Hardly rocket science, anyone who has been to a nightclub in the past thirty years would have noticed that white clothing fluoresces blue-white under UV lights (UV, Ultra Violet, Black Light, Woods Lamp, same thing). Particularly white cotton, including the white fibers in denim jeans.

Yet, Time Magazine says:

Dr. Gregory Smith wants people to know it’s not all in his head. According to the Gainesville, Ga., pediatrician, white fibers have been burrowing into his skin for the past two years, making him feel like he’s under constant bombardment from insects or cactus needles. Shine a black light on these fibers and they’ll fluoresce blue, he says, just like something you’d see in The Twilight Zone.

And the Morgellons Research Foundation says:

They are generally described by patients as white, but clinicians also report seeing blue, green, red, and black fibers, that fluoresce when viewed under ultraviolet light (Wood’s lamp).

It all started with Mary Leitao, who “showed the doctor how the fibers glowed under an ultraviolet light”.

So what’s going on here? Why does the MRF and their publicity department not know that practically all white clothing fibers fluoresce under UV light? Why do they keep repeating that their fibers fluoresce as if it’s something special?

If they can’t get that science right, something that is practically common knowledge, then what else might they have got wrong?

Here’s some white acrylic fibers at 200x, with normal and UV lighting.

flouresenct-acrylic-bottom-200x.jpg flouresenct-acrylic-uv-200x.jpg

Not like something out of The Twilight Zone, just normal clothing fibers.

Update (Aug 1st, 2006): For an explanation as to exactly WHY they fluoresce, see here:


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  1. Well, it’s like what I’ve been saying. We can look at two aspects of this, because there seems to be two. There are a lot of sick people on the MRF crew. When it comes to those treating their disease, I think they have another motivating force at play. However you serve it up, this myth is exploiting vulnerable people. I see no solution to it, either.

  2. As I said in the last post, this Time magazine story tends to push me more in the “Morgellons is a fantasy” camp. I had considered the Georgia peditrician to be one of the most seemingly reliable cases, but it’s obvious from the Time article that he’s having mental problems- he admits he’s on disability leave from work. The part about the fiber burrowing into his eye clearly makes him seem delusional.

    He still needs help and to be taken seriously, but not for burrowing fibers.

  3. I think the whole MRF crew is nuts!!

  4. Robert, did you also know that the Georgia pediatrician (Gregory Smith) is the director of the medical advisory board of the Morgellons Research Foundation?

  5. Unfortunatly that article is a serious article written on a credible website. How come they never question this man about the worm that burrows into his eye? Also, hasn’t Wymore already said that these “fibers” are not living organisms? So then how would they be able to burrow into a guys eye? There are so many holes in the story of Morgellens I have a hard time beleiving people actually think they have this condition.

  6. About Dr. Smith…

    “He describes looking into the mirror one night, only to see one burrow down into his eye.”

    “I tried to grab a hold of it with tweezers and it would not come out. It was quite painful, so I threw up my hands and went to the Emergency Room with my wife.”

    “The symptoms are so unusual that they just don’t make any sense. I even question my own sanity from time to time.”

    “But even with CDC involvement, Morgellons sufferers like Smith are still frustrated that they haven’t been asked for their input.”

    Yeah, right…


  7. Dr. Smith has also been diagnosed with neuroborreliosis (Lyme Disease).

  8. http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1220349,00.html

    In the meantime, Smith says he’s just trying to keep up with the simple things in life. Unable to practice medicine for the past year because of neurological and cognitive problems he believes are a result of the disease, he says he is overwhelmed by mundane tasks like housework or hobbies like working in the yard. “From day to day, I can’t predict how I’ll feel,” he says. “It’s understandable why many people are skeptical about this illness. The symptoms are so unusual that they just don’t make any sense. I even question my own sanity from time to time. But if this is all psychiatric, please give me something to make it go away.”


    My wife, Judy, and I were infected two years ago. I subsequently developed significant neurological symptoms and have been unable to practice pediatrics since May, 2005. I have also been diagnosed with Neuroborreoliosis (Lyme disease with nervous system involvement). Judy and I have many of the constitutional symptoms common in Morgellons patients in addition to the odd skin symptoms we all share.


    Neuropsychiatric findings: Controversial presentations of late-stage disease or post–Lyme disease syndrome include depression, anxiety, schizophrenic-like psychosis, bipolar disorder, and dementia.

    To reiterate, Dr. Smith said, “he says. “It’s understandable why many people are skeptical about this illness. The symptoms are so unusual that they just don’t make any sense. I even question my own sanity from time to time. But if this is all psychiatric, please give me something to make it go away.”

    Why he isn’t treating his mental symptoms, says to me that he needs someone to advocate for his health, because he isn’t capable.

  9. “But if this is all psychiatric, please give me something to make it go away.”

    This “all or nothing” attitude seems to prevail with Morgies. They don’t seem to be able to understand that their problems are “both” mental and physical?


    that just came out 30 minutes ago-OR three days ago….I can hear it now…..LIES!!!!

    Now, I really would like to know how I can wake up one day and see on the news that Lyme has suddenly spread overnght into 46 States!!! uhhhh, okay, how? uhhhh, (someone should shout out an “R” here) for R’ is the first letter in the word Rabbits! Yep , must have been all those Tulerema rabbits in Texas that spread Lyme.

    Okay, maybe it took 3 weeks-for this was how long in between checking the stats of Lyme prevalence in our nation I would usually
    go b/t calls re: Lyme.

    Now, last thing I wanted to say is a comment on some Lady’s article I just finished reading on Lyme. It had came out in late April of this yeat….OMG, it had everything under the sun in her possible diseases that is considered Lyme…from Erlochia (sp) to

    my all time favorite: the new cat-scratch disease and the bartonellas to parasites, toxi gondi, microsporidia, purple spots,




    QUESTION: I’m assuming since Lyme is so prevalent now in our country, that is WILL now be covered by insurance, right???

  11. I don’t think the distribution of Lyme has changed much since 2004:


    Looks like you would see a lot more Morgellons in the North East if there was some connection with Lyme.

  12. Today on Lymebusters:

    If you use a blacklight you will see them everywhere if you look at sunlight coming in your house at the right angle u will see these clear threads flying around.

    And speaking of a Lyme/Morgellons connection:
    (Warning: Don’t do anything the following web-site recommends without consulting a doctor first).

  13. Dr. Smith was reportedly diagnosed with neuroborreliosis. Neurological problems are also symptomatic of late stage lyme disease. His mental problems are obvious. In his case it seems likely that there is a connection.

    The MRF reports that virtually all of their registrants have been diagnosed with lyme disease. I don’t believe that any figures that come from the MRF can be trusted, but it seems obvious that most of the Morgies have mental problems.

    Is there a connection to lyme disease. I don’t know!! But I think we were talking about the Doctor.

  14. The Morgellons fibers are NOT nematomorphs. I think you know that though.

  15. Bummer. I’ve just got the “old time” cat scratch.

    I wanna know what “The Callus” is. Can somebody ‘splain dat, please?

    “The Callus”, is…..

  16. girl, don’t even get me started on that damn callus!

    Lord Smiley nooooo…….but …..maybe Cliff or Greema or Cilla …..orrrrrrr TamTam could explain.

    They have written a lot about it….(I believe Cliff termed that himself.)

    Tall Cotton, I like that name nematomorph, and I wanna be one. What is it?

  17. Michael, is it possible to turn off commenting on all but the most current post? It’s very difficult keeping track with new comments being posted to much older threads.

    Just a suggestion, dunno if the software allows for that.


  18. You could try subscribing to the RSS feed for comments. But for old posts, I’d have to set disable comments individually and add a redirect to the top post. It’s more of less working right now.

    I might set up a proboards at some point.

  19. I thought “RSS” was your initials ;)

    I’ll subscribe, thanks! :)

  20. London, for Nematomorphs, check Michael’s link on reply number 12. They’re Horsehair Worms. You can be one if you want.

  21. (Edit: comment moved from old thread to here)

    I’m new here, and new to this subject, but I offer what may help shed some light on this matter. But please, don’t take my word for any of this. Check it out for yourself. Ten bucks for a black light (18” or longer) and $10 for a cheap scope from Radio Shack (60X-100X) is all you need. (My scope is 900X).

    And, yes, I have arranged to have some samples analyzed by a professional (a long-time friend), but it will take a while, for a number of reasons. Ok. Here goes.

    I didn’t know about Morgellons when my symptoms began in 2000. Between then and now, I’d seen doctors for check-ups and mole removals. I even inquired about some of my symptoms, but they were written off by all of us. I was not connecting the dots, yet, nor were they.

    But, I got more symptoms, and things increasingly got worse. I still blew it off, rationalizing everything. By the end of ’05, they were really setting in, but I couldn’t get a handle on what it was, so I didn’t go to the doctor. Doctors work best if you can give them a clue as to what’s happening.

    In ’06, I found objects in my body multiple times and thought I was losing my mind. The first time, it was two round circles of black fiber or filament embedded under the skin on the back of my hand – one the size of a dime, and the other about half that size.

    I thought my hand was dirty. I thought it was ingrown hair. I thought it was a splinter – huh? A round splinter? That’s when I dug them out. By that time, symptoms included chronic fatigue – alien to my Type A personality, and I couldn’t focus when normally I am very task-oriented. (To save space, I won’t go into detail here.)

    In talking with friends, we discovered we were having similar symptoms. These are “phone friends” whom I rarely see in person, so we weren’t contaminating each other. We do all live in top Morgs hot spots. (BTW – the Morgs statistics are figured on percentages of people within the population – 10% is 10%, no matter how large or small the population sample is.)

    So, I began designing a database for us to track our food intake, environment, weather, stress and anxiety – any data that could help us connect the dots, to construct patterns to help us figure out what was wrong and why. It was slow going because I was getting so sick – and depressed – but I stuck to it.

    One night while working on it, I saw the CNN article, and the epiphany trumpets blared. The dots connected. I went to the web, reading till 3 a.m. My God, they KNEW our symptoms! There was a NAME for it! It’s a disease and OTHER PEOPLE have it TOO!!

    During my research, I read about the chemtrail connection. I figured it was reasonable – we live in very heavily-sprayed/trafficked areas, night and day. So, I decided to check out the black light theory – easy enough to do.

    I started in the bedroom, looking at the only carpeting in the house. The first piece I found was in the carpet – a rice-shaped granule of lint. The difference between bright white and glowing is stark and easy to see. I found normal lint, but then there was this glowing stuff (“glowies”). Flakes, balls, masses and fibers of different sizes and configurations – all glowies.

    Still following the chemtrail theory, I figured the glowies came in from outside, so I took my light outside. If the theory was correct, my roses should act like glowie catcher’s mitts. But I found ZERO glowies outside, except lint and string in bird nests torn apart by the starlings. So I went inside and looked more. Oh, my God!

    Now, I pride myself on my housekeeping. Oh, brother! I was just moving this stuff around!

    My first big discovery was that I had two Mexican blankets that totally, totally glowed. They have always had big, heavy fibers in their loosely woven cotton and they were on couches under the ceiling fan. I found their fibers (with the black light) all over the place. We brought the blankets from Mexico in 1999 and my symptoms began in 2000.

    That’s when I recalled Cliff Mickelson’s article on the cotton parasite. So, I checked more. Oh, my God, again. The airborne fibers were indeed coating everything. I had cotton clothing, rugs, pillows and more with horrid (and varied) fibers emerging from, and ferociously entwined in, the fabric. It was odd because other items, like silk flowers, had zero evidence of glowies yet they sat right next to something infested.

    I lost my standard poodle to mouth cancer. I spent $5,000 on her lesions and “allergies” which were never aided by anything doctors tried. Some – not all – of her toys were absolute fiber farms – growing out of the stuffed animals like snakes. There were short ones, just poking their heads out and 3-4” ones, coiled and curly and absolutely disgusting.

    Already noting some odd properties of these things (besides their incessant glow), I bought a microscope and a friend and I spent 6 hours looking at samples. We were absolutely stunned, dumbfounded. That was my Day of Truth – of Horrification – and it’s also when Operation Clean House began.

    I found glowies in cotton products from Mexico, Pakistan, India, China and Taiwan. I have pondered the Morg maps at MRF site in relation to shipping, importing/exporting and consumerism. Are the mapped locations also those with the most imported cotton products, perhaps?

    My theory on the CA, TX, FL – Morgs connection is that these states have a huge immigrant population (as well as passers-through), all bringing with them contaminated cotton products. We may tend to vacation more in the islands and south-of-the-border (since we are closer) also bringing back those products.

    The big cities are where massive consuming is done – from stores like where I bought glowie products: Big Lots, Wal-Mart, Garden Ridge, PetSmart and the Dollar Tree. Tons of product flow through those places. (I later called the managers – see end of this post for those details.)

    I’m willing to bet money that the 3-yr-old with the lip lesion (MRF site) has a favorite stuffed animal or blanket that occupies his mouth area a lot. Thumb sucking with a blanket stuffed between lip and hand is much more a likely culprit than Kleenex. Of course, I’m just a dumb blonde with delusions of glowing bugs all over my house, my pets and me, so whadda I know?

    I have an enviro background and I started “remediating” my “toxic” home. My husband thought I’d lost my mind, chasing “bugs” that were invisible to him. Of course, he refused to look with the black light, because he hates things he can’t understand or control – they’re a threat to him. He’d rather just deny, but that changed later.

    I cleaned in a precise remediation-style fashion and in two days, reduced my “glowie” population immensely. (It’s a long, but rewarding, slog.) As I progressed, I rechecked areas to see if they’d become recontaminated and to what extent.

