A few people on Lymebusters have problems with their socks:

I threw away my shoes and wore old socks and treated my feet with tea tree oil. This seemed to stop the pain.Yesterday I put on a laundered, fairly new pair of cotton sweat socks. I think I got them recently from the Dollar Tree store. Wow, my foot pain came back and feet started peeling on bottom.Also, when I did my castor oil rubs on my arms last night, I started getting out ‘white, cotton looking’ fibers instead of my normal black ones. Like the socks had entered my system.

I was applying a lot of different creams prescribed by the dermatologist and thought that what was happening was that the material from my socks was being caught up with the cream and being drawn into my foot. However, it is definitely being absorbed as a couple of weeks back I wore a pair of black socks with purple heels and toes – that evening when I was getting undressed a purple fiber about an inch long and quite substantial emerged from my heel.

Just a suggestion, but drop the socks into boiling water before ever wearing them, then wash with borax and machine dry

For a while I wore plastic zip lock bags (cut to fit like a sock)over my socks so as not to keep contaminating my shoes. I also started throwing away my socks each day. I have been spending a bundle on socks. [...] Now, however, a new situation has developed. It is minor compared to the previous foot infestation. Each night when I take off my white socks to throw them away, there are all these pieces of cotton fiber from the socks in webs between the toes and even balled up knots of sock fiber.It is not the sort of thing one goes to the doctor to show and tell,but each night it strikes me as very odd. First of all, the fiber is not on the top or bottom of the foot where the sock torches the foot but rather it is in between the toes. Maybe a single piece of fiber could go between toes occasionally. But every night to find a network of sock fiber BETWEEN the toes suggests some unaccounted for activity happening on my feet at the toe area.I do not wash these new cotton socks before wearing. I have never washed new socks before the first wearing. I have never had fibers stuck in webs and balls BETWEEN each of the toes. [...] Yes, I have worried that the fibers are being drawn into the foot by these microscopic critters. They are definitely pulling fibers out of the new socks and practicing their knitting between my toes.

Our shoes and socks were very infected with the white and black balls and fibers. We got news shoes and Gold Toe socks that are kinda thin with lots of nylon. I spray my feet, shoes, and socks with Woodward’s Diabetic Basics Instant Foot Sanitizer with benzalkonium chloride. This works pretty well but I still have toenail fungus.

My elderly friend with morgs bought some micatin spray from Dermatechrx and sprays it on her clean socks inside out the night before. It was on sale or she would not be doing this. She has clipped all of the cotton linings out of her underpants carefully leaving the rayon or nylon ones and then after these are laundered, soaks them in rubbing alcohol in ziplock bags.

Lots of different and inspired approaches as per usual. I’ve been washing the socks in Borax and changing them a few times in the day but didn’t wash them when new. At night after applying Special No 1 ointment, prescribed by dermotologist, I then apply petroleum jelly to create a seal. This has been quite effective in healing some of the lesions so I’ve tried this during the day too but the tingling persists.

First of all – anything that comes into my house – if it’s fabric it gets sprayed with ammonia. New clothes get washed with a half-cup of ammonia added to the detergent. I don’t have carpets or curtains anymore. No fabric furniture. But do use blankets, and have had to get new mattresses (sprayed with ammonia)Every load of laundry I do gets ammonia in the wash cycle, not just new stuff. And, because I do chores around horses, and they are constantly wiping their noses on me, blowing their noses on me, etc., I buy shirts at the thrift shop. I wash those with ammonia and am just fine with that. No problemo – no itching caused by the thrift shop shirts – ammonia fixes stuff for me.

The socks i have been buying really have a lot of loose cotton fibers and balls on the inside. Today, I picke the stuff off before I put on a pair. Three hours later, I peeled them off and looked inside. All the loose stuff had re-appeared. Much was sticking to my feet and liked the area between my toes. I am coming to the conclusion that these socks are alive.

I was initially infected by new cotton socks right out of the sack that I did not wash first. There is little if any doubt that cotton is one of several of the more ubiquitous vectors for this thing.

I think what we are seeing here is the result of the culture of belief within Lymebusters. Nobody steps forward to suggest to B that it’s quite normal for cotton from new socks to collect between the toes. Nobody tells BLW that his socks are probably not alive, and everyone has experienced cotton balls and fluff on their feet from new socks. Nobody tells H that, yes, the fiber was probably just caught in your foot cream. Nobody tells CM that there actually is rather a lot of doubt that cotton socks are a vector for a novel pathogen.

I think willingness to believe others that some of the above people have, is paired with a willingness to believe themselves. Hence whatever idea pops into their head, they believe without question. Questioning themselves (are my socks really alive?) is tantamount to admitting they might have made some mistakes in other area, and perhaps an indication that they were deluded in some beliefs.

Socks are interesting since most people have two feet. It would be a very simple matter to perform experiments such as wearing a cotton sock on one foot, and a linen sock on the other for a week, and see if there is any difference. You could use this technique to test the various (“different and inspired”) sock treatments, such as ammonia, alcohol, bleaching, borax, boiling etc.

