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(If you are looking for some free Morgellons-style photos to illustrate an article, feel free to use any on this page, and then there are also many more free photos here)

I’ve been asked several times to explain the dramatic photographs of Morgellons sufferers. Well, let’s take a look at some specific examples:

This is “skin from lesion on back, 60x, with embedded fibers”


Presumably these are the types of “unusual” fibers that Ginger Savely finds in peoples lesions when she looks at them with her 30x radio shack microscope. I can’t really see much unusual about this photo though.

Then we have some close-ups: “Fiber and red spot, 200x, top lit”


And the same, but back lit:


Now that’s kind of interesting. The poster says “large fiber looks like it’s attached to blood spot, possibly feeding. Smaller fibers, babies?”. Sounds like an over-active imagination to me.

There’s a couple more, at 200x:



The poster comments “Fibers look nothing like clothing fibers” “fibers all different sizes”, “red dots – eggs?”, “fiber embedded under skin!”

Interesting photos, don’t you think. They really look like something is going on, some weird fibers embedded in lesions. Is this the evidence the the MRF is looking for?

It’s seems to be of the highest level of evidence they have presented so far.

But I can say quite confidently that this “evidence” demonstrates nothing – in fact it actually hinders the case for Morgellons!

Why such arrogance in my assertions? How can I be so sure?

The “Morgellons sufferer” is me, Michael. The “lesion” was a healing zit on my back, the “skin from lesion” is a piece of scab/skin I peeled off it. The photos are mine, the comments are mine, the lesion is mine, the fibers come from the combed cotton and polyester black shirt I am wearing, plus whatever shirt I was wearing the past few days the scab formed, plus a few streaks of blood and skin fibers.

So, either

A) I have Morgellons, and I am in some deep, deep, denial.

B) Fibers in lesions are not evidence of Morgellons.

Fibers are everywhere, as are the Fuzzballs.

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  1. Bravo!

  2. okay, Bravo! But how do I explain the one my Gynesologist took from my Cervix? Yeah, she saw it! I’ have not been in the habit to put a shirt up their on my cervix each morning when I ge dressed!

  3. I am arrogant too. I think abac68 just said, last night, that you’re “in denial” of having “morgellons disease”, Michael, when she was referring to your having fibers, and twisting it around to suit herself. Hehehe. Welcome to the club. You know we’re all gonna die.

    London, don’t “explain the one” your gyno took from your cervix. Ask her. If you’ve ever used a tampon, voila.

  4. OKAY, I aggree, you are smart, did n’t think of that one, but the fiv=ber was blue! Oh, hell, maybe my blood is too? I don’t think so. Hey Smiley, go back to the end of yesterdays postings, I just wrote there and do need your opinion.

  5. Michael,

    The way that black cotton fiber spreads, showing that it is basically a tiny rope, made of several finer strands, it looks to me just like some black fibers I saw on morgellonsusa. Excellent demonstration!!

    Tall Cotton

  6. Michael, on the MRF’s Medical Page…

    Information you might need to know:

    Some of the symptoms and physical structures associated with this disease are unusual and may lead physicians to assume that the patient is misinterpreting their situation. Nearly all (95% of) adults with the symptoms of this skin disease have received a diagnosis of DOP or Delusions of Parasitosis.

    “…may lead physicians to assume that the patient is misinterpreting their situation.”

    (Way beyond despicable)

  7. It’s a despicable misuse of language. The symptoms are NOT unusual – millions of people have similar symptoms. The “physical structures” are not unusual – millions of people have lesions and they ALL have fibers in them, as demonstrated by the photos above.

  8. It’s way beyond despicable for Ms. Leitao to have invented her disease, sucked people in the way she has, and all that has ensued, so far. The very idea. All of it, I mean, and saying such a comment as that statement underneath, “Information you might need to know”, catering to a specific population with the choice of wording, and dissin’ the doctors as being so mistaken.

  9. By the way, how ya feelin’ there, Michael? From the looks of things you ought to not be doing too well. I mean, first, they were just “on” your skin. Haha, now there’s proof they’re in ya!!! Look out, now! Hahahaha!!!

  10. This reminds me of the story about the merchants who speculated at length about how many teeth the horse had (thus it’s value) but no one thought to open the mouth and look. We have speculated for years that the fibers were fuzzballs, and finally someone looked. We have speculated for years that healing excoriations and pimples get fibers stuck in them but no one looked. Again, finally, our astute blogmeister actually LOOKED. Michael, your a genius!
    Very well done.

  11. I’d like to see what remains “inside” a bloody lesion after it is dabbled with a piece of tissue. I feel certain that some of the fibers would remain in the wound.

  12. Undoubtedly, but you don’t even need to have a tissue involved, there are enough fibers floating through the air, or on surfaces and clothing that the lesion may come into contact with.

    Every every lesion in the world contains fibers. It is practically impossible for a lesion to be free of fibers.

    I would be impressed if the MRF could produce photos of a scab that did NOT have fibers embedded in it.

    I would be even more impressed, if they were to examine the skin of someone, and not find fibers on them.

  13. yeah, well you guys out to see the fibers my old alma matta made……they are nanotech fibers and they have a friggin virus attached. By the way…..I went to University of Texas! Hook-Em!!!!!

  14. Yeah, I know they float through the air all the time. If anyone doesn’t believe that, they can turn a flashlight on at night. They’re everywhere, inside and outside.

  15. Yeah… 250, 000 miles of nano fibers could be coiled into a ball the size of a poppy seed. They’re in no way related to the macro fibers of the Morgellons non-disease.

  16. I told morgie people on LB message board, within a week after arriving there, that I had fibers in my skin from as far back as age one, and I always thought that it was perfectly normal for everyone to. Reasoning is foreign to people who believe they have this thing, though. I know, I’ve been there. That’s why I’m SO thankful I never stumbled across MRF/Lymebusters back when I was ill those two months, or I’d have laid there and died, believing I had a “real disease”, as screwed up sick as I was back then.

  17. Hmm, that picture’s one of his morphological states.

    Just listen to me, “…SO thankful I never stumbled across MRF/Lymebusters back when I was ill those two months”? I was just now thinking, if things had been different, and, instead, I found myself sick like that now. Look at how very easily I could hear about “morgellons disease” at this point in time. Being a rational thinking person during that period of time was something I was far removed from. It was 100% totally impossible to be. A delusional state is all encompassing, and a person’s complete state-of-reality.

    Speaking of fibers you can see in the air, like you mentioned TC. I have read plenty of morgie people writing about seeing regular house dust, as sunlight shines through a window, and being completely freaked out by it. It has to be so dreadful to possess fear on that level.

  18. It’s not easy for a person to admit that they have let their imaginations get the best of them, or that they have misinterpreted their experiences, but it’s a necessary step toward recovery.

  19. Goodnight, Smileykins.

  20. okay, I have said that I knew what our illness was or what is was going to be blamed on. As I was researching some of my previous studies last night, I came across an article that was co-written by Ms. Ginger Savely where they had researched this same thing just last month. Does anyone know why we did not hear anything of this? I’m very curious…it’s good in a way that it confirms what I have held in suspect but bad in the way of I do not want to have this.

    Sorry if that sentence did not make sense. I went to the MRF website and did not see a thing. Also this paper I refer to was in addition, written by Mr. Stricker as well. There was no abstract available. Just the title.



  21. You probably mean this paper:


    Full to nonsense like:

    “More that 300 years after its initial description, Morgellons disease remains a medical mystery. The disease has defied investigation and continues to present a diagnostic puzzle to healthcare providers.”

    And the biggest crock:

    “The authors declare they have no conflict of interest related to the contents of this article”

    Except that the primary author, Savely, makes a significant portion of her income from treating this “disease”, and Sticker gets a cut of that.

  22. Nope, not that one! This one had about 4-5 authors names on it and it did not have Ms. Leito’s name on it.

    It was more (the title) to do with a certain arthropod carrying a disease that I say we have! And I have thought this since I finally found an answer to all my research about 6 weeks ago. Also will give you hint: had more to do with the rheumatoid side of the disease…….

    Anyway, Pub med said no abstract available…….
    I just find it odd that she wrote this paper with this disease name in it n(the one that I think is our infection), then she turns around a week later and writes the one you posted Michael.
    I mean, that article up above says Morg.Disease….is it real or whatever dumb thing it said…..but no this other one….ooohhh nooooooo

    Hark, I hear Ted!
    Gotta get the doorbell!

  23. “More that 300 years after its initial description, Morgellons disease remains a medical mystery. The disease has defied investigation and continues to present a diagnostic puzzle to healthcare providers.”

    I gotta look at that piece of crap paper again, then, cuz I sure had to have missed something.

  24. You remind me of Ellen, smileykins. That’s a compliment!

  25. Michael, I’m so pleased you decided to discuss photos. I guess Tallcotton couldn’t provide you with any photos. You see the reason for this is because he used to ring up Ms Leitao of the MRF and ask if he could use the photos she had taken of Drew. I wonder why that is????

  26. abac68 – do you think there is any photographic evidence of Morgellons?

  27. I’ve never spoken to that crazy woman in my life.

  28. Michael – That definitely is a loaded question!

    How about you answer that one for me.

    Tall Cotton – I wouldn’t have expected any other answer from you other than that.

  29. Aren’t you both up very early for a Saturday morning????

  30. Michael & TallCotton – Your last comments – 10 minutes apart??!!

    Will Smileykins be doing the late shift?

  31. Obviously there is “evidence”. What I meant was: are there any particular photos that you personally think actually show that Morgellons is a real disease? Particularly any individual photos of fibers? Which photos?

    And yes, I’m only asking so I can debunk the photos. What’s wrong with that? Are you implying the photos are actually no evidence at all? Not even worth my scrutiny?

  32. Abac68, your amusing asides seem to me to be a way of avoiding the real issue. What is the best evidence of Morgellons that you can present?

  33. Tall Cotton said relating to the nanofibers I spoke about in an above posting:

    Yeah… 250, 000 miles of nano fibers could be coiled into a ball the size of a poppy seed. They’re in no way related to the macro fibers of the Morgellons non-disease.

    oh, no, I mispoke. I should have thrown more info out then that- your comment that there was no way the UT fibers that I spoke of were Morg fibers because Morg fibers are macro.

    Yes, you are correct about that…..they used both nanofibers with a virus attached via the bacteriophage and then they produced what I have
    began to call them:


    AND…… SOMETHING ELSE HERE, I’d like you guys opinion on. Southcity, a poster that I’m sure we are all familiar with, just today wrote on the biology-online forum that he will be interviewed on air for an hour sometime in the month of August- no details released yet…..

    So, I just wrote him back and said that since I knew what this was, could I please be interviewed with him as well? Don’t you guys think that that would be a great idea?

    And, our infamous Mr. Cliff Miclkleson and Greema are on the airways
    a lot, so I think they should allow me to be on there with them!

    If not on the air, then I think I could meet with them before hand and give them all the details- I will pay for my own flight to wither San Fran to meet with South or to Washington to meet with Cliff.

    What do you guys think? Hell, this is a win-win situation is it not?????

    Yippeeeee!!!!!! So, if any of you Lymebuster Members are reading this, will you please get this message to Greema and cliff for me???

    Linda, you still post there right? And you do also don’t you ABAC68? Would you please make a post saying Attn: Greema and Cliff?


  34. In my opinion, the ultimate evidence comes from morgies speaking on the matter.

  35. Maybe that’s why they closed down Lymebusters.

  36. For the time being, considering the question posed to abac68, “What is the best evidence of Morgellons that you can present?”

    I think the very most compelling evidence she personally has can be found in the below comment that I borrowed from underneath the Morgellons Case Definition topic…

    ABAC68 Says:
    July 8th, 2006 at 8:48 pm

    My doctors words are that he doesn’t care what anyone calls this disease all he is interested in is killing it. He took me off Antidepressants and Antipsychotics because he believes it worsened this disease for me and it did.

    That’s quite profound.

  37. You think we are all so dumb don’t you.

    I think its time to put aside your territorial jealousy, and stop putting a lid on things.

    I speak on behalf of all in this country who are suffering.

    Dan the Man of the CDC – Why can you not make a decision?

    Now let me see who wants to take the blame for this.

    Well the Derms and the Psychs are sleeping together keeping things nice and cosy with the pharma companies peeing in their pockets.

    Come on idiots we have GOOD doctors and scientists out there, but no you lot are more interested in your fame and fortune. Do you not care for the poor suffering children with this affliction.

    Who gives a damn and takes the lead and calls it Morgellons, but you obviously do and that is your main problem.

    It is your patriotic Americans who are becoming your chosen disease of DELUSIONAL. These are the people who give a damn about their future and their childrens future.

    Who are the people in the medical community who are not interested in this disease DERMATOLOGIST AND PSYCHIATRISTS – THE SKIN AND THE BRAIN, funny about that hey.

    Retired Computer Programmers are not heartless bastards.
    So you see Michael that title just doesn’t suit you. Get a grip on yourself or just let your country go to rack and ruin your choice. Your Government is letting you down BIG TIME and then in turn the rest of us.

    You all pee in the same pot as far as I’m concerned. We would like things back to way they used to be, before we had to start researching our own diseases and the innocent and suffering getting caught up in crap that no one wants to take the blame for. Pass the buck, keep passing the buck.

  38. dear ABAC68,

    Did you read my post above? Please, go to Lymebusters for me and make that urgent plea to Greema and Cliff?

    Will see who has to hide things then! I will fly out there and give them all the info I have…….

  39. ABAC68, no, I actually think you are very intelligent.

    The reason that nobody seems interested in “this” disease. Is that nobody has yet shown that there is a new disease. That’s what Dan’s people are doing right now. First things first.

    Sure, you are sick ABAC68. But who’s to say you have the same thing as all these other people? What is the diagnostic criteria for Morgellons?

    I care a lot for the suffering of children when their parent convince them that the doctors are lying to them.

  40. The liars seem to have been Dermatologists and Psychiatrists.

    Better get a move on Danny Boy don’t want the old bipolar kicking you in the butt.

    Parents don’t lie to their children.

    London – All done for you. Good luck with whatever your mission is.

    Smileykins & TallCotton – what an utter disgrace you two are. Have you actually met each other in person yet? When is he going to make you Mrs TallCotton.

  41. So, ABAC68,

    You did that for me??? oh, wow, why thank you so very much.

    I posted it to soutcity on the biology-online fiber forum. My mission is this:

    I believe 100% that I know what our illness is. I simply want to use the voice of Cliff and Greema to get this out there. For he is on the radio a lot!

    They could even say, well, we have not tested this yet but here we have these documents and all the signs are saying this….._______________ .

    Then, maybe the scientist and the docs would get behind this urgent matter.

    Look, people say they are doing better….I am not. I show signs that I have some type of retro HIV virus!!!

    and ABAC68. this was molecur made; meaning it won’t show up in the doctors test on us…..that is why the DOP label works …….hell, I have even seen a first aid field safety procedure manual written for the soldiers
    that starts out talking about spider bites they might encounter….etc., but
    get this…..

    The very next thing…..the third or fourth item on this document to our
    soldiers is…………….Delusions of parasitosis!!! HAHAHA Now, I don’t think this document was given out to the soldiers- not at all. I think
    it was simply written as a cover and for us who use the internet…….

    But, hey, thanks so much if you did that! That was a cool thing of you to do. We will see, a lot from this now, wont we???

    If they are really true, sick people, then how in the hell can they turn this down???

  42. London – just checked on things for you 15 have viewed so someone will no doubt pass the message on. Cheers!!

  43. Cheers!!! I hope so, it might just get deleted- we will see…..

    In the meantime, here is some fibers to compare with the ones at the top of this blog. Curtesy of my good friend Skytroll:


  44. Thank you for that London. A bit of the old Deja Vu!!

    Not deleted – just added another note to see if anyone wants me to pass a message through to you.