    Over night, my husband’s tiny bathroom was absolutely covered again, after being cleaned, checked and the door closed. I was shocked, so I got my light and discovered I’d forgotten to check the new (but washed) cotton rug I had just thoughtlessly put there (I told you I was blonde). The most hideous discovery yet – a thick, black loop weave with a white fibrous worm-looking beast-farm appeared – 1,000’s of them all standing upright among the loops – and I was standing in the middle of it!

    Leading him to his bathroom, I insisted he look at the recontaminated countertop. He shrugged, as if to say, “So what, you psycho.” So, I moved the light toward the floor, revealing the rug on which he was standing. He literally jumped back and gasped. Now he’s helping me decontaminate the house – no more name calling. He won’t even look at the microscope, and I can’t blame him.

    To date, I have no more fiber snaked through my eyelashes; I’m not constantly fishing slimy “oogies” from my eyes. My eyesight is improving and the floaters are diminishing.

    Now that I know a little about what’s happening with me, I know what herbs to take to at least mitigate the symptoms and hopefully stop the creatures. (Lots of details, but not here.) My husband is starting the regimen – he has symptoms, too. My dogs and birds are another story.

    Whatever these things are – fungus, mold, parasite – they are absolutely sinister, and I want them out of my home and out of my body.

    As far as zapping them with electricity, is anyone familiar with a TENS unit? They’re widely accepted/prescribed in the medical field, and that’s basically what the zappers appear to be.

    And if these glowies are living organisms, they surely do have a frequency at which they thrive and one at which they die. On the surface, it sounds pretty wild, but with some thought, maybe not so much. It would be a wonderful world if you could play a frequency on an amplified zapper and rid your entire household – contents and all – in one shot.

    I knew I had to let these store managers know about their glowie-containing products, and I am so glad that I did. I rapidly went through the whole story, from CNN to MRF to black lights and worm-infested rugs and pillows.

    After listening intently, one manager named specific symptoms and asked if they were Morgs symptoms. Bingo. She said that she and two stockers were suffering from those symptoms (including the rashes) and couldn’t figure out why. (Products I bought at her store were really super-contaminated.)

    One manager already knew about Morgellons and promised to pursue his own personal investigation into the products, with very piqued interest.

    One manager sheepishly asked, “How do you treat the lesions?” and “How do you get rid of these things?” Enough said.

    I have no doubt they conducted their own investigations. I requested them to contact their buyers and home offices if their testing yielded positive conclusions.

    I’m asking you all to do the same. Do a simple investigation and then offer whatever comments you have. Remember my husband before he saw the rug? It will hurt nothing, and it may very well reveal unwanted visitors (and will at least show how you boys don’t have perfect aim – contrary to popular belief – in the bathroom :-) .

    Once acknowledged, many other questions arise from this phenomenon. Maybe the CDC has known about this quite a while. Who’s to say the chem planes aren’t doing “ag spraying” to kill these varmints? MRF isn’t very informative, but the liability connected to revealing more info or speculation may be overwhelming. Who knows?

    Consider the financial fallout and also how panicky people could become (ala War of the Worlds) from widespread announcement – I can see Tall Cotton beating someone over the head for the last gallon of ammonia. (Sorry, TC, just funnin’ with ya.) Or people freaking out because they discover parasites are in their bodies.

    No. The corporate coffers shall perpetually overflow, and the masses must remain calm and constantly consuming. If handled correctly, this could actually be a real economic booster to multiple sectors – globally.

    It could be successfully revealed if the spin were just right, if it were well planned and controlled. Maybe we’re pummeled with bird flu news and not Morgs info because they’re still formulating how to make the most money from it while getting their advertising strategies in place. Let another fear campaign begin! Wow, what cynicism!

    Last but not least, when I got a chance I looked up Cliff Mickelson’s article. I sent him a thank you letter with a more detailed rendition of what I wrote here. I think he’s right on the money – ahead of the rest of us – and I’m very, very thankful I saw the info.

    So, did I just throw raw meat to the wolves? How’d your testing go?

  22. I have the cure for morgellon’s disease.It’s all natural with no side afects.Already been tested in California.On a young lady by the name of Vanessa her doctor ran test and found out she was totally infested with these parasites.they had gotten to her brain tha migrains headaches and joint pains were umberable.the test ran last week shows she is totally free of these new breed of parasites.For more info please contact Steve or Vanessa at (-deleted-).The longer you wait,is very bad because this new bug won’t as we speak entire families are being infected.

  23. Neely, this blog is not the place for infomercials. Please provide a link to the test results if you wish to share the information.

  24. The problem with black light is similar to the problem with microscopes. First people are told something is there that they can’t see. They are skeptical, then you whip out the black light (or microscope) and show “it” to them. What was invisible is now visible. They are convinced.

    I’ve got a black light, I’ve looked through my house with it. There are lots of “glowies”. White cotton seems to glow the most, particulary socks and underwear.

    Why does it glow? White cotton and wool have a natural slight yellowish color, and you want it to be brilliant white. How do we do this?



    White textile articles become yellowish on storage. This undesired effect can
    be removed as follows:
    (1) By using chemical bleaching agent such as hypochlorite or peroxide. In this method, there are chances of spoiling coloured goods and damage the fiber.
    (2) By using small amount of blue colouring matter, which absorbs yellow light and due to this yellowed fabric appears white.
    (3) By using fluorescent compound which absorbs ultra violet light and converts the energy into visible light of higher wavelength. In this way, a yellow appearance can be corrected by the emission of a corresponding amount of blue-violet light by the fluorescent compound. The effectiveness of fluorescent agent depends on the presence of ultraviolet light in the illuminant.
    Brighteners are also used in textile processing and the manufacture of paper. They are also used in plastics, waxes, polishes, cosmetics and in hair rinse. They are also used in the manufacture of synthetic fiber of all types.

    For fluorescent substances to act as brightening or whitening agents, the emitted light must be essentially blue light so that it effectively neutralises the normal pale yellow or cream colour of so called white materials. In practice the dominant wavelength of the emitted light must be around 450mμ.

  25. I had to stop reading, right here……”Of course, I’m just a dumb blonde with delusions of glowing bugs all over my house, my pets and me, so whadda I know?”

  26. Thank you, Morgellons, for the info! I have reached no final conclusions and fully appreciate all offerings. My goal is to learn and maybe help others.

    My lack of sci smarts is why I looked up my pro friend. We’ll see what that yields.

    However, a glowie particle, placed next to a piece of white sock lint, reveals a stark contrast between them. And what about the colored items that glow?

    I simply know that I had a severe fiber problem in my home and emerging from my skin. It even landed in our coffee, and I do not live in a pig pen.

    The light revealed a glowie farm of immense proportion (whatever it/they are), connected to very specific items.

    As the closed-off bathroom indicated – these things quickly become airborne and coat – no, more than coat, they attack – specific willing hosts.

    I do not want to bias opinions. If I write the many details I have, it could taint findings of others. And I am curious as to how many folks find the very same micro-creepies that I have.

    Even the samples to be analyzed have only numbers on them – no ID or source. I’m trying to keep this as valid as possible.

    My health history parallels my current theory, albeit it correct or not. And Hollywood could use some of the scope slides as sci-fi main characters.

    Thank you very much for the info.

  27. Hit Submit too soon. The last Anonymous post obviously was from me.

    Smileykins – surely you admit that for a dumb blonde, I write well. Too bad you didn’t finish reading the post. Thanks for trying, anyway.

  28. Long ago, when I partcipated in lymebuster’s message board and first saw the guy’s name and tried to dissuade morgie people from visiting the link he’d provided, I’d concluded some things about him. Apparently, I may have been wrong, and he is the-way-he-is due to another factor I’d been unaware of, at the time, until recently.


  29. Everyone will find the same “micro-creepies”, glowing fibers are everywhere.

    Try this: compare your “glowie particle” to a speck of your laundry detergent under black light.

  30. I “try” to read everything that is posted on this blog, Glowie Huntress. I just don’t have it in me, too much anymore, to read such disturbing accounts of those who are convinced that they have something called “morgellons disease”. I know such people, as you, can’t see things any other way, and that you’re compelled into trying to push your ideas off onto others. I absolutely understand that completely, and I am very sorry. Of course, I know that people of any hair color can fall prey to this type of illness that’s being called “morgellons disease”. You just gave me an “easy out” to save myself from reading any further, with your self proclaimed put down, that’s all. I’ll probably try reading the rest later on. I feel for you, and for your husband, and I’m very, very sorry.

  31. Not to dispute but merely point out, re: the rense link article:

    Under “Inside the Box” … mental disorder … “feeling of bugs crawling on you” –

    Scabies comes in epidemic waves, last time I heard, leaves for years and returns.

    A main symptom assoc with scabies is the “feeling of bugs crawling on you” – because they ARE on you, only subdermally. You can’t see ‘em, but feel ‘em.

    I also remember hearing about something called “no see’ums” – happened to friends on honeymoon in FL. Anyone know about ‘em?

    Morg – I will definitely try your test and write my findings. I want to compare multi things, look at scope, yadda yadda. Thanks!!

  32. “As the closed-off bathroom indicated – these things quickly become airborne and coat – no, more than coat, they attack – specific willing hosts.”

    Of course, you don’t sound as if you can be persuaded any differently, but for others who will read this, who can, we send toilet paper particles into the air in our bathrooms, every single time we tear off a section.

  33. Well, guess what else causes the sensation of something crawling, biting, stinging, and buring, that you can’t see?!!!

    ALLERGIES….Had them all my life, so I ought to know. Fun to live with? Heck, no.

    Process of elimination and avoidance.

  34. Did the nuts come out of the woodwork this morning, or what?

  35. Glowie Huntress said…

    “Of course, I’m just a dumb blonde with delusions of glowing bugs all over my house, my pets and me, so whadda I know?”

    Tall Cotton said…

    I don’t think your mental problems are related to your hair color.

  36. Wow! You guys have been busy while I’ve been gone. There you are, Tall Cotton – I figured you’d have something to say. You can’t rile me because I’m not trying to prove anything – merely communicate.
    The blonde comment was a sarcastic stab at my hubby who started out with a different attitude than he has now. It was not at all directed toward any of you. We’re all smart at something (hopefully) and TC, you’re right – it has zip to do with hair color.
    Lastly, I’ve never been in one of these forums before and do not spend a lot of time online. I expected you to be more brutal – thanks.
    Anyway, you can’t expect to hear from me as much as today, but I promise I will check in when I can – even if I have info to present that contradicts my current theory. I don’t mind admitting I’m wrong, if indeed I am.

    I’ll check back ASAP. Have a good one!

  37. Double blind, random sample, testing using the scientific method is the only way we will find out if “Morgellons” exists or not. Running around your house with a blacklight and a cheap microscope is no way to test any theories on this because like Morgellon said you could come to his place with that same equipment and find “glowy stuff.”

  38. Not for me. I KNOW it doesn’t exist, because I’ve been in these people’s shoes before.

  39. I’m rude, and I apologize. The people who think that they have this, have already had a very unnerving disruption in their lives to try coping with. The reason that I’m so incensed, is because there “may have been” just a real slight chance that a few such people could have been a bit more able to move on, just “possibly”, if they had never heard of one disturbed woman’s creation that began over the internet.

  40. 911 Says:
    August 1st, 2006 at 3:06 pm
    Double blind, random sample, testing using the scientific method is the only way we will find out if “Morgellons” exists or not.

    You’re absolutely correct, of course. But therein lies a problem. How on earth can anyone assemble a patient cohort from the “Morgellons population” that can be expected to adhere to trial protocol, follow all instructions given to them by the trial investigators and absolutely never ever self-medicate, for the lengthy duration of a scientifically valid clinical trial?

  41. Well, Wymore says:
    “I am 100 percent convinced that Morgellons is a real disease pathology”

    So obviously there is something he can observe in the patients that indicates this is a real disease pathology. All you have to do is find out what this is, let’s call it “the Wymore indicator”. Explain this to a neutral dermatologist.

    Then get ten morgellons patients, and ten dermatology patients who have a similar level of lesions, mix them together, and have the neutral dermatologist sort them into groups based on the Wymore Indicator. All patients are instructed not to talk or move unless directed.

    Unfortunately, Wymore has not explained what the Wymore Indicator is. What exactly is it that makes him 100 percent sure?

  42. and what does “disease pathology” actually mean? Is that a misquote?

  43. Pathology: The anatomic or functional manifestations of a disease, or the scientific study of such.

    The pathology is not the disease itself, it is the observable and quantifiable symptoms.

    Please keep in mind that Wymore is not a doctor, and may not be completely versed in the terminology.

  44. Disease: “any deviation from, impairment of, or interruption of the normal structure or function of any part, organ, or system (or combination thereof) of the body that is manifested by a characteristic set of one of more signs or symptoms, including laboratory or clinical measurements, that are characteristic of a disease.”

    It’s the fibers, stupid!

  45. It seems the phrase “real disease pathology”, has only ever been uttered by Prof Wymore:


  46. From that mysanantonio.com article
    KENS 5 Eyewitness News on July 25th

    Dr. Rhonda Casey (Wonder if she’s related to Chaz’s Cindy, with the same last name? Oh, well.)

    “If it were not for the fibers, the patients would all be taken seriously. So I think even though the fibers may be a key to helping us diagnose this disease, they have also been a hinderance to it even being accepted as a real disease in the past,” she said.