But is seems some people don’t want to investigate, to find the truth. They just want to believe.

This uncritical desire for belief is ultimately damaging their health.

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  1. After weeks and weeks of seeing Morgellons sufferers/believers and then railing at them, wishing for at least one of them, or one of their acolytes (I use the term loosely, it is, after all, a meme cult), to show some critical thinking, I’m pleased to find this place in line with myself.

  2. And no one tells Scandi that collodial silver is pretty dangerous stuff:


  3. That should have been “colloidal” silver, sorry

  4. It’s understandable, just how interesting cotton socks and toe-jam can suddenly be such a source of fascination, if one was never aquainted with it before.

  5. I’d like to add some perspective as to why, even if anyone wants to step in to dissuade such thoughts, that it is a culture which prohibits it.

  6. New fabrics are naturally fuzzy and I think we all learned a long time ago that the natural place for this fuzz to collect is between the toes. But belikewater had sores on the bottom of her feet, and hannah had a cut on her heel. This probably enabled sock fibers to be pressed into the skin. Where these fibers would migrate to is anyone’s guess.

    Also, one of the people in Michael’s post, in the longer version posted at Lymebusters, had athletes foot. This often causes the skin to crack. This, too, in my opinion, can enable fibers fibers to become imbedded into the skin. I think this would also apply to the porosity of calloused skin.

    As far as wearing plastic bags over the feet is concerned. I don’t think that’s healthy. Feet need air. In any event, the application of tea tree oil is quite likely to cause trapped fibers to become released, and come to the surface. There doesn’t seem to be anything odd about this fuzz. What’s odd is the belief that it is alive.

  7. If they’re just a litte bit confused about what they’re suddenly noticing, we do have to consider their age.

    Okay, unless they’re toddlers, or elders suffering from senility, they really shouldn’t be that amazed over the effects of sock fuzz, toe-jam, and foot fungus.

    If anyone tried reasoning out the things that TallCotton mentioned, would such people understand and get a grip on things, or would they continue having their false beliefs in spite of the invalidating evidence?

    They would either defensively argue their position, in efforts to convince the other party that what they’re noticing is something unique, or become mute.

    Among other things, due to OCD, Howard Hughes wore tissue boxes on his feet to protect them, and he burned his clothing if someone near him became ill.

    Whatever the cause, I’m sorry, but in my opinion, these minds have short-circuited, so to speak. They’re all in need of someone who cares about them to take charge, somehow. It’s just not happening. I know, that not all of them have someone, and I’ve read that some of them have been placed on medication but, as is typical, they’ve gone off of it.

  8. Michael, your thoughts about the uncritical reactions of Lymebusters members has been prescient.

    A member has posted to describe a time when she saw the fibers of cotton balls, Q-tips, and clothing moving, and even merging with her skin. She interpreted these observations, during that time, as evidence that these things were alive. Since then, she has stopped seeing the cotton fibers move. Why doesn’t she conclude that the movement was normal, passive movement, which she misperceived? Why doesn’t she consider that she may not have been thinking clearly due to stress? What would it take?

    I think she would be more open to these possibilities if she weren’t posting at Lymebusters. Maybe she’s ashamed to suggest that she’s made a mistake, and imply that it’s possible to be wrong in one’s observations of one’s own health.

    Perhaps there is a culture of shame and shaming at Lymebusters.

  9. From having been a member there for almost 6 months, there is just no easy way to try discussing honest matters and to be that open.

    The slightest hint often evokes rage in some of them, and once one person goes off, others often follow suit. Trying to steer someone into the right directions, is, afterall, challenging their delusions. Have you ever tried that?

    Due to a radio broadcast, I’d found that place out of curiosity, 3 years after I’d had symptoms, like them. I’d been physically ill, for two months, resulting in delusions that whole time.

    Although I made that point clear at every opportunity I could, the “victims of ‘morgellons disease’ have various levels of cognitive dysfunction. They didn’t just join up to this, out of fun. They had whatever they brought there with them, already.
    I don’t believe that merely suggestible persons stick around there for very long.

    Naturally, not all posts are viewed, and some may have thought when I’d told what had happened to me, that I was speaking in the present. Some may have arrived midway through what I was saying. Most people there knew of me, though, and knew I was not a current “victim”. I was hoping to reach anyone I could, anyway I could. I did reach some, through emails.

    This thing we’re seeing by peering into morgie message boards is not something society is normally privy to.

  10. Let me correct myself. “NO”, I did not make it a clear point that I’d had delusions during the 2 months I was ill. I’d mentioned “hallucinations”, but the truth was “off limits”. I’d have been tarred-and-feathered worse than I already was.

    I couldn’t believe the things I read, so it pulled me in, wanting to help in any possible way I could, having gone through it.