    Happy to help you

  45. London – Message for you – Carrie is missing your witty sense of humour and wonders what has happened to you, you not post over there now? Who, what, where, when, why, how – I think that is what she is asking!!

  46. ugggghhhhhh, first, thanks for telling me that and again, thanks for doing that! uhhhhggggg, Carrie knows good and well why. What does that tell you????

    Everybody loves Carrie (even Me) but not everyone of us believe her tricks, don’t be fooled abac68…….and if they try to persuade you (and oh, my, they will) then remember this: I am only wanting to offer them free information…….never forget that!!!

    thank you soooo much!

  47. My pleasure – did you get an invite to the wedding and wake? hE hE!! bYEX

  48. London, this is what Carrie REALLY said …

    1. Why isn’t she posting here?
    2. Why does she think every one is a spy?
    3. Why does she think I’m a spy?
    That was the funniest thing I’d ever heard up until I heard some one say the reason they haven’t found our disease is because it is so microscopic.
    4. Please tell her I miss her witty character.
    Thanks. ”

    Now, of course, the thread has been highjacked and folks are back to discussing their own symptoms and ‘cures’. Post #19 on “your” thread:

    Wow, nice pictures, thanks.
    I am interested in your results using the silver coin.

    When I accidently stimulated the melting skin of my lesion, to stop it from expanding I threw colloidal silver on it. I was just lucky I had it handy. It was tearing through my skin at top speed and the silver stopped it dead.”

  49. Hi Jeez and thanks for filling me in. You’re such a sweet bitch. (kidding, kind of ) regardless, in all seriousness, you said “MY thread” . Think what you want, but I did not start that, If you read up above, you will see where I clearly ask ABAC68 to poat that for me……
    Now, I’m sure you knew this, for you are not that slow, nah, did’nt think so, but then what’s your point with those ownership quotation marks you used up above, denoting “my thread”???

    Just curious that’s all. And by the looks of things, you must want to start an aguement, eh? I’m tired as all get out, but if that’s what you want, bring it on….gimme your best shot……

    oh, no???? then, clearly you do not like me because I speak the truth…oh, i seem, you bow down to the one every one is calling the queen…hahahaha N. Pleeze…….why do they all kiss her arse???

    too funny. well, if you are innocent (which you are not), you are probably thinking what the hell is she inferring here? I ask the same to you…..do you think i care whoever it was that was talking about the siver product or whatever……wow, did not even want, nor expect one to reply anyway….

    I simply wanted to get the attention of those two poeople to offer them some information free- information that maybe could be very beneficial to either treatment and/ or cure for some of us (I doubt that one- but , you never know)

    i couldn’t care less if anyone wrote on the gd topic myself! it serves if purpose by just being there. Now does it not??

    and regardless of what one wants to think- or, how they want to percieve it…one should really take a step back- away from all this bs rhetoric and gameplaying……we have sick people. I think most , or all of us with this will die from this…..yes, we all might have some inner bitches that come out once in a while, but for the love of mankind, people from wherever your views stem from….whether it be from a sufferer’s point of view, to a moderator, to a casual reader…..to one of the overworked ghost writers amongst us, we are all human and will have to answer to something a lot higher than all of us combined one day.

    okay, whew! sorry about that, but you know what I mean.

    and , the thing that gets me……is why the hell we were led on in the first place to search , to look. GD it, if they did not want us to, then why did they bring in the gameboy?

  50. Hey Jeez, you around???? come back …..duh on me, I just realized when I reread your post above that it was Greema in post 19. Could you indulge me? Like what is “my thread” titled? I swear, I have not seen any of it, nor any of that forum in a good month now. Someone did send me an email asking me if I knew that it said something about a moderator

    telling Greema (I think-this was just what I read off an email) that I was not banned from the forum. BS!!!! The emailer ( i have not a clue who) said I “so you must not be banned, go try.” So, I did, just about 5 minutes ago…..and Presto! Oh, yes I am banned!

    This whole damn thing is getting funnier by the damn minute, is it not?

    That’s fine with me if I am banned.

    But jeez, if you will (b/c you are such a sweet bitch, remember :) ?) can
    you tell me this- Do you by what you read and posted up above, think that means a no-go for Greema to meet with me?

    Just curious, very curious. This will be most interesting to a lot of sick folks……whether they do get in touch with me or not. and, my email can be found thru my friend Skytroll. Just PM her and she is free to give it out to whomever ask her…..

    Thanks again ~

    What do you think? Anyone wanna make a wild guess? Will they meet with me?

  51. “okay, Bravo! But how do I explain the one my Gynesologist took from my Cervix? Yeah, she saw it! I’ have not been in the habit to put a shirt up their on my cervix each morning when I ge dressed!”

    London, do you not use tampons, which are inherently fibrous?

  52. “Come on idiots we have GOOD doctors and scientists out there, but no you lot are more interested in your fame and fortune. Do you not care for the poor suffering children with this affliction.”

    This is the conflict about which I am most confused. Many good doctors are only interested in fame and fortune– popularity and money. But is not Ms. Savely charging exhorbitant amounts for visits? Is not Ms. Leitao running from one news network to the other looking for someone to publish a story on the condition she has concocted?

    Who is the one most interested in fortune? Fame?

  53. London, I don’t know if anyone is going to meet with you. Really, if you want to know what’s going on, you should solicite that information from your friend Skytroll, as I am uncomofortable facilitating interaction with that board.


  54. okay, thanks Jeeze! I will do that- she has been out of town.

    Yea, will if they don’t meet with me I bet you one thing- there will
    be quite a few upset people. But time will tell. I mean, 20 minutes is

    all I need, so if they can’t do that- then they must be hiding something!

    F-ing A! I’m just trying to help some sick people; and what kind of person would turn down that?

    I think they will meet with me….how can they not? I’ve clearly stipulated 20 minutes would suffice and I will give them some documents

    and that would be it. This is a test of their character…..and also of the ones who will try to portray me as a loon …and why??????

    Because I have some info to give them that might possibly help mankind?

    We will all see………

    In addition to that, it’s so funny to sit back and watch have of the fake
    usernames and moderators self-destruct! About 5 of them were all sending screaming mean messages to this “Princess” that writes on one

    of the forums. Hell, some of them even sent me PM’s asking my opinion
    of how to make this girl leave the forum; to shut up!


    and the people who did not want this to get out…..and most of those same people were anti-this princess before……..

    well, now they seem to have suddently changed their tune…….I dug up the dirt-the lies she has been dishing out to us and posted it. After all, this was after the fact of her attacks on me.

    Seems to me, that these same people that had been screaming for her to leave the forum a week earlier would have been clapping and cheering!

    Noooo, was not the case! And, that is what is so funny. They are coming out one by one, giving the real sick people a front row view of the deception.

    I love it!

    Anyway, thank you again JeezeLouise!

  55. I want to share this, in case you’ve missed it, Michael, since this “disease” carries with it the symptom of taking things out of context.


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    PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2006 9:19 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    Interesting Morgellons Fiber photos here:


    One shows what looks like a black worm feeding on a spot of blood under the skin.

  56. Michael wrote:
    “……..millions of people have similar symptoms. The “physical structures” are not unusual – millions of people have lesions and they ALL have fibers in them, as demonstrated by the photos above.” …..

    So the photos of YOUR scab somehow demonstrate that ALL (millions?)other cases are just cotten fiber in a scab? That is ridiculous. Just plain silly, really. You debunkers crack me up. As if the world could hold nothing you wouldn’t understand. Or thinking that from your few little experiences, you have all the answers. Too arrogant to be taken seriously. I wonder what you’ll latch onto next (when this is confirmed as an actual condition) to make yourself feel important and ‘smarter’ than everyone else. Maybe that the sun really revolves around the earth, or that the world is really flat. Or maybe you’ll just move on to denying the holocaust…lol. Keep that head buried in the sand, it’s okay.

    To anyone else, check out this video, it includes an interview with a Dr. Randy Wymore, who’s researching Morgellons Disease, with sponsership from the CDC….


  57. No, it just demonstrates that having fibers in a scab is not at all unusual.

    Wymore is not sponsored by the CDC. He’s just sending them results of his investigation, since he wants them to validate his research.

    I’ve edited your post to point to the original KTVU story, since your link went to a porn site.

  58. well, as an australian morgellons suffererfor eight years i find your banter pathetic, but mildly ammusing. To see so many preening self righteous individuals concocting a cover for there crimes. i know exactly the mode of transmission fellows…brethren, templars……its by your handshakes, you pathetic disingenous goatfuckers…same modus operandi the world over, you believe the power of your ascribed beliefs, but its a big wheel that doesnt do a full circle, and to the keepers of these poisons (the church) i say your days are numbered and yes of course your souls are smut

  59. Simplicity is the answer to all complicated things.

  60. Al, you’re a fool!

  61. I was laughing with TC, telling him I didn’t mean that above statement I made, but I didn’t finish my thoughts when I’d posted it. I was only meaning it pertaining to each individual who thinks that they have “morgellons disease”.

  62. I’m sitting here thinking, now just “what is” a “morgellons’ sufferer”? I’m not trying to be funny. How can it be defined? I don’t have it, because there is no such thing, but by the standards believers in it ascribe to, I’ve had it all my life. By others’ ideas about its origins, I couldn’t have it, because I was born in the late 50s, back before all the technology they think has caused it. Now, the question is…why do people want to believe in it so badly? What are they deriving from it? Everyone has to have a reason for the things they do. Money is the reason for the unscrupulous ones who treat it, placing everyone at risk through not exercising prudent measures with antibiotics, as though there is no risk involved. That pisses me off too, but their reasons for believing in it, can be easily understood. If the “victims” of it don’t have mental problems at play, causing them to believe in it, what other reason would they do such a thing?

  63. was expecting a response but not vitriol go screw urself tc

  64. smilykins says”My autoimmune problem was in high gear, because of a cat claw puncture wound, too, with the tip of the claw broken off inside. I always have to wait for them to work themselves out.’ cat claws my goodness id just kill the cat

  65. Oh, Al and Fred, you’re funny. Okay, Al, what exactly are you talking about in comment #59? My pets all make me real sick, Fred. They’re family, and I’m stuck putting up with it. They’re worth it, I’m tough as nails.

  66. tall cotton u were a meth head n u call me a fool? u go figure …. im guessing ur an entered apprentice…welome to hell

  67. You could define a Morgellons Sufferer two ways, either:

    A) Someone who fits the MRF case definition (i.e. everyone).


    B) Someone who believes that something called “Morgellons” is responsible for their illnesses.

    (and maybe c – someone who believes Morgellons is a masonic conspiracy transmitted by handshakes).

  68. If a person wants to believe in “morgellons disease” it appears to be almost a good thing, in a perverse kind of way. The die-hard believers who think they have it, most assuredly have a love/hate relationship with it. They all bitterly defend its existence in the face of all contradiction, rather than seeking the proper avenues they’ve been directed to in order to find ways to end their suffering. They absolutely can’t help it, for certain. I have no doubts, whatsoever, about that!

    Deception is the very essense of what “morgellons disease” is all about. Such people as those who have become led into believing they’re infected with a non-existent pathogen, which the MRF holds the promise of discovering for them, shows just how extremely vulnerable those members of our society truly are. It’s convenient for everyone who needs to use it, and most of them may actually not even know they’re doing it.

    Now, of course, I’m not saying it’s that way for everybody. I know people have many things at play surrounding this, but it can easily be used as a way of not dealing with what needs to be dealt with, on so many levels, in people’s lives. Why, just look how it helped Mary Leitao when she said her two older children got it when their father, sadly, passed away. How very sad that mother is so far gone that she couldn’t help her kids through their grieving processes. I fear she’s unable to help them with much of anything.

    Imagine being so far removed from reality. These people really think a cure is going to be discovered for what they believe in. Spreading rumors of it, and getting more vulnerable persons to hop on the bandwagon makes it seem “more real” to them, somehow. Deep down, I think they know better, or they wouldn’t get angered by anyone knowing that it doesn’t exist. Of course, we know what it means to “professionals” involved with it. Consider what type of thinking is involved though, really, to believe there would ever be a pathogen discovered for this imaginary thing they believe in. It would actually mean, a cure for pretty much every disease there is!!! It’s so sad, and so wrong.

    Thank you, Al. TC, “was” just exactly like you gave him the correct credit for, speaking in the past tense, someone who used meth at one time in his life. He is a free, and happy, healthy, man, other than having weakened lungs from smoking.

  69. well i found the morgellons site after typing “hair like filament” (which is what i been pulling out of my arms for several years, along with lesions pruritis mental slowness etc) it fits my symptoms precisly, in fact, all people who have seen my arms, seen the site actually agree……..i only found the site 3 weeks ago, have been in agony and bewilderment till that time, in fant a pathology report lists “relatively inert birefringent foriegn material in the upper dermis”….and i aint got no cat………

  70. Al, I feel for you, I truly do, but let me assure you, ya ain’t got no “morgellons disease”, neither, aside from havin’ no cat. What ya need to do, is ask your doctor what the lab report means. Also, here is some stuff to assist you, hopefully, because you DO have a lead, afterall, as to your individual problem.

    Relatively inert birefringent foreign material in the upper dermis…


    Inert birefringent foreign material in the upper dermis…


    Birefringent foreign material in the upper dermis…


    Al, this is a fact. There are some morgie people who have already been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, yet they have a process going on with their thinking that causes them to be unaware of it, even though they admit they have it. I hope that you don’t have it, but, please, equip yourself with some background knowledge and adequately discuss that pathology report with your doctor.

    If you come across anything by searching around in those links I tried helping with, that seem familiar to your symptoms, let me know, too, please?
    Keep hanging out here and reading too. You’re funny.

  71. thanks lets all be freinds and look 4 a commonsense approach, my dictum has been “make pain yr friend”….excersize, while painful is an active body defense, in itselfthe psychiatric implications r unreal, i “practiced stillnes” 4 2 years to just settle my head after i 1st became unwell, now its for me, whatever the dignosis, coz , as i say , after 8 yrs of precisely those symptoms, i found something, and have been drawn into an, at times, confusing realm of info, and disinfo, trust me smilykins, im a smart guy…its how i survived it all..together, im sure if we put our egos to one side can really understand the factors and vectors and body responses involved but i agree on several things you say….yes , it’s true!!!!lol water water water, zinc, selenium, aloe vera juice and artemesia(wormwood) peroxide is an excellent topical as it only works on affected tissue, i’ve had bottles literely boil and fulminate with fascinating vigour when held bottle first onto a suppurating lesion, interestingly i found aloe vera far too excruciating to bear on the lesion,lemon grass oil acts as an astringent, drying the lesion which will, after sucessive application, peel off naturaly leavinf fresh, healthy skin……affects the spleen, diatomecous earth in suspension to serrate the clusters and cleanse the bowel, magnesium for well being zinc, so important in health, not enough in food, umm thanks for thinking im funny lets hope that whatever is going on these sufferings, whether delusional and psychosematic eliciting these bizarre, but hauntingly familiar symptoms, remember, im thousands of miles from u guys, or in fact it is a stealth pathogen based on some borrellious bug, me? i just call myself “mr polyester” ( coz of the fibres u see) and look to the future, alll the best folks.. lets kep the dialogue cruising to the common good, remember, respect for human dignity is the order of the day, we have dark days to counenance, and we need prepare with grim and resolute determination for the future for our humanities sake

  72. Amen, Al. In with the good, and out with the bad. Really, though, man, you have a major lead in that pathology report. Go with it, so you can get treatment for what’s causing it.

  73. Remember all of you who cant believe in something so absurd the majority of the world at one
    time also thought the world was flat, and if man were ment to fly he would have wings.I personally have wittnessed the stealthy critters over 17 years ago and believe!

