curse if you let it.

    Tall Cotton

  31. The title of this section of the blog, is “Morgellons Theories are varied”, so it’s good to see another person’s theory.

    I respectfully disagree with you, Wisdom, but there are plenty of morgellons’ believers in agreement with what you’ve said, and there’s a good niche for that on their message boards. I don’t think you’d have the opinion you’ve concluded, if you looked around and knew more of the background as to the origins of this despicable phenomenon.

    Morgellons disease is non-existent, and it is not an End Time plague. It is a mass state of confusion over many health conditions, that cause a horrific misunderstanding that people cannot get a grip on. They can’t, actually. Some things they report are just naturally occuring processes of the immune system trying to do its job, and they keep messing with it, keeping it flared.

    Anyway, treating their real health problems, through believing their doctors’ diagnoses, which is rarely ever done, because too many of them have their minds poisoned with the belief that everything wrong with them is “morgellons disease”, is the number one major problem.

    So much defies reason, other than the very obvious wanting to place blame somewhere, and they’ve certainly got plenty of that to go around, too. That keeps them in this mindset, waiting for the day that we all have to “eat our words” and they will be cured, and sue not only the government, but all of the many doctors, they all went to, for malpractice.

    They’re full of misunderstandings, remaining in the states they’re in, doing things to prolong and exacerbate their skin conditions, without knowing any better.

    It would seem that since they all claim the problems they’ve had with doctors, plus, it would seem that since so many are so distrusting, and so very fearful of the world we live in, that rather than perpetuating all their fears, they would “research” (as they call it), optimal ways of achieving healing on their own, and, most definitely, ways of maximizing their immunity to protect themselves from the many assaults and attacks they believe they’re under.

    There is so much more than any of us are truly aware of going on with morgie people.

  32. Do you know how it all started, Wisdom? No, because you’re only seeing the lie, and not seeking, and looking for, the truth…

    “It all started with a young boy named Drew…”

    Look up the background, if you’re really interested. Afterall, our God doesn’t want one of His people believing a lie, you know?

  33. I missed seeing your remarks that you addressed to me, Anonymous.

    You said…


    I dont believe a single word you said about your former skin condition.

    You sound more like a Phsycologist trying to befriend people and to relate to people in that understanding judgemental style you use before you diagnose them online or start PROJECTING your former self on to others.

    Cut the shit. You sound fake as hell.

    4:38 PM

    Anonymous, I am a Christian, and I do NOT tell lies. It is certainly no concern of mine what you think, and if you read my and Tall Cotton’s blog, and possessed the necessary comprehensive skills to understand it, and still chose to harbor all the bitterness in your soul that you can muster up towards me, that is still just fine, as far as I’m concerned.

    Darkness despises the light, and I am too close to your truth. I understand that.

  34. I haven’t looked up and read all about “Drew”, yet, Smileykins, but I’ve been doing my homework, because my heart really bleeds for these people, and the sheer hell and torment that has descended upon them, with, and for no reason, whatsoever.

    But I want to thank you for your kindness and very intelligent and thoughtful reply to my posting. May the Lord Sabaoth smile upon you, Smileykins!

    No, I am not a “Morgie”, and I don’t suffer from this hideous disease. But I do believe, with all my head, and heart, that unless our government acts very quickly and decisively, and stops “passing the buck” (and the other, buearocratic B.M.), there will be many more “Morgies” before this whole hideous ordeal is finally over. It will become a global disaster, and is already in the making (apparently).

    From what I can see, so far, with my blind eyes (thank God my heart is not so blind anymore!), is that the Frass Meteorite theory (as crazy, and insane as it sounds), is so far, in my guesstimated opinion, probably, the most likely candidate…there are currently two sister probes on Mars…I wonder just when NASA will claim they mysteriously disappeared, like the other two predecessor probes?

    I believe NASA and the government has lied to we, “American peoples”, for years and years and years about the UFO(s) and the Aliens…their lies are finally starting to “catch up with them”, and they wont be so “unsympathetic”, when THEY too, become Morgies…

    I sincerely hope that it is not too late. The “Bodysnatchers” are already here and they’re already snatching bodies and turning them into “Morgies”.

    It is very interesting to note that NASA has apparently lied about the two probes which mysteriously disappeared on the dark side of Mars…all this crap started when the Cydonian Region was discovered, and people got very interested in it…

    Suddenly, the “doors of information”, knowledge, and understanding were suddenly, and inexplicably slammed shut (to the world’s dismay and protest). Since then, there’s been a whole lot of speculation and conjecture, but no real answers, about a lot of smoke, which proves nothing but that there’s definitely a fire, somewhere; and nobody wants to admit who started this Blaze. It all has it’s strange and twisted roots in Roswell, and that has it’s roots in the Philadelphia experiment and in man playing God back in 1942, in reaction to the “Foo Fighters”, which mysteriously appeared all over and is very well documented, still pending explanation.

    Even SETI has all but disappeared from the Radar Scope…only to be disseminated and replaced by people using thier own personal computers, linked to the Internet, to form an antlike community of computers, to replace the Supercomputers that SETI lost. How cheap of our government, to withdraw funding from SETI and to claim they have no more funding for such a “ludicrous” project – when it is of parmount importance, to our survival, as a Species, on this Rock called, “Earth!. The very key to our survival, as a species, hinges, very prominantly, on our origions and our understanding of our or origins, and more detailed knowlege of the Cosmos itself!

    This CRAP disease is NOT of man’s origion, does NOT fit any known scientific nomenclature, category, or phylogenetic structural form (as we know it). It is too well disseminated, too well structered and genetically programmed to be of man’s infantile design. It bares the dinstinct mark of “ALIEN”, and it is written all over this disease, it’s genesis, vector transmission, aetiology, mode of operation, pathogenesis, demise, etc. There is nothing similar on all of earth, to my knowledge and understanding. It is totally strange, new, alien, and in a class, all by itself.

    My very strong “gut feeling” (and in my educated “guesstimation”, at this time), is that this hideous disease is of the devil, and is ALIEN in technolgy, disbursement, and ramifications, and general strategy…

    I don’t know what else to do at this time, Smileykins, except to pray for these poor people, the “Morgies”, and ask the Lord of Hosts to let them know that they are loved, no matter what happens to them next.