    I made the point, repeatedly, that I’d recovered back then, in 2002, and how I had done it. I made the point that I understood it, and gave all the suggestions I knew how to, to be of assistance, going along, and calling it “morgellons disease”.

    There are more reasons than one, behind what causes delusional parasitiosis. The individuals that I was any help to, obviously didn’t have the underlying mental health factor, that’s apparent in too many of them.

    It was a harrowing, heartwrenching experience to realize what is the matter with these people. They think as children do.

  11. Now repeat that last sentence for me Adapted? I’d challenge you to any test known to mankind to measure maturity, stability, intelligence, give us both an MMPI and see who comes out on top. What you are saying here is a blatant lie. You were given the title at LB as “God” and you played that game for much longer than a couple of months, you and Bugs both, It’s time you got off your high horse ’cause it looks like you’re playing God here too (or is that horse being ridden by Jesus to ride up the hills in all the pics and save the little children from the spears of Satan going in their bodies? Isn’t that the gist of what you two were saying?) Morgellons patients think like children and you two are seeing cowboys with Jesus on their hats riding to the rescue if your turn the pictures just right? Who’s crazy here? Michael, if you truly are an objective moderator, run those two down. Look at what they were posting. They were the lunatics running the asylum for God’s sake. Although as stated in the other thread, your stealing of personal comments is abhorrent to me and I am getting the word out as quickly as possible for folks to add proprietary statements to their comments so THAT nonsense will stop. It is invasive to say the least. Have you suddenly become psychic too, Adapted, that you know so well how people THINK! That is not an objective statement. It is subjective from your own experience and one should never make judgements. I thought you were a good Christian. Judge not…..and while we’re being biblical, as little children won’t we enter the gates of Heaven your Highness? I hope you can recognize facetiousness when you see it. I’m so sorry your heart was wrenched, but you had a helluva good time doing it, for a helluva looooong time. You’re not pullin the wool on anybody. Keep it up Sweetie. You may have found a new “playground” in which to play God, but all eyes are on you and they know who you are and they know what you’ve said and done. Judge not.

  12. I’m happy to assist you, dblcreek.

    You: Now repeat that last sentence for me Adapted?

    Me: I said, “They think as children do.” I mean that, too. If it’s anything other than a slight weakness of character, what is the reason behind it?

    You: “I’d challenge you to any test known to mankind to measure maturity, stability, intelligence, give us both an MMPI and see who comes out on top.”

    Me: That’s a prime example, and completely unrealistic.

    You: “What you are saying here is a blatant lie.”

    Me: List what you consider to be my “lies” and I will address them for you. I don’t lie.

    You: “You were given the title at LB as “God” and you played that game for much longer than a couple of months….”

    Me: Bb, being the good Christian that she is, blind-sided me with a reprimand over that “God” thing over my username. I was unaware of it, and was outraged by it. I told Administration to yank that away asap. So, you think I put that there, eh? It was an automatic function of pro-boards, Patti told me, and it happened upon attaining 500 posts. Now, do you want to know how I got so many posts under my belt in a couple of month’s period? It wasn’t from sleepless days and nights, on end, doing uppers like I have since heard was the “talk”. I’m disabled, and pain doesn’t allow me any rest, so I needed a diversion, and thought it was thoroughly disgusting that people posted with so many numbers racked up of viewers of their posts, and nobody bothered to reach out to them with a reply.

    All of that other ranting of yours, is attributing someone else’s words to me. You have me confused with Tall Cotton. A lot of people link what he’s said, as being what I have said. Any explanation for that cognitive difficulty, that more than just a couple of people share?

    Although this makes no sense, you are eaten up with some type of jealousy towards me. Please get over it. I don’t even know where you picked up this, “I thought you were a good Christian”, business. I don’t pretend, and act all Holier-Than-Thou. That isn’t what a Christian is. Excuse me, but if you want me to be fake, you’re just going to have to be disappointed.

  13. Ladies, please keep on topic. If you want to discuss irrelevent history, then you can email each other. Don’t let the conversation devolve into picky name calling.

    No personal insults please. General observations and specific facts are great, but stuff like “you are stupid” is simply wasting space, and I will delete it.

  14. There’s no trouble with cotton socks!

    People who think their socks are alive are obviously delusional, and troubled. Yes, that is something a child “might” believe. But most children are a lot smarter than that.

    If the shoe fits, put the damn thing on. If it doesn’t, get over it, and quit worrying about it!!

    Smileykins said…

    “There are more reasons than one, behind what causes delusional parasitiosis. The individuals that I was any help to, obviously didn’t have the underlying mental health factor, that’s apparent in too many of them. It was a harrowing, heartwrenching experience to realize what is the matter with these people. They think as children do.”

    Who thinks as children?

    Read Smileykin’s statement again. Answer: “too many”. Again, if the shoe fits, put the damn thing on. If it doesn’t, leave it for someone else.

    “Most” of the people that use Lymebusters morgellons forum, from the top, all the way down through the pecking order, are NUTS. “Most”, I say, are “NUTS”. Now don’t accuse Smileykins of saying that. Those are my words.