  74. Hi everyone. I reviewed your conversations after watching dateline tonight regarding Morgellons Disease. Let me tell everyone something, I am 29 and live a perfectly normal life now. However, when I was about 12, I started to notice these pimple like red bumpse on my inner arms. I kept trying to pop them for weeks. The doctor said to just leave them alone. They were painful and itchy. I finally was able to pop one and I pulled out a HUGE long, white, rubbery fibrous thing. It was about 4-5 inches long. I ended up cutting it off. I continued to this until I pulled all of these things out of my arms. I now have 3 scars on my left inner bicep and 2 on my right inner bicep. They are about the size of a pencil eraser. I was too embarrassed to show my mom back then. No one believes me know and I have never had that happen again and I am glad. Has anyone had anything similar?

  75. Sounds a bit like Guinea worms (dracunculiasis) but that’s incredibly rare, or maybe just an abscess with semi-solid pus that was squeezed out in cylindrical form. Does not really sound like Morgellons, but I guess your point is that there is some weird stuff out there.

  76. Hey, I read your response. They were not semi-solid. I had to cut them with a pair of scissors to get it out of my arm. I thought it might have been muscle fibers or something. I could pull on either end and release and the fiber would just kind of curl right back to it’s original size. Very strange.

  77. Don’t waste your time on morgellonswatch.com. This website is being paid for by the people responsible for spreading this disease/parasite/bacteria, whatever it is.

    Factual information can be found at:
    http://biology-online.org/biology-forum/about1958-3324.html (note that you scroll through the posts on the biology website by using the “GoTo Page…” in the upper right hand corner.

    Also see:
    http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/EID/vol9no2/02-0222.htm and here is more:

    I just found out it is from the tobacco hornworm! This is the insect that the parasitoid wasp does a number on!!


    I have been trying to tell you guys about the ricsettsia diseases, in which they now call all of them the Bartonellas:


    Lice Join Ticks As Possible Disease Carriers

  78. The sky is falling, in other words. Um-hmm. Ignore your doctors and take off, You’ll never get to the finish line that way, especially when someone else is running the race for you and doesn’t know the course.

  79. Delusional people are coming from everywhere with all sorts of illnesses, claiming that they have this non-existant diesease. I suppose it’s largely because of their inability to accept the diagnoses that their doctors gave them.

  80. Unfortunately, since ABC’s coverage, their forum on the topic is not too good sounding.

  81. It’s hard to find any relevant information on any of the believer’s forums.

  82. If I didn’t have this crap I would so NOT be researching info,and thus I would not have found your sorry butts.So,if you don’t know what your talking about shut-the -hell up.If I could have an illusion it would be that this God for- saken shit would pack its bags and crawl away.

  83. ummm r u two{smileykins n tallcotton} paid up scientologists? ya fkn wankers

  84. Nope, not us, Al. We’re both Christians. Why do you ask if we’re Scientologists? How the heck ya been doin’? I’ve missed ya! Have you gotten any answers about that pathology report, from your doctor?

  85. im sore, i got fibres comin outta behind my eyes, outta my left leg, thick as a horses mane, what else? um, recent admission to psych ward, kicked my woman out in mania, um not working, sore as buggery ….id say im losin the plot…i rub my nose…thres fibres….is it demonic? cmon if ya got a clue, share it

  86. Oh, Al. I’m so, so, sorry. Everyone’s situation is different, but when I was ill for a couple of months in 2002, I recovered with a well balanced diet, vitamins E, C, A&D, and Selenium, Goldenseal Root, and Grapeseed Extract. Vitamins E & C were the only ones I remained on after it was over, and I was back to myself again. Sublingual Vitamin B12, I highly recommend. Not all those things are safe to take for more than a few weeks. If you’d want to have a go at that, read and follow the directions on the labels of all supplements. I’d been in a severe state of dehydration, and I devoured water, and flushed all that crap and fibers out by sweating. I turned up the hot water in the shower and stood in the steam it produced, too. You may want to have a go at that. If you’re in good health, and can exercise, safely, go for it. It was miserable, getting myself all better, but so very worth it. You may want to try bathing with shampoo for seborrhea/psoriasis, because that helps cut through built up dead surface cells on the skin and will help loosen it up so everything can be expelled. Whether you would feel like you’d want to try any of this, of course, is up to you. I don’t know your skin’s situation, naturally, and by all means, do not use that shampoo, or anything, if you have any broken skin and something stings it, causing you more irritation. Apply warm wash cloths to your eyes, regularly, and wash them gently with no more tears baby shampoo. Al, hang in there. If you’re on any medication, and would be interested in taking the dietary supplements that I had taken when I got better, you must check to see if there are any interactions before taking anything. You must eat from all the basic food groups. If you’re living alone, that might present a bit of a challenge. I’m so sorry, Al.

  87. Uh, Al, at the time, since I’d never experienced anything like what I was going through, before, it almost seemed rather demonic, I suppose. It was winning, for sure, and dying would have been my easier option. I got too close, and wasn’t ready to go yet, so I fought back and made it. Two months, I know, seems like a short time. It wasn’t. Not with what I was going through, day & night, non-stop. I developed kidney stones from the dehydration, and passed a whole lot of them. That was the most excruciating thing of all. It was all like a nightmare. All of it was. When I fought back, it was over.

  88. so you actually were suffering somethind then, by your last posts…but you say we’re delusional, what gives?

  89. Al, I have ALWAYS been honest about what I’d gone through, back in 2002, since my arrival on Michael’ blog, and a summary is in TC’s & my blog. I couldn’t be forthcoming when I posted on morgie message boards, because it was practically forbidden to say anything even hinting at reality. I’d made those above comments when you’d shown up here two weeks ago. I was very concerned about you, and I’m still concerned.

    Whether you’ve ever been told you have it, I have no idea, but there doesn’t appear to be any one underlying cause for DOP, although it seems that it probably has to do with the fundamental aspects of brain chemistry. The syndrome is often classified into three types according to the underlying condition:

    1. Primary Psychotic Delusional Parasitosis — DOP is the sole psychological disturbance:

    * patients otherwise behave normally * reason in a rational manner

    2. Secondary Functional Delusional Parasitosis — an underlying psychiatric condition, including:

    * schizophrenia * paranoia * depression * anxiety disorders * obsessional states

    3. Secondary Organic Delusional Parasitosis — there’s an underlying physical illness present,including:

    * drug abuse * hypothyroidism * cancer * cerebrovascular disease * tuberculosis * neurologic disorders * vitamin B12 deficiency * diabetes mellitus

    TC & I’d both had the number 3 secondary type, yet we’d had completley different underlying causes for thinking that we’d been mysteriously parasitized with something dreadful. All people have different reasons, because people are individuals. Nobody is the same, and nobody is suffering from one singular thing called “morgellons disease”. Mary Leitao made that up, and it is a dangerous substitute that’s appealed to a lot of people as a perfect replacement for something else.

    Nobody could have told TC or me that what we saw was not all real back then. Until it ends, it is IMPOSSIBLE to realize it, and hard as hell to accept that one’s own mind could do such a thing. But somehow, despite it all, we remained grounded, somewhat, nevertheless. People are seriously way off into ridiculous stuff with all these sci-fi/pseudoscience theories. It’s sort of understandable how they’re misled into it, though.

    If simple logic is impossible to apply to what’s going on, and the blame has to be placed somewhere, “morgellons disease” is the perfect answer for many people, rather than the truth, and they really just can’t seem to help it. What many people really have occurring, has them on a path of despair & destruction and it’s being fueled by some real sickos that are in positions to know better.


    The article in that above link is identical, concerning people calling in, and writing, behaving just like people who have become possessed with the notion they have “morgellons disease”.

    Al, I don’t have any idea, just from what you’ve said here, but do you think that your skin condition is possibly occupational related to carpentry or horticulture? I would look into it, at least, but please know that I am not “diagnosing” like some mistaken people have confused me as doing. You need to go to have a physical and have some routine tests performed, if you haven’t, and get yourself treated properly.

    People who are more likely to get sarcoidosis include:

    * Health care workers
    * Nonsmokers
    * Elementary and secondary school teachers
    * People exposed to agricultural dust, insecticides, pesticides, or mold
    * Firefighters


    Sporotrichosis, is another thought, since it can be contracted through the resin in sawdust, or through horticulture.


    Anybody who wants to start up with me “causing confusion”, please, check yourself. I’m just addressing my buddy, Al. Take care.

  90. Work-related skin diseases account for approximately 50 percent of occupational illnesses and are responsible for an estimated 25 percent of all lost workdays. These dermatoses are often underreported because their association with the workplace is not recognized.

    Occupational Skin Disease:


    This is a very good site to check specific jobs w/ related hazardous exposures & symptoms:


  91. Hey I saw the report on abc in houston about morgellons and zi was just wondering if it was accurate or just another attention grabber for a selected audience.

  92. I’m very sad to see that there are more people online who wish to assume that this disease is false. It is true that it is “unsolved” a lot of diseases remain that way until more people come forward. When something very strange and very alien-like appears like has happened with the sufferers of this still unofficially diagnosed disease it is common for doctors to scratch their heads and wonder what it is. It is common for doctors to turn patients away and not do skin graphs and not treat them, because they don’t know what they are seeing and do not know how to treat it. Trust me I have been there with my daughter. Unfortunately for the sufferers, their pain and feelings are real, albeit there may be people with mental disorders that immediately assume they have some disease they read about online just because they have dry itchy skin, but there are also the real sufferers.
    I am not surprised to find a forum bent on proving how this disease is false by people who are not even in the Medical field, who do not even know anyone in their real lives who suffer from this. How terrible for the sufferers that so many fake sufferers exist out there and make it difficult for any doctor to really listen to them. One person cries wolf and is proven mental, and the whole of those really inflicted suffer the consequences.
    I wish you all would think of how you impact the world by your comments, and how you like many others, including doctors and psychologists delay the real truth from coming out by arguing how false it is. How long did the humans of our world believe our planet was flat before it was finally proven it was round?
    For those who read these posts who have experienced this terrible “unknown” thing happening in your skin, know that there are doctors out there that will take you seriously and who have seen real patients suffering and who do need funding to investigate further and who are trying to find support to do so, and for the rest of you who contribute to the ignorance of this terrible affliction may god bless you that you never ever have to go through it.


  93. Dear Verysad,

    No one “wants” to assume that this “disease” is not real. It would be easier for everyone if it was real, with a real name and an identifiable pathogen.

    However, when looking at the facts, things that are measurable, things that are tangible, and hold the “symptoms” and “evidence” to scrutiny, as all good science should, it doesn’t hold up to be a new, emerging “disease.” That’s how science works, it’s an methodology of skepticism, which is what keeps us understanding the world is round, not flat, the earth goes around the sun, not vice versa, that he flu is caused by a virus, and that “Morgellons” is not a distinct medical condition.

    When you see people “debunking” something, that may be a confusing term to some people. “Debunking” HIV/AIDS included informing people that you can’t get it from toilet seats or sharing a water fountain. No one’s out to get you, we have beter things to do. People are out to discuss the contraversy and illuminate what holds up to scrutiny. Photos of Morgellons do not.

    Does this mean you’re crazy? Or on drugs? No. Your symptoms are probably real (unless you are on drugs, then, that’s another story). But, to what you are attributing your symptoms is the point of contention.

    Hope this is helpful.


  94. Oh, Michael, I don’t realize how I missed that the above photos were from a zit on your back. It takes a humble person to publish their bacne, woudln’t you agree? ;)

  95. Verysad, you’ve made some strong assumptions, reminding me of a comment I viewed elsewhere. In reference to the particular comment you’ve drawn to my mind, a person had said that due to drug users and actual mental patients, thinking that they have “morgellons disease”, that they had gotten labeled by a doctor as “crazy” for thinking they have this particular ailment.

    From their general tone, that person had been very presumptuous, accusatory, very bitter, and suspicious. Yet, upon closing, as is so often the case, they turned right around and blessed me and wished me well. I think it is imperative to not be at conflict with our true emotions. When negative feelings are expressed, there is absolutely nothing wrong with owning them, and one should never feel guilty about it. Onlookers have no mistake about it when it’s there, and can just as easily realize that any well wishing upon closing is not a geniune expression. Please consider this thought, and I am sorry that you are very sad, and have been unable to find help for your daughter.

  96. smikleykins oh queen of ignorance – your quote imitates your writing style or visa versa

    “You’ve made some strong assumptions, reminding me of a comment i viewed elsewhere,…
    From their general tone, that person had been very presumptuous, accusatory, very bitter, and suspicious. Yet, upon closing, as is so often the case, they turned right around and blessed me and wished me well.”

    “… realize that any well wishing upon closing is not a geniune expression. Please consider this thought, and I am sorry that you are very sad, and have been unable to find help for your daughter”

    you start your post accusing verysad of having strong assumptions and then place her in a category with your comment drawn to mind.

    you end your post in a very sweet tone.

    smileykins, you are a contradictory prick with a self professed delusional history.
    if you really we want to help, why not just refer her and others to the cdc?

    well, you will find turn around in this post.
    i start disgusted with your ignorance and i end disgusted with your ingorance.

  97. Excuse me,Ivankipling. (And they say, “chivalry is dead”?) I don’t like not understanding anyone, or being misunderstood. There are a lot of miscommunications on this topic of “morgellons disease”. I was referring to VerySad’s statements reminding me of something very similar that I’d recently read. In particular:

    it is common for doctors to scratch their heads and wonder what it is. It is common for doctors to turn patients away and not do skin graphs and not treat them, because they don’t know what they are seeing and do not know how to treat it. Trust me I have been there with my daughter. Unfortunately for the sufferers, their pain and feelings are real, albeit there may be people with mental disorders that immediately assume they have some disease they read about online just because they have dry itchy skin, but there are also the real sufferers.
    I am not surprised to find a forum bent on proving how this disease is false by people who are not even in the Medical field, who do not even know anyone in their real lives who suffer from this. How terrible for the sufferers that so many fake sufferers exist out there and make it difficult for any doctor to really listen to them. One person cries wolf and is proven mental, and the whole of those really inflicted suffer the consequences.
    I wish you all would think of how you impact the world by your comments, and how you like many others, including doctors and psychologists delay the real truth from coming out by arguing how false it is.

    It is very kind of you to rise to this person’s defense. I assume that she just hasn’t read much of this blog, and hope that she has by now. For that matter, I hope you are reading and learning, too. Hopefully, she will share more about her daughter with us. I’m sorry, but I don’t think that doctors are as confused as patients who believe in “morgellons disease” are, and certainly if someone needs a skin graft, that would not be overlooked. I also don’t understand this notion, that VerySad stated, concerning “fake sufferers” making anything difficult on anyone else, any more than the comment from somebody else that I’d made reference to. The similarity lies in that other person’s having blamed “drug users and actual mental patients” (as they’d put it), for being at fault for their having received a label of what they’d called, “crazy”. If you can enlighten me on this matter of blaming others (as these two have), I think we would all definitely stand to benefit. I just don’t grasp what VerySad meant, at all, and if guilt was what motivated her into deciding that it was necessary to apologize for all that she’d said, by ending with:

    …for the rest of you who contribute to the ignorance of this terrible affliction may god bless you that you never ever have to go through it.

    I really don’t understand how a person can have such a conflict within themselves. Do you not think that sounds odd?

    Simple freedom of speech in discussing a controversial issue that’s helping so much to further interfere with people following the advice of their doctors, is not “impacting the world”, or “delaying the real truth from coming out”. I have said, repeatedly, that someone else needs to go to doctor appointments to advocate for patients who have communciation problems with their doctors.