    Wilson and Miller, 1946; Wilson, 1952; Obermayer, 1955
    W. G. Waldron, 1962-1963; Schrut and Waldron, 1963

    “The supposed “bugs” or “creatures” are believed to change colors; appear and disappear while they are being watched; enter the skin and reappear; invade the hair, nose, and ears; and to persist despite repeated treatments of the supposedly infested house by competent pest control operators and despite frequent bathing and applications of ointments. If the person, in most cases a woman, brings in samples of the supposed pest, it invariably consists of small bits of lint, cloth, dandruff, scabs, sand particles, dirt, or miscellaneous debris. Occasionally, by chance, innocuous insects or insect parts are included with the debris. There is usually a long history of ineffectual visits to medical doctors and/or dermatologists before an entomologist is seen. The skin has often been injured by frequent and sometimes desperate scratching and cleansing. The presumed pests offered for identification are frequently wrapped in tissue paper or stuck onto tape, although occasionally they are contained in a small vial. The patient is confident that microscopic examination of the collected samples will reveal the creatures that seem so real. One patient returned to the author’s office 3 times during 6 years, each time accompanied by a dubious and apologetic husband, but each time confident that the cause of her troubles would be found. Another has called repeatedly concerning “termites” that were believed to be “eating out” her insides and occasionally emerging from the joints of her arms and legs. Presumed specimens sent for identification were, of course, scabs and other debris.”

    More from the San Antonio article:

    “I pulled some fibers out, and I was just taking a look at it, and the fibers just started to move around, kind of around each other,” Cindy Casey said. “And I screamed to Charles (my husband), ‘Charles, come here and look, because everyone’s been telling me I’m crazy. Charles, look at this,’ and he looked at it, and yeah, he saw it too.”

    “This one I didn’t want to believe,” Charles Casey said.

    Incidents like that are just one more bizarre part to this puzzling disease that seems to be spreading.

    “There is the slightly frightening component to it that we don’t know what causes this. If more and more people are coming down with Morgellons, we need to get a handle on this,” Wymore said. “Is there an environmental component that needs to be addressed? Is it contagious? These are all things that we don’t know the answer to at this point.”

    *Most of their many doctors they’d been to, already told them what it was. In my opinion, they WERE taken quite seriously.


    Most patients present with complaints of tiny insects or mites crawling under their skin, biting, tickling, or burrowing. Itching is seldom the primary complaint. Lesions may be present, although neurotic excoriation may be the cause. Other skin damage may be present, resulting from intense scrubbing (eg, steel wool, metal scratch pads) or use of harsh chemicals such as gasoline or bleach. In one study, 82% of DOP patients presented with “evidence” of their infestation that included tiny, nonharmful insects, dust, specks of debris, and skin or ear scrapings wrapped in paper or in jars or vials.

    A consistent and diagnostic feature is the patient’s absolute conviction that he or she knows exactly what is going on. The patient may also be angry that his or her physician cannot even see, much less eliminate, the “bugs.” The medical history often has a persuasive, yet idiosyncratic, logic, and the patient may be so convincing that others in the family secondarily share in the delusion–a folie à deux.

  47. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/417324_1

    Oops, sorry, sent that above link to page 2 and not the intro. I know that not everyone feels that DOP is involved with everybody who thinks they have this, but it is for the largest percentage that I know of personally.

  48. We do not know if “Morgellons” is a disease. At this time, we have no “evidence” that the fiber infestation causes any deviation from, impairment of, or interruption of the normal structure or function of any part, organ, or system (or combination thereof) of the body.

    The fiber infestation does cause distress so the cause and cure need to be found.

  49. OMG, that was creepy to see his quote plastered all over, like that. He might chant that to himself a lot, too. “I am 100 percent convinced that Morgellons is a real disease pathology”. Ya just never know, that might be part of his daily affirmation routine. Haha.

  50. We all realize that, Greta, and I know that we all feel badly for everyone who is afflicted with fibers.

  51. While I no longer believe that Randy Wymore is in this for money, I remain convinced that he is not qualified to render any authoritative opinion on the existence of Morgellons (or any other “new” disease).

  52. I always thought he was in it because he is ill, but it could just be that he needed something to….nah, I still feel he’s in it because he’s quite ill.

  53. Greta said…

    “The fiber infestation does cause distress so the cause and cure need to be found.”

    in·fest (n-fst)
    1. To live as a parasite in or on tissues or organs or on the skin and its appendages.
    2. To inhabit or overrun in numbers large enough to be harmful, threatening, or obnoxious.

  54. Yes, the damn obnoxious fibers in or on tissues or organs or on the skin and its appendages.

    Someone, please call the FiberBusters.

  55. Greta,

    Your original statement implies that the fibers are alive. It hasn’t even been determined yet that there are any fibers except those that are stuck in scabs. As far as I’m concerned, none of us know anything, except those things we can prove. Thus far, by default, there is no Morgellons.

    Tall Cotton

  56. Source: WordNet (r) 1.7

    1: invade in great numbers, as of pests [syn: overrun]
    2: occupy in large numbers or live on a host;
    3: live on or in a host, as of parasites

    Source: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

    Infest \In*fest”\, a. [L. infestus. See Infest, v. t.]
    Mischievous; hurtful; harassing. [Obs.] –Spenser.

    Infest \In*fest”\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Infested; p. pr. & vb.
    n. Infesting.] [L. infestare, fr. infestus disturbed,
    hostile, troublesome ; in in, against + the root of defendere:
    cf. F. infester. See Defend.]
    To trouble greatly by numbers or by frequency of presence ; to
    disturb; to annoy
    ; to frequent and molest or harass; as,
    fleas infest dogs and cats; a sea infested with pirates.

    I ment to imply not that the fibers are alive, but that they are present in great numbers and frequency, which trouble greatly.

  57. Hey Greta, did you do the burn/sniff test?

  58. It has been determined by a profesional medical doctor that I have fibers embedded in my skin where I have are no scabs or lesions.

  59. Yes, strangly, I can not smell the fibers when I burn them!

  60. Greta, stick your arm on a scanner, and scan a bit at 4800 dpi, see if you can show us the fibers coming out.

  61. Probably not enough of a sample. Maybe you could collect a tufts worth and then burn that.

  62. Maybe I should empty out my case of match boxes ;)

  63. I do not have access to any scanner higher than 600 dpi, the fiber quality is poor looking.

    Plus, how can a still image show something “coming” out of any thing. It would appear either to be partially embedded, punctured in, or sticking out. It may be argued that I poked it in or injected it in to my skin. How could such a scanned image be proof of anything?

  64. It’s evidence at least that fibers are embedded in your skin. If you showed pictures of blank skin, or fibers just laying on the surface, and claimed there were fibers embedded, then that would show you were delusional. It is a step on the ladder of evidence.

    And I think they are going to rename it the ziplock sign :)

  65. I have a curious nature, but I usually don’t ask about things, unless they’ve been brought up. Of course, it’s nobody’s business, but as somebody’s mother, I’m just wondering, Greta. I know that you’re a grown woman, but does your mom know, or have any opinions, about how you’ve seen your doctor over 50 times, so far, completely free of charge? I apologize for being nosey, and of course, you can feel free to tell me to go blow.

  66. Dear Glowing Huntress,

    I read your post w/ interest and I went thru those same motions that you did. Our illness may indeed somehow relate
    to that fake cotton worm that they created (the one that Cliff talked about) I do not know for sure. I do know that there is a helluva lot more to it than that.

    I also like to read Cliff’s writings. I also do not believe a damn word he says. I have my reasons for this and I’m not trying to cast a negative light on him for malicious
    reasons. Just the truth.

    Someone mentioned above…..the worms being alive or not? Yeah
    well, if you think that RNA is a “real worm” then sure, I’ll go for that one too.

  67. Hey, what do you think of this fiber here? FYI: it does take
    Windows Quick Launch to view…..


    PS: Dear Glowing Huntress, uhhh, do you mind explaining how you were able to EVEN hit the submit button that kept you anonymous up above? You see, it can’t be done….unless????

     (Edit by Michael: fixed link)

  68. Hey London, was that squid nerver fiber in reference to something, or just an interesting video.

  69. # Smileykins Says:
    August 1st, 2006 at 9:53 pm

    I have a curious nature, but I usually don’t ask about things, unless they’ve been brought up. Of course, it’s nobody’s business, but as somebody’s mother, I’m just wondering, Greta. I know that you’re a grown woman, but does your mom know, or have any opinions, about how you’ve seen your doctor over 50 times, so far, completely free of charge? I apologize for being nosey, and of course, you can feel free to tell me to go blow.

    My mom does know and understands. The reason my doc does not charge me is because this is the first time in his 27 years of practice that he is “lost.” He does not feel right to charge me because he does not know how to solve my problem.

  70. I’ve described, before, how fibers, and other debris, become embedded within morgie peoples’ epidermis. The outermost layer, the stratum corneum, has 25 to 30 very thin layers of dead cells, and our acid mantle, a combination of sweat and sebum, coats it in a protective film. It needs careful, balanced, maintenance.

    To help illustrate a point, here are a few old comments from Lymebusters message board, from about a year ago:

    Topic: Body being preserved by a film?

    #1…I know this sounds really dumb, but sometimes I feel like I am being preserved. Like this film that is covering my entire body is covering me and nothing can penetrate it. My skin feels like there is an additional layer to it and that layer is water repellant. I don’t think it is the antibiotics that I am taking, it is definetly something else. I just hate the way my skin feels now. Ugh! Maybe all those preservatives in food is doing something internally to our bodies, like preserving it, just like the food.

    #2…i know how u feel i took a long bath today.thinking it would take it off. like u said that film will not come off, i though maybe i was useing to much lotion.but would’t that just wash off?could it be fungus? protected its self.


    This, of course, has nothing to do with lesions with fibers in them. Their skin is literally suffocated from not sloughing off and renewing itself, due to the thick, invisible, buildup they have on it. That surface film will become real gummy when they try to bathe, and the crud will ball up, and be difficult to remove. It’s the same stuff that soap scum consists of, in ring-around-the-bathtub. They need their skin cleansed well, so it can breathe, and to limit using emollients in excess. Lots of environmental fibers are trapped inside there, I guarantee. Rubbing their skin, applying lotions and oils, makes the fibers roll up and look like little cocoons.

  71. Michael,

    Good Morning, You asked what the squid video was referencing~

    The hypothesis that glial cells synthesize proteins which are transferred to adjacent neurons was evaluated in the giant fiber of the squid. I was snooping around my favorite guilty university, Stanford and found a couple of videos while searching where everyone else that wants to find out what this damn illness is…..The Cells, The Ptoteus,the cloned bacterias, the buckeyballs, the supercondors….

    somewhere along those lines lies the answer(s) to so many of our delusional fiber illness questions….

  72. Excuse me- in reference to the above post of mine, I should have said “where everyone else SHOULD be searching.

  73. From that recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story:

    After a bath….

    “The boy snuggles into his mother’s lap, dried off, quiet and agreeable. Mary Leitao rubs him with the prescribed scabies cream, making gentle circles with her hands. In the years that follow, the mother will think often about this moment, cursing it, re-examining it and pinpointing it as the start of everything. As Ms. Leitao rubs, something fiber-like emerges from the boy’s skin, she’ll later say. As a biologist, she’s mesmerized. As a mother, she’s horrified.”


    *She shouldn’t have been, especially, being a biologist.

  74. haha, funny you! Have you ever met Ms. Leitao? Just curious.
    I have not.

  75. “In the years that follow, the mother will think often about this moment, cursing it, re-examining it and pinpointing it as the start of everything.”

  76. Okay, you guys I have just got to share this. Abouyt two months ago I was being my usual self, Queen Google, when I ran across a certain word that sure did sound suspicious to Morgellons. I posted about it on that monitoring site-Lymebusters, but did not get vvery much feedback at all. I then posted it on that other strange forum website, Biology-online > The Fiber Disease.(the one ran out of that college in Tennesee, Rhodes college)

    Well a very intelligent man named John Kern answered me back by saying ” Oh, London, that is nothing; just an old bacteria.” So, of course me being the “I gotta know now dammit, type” started to do more searching.

    The word? Morganella Morganii. I believe I have mentioned it here on this blog before too. Nevertheless, two months ago
    I could only find 2 pieces of info on it. It just said a Bacteria that was discovered in the late 30′s and the other said it was discovered in the 70′s. Here we go again…..confusion, lies, coverup. (My opinion).

    Now, today, well it’s strange to say the least. I now find the word all over the internet! How come the big change???

    Here is an article here talking about this and histamine in fish. The other article I read today said a lot of people with this experience the unpleasant, Sepsis.

    So, what do you all say?


    Here is the original one I read- Pdf file….


    PS: I think the Primetime Show tonight is doing something about this disease. FYI

  77. I meant to say above that the second hyperlink above (Pdf one) pretty much summed it up as being “Enterobacteria’

    and now whoa buddy, look what this article has to say about it;

    89. Morganella morganii ( Penicillin and Tetracycline
    what????? If this is what we have (us crazy people anyway) you gonna tell me it’s antibiotic resistant?

    Man I ‘ve been about to blow sickness everyday by taking the forever nausiating Doxy! Well, maybe this is not talking about my illness anyway, but gosh, sure does sound like it though.
    (see # 89 when page opens- it’s listed in the column to the left.)


  78. oh, I see….that’s from me London up there in those two post talking about Morganella. Hmmm, Michael, when did you change the format to allow anonymous posters?

  79. London, this blog has allowed anonymous comments since it moved to WordPress (from blogspot). However I would appreciate it if you could still enter your name when posting a comment. If we get a lot of “Anonymous”, then it’s difficult to follow who said what.

    I have edited the above three comments so they now say “London”.