    By the way, dblcreek, if you knew Smileykins, you would know that she doesn’t lie.

    Who’s crazy here? You ask. I was, and my insanity was drug induced. I don’t hide that, and I’m not ashamed of it. You see, I know who you are too. I know exactly who you are. Most of the people from Lymebusters are CRAZY. What’s the reason for their insanity?

    You twisted Smileykins words, and I don’t like that. Smileykins didn’t say she was a member of Lymebusters for only two months. She said that three years prior to the time of her membership, she had been sick for two months. Brain fog?

    By the way, Smileykins has a photographic memory, so everyone ought to think twice before they throw any stones at her.

    I’ve never received a DOP diagnosis, and neither has Smileykins. There were physical reasons for our temporary problems. Many of the people from Lymebusters have been there, but few have made the return trip, out of that insane place.

    You seem to know what a MMPI test is. I’ve never taken one, and neither has Smileykins. Have you? Did the state require you to take it? For the sake of the readers, let’s take a look at what that test is.

    The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is the most frequently used personality test in the mental health fields. This assessment, or test, was designed to help identify personal, social, and behavioral problems in psychiatric patients. The test helps provide relevant information to aid in problem identification, diagnosis, and treatment planning for the patient.

    So, what’s the trouble with cotton socks?

    Tall Cotton (socks)

  15. Actually, I’d meant that a little child might be intrigued when they “first discovered” the existence of linty-toe-jam.

    An elderly person with senile dementia could have any number of delusional ideas, and hallucinations, about socks, toe-jam, and foot fungus.

    The question is, “Why are these people behaving in such a manner?”

  16. White cotton socks are better than any coloured socks any day!

    But I luv my hempsox best of all.


  17. hey, I need help dammit. Can anyone tell me how I can cancel my membership in that MRF organization?

    I heard Cliff M., a radio program last week, urging people that suspect they might have this disease to register with the foundation…..I guess I agree that if they had more members then the cdc would start their study

    on this and with the increase of sick individual with this illness comes money for research…….

    but yet,. I have to speak from the heart…..I want my membership pulled…

    Now there. That was nice, and truthful at the same time….I’m proud of myself……

    and one other thing…..anybody got anything that would make me exacerbate my delusions ? I just want to have a trippin 4th of July….

  18. but wait…..the cdc knows what it is……okay, maybe we all should create like 25 names each and register them……we could do this like each week…in a matter of about 3 weeks we should be able to bump that registry up by 1000 possibly, eh? So, let’s really think this thru…..

    If Morgellons research got a whopping 10,000 members….you think it would make the cdc research this? Do you really?

    Now, if so, you got a delusion.

  19. Michael: First of all, your comment, Ladies……, that was ONE poster, not me. (And it’s a leap to call me a Lady). And yes, I took the MMPI TWICE for government jobs that I was applying for (and was appointed to). Do you have a problem with that? And I got the results also and I too have a, not what I would call photographic memory, but aural memory, I remember what I hear and what is written. To a T. Brainfog? No sir. I don’t suffer from that.
    I am not here to fight. I won’t fight. Unless you push me S & T, let’s call a truce and do as Michael’s suggests and stay on topic. As I said, MY socks aren’t alive and living inside your computer reading bizarre theory after bizarre theory when, again as I said, there are millions of real, live pathogens in the world, both of natural occurence and unfortunately, in this day and age, man-made that can make one ill, cycling in bizarre thoughts and theories WILL make one sicker than they already are. We are all in agreement about that I think. I have said again and again, to patients, at LB, to physicians, to reporters, put the damn scopes and computers down and go OUTSIDE for God’s sake! There is still a world out there, whether you feel crappy or not, I guarantee you’ll feel better if you take a walk and appreciate the sun and clouds and the birds singing and say hello to a stranger or lend a helping hand. THAT is how you will start to feel better even if you are suffering from a true illness. Do cancer patients spend endless hours on the computer trying to cure themselves. Not hardly, unless it is an “orphan” disease. Not when they know they have the very best doing the scientific work. And this group is in the same boat. There are people working on this who have the credentials and expertise, and I KNOW Smiley and I agree on this….go outside, if you’re too weak to work, sit, in the sun and SMILE. You’re alive! Appreciate it. God gave you this day, DO something with it besides frightening the Hell out of people (Newbies) who find themselves going anywhere, doing anything for help. That’s why I went to LB. To find Newbies and try to direct them to treating physicians, give them what common sense help I could and tell them above ALL ELSE, put away the scope, put away the computer, except to keep in contact, and LIVE, you are alive and the science rests in capable hands.

    Now I am here to try and make some peace between the functioning sufferers and this blog, and if you can’t see that TC, you are the one that isn’t reading the words. And you don’t have to read between the lines because I’ll tell it like it is. I don’t want to fight and you don’t want a fight with me. I am not envious of either of you. I am not envious of anyone. I am quite satisfied with my life, even in it’s diminished state. I am simply again, asking for each of us to treat one another with respect! Can we agree to do that? I do not see what is so difficult about that and why there has to be such venom.