    It must be a real nightmare from hell that has descended upon thier ususpecting lives. I feel like I am in some kind of weird dream, but this crap is actually happening, believe it or not!

    I believe this disease is REAL and I also believe that our government has a lot more knowledge and expertise and undertanding and technologies than what they claim. I also strongly belive that our government is full of B.M. !

    “The Truth is Out There”, and sometimes it is more unbelievable than even Science Fiction. Even today, Zero Point physics, M-String theories, cutting edge Quantum Mechanics, etc., are crossing “boundaries”, previously reserved for the theologian and clergyman…their languages is becoming so similar, one doesn’t know which class wrote WHAT anymore!

    My most pressing fear is that the world leaders want to turn us over to the Aliens, for total assimilation. The Borg has spoken, and our leaders are their puppets. It makes one wonder, why, Reagan died of Alzheimner’s disease? Why not some other disease? Did he know a lot more than what they wanted him to remember? Is this why his mind was wiped, “blank”, by Alzheimer’s, because he was a “threat” to thier pecking order?

    He was the one and ONLY president who has ever made a bold, public statment, to the general, U.N., world assembly, about Aliens and UFO(s), then Huntsville, Alabama literally exploded, overnight, with Star Wars, to become a leading, cutting edge city on the map – 75 miles from my home town.

    Sure, Clinton admitted seeing a U.F.O., and so did Carter…Also, Bush Senior was involved in the CIA’s secret Central Intelligence Committee project on Astral Projection or Remote Viewing…much was discovered about Mars and it’s history…see the book by Constance Brown. Book Title evades my memory, but I know it was Constance Brown who wrote it. One of the weirdest books I ever read in my entire life, but yet very, very informative.

    the Borg is here…now…we have been forewarned, by the “dreamlike prophesies” of science fiction, the Bible, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the Indian prophets, the Mayan Prophets, and even the two brothers who disappeared on the NAVY Philadelphia experiment, Al Bielik and whats-his-face, brother.

    I know all this sounds so crazy and insane…but it’s true…who would have believed that Mt. Krakatoa erupted, destroying ancient Atlantis? But then they can’t decide WHERE Atlantis was even located at! Was it in the Indonesian Ocean, or was it, approximatly 80 miles off the coast of Florida, in the northeastern part of the Bermuda Triangle? Or, did it have it’s roots in the discoveries of ancient cities off the coast of Baja California, Central America? Who knows, maybe Atlantis actually covered the entire Globe at some point in eons past?

    Even the Discovery channel did a show about the Sphynx and the constellation LEO and the Lion that rules over Earth. Could this be the same biblical Lion of the Tribe of Judah, I wonder? A.K.A., “Jesus”? The Discovery Channel’s line of reasoning was that the Sphynx was apparently built by an ancient Race of Beings who inhabited planet earth about 10 million years ago (this was some time BEFORE the Genesis account of Adam and Eve), etc., q.v.

    It doesn’t seem FAIR at all, that Indonesian has had far more than it’s share of “punishment” from the Powers that be…and even I ask the Lord, “Why?”.

    Who knows? Maybe the prophesies about Atlantis will rise again, are about to be fulfilled, in Indonesia?

    I can’t explain this, but I was dreaming about an Earthquake, then woke up, got some coffee, turned on the Net, and discovered that Yahoo posted a news-story, exactly “11 minutes ago”, about an earthquake tha thit Indonesia and left even more dead people, lying around like a bunch of Flies.

    How did I know this was happening, even in a dream state?

    We are all interconnected. We are holographic and spiritual beings, in basic nature and makeup…

    It all hinges and pivots upon Mt. Moriah and Calvary, an event that happened over 2,000 years ago.

    Even the Movie, “Contact” (with Jodie Foster), should have told our leaders that there was far more to be learned…then came the movie, “Frequency”…again, the leaders shrugged thier shoulders, and went on to more “pressing” problems onin he world scene.

    Then came the movie, “White Noise”…there was the Poltergeist and Amityville Horror series…Why does Sci-Fie and Horro have so very much in common? Is this ancestral memories? Is the future already written, even within our own DNA scripting? I guess the bottom line is that we have all been “forewarned”. We just weren’t paying much attention, I guess. And now, we are paying the price for our blissful ignorance, and irresponsibilities, as a species on this third rock from the sun.

    We can’t look to the Leaders for answers or solutions! This much, more than anything, is quite obvious.

    They tinker in thier labs, with something (DNA) they barely undertand…they make one superbug after another, and then find (like the Liars they all are), that they have to make another Superbug to kill the first one.

    “If the Blind lead the Blind, they shall both fall into the Ditch!” – Jesus of Nazareth.

    I don’t know what else to say, except that the Truth is Out There…and with Time…we will find it.

  35. While these UFO theories are interesting, they have no real relevence to Morgellons. You should probably find a more appropiate forum.

  36. Smileykins is a christian huh?

    Well that explains it right there.

    Arent you fuckers the first to point a finger at people. FOR ANYTHING.

    Jesus Fucking Christ.

    No wonder you talk down on people you self righteous piece of shit.

  37. He or she definitely needs to find a more appropriate forum. The person is a stark raving lunatic.

  38. Anonymous said…

    Smileykins is a christian huh?

    Well that explains it right there.

    Arent you fuckers the first to point a finger at people. FOR ANYTHING.


    No, Anonymous, I’m not that fake type of Christian you’re familiar with, dude. A previous post here…..

    At 1:15 AM, Smileykins said…

    Well, it’s nobody’s business what we do in our personal lives. I’ve never done crank, but when people have to turn to alcohol or drugs, that’s certainly not a reflection that they are bad people. It’s usually quite the opposite. If I encounter a homeless person outside a store, begging for money to buy a bottle of booze with, I give them $10. The poor souls always invent an outlandish story of what they need the money for. It’s so sad.

    Why is it seeming that I’m practically being required to legitimize and justify everything I say here as bad as I used to have to on morgie boards?

    Oh yeah, simple math. Hmmm.