    I would also appreciate it if you try to say on topic. This blog is all about discussing if there is a real disease called Morgellons, examining the presented evidence, and discussing the MRF’s media campaign, and the role of the media in respect to Morgellons. Dragging up obscure bacteria is not really moving things forward. You need to establish some actual evidence of a distinct disease first, before you begin speculating regarding causes.

  80. oh, I see, thanks for putting my name there. You see, earlier this morning when I posted here, it automatically listed my name. It always has since I’ve been posting here. But anyway, I’m glad you listed my name.

    Now as far as your comment to me about staying on topic, I’m exactly on target. (all except for the media campaign by the MRF.) To that, I do apologize.

    You said Michael, This blog is all about discussing if there is a real disease called Morgellons******************

    That is exactly what I was doing above on my post! I mean sure, the name had vaguely changed from Morgellons to morganella morganii when I wrote up above, but I sure as heck was talking about the topic “Morgellons”.

    and Michael, you see there is a lot of importance to this morganella word in my opinion, why? Well, as you referenced above that is was just an obscure bacteria….that is not
    the case.

    Nope,,,,the powers that be (mr. scientist make-up words man) has Morganella now listed as an INSECT as well as a serious pathenogen/ bacteria, I kid you not….


    but I will certainly try to oblige with your request, I will.


  81. All of the symptoms listed on the Morgellons Case Definition can be caused by other known diseases. There’s no reason to look for a new disease or pathogen.

  82. I would never have any occasion to meet Mary Leitao, London. If you’d read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story, in the link where that excerpt from her came from, it’s very revealing.

    Chicago Tribune’s July 24th article:


    Excerpt from Randy Wymore, PhD:

    ‘When dermatologists say these patients are either intentionally scratching themselves or it’s just fuzz from their clothing, well, there’s no way that would be visible under unbroken skin,’ Wymore said. ‘Do I have any clue what’s actually going on here? Absolutely none. But there’s no question about the fibers: They are not just environmental contaminants.’

    Well, morgie people happen to do like most people, and they do intentionally scratch themselves when they itch, but many obviously get too carried away. I’m against, and in disagreement with, the MRF, and, with PhD Wymore’s perceptions, 100%. There “is too” a way that fuzz, fibers, and any other matter that has settled onto the skin’s surface can become embedded within the stratum corneum’s layers of the epidermis, making it visible under unbroken skin.

    Many morgies misunderstand exfoliative processes, and, upon broaching the topic, take offense. There’s no reason for taking offense. One can bathe without exfoliating. There is a possibility that dry skin, from sun-damage, and the effects of dehydration, from inadequate water intake, and low humidity levels, have a role. Arterial blood gases and anemia too, could have a role. There are simple ways to remedy such things as that. Seborrhea and/or Psoriasis, could be a factor, also, though, for some.

    The slow down in the skin cells’ turnover rate has quite a range of possibilities in this group of people. Of course, there are some who strip their skin on a regular basis. There are those who apply toxic chemicals, ranging from furniture polish, to pesticides, bleach, and lighter fluid. All of these people have problems, without question.

    I unintentionally evoked anger, at attempts to promote better health and understanding inside this group of people, when I posted on their message boards. Naturally, I honestly touched upon things with a very heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity, back then, too. They were not interested. Most morgie people have their skin in either in a state of hyperactivity, or a state of hypoactivity. I’m just addressing their skin, here, and not all of their other, combined, health matters that comprise that ridiculous case definition that was made up to have this appear to be a new disease.

    Again, any opinions I have on the topic of “morgellons disease” are not to be taken as a reflection of anyone else’s views. I apologize to everyone, here, that I discuss this topic so freely, now. Michael, I so much appreciate your blog, and your magnanimous spirit.

  83. A long time ago, back in Morgieville, I was collecting specimens from the corners of my living room. I found a small spherically-shaped organisms that emitted orange light. It seemed clear that it wasn’t merely reflecting light, but that it was actually producing and emitting it. Wow.. what a strange little creature I had found.

    I put it in a pint jar, along with some debris of various shapes and size, mostly fuzzy stuff. I was very much afraid to touch it. Several days later, I realized that the little glowing orb was a tiny plasic bead. Just another day in Morgieville.

  84. I have to correct a mistake I made in reference to morgie message boards, when I’d said, “Naturally, I honestly touched upon things with a very heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity, back then, too.” No, I wasn’t well received when it came to the topic of Dr. Schwartz, because I said what I thought about him. Also, near the end of my time there, due to seeing one person’s posts that had seemed sincere, but they got right back into harmful substances only a couple of days later, I became upset and made an emotion-driven comment.

  85. Some of the claims of the MRF seem to be sketchy, at best, but it seems to me that they are claiming that the blue, black, and red fibers are also fluorescing. Does anyone else read it that way? And do you know whether or not any clothing fibers other than white, or other real light colors, fluoresce under UV light?

  86. HOLY COW! LymeBusters CENSOR ALERT. The morgellons board just deleted and deleted and deleted negative news reports about MRF’s financial unaccountability! Dr. Greg Smith retracted his letter asking for donations. It was deleted within minutes. He tried again. Deleted again. Cliff Mickleson wrote a report about how the IRS was going to be investigatin Mary Lieto for failing to be accountable for donations received. She is unable to provide any documentation. Cliff Mickleson threatened to post at Rense.om and other places if it was deleted. That was deleted too. Now, the board is not accepting any replies or posts! Holy cow. Talk about a coverup!

  87. The threads have been deleted!

  88. Well, I guess I can stop looking for that 2005 Form 990.

  89. tall cotton

    would you consider taking care of a morgellons patient? I can arrange to have them delivered to your home maybe 4 or 5 patients? You would’nt be afraid of them would you?

  90. They took Smith’s solicitation letter off the front page of the MRF, and upped the count to 4512 to 5493.

    The letter is still on the contributions page:


  91. I’ll be interested in hearing what MRF Board member Dale Cowher has to say.

  92. Dr. Smith’s retraction letter did urge people to send donations directly to OSU for Dr. Wymore’s research, instead of to MRF.

  93. So Smiles, why’d you have to abuse your man like that? I thought he brought up a good point. Most of the reports I’ve read say that, among the darker colors, the blue fibers fluoresce, and the red and black do not. I don’t know this first-hand since I’ve never studied them with any special lights. Have you Bugs Alive…opps…I mean Tall Cotton?


  94. Get off it Houston, and be realistic. Do you hear yourself?

  95. Houston,

    No. I don’t want crotch crickets in my home.

    Tall Cotton

  96. Smiley and Tall Cottons

    You guys are making fun out of misery. There is a thing in life called Karma.
    Nuf said

  97. Im leaving your stupid post.

    sru u

  98. Greta,

    you said:

    HOLY COW! LymeBusters CENSOR ALERT. The morgellons board just deleted and deleted and deleted negative news reports about MRF’s financial unaccountability!

    I’m sorry, but I’m out of the loop! why did you say lymebusters Censor Alert? Was this a post on their site?

    or, was the MRF deleting them on their site. I’m just curious and trying to figure out what’s going on….I never have kept up w/ them too much.
    who is who….yadayada…

    thanks for anyone clueing me in.

    and, yes, Like Smiley said to Michael…a big thank you too for all your work.

    PS: Just go easy on censoring my delusions and illusions, Okay???????? :)

  99. okay, now I see Michael hyperlink re: lymebusters letter from Doc. Just call me dumbass Part II….

  100. I fixed your part I (anon post)

  101. Oh, no. I just became enlightened to meaning of “The Callus”.


  102. TC, I shouldn’t have made light of a valid point you’d brought up. I missed the angle of your question (at the time), only considering the source and the goal that claim was after.

    It’s listed under number 6, in the MRF’s “case definition” (“but clinicians report…”) and a reference to the clinician, (no doubt), is in that Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story, underneath the section entitled,
    “Galvanizing force”.

    I apologize, and I’m reposting your question.

    Comment#86 tallcotton Says:
    August 2nd, 2006 at 9:49 pm

    Some of the claims of the MRF seem to be sketchy, at best, but it seems to me that they are claiming that the blue, black, and red fibers are also fluorescing. Does anyone else read it that way? And do you know whether or not any clothing fibers other than white, or other real light colors, fluoresce under UV light?

  103. A quick investigation of my closet reveals that white is by far the most common fluorescent color, simply because that’s how modern white fabric is made now. After that, there is a small fraction of the red fibers that glow, and I had one darkish grey sweater that fluoresced.

    The MRF says:

    They are generally described by patients as white, but clinicians also report seeing blue, green, red, and black fibers, that fluoresce when viewed under ultraviolet light (Wood’s lamp).

    which I read as being more like:

    They are generally described by patients as white fibers that fluoresce when viewed under ultraviolet light (Wood’s lamp), but clinicians also report seeing blue, green, red, and black fibers.

    in intent, but who knows. Show me the evidence.

  104. Margerllons,

    Hi, I have not been online today until now. I came to read where I left off ast night and that was under your posting of the letter from Dr. Smith. It says at the top of this page that it hs 36 comments. FYI: when I click onto your link to get there, it just says error, page cannot be dispayed. Wazup?


  105. scratch that, it just let me thru. Sorry.


  106. The wordpress site has been a bit variable; sometimes individual pages vanish for a minute of two. You can usually just come back later and all will be well.

  107. Hi guys! I’m back for just a few – will try later today for more time. BTW – this Weds p.m. on ABC – Morgs segment. Now, please do your best to dispute the following:

    *Ammonia is used as a cotton pesticide and for various fabric treatments (and, as reported, it does appear to totally debilitate the glowies).

    *I have only found glowies in imported cotton products – and not all cotton – imported or otherwise.

    *The U.S. has relatively high mfg/prod’n standards. The countries our corp’ns are now operating in have little-or-no stds, which is why our corp’ns are there. – they love child labor and zero rules!

    *Omitting the ammonia (or any) pesticide treatment means more money for the CEO, etc. and it allows me to pay $1/yd for gold lame fabric that used to be $12. (I love the way the fabric bolt labels now say that “the point of origin is undetermined.” I even questioned a sales clerk about it, 2 yrs ago.)

    What is so crazy about the theory that corp’ns are cutting corners, to the detriment of our health (e.g., the Ford Pinto)? Certainly not a new concept,.

    *Why are people literally begging for help with this illness, yet doctors cannot or will not address it adequately, and all we hear about is bird flu – which no one here apparently has?

    Isn’t it a little suspicious that no authority is speaking of this – after years of reports, yet they seem to be actively seeking anyone with freeking bird flu? If these Morgs folks are crazy, why didn’t they jump on the bird flu train, if they are just nuts looking for a place to roost? Maybe if bird flu symptoms included emerging fiber …

    Plus, all the authorities have to do is officially denounce all Morgies are crazy – if indeed that is the case. The silence speaks volumes, and it’s exactly why folks are trying to figure it out for themselves.

    Somewhere those who know exactly what’s going on are probably having a grand time reading these forums. I’ll be on for a few mins, and will try to get back later, too.

  108. Glowie – all you are saying is:

    “Imported cotton glows more than domestic cotton”

    While I can’t really debate that, I fail to see what it has to do with Morgellons.

  109. I’m back. Thanks Morgs, but nope, not all imported cotton fits this profile. Not at all. But that would make sense, since cotton comes from different growers, locations, etc.

  110. As opposed to the Ford Pinto, which 5-cent part was omitted from ALL gas tank configurations. Only those who had accidents discovered the omission. Not everyone crashed their cars.

  111. One is hard-pressed to find an American-made or -grown anything these days. Congress passed a bill saying we couldn’t even have source labeling on our food for 3 more years. Whazzup with that?
    As I remember, they did that shortly after the hepatitis-laced strawberries came in from Mexico and the Chi-Chi’s restaurants went out of biz for contamination problem.

  112. I don’t find it amusing that a very
    serious and debilitating disease is
    being regarded as a mental problem
    and is being made fun of by ignorant people who do not bother to educate themselves about this illness. A very good friend has had this disease for almost two years and has finally come up with a treatment: Bee Proplis taken orally kills the parasites. Drinking Aloe Vera juice from a vitamin shop flushes them out. Don’t knock it if you don’t try it for those who have this terrible illness.

  113. So, so sorry I happened upon this site. Why don’t you self-appointed experts GET A LIFE?????

    From someone who believes in at least attempting to know what I’m talking about before I open my mouth – you people (NOT #117, but the vast majority of posters over the last several days) HAVE NOT THE FOGGIEST IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!! Further, your statements make it clear you’ve made little or no attempt to get any such idea – I know this because I’ve been an unwilling participant in the discussion since I developed this horrible syndrome in 1994. Your ‘discussions’ (altho I honestly wouldn’t say they rise to that level)also seem to assume that this problem suddenly appeared very recently, thanks to the single-handed ‘smoke and mirrors’ of one woman, but nothing could be further from the truth. Try doing your homework before ridiculing (and very ineptly, I might add)people who actually MIGHT be living in a kind of agony you’d best hope isn’t waiting for you, shortly after you fall off the earth (you do still believe it’s flat, don’t you – I mean you haven’t gone and fallen for some ‘lymenut’ claim to the contrary, have you??)

  114. My french manicure glows blue under the UV drying light– does that mean I have Morgellons?

  115. i have been dealing with all of these alleged symptoms for the past 3 to 4 years. i pull fibery thing from my skin all the time. i have given up on asking for advice from any of my doctor’s office. i ultimately resigned accept the fact that maybe i was having delusions. i am really really relieved that i am not the only person experiencing this.

    so where do i go from here?