    To London: Go to the MRF site and request that they remove your membership. It should be that simple. If it isn’t let me know. I’d be curious to know if there is any difficulty extracting oneself from the group. Thanks!

  20. Well put dblcreek.

    Regarding the MRF web site, they sure don’t update it much. In fact the MRF seems to have a very low level of activity. They have not even updated the number of “households” (4512) from two weeks ago. I would not be surprised if London receives no reply.

    Morgellons seems a lot bigger than it really is.

  21. I agree, no fighting and I’m taking my dog Gaia for a walk:

    but if there is something else

    that can be done for sufferers who are aware of their BDD, are treating it

    and still suffer from dematological, dental or other purely physical problems,

    DOP can and will persist.

    In Broken Mirror pg 306 85% of 20 patients experienced no decrease in

    picking behaviour with dermatologic treatment; but 75% subsequently

    improved with SRI treatment. What about that 25%? Are they to be left in

    the cold? What if, especially with long term BDD, there is scarring and other

    factors which have allowed an opportunistic organism such as Actinomyces

    to florish since most doctors are reluctant to prescribe long term antibiotics

    and the fact that there is such a gap in western medicine between dentists and


  22. Thanks for the tips dblcreek and Michael, guess I will try.



    PS: I think my hairdressor went a lil to heavy on those blonde hilights the other day……

  23. Michael, you said it seemed a lot bigger than it is…..I’m just curious…
    what makes you think that? I have no idea…just curious….

    and we have all heard that illness are big money, right? well, how the hell are they going to make money off of us if we can’t afford to go to the Doctors for treatment? I mean really, c’mon now….so many of us are uniployed with no health insurance….and just suffer in silence…..so what the deal with that?

  24. unemloyed……sorry bout my spelling capabilities…told ya, too many hilights….

  25. I think it’s smaller than it seems, since nothing seems to get done except the media campaign. If there really were thousands of sufferers, then why is it so hard to raise money for research? Does it only strike people with no money? Why is Billy Koch not taken seriously?

    If MRF were really active, they would be updating their we site constantly, with news of research, letters to congress, funding drives, reports on individuals, health information, health warning, quack warnings, all kind of things.  They would set up their own discussion forum (it’s free…) to counter the damage Lymebusters is doing.

    Nothing is going on, just media, and Prof Wymore’s amateur fiber analysis and his grad student doing some statistics (which I’m looking forward to). Is “this” a disease, or just an internet/media memetic virus?

  26. thanks for filling in the gaps…..the way you said “Lymebusters is doing the MRF damage” I can use my imagination as to what that might be, but what’s the deal with these two organizations in regards to each other?

    I thought of it like MRF as the big Co. and the venture spin off lil Co. was
    Lymebusters……I dunno the politics of these two organizations, nor who is who…..I just wrote on Morgellons. Most was just reasearch post…..I really never got into who, what, when and where of all that crap……

    And for the record, I know nothing about Mary Leito- she may be a cool person…..but is she like the Boss? I dunno and am just curious….

    I was new to Lymebusters as of last August and I have never seen Mary post there. Did she used to? If so, why did she posting there?

    Hey, did you know that Billy Koche’s wife was listed as a Board member on the Organization? I saw this about 3 weeks ago….someone told me just the other day that she was now the Board President.

    Well, good for her. I wish she’d come over and blog here…..her or Miss Mary. What do you think?

  27. I would love to know how many morgie people really know anything about Mary Leitao. There is enough of her background on line, heck, even just on the MRF site, old and new, but I don’t think there’s any reason for anyone with her disease to look into it.

  28. thanks-yes, I saw where she has a degree in some type of science field and she went to a good school in the North East….and that she created the foundation for her son, Drew was ill with these fibers. But I thought I read on this blog the other day or earlir today, where someone said that she was like this cult leader…..like, ah, like they are puppets? I dunno- I have never heard anything about her.

    I was just curious from the writings here the other day.

    I did read somewhere- (w/in the last 4 weeks or so) that she was friends
    with TAM TAM.

    Well TAM TAM’s First Leiutenant, Southcity, posted not too long ago where TAM TAM does not know what this is.

    But I beg to differ…..he writes as if he does…..he gives us hints to follow…
    but although I personally just love the lil s___, I don’t follow him anymore.

    I found what I needed to find all by myself. I sure do know if I was Mary L. and my son was ill from this illness and someone knew the answer but would not tell me what it was….only gave hints….No Mam, No friend of mine. If She is friends with him, well, wonder why she does not get the answer from him. Ohh, wait a minute here, do you think it might be that she possibly does know? Nah,,,,,she would have shared this by now….
    OR maybe, just maybe, the dark side clipped her car wires and she got scared to tell us anything. Man, that S. happens!!! oh, yes indeed……

    hmmm…..I think someone should contact her and ask her if everything is alright…..I would but I don’t know her…..maybe I will PM someone from the fiber board to see if they would check…..This type of stuff is crazy, crazy and scary too.