    Lastly, you said:

    smileykins, you are a contradictory prick with a self professed delusional history.
    if you really we want to help, why not just refer her and others to the cdc?

    Ivankipling, I would like to hear more on your opinion of this, so we can discuss where you’re coming from. How am I “contradictory”? I have no secrets, and have bared it all about being ill for two months, four years ago. I know that I can’t help VerySad, or anyone, who is deep under the belief of “morgellons disease”. Her statements were confusing to me, though, and she can clarify them if she wishes.

    If people want to be understood, we all have to let down the walls that block communication. When someone goes so far as to make a statement, they ought not to mind having it addressed with a question. If something is important enough to mention, it sure isn’t a secret, now, is it?

  98. Ivan, with all due respect, let me make it clear to you that I’m not used to the communication difficulties. Maybe I’m guilty for applying the wrong method, but I wasn’t having any conflict in my sincere desire to understand VerySad’s reasons for the things she’d said, or in suggesting considering trying to bring her emotions into balance. I didn’t mean to place her into a category, as you’ve said I did, but I don’t think you’re appreciating the magnitude of the all the communication failures involved here. I tried for a long time, politely, too, to get answers about what is going on with people who are convinced of the existence of “morgellons disease”. Since participating on this blog, people have been coming here, mad, and we’ve yet to accomplish any meaningful exchanges of words to hear what’s got them convinced. Okay, so I tried making statements in response to VerySad’s comments, that I can’t understand, rather than posing questions, so the opportunity was afforded to her to bring clarity to the matter. Due to preconditioning, I know that asking questions is off limits. In stating I was sorry she is ‘very sad’, and unable to find help for her daughter, I was not being disingenuous.

  99. I don’t know if this is what I have but it fits the symptoms you give. Please tell me how I could have gotten this conditionn sine I seldom leave my home. Except for Drs. appointments, I have not left my home in 15 years.

    I am so frightened about this. When I described my syptoms to my doctor, he sent me straight to a psychaitrist. I have seen worms crawling out of my skin, NO ONE will believe me!!! It is so frustrating. The more I try to convince them, the crazier I seem to them. small ones and larger, crecent shaped onds. I get bites that feel for all the world that someone stuck me with a needle, and itching is torture. I sit around with tweezers and tissues so I can dig into my skin to find worms. Sometimes I pull out something that looks like a hair, but much much much finer.
    Please help me. This kind of life is torture and I don’t want any more of it!!!!!!!!!!

    Please Please Please tell me what I can do. Is it curable? Is there a specific treatment for it?

    Sometimes I wonder about my sanity. For instance, People tell me I slur my words. I don’t hear it. People have told me I said this or that, and I have no memory of it.

    I know I have never heard of Morgellons disease. Oh God please help me!!!!!!!!!!

  100. IMHO:

    Some of these ‘alleged’ Morgellons suffers do instead more than likely have an Actinomyces like infection and it’s often very hard to diagnose and pathologize.

    I’m a confirmed suffer of Actinomycosis. The disease takes on many variations and forms.

    Over the last 2 years it’s has now spread to my cervio-facial area & my scalp tissue. I now constantly suffer from excruciating ‘creepy crawly’& burning like sensations as it oozes through the pours of my skin.. It also has some filaments inside the granuolous particles & causes skin lesions.

    Ian Julian New Zealand

  101. On November 23rd, in comment #100 Juanita Pellon Says:


    Please tell me how I could have gotten this conditionn sine I seldom leave my home. Except for Drs. appointments, I have not left my home in 15 years.

    I’m sorry, I just saw your comments today, on December 11th. If you are still around Juanita:


    Nobody over the internet can tell you how you have gotten anything!! Think about that. Nobody, on here, anywhere, knows you. Ask your doctor!! Look at your personal and family medical history; think of when your symptoms began, what they are, if you have come into contact with anything that exacerbates them; take into consideration any medications you’re on, prescription, as well as off the shelf, and any dietary supplements; and, trust your doctor. Based on what you’ve said, it sounds like there is a strong possibility that it is related to whatever your reason is for not leaving your home in 15 years, except for doctor appointments, doesn’t it?

    I am so frightened about this. When I described my syptoms to my doctor, he sent me straight to a psychaitrist. I have seen worms crawling out of my skin, NO ONE will believe me!!! It is so frustrating. The more I try to convince them, the crazier I seem to them.

    Juanita, you went on to describe actually injuring yourself to probe for worms, ending with:

    Please help me. This kind of life is torture and I don’t want any more of it!!!!!!!!!!

    Please Please Please tell me what I can do. Is it curable? Is there a specific treatment for it?Sometimes I wonder about my sanity. For instance, People tell me I slur my words. I don’t hear it. People have told me I said this or that, and I have no memory of it.

    I know I have never heard of Morgellons disease. Oh God please help me!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you seriously come here seeking help? Are you homebound due to a mental or physical disability? Are you able to realize that you come across being in a state of crisis? You have excellent reason to wonder, like you’d said, about your sanity, but, surely to God, upon telling the psychiatrist what is happening to you, that has not been the end of your treatment with them, because there are specific medications that will stop what you have described.

    Stay with the same doctors, and work with them, and you’ll get the help you’re desperately pleading for. Tell them *everything*, including that other people are concerned about your slurring of words, and that you don’t notice it, and that you are saying things that you aren’t able to recall. You may need to have some brain imaging studies, so hold nothing back from them, and follow their sound advice. There is an underlying cause for the problems you described, but it is not something called, “morgellons disease”, and I can promise you that.

    To Ian Julian, a confirmed sufferer of Actinomycosis. I’m sorry that you have that, and trust that you are cooperating with your doctor to keep treating it.

    Good luck to you both.

  102. Juanita,

    You must quit scratching and picking at your skin. Scratching will intensify the itching, causing a never ending cycle. Picking at the skin quickly develops into a nervous habit, and it doesn’t stop when you have damaged the skin and underlying tissues. As you work to fix the damage you cause, you develop Body Dismorphic Disease. Nothing stops until you stop it, and you’ve got to stop it NOW!

    There’s no such thing as Morgellons Disease, and we have come here to inform people that there is no evidence that the disease exists. It’s likely that you have a problem in your brain chemistry or with your central nervous system, but that can only be determined by a doctor. You need to work with your GP and with your Psychiatrist. You need to take whatever medication they prescribe.

    It doesn’t help for you to live in fear. This condition probably feeds on fear and anxiety. If you’re able, and it’s safe, get out and do some things to get your mind off of yourself. Smell the flowers. Look at the clouds. Take a walk, even if it’s only in your own yard. You want results to be different than what they’ve been, so you must do things differently.

    I suggest you quit using your computer in an attempt to identify your medical problems. Keep your appointments and trust your doctors. Good Luck with your healing, and don’t forget. Do not scratch or pick at your skin.

    Tall Cotton

  103. Ian,

    Why do you believe that you have actinomycosis? Did a doctor give you that diagnosis? People that believe they have Morgellons are suffering from a variety of skin diseases and associated problems. Of course, none of them have Morgellons. That disease simply does not exist.

    If you don’t mind my asking, do you have other symptoms besides the crawling, burning, sensations, and the lesions that are draining sticky fluid and hyphae-like fibers? When and how did your infection begin, and how long ago has that been? Are you taking medication, and are you doing anything to exacerbate your condition, like picking and scratching?

    I’m sorry for all the questions. But the more we learn, the more we are able to help others like you. Thanks and good luck.

    Tall Cotton

  104. “besides the crawling, burning, sensations, and the lesions that are draining sticky fluid and hyphae-like fibers?”

    anything else bothering you?

  105. All you morgellons disease doubters and cynics go and have a look at the firs captured images of a living organism moving that is the cause of this disease. You are welcome to contact me if you want to hear about my seven-year suffering with this disease. I live in London and did not even know there was a disease listed as morgellons until 2006, or that it was the same as the disease I had been suffering from for the last seven-years documented.

    All-comers doubters welcome to view on youtube at




  106. Something moving. Is that your proof? The video is so out of focus, I’m not even sure if I was looking at the right thing. I’d be embarassed to show that video to anyone, much less use it as evidence of anything.

  107. Hi, again, Andy. Could you please explain what body part your viewers are seeing in your videos? I’m assuming it is your face, but it could be an arm, or a leg, for all I know. Also, it would help, immensely, for you to provide everyone with a descriptive interpretation of the event, from start to finish. Thank you.

  108. I want to know if i have morgellons disease.I feel something crawling from head to tose like animals in my skin.I went to all kinds of doctors,yet they say im dilusional.Its been going on for a year,i’ve quit my job,because of imbarrasement.People itch a lot when im near them,they act like if something is crawling on them.IM going crazy i get suicide thoughts like if its the only way to get rid of “IT”.Im in the bus to go to work somebody next to me complaints of a bite screams saying something had bit him.It was a daily routine for me,now im a prisoner of my own home.Please someone help!!

  109. Roy,

    The people who think they have Morgellons Disease are mistaken. There is no Morgellons Disease. They have a variety of physical disorders. Please follow your doctor’s advice. With suicidal thoughts you need to talk with a counsellor. They can help you a lot.

    Tall Cotton

  110. Roy, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Those sensations, and thoughts, can be stopped, and you can have your life back!!! You sound like you have real medical conditions but, perhaps, you’ve yet to develop the essential bond of remaining with one doctor and working as a team? Doctors want their patients to improve, and I promise you that you don’t have anything that’s called “morgellons diease”.

    You need to talk to someone NOW. There are maps on these pages to click onto your home state, and numbers to call to speak with a caring person who can help you. Call and allow them to listen to what’s been going on. Please keep in touch with us, and let us know more. Things will get better. They can, really.



  111. 1-800-SUICIDE (800-784-2433) – Nationwide crisis hotline

  112. I see these, i am not psychotic, i am a nurse scientist looking for answers too. There is a relationship to protien crystal development by some bacteria, they also have flagellates for their motility.

    Spirochetes have various forms as is know accepted in scientific community. What can these forms cause, we don’t know yet. We must look at untreated tertiary syphillis too as it is also caused by spirochetes with flagellae. Lesions in late syph, neuro changes, arthritic changes. Spirochetes in open lesions. Could there be colonies forming plaque like “bunches”. Hence fibers? Some food for thought maybe? We will continue the research. Aids and lyme patients were considered nuts, “it’s all in their heads”, at the beginning, now look where we are!

  113. You’re very mixed up. Are you Trish Springstead?

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  115. My best friend has this disease and its stressing her out. Makes her extremely irritated the fact that she feels the tingling sensation when they “crawl” out of her neck. She also found them on the toilet paper she wiped herself with. The lab is presently examining the ones found on the paper. What are these narly creatures? We are wondering if they are “eating” her insides. Scary. she finds black and white ones. what determines the color of these narly creatures? yuck!

  116. When did your best friend first begin having thoughts like that? Are you, mutually, her best friend as well, and feel that you’re supplying her some form of support by going along with it? Are you, honestly, being real about being scared, not of her change in behavior, but scared that whatever benign substances she’s developed such incorrect thoughts about is physically harming her? I’m not kidding, here.

  117. One theory:
    What determines the color is whatever they attach themselves to. They can morph their shape and color to blend in with any substance; on the body they mimic skin, on the scalp they mimic hair and take on a worm like shape. I even extracted one from under the skin, in an area that bleeds quite a bit and it appeared blood red, shaped very irregularly, like a seahorse or a demodex mite.

    Another theory:
    They parasitize materials and use them to their advantage. I believe they even get in cigarette ashes and use them to blow on the wind. Many times I’ve pulled one off of me and observed as a smaller mite jumped off of what I initially believed to be the parasite’s “body.”

    Out on a limb:
    It can interact with unseen energies or magnetism, it uses the aether as a sort of map and medium. Maybe psychosomatic in part, or thereby affected.

    Personal: My eye!! Ahhhhh!! Urrgh! Rrrrrrr… I’m pretty messed up after three months of this stuff. They’re barraging my eyes incessantly, my vision is declining, my left ear is shut almost completely, my head feels…rrrRRR…it’s all very distracting and very unpleasant. Is there any effective way to treat symptoms?
    Check out “a parasite sufferer’s diary” if you haven’t, “Strongylus Monospinigerum” looks alot like Morgellons, and has some interesting information. The site upon which it is located might’ve doctored the paper up for commercial purposes, but I think the info itself is valuable.

  118. I have seen red, blue, white, I have watched them move, they look like strands of hair. They come out of my skin when I put peroxide on them and very hot water. I thought I was insane. Anything a drop of blood gets in or on I find these things miving towards it and feeding on it. And they aren’t just in open sores or scabs of any kind I have watched them burrow into and come out of my skin.

  119. And yes my eyes, these things get into the corners of my eyes ruthless little bastards. Any open hole of any kind, (earrings,etc.) I find them in, I also have located something of a much larger sort living deeper in my tissue, they are nearly impossible to get out, I have had to use a hot compress and pull them out with tweezers once on the surface. They were the size of my pinky nail and had hair on them. If you pour peroxide on them you can hear them “sizzle” and come out of certain “pockets” in the crooks of my arms and on my hands and feet. I believe a hot tub or sauna will drive them out. i am going to try. It;s driving me insane(r).

  120. To all afflicted, try to get a hold of a book called The Fungus Link by Doug Kaufman, it may help. The affliction sounds very parasitic and could be fungus related, and fungus related illnesses are becoming epidemic in this country as a result of the declining quality of our food supply, among other things.
    To those complete knuckleheads who seem to be denying that this condition exists as defined, you are either in a state of denial or just plain stupid. There is so much indisputable research on the nature of this affliction, including data explaining the bio-makeup of the strands, which several labs have confirmed are not identifiable, even from the FBI lab, which compared them to every known fiber.
    Parasites that crawl under the skin are an everyday occurence in some third world countries. Ecto parasites and similiar fungus or parasitic conditions are relativlely common, and this could just be a new unknown one. Athletes foot, for example, can be devasting to SOME PEOPLE, not all. The ringworm that causes it can be worse for people with immune deficiencies, and some of the excruciating rashes that follow all over the body are the result of the myco-toxins being spread by rubbing, itching, etc. But I suppose Athletes Foot does not exist!!! (For all the lunkheads like tallcotton, when Atheltes Foot first hit the scene, there were plenty of ‘experts’ who thought it did not exist, as well as a host of other bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic diseases throughout medical history that were denied at first, including cholera!!!!…)
    Interestingly enough, malaria and schistomiasis are the top parasitic infection concerns worldwide (as far as public health and economic impact), and the symptoms are strikingly similiar to morgellons, both physically (rashes, lesions, etc.) and mentally (brain fog, headaches, fatigue)…
    For those suffering, dont believe blogging boneheads, I think its pretty safe to say that scientists, lab researchers and clinicians know a little more than these self righteous know-it-alls. Go to http://www.morgellons.org and see if you can get some help. Please dont tell people what exists or doesnt exist unless you are a certified or licensed professional who knows what you are talking about and can back it up with extensive lab research and technical data!!!
    For those of you are suffering because you are truly psychotic, good luck, thats a little tougher…


  121. There has been no real analysis of the fibers that showed them to be anything consistent. One lab tried, but could not get the fiber to melt in their FTIR. That was about he extent of it. All tests have given conflicting results – as you would expect if it were just random lint and debris.

    People are sick, however. Painful symptoms are real painful symptoms, even if the fibers have nothing to do with them. However there are a wide range of conditions that can explain those symptoms, and people need to be treated on an individual basis.