  116. Pkmixhie, assuming by your statement that you’d given up asking advice from any of your doctors, apparently you must mean that you chose not to take their advice. Saying that you ultimately resigned and accepted the fact that maybe you were having delusions, I’m assuming, does not mean that you went back to your doctor to receive the appropriate care for the condition. Now, if I understand correctly, since you have become aware that many others also are suffering from a delusional illness, being referred to as “morgellons disease”, you’re wanting to know what to do for yourself?

    Follow what you were told by the first doctor you saw, especially if you saw even more and they’d diagnosed the same. There is no shame in treating such a condition. The brain is merely another organ in our bodies that can develop a problem. Just as a diabetic has to take insulin when their pancreas doesn’t function properly, a brain is also subject to malfunctions. It’s no big deal, it’s just the way it is, so treat it, so it can reset itself, and you’ll be better. I promise you this. Please give it a shot and end the misery. You’ll be glad you did.

  117. Just as a diabetic takes insulin DUE to their pancreas not functioning, was how I’d meant to say what I said. I hope you consider this, Pkmixhie.

  118. Don’t waste your time on morgellonswatch.com. This website is being paid for by the people responsible for spreading this disease/parasite/bacteria, whatever it is.

    Factual information can be found at:
    http://biology-online.org/biology-forum/about1958-3324.html (note that you scroll through the posts on the biology website by using the “GoTo Page…” in the upper right hand corner.

    Also see:
    http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/EID/vol9no2/02-0222.htm and here is more:

    I just found out it is from the tobacco hornworm! This is the insect that the parasitoid wasp does a number on!!


    I have been trying to tell you guys about the ricsettsia diseases, in which they now call all of them the Bartonellas:


    Lice Join Ticks As Possible Disease Carriers

  119. Sometimes factual, never relevant!!

  120. I’m guessing that Smileykins is in denial of the likely fact that he had and still has Morgellons. His rebuttals are a little too emotional and excusive, and increasingly less objective and open-minded to mounting evidence otherwise.

    That’s cuz it’s a completely personal agenda for him. He is merely projecting his own internal fear and denial upon the community at large. “It’s all in everybody’s heads, doesn’t exist and I don’t still have it, damn it! I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you!”

    At least, that’s what he would love to believe…the real truth is faaaaarrrrr too frightening to accept.



    1 down…4 to go Smileykins…

  121. Dr. Kill,

    You’re totally full of shit. If you knew anything about Smileykins you would know that she is a she, not a he. Until you get hold of some facts, I suggest that you keep your ignorant mouth shut.

    Tall Cotton

  122. Yikes! When did I turn into a male?

  123. Doesn’t matter what your gender is, the psychoanalysis still holds true. You’re deeep in denial and secretly scared as HELL.

    If not, I challenge you to meet any one of these “alleged” victims and give them great big, long hugs. Go ask for some fiber or other biosamples and play with them with your bare hands. Rub some of their debris on your arm. Would any of that worry you in the least?

  124. Dr. Kill, I find it odd that Morgellons believers often use the fact that skeptic are reluctant to meet them, hug them, play with their scabs or whatever, as evidence that the skeptics secretly believe that Morgellons is a distinct disease that creates lesions and fibers.

    If you think I felt someone was mentally disturbed, they why would you think it unusual that I would be reluctant to go out of my way to meet with them? Regardless, I don’t think that mental issues explains the whole picture.

    No, I believe that several things are wrong with the Morgellon’s believers, I don’t think they all have the same thing, nor do I think the fibers are anything in particular, at least based on the evidence.

    I think that many Morgellons believers DO have some skin conditions, as well as other potentially infectious diseases, which is why you would not find me handling their scabs and fibers as you suggest.

  125. Remember:

    Denial? When I first read things on lymebusters
    Anger? Yes
    Bargaining? Well, I suppose
    Depression? I guess
    Acceptance? That there is nothing I can do, yes.

  126. Phil, the website clicking onto your name takes us to, is about someone so deep into delusions that she picks scabs during different stages in the healing process of her excoriation broadcasting pictures of it, thinking they are something entirely differen. She’s been doing a great job of establishing rapport with a set of people, too, convincing them of this.

  127. I have reservations concerning hooking & baiting issues, and naturally, I can’t know the truth of the matter. If she’s that bad off mentally, I feel terrible. She never has come across sounding it thoush. My gut just talks to me a lot. Ha, not in a delusional way.

  128. Smileykins – You just posted 3X in a row to yourself. For someone who “doesn’t have it,” you sure seem awfully concerned about it.

    I hear a lot of self-doubt in your voice too, hence the need to constantly tell and reassure yourself it’s all imaginary.

    So tell me, what symptoms are you still suffering? Just how bad is it now?

  129. You are no doctor, but you are an idiot!!!

  130. Now that I’ve had some coffee and a chance to wake up.

    (I realize I’ve violated the “never say never”, rule above, and I have more of my usual typos. Just take it out of my pay, and write me up, Michael. There was a discrepancy in last week’s pay, that I forgot to mention, anyway, and I got an extra hour of OT pay that I didn’t even earn.)

    Dr.Phil Kill, even though you’ve thought that I’ve been an overly sensitive male, among some of your other misconceptons, you have still received a correctness in your perceptions of me. I was in denial of the overall picture, being unaccustomed to this phenomenon, and the real truth is faaaaarrrrr too frightening to accept. As hard as it is to, which is still an ongoing process for me, every day, it’s because I feel very little hope of anything ever being able to make it all better. If you can read between those lines, take that statement to heart.

    Doc Kill, I’m not “secretly scared as hell” for myself, as your mind would have you believe, but for all the people who think they have this. I think I’m rather openly scared as hell for them. I’ve tried to conceal it, but I am real scared for them, and for everyone in their daily lives. I’m deciding whether I need to take a leave of absence from the topic, as I did around this time last year, since we’re being so swamped by this now, by those such as yourself.

    I’m just playing around, as an ass clown, as I was referred to last night, of course, when I act like I work for Michael. What that is, is having to laugh to keep from crying.

  131. Thank you for making me so much stronger, doc. I ain’t about to go nowhere, now. (Pssst…and hey, calm down now, and don’t let that link TC posted make you worry. I know how mixed up in your views of the world, you all are.)

  132. I started reading about morgellons about 8 hours ago, and I must say I find absolutely riveting. The horror of living with such a condition is one that I can’t easily imagine. Thankfully, I can utterly discount it.

    But why?
    You have the CDC ‘communications specialist’
    Rutz, Dan (CDC/NCID/OD)
    direct email which is obviously noncommital to say the least, but still accepts that the CDC is to look into it. Which they are doing, but won’t yet say who is to head it up.

    I have to remind you that this is not entirely like the runaround CFID got, or is that a delusion as well? some of the afflicted here are kids, are they delusional or victims of munchausen by proxy?

    I find it funny that you (2?) are so very eager to confirm what you already know, and ofcourse jump on any venue of ridicule you come across, it really does smack of denial.

    TallCotton said:
    All of the symptoms listed on the Morgellons Case Definition can be caused by other known diseases. There’s no reason to look for a new disease or pathogen.

    That seems rather unenlightened, there are many diseases whose symptoms are similar or same, but have very different underlying causes, I trust you’ll take my word for it?
    See thats why real M.D.s sometimes take samples and tests to make sure that they know the underlying cause. The danger is when we become so full of hubris that we think that we know all there is to know, in some cases for example we can envision that under such a misconception 2 diseases share the same symptom set, but one is cheaper to make test setups for, so instead of searching for what IS the cause they exclude one and say it must be the other. Reality is that new bugs DO come about and old ones DO reemerge.

    I’ve read the various boards and see that some people do seem off their rockers, alot of them complain of social exclusion, or a lack of understanding and support. I can see how you might become frustrated. I only just read this page so I don’t know your personal histories but you seem to have intimated that you thought you were under the delusion of having morgellons? Could you tell us more about the symptoms you thought you were experiencing at that time? Are you then being treated for those delusions now? and with what if so.

    Smilykins your theory on how these fibers came under the skin is .. not plausible, to be kind.
    The body and skin will do its utmost to ensure that foreign matter is expelled, the idea that any kind of sizable fiber will somehow be absorbed thru unbroken skin is.. read above.

    Could they have been from old sores, deposits that waited patiently for the skin to heal up? as you said yourself, people tend to look themselves over closely, one of the more debilitating effects id imagine becomes the OCD aspect(But then who can blame them), and any kind of interesting material would probably be found and removed post haste.

    I also have no idea whats going on, but to dismss it out of hand seems deconstructive, there are a fair few organisms that excrete material that isnt readily absorbed by the body, chitin and cotton are examples cited on medline.For example Lagenidium giganteum, a GMO parasite that is made to .. light up under blue light.

    Funnily enough some of the Conspiracy Theory boards handle this quite a bit more professionally.

    I also want to remind you of the history of AIDS and Lyme disease, and the paucity of acceptance of those as diseases to take seriously (that can be made money from).

    There are alot of frauds in any area, especially one where there is little
    ‘professional’ help to get or places to get adequate information.

    I want to share something with you, when I was a younger man I casually asked my Dr why it was that it seemed there was alot of psychological warfare going on between individuals and groups, that I often heard people talk behind others backs’ or seemingly ignoring arguments and going for ad hominem. He offered me zyprexa, I declined. True story.
    So take that as you will, an example of a person in power with limited empathy and poor ability to refrain from knee-jerk prescription, or as a way out.

    May you know which is which.
    Amicably yours,

  133. To Unomi – Thank you for your post. I just emailed Mr Dan Rutz at the CDC.

    I told him my current situation. I said he may contact Mary Leitao the founder of the Morgellons Research Foundation who will give him my medical history.

    I pointed out to him something that is very important I said:

    “The stress this disease has put on myself and now my family is destoying us and ripping us apart. If I am dying I need all the support of my friends and family but how can they do this when they clearly need validation of Morgellons Disease to be real.

  134. Thankfully, I can utterly discount it.

    Unomi, eight hours into learning about “morgellons disease”, isn’t very long, but is interesting that you were motivated into opening your comment with that statement, and then proved that you think just the opposite. You’ll learn more as you go along, if you’re interested in the topic, but you sound “utterly” convinced of its existence, and as though you have good reason to be. A physician wasn’t doing anything extraordinary, or unusual, at all, if you’d expressed the concern that you stated near the end of your comment to them.

    I know that people have to be left alone in this type of belief, but I personally find nothing quite as digusting as to to see people trying to make this parallel to AIDs. Some people who think that they have “morgellons disease” even go so far as to say that it’s worse than AIDs, and worse than cancer I think you’ll enjoy this article on Lyme Disease, from Michael’s “FAQ” page.


    I know that what you’re in kind disagreement with me as not being plausible is not something you know much about, just as you know very little about what “morgellons disease” is, at this point in time. I believe you understand what you think I’ve said, but I am not quite sure you realize that what you’ve read is not what I meant.

  135. Let me just start with ‘Wow’

  136. Unomi said…

    I started reading about morgellons about 8 hours ago, and I must say I find absolutely riveting. The horror of living with such a condition is one that I can’t easily imagine. Thankfully, I can utterly discount it.

    First of all, I’m going to assume you mean that you CAN’T utterly discount it. I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m wrong. But what you actually said, makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Tall Cotton said…

    All of the symptoms listed on the Morgellons Case Definition can be caused by other known diseases. There’s no reason to look for a new disease or pathogen.

    Unomi said…

    That seems rather unenlightened, there are many diseases whose symptoms are similar or same, but have very different underlying causes, I trust you’ll take my word for it?

    Well, of course they have very different underlying causes. They are different diseases.

    Unomi said…

    I started reading about morgellons about 8 hours.

    With 8 hours of education you think you’re enlightened?

    Unomi said…

    I’ve read the various boards and see that some people do seem off their rockers, alot of them complain of social exclusion, or a lack of understanding and support. I can see how you might become frustrated. I only just read this page so I don’t know your personal histories but you seem to have intimated that you thought you were under the delusion of having morgellons? Could you tell us more about the symptoms you thought you were experiencing at that time? Are you then being treated for those delusions now? and with what if so.

    Yes, people do seem to be off their rockers. That’s because many of them are, literally, but I’m not frustrated in the least. I have nothing to be frustrated about.

    Unomi. I may know you, but it’s obvious that you don’t know me. If you click on my name, however, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a little bit about me.

    You might try checking back with us after you get your shit together.

    Tall Cotton

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  138. You are absolutely right, I have no idea what you are on about.
    I believe you understand what you think I’ve said, but I am not quite sure you realize that what you’ve read is not what I meant.

    But then, with vauge and ambigous wording like that..

    So lets work it out.
    Are you saying that you didnt actually mean what you wrote? or implying that I have a reading comprehension deficiency?

    Well, I think I know what you think it is, and I think I know the opinion of some others’ regarding this matter, however, if you read closely you might have picked up this lil nugget I also have no idea whats going on, but to dismss it out of hand seems deconstructive I know it might be a bit hard to follow, there are after all some allusions to double entendres, but should you be picking up on that, feel free to just focus on the first bit. I am in no way convinced of anything. I personally believe that conviction is a shortcut to ignorance. (it is a slightly depressing realization that you are reinforcing that belief of mine)

    The article on Dr. Steere was interesting and had moments of comic relief, though im not quite sure why you linked it.
    I was making a reference to recent and obvious time in history where groups of people have been denied inclusion and development of treatment because of ‘lack of credibility’, yes Ive seen Morgellons attach themselves to the Lyme crowd, even though ofcourse in ‘classic’ Morgellons id say the ‘fibers’ differentiate them adequately. You do realize that ADHD and a range of other lowgrade widespectrum disorders are also ‘pseduclassifications’ ? that fibromyalgia itself is a contentious condition? as is CFID.