    Someone told a friend of mine ( fellow poster) some scary stuff too…..like when that man shows up at the door to silence us……oh, damn, that was scary.

  29. Michael,
    You asked me to correct any inconsistencies and I may be wrong, but I do believe Dr. Wymore’s Epidemiologist has more education than you are giving credit for. I will find the exact degree if you wish, but check your facts please. You may be thinking of an assistant or other technician on staff. As far as MRF, I think you might be astounded as to how large it actually is. What was that Robert Palmer song…..wonder where the money went? Can you say public annual not-for-profit report with me?

  30. Wymore said: “an epidemiologist will begin her PhD studies in my lab by initiating a formal epidemiology study”.

    I referred to her as a “grad student”, which seems accurate to me, since she’s studying for her PhD. Is there more information on her qualifications?

    I’d been wondering about that not-for-profit report. I know they are registered. Do you know how to get the report? Do you really think they got lots of money? Wymore gives the impression they get no contributions.

  31. The whole bunch put together doesn’t have an IQ of three. They don’t have any money either.

  32. It is downright creepy, like a dog chasing its own tail.

  33. I found some 2004 numbers for the MRF:


    MCMURRAY, PA 15317-3512 Educational Organization
    ( Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis )
    Assets $318
    Income $318

    So, they got $318, and spent nothing.

    I think they moved to SC, maybe there are 2005 records somewhere.

    Look at these sponsers – I wonder when this was:


  34. Looks to me like they are hoping to raise money with pop-up ads on their website.


  35. The MRF is a 501C3 organization nowadays. When I said the the MRF didn’t have any money, I meant that I don’t believe they are very equipped financially. By the way, that check they are holding looks like it’s made out for 1000 dollars, but the captian reads 2500 dollars. Oh, well.

  36. You guys, brace yourselves, zoom in and have a real good look overall look at Drew. That’s all I’m saying.

  37. You think that’s an excoriation on the left arm?

  38. I may be looking too hard at something that’s not really there. (Children don’t get delusional parasitosis, though, although not according to their web site.) Those “seemingly apparent”, although, I admit, out-of-focus spots could very well be nothing, or maybe they are excoriations. I don’t know. It could be nothing more than my overactive imagination. Given the circumstances, I hope and pray he isn’t used as a human guinea pig, and that those aren’t spots from punch biopsies, or anything like that. Granted, the picture loses clarity when zoomed, but the other arm was the first one I looked at, and it looks very dried out, with a couple of faint, purplish markings. Then I moved over to the one you mentioned, and felt a bit faint. Also, is that a dimple, from smiling, to the right side of his mouth, or a depression resulting from the picture of a “specimen” taken from a child’s face, in the past, that’s on the web site?
    (I am probably only being delusional.)

  39. Back on topic. Sweat plus the friction causes foot blisters, and cotton socks are the worst. Cotton doesn’t wick moisture away from the skin, but holds it next to it. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester draw the moisture away from the skin so it can be evaporated in the shoe.

    Athlete’s foot is a common fungus infection that occurs between the toes. The skin becomes itchy and sore and cracks and peels away. Athlete’s foot is also known as tinea pedis or foot ring-worm. The disease can be treated, but it can be persistent and difficult to clear up completely.

    Symptoms of athlete’s foot include itchy, sore skin on the toes, with scaling, cracking, inflammation, and blisters. Blisters that break can expose raw patches of tissue. These patches can also cause pain and swelling. As the infection spreads, itching and burning may get worse.

    If left untreated, athlete’s foot can spread to the bottom of the feet and toenails. Toenail infections may be accompanied by crumbling, scaling, and thickened nails, and nail loss. The infection can also be spread if the patient scratches him or herself and then touches another part of the body. The fungus also grows well in the groin area and under the arms. The infection can also be spread to other body parts by bed sheets and clothing that carry the fungus.

    # Wear cotton socks and change them often if they get damp
    # Do not wear socks made of synthetic materials

    (I think I would work with them, if my cotton socks became animated. I believe I would try training them to do things for me, like, “Hey! How’s about you go fetch me sumfin, so I don’t have to get up.”

  40. Do you like getting paid to ridicule people who are going through unimaginable suffering? Do you even have a conscience? IMO, covert disinfo of this type is the lowest of the low.

  41. Oh, let’s have a competition as to who wins the unimaginable suffering contest. If this stuff bothers you, you know that stress isn’t good for your condition. I apologize, but it wasn’t intended for you.

  42. Oh, I had better clarify…dag-gone, I only WISH I’d get paid, but I don’t know who that question goes to.

  43. liz777yui,

    Why do you call this info covert? It’s going to the far reaches of the earth, via the internet. Why do you call the truth disinfo? We don’t get paid. We do it for free. Ridiculous people need to be ridiculed. Maybe a few of them will come to their senses. IMO’s don’t count here. We deal in facts.