  40. Marilyn, I’m not a doctor, but scratching is unlikely to help. You need to get some treatment from your doctor so that itching is lessened enough so you don’t have to scratch. There’s are many causes of itching, and many different treatments. You need to work with your doctor to find out what is causing the itching.


  42. Maryln,
    I’m not a doctor either, but I know that there is no such thing as Morgellons. What symptoms do you have besides a burning itch?
    Tall Cotton

  43. I have been treated for a period of three years by three different doctors two mds and one dermotoligist.The two mds one at a time assumed that I contracted the bug-and larve by handling something and scratching my eyebrows.The dermotoligist says it is an exama caused by seborhea.I have tried for the last three years to explain that I have seen the mutation of this bug.A fly a worm a multi legged critter and a black bettle.This day is the first time I found anyone that has mentioned all of the similarities of this horrible onset of a skin problem that I have had for the last three years.I have never heard of Morgellons yet you have described my every symtom.Nothing that I have been given has given me any releif.When this first started I was also a crank user and I still think that is what brought this about!

  44. Don’t waste your time on This website is being paid for by the people responsible for spreading this disease/parasite/bacteria, whatever it is.

    Factual information can be found at: (note that you scroll through the posts on the biology website by using the “GoTo Page…” in the upper right hand corner.

    Also see: and here is more:
    I just found out it is from the tobacco hornworm! This is the insect that the parasitoid wasp does a number on!!

    I have been trying to tell you guys about the ricsettsia diseases, in which they now call all of them the Bartonellas:

    Lice Join Ticks As Possible Disease Carriers

  45. I dont know what the hell it is! Im not a professional in a field of research that should investigate such strange things and I cant seem to find anyone with the skills or the balls to try. I guess its always easier to be a coward than to try. I would try. I couldnt live with myself if I thought I may be of help to someone and didnt try. The very best to those determined few, I will not forget you.

  46. Randy,

    We do know what Morgellons is. It is a garden variety of every common skin problem under the sun, perhaps even some not so common. We have followed this for years, and we are very well aware of how it started, and who started it. But, “it” is not a disease. Nor is “it” a syndrome. “It” is the things your doctors say it is, with a few errors perhaps. You are doing a lot of harm by helping to convince people that their doctors are in error, and that they have a strange new emerging disease of unknown etiology. Please consider what you are doing.

    Tall Cotton

  47. Do you and your cult try to answer everyones questions? Do you people just sit around the computer waiting for someone to write a comment. I think you know who you are, you freekin weirdos! Im outa here.

  48. Nobody “with this” can consider what they’re doing. If they’ve just heard-the-hype of “morgellons disease”, well, that’s maybe a little different.

    (and if this doesn’t apply to anyone reading it, don’t be concerned about, cuz it ain’t for you, then, anyway)

    There does not appear to be any one underlying cause for delusional parasitosis, although it probably has to do with fundamental aspects of brain chemistry. This syndrome is often classified into three types according to the underlying condition:

    1. Primary Psychotic Delusional Parasitosis (Delusional parasitosis is the sole psychological disturbance):

    * patients otherwise behave normally
    * reason in a rational manner

    2. Secondary Functional Delusional Parasitosis
    where there is an underlying psychiatric condition, including:

    * schizophrenia
    * paranoia
    * depression
    * anxiety disorders
    * obsessional states

    3. Secondary Organic Delusional Parasitosis
    where there is an underlying physical illness present, including:

    * drug abuse
    * hypothyroidism
    * cancer
    * cerebrovascular disease
    * tuberculosis
    * neurologic disorders
    * vitamin B12 deficiency
    * diabetes mellitus

    You and I, TC, didn’t have a psychiatric problem to begin with, but rather, a “temporary state” induced from underlying conditions, so we both recovered, because we were in CATEGORY NUMBER 3. We weren’t diagnosed with it, either. But just listen to all the many people who have been, though, that refused to go on the course of discovering whether they really do have a type of infestation, or not, because they didn’t follow through on their doctors’ advice, to go on for evauation, to get it ruled out. Then, they complain.

    Like I said, no sweat, if this isn’t applicable to any eyes that fall upon it.

  49. Well, gosh, Randy, give us some questions.

  50. 27/F/5’3″/120 lbs/Other-wise active healthy Philadelphian – SKIN LESIONS – first appeared this winter, January or February. One is on my left hand between ring & middle finger (still small volcano lesion – scabbed center). One on right knee cap (medium volcano lesion scabbed center with a weird leg hair “fiber?”). No big deal itch like crazy but I resist. What started out as four large bites on upper right thigh (where elastic underwear lays when I wear boy shorts). Two others that were only red for a while have become volcano like one on right breast other on left flank during the last three weeks. Thought they might have been flea, chicker bites because I have two large dogs and the “bites” appeared in the middle of winter, no mosquitoes.

    LIVING 8 MONTHS WITH OPEN WOUNDS THAT ARE NOT HEALING – Scabs form & fluff off leaving original lesion. I have tried Liquid Bandaid then Elmer’s to glue them in place, it doesn’t work! Other cuts, scratches & scrapes heal correctly. These wound voids are not decreasing in size or itchiness. Have seen two dermatologists one said I was scratching bug bites and that lead to secondary infection, he told me to stop scratching to use some Benadryl. The four magic marker dot sized lesions on my thigh itch non-stop they have grown into quarter size masses of bumpy skin. Six weeks later the second dermatologist (gotta love group practice health care), postulated that the sores could be an allergic reaction to Benadryl, he prescribed steroid cream. Another 4 weeks and no improvement in appearance/comfort, return to the office on Monday. Real attractive during bikini season!
    REALLY SCARY PART – Two months ago I was driving home from work and experienced sharp piercing right jaw/throat pain and cramping chest pain under right side of sternum. Pulled over SEVERE pain for 20+ minutes. Doctor office next morning EKG & chest x-ray to rule out heart possible problem then Prilosec (1x day 2 weeks) ruled out GERD. Next is ultrasound for gallbladder. Pain has persisted this whole time usually three to four episodes a week lasting anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes after which pain fades and I feel fine if a bit tired.