    I’m not sure how you’ve come to the conclusion that you know what it is, what little ive read of your meth delusions sound nothing like this.
    You were talking having a mouth full of worms etc.

    As for your proposed method of getting sizable fibers under the skin, perhaps you can elaborate? My bet is that you’ll demure and sidetrack instead, please prove me wrong.

  139. No one ever died of Morgellons and no one ever will. People do, however, die of “real” diseases. And that could happen as someone is farting around with Morgellons. That’s why people need to get properly diagnosed and treated. No knowledgeable doctor will ever diagnose a person with Morgellons. It has never existed, doesn’t exist, and will never exist. Those are the facts!!

  140. Unomi,

    Show me anywhere that Smileykins has ever said that she ever used meth. You won’t, and she never has used it. Your reading comprehension is obviously lacking.

    If you’ll go to the fiber disease forum and look on page 326, you’ll see some interesting fibers. Then go to page 324 and you’ll see where they came from. I hope you have a strong stomach.

    These pics are just one of the many types of “Morgellons” fibers. There’s other types. Oh, yes, these are blood vessels with anneurysms. Would you say that this person is a tad off his rocker?

    Tall Cotton

  141. Hi TallCotton,

    And that could happen as someone is farting around with Morgellons. That’s why people need to get properly diagnosed and treated.

    Are you here saying that Drs in fact dont examine their patients throughly?

    Or are you saying that if someone mentions Morgellons they dont?

  142. No, that isn’t what I’m saying. I’m saying that people have real diseases, not Morgellons, but other REAL diseases, and many of them are ignoring their proper diagnoses and going untreated because they have become wrongly convinced that they have Morgellons. They do not!! Many people also worry themselves sick, thinking they have this made-up disease, of unknown etiology. They need to treat the conditions that they really have, and in many, many, cases, they also need psyche medicine. Why?? Simple. They are mentally ill.

    Tall Cotton

  143. “Mentally Ill” – Oh yeah due to a physical disease. I wish the psych. meds would work for me, but they don’t. If I take them – look out – seizures, depression you name it. Or I could really bomb myself out on Seroquel and just sleep day in and day out like I have done in the past. Not much of a life really.

  144. Unomi, I’m not an argumentative person. Since you’re so new to the topic of “morgellons disease”, now that you have discovered this blog, please, avail yourself of it. Everything that you’ve asked is found within my comments, here. I’ve been familiar with the topic a little longer than you have. Here is an excerpt that you may find interesting…

    I said so many times already, I saw that critter! After I saw it I gave it this name… Do you think the mind can make up all this things which is found on the floor in the room? I had insects in my saliva, the Saliva is sticky like hony… Do you think the mind can make this up? I hear the humming noice and that sound in my hair… Also I hear as if the room is full of insects and heavy breathing… I had a head scan and all was allright… I am 80 percent better, but it is still there and I would go anywhere, just to find out what it is.. I am a strong person and if it is an Illusion it would be gone… But it is there and I hope one day somone will try to understand it… I am lucky in that way, that it is out of my body. To say that the mind does produse the fibre is a bit far fetched…

    Everyone is different, Unomi, and, yet, very uniquely similar in many things that they experience, thinking that they have “morgellons disease”. Stick with it, you’ll learn as you go. TC wasn’t who’d had a misinterpretation of thinking he’d had worms in his mouth, that had been me, several years ago. The lady in the above excerpt seems to have had things worse than I did. I’d maintained much better control over the situation, knowing something had to be wrong with my thinking at the time. I didn’t belong to a group of other people going through something similar.


  145. These pics are just one of the many types of “Morgellons” fibers.
    really? funny none of the “Mogellons”
    think so.
    No, I do not recognize anything else in any other photo. None of that looks like our fibers. Why are you posting them? Do you have too much time on your hands or are you getting paid to screw around with sick people? NEWSFLASH: YOU ARE SICKER THAN US!!! –sabrina

    yes, these are blood vessels with anneurysms. what pictures are you referring to exactly?

    Yes, I never claimed that anyone was sane. Self mutilation is a sign of our times, BME illustrates that as well.

  146. Well, since you are all so old hand at Morgellons I wonder why you havent stumbled over this?
    External Source

    Greenslade, P. (1995:247,248,250,255,256) Australia
    p.256: “Records of E. unostrigata causing a nuisance in dwellings were first made in 1941 (PESCOTT 1942) where it was said to be “causing itch” in a hospital.
    Greenberg, Z. (1985) cited from Hopkin, S.P. (1997:3) ?:
    “There is one case in the literature of a patient who was diagnosed as harbouring an ectoparasitic population of Collembola in her hair after complaining of an itchy scalp for over a year (Greenberg 1985).

    Amin, O.M. (2004:2,7) U.S.A.:
    p.21(2003),2(2004): ” Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) include lesions [that] may also be on the scalp where they may be associated with infestations of springtails (Collembola).1 “Black specks associated with such infections appear to be metabolic waste (fecal elements) of these organisms or mycelial masses of certain fungal species.”

    p.24(2003),7(2004): “In April, 2001, LG moved to an apartment which was heavily infested with mold and mites. Lesions started appearing on LG’s face which quickly became red hot as if on fire. By May, 2001, LG had several open lesions (6 mm to 2 cm in diameter) accompanied by erythema, on her face and scalp. Her cheek pulsated as the facial lesions seemed to track to the chin where the most fulminating lesion was; nearest to her teeth. Springtails (Collembola) and fibers were recovered from these sites. “

    or how about this?
    External Source

    Frye, F.L. (1996:2-7) Iowa:
    Recently, I was contacted by an official of the National Pediculosis Society who was investigating the possibility that all members of a family that was living in Iowa and suffering from very sever and intensely pruritic mutifocal head, trunk, and pubic dermatitis were infested with parasitic collembolan (springtail) insects. Once the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia began to investigate pruritic dermatitis of unknown pathogenicity, they found 123 cases.

    Barclay, L. (2004) U.S.A.
    “In [the] single-site clinical study conducted by the NPA and the Oklahoma State Department of Health, multiple skin scrapings from each of 20 individuals diagnosed with delusory parasitosis were examined microscopically. Extensive examination using imaging software revealed evidence of Collembola in 18 of the 20 subjects.”

    ref: http://www.collembola.org/publicat/sidney.htm

    discussion: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread207884/pg8

    Funny thing is that you would have seen that if youd actually, you know, read the links I posted.

    Bemused, unomi

  147. Well, Sabrina just made a HUGE point, now didn’t she?!! Now, do you think that she is even AWARE of the point she so ELOQUENTLY made? If simple logic is impossible to apply, and the blame has to be placed somewhere, “morgellons disease” is the answer for the people who think they have it. It encompasses a whole lot of things. Michael covers them all on this blog. There is no “morgellons disease”. Now, for those who have gotten DOP diagnoses…

    There doesn’t appear to be any one underlying cause for DOP, although it probably has to do with fundamental aspects of brain chemistry. The syndrome is often classified into three types according to the underlying condition:

    1. Primary Psychotic Delusional Parasitosis — DOP is the sole psychological disturbance:

    * patients otherwise behave normally * reason in a rational manner

    2. Secondary Functional Delusional Parasitosis — an underlying psychiatric condition, including:

    * schizophrenia * paranoia * depression * anxiety disorders * obsessional states

    3. Secondary Organic Delusional Parasitosis — there’s an underlying physical illness present,including:

    * drug abuse * hypothyroidism * cancer * cerebrovascular disease * tuberculosis * neurologic disorders
    * vitamin B12 deficiency * diabetes mellitus

  148. Dry behind those wet ears of yours, Unomi. Ya got a lot of reading here, ahead of ya.

  149. Collembola? Gimme a break!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

  150. Unomi,

    I’m sad to say. You have a long, long, journey ahead of you.

    Tall Cotton

  151. Smiley
    As for your proposed method of getting sizable fibers under the skin, perhaps you can elaborate? My bet is that you’ll demure and sidetrack instead, please prove me wrong.

    are you aware of point you’ve made?


    Well, Sabrina just made a HUGE point, now didn’t she?!! Now, do you think that she is even AWARE of the point she so ELOQUENTLY made? If simple logic is impossible to apply


    No, I do not recognize anything else in any other photo. None of that looks like our fibers. Why are you posting them? Do you have too much time on your hands or are you getting paid to screw around with sick people? NEWSFLASH: YOU ARE SICKER THAN US!!! –sabrina

    what is it exactly you are reading that isnt there? what logic are you talking about? she is stating(and noone on there dissented) that it doesn’t look like morgellon fibers.

    otoh, your own leaps of logic seem to leave something to be desired? or are you were you want to be?


  152. at it again are we?… you fuckers sure like to twist things… getting dizzy yet from all that spinning?…

    i find it interesting and peculiar how a few pictures can be so mis-interpreted… maybe people should read the lines more often, instead of in between them…

    sabrina has made very few points… this wasn’t one of them…

  153. Collembola? Gimme a break!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

    Hardly the most constructive of critiques? you dont care to inform me or others on what grounds you discount it?

  154. “In [the] single-site clinical study conducted by the NPA and the Oklahoma State Department of Health, multiple skin scrapings from each of 20 individuals diagnosed with delusory parasitosis were examined microscopically. Extensive examination using imaging software revealed evidence of Collembola in 18 of the 20 subjects.”

    You do realize the implications of this? It means that atleast 18 of the 20 subjects were not examined enough to find a patently present parasite that would have explained it. Instead they were diagnosed DOP.
    Does this register at all?


  155. Tall/Smiley/Jeeze/Michaelare the same person. Its obvious. “Wet behind the ears”, “long, long way to go”, “no one has ever died of morgs and no one ever will” “self-mutilation” You should change the angle of logic and your screen names a little, that MIGHT convince someone you are not the same person. There isnt a single publicly verifiable source that says such things. This is a government cover-up and they are placing cookies and viruses on your machine.

    See ya later, TSJM

  156. MAFer, hi there, ya sweetie. Hope you’re doing all right. Unomi opened with some unusual comments, and claims to have just heard about “morgellons disease”, apparently wanting us to think they took a sudden crash course and crammed all there is to know on it. Unomi, just slow down, and R-E-A-D all over this blog. It would be a little far-fetched for me to repeat myself, when all you want to know is here already.

  157. Why would you suggest it? Collembola aren’t human parasites.

    Anything can, and just about everything does, stick in open sores.

    If one is observant, he or she will sometimes find collembola, plant debris, hair, and pollen. They will also find plenty of clothing fibers.

    What evidence do you have that Morgellons is a distinct disease? If you want fibers, why don’t you pick something that can produce them?

    Have you had time to study silkworms and spiders yet?

  158. unomi… you will have better luck debating this with a poodle… or maybe a house cat… take your pick… there are only two kinds here… tweakers and spooks…

    dop is a diagnosis of exclusion… unfortunately it is usually handed out as opinion… the cost of the tests needed are usually at the patient’s expense… you could almost argue it as a form of extortion… cough up the cash, or take the dop…

    here on this site however, it is almost free… but it is still just opinion… and bad opinion at that…

  159. Im not saying I know everything, and I would like argument based input,but, its a little much to ask me to read thru volumes of your personal attacks and chagrined retractions.

    I have just read on it tonight, thats what I do. Find something interesting and see where it leads.
    Now, again, at this point I don’t know what is afflicting these people, nor am I convinced that because you had similar experiences and now think you know what happened to YOU, that it somehow transfers to all other people that you found in the midst of your illness.
    I would admire the sentiment, as you espouse it, if it were credible. Unfortunately your rhetoric lacks substance, you seem unable to engage in an true discussion and you seem to be operating under delusions of grandeur and possibly a saviour complex, though the rancor you present on other pages seems to render that a thin veil.

    Aim above morality, be not only good, be good for something – M. Aurelius

  160. MAFer,

    If those are pictures of you and your specimens, you need to see a doctor. You need to get some help with that before you wind up with MRSA. If you are compelled to do that to yourself, they can help you with that too, if you will let them. That needs to be cleaned and dressed. You probably need antibiotics too. You may not appreciate my input, but the pictures were posted on a public forum. You and I don’t see eye to eye, but I do want you to get well.

    Tall Cotton

  161. I would have to agree with TallCotton.

    Even if you were infected with something, its extremely unlikely that a self-inflicted biopsy would do much more than tax your immune system further.
    Please do seek medical attention for atleast cleaning and dressing your lesion.

  162. Unomi,

    Think what you will!

    Tall Cotton

  163. Go to http://www.silentsuperbug.com/ and use the google video at the bottom corner. Keep laughing TSMJ . Nothing is wrong my ass. This is going out all over the place.

  164. Unomi said…

    Even if you were infected with something, its extremely unlikely that a self-inflicted biopsy would do much more than tax your immune system further. Please do seek medical attention for atleast cleaning and dressing your lesion. unomi

  165. OOps, where did the rest go? Unomi, will you please listen to what you are saying? Infection kills. That is connective tissue being mutilated, not skin, and those filaments look very much like blood vessels with anurysms on them. That is a very serious wound.

  166. Eureka,

    That’s a bunch of nonsense!