    Tall Cotton

  44. Hey Guys I’m new here and find this whole situation to be insane. Like the rest of you I have black specks which are very gritty, hairs that look like hairs but really aren’t, crawling and stinging from what I believe is something that looks like black hairs. The blue and blackfibers have now begin to go into my eyes and are floating onto of the white parts. I t’s really annoying and sometimes pick them off my eye lashes. I could go on and on at the weird looking things on me but I’m really looking for a Dr. who will take me serious. Does anyone know of one in NYC?I can’t live like this much longer. Please pass on the info If you can. Thanks kt1106

  45. KT1106 call Dr. james matthews in Gaithersburg Maryland, he will help
    As for this board, run as fast as your fingers can move.
    These people are fraud’s. They will try and make you feel like your “very real illness” is all in your mind.
    I could be wrong but I’ve heard this was a case of someone meeting a person with Morgellons and put on the dating brake, so to get close to the braker the very sick person is pretending the illness is DOP. Like I said I could be wrong and lots of bad info. passed around.
    This site is so sad, NO PAY HUH, JUST TREATING PEOPLE UGLY IS COMPENSATION, run from this site. Good luck to you.

  46. Fibers in the eyes are not part of the Morgellons case definition. So you don’t have Morgellons, as defined by the MRF.

    The fibers are real, the question is: where to the come from, and are they part of an illness?

    Perhaps you just need to change the filter on your AC? Or get a vacuum with a better filter?

  47. I don’t get it. Detracters of this site keep saying there is misinformation here and I have yet to see it. Further, any time Michael asks for someone to point out factual errors the accuser generally says something like “forget it, I don’t have time for this,” or gives a vague comeback that usually has nothing to do with the original post or complaint.

    Apart from the childish bickering that goes on here among the various “commentators”, I haven’t seen a post on this blog that is mean spirited or malicious in any way. Or is the problem simply that any suggestion that Morgellons is not a distinct disease is taken as an insult and therefore summarily dismissed as mean and evil?

    I have to say it again–if so-called Morgellons sufferers ever hope to be taken seriously by the medical establishment then they absolutely have to become comfortable with the idea that the condition will be scrutinized, certainly by professionals in the medical reseach field with far more experience than Michael. That is all this site does–it scrutinizes the information available about Morgellons and then presents the facts that currently exist. If the facts don’t support the existence of a distinct disease then they don’t. If they do, then they do. But if the mere suggestion that Morgellons is not a distinct disease causes proponents of it to shout “foul” then they must not have much faith in their cause. What do you think the CDC or the medical establishment does when they look at a disease like Morgellons? They employ scientific methods to figure out if indeed there is a true problem. Scepticism is part of this process, so get used to it. The facts will either support the claims of the MRF and its proponents or it won’t.

    For heaven’s sake, quit griping about this site being evil and either stop reading it or engage in a thoughtful debate about what your symptoms and experiences are. Morgellons has gotten a lot of interest in the media lately and that’s only a good thing for those who are suffering.

    And all that said, I sincerely hope that all sufferers who read this blog (and of course those who don’t as well) do find treatment and relief for whatever it is that is ailing them. Nobody deserves to suffer like this.

  48. To whom it may concern. I am a self dianosed Morgellons person with a long history of problems and no one to help with them. Fortunately, I have had a excellent doctor who listens carefully to what I say. The past year has proved very interesting as he put me on Zovirax an antiviral medication. Since then I have found water fleas, ostracod, nematodes, and snails exuding form my eyes along with the strange fibers you suggest. I am on my second go round with this medicaton, having 110 dayd of it at the end of last year. No doctor would proscribe it for me in spite of the fact that it was working and was a madication that can be taken forever. I recently went for cultures to be done on yeast, viral, bacterial, and fungus. Results are not yet back from that. I suspect that all of us have this in our bodies but are not affected unless the immune system is comprimised in some way. I have been fighting mine since I was 23 and am now almost 68. These fibers you hint at exude form everywhere on the body, but I have had a severe infection of the sinuses and this has been going on for years with no relief at all. I suggest the CDC look into water borne types of problems as well as insect bites. I know thsi is a virus of some kind as I am getting better daily and the blue fibers that you have found are now breaking apart and no longer in long strands at all times. I also have the white, clear, black(which is really blue under the microscope) and red strands. I am still finding tiny snails excuding with the mucus from my eyes but it is slowly improving. I have spent the past year looking for something that will tell my what this is and how to reat it. While fighting this disease, I have managed to rid myself of RA and Lupus. Which indicates to me that some antibiotics also work, wince I have had at least 8 years of those. Nothing has worked as well as the antiviral medication howeer. I am sorry that you are bothered with people too unintelligent to speak or write proper english. The CDC should be using me as a case study as I have been through it all. Thank you.