  122. I wonder why it is that people have such a hard time getting to the root of an issue. It’s not psychiatric…it’s something…and it doesn’t have to be a disease…yet it’s something. Maybe it’s the type of immune system, or another disease, or a difference in the type of skin (that allows it to embed and or create particles). Instead of everybody labeling this already…why not just say..lots of folk are complaining about blah blah…let’s start methodically collecting the data and see if any conclusions can be drawn. How hard is that…every doctor submits the tissue and accompanying symptoms to the testing lab …each is labeled…each is tested…and then it’s taken from there re: similarities, disparities, etc. The testing over in California is small scale – there is no reason the cdc can’t have this phenomena centrally tested with samples from all over the country. And, let’s say it is fuzz in a scab…what is it about some people’s skin that allows itself to capture/restructure/expel particles, while other people’s skin just doesn’t bother being affected at all? Scientific inquiry is fascinating! People could look at this as a mystery and embrace the challenge. And all this judgement of people being nuts? Where is that coming from? Let’s say it is in the brain…What is going on in the brain that makes one person’s skin crawl and another’s not? Come on now…We can do this.
    This is becoming like a theoretical debate…instead of proving each other wrong..when are we going to start proving each other right?

  123. I know of a couple of people with this disease. One of them denies it the othe is covered with sores. They have gutted their house, one has shaved head. The point is is that I think this is a real…god only knows what! I do not doubt that they are suffering. Research must be funded. Lots of questions too few answers.

  124. Elise, you raise very good points. That’s just the kind of study that should have been done in order to justify the CDC investigation. It would not take much, just a published study of say ten patients.

    Yet this was not done, and instead the Morgellons Research Foundation instead forced the CDC to do this investigation by pure political pressure. There is no science behind it.

    The basic problem is that there is no good science that even suggest there is a new disease here. However, people are promoting the idea that there is, and that fibers are a symptom of it, and by so doing they are harming the health of many sick people.

    People should be treated for their individual conditions, instead of being convinced they have strange parasite disease, and encouraged to take horse de-wormers.

  125. All health conditions are agravated by stress. Megellons is no different and and often Doctors will make claims of Delusions when they can’t find an answer. Even Asthma sufferers are told it’s in their head.
    As far as the fibers, I don’t know what actually cause these type of fibers, but, as someone else wrote, even pimples sometimes have a fiber or hair. If you shave any part of your body you could end up with an ingrown hair, thus causing a pimple or worse yet, a boil, and that ingrown hair will come out the middle of it. The human body is covered with hair, even skin cancer can have the hairs growing through it. But, the fact that these fibers are blue, red or black does seem a bit unusual, but not Delusional.

  126. I’m sure ingrown hairs contribute to a few cases of people who think they have Morgellons. But Morgellons is just a list of symptoms that could be caused by many things. There’s nothing to suggest that it’s one thing in particular. More likely it’s a whole lot of different conditions that different people have mistakenly attributed to Morgellons, just because they found some fibers.

    Fibers are everywhere, you can’t help but find them on your skin if you look.

  127. Ok, I think I stopped around where somebody said doctors know what they are doing or something of the sort? If they did their Western Medicine hospitals wouldn’t always be full. In case you ignorant pig eating idiots don’t know we are not supposed to be sick. Maybe these people are all faking their illness, or maybe they are all sick……(highly unlikely considering who supposedly diagnosed them, western doctors) but don’t you think the best way to prove this is fake is to actually conduct a study? Just make sure you don’t get a corrupted one, I heard it happens a lot around there.

  128. they also look like ingrown hairs! Hasn’t anyone had an “eruption” of an ingrown hair on their back/arm/chest/where ever?

  129. Grappa, I don’t think it is “fake”. What I think is that it’s not a distinct disease (just a list of common symptoms), and that the fibers are nothing to do with the physical sicknesses.

  130. As a Medical Electrologist, do I believe in Morgellons? Absolutely. There’s been documented cases of many people parasite infested throughout history. We ALL have microscopic bugs crawling on our skin right now. Other bugs that eat our carpet, our couches. I saw a documentary of a Vet who had a worm crawling/swimming through his EYE. The fibers (that are growing out of the skin) really is the only new thing. Perhaps our little microscopic friends are simply growing bigger, to the point that we can be more bothered by them. Delusional parasititis is yet another label the Pharmaceutical industry can lay on us to make more bucks. Quack scientristy. I mean think about it, we have to worm our dogs and cats and with close contact to pets ie sleeping with them, some kiss their pets (ughh) and pick up their droppings unprotected or don’t enclose it properly. Also we drink unpure water and food, I mean, why wouldn’t we have worms/parasites? What is most interesting to me though is the actual structures added to the hair itself (Not in the above pictures of course) but additional deposits to the root and sheath. Could be a keratin buildup or melanin granules but it could also easily be a nest, cocoon on a microscopic level. I for one keep an open mind. The doctors, Derms in these cases, who shunned these patients should be relieved of their medical licenses. I mean, if worms can live in a dogs heart and body and infest in a wound, why not UNDER a wound? Way too much quackery going on in the Medical and psych <–joke industry.

  131. jen, an ingrown hair is just that, an ingrown hair. An ingrown hair is not a FIBER. Nor is it fibrous. How would you feel if you had fibers growning out of your body, larger and tougher than a mans beard hair and in colors such as red, green, blue, purple, etc. and someone said maybe it’s just an eruption?

    Ingrown hairs may itch but they don’t feel like you’re being BITTEN and you don’t have a crawling sensation. And the structure of the hair does not change at all. Have a heart and see what the Quacks at Kaiser find out before heartless posting. P.S. Have you ever had an ingrown hair on your arm or leg? Have you ever had an ingrown hair on the PALM of your hand? Now imagine a thick ropy red, green, blue, purple fiber coming out of your palm where you NEVER even had hair before, Think about that last one real hard.

  132. RulingClass, if you had such fibers you would have irrevocable proof of the fiber part of Morgellons. Why did you not photograph them? What did the doctor say about them?

  133. Michael, I am simply keeping an open mind and not flat out dismissing people who feel they have valid claims/symptoms. What I would recommend is someone with these fibers who claim to have Morgellons to go to a Doctor presenting these fibers still obviously intact in their skin, not pulled out of their skin. Not a “matchbox sample” if you will. If I had fibers growing out of me I’d probably want them extracted ASAP, wouldn’t you? But, if this is a real disease (and like I said before the only different thing here is the Fibers) someone with the affliction needs to present the fibers, intact, still in the skin. Another very smart reason to keep an open mind and not dismiss these people is that if you are proved wrong, you don’t end up looking like a total heartless opinionated, uneducated jerk, try it sometime.

  134. RulingClass, many of the sufferers claim to have had fibers coming out of them for years. In all that time, with 10,000 sufferers, and hundreds of thousands of doctor visits, there have been zero verified reports of unexplained fibers emerging from the skin. Zero.

    I agree someone SHOULD show these emerging fibers to their doctor – but the fact that they have not seems to indicate that there are in fact NO unexplained fibers emerging from skin. That’s simply what the balance of the evidence is.

    I’m not “dismissing” people. People are sick, and need treatment. They need individual treatment for whatever is wrong with them. I’m simply saying there is no evidence of a common disease, and no evidence that the fibers have nothing to so with the various physical symptoms.

  135. I didn’t mean for that last comment to sound so harsh, it was meant for all the naysayers who have been proven wrong in the past. The problem is, many people will form opinions when they don’t have enough information. For example, your point was appreciated morgellons, about the photos you took. But show that to a layperson and they don’t see it for what it is, a hair root linked to a blood supply that was disrupted, ruptured. Secondly, when you say fibers, (which can be microscopic to very large) it still doesn’t describe what these people claiming to be afflicted with Morgellons are describing. Of course we all have fibers, dead cells, dirt, bacteria in wounds. Wounds are sticky, that’s why they need to be covered. However, the covering to the wounds leave fibers as well. So you’re right but the fiber info is misleading. I think it’s best to let this play out. Everybody will have an opinion but in the end, if this is proven to be a real disease, wouldn’t we all rather err on the sypathetic side versus the oh much for fun harsh side? Let’s not victimize victims and treat people the way we’d all want to be treated, if this were happening to us.

  136. I appreciate that, and I would be happy to let it play out, and wait for the CDC report. However there are two things that stop me.

    Firstly it’s clear that at least some people who think they have Morgellons have some kind of psychological problem in addition to their physical problems. Everyone admits this, even the Morgellons Research Foundation. So the continual pushing of Morgellons as a real diagnosis is only reinforcing the delusional beliefs that people have, and causing them to further ignore their doctors, and to not get appropriate treatment for their psychological problems, and to get highly inappropriate self-treatment for their physical problems (bathing in bleach, eating horse de-wormers, burning furniture, etc.)

    Secondly, the legitimizing of Morgellons opens the door to a vast array of quacks, peddling their ineffective and expensive quack remedies. Just do a search for “Morgellons cure” and you’ll find all kind of treatments aimed at the vulnerable Morgellons patient.

    My concern here is for the patient. I feel they would get the best treatment if they (and their doctors) viewed Morgellons as what it really is: a highly speculative and unlikely diagnosis for a broad range of symptoms, and totally unproven association with fibers. It should be just one of many diagnoses, and one of the least likely. Instead, people diagnose themselves (based on what?), and then expect the doctor to go along with them.

    People need individual treatment for their individual problems. Morgellons is highly unikely, so people need to look at other, more likely, causes of their problems.

  137. But the only thing uncommon about this disease is the Fiber part, everything else ie. itching, skin crawling, infestation of worms and parasites has always been around. I guarantee you that you and I both have parasites right now. It is an incontrovertible fact. What I have seen and read so far is that from Morgellon sufferers is that their Doctors won’t even see them. The Doctors completely dismiss them. They get referred to psychiatrists. Over and over and over again. How do you surpass that?
    I guess it takes a psych Company ie Kaiser, to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to “investigate” The good thing is that these people supposedly will get full physicals, blood tests, scans but the bad thing is before Kaiser even finds out if it’s a real disease or not they’ll make a killing off the huge battery of psychological tests which to me is OUTRAGEOUS. Why the CDC is turning this over to quacks is beyond me. It should be turned over to a real medical facility.

  138. What I have seen and read so far is that from Morgellon sufferers is that their Doctors won’t even see them. The Doctors completely dismiss them. They get referred to psychiatrists. Over and over and over again. How do you surpass that?

    That’s what they say. That’s the story the MRF feed to the media, as it garners sympathy and support. But look as some individual cases. Can you find one case where the patient had nothing wrong with them apart from Morgellons, and was summarily dismissed? The vast majority of people with Morgellons have something else seriously wrong with the, so they are already seeing a doctor for that. They then raise the fibers as being a problem, or perhaps the cause of their other problem, and the doctor explains they are just lint. If they continue in their obsession, then yes, they would get referred to a psychiatrist.

    If a person went to a doctor with big sores on their arms and face, are you seriously telling me that the doctor would just say: “go see a psychiatrist”.

    Read this account, from the former director of nursing at the MRF, it’s probably fairly typical. See how she does see many doctors who examine her in depth. They don’t share her conclusions about the fibers, they tell her to stop scratching, she says she has to keep scratching because it itches so much. Her sores look exactly like neurotic excoriations.



    Cindy disrobed and Shelley looked at the lesions, which now are all over her buttocks, lower legs, forearms, thighs (these are very recent), upper back and (very few) on the scalp. She was appalled that Cindy had been scratching them – well… they ITCH, (bitch)..!

    Shelley gave Cindy explicit orders not to scratch and Cindy explained that it would take general anesthesia to keep her from scratching something that burns and itches as bad as this condition.

  139. I’ve read where many of these people will keep going to new doctors in the hope that the new one will take them seriously and/or not refer them to a psychiatrist.
    Every heard of Chinese Water Torture? Where the drops start out feeling like, well, just a drop of water? Then they drops feel heavier after a while? Then they start to feel like 2000 pounds? This torture was extremely effective. Maybe it’s the same thing here, maybe it isn’t. So starting out with a Medical problem can lead to Psychological problems. It’s not always the other way around. Furthermore, if these people do have a true medical condition, who cares if they try or do anything to alleviate the symptoms? Because the medical community isn’t doing squat they obviously have to self medicate, self treat. Because nothings left other than being labeled as a nutcase. But, here’s the thing: We don’t know if a Doctor/s was ALREADY presented with a fiber/s by a Morgellons patient/s already. On top of that, the Doctor legally and ethically couldn’t verify that, (to us) due to HIPAA Laws & Regulations. It could probably be very well documented by now but us layfolk wouldn’t be privvy to that info. It would be against the Law. I have read that some of the fibers have been attempted to match in a national database of known substances and there was no match. So speculation at this point is kind’ve moot. When we don’t know the specifics or what’s already been discovered.

  140. If a person went to a doctor with big sores on their arms and face, are you seriously telling me that the doctor would just say: “go see a psychiatrist”.

    Yes, for two very specific reasons: ESPECIALLY if the big sores has the appearance of neurotic excoriations or symptoms and lesions are expressly consistant with delusional parasitosis, why would a Doctor say otherwise, particularly a Western Doctor? Further, it could be fear on the part of the Doctor too. If someone came to me and I was a Doctor and they said they had worms, parasites, all these horrible skin crawling & biting conditions and strange blue, red, green, purple fibers I think I’d want to distance myself as much as possible, get them the hell outta my office and make them someone elses problem. But then I wouldn’t be much of a Doctor would I?

  141. HIPAA does not stop a doctor saying they found unusual fibers growing in skin, so long as they preserve the patient’s anonymity.

    Thousands of doctors HAVE been presented with fibers, and many have written about it. Invariably the fibers did not seem to be anything unusual.



    As for the fiber that was “tested against FBI databases” – that seems to have been just one fiber, and the details were vary vague. They also could not fully test it because they could not get it to melt. It was also back in June 2006. One half-complet test 18 months ago by an ardent believer (Wymore) does not amount to much in the way of evidence.

    One the one hand, thousands of doctors have looked at the fibers – even sent them to labs, and not seen anything unusual. On the other, one scientist (not a doctor, actually he’s a unitarian minister), is on a personal mission to prove what he has already decided to be the case – which is not good science.

  142. There are supposedly 10,000 sufferers. The MRF says they have typically been to see 10-20 doctors each.

    That’s 100,000 doctors.

    I’m sure there are a lot of crappy doctors out there. But if only 5% of the doctors were good doctors, then there should be 5000 doctors out there who have seen these fibers.

    What about all the non-western doctors? Why have none of them seen the fibers?

  143. Face it Michael, we are all sheep. We’re told only what our Government decides to tell us. Here’s what gets me. We create a Government and now the Creation is trying to control the Creators (Us). And I read about the fiber that wouldn’t melt. That was strange as well because fire treated steel melts around 1700+ degrees Fahrenheit. And this tiny fiber wouldn’t melt when fire treated steel would? That’s crazy plus the fact it couldn’t be matched with anything known.

    The only good reason I can think of as to why not inform the public if this is a real disease (and this has happened before) is that it may cause a “panic”. How little our Creation thinks of us laughing

  144. Fiberglass does not melt until 2075° F, it’s also frequently blue, like that fiber was.

    If you want to go down the road of conspiracy, then I’m sure you’ll find suspicious things everywhere. But I’d urge you to stick to science. What are the facts? What’s more likely here?

    Read this, for some perspective. It’s not meant to point any fingers at anyone, just to provide perspective. The video is interesting, but I’d recommend you also read Hinkle’s paper, linked.