    OTHER BS – Saw my primary a few years ago complaining of tiredness was told that everyone is tired; it’s part of being an adult. Try to power nap mid-day to keep my natural good humor in the evenings. Extremely concerned about intended pregnancy planned in the next 3 months (or we wait till next year, I work for a secondary school). I have had a lot of issues with the tingling… bugs crawling symptom others experience. I write it off as one of the ways my nervous system turns off to rest because it becomes most noticeable when I try to relax.

    An MD’s diagnosis of somatization or Morgellons or some other non-treatable disease/infestation/infection wouldn’t help much anyway. I suppose all of us who scour Wikipedia & WebMD & Google in search of a better understanding of our health phenomena yearn most for empathy, validation and idea of how to live with these reoccurring, life-disrupting symptoms.

  51. Tasha, you don’t mention fibers? Do you think you have Morgellons? I know it sounds stupid, but might you be scratching in your sleep? I’m sorry you are sick.

  52. I think it’s important to note that some infections or infestations itch like crazy. When the skin doesn’t know how to immediately react to a problem, itching can start due to a release of many histamines at once. Remember, any organ wants to clear problems and resume healthy function, but our bodies can only use what they have.

    I’ve seen many, many “volcano” like eruptions on the skin. Many are bites, many more are unexplainable. Doctors need to give antihistamines as well as topical solutions that stop the itch. Some types of eruptions require a scratch to continue. Stopping the itch should be a focus.

    I’ve read where doctors in Malaysia give opiate-based salves for people with certain types of skin outbreaks. Stop the itch and the healing will start.

  53. Word of caution: Just don’t dare ever make a wrong turn and go onto any message boards that are related to this, and try explaining anything about histamine reactions or letting skin heal.

  54. tasha… from what you describe, you are more than likely infected with the morgellons parasite… but the clowns on this site are gonna try and convince you that morgellons is not a real disease… they have an agenda to follow and are completely full of shit…

    they have nothing else to do but wait for someone to stumble on this site who will spill their guts describing their morgellon’s symptoms, then they will attempt to diagnose you with any thing other than morgellons disease… they more than likely work for the agency or agencies responsible for the creation and/or distribution of this parasite

    tallcotton… you are without a doubt clueless and derranged… garden variety skin disorders?… are you fucking kidding me?… how many errors are permissable from your doctor?… 2 or 3?… 5 or 6?… more?… if the doctors had a clue, then their prescribed treatment course would work… or is it that all of these people have incurable skin/systemic diseases?… dop is a diagnosis of exclusion… who has resources to exclude every disease prior to that diagnosis?… not many… do the god damn math… you will have to see many doctors… watch, listen, and pay as they make mistakes or just outright lie to you… personally, i have seen several top ID docs… clueless and worthless people with a self serving agenda and a desire to not deal with the truth…

    morgellons disease is a crime… it is real… and it is everywhere and it is spreading… you can’t stop it… you can’t run from it… you can’t hide from it…

    it is early yet isn’t it?… not many know and not many are presenting… but you people here think you can brainwash it all away… keep trying… it will be fun to watch you fail… c ya at the circus…

  55. Tasha, good luck with the gall bladder check. Have you had your thyroid tested, a liver panel, or your blood sugar checked? All those can cause itching. The doctors will get to the bottom of the cause for you. Sometimes these things just take time and patience. Do you seem to be scratching in your sleep? I used to, when I had eczema, which is in remission for me, now.

    Hey, MAF! Hi! Smileyassclown, here. I like you so much, but I wish you weren’t sick.


    In Northern Nevada and in California, Morgellons patients dissatisfied with the diagnosis of delusions in adults or common skin diseases in children are often referred to the University of California, San Francisco.

    At UCSF, patients said, Dr. John Koo, who is board-certified in dermatology and psychology, often confirms their original diagnosis. Koo authored a paper on the diagnosis and treatment of delusional parasitosis and is a national expert in skin diseases.


    The Mind and Skin Connection

    JOHN KOO, M.D., University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center, San Francisco, California
    ANDREW LEBWOHL, University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, San Francisco, California

  56. MAF,
    Many skin disorders are incurable, and many don’t have very effective treatments either. You obviously have a very low opinion of doctors, but doctors are human too, and they make mistakes. Many times, however, it takes trial and error to find an effective treatment. What works for one individual, doesn’t work for another. Sometimes symptoms will match a variety of disorders, and trial and error is about all they can do.

    I know you think Morgellons is a disease, but that’s because you are the one without a clue. I know what I’m talking about, and I’m not guessing. I also know that most of the DOP diagnoses are correct. You need to learn the definition of DOP. A lot has been learned about it since Ekboms day.

    You keep saying that we work for the parties responsible for Morgellons. That’s funny. I know that three of us are retired, have never met, and have never worked for the same people. Nor have we ever met each other. Our only agenda is informing people of the truth so they don’t get caught up in the Morgellons cults. It’s obviously too late to help you, but hopefully it isn’t for some of the others.

    You are quite funny, and if any one of us is a clown, it’s you. You’re so far off the mark that it’s pathetic. You make it very obvious that you have a mental disorder, as do most other Morgies. You need to get some help. You really do.

    Tall Cotton

  57. I can’t imagine anyone working to spread something that only impacts a couple thousand people. It doesn’t impact enough people to warrant government attention and certainly doesn’t mean big profits for pharmaceutical companies.

    That being said, if you have wounds that won’t close or unbearable itching, do what doctors do when you don’t know; email every doctor you can in every state. Tell them who you are and your symptoms. Do not mention Morgellons but explain that the doctors in your area aren’t providing treatments that work. Very often, you will at least get very good advice and very probably get referred to sources that can help.

    I know it sounds crazy, but medical people really want to solve problems for people. We are actually happy when we see fewer people suffering. We still get paid and less people are sick. Don’t give up on doctors. As in any other profession, some of them can be jerks, but many more want to help.