  49. Michael wrote:

    Q) Did Travis Wilson commit suicide because of Morgellons?
    A) His mother, Lisa Wilson, initially though this, and this was stated on her TV interviews, but on internet postings she now believes it was not an overdose, and instead was a toxic reaction to his medication. Travis Wilson was a heroin user with a prior self described “two balloons a day drug habit“. He was a patient of Savely who oversaw $14,000 of his treatment. He seemed paranoid and delusional, his sad demise is being used to promote Morgellons disease.


    I checked his link. I pointed out his factual error here http://morgellonswatch.wordpress.com/2006/05/26/neurotic-excoriations-and-compulsive-skin-picking/#comments
    (actually, he didn’t post it when I submitted it and it somehow ended-up in the wrong place)
    Where I said this:

    Q) Did Travis Wilson commit suicide because of Morgellons?
    It is pointless to argue whether or not Travis Wilson committed suicide because he had Morgellons. If he did, he is neither the first nor the last. Regardless, I am unclear how Michael interpreted “The Wilson’s spent $14,000 after insurance last year on doctors and medicine” to say “He was a patient of Savely who oversaw $14,000 of his treatment.” That’s quite a twist, or lie.

    He did not correct his blog entry which, from my perspective, sounds deceptive.

    MHKS, I’m actually pretty good at reading-between-the-lines. I heard you earlier. I agree with much of what you said (about the meds) and I appreciate your concern.

    Take Care,

  50. Aherah, I’ve changed that entry now to read:

    Q) Did Travis Wilson commit suicide because of Morgellons?
    A) His mother, Lisa Wilson, initially though this, and this was stated on her TV interviews, but on internet postings she now believes it was not an overdose, and instead was a toxic reaction to his medication. Travis Wilson was a heroin user with a prior self described “two balloons a day drug habit”. He was a patient of Savely who initially diagnosed and treated him. Over the next year or so his familiy spent $14,000 on his treatment. He seemed paranoid and delusional, his sad demise is being used to promote Morgellons disease.

    I hope that is clearer. Sorry I did not change it earlier, but I though that it was reasonable. Travis refered to Savely as “his nurse”, as if she was the one treating him. Savely also appears in several stories about Travis. Still, since you brought it up again, I guess it was not clear enough, so I’ve changed it.

  51. I recently went for cultures to be done on yeast, viral, bacterial, and fungus. Results are not yet back from that. I suspect that all of us have this in our bodies but are not affected unless the immune system is comprimised in some way. I have been fighting mine since I was 23 and am now almost 68.Joy.

    Did a dermatologist do those tests, Joy? Or your family practitioner?

  52. I bought a package of white socks from Walmart about three months ago. I have morgellons disease. I left the new socks soak in vinegar and soap for three days and yet soon after putting them on I felt that sensation that theres something moving on my feet. Well, I just looked down and my right sock is interesting as most of it is just the threads and the cotton part is gone. I see these little cotton balls all the time on my pants and on the floor. I’m constantly sweeping them up. I’m sure that some sort of parasite has wrapped itself in the cotton and just leaving the skeleton behind.
    I’m not at all delusional and this has gone through my entire family. It’s just sad that this site try’s so hard to put doubt in people’s minds. This is ruining my childrens lives as well as my own. How do you know my fibers are from the environment? Want me to send you an analysis if I can get my university to look at the 3 inch black one I found on my sock and was actually vibrating when I picked it up? I don’t like looking at sores, so don’t think for a minute I’m making them myself. I wouldn’t think of trying to pull something from a sore on my body. They do come from intact skin as well. I know from whom, when, and what the disease course was until now. I just didn’t know what it was called until I felt the pinch on my stomach, and when I went down to grab whatever it was all I found was a fuzzball. For some time, tossed them out, but then I googled fuzzball and found morgellons. It fit sadly.

  53. Marie,, who told you that you have morgellons ,, did your dr. tell you , If he did ,, can you enlighten everyone here where in the medical jounals or books did he find it. A 3 inch black vibrating ,, sounds like cotton or thread and static electricity when you grabbed it .Stay with your dr. please , stop investigating on those other websites ,they will not help you,, they need company.Have you cleaned duct work in furnace ? My wife went through this and it is was real to her also, until a different direction was taken with a dr. that cares. Do you have a husband that can help ,and please tell your dr. exactly what you are doing not just some of it. If you have open sores ,they can tell if it is self induced or not .. He could be proceeding with caution with you as you are in a very nimble state ,but very treatable one. Please for your kids sake ,do not involve them ,it is affecting them more than you think ,down the road it will be better ,so go back to your dr. When my wife said she had it , she said also that this has been with her for many years also ,, .Now it is gone.. We are still doing tests though . Your first step is to go back to your dr. ..

  54. Since all white cotton has been bleached, which is also a strong disinfecting process, why should one expect that “pretreatment” of white cotton products at home with ammonia or anything else is going to kill something that bleach couldn’t?

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