  145. I just don’t know why this is such a big deal for people to believe! There was a documented case of a Tapeworm 39 meters long, that is almost 128 feet long extracted from a humans intestines. Almost as tall as a TWENTY EIGHT story building. Microscopic worms, whether animal or vegetable are SO much more believable. And it’s even more believable right under the skin. I wonder how the first doctor felt removing a tapeworm from somebody. Freakish, yes. Unbelievable? Yes. Further, all our scabs heal with fibers but how many protrude from under the skin? Even more weird is the fact that it’s California, Texas and Florida that seems to have the worst cases of this, particularly California. I read Hinkles paper then saw she’s an entomologist, not a microbiologist. Very lopsided paper skewed to her opinion. But I did read it because you presented it. Honestly, I wasn’t very impressed, it didn’t seem very openminded to me but that’s just my opinion. Remember, not to long ago people viciously defended that the Earth was FLAT and that the sun revolved around us, And to think otherwise was blasphemy back then

  146. Typo, it should be a TWELVE story building.

  147. This thread is starting to make me itch See you later Michael

  148. Well, we should just go by the evidence. So far there does not seem to be any supporting Morgellons as a distinct disease with fibers, and lots against it.

    You can SEE tapeworms, they have been around for thousands of years. The fibers, apparently, do not look unusual to 100,000 doctors, and have only been around since the advent of broadband internet.

  149. Right but how many Doctors do you know that have a digital microscope by their bedside and actually investigate right then and there on the spot? I know one who did, who is taking this very seriously, read this link:


    Also in the article it says dogs are exhibiting the same thing, cats are on the upswing. Also besides the dogs and cats exhibiting the fibers so are horses exhibiting the fibers. Are the horses crazy? lol Maybe we should send our pets & horses to Kaiser!

    In general, pathologists are looking for signs of known diseases, and thus may miss clues of this disease in biopsies. Plus, if biopsies/samples are sent/outsourced out, this can take time and dry up clues, worms, parasites, whatever they are, if you will.

  150. Sometimes its better argue than to face the truth.of all the times we send things up into space, dont ya think we pick up a HITCHHIKER? And by the way for every one reported ten are missed diagnosed. YA IT,S A PROBLEM. By the way now it,s a numbers game.Its not how you get it it,s when your going to get it.Or do you have it already? See you have to have a emotial crisus to activate them.Such as to suffer a death,Relationship break up ect. One to ten years after the emotial crisus.YOU SEE THAT IS WHAT THEY LIVE ON. They live on what the body has emersed into the cells of our body from the crisus that is stored from memory in the cells.So you think i’m nutts? SORRY I GOT IT TOO! YOU DO SOME RESEARCH TOO BEFORE YOU MAKE DUMB COMMENTS. Believe me when it happens to you you will be look for me for help.

  151. I’d agree with you on the emotional crisis part if that were the case with most of these people. But what I’ve found is that for the most part there were no problems mentally or physically until these specific symptoms manifested, which led to a crisis. For example, you don’t need an emotional crisis for a tapeworm to manifest. But you can sure lose weight, become malnutritioned, feel listless, foggy after the tapeworm/parasite is stealing your valuable nutrition. Then you’d have a crisis after, not before. But maybe the crisis would be that you were just informed you had a disgusting tapeworm and just happened to be going through a rough patch in your life. I’m more inclined to believe that humans are the hitchhikers as there is a general believable school of thought that the elements of life came to this planet via meteors, asteroids, meteroids, comets, chunks of other planets and stars, matter, etc. However, the more I read about fascinating nanotechnology, the more credible it would appear that these could possibly be human engineered. Perhaps a nano engineered pesticide gone awry, who knows. I keep an open mind. Fact is sometimes so much more stranger than fiction.

  152. Overly Acidic Fibromyalgia can cause open sores. They itch like crazy.

    And take forever to heal.

    It’s from too much acid in Serous Fluid (lymph).

    This is all very new information about FMS – so you can call me a heretic if you like.

    Question – Has anyone checked Saliva pH in these people?

    If they have these type sores, and the sticky serous fluid (lymph) is getting fuzz (especially irritating fuzz) stuck in it, it might look like this, act like this, and seem like something was eating them.

    Best way is to bring pH back into normal range. We do it by eliminating acidy food and drink, etc.

    The FibroFix web site tells how.

    I’d like to know if anyone checks out their Saliva pH.

    Glad to try to help anyone – feel free to write or call.


  153. The problem with all this is that while we talk the so called authorities could spend some money and time actually making sure this is not happening. The feeling I get is that they have no clue what is going on and so they have to give some stupid answers to the public who is anyway known to accept them as real because that’s the easy way out, until one of them gets it too. If they say it’s not real I say prove it and until then their word is just as useless as anybody else. There is plenty of proof that Western medicine is a big money making machine and really, if their knowledge was so great they wouldn’t have full hospitals as they do. People don’t heal through western medicine, they just get sicker but they mask the feelings with all those “legal” drugs. This illness could very well exist and the authorities could very well know this and for some weird reason they are still not investigating, or if they are they are doing that in secret, but why? Talk less and do more “doctors”, I thought that you took a vow to help people get better and to save their lives……so get moving. I would certainly do all there is in my power, having their power, to find out what’s going on, unless there is some obscure reason not to. Either way……….all those of you who want to get healthy……why don’t you check out for yourselves some alternative healing modality like on the kushi institute website or like George Oshawa, Maria Treben……..there is so much out there. It’s always up to each individual to learn about their health. It has been proven by George Oshawa that when a person is healthy even the leprosy virus doesn’t do much. He inoculated himself when he was in Africa in one of his trips to prove how eating healthy and vegan will take care of all the deseases that Western medicine wants to make such a big deal out of. For this doctors there are a lot of money at stake and if all their patients got healthy they would be out of a job, because without their expensive machines and medicines and pills………well, what are they really good for? Can they actually look at all of you singularly and just by analyzing your bodies tell you what’s going on inside of you? NOPE, so they are not such good doctors after all. Real doctors cure each single individual specifically looking at her/his body, machines are known to screw up and what if they don’t realize it and just rely on that to make their diagnosis. They haven’t analyzed this last problem, they haven’t even done what they could have easily done, I guess it’s better to discount people who are suffering and misdiagnose rather than say, yeah, we might no know what’s going on.

  154. Anne, I have to agree with Michael as to why he/she doesn’t advocate people like yourself peddling cures & such. I did see your site is supposedly free but what does Fibromyalgia have to do with this? You’re confusing an already confused, undocumented problem with another problem. Almost anything can cause open sores, I’m a Clinical and Medical Electrologist as well as a Licensed Skin Care Expert. I advocate nothing other than people who suffer from Morgellons to immediately present a fiber growing out of the skin to a Medical Professional. I do understand that there are similar symptoms ie. chronic pain, debilitating fatigue, abnormal sleep architecture, and a variety of neuropsychiatric problems including cognitive dysfunction but you or anybody doesn’t know if it has anything to do with parasites or not. If you’re not a Doctor then it’s highly unethical for you to make ignorant posts or give false hope or by your efforts lead people to misdiagnose or mistreat themselves. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And smokescreening like you are is entirely UNacceptable. Knock it off.

  155. Amen Grappa. Western Doctors are idiots. They end up not really treating a problem but covering it up. Case in point: I was given a pain pill that I was allergic to. Instead of my Doctor prescribing me a pain pill I wasn’t allergic to, he gave me another prescription to COUNTERACT the allergic reaction of the first pill. What a quack. It benefits them to keep us sick, more doctor visits = more money, etc. Furthermore, Western Doctors have very little training in nutrition. Chiropractors have literally 10 times the training in nutrition than Doctors. I’ll do what my Chiro tells me a million times faster than my Doctor. At least the Chiros FIX the problem therefore you have no more symptoms yet the Doctor will not fix the problem and treat the symptoms perpetually. Cha Ching.

  156. I had never heard of this disease until 2 days ago. I looked at the photos and they remind me of a group of boil like, pimple like bumps at the base of my neck. They flatten out, but periodically will become full and painful. No itch, just pain. When drained the pain stops. I have not noticed any fibers, just a golden thick fluid. What made me read the article I saw was the fact that over the past few weeks I have had a itching all over my body. I will suddenly feel an extreme itching and a patch of red, with bumps has appeared. This can happen at anytime and anywhere on my body. I scratch, because it itches, later there may be a similar breakout like is on my neck. Similar breakouts are on the backs of my ears and in my head. The ones on my neck have been there for a year or more, the itch is relatively new. My back is serverly broken out and the same type sores are now showing up there, but these itch. Last year my doctor said he thought the neck sores would clear up with lots of sunshine, but I live in Oregon…..not much sun here!!!! I was concerned about scabies and the itch clearly started after we stayed in a hotel, which I thought could be a source to be infected. I have not went to a doctor because I know they have no clue. Strangely enough, preperation H keeps the sores soft and helps with the itching….why, I have no clue. If anyone has had any symtons like mine I’d like to hear from your experiences

  157. I have both psychiatric and physical problems. But just because someone said I’m dysfunctional, it doesn’t mean I’m stupid, too.
    What I remember happening over just the last few years is scary enough. I have allergies. I have had someone (within the last two years) tell me they were all in my mind. Even though I know this is a problem with my immune system.
    I have a friend who was diagnosed with schizophrenia over twenty years ago. Now that this problem has been studied and documented, it is no longer a blanket diagnosis for anyone with a problem psychatrists could not label. Even my psychiatrist agreed with me. Multiple personality disorder has been recognized for long enough now that it’s even had it’s name changed. I believe that what is now considered borderline personality disorder will evolve over the next 20 years, also.
    I remember that 20 years ago, global warming was a delusion spouted by eco-terrorists. Now it is a documented fact.
    I remember reading an article saying that monkeys have a disease very similar to AIDS. Was it transmitted to humans? Bird flu is another example.
    The world is still changing. New species are still being discovered. Diseases are evolving.

    What we know today is not as much as we will know tomorrow.
    We will always be limited by that lack of knowledge. It’s easy for some people to put fences up around their world. Every statement that something is absolute gives us the illusion of security. Some of us may need that kind of security in a world that is changing so rapidly. Other people are more adventurous, and want to expand their boundaries.
    The older I get, the more set in my ways I get. I’d rather keep my mouth shut and look like I at least have a little tolerance for others instead of being proved wrong down the way.
    But having the experiences I have had, as far as I’m concerned, just about anything is possible.
    And no matter what is discovered, and just who will be proved wrong, is not the issue here. We need to show just a little more compassion for those around us, especially when they are suffering, whether we can “label” their suffering or not.

  158. Amen limigi. I think you may be interested in checking out the kushi institute, you will be surprised how much one can cure with simple eating. Diet is the key and being happy and active is the other. George Oshawa and all the big teachers of all times were all saying the same thing: eat well, love well, be happy. Our modern Western society is sadly build on crap, pardon my French, and we are so used to it we just don’t see it. We do pay the consequences, hence our sicknesses. It’s really simple to become healthy, I know what works and it’s a universal cure. George Oshawa, Mikio Kushi, Giuseppe Lamorgese, they are a few of those great teachers and let’s not forget Mikao Usui. The Universe is all around us, we are all part of the same unit, we all share the same energy hence……..when we do something that in not in line with what we truly are we get sick. When we sleep we connect to this enormous pool of energy and knowledge and we understand and learn new things.
    Those people who talk so much about global warming should retrace their steps a bit and see that while they are eating a burger, or drinking a nice cup of milk, eating that yogurt, or a lovely peace of cheese with eggs…….what they are really doing is contributing to global warming. All those people who buy huge cars that need lots of gas, all those people smoking, all those people farting…………and all those animals people are going to eat farting……….do you know how much global warming all this causes? So………even using computers, tvs, cells…….ya think all those waves are good for us? In Germany it is against the law to build on top of water waves. It causes all kinds of diseases. Do the authorities care about this in the rest of the world? I think not, I know not and it is wrong and sad. The bottom line is that we are the authorities, we ultimately dictate what the market is going to be, the moment we understand we can either start thinking with our own heads or just keep following who is hurting us and surroundings. When we hurt somebody else in the name of our own gain we are just really hurting ourselves. We all share the same bloody world, we are all responsible for this mess, just some of us do a lot more good things than others. We are all accountable for the overpopulation problem and this cause global warming, but people keep having children instead of adopting those who are already here. Sugar, caffeine, over the couter drugs, meat, dairy, eggs, fish, pesticides, chemicals, poisons like arsenic…..this is what most people eat every day and then we wonder why our society is this way? have you ever tried eating natural, organic, vegan foods for over 40 days straight without any of that bad stuff? Do it and see how your state of mind changes. Western medicine has its place in this society but certainly not to cure much less than emergency cases, accidents, fires, sudden heart attacks…………, the latter can often be avoided with correct diet and exercise and a daily dose of happyness.

  159. The photos look just like so many “Morgellons disease” photos I’ve seen. I suspect environmental fibers stuck in a scab can become embedded in new-grown skin, and it’s embedded fibers that seem to be the best “evidence” for this “disease.” Though I’m not ready to dismiss all the cases as that, this website makes some good arguments that suggest to me that what may be going on is that the Internet spreads ‘viral’ memes that can cause people with or prone to delusions and possibly also with some kind of skin disorder to form a common delusion, giving the appearance of a genuine epidemic. But I think we should also take care to listen to these people and not dismiss them off hand.

  160. Nice pics!. I peeled a random scab off os my hand and looked at it (200x) under my new Mead microscope. I also used top lighting with the scab and on my open sore. They both had mysterious black fibers (Ok maybe not mysterious). I figured either dark shirt fibers or small broken blood vessles. Anyway, I went to a Morgellons website to look at pictures of the lesions. They look almost exactly like the extreamly itchy Lichen Planus skin diease I broke out with 5 years ago. Lichen Planus is well documented and generally runs a 2 year course before going into remission. Its not life threatening but it can be EXTREAMLY itchy and make you feel like your going insane. Anyway, regardless of what it felt like..no critters crawled out of skin, it just sucked really bad for about 2 1/2 years.

  161. Nice pictures, reasonable argument, bad attitude though. I was going to say it more rudely but what the hey!

    If this many people are complaining about having a problem it’s worth looking at. If it’s simply that people are getting fungus infections and itching, scratching and then having embedded fibers in their scabs, then that would be worth knowing. If more than the usual number of people are having liver disorders or food allergies and that is causing itching, that is worth knowing. If the rate of autoimmune caused skin disorders is increasing, that is also worth knowing.

    It’s natural for people who have a medical problem and who don’t find a solution for it to cast about for solutions. And it’s also common for doctors, who can’t figure out what is wrong with a patient to tell the patient that it’s psychological.

    Look up Susan Sontag’s book called “Illness as a metaphor”. Tuberculosis was considered a psychological disorder for part of the 19th century. Why some doctors (who’s profession has a long recorded history of not having answers for every disorder known to man) should think that if they can’t diagnose a disorder then it must be a psychological problem for the patient, I can’t figure out.

    Anyway, I understand that when Mayo decided to do full workups on the patients they were seeing they found a definitive diagnosis for about half of the patients.

    A little more humility would help.

  162. Of course there could be new disease. That’s not what this is about.

    It’s about if there is enough evidence to tell people that Morgellons IS a distinct disease, and their fibers ARE connected to their illnesses. I just don’t think that there is.

    I’m glad you brought up the Mayo reference. I’m writing a post about that. Check back in a couple of hours.

  163. The bacillus causing tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, was identified in 1882 and tuberculosis was known to be a physical disease long before that. Sontag’s book more deals with the individual and societal response to disease than the actual medical knowledge.

    Of course, the germ theory of disease is relatively recent (late 1800s), and before that there were all kinds of odd theories as to the cause of things.

    Scientists know now that there are hundreds of causes of itching. It’s nearly impossible to say for sure that itching is psychogenic. However, there may be other strong beliefs that the patient has (like, worms coming out their skin that only they can see), that would count as delusional. This does not mean the itching is a delusion.

  164. The difference between Morgellon’s fibers and other fibers is clearly documented. Fibers in wounds are not uncommon. Morgellons fibers, however, are. They are produced by the body and accompanied by lesions, which erupt from the skin in many places all over the body. No parasites have been linked to this disease, yet, and no clear connection between a parasite and morgellons may ever be established. Once again, this appears to be a real disorder. Chances are it is autoimmune or genetic in nature, and the cure will be hard to achieve without some extensive study of the real causes in the physical mechanisms driving the formations of these truly unique lesions.