  58. nice to hear the voice of reason

  59. day december 2, 2006, your last entry, apparantley, your in this for a laugh. i got bored after your crank issue. DRUGS. WHATS WRONG WITH YOU. good for you, maybe you fought it, maybe your immune system became capable. YOUR BODY GOT STRONGER. IM SORRY MY FRIEND. NOT THE SAME CASE HERE. I DONT KNOW WHAT THIS IS. I HAD THESE SYMTOMS. (way before i even herard of this. the people around me didnt understand. everything. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING NUTS. I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. THEN (GOD FORBID)
    the problem is/. there is no explanation, THE UNKNOWN. people dont want to except it, and doctors have got to be well aware of it. C’MON. take it for what its worth. if nobody believes its true. then WHY MY FRIEND DO YOUR CLOSES FRIENDS, FAMILY, C0-WORKERS, (if you still have them) say your crazy. (BUT WANT TO HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU)
    I PRAY. (CRANK, GOOD EXCUSE) hay whatever works.

  60. On December 2nd, Ruthiebrat said:

    the problem is/. there is no explanation, THE UNKNOWN. people dont want to except it, and doctors have got to be well aware of it. C’MON. take it for what its worth. if nobody believes its true. then WHY MY FRIEND DO YOUR CLOSES FRIENDS, FAMILY, C0-WORKERS, (if you still have them) say your crazy. (BUT WANT TO HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU)

    Oh yes, there IS an explanation, and it IS NOT unknown.
    PATIENTS refuse to accept it.
    Doctors ARE well aware of it.
    Others see what’s wrong, and they know that they can’t do anything to help the person realize their problem.


    Ruthiebrat, if you could only step back and review how you’ve come across, you could see that you need help for the state of mind you’re in. The rest of your household needs you back and so do your precious pets!!! You’ll gain absolutely nothing, and continue to lose, big time, if you think “morgellons disease” is your “only hope”. The false belief that there is a new disease has only fueled patients’ pre-existing delusions. If you really are as miserable as you seem to be, and if you really want to get better, the only hope you have is to discuss what you’re experiencing with a doctor, and follow their plan of treatment.

    Pride surely isn’t standing in the way of you, or anyone else who is convinced of this dangerous belief you’re all so hellbent on hanging onto.


    That was a dead giveaway for you, Ruthiebrat. Treat it, so you can help others, by helping yourself.

  61. Ruthiebrat,

    Don’t you realize that your friends don’t want to be around you because you are totally obsessed with your health problems. People get tired of hearing about it. They know that you re delusional. It’s obvious to everyone except others like you.

    Of course, I didn’t have what you have, and you don’t have what the next person has. That’s the point. People with similar symptoms are suffering from a wide variety of illnesses. I hate to rain on your parade, but there is no such thing as Morgellons. You may have real physical health problems, but you also have a mental problem. You are suffering from a delusional disorder. My goodness, do you think that your doctors just fell off a turnip wagon. You need a psychiatrist.

    Tall Cotton

  62. TC said,

    My goodness, do you think that your doctors just fell off a turnip wagon

    Yes, every one of them believes that, firmly, and they follow their tormented leaders.

    For instance, taken from Dr. Smith’s advice on NMO’s site :

    None of the original literature describing DOP mentioned fibers. Older reports and published research up to a few years ago make no mention of fibers. It has just been in the last few years that the dermatology literature has begun to mention fibers as part of the delusion in DOP patients.

    Soooo……my question is this. Why have dermatologists seemingly accepted fibers as part of the DOP delusion without question? Why have none of the “experts” in DOP found this consistent change in the history from patients they diagnose as DOP odd? Since many patients now report the fibers, and this was not part of the delusional patients’ “medical history” until recently, why have no dermatologists considered that this change might indicate there is something new and different about DOP patients?

    Sadly, if you’ve made it to this web site and are reading this, it’s likely you’re already aware of how the system works for Morgellons patients! If you’ve seen a dermatologist, it is very likely you’ve been given the diagnosis of ‘Delusions of Parasitosis’ or DOP. So let’s next discuss a strategy to “re-visit” that diagnosis with your dermatologist.

    He may not be able to help it, but see how deluded? DOP patients have always gotten fibers, dead skin cell debris, and all the things morgies get from their skin. He carries on to say:

    A necessary step, should you undertake such legal proceedings, would be to prove the diagnosis given you was wrong. That should be relatively easy once Morgellons is recognized as a real disease!

    So pitiful. So harmful.

  63. Hair Removing Cream,

    If the bold text,”hair removal cream”, are supposed to be a link, it doesn’t seem to be working. Neither does there seem to be a personal profile.


  64. I have these symptoms & it is more than unnerving. Then to read that one thinks it’s alien induced!, another Governmental, another still Morgellons etc., is confusing, to say the least. I just want someone to tell me what I have & stop the bites & the crawling & the very real worms in my faeces. The creatures I have discovered are weird, I have found fibers of all different colors, there is one particularly awful black thing that has an oval body & then a long hook-like protuberance coming out of it, yuK!

    Would someone tell me what sort of creatures they are finding?

    Whatever this is, may it stop tomorrow, or preferably, yesterday.

    In response to the person who wrote about white worms coming out of their skin when they smoke crank, I believe you. I have only smoked a couple of times, but have had quite a few people tell me that it was happening to them. What a world.

    Will all those taking the absolute piss out of ‘Morgie’s’ please stop & understand the devestation & confusion these symptoms cause. I was sitting on my computer earlier, felt & itch & a thing that looked like black tar was on my arm.

    Please put yourselves in our shoes, think before you write. Those who are so harsh are obviously so scared it’s unreal.

    For those suffering, my prayers are with you. I find burning joss sticks by the computer helps. Before I was getting weird little tar-like things flying thru the air. It does seem, very other-wordly.

    A friend has just told me that Dutch & Belgium websites are reporting strange chemicals being sprayed in the air, a lot. A conspiracy theory is not out of the question I suppose. But why me?! I am just a humble rock/blues vocalist!

    I feel like my life is not mine anymore, I don’t feel well, & though I don’t have open legions (thank God), life is uncomfortable & I have the definite sensation I am being ‘taken over’ & it ain’t fuckin nice.

    God bless you all.


  65. [...] keep you updated. But until then, here are some theories about the cause of Morgellons that are floating about the [...]

  66. Mandi,

    I assure you that we are not frightened of Morgellons. There is no such thing as Morgellons. How could we be afraid of something we don’t believe in?

    Your fibers with the hook on the end, just might be hook worms, but they probably aren’t. I know that this reply is late, but I just saw your comment for the first time. If you anything you suspect being worms, take a specimen to your doctor and ask him what it is. People do get worms sometimes, but that has nothing to do with what people are calling Morgellons.