    Tall Cotton

  167. morgellons lesions do not grow staph very often… and if/when they do, bactraban cleans them right up… that lesion is almost 3 years old… it has been biopsied and cultured 5 or 6 times… no staph… it is a biofilm housing the morgellons parasite… mrsa is the least of my worries… the pics that follow are not my specimen pics… i never said they were… read the god damn lines… not in between them…

    you say to follow dr’s advice… well, dr’s also need to follow their patients advice sometimes… i asked for imaging on this lesion in feb… they said that wasn’t necessary, that it would heal just fine… when 3 id docs in a row all play stupid when you mention terms like biofilm, quorum sensing, parasite, deep mycosis, pyoderma, etc… what is one to do?… what you don’t/can’t understand is that small morgellons lesions can take months to heal (even when left alone, although some do respond better to debridement)… this lesion will take time to heal…

    and what makes you think i don’t dress and care for it?… i can’t very well take a picture of it when it is dressed can i?… i went through 4 months of wound care at my hospital… even the pros can’t heal it…

    your speculation makes you look even stupider than you really are… sure you have the right to comment on it… but i really didn’t put that on a public forum just for you tc… but i knew it would become a topic… plenty of balls here…

  168. Unomi, your opening comments…

    #138unomi Says:
    September 20th, 2006 at 4:59 pm

    I started reading about morgellons about 8 hours ago, and I must say I find absolutely riveting. The horror of living with such a condition is one that I can’t easily imagine. Thankfully, I can utterly discount it.

    I have no argument with you, Unomi. If you cant read by skipping over “personal attacks” to find anything you want to know from me, I’m sorry. You’ve misunderstood. I didn’t find anyone “in the midst of my illness”. I never heard of the words “morgellons disease” until 3 years later. It has been my experience to save my time and energy when someone has fixed ideas about something like this. You appear to have already have something invested with your freshly found beliefs concerning “morgellons disease”, and maybe it would be a good idea to be careful. Good luck in your quest.

  169. Hey Houston aka Norman. Look at all the typos that I consistently make all of the time. If I were Michael, don’t you think I would correct them? MAFer, TC is the most intelligent being I’ve ever encountered. Why do most all people who think that they have “morgellons disease” want so much for someone to be concerned about them, and anytime we are, it causes such anger and outrage? I hope you have seen the doctor who had called you a few weeks ago, and that he can do something to help you. Bite my head off for feeling that way. I don’t give a shit.

  170. Hey Smiley-

    Bite me bitch. Got better things to do than spell check posts and go over you dumbass comments


  171. trying to find the answer and you are not.


  172. See ya later dumbass- Get a charitable cause.

  173. MAFer said…

    it is a biofilm housing the morgellons parasite

    You actually believe that, and you are calling me stupid? You’re funny.

    Tall Cotton

  174. which part amuses you?… biofilm or morgellons parasite?… do you even know what a biofilm is?… doctors evidently don’t… you probably don’t either?…

  175. Of course, TC knows what a biofilm is. But, saying that any doctor is playing stupid upon the mentioning of terms like biofilm, quorum sensing, parasite, deep mycosis, pyoderma, etc., though, MAFer, isn’t a sign of stupidity on anyone’s part. That is a certain type of lingo that I think probably indicates certain sorts of unusual beliefs in their patient. There is an obvious, severe, lack of communication going on between doctors and patients. “Morgellons disease” having come along, and having proven to further mess people up with the belief in it, guarantees to prolong, and add onto, even more miscommunication.

  176. You do realize the implications of this? It means that at least 18 of the 20 subjects were not examined enough to find a patently present parasite that would have explained it. Instead they were diagnosed DOP.
    Does this register at all?

    The collembola were “found” by enhancing the image in photoshop until they looked like collembola. Hardly “patently present”.



    There are suggestions that two groups, Collembola and Strepsiptera are parasitic. However, these groups are not capable of parasitizing humans. Strepsiptera are exclusively parasites of insects. There is no evidence that they parasitize anything else. Collembola lack the structures necessary to enter human skin, either to feed or to lay eggs. The authors of the single publication proposing to have found Collembola in human skin (2004. New York Entomological Society) manipulated photographs in Adobe Photoshop to supposedly show the presence of Collembola and their eggs. The quality of the photographs and the quality of objects in the photographs was so poor that it is quite possible to see almost any kind of animal in them. The journal should be embarrassed for having published this work.

  177. Ha-

    Look at all the Universities visiting silent superbug. com. It is scary.

  178. I have no argument with you, Unomi.
    That is a shame. I would love, and have asked, to hear your arguments.
    I don’t mean this as personal attack on you or TC. I don’t know you from Eve, what did rile me though was the manner in which you and yours seem to rather enjoy ‘confronting’ people with their delusional state, while at the same time you claim to want to help them, yet you also know that such confrontations are more likely to push people deeper into their own constructs as a way of sublimating away from ‘stress’. This is especially disturbing in light of the extremely source- and fact-deficient mode of dialogue.
    That is the crux of my ‘beef’.
    What I perceive as smug satisfaction of your own infallibility seems incredibly misplaced. Again I see I fall victim to the same flame mentality, I do *not* mean this as a personal attack merely an earnest and honest observation that might help you to help others to a greater degree.

    you want to know from me, I’m sorry. You’ve misunderstood. I didn’t find anyone “in the midst of my illness”. I never heard of the words “morgellons disease” until 3 years later.
    You are right, I did misunderstand, I was skimming you and TCs story, and failed to properly distinguish the two of you.

    In your account you don’t seem entirely comfortable with discounting the phenomena entirely, mentions of possible hallucinations are tempered by The first time I touched it, it didn’t do anything, but the second time, still, ever so lightly, it suddenly “hopped” a foot on the countertop. They both screamed! They were quite startled. My mom quickly exclaimed, “Put it back in the bottle!”

    So I’m really not sure what your standpoint is, you seem to be saying that yes black secretions from unhealing sores are ‘normal’ and things shooting out at plastic forks. But it was due to dehydration? shouldnt we be able to recreate it rather easily then?

    I do believe that ‘commonsense’ is a consensus. That reality is to some degree for some people, a choice.
    Psychosomatic effects are demonstrated and powerful, can they make fibers appear under the skin? I guess time will tell. I can tell you though that for the time being I will put more stock in the preliminary information from Wymores scientific inquiry than comments like Dry behind those wet ears of yours, Unomi. Ya got a lot of reading here, ahead of ya.
    or nuggets like I’m sad to say. You have a long, long, journey ahead of you.

    While it is true that I do have a long journey ahead of me and alot of reading to do, you will excuse me if I dont take it as a constructive argument without more direction as to what material to delve into, note that DOP related information is not interesting to me at this point.
    Any thoughts on the links and or arguments I’ve presented to you in my above posts?

    Sincerely, unomi

  179. You know that you’re not fooling anyone with the opening comment that you had only heard about “morgellons disease” eight hours prior to posting. Please, I insist that you be riled over me and I want you to enjoy it. I didn’t come to this blog with any intentions, whatsoever, of wanting to help anyone who thinks that they have “morgellons disease”. You are at least the third person who has told me, directly, that I have claimed to want to do that. Since you haven’t the time to read here, I’ll reiterate that I came here TO A MORGELLONS DISEASE DEBUNKING BLOG back in April, hoping, as was Michael desire in the beginning, to reach an audience of people who were just hearing of “morgellons disease” for the first time. One would think that people with such fixed beliefs would refrain from coming here, unless, they weren’t certain that what they think they have is “morgellons disease”. I’m not responsible for them. They shouldn’t be looking around if it bothers them, but many have come here, and, oftentimes, if they choose to stir it up, I just may offer to serve it.

  180. blah, blah, did that guy just say anything?

  181. Unomi,

    Read the blog! You’ve got a lot of learning to do. Save your arguments until you know what you’re talking about. You’ve got your cart before your horse! It’s all in the blog. Until you are ready to accept the fact that most, if not all, Morgies are DOP, you aren’t going to understand Morgellons.

    Tall Cotton

  182. Hi there, Norman. How’s it hangin’? I’m not a guy.

  183. TC, you recognize the mindset and know what it’s about.

  184. Heck, I’ll address that sublime ignorance I overlooked:

    !. Necrosis
    2. Static electricity
    3. Hallucinations

  185. Thats all the virus you got. HAHAH

    Beware this this site is planting viruses.

  186. Yeah, and I know that you know. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight, Sweetikins.






  189. By the way, in case there is any doubt. My previous comment was intended to be directed to Smileykins.

    Norman jumped in between. By the way Norman/Houston/Debunker, et. al., you’re a true blue idiot. Did you know that?

    Tall Cotton

  190. I just made out a check to OSU for a million dollars, and put a virus on Norman and tracked his cookies.
    Ya happy, now, Norm? I called Monsanto and put a good word in for you, too.



  192. And, does mother know we’re on the computer playing again? You do enjoy playing a lot, don’t you little fellur?

  193. Get a charity? Splain dat to me.

  194. HAHAHAHA!! Oh, not you, Norman, Houston, TSIHT, TSS, Gringo, HAHAHAHA. I was laughing at what Smileykins said to you!! HAHAHAHA!!

    Tall Cotton

  195. CHARITY


  196. Well, you know I don’t have my crash helmet on at the moment, and when ya can’t beat ‘em, sometimes, since Norman wants everyone to join in, why not?

  197. Suits me. now what.

  198. Well, you haven’t any need to tell me to donate to charitable causes. I do that already, and always have. I thought you meant I needed to start taking up donations for myself.

  199. Yeah, Norman is a real hoot, ain’t he?

  200. This is why I come here, What A laugh. HAHAHAHA

  201. Anybody wanna talk about corn?

  202. If it ain’t MONSANTO, it ain’t corn!

  203. not corn but http//www.silentsuperbug.com might shed some light on this subject

  204. That’s right. Norman, does GM corn fliuoresce blue under UV lighting?

  205. snooze

  206. Yeah, that is a pretty corny video. Why don’t you explain it to us?

  207. Wake up, Norman!!!

  208. It is showing the symptoms everyones explaining dumbass.
    Do you see the words on this computer?

  209. It is showing the symptoms everyones explaining dumbass.
    Do you see the words on this computer??

  210. You derive that from silentsuperbug? REALLY????

  211. Are you playing possum’ Norman? NORMAN!!!!!!

  212. cant make sense of your comments. Seem sort of circular.

  213. Goodnight, Smileykins.

  214. Here’s a better site for logical people (not you, Norman) that’s a great source for skin diseases, including systemic diseases that many morgie people report having:


  215. night tcmj

    enjoy knowing your are helping NOTHING

  216. Night-nite, TC. You too, Norm. Keep away from that corn.

  217. Well, ya ain’t including “S” in your goodnighting? M & J aren’t here, just TC & me. Norman, come on, you only wanted a playmate.


  219. Oh yeah. Hehehehe. You’ve been tracking me & TC?

  220. wE AiNT EvEN sTARTed

  221. Signing off for the night, for real, now. Unomi, thanks for your critique. It really matters to me a great deal.

  222. guys ur all over the show


  223. Uh-oh, I’m skeert now!

  224. smilykins
    u really era pathetic and banal, u r obviously well educated{more than can be said for yous dumbass cohort TC {is that total cockhead}}but u r very disingenous.
    without wishing to sound like a conspiracy nut….. u guys are up to ur sorry necks in it, i wish u well in the next lifetime , u self assured brow beating christians….i tell u i’ll be saying my peace
    ur karmic wheel came crashing down dudes
    i digress
    smoochykins the cracks are showing bigger than your behind girl
    attacking somebodys stae of mind is always the first resort of a coward
    hunting in packs is the hallmark of a coward

    ladies and gentlemen
    i give u two paid cowards
    smilykins and tc {alias dumbass}
    come n get me guys

  225. oh yeah
    i give u the case of peter
    the disciple
    the rock
    vs. simon magi
    sell ur souls dudes
    mine aint up for sale

  226. Oh, I probably ought to at least help Unomi out with what a “morgellons” fiber is, before retiring for the night. Practically anything that’s been adhered to lesions, or entrapped within the epidermis, which is made up of about 30 layers of stratified squamous epithelium, qualifies as a “morgellons’ fiber”.

    It’s apparently vascular malformations, such as generalized essential telangiectasia, which is noted to often have marked improvement with the administration of tetracycline, oral acyclovir, and sometimes, ketoconazole helps.


    Also, obviously, a “morgellons’ fiber” involves patients’ collagen and elastin fibers, extruded through the epidermis due to scratching. “Morgellons disease” has become inclusive of those who pull out connective tissues, glands, nerves, capillaries, and veins, too, I suppose, so those are “morgellons’ fibers” to them.. Also, some people pull off scabs. Many morgie people refer to a scab as, “the callus”, and they wonder what clot formations are, as well.

    There are numerous explanations for people to have environmental fibers, as well as to produce fibers from their own bodies. There is no undiscovered pathogen at play known as “morgellons disease”. I don’t discourage anyone who needs to believe that for themselves.

  227. i adjure you

  228. I haven’t attacked anyone’s state of mind, Al, and I’m sorry you think I have. My soul is completley intact. TC is the most sincere and honorable person I’ve ever met, and his soul is very much completely intact too. I’m quite undereducated, having only graduated high school, a long, long, time ago. I can’t help having a little higher than average IQ, and I’m a complete goofball. Norman likes to come here and play. What’s wrong with playing with him, for a change? He has spoken really badly, as have a lot of people who have come here. I’ve said, too many times, when emotions end up wounded, due to something being twisted as being a personal attack, when it’s a generalization, and somebody launches an actual, misguided attack on me, the person needs to stop viewing things here that will upset them.

  229. Now of course, I would like everyone to get a better understanding of what they need to do to make better decisions regarding their heath. I’m sorry I give my open opinions on here, and point things out that I feel should be pointed out, but I have always discouraged true “morgellons” believers to realize the large words at the top of the page. Purposely subjecting oneself to what is known will be a stressful situation is nobody’s fault but one’s own.