  165. The difference is not clearly documented.

    In fact, the only clear documentation on the subject is that they are demonstrably the same.

    Where do you come up with this stuff?

  166. The Washington Post just ran a large article on the Morgellon mystery. Many details in it that seem hard to explain by mere environmental fibers, though I still bet on that theory. One item was a family with at least two cases, one who died and was supposedly covered with so many fibers the morticians called with concern for their safety. Another item was a woman who, by her husband’s account, spent eight hours a day picking fibers out of her sores. Are we to believe these people roll around on shaggy carpets? I mean, it sounds like an awful lot of fibers.

    But given the reported abundance of fibers, it seems that an easy and inexpensive study would be to simply have at least one patient volunteer to stay in one location uninterrupted for many hours with a camera taking regular close-up photos of a sore to see if fibers can be observed *growing* from the patient. There’s no real mystery here until a simple study like this is performed. The only ‘mystery’ afoot is simply a lack of sufficient observations; that there’s no continuous monitoring of patients so that independent observers can attempt to replicate the observations of the patients in an environment largely free of extraneous fibers. A ‘Morgellon’s watch’ study!

  167. Meme, you need to be careful reading media accounts, they are often simply reporting what the patient told them. The patient’s observations often differ from more objective observations. Who is the source of the things you are reporting? The WP reporter did not observe these things, she was told of them by someone who thought they had Morgellons.

    Run your finger over the top of your monitor. If your finger is covered with dust, that’s about a few hundred fibers. It would take a while to pick a those fibers from your skin, one at a time – yet it’s not really very much. Remember they need a microscope to see them.

    (And if you have a particularly clean monitor, try the fan at the back of your computer. If it’s more that a month old it will have an accumulation of fibers around it. Look at them under the microscope. Morgellons? You’ll find people who think so.)

  168. well i am new here but not new to this “thing”. So you can all call it whatever the hell you like – i KNOW i am not delusional or psycotic. I see these things come up like a blister or pimple and then start eating away in a track then circle on my face, neck, back and sometimes other parts of my body. I would have to be totally demented to want to disfigure my own face!! I am itchy all the time and feel something crawling and biting me almost all the time. This has been going on for about 5-6 years. I have tried everything and now bath in animal dip to slow down the itching and break the breeding cycle. I am a normal person with a normal life and a normal brain and you would only know what this is like if you have lived with it. Dont tell me I am delusional – just find a damn cure so I can get rid of it! Don’t be so arrogant.

  169. Michael, dust does build up, but the photos of ‘Morgellons fibers’ don’t look like dust. They’re mostly red, blue, and white and fairly long fibers. I almost never find fibers like that around my dusty house.
    The Washington Post report quotes a professor Wymore who requested that patients send him their fibers. He said:

    “Even though they [ 'Morgellons fibers' ] were coming from very different places, they all looked very similar to one another. The texture and shades — a cobalt blue, red fibers that are almost magenta color — are very, very similar.”

    Now it seems to me that random samples of environmental fibers would not usually turn up to be composed almost entirely of red, blue, and white fibers. Most people don’t wear mostly red, blue, or white cloths or have that limited color selection of rugs. But that’s the case with most samples of ‘Morgellons fibers’ I’ve heard of or seen in photos. This seems to favor a non-random unique origin of these fibers and to disfavor the theory of their being random environmental-dust accumulation.

  170. Those are the primary color of fibers. If you look at the dust under a microscope, you’ll see fibers of those colors. The fibers that Morgellons patients find are often very small, like 2 mm in length (1/10th of an inch)

    Look at these photos:


    Search that page for “dust” and “wet dust”. Those are the fibers people are seeing. Red, white and blue – and this is just dust from my office.

    Try the postit test. Peel off a clean postit, verify that there no fibers on it. Then rub and dab the sticky part all over some test object, like your face, or arm. Then see what is on it. Nine times out of ten, you’ll have some red, white and blue fibers (and some other mysterious stuff). Those are the “Morgellons” fibers.

    It’s just just dust though. It’s fuzzballs from clothing too. If you are wearing socks you can probably find some on your feet. Look at them under a microscope. Compare with, say, morgellonsusa.com

  171. Okay, I just made several random samples of naturally collected dust around my house viewed with a 20X pen microscope. The most common colors (in fact *all* the colors except for a few of my hairs) were white, red, and blue. The reds and blues were *exactly* the same as ‘Morgellons fibers’ I’ve seen in photos. It’s deceptive at first because the dust looks gray to the naked eye. But seen with a scope there are bright red and blue fibers in there, and they’re not varied in tone, all I saw were bright n deep, just like the “Morgellons fibers’ shown on line. They also look ‘long’ when viewed under magnification.
    These simple findings are virtually conclusive to my mind. My criterion of random-fiber color, contrary to my expectations just moments ago, now strongly supports if not outright confirms your random-environmental-fiber hypothesis. Good job here dude!

  172. Thanks for taking the time to look Meme. It’s a bit counterintuitive – but everyone who looks close enough (at just about anything) will find red, white and blue fibers. Just nobody believes it, until they actually see it. (it’s a bit like when you look at your monitor with a handheld microscope – no matter what color you are looking at, you’ll just see red, green and blue dots).

    So well done for actually looking.

  173. Ok…. I’ll go along with kkk comments that was posted earlier. Only, I’ve only had this BS for about 2 years now . I didn’t read all the posts but skipped through several of them. I didn’t notice too many people with complaints about the itchy crap .. just seemed to me the same arguement over and over. Anyways, I live in OHIO … Is this crap all over the United States ??
    BTW … I DO NOT like going to the Doctor !! but, I have been to several over the last year and 1/2 trying to get SOMEONE to tell me WTH this crap is and how to get relief from it.
    For all you people that know what I am talking about …. I don’t know anything about any stupid fibers growing under my skin or being lodged there after a sore developes, but ripping those damn bumps open seems to stop the freaking itching.
    Allegery doctor told me to take allery pills until it went away… Some freaking help he was ….. $400.00 dollars for the allergy tests to be told “your not allergic to anything”
    Best one is ………. YOU HAVE SCABBIES !!!! Another $200 down the drain
    Now believe ME ……… I do NOT go to any freaking doctor for the fun of it !!!!
    Lets see …. Eczema was another one … From a different Doctor
    Oh yeah …. BTW …. I have Twin boys that are 11 years old … One of them has what appears to be the same thing as what I have. He scratched sooo damn much on himself that it looked like someone was carving all over his body with a razor blade.
    I seen someones comment about STRESS …. I doubt an 11 yr. old has much STRESS
    The other boy…… nothing My wife…….. nothing
    One comment made earlier was something about … Lichen Planus skin diease
    The guy said something about 2 1/2 years to go away ….. I hope that is what it is, means that my son and I only have about 6-8 months to go !!!!!!!!!!!

  174. I’m neither a believer or non-believer. Morgellons seems to fall into the “we don’t know” category. I know I don’t have it. I don’t know with certainty whether it is a true physical ailment or psychosomatic–either case demands attention IMO. One web site I looked at described the tops of “fibers” as snake heads or something similar and talked about bio-genetics–I can’t really buy into that. But clearly something is going on. In some cases, the fibers in peeled off skin or scabs may indeed clothing fibers. In other cases, the fibers may be something else entirely. One should not assume that we are looking at one cause or phenomenon here.

    As for Doctors, most think in the box and often don’t see the bigger picture. Heard of “black hairy tongue”, a very real condition–consult the Mayo Clinic Family Medical Guide. Seen picture of roundworms, tapeworms, or hookworms–one of my cats has roundworms, I’ve found them in puke and stool, but don’t know which cat for sure. People can get a number of nasty parasites as well. I suffered through two illnesses (not involving parasites), each for several years until the condition got so bad, I just told my Doctor that “I can’t take this anymore” or the _real_ problem became so very obvious, they could not ignore it. And they run the simple tests for the most obvious possible causes of a condition, because HMOs demand that. My third health issue is well understood, but it’s gotten to the point that it too, is no longer tolerable. My third/fourth health issues, probably life long issues, are understood to some extent but very difficult to cure–they can be successfully medicated for some people, but not all and those medications often have intolerable side effects. I’ve had to apply for disability and have waited about 3 years w/o a hearing or final decision–hey, just shoot me now and get it over with and stop screwing around with me and so many others.

    For those with Morgellons, good luck finding a cure or even some understanding. There seem to be several ignoramuses here with no apparent medical background or knowledge who just love shooting you down. Try starting a USENET support group an Google Groups if you have not already done so–it’s easy to do.

  175. Osama, you either just heard of this, or you don’t read too much.

  176. Osama,

    You may consider “Morgellons” to be in the category of “we don’t know”, but just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean that there’s not an extremely large group of people that do know. The knowledge is out there, and most doctors are very aware of the fact that “Morgellons Disease” does not exist.

    If you carefully study the issue, you will come to that realization too. Please don’t think that we have always had this knowledge, but it is knowledge, nevertheless, not just opinion. I’ve carefully studied the issue of Morgellons for 6 years now. In fact, I used to think I had Morgellons Disease.

    After a short while, I realized that I didn’t, but I continued to think that others did. Finally, I came to the realization that the people who think they have “Morgellons Disease” have other known diseases instead. Many of these people have been previously diagnosed with what they really have, and those diseases also account for all of their symptoms. Some people, however, do have multiple diseases and health problems.

    Many “Morgellons” patients have “chosen” to believe that Morgellons is what ails them. They have completely closed their minds to the truth. This is often because of they have psychological needs that this belief directly or indirectly fulfills for them. Much of this fillment comes through their so-called support forums. Those forums do not support the individual, but rather support the incorrect belief that Morgellons is a disease.

    A lot of quack researchers and doctors are joining the Morgellons movement for the purpose of exploiting the people that believe that Morgellons is real. These people are criminals of the worse sort, taking advantage of people that are, in their present thinking, mentally incompetent. The belief that Morgellons is a disease, is a delusion, and the quack researchers and doctors reinforce it.

    Tall Cotton

  177. i am a sufferer of 9 mths but its getting better all the time those who dont believe have never had endless nights of crawling sensations.if theres not a cure soon and people do not listen.its gonna take 100 drs to get it bfore somthing is done and thjen its gonna be to late for everybody .i personnaly believe if they would figure out how to get the bugs out of the inside of you with sulfer or somthing and then have somthing on your skin to eliminate them as they come out to breath we would all be free from this nightmare.i have figured out how they work its just gettn down to that last one

  178. those of you who do not suffer with this disease do not need to explain anything to us because if ther is not a stop to this madness you might soon know what it feels like and i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy.its bad this year because we had a dry summer and no winter and these mites have taken on human hosts and thats my OPINION.

  179. I’d never heard of Morgellons until recently, but it reminds me of a weird skin condition I had about nine years ago. I have no history of mental illness and have never abused drugs. In fact, having that dreadful skin problem led me to go back to school to study psychology. I now have a master’s degree in educational psychology and a much better job. I believe there was a psychological component to my problem, but I think it came AFTER, or as a RESULT OF getting the condition or disease, whatever it was.

    I blame it on a sofa that someone gave me. Boils formed on my legs. When I picked at them, tiny egg-like things came out of them. I put antibiotic salve and bandaids on them, but they kept getting bigger and new ones formed. I put a small container of vinegar over one of the boils and a tiny black bug type thing came out into the container. I saved it. The next day, I had the sensation that I had bugs crawling all under the skin of my legs. I went to the doctor and showed him the bug. He ignored it, referred me to a shrink, and told me to quit picking at the sores. Worse, he seemed angry at me, or afraid of me, like I was a threat to him. I was begging for help and he was practically pushing my out of his office. I’d never had problems with him before.

    By that evening, I could no longer stand it and went to the emergency clinic. The doctor there diagnosed me with scabies (no one I’d been around had scabies) and gave a bottle of stuff to put all over my body from head to toe. It helped a lot, but the boils started coming back. I’d already gotten rid of the sofa. Then my daughter started getting them. I read that pyrethins killed insects, so I made a paste of pyrethrin powed and lotion and put it on our boils with a bandaid to cover it. It seemed to work better if it was not exposed to air. That seemed to kill them, but we had to be really persistent and put it on them at the first sign of a red spot.

    The boils ended, but then we both started getting inflamed hair folicles on our legs. It seems like the original bug either brought another parasite with it, or made us vunerable to it. When I picked at the hair folicles, a tiny fiber came out EVERY time. It was curled up at the base of the folicle. It didn’t seem alive to me, but I didn’t look to see if it could move. It was about a quarter of an inch long, and there was at least one blue one in each infected folicle. If there were two, one was always red and one blue. I never found more than two.

    I thought they must have been something of a cross between an insect and a fungus if there can be such a thing. I was really fearful of them at first, but finally decided this thing would not get the best of me. I experimented with different salves and stuff. I don’t know what finally got rid of it. It was only on our legs. I washed out sheets daily in bleach when possible trying to prevent reinfection.

    My daughter was only twelve. Her pediatrician suggested that she start shaving her legs to see if that helped. It seemed to, but only if it was followed by peroxide, witch hazel, or something. I think shaving uncovered the pest and made it more vunerable. We tried all kinds of commercial skin treatments and the thing finally went away. I think we developed some immunity to it. Neither of us has it anymore, thank God.

    So, I don’t think Morgellons is totally in the minds of the sufferers, but I have to say some of the symptoms that people are attributing to it sound like the symptoms of meth addiction. For that reason, I suspect that some of the complainers are meth addicts in denial which makes it all more confusing – not that they aren’t suffering as I’m sure they are.

    I also think having a skin disease that you can’t get a quick cure for can really mess with your mind. You just don’t know until you have been through it. People, including doctors, are afraid of the unknown. It would be nice if we knew it all, or had a book with all the answers, but we don’t. I don’t know what I had, but it was real, and I got rid of it. I suffered a lot of indignity with it from having my doctor not believe me and having those nasty open sores to seeing my child infected and wondering if I’d ever be back to normal again. I am. And I really feel for those going through this, or something similar.

    All I can say is, don’t get angry at those who don’t believe you. It’s not their problem, and they aren’t feeling it. Anger, hurt feelings and arguing don’t help. You need facts, good science, and the hope that things can get better. You may have to wait for the science to catch up. We live in a consumer driven world, and there isn’t much money to be made in researching Morgellons – at least not yet, but I think this thing is contaigous.

  180. I think it’s well established that a patient’s interpretation of their skin situation is all that’s needed to establish wherein lies the problem.

  181. I’m sorry. It’s late, and I don’t think I made much sense. What I mean is, that when someone starts explaining their thoughts about what they have, it’s pretty clear to a doctor that they primarily need a particular type of medical assistance.

  182. I hope I’m wrong, but I have read that this is nano tech self replicating microtubes.
    If that’s true, we’ve got some clever adversary out there playing havoc with our population…

  183. This itchy, fibre thing is real…

    What interests me is how many sufferers are also adopted?
    How many of you are a subject of mind control?
    How many of you have IFID chips in you?

    Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide, Citrus Acid, Salicylic Acid,
    Tomatoes, Grapefruit, Oranges, Lemons.

  184. It’s always been my opinion that the disadvantaged believers/patients of “morgellons disease” are the subjects of mind control. The Morgellons Research Foundation and all “professionals” involved with “morgellons disease” have had nothing standing in the way to prevent them from bullshitting such vulnerable patients into believing anything they want.

  185. Something tells me I’d better follow up my last comment. I certainly didn’t mean that believers/patients were already at a disadvantage due to having implants controlling their thoughts before they’d even heard of “morgellons disease”.