    People who think they have Morgellons, really have a wide variety of different diseases and disorders. Most of them know what they’ve got. They were diagnosed. Instead of treating what they have, they would rather believe they have morgellons. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that Morgellons is anything but DOP

    Tall Cotton

  67. Liz,

    So reading this blog made you throw up, huh? Do you hate the truth that much? A Morgie should like throwing up since they’re constantly trying to purge things out of their bodies.

    If you want to read the latest comments, the links are listed in the left hand column. You can click on the topics. There’s a lot of truth written on this blog. This is the only blog with the truth about Morgellons, with the exception of one other Blog which belongs to Smileykins and I.

    Oh, by the way, the names, Smileykins and Tall Cotton have NEVER appeared on Lymebusters, ever! That’s a fact! I see that you left your phone number for us to call you. That’s funny.

    See Jane Crawl,

    Same to you! No, on second thought I think I’ll pass. It’s obvious that Morgies don’t really want the truth. If they did, they would all be here reading. They would also be listening to their docors and following their advice. And, no, I don’t mean the quacks that pretend to believe in Morgellons.

    Sue Bee,

    You think we try to beat you down huh? No, we’ve told you the truth. You’re delusional and it’s totally obvious to people in their right minds. It’s okay for Morgies to say whatever they want to say about us, but we aren’t allowed to defend ourselves. Fuck that!

    Most of you people are psychotic. You need to treat your psychosis. You need to do it for yourselves, but also for your spouses and your pchildren. I don’t say these things to hurt you. I say them because they are true, and it’s only the truth that will help you.

    Tall Cotton

  68. To Liz and the rest of the gang,

    I’ve told the Morgies, over and over, but since you obviously haven’t heard, I’ll tell you. I’m speaking for myself, and Smileykins can speak for herself if she chooses to. I know the truth about Morgellons, and I’ve been posting that truth on this blog for a long time now. I would like to convince every one of you that Morgellons is not a disease. It is not, and that’s a fact. Morgies have a variety of health problems, but Morgellons isn’t one of them.

    People who believe that they have Morgellons actually have a wide variety of diseases. In addition to the physical diseases, they also have a variety of mental ones. One syndrome which most Morgies have in common is Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP). By its definition, a person with DOP has an “unshakable” false belief that they are infected/infested with parasites. Since that belief is unshakable, that means that they aren’t likely to be convinced otherwise unless they are first treated for this psychosis.

    I would like to convince the Morgies of the truth and help them to escape this madness. That’s highly unlikely because they are set in their belief. That is why convincing the Morgies is not my main purpose here. My main purpose here is to convince prospective Morgie recruits of the truth before they find the message boards of the Morgellons believers and become convinced of a lie. The belief in Morgellons is not only a false belief, it is also a very dangerous delusion.

    Morgies have refused to believe their doctor’s diagnoses. Many of them believe that Morgellons is the cause of all of their ills. They therefore forgo taking there much needed medications for some very bad diseases. Some of these diseases kill a lot of people. I used to be a Morgie, and I do not want this to happen. The Message boards of the Morgellons believers need to be shut down. The people that own these forums do not realize the danger that are causing.

    Morgies are also being exploited by doctors and researcher that have personal agendas. One of these agendas is to relieve the Morgies of their money. They are evil people, and they are endangering people’s lives. These are the reasons I do what I do. I am on Social Security Disability so I have plenty of time to spare. I am not employed by anyone, and there is no conspiracy or coverup. That’s merely another delusion.

    But people like you come to this blog and either attack us, or they go back to their forum and tell lies about us. You were certain that we had posted on Lymebusters using the names, Smileykins and Tall Cotton. It may be true that you believed that, or else you wouldn’t have said it, but it isn’t the truth. It’s also not true that we pick on sick people. I have made jokes about Morgies, but there is also a very good purpose for me doing it. I try to show everyone just how crazy they are acting. That may not help the the Morgie. Their beliefs are usually unshakable. But it may cause a
    prospective Morgellons recruit to think about the situation. I care for the Morgies, despite the fact that some of them make it difficult sometimes.

    Some of the Morgies also have bipolar disorder, BDD, Borderline Personality
    Disorder, Multiple Personalities, Depression, Schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses. These are in addition to Delusions of Parasitosis. Some Morgies
    hallucinate. Some see things right, but misinterpret what they see. But almost all of them believe wrong, and that’s what delusions are all about.

    The thread that you started on Lymebusters gave others the opportunity to jump in, and like you did, smart off and make false accusations. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. But that’s the way a lot of thing are when it comes to the lie of Morgellons. If you want, you can click on my name, tallcotton, and read my story. The first story is Smileykin’s. The second one is mine. You can also go to the following web address.

    Please remember, although there is no Morgellons disease, many Morgies have other diseases and disorders. Some of these are very, very, serious. These need to be treated. Failing to do so, may be life threatening. Delusions of Parasitosis also needs to be treated. DOP is a psychosis, and anti-psychotic medications may be needed.

    These are not for the purpose of messing up a persons thinking. Their purpose is to bring a persons beliefs in line with reality. Morgies are always talking about thinking “outside the box”. They are thinking outside the box, but it’s the box of reality.

    I hope every Morgie recovers, and I pray almost every night for the Morgies to be cured of the disorders they really have. Good luck and God’s Speed.

    Tall Cotton

  69. They do have to just be “let go”, and I know that. I don’t mean to, and I don’t feel that I am making fun of “morgellons disease” patients, regardless of what the right to speak my mind against the myth of “morgellons disease” makes any of them feel. I hate that something like this situation has been brought to everyones’ attention, by them, and that they felt they had to force the government to step in to help them with it. That’s the bottom line, for me.

    Things could have turned out so differently, and so quickly, if I hadn’t been fortunate enough to have been able to break myself out of an acute state of psychosis when I was in it for a couple of months, five years ago. If I hadn’t come out of it, I’d be dead right now, so I can’t feel the wrong in being against a dangerous lie like this. Everybody who develops DOP has a different underlying reason causing it, and it isn’t anything to get one’s ass all up in the air over and be mean to anyone about.