    I’d meant, based upon all the information I’ve seen over the past three years, that many/most/all patients have illnesses associated with a lack of insight, and that the charlatans know, well, the evil game that they’re playing with them.

  186. The red spot is probably the eyespot of that parasitic organism, but that’s just my guess. Here are some pictures of what has been coming out of my skin (yes, they’re all shown with a dime for reference, you no-life, anti-Morgellons bloggers; so don’t even start with me):


  187. hg,, most of the fibres mg patients have posted have been with microscope,, these are huge ,why not show a picture of yourself with all this coming out..sorry it looks like in my drain from tub, we have tons of that stuff.


  189. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline is on the home page of the Morgellons Research Foundation, and has been there for a few years:


    People with serious health problems often contemplate suicide, so this number might help them. If anything, Smilykins posting the number is an acknowledgement of the severity of the intense suffering of many in the Morgellons community.

  190. Thank you, Michael.


    Dillion King, Travis Wilson, Karen Stern, and others that I’ve seen morgies refer to, have committed suicide. Would it have made you pleased if I’d told Roy to go ahead and kill himself? Geesh. Yeah, like you can even explain yourself.

  191. The hotline is for help , and if you do phone it that means you want help and I hope people do phone it instead of the other..My wife was there and at her last , if I wasn’t there , I am sure we wouldn’t of gotten her the help she needed. I stuck it out and it was hard ,very hard .. You will not get help on the morg. websites ,they need company and they have refused advice from there drs. and are turning to anyone that will listen to them ,and guess what , on those sites they listen and give out bad advice , or who runs them ,, drs. in the background getting referrals ,, anyone here get a pm from them on their sites to a dr. that will diagnose you ,over the phone even.. come on ,,internet is for money making scams mostly and don’t follow them.. If your on this site , you are looking into it deeper and getting a better prespective of it , that alone should send you back to your dr. and stop all other treatments that have been found on those websites.Listen to your own dr. and follow advice even if you don’t like it, would you rather live not being cured and staying on those websites with the others .If the hotline phone number is posted there ,that should be a warning , usually other things are going on also , treat one thing and go on to the next and the next , things will be better.. The few here have gone through it and know with experience . Please anyone following this site thinking they have it , stay with your dr. and listen to them and take whatever they give you . It does get better and goes away..

  192. Greetings to all,
    I have read alot of different points of view on this site, some, very pro help for the interpereted suffers and others that, although there points may be valid to render, they have the tendency to come off abrasive, with little compassion for the sufferer, as well as minimal contributions to science.
    I am open to just about any suggested diagnosis for what has ailed me for almost an entire year. There have been numerous tests performed, albeit, most pointing towards some parasitic issue. All have been negative!!! Thank- God!!! There are so many symptoms that have plagued me during this. My Dr, my fiance and my beleifs have kept me from succumming to complete failure of reasoning, and although there have been many tears, I wholeheartedly beleive in science, and too beleive one day we can figure this out. If my symptoms were presented 20 years ago, I beleive I would have been diagnosed with (Delusional Parasitosis).
    For the first time in my life, I have not been diagnosed with a definable justification for my said sysmptoms. This my friends has created my first epiphany…..TRUE FEAR!!
    Not even some of the situations I have been involved with while missioned up as a Navy SEAL compare. All of you have my greatest sympathy.

  193. Mike,, are you saying you have morgellons or has the dr. confirmed you have it ,, or did you self diagnose through internet.Best thing you can do is keep doing tests to eliminate things and not figure it out on internet , All those sites will tell you that you have it and they don’t even see ya.. Sounds like you have a good dr. that will try anything as with family ,, Let dr. diagnose you ,, best thing you could do . I had bleeding one time in stools ,so I self diagnosed and ended up having cancer ,after getting courage to go to dr. and after colonoscopy , it was just hemmoroids , I freaked out for a week before that after I self diagnosed. Stay with dr. and use the internet what it was designed for .. porn.. (only kidding).Come back here after your better and let us know what it was..

  194. This is not a Morgellons support blog and even if it were, compassion won’t ease anyone’s symptoms. I feel sorry for people who think they have Morgellons, but my compassion also includes being sorry that the Morgies can’t comprehend the fact that Morgellons does not exist. They can’t accept the fact that they have something else wrong with them. And I’m sorry that they continue with their unshakable beliefs that they have Morgellons, despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence to justify that belief, and they do so without any comprehension of the fact that this means that they are delusional. There’s you some compassion!

  195. I hope none of you ever have personal reason to believe us.

  196. by the way, I totally agree with you, tallcotton.
    compassion will not solve the problem.
    I didn’t come for that. I came for ANSWERS. I’m sick of being sick.
    I’m ready to get a life, maybe waste my time criticizing some lame flamer’s.

    On the other hand, legitimate sufferers can find help through some of the really excellent research and support groups, which have helped me tremendously, and have given me hope, NOT by holding my hand, but by the speed of light research and reporting that is only possible among a group of people who are NOT scientists, because we do not have to follow any protocols other than what stops the symptoms or eliminates the problem TODAY. We are not subject to the controls of a chemical company, to a university, to a dot com, to a dot org, or to dot YOU.

    One to check out is birdmites.org, without a doubt the absolutely best and most amazing group of thinkers I have ever met, who just happen to be brought together in cyberspace because they share something that I really do hope you never believe in.

    Life’s short. It’s a big world out there.
    If you’re lucky, you can still get out there and enjoy it.
    Or you can stay here and be miserable.

    If I were you, which obviously I’m not, but if I were…
    I’d go have some fun.

  197. btw I don’t care if you call it morgellons or plutons or … just make the damn things quit taking whatever it is you say they don’t have and sticking holes in my skin.

    I haven’t found a really helpful morg site yet. I’ve found more useful stuff about morg at birdmites.org.

    sleep tight…

  198. Katiejill ,, I think if you are on this site , you are actually trying to find some answeres ,but if you are on the other websites , you are getting sucked in , dr. H. contact you and want to do a phone consult for you for like 250 dollars an hour , hell i will diagnose you for cheaper than that .If you are trully sick , why would you listen to other people that you don’t know and try the obscene things they are doing or the logic in some of those people on what it is doing to them, do you not think an mri or ultrasound would pick up fibres in your body floating aroound aimlessly until they decide to pop out.Actual Drs. do know what they are doing ,if you don’t want to listen to them and try your drs. way , then good luck on those other sites ,and happy staying sick ,because you will never get cured there. good luck and try your dr.

  199. Thank you, lp. I repeat what I said before. I hope you never believe me, because obviously that would require you to have it, and I do not wish that for you.

    I want to get well. I would rather be hunting. But this year I haven’t even practiced shooting. Maslow has kicked in. Fun’s over because at this point it is survival I’m talking about. I’m really kind of freaked out right now because the petrolatum and lanolin and beeswax lotion that has been controlling this at a manageable level while I wade through the medical professionals in hope of someone who realizes that even if no one (CDC) hears a tree fall (has issued guidance) does not mean that the tree didn’t fall (I dang sure have SOMEthing).

    Something has changed and I now have this THING on my left wrist, all under the skin and resembling one of my mom’s age spots, and still for now below the skin.

    About the same time I read about something that while it isn’t making it go away, does fade the intensity and stop the progression, or has so far.

    Then yesterday I forgot to put it on my wrist and arm and went to work without it. By 3 pm yesterday there was a spot in the middle of the larger red area that had turned nearly black — still no broken skin though — and by the time I drove home the dark center of the spot was starting to sort of blister up.

    That freaked me out because I have NOT been experiencing what I understand other morg folks have, the threads coming out of the skin and the open lesions and all that. So I thought I had something else. Of course that begs the question as to what IT is. Frankly, though, I am less worried about what others call it than I am in getting rid of it so I can get back to my photography , but I frankly don’t care about the labels, I need some relief from the biting and from this weirdness).

    I got my newly acquired homeopathic stuff on it about an hour later and the bubble didn’t get any bigger after that, and the redness began to abate a bit. By bedtime the bubble was nearly flat again and the area seemed to be healing. Of course now I’ve been burned by making that assumption, so today I made sure I remembered to coat my arm and wrist thoroughly before dressing. The area grew slightly, but only the new area was bright red, and the bubble did not return.

    I just looked at the area again as I was trying to describe it to you, and I noticed a tiny bright red speck near the edge of the area. It looked like I could flick it off.

    I don’t know what is going to happen with this, but I am trying another route, this time going through the military medical system as I have access to that but have not yet taken advantage of that benefit.

    I’ll sign off here. Thanks for reading this, and for the note of compassion in your message, I wish you and yours good health always.

  200. hunting and photography, both, I should say. though I will put the camera down and pick up a bow in a second…

  201. OK I’m liking this blog better because when I first visited all I saw were–I thought–(no life?) debunkers getting their grins saying I’m crazy.

    However, today I see active, even proactive discussion, with an underlayer of compassion. I require no one to agree with me. However I appreciate it when the favor is reciprocated.

    Now we’re bloggin’!

  202. wow, I just checked out the morg org site michael, thank you.
    I had gotten so disgusted with CDC’s general attitude and the fact they though they should be leading they seem to be following that I didn’t realize that MRF had pushed them to take a new stance…I’m going back to read more.

  203. Katiejill I think you are on the wrong site,, I looked at those pictures on your last comment ,when my wife went through it ,it was open self induced sores ,yours is red spots .SO you have been to a dr. with this ,you are not describing fibres coming out like others ,why would you diagnose yourself with morgellons ?

  204. Thx lp, really I haven’t, it’s what the things that come out of me look like that has caused some other folks to suggest that it might be. Me, I’m not sure. What comes out of me has these forms:

    (1) a cottony white ovoid shape. Egg probably. This does not have anything but a cottony texture, no “spaghetti legs” or thready looking things coming out of it.

    (2) the life cycle seems to have options at the next stage. Not sure if it is a response to external stimuli that determines which, but here are the two versions I see.

    (a) Usually the next thing that happens is that some clear and some tinted “spaghetti legs” (thready looking things) start growing out of the ovoid shape. Some but not all of the “legs” have “feet” similar to those on a gun tripod, and also flat bottomed. These usually have at least a little red at the foot end, sometimes the red extends the full length of the “leg” which may (or may not) indicate that these are used for feeding, though if so, I’m not sure how they get to the blood.

    (b) Very rarely one of the cottony eggs will sprout two stiff little (whiskers? swords? barbels?) on either side of one end of the cottony ovoid (egg?). In each case that I have seen this, I found the critter when it was delivering a particularly vicious biting attack (on me, of course) and, since I do not know for sure that the egg can deliver an attack.

    I am falling asleep while I’m typing. I will try to pick this up again in a couple of days. Thanks again, Michael, for this forum, and thanks to the others for helping me home in on what this might be.

  205. Hi again, in addition to trying to get over this stuff, I’ve been writing a lot and have my own little library group. It’s not totally devoid of the signs of classic DP, but then when I read the table of symptoms, they sound like a lot of people who don’t know each other describe pretty much the same set of symptoms, and have been flexible enough to seek the advice of several medical professionals who either ridiculed them, scared them, or refused to see them at all (can you imagine a professional person behaving that way?) I am curious as to how the hippocratic oath could have such a vacuum around people who present/declare a particular set of symptoms.

    No one has a problem with psoriasis, toenail fungus, athletes foot and crotch rot, and of course eczema, all of which are caused by organisms, and all of which get under the skin. Obviously any infection caused by a fungus or bacteria or virus is caused by a living creature, which treatment is designed to kill so that the symptoms of their presence will go away.

    Even scabies, though it is handled hush hush, and lice, the same, carry less stigma than morgellons.

    This seems to be the only one of all of these in which if a patient
    1) describes symptoms,
    2) has been desperate enough/had the initiative to learn about their condition to the best of their ability,
    3) hopes their personal research will aid the doctor in diagnosing them properly and eliminating the torture, and
    4) genuinely asks for help,
    then the patient is considered to be
    a) presumptuous (the nerve, trying to figure out for themselves what they had before dealing with the expensive and convoluted medical system).
    b) stupid for the same basic reason,
    c) inflexible because they do not think that they are crazy, and, of course,
    d) crazy
    is treated in anything like this fashion. It is tantamount to having back pain that no one can find a reason for. The person is still hurting, even if other people cannot figure out why.
    This institutional disparity is no more than institutional discrimination on the basis of the person’s belief that they may have morgellons because their symptoms seem to match a list of symptoms others experience.
    And institutional discrimination is just as wrong, even when so well established, as personal discrimination.
    What really really gets me is that I don’t understand the fuss. Is there a site like this for the other maladies mentioned above? Is there a scabies, psoriasis, lice, eczema watch blog?
    Why, oh why, do you give a hoot?
    I will leave you with this thought: Remember the question about whether the tree made a sound if no one was there to hear it fall?
    Well, the answer is this:
    The tree made a sound when it fell, whether we heard it or not.
    And it sure as heck fell.

  206. Morgellons is NOT an ‘unshakeable’ belief.

    The CDC do NOT investigate ‘unshakeable” beliefs.


    Is there any news from the CDC in the US newspapers at present.


  207. Hi Gillian. No, there’s nothing on the CDC’s investigation in the media. There is unlikely to be until they release some report. The likely outcome is that they are going to say that there is not a new distinct disease, and that the fibers are unconnected environmental fibers.

    I wish you well Gillian. You have ups and downs, and I just hope the future holds more ups for you.

  208. Have to agree with Michael on that one. Morgellons first started out as the “fiber disease”, which was very intriquing to say the least.

    But the ones who believe in it have added in WAY too many symptoms now….everything from the initial fibers, to little animals living in their noses, thru their DNA changing to plant-like biology, & including little thingies that supposedly can’t be pulled out of the body by a Mack truck.

    This is the very reason the Morgellons community isn’t being taken serious by those who have the knowledge & resources to do something about it. Morgellons has turned into pretty much a cult, with rabid followers who won’t accept ANY answer other than the one they want to hear.

    And the saddest part is that people with REAL & ALREADY KNOWN diseases often fall easily for their rants & conspiracys…..when they could most likely find a cure for whatever disease they DO have by using resources other than the Morgellons forums.

  209. What the hell i personally wanat to thank you for now i dont feel so alone thisis hurtin my neck and i have huge craters l7 on my head and this is what i get when i dig in them its awful they are controllin my life i am in so much pain

  210. please help me too for i am with red and i feel them ghey are strong – i live on invermectin i do the silver i do cleasings i dont eat sugar rice
    i have done the clay the tea tree garlic oregano oil the baths with sea salt i have nothing but oraganic – i have white threads now comin out after baths?/ I am scared for my children also have the fibers in saliva and snots it attacks when immune is down or do opiots i belive it all and it is scarie shit i remember in 2005 when i got a bite on my foot an there was nothing there and shit it felt like a green head bite~! a pimple like thing formed on my head after i had a heat rash for a day and then this year it takes over on my neck my lymph nodes have been swollen for a month and half i feel i am at teh end of my like there strong and i have tried the equine all oxi ben fenben the invermectin is bewst topically and orally- this is contagious i know for my kids have – the microscope dont lie is this in the water and foods for it has 3 different cycles its strings are tehse from the combolla pest webs from them to increase there poplulation within aer they dead when they come out i have seen teh fibers connect and move doesnt sound dead to me- this world is crazy and to belive cd and the mass is nuts for itf one has this thye know this is a X- file and there not right this is sooo painful. God be with us

  211. I am new to this whole conversation but what i am feeling is very real. I feel things Crawling on my ears, eyelids legs and body it started last week Friday after getting my hair done, this person who was doing my hair used some kind of fog insect control for roaches I never felt the same there after. I am scared to even talk about it afraid anyone would say am going crazy. I don’t know what the feeling is but is making my life a living hell.

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