    Allowing it to have the upper hand, (which it does, anyway), should NOT be entertained. Sure, nobody can quite understand a psychotic state like another person who’s experiencing it too, but, my gosh, sharing it and remaining in it, while saying how miserable it is?

    And, some morgies continue to seem to think that TC and I are top secret agents who have assisted the government in unleashing an End Time Plague on them, and that we, and Michael have been trying to silence them, and cover it up. I never crossed over into fantasy-lands such as that, when I was ill, but, certainly, such extreme states are in the way of patients’ abilities to understand many things. Although everyone around them, they say, seems to think they’ve flipped, and many of them even say they think they have too, why they still don’t know it is so strange.

    The people they look up to, though, some of the “morgellons medical experts” (if they are telling what they believe to be the truth) are suffering from psychoses, themselves. Others appear to be playing it for all it’s worth by saying, without justification, that “morgellons disease” is what has messed up the patients’ minds, rather than the truth of the matter. Since they pretend to believe them, somehow, that sounds acceptable to the patients, and they’re willing to pay good money to allow them to try intermittently clearing up their skin problems, while continuously encouraging them to not treat their real conditions. Concerning the disregard to antibiotic prescribing regulations, not only is the patient endangered, in so many ways, but they’re putting the entire population at risk. “Morgellons disease” is as bad as the patients say it is, and I’m sure of it.

    They’re suffering from demyeliniating diseases, autoimmune diseases, anneurysms, mitral valve stenosis, pneumonitis, anemia, menopause, cancer, liver disease, bladder and kidney infections, and so much more. When morgies say anything about a real condition/disease that they have, and it makes sense — but not how they talk about it, referring to it all as “morgellons disease” — you can tell what’s caused that particular person to develop DOP.

    Inflammatory conditions are very serious matters. Inflammation has been shown to underlie the plaque that forms inside arteries as they clog. Obesity, smoking, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and sedentary lifestyles elevate C-reactive protein levels, and studies have also indicated that the stress hormone, norepinephrine, activates the immune system into triggering the expression of genes that cause chronic, low-grade inflammation. Anger, hostility and depressive symptoms increase the production of norepinephrine. I have a real strong feeling that a lot of morgies are future heart attack and stroke victims, even if they didn’t have much of anything else going on. Lord knows, that’s serious, enough. It’s so sad that they can’t seem to entertain anything inside the realm of reality, and that they believe when I say that, I’m making fun, or covering up some sort of clandestine involvement relating to their illness.

  70. Excuse me, I’d meant to say antibiotic-prescribing “guidelines”.

  71. I have been reading the comments on this page and have been thinking of this “condition” and its causes.

    First of all I have heard about reports of fibers growing out of the skin, synthetic fibers. Also there were the reports of the itching and crawling sensations all over the body. What I think happens is this. There is also the position of the lesions to consider. In the pictures I have seen they are all in places where a person can reach. I have not seen any pictures of anywhere on the back so far so this is my hypothesis.

    Given the information I have presented I think that the “sufferers ” may inadvertently scratch themselves in their sleep. They scratch until some type of wound opens up. Then as they toss and turn in their bed fibers get stuck into the wounds and when they wake up the next morning they see the sores on the skin.

    Unfortunately my hypothesis has a few flaws. First there is the growing of the fibers out of the skin. I haven’t seen anything in the pictures that there is evidence but that doesn’t mean there isn’t. Another flaw is that my hypothesis has to be tested. I don’t have the money and I’m not a doctor.

    I do have a few suggestions to doctors. Perhaps they can prescribe placebos to the sufferers if it really is psychological then the “symptoms” will disappear. If they persist then there might be something else. I also suggest, to anyone who wants to, to put the patients under observation. If there is any abnormal behavior, such as unusual amounts of sleep scratching, then maybe it should be considered. Another thing that should be done is to take an actual skin sample; not samples collected by the patient but one that is taken right in the lab. If there are fibers in the sample they should be analyzed and possibly compared to the bed or cloth fibers from the patient’s house.

    Then again what do I know? As I said before, I’m not a doctor.

  72. I have another theory. Could it be a form of leprosy?

  73. With so many patients being ill-equipped, and at a disadvantage, therefore, to follow their doctors, I think that fear-based theories are at the root of what started this mess for everyone who’s been deceived by it. Patients are ill, for a lot of various reasons, and there is a lot behind all this “morgellons disease” business.

  74. You make a very good point. I see some problems with today’s society. Its that lots of people believe what they hear on TV or in the media and they don’t check things for themselves.

    Another problem I see is that sometimes information changes too rapidly. Its as if the doctors can’t make up their minds as to what is good for us and what can harm us. One year they could say that eating apples is bad for us then in a few more years they may say that they’re good for us. Eventually they have people going around in circles and not knowing what to believe. Someday 2+2 could equal 5 and war becomes peace and so on.

    Maybe we should all slow down a little with the important things such as health and consider the possibility that fibers can really grow out of our skin like they say they do. Stop listening to the hype and get down to the truth.

  75. Anonymous, I’m sorry, but I just hate it when someone says they’ve gotten a good point from one that I didn’t even make.

    I was at fault, though, so I apologize for not being more clear when I said that there is a lot behind this business of “morgellons disease”.

    Only someone close enough to know the etiology — well, I really mean the actual forensic psychology, in the case of any one person who thinks that their match-box sign material is what has compromised their health — has any inkling as to what’s going on with anyone who thinks that. Considering the overall situation, I don’t think it’s too surprising, either, that we don’t hear from any such people.

    If you’ve seen any news reports on “morgellons disease”, you may have noticed the bias and the exploitation, seeing that the stories are for sensationalism and ratings. If journalists thought that their subjects’ “morgellons disease” posed a public health threat they would report responsibly, have the patients sign releases, and interview some of the 10-40 doctors, on the average, that a lot of these patients have seen.

    If you’ve only recently heard of “morgellons disease”, and become concerned, I encourage you to read this blog extensively, and you might come to understand what has occurred, and why. The genesis, as well as the evolution, of this patients’ movement is clearly laid out over the internet as having begun about thirteen years ago, spawning a lot of extra confusion among those who consider themselves to be afflicted with what they think is a new disease. It has facilitated many continuing mishandlings of some of the most vulnerable members of society.

    Naturally, nobody can know whether Mary Leitao, the founding mother of this disease, and those other than she, who have signed onto “assisting” her with it, are mentally sound enough to be accountable for their actions, or not. But, there is only one thing that would stand in the way of any mother suspected of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy’s not getting the recommended evaluation for it. And, through the advent of a disease consisting of a majority of patients who’ve refused treating what their doctors have repeatedly diagnosed, and/or have not had the ability to effectively communicate their other, underlying, symptoms, the way has been paved for a whole lot of easy money to be made off of these patients by unscruptulous charlatans.

    By uniting so many people with DOP, through fibers, the main component of the match-box sign, in order to get patients behind Ms. Leitao’s fight to try proving the disease that she says her children have, of course, such patients registered by reporting a whole slew of previously diagnosed conditions and symptoms, because a whole lot of known illnesses — as well as side effects from meds, anemia, dehydration, and nutritional deficiencies — can trigger the development of the state of psychosis known as DOP. By having her website, and forever expanding the symptoms and case defintion, and all the rest, including the constant nagging in pursuit of recognition, and taking this whole thing mainstream, it’s caused fear in other vulnerable people, and persuaded them into thinking that they have her “morgellons disease”, too, when nobody has any such thing.

    But, going back to where this business took one of the first turns for the worse (but there were others, before Mary Leitao entered the picture, and dubbed it “morgellons disease), it was when Nurse Ginger Savely contacted Mary Leitao because a lot of her patients presented with delusional parasitosis. A nurse should have known better, and, certainly if she really treats patients with geniune late-stage lyme disease, she ought to know of its neuropsychiatric affects. Dr. Stricker should also, and Dr. Harvey, except he’s ill, himself. Oh, but that’s another facet of this mess people are in, though, and I won’t get off track onto the whole chronic lyme scenario, but it all ties in so beautifully. But anyway, since Savely didn’t understand, she should have studied up on DOP, and, at least, had the common sense to know that the only reputable sources of health information on the web are from sites associated with the National Institutes of Health. That tendency to not know better happens to be rife among doctors/nurses/reseachers involving themselves with Mary Leitao’s “morgellons disease”.

    Anonymous, 2+2 will never equal 5. Logic solves problems, but when something interferes with a person’s logic so badly that they’re trapped inside a web of deceit, some, unfortunately, choose giving all their attention to the deceit, sacrificing everything else, until all is gone.

  76. Typo: “more” clear. (hehehe, sorry.)

    Also, when I said that the only reputable source of health information is available from sites associated with the NIH, what I meant was, that they are the bottom line for trustworthy information.

  77. I’m sorry, reading the post, I see that you’re right. I think I was trying to add something when I wrote it. Or I misinterpreted what you said.

    Also, of course 2+2=5 is not true, It was only an reference to a book that I’m reading called 1984. Where a world government has taken over and is in a way “editing” history. Perhaps there is the possibility that we can’t really trust anyone anymore (sorry for being cynical). People say things and you have to take it with a grain of salt. They may be true or they may not be. Even with what the government says. With Morgellons, I’m not sure, I’ve never met a person who has it so its possible but highly unlikely. On the subject I might be near the middle.

    To be honest the first time I have heard about this crazy disease was when watching a show called Out There TV. They talk about conspiracies and everything. Most of the things they say really are “out there” and I don’t believe a word of it but it is interesting what they can come up with. If anyone is interested or if they want a chuckle, just do a search on the internet.

    I may have taken us off topic:

    For the topic: new theory(a joke), goes with the chem-trail/nanotechnology idea. What if the government is trying to use us to grow their materials for wires and computer components or fabrics.

  78. I know what morgs. disease is,and can prove it.I need help to film a documentory so people and doctors will beleive me. This is only goi’n to get worse if we don’t do something about it soon.The government is parcialy responsible,and is going to cost a fortune to get rid of it.This is no joke I will bet everything I own on it. Please help us all it can be cured so call me please.Im not looking to make money Im just looking for some profesionals and advice so call me. We will be well known after we cure everybody. THANKS

  79. Its nothing but a chemical reaction. I have proof!

  80. You mean metabolism?

  81. I’m sorry, can you explain what you mean?

  82. Jim,

    That’s very exciting that you have proof. Have you thought about starting small? Do you have a home video camera, or something of the sort?

  83. Annette Pukay Says:
    September 8th, 2007 at 4:12 am
    I’am just a mother that may have an idea of the cause of this problem. Please have an open mind . I was sitting in the car in the parking lot at a large store waiting for my family to hurry back from shopping. when i saw these men walking around the parking lot like they were lost but i watched further and they were droping something on to cars . you may be saying what does that have to do with this , well i’ll tell you. a man walked by my car and i saw what it was because one landed on my wind shield . It was the most colorful catillpillar I have ever seen. Have an open mind. I took out some napkins from the glove box and scooped up the catillpillar not touching it with my skin . just then my family came back from shopping and at the same time I showed them the catillpillar, I did not want anyone to touch it but to late my 3 year old touched it and then touched his lip when i said , “dont touch “, ok it went something like that. I read or heard somewhere that bright colored animals could be deadly ,was in the back of my thoughts but didn’t really think it could apply to catillpillars but i still did not want anyone to touch it. My son had an open sore on his lip at the time from a fall and it had a couple of stiches in it. the cut was healing nicely at the time. ok now we went home , catillpillar gone in trash and didn’t think about it again. It was not long after, days later when i noticed and my husband noticed my sons lip was not healing right so we took him to the hospital to take a look because it didn’t look right. there was a blue thread comming out of it , i thought it was the stiches but no. the doctor said it was morgellons, we have never heard of that before. they have to cut his lip and they took out some tissue with thread like things growing in it and asked if they could take pictures of it and of course we said sure , his lip did heal just fine after that but my thoughts kept comming back to that catillpillar he touched . I have never seen one so colorful before , with red , blue,yellow , green,white long haired catillpillar . I am not a good writer or speller so if have any questions about my story e-mail me. I think morgellons comes from a catillpillar but it can spread from people to people from open sores.

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