  230. When I was an active member on Lymebusters I read a post about a website called the Dredge Report. I clicked on the link and had a look around. I noticed a post there from someone calling themselves Tallcotton. He said to the fellow that owned the blog site thanks for visting Morgellons Watch and go over to the Lymebusters website and tell them over there to learn Spanish. I sent a private message to Admin of Lymebusters at the time, because I was fearful of what was happening. They replied and thanked me for my information, saying that my input on their website and my information that I had provided had been invaluable.

  231. Look at all the Universities visiting silent superbug. com. It is scary.

    Scary? That fact that some people find certain statistics scary is very interesting.

    Based on my stats, about 4% of the traffic comes from .EDU sites (mostly universities). That’s in the ballpark of the percentage of people who attend or work in higher education.

    If you get a few thousand hits, eventually you’ll see someone from every university in the US visit your site – just like every other site in the world!

    This site has had 27 Universities vist over the past week:

    (bu.edu, columbia.edu, duke.edu, emory.edu, harvard.edu, jhmi.edu, lfc.edu, lsu.edu, mayo.edu,hio-state.edu, ohsu.edu, okstate.edu, oregonstate.edu, psu.edu, Stanford.EDU, tulane.edu, uab.edu,cdavis.edu, ucsf.edu, uga.edu, umh.edu, uncw.edu, unm.edu, upenn.edu, utah.edu, uthscsa.edu, ysu.edu)

    If this scares you, then you need to take a good look at other things that scare you. Perhaps they are not as scary as you think.

  232. Although they’re peculiar, I think that’s extremely nice that you were commended for assisting Lymebusters administration with what they felt was invaluable information, Sarach.

  233. Why I first noticed blue fuzz coming from my body I thought to myself this has to be an experiment, then I decided not long after that it was World War III.

    Through my experience in search of the Morgellons Pathogen and more recently, I have realised that “White Racism” is rife on the internet.

    The Morgellons Group Website seems to be an “ego” trip for Cliff Mickelson and his fans, and they all seem to hate my guts. But I don’t give a damn. If they think drinking tea tree oil is going to fix me, I would say they are a dangerous bunch of people.

    Why is it Cliff seems to know so much about the Morgellons Pathogen?? Did he have a had in the making of the pathogen?

    He feeds his readers bits and pieces of information, as if a sufferer had no idea what was taking place in their body. It makes me sick to my stomach to read it. A man who appears to have plenty of money, property and recreation time as well as being a writer, just doesn’t strike me as a true sufferer of Morgellons disease.

    Did you know that Cliff and Jan Smith have both declined to meet with other sufferers to exchange research information. I wonder why this is?

    Michael – I am pleased to see that 27 universities have visited here in the past week. They need too learn, they need to break down the communication problems between the American public and the CDC and I won’t even mention the Whitehouse and Bushy Boy!

    The USA has always been viewed by the rest of the world as one of the most powerful countries on earth. Now just look at the mess all this power has created.

    I watched a document recently called “The 3 Way Twist”, it was about a guy who worked for the CIA but was on “the other side”, what a damn mess hey.

  234. Smileykins Says:
    September 21st, 2006 at 8:11 am
    Although they’re peculiar, I think that’s extremely nice that you were commended for assisting Lymebusters administration with what they felt was invaluable information, Sarach.

    Well as I said, it was someone posting who called themselves Tallcotton. Given that this is the internet anyone can post as whoever they like. It still does not make sense to me why learning Spanish and debunking Morgellons was spoken about on the Dredge Report.

  235. What has happened to Texasrose, she fallen off her purch?

    Or has her hat fallen off whilst putting on her other hats?

  236. It still does not make sense to me why learning Spanish and debunking Morgellons was spoken about on the Dredge Report

    The Drudge Report is a conservative “news” site. The reference to learning Spanish was probably due to the “Border Disease” spin on Morgellons, where barely concealed racist insinuations are made about the hygiene of illegal immigrants from Mexico. “Learn Spanish” refers to conservative fears that uncontrolled immigration due to an insecure border will lead to a takeover of the US by Hispanics.

  237. It’s well known that as wonderful as the internet is, when a person is unable to discern things for themselves, to begin with, it becomes a dangerous place.

  238. Smily says
    You are absolutely right, I have no idea what you are on about.
    I believe you understand what you think I’ve said, but I am not quite sure you realize that what you’ve read is not what I meant.

    UNOMI says
    But then, with vauge and ambigous wording like that..

    So lets work it out.
    Are you saying that you didnt actually mean what you wrote? or implying that I have a reading comprehension deficiency?

    Well, I think I know what you think it is, and I think I know the opinion of some others’ regarding this matter, however, if you read closely you might have picked up this lil nugget I also have no idea whats going on, but to dismss it out of hand seems deconstructive I know it might be a bit hard to follow, there are after all some allusions to double entendres, but should you be picking up on that, feel free to just focus on the first bit. I am in no way convinced of anything. I personally believe that conviction is a shortcut to ignorance. (it is a slightly depressing realization that you are reinforcing that belief of mine)

    9 24 06
    Southcity says
    My applause to UNOMI, and I believe I do KnowU. Way to take it to this group of clowns. Your logic and arguement is solid and well stated.

    As I am now certain of, and have also said before, the identities of this sites main posters, TCSM namely, as well as their current as well past employers, certainly go hand in hand with this illnesses unfolding story. Once this is found out, of which I am certain will happen, will present the media a story lead which will sell so many newspapers that they will not be able to be pass up on this said opportunity. Keep on sticking foot in mouth and head up ass, and those like UNOMI will keep bringing it to you and feed you all the rope upon which you will certainly, in time, hang yourselves with. This group has been served by, and is now OWNED by Unomi, as he and his arguements posted, as well as his intelligence level, is clearly so far above that of those presenting this website and their extensive efforts to debunk this issue. I would still like to see any Logical rebuttals to the points made politely, and so very well by Unomi. I am quite sure of the fact that you are now and will continue to unable to do so in a logical manner without resorting to statements like “if you would read the thread blah blah blah and so you are an idiot.” etc, etc. Any thinking person reading this site is able to see right through you and your obvious intent and clear goal of confusing and discrediting this very big social problem.

    It would also be foolish of you to believe these efforts of yours will be forgotten and forgiven by those whom are now, as well as future sufferers of this illness.


  239. Hi, South. I just came across your comment, misquoting me. Also, that’s just great if you “personally believe that conviction is a shortcut to ignorance”. I happen to agree, in the context of being deceived by “morgellons disease”. Also, I kind of think that practically all the people I’m familiar with who are in such states, that cause them to believe they have it, aren’t the forgiving type. We’ve done nothing that we’d need forgiveness for, here, anyway. It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s nothing but the truth.

    This can’t be received by anyone it isn’t intended for, so if that isn’t you, please DO NOT read the attached link and the letters from sufferers.

    As a parasitologist, I occasionally receive letters, e-mails, or telephone calls from individuals experiencing Ekbom’s syndrome. I’ve now learned from experience not to become involved in these cases since, to date, I have been unable to convince any of these individuals that they are not infected. All samples I’ve looked at, which include skin scrapings, serous exudates, nasal exudates, saliva, feces, and urine samples, are uniformly negative for parasites. However, the samples submitted usually consist of one of two items: 1) dried exudates with a bit of hair; the exudates sometimes resemble arthropods in shape only and the hairs are mistaken for pieces of worms, or/and 2) dried exudates containing paper fibers from toilet paper, napkins, and paper towels that the patients use to rub and sample self-inflicted wounds. These paper fibers are normally mistaken by these patients for pieces of nematodes.

    Although I discard 90% or more of the correspondence I receive from individuals suffering from Ekbom’s syndrome, over the years I’ve saved a few of the e-mails for teaching purposes. Below I provide several actual letters from patients who have contacted me in the past, although I have been very careful to delete any information (names, dates, geographic locations, etc.) that might provide a clue as to an individual’s identity. I have also left all spelling and grammatical errors intact. In one case I felt compelled to contact the student health center at the College in question since I felt that the individual, a student, might do something to hurt herself.


  240. Dag-gone-it, I missed this, Southcity.

    As I am now certain of, and have also said before, the identities of this sites main posters, TCSM namely, as well as their current as well past employers, certainly go hand in hand with this illnesses unfolding story.

    You are bad, mister, spreading fear & lies to people. You’re merely one of many, though.

    Tall Cottom = Bugs Alive (from NUSPA’s message board when he was messed up & Lymebusters’ after he’d recovered)

    Smileykins = Adapted (from Lymebusters’ when she found it 3 years afer she’d recovered)

    You haven’t a clue where either of us have ever been employed, and neither of us is employed anymore. As far as the “illnesses unfolding story”, if nobody has the capacity to face reality, you should be well aware of how the story unfolds.

  241. South,

    Bring it on, dumbass!!

    Tall Cotton

  242. Like i thought, you cannot answer ANY of the questions or points brought up in this thread by UNOMI. I am guessing that the fact you are unable to reasonably respond to said points raised really really pisses you off. It really burns your asses knowing that in comparison to the likes of UNOMI, collectively you are all about as smart as bean dip. I just love seeing those like being OWNED. Or better stated as looking foolish in the light of your own ignorance and obvious lacking of the types of qualities that earn the admiration of others.

    Tallcotton- Tell me where to bring it fool, and Ill bring it in spades.

    And please, by all means continue to display all the admirable qualities you both seem so proud of. By the way, what is your motivation in putting forth so much effort on this issue, as you can no longer deny that you are on a mission. Is the pay really that good?

  243. You make a person want to get down on your level, but that’s a bad place to get, South.

  244. South, you’re a fool!

  245. Hey Smileykins, most normal folks would like to see things from you level but they cant get their head that far up their ass.

  246. moderated, censored not impressed. This is not a support group. Whos paying the bill?

  247. Dewey, not only has no one ever said this is a support group, it has been said MANY times that it is not.

  248. Yes, Jeezlouise is right, so, maybe you should check just where your head really is, Norman. Now, that wasn’t very nice of me, so, I’m sorry. I don’t know why you think that my head is where you have said it is, on more than one occasion, though. Well, no, that isn’t entirely true. Ha!!





  250. Okay. What is it that you and South need from me?

  251. i got a gripe….
    how is it, that smilykins proffesses to find typing difficult, slow and arduous, due to an aftermath of her non existant condition, caused by being severely mauled by kittens, which resulted in slow ardous, one wonders, painful, typing, I lay my hammer to rest, and wonder, how does she do it?
    What is her motive?
    I understand TC, he is a dunce.
    I guess the question is? why?
    we see the modus operandi in full flight, all the way down the line.
    TC your good ship lollipop is sinking babe.
    But smilykins are your religous elders discipling you in these matters?
    Or are you a spiritual “loose cannon”…
    Go study medieval warfare dudes, coz you have been hoisted on your own petard
    to the legitimate sufferers; here one gets no support. However what is apparrant is the determination of sinister forces to stifle the debate.

    no your headwankers(thats another altruism)
    at least embrace the suffering with compassion and allow those who come here from pure desperation some dignity at least.

    You, smkns, tc mrgllns, and the other thugs, i just ask you take your leave of your typical right wing extremist churchy bullshit…




    (thats for u Tc, u go , sailor boy)


    I haven’t even the sligthest idea what you’re talking about. Southcity has made slurs and told lies, here, there, and about, on the internet, personally, towards Tall Cotton and me. He takes delight in it, and we’d done nothing to him. I have compassionately tried communicating with him, since he started it, and failed, numerous times. I can’t help you, nor anyone, and I have made no secrets about that. South won’t state what his true problem is, but his overwhelming fear is obvious, and he wants to pull others down with him. I’ve suggested anti-anxiety medication. Without question, you should both talk to someone about your personal, individual problems, as well as how you relate to each other as a couple.

    Don’t hope that “this never happens to me, or anyone in my lifetime”. That’s utterly ludicrous to assume you’re the only ones who have ever experienced any trials & tribulations. Please get help.

  253. Lisa-Marie,
    I’m not Smileykins, but I would also like to respond to your post. I’m very sorry that you lost your Baby. I lost my Stepdaughter when she was 9 years old. We were very close until she was ran over and killed. I understand what it is like to lose someone you love.
    This blog, however, is a place of truth, expecially the truth about Morgellons. I don’t know why you believe that your Baby was lost because of Morgellons. I know, however, that it isn’t true.
    This is not a game. It’s a very serious matter. In my personal opinion, there is no such thing as Morgellons, and the Lie of Morgellons is harming a lot of people in some very serious ways. I understand that you can’t be talked out of your belief in Morgellons, despite the evidence to the contrary. For that reason, again, in my opinion, neither you, nor South, have any business visiting this blog.
    Oh, yes, you are welcome, but this blog if for investigating and debunking Morgellons. Morgellons is not a disease, at least that’s what the evidence says, and some of us are very certain that it doesn’t exist. Because of your beliefs, and the fact that you can’t be swayed despite all reason, any good doctor would correctly diagnose you as delusional.
    You need counselling. You need to be deprogrammed. If I were you, I would want to know why the Baby didn’t make it, but you won’t find the truth by following the Morgellons Cult or the forums of the Morgellons Believers.
    South comes here knowing how each of us feel, and when he doesn’t hear what he wants to hear, he gets very upset and starts running his mouth. When he does, he gets a dose of the same thing from me.
    I don’t know what kind of symptoms you have, and I’m very sorry about your and Souths medical problems. That doesn’t change the fact that Morgellons is a lie, and you both are helping to spread the hysteria.
    Smileykins speaks the truth, and she’s a very compassionate person. The truth is sometimes painful, sometimes sad, sometimes hilariously funny. No one here has ever laughed at someone else’s pains. South is into conspiracy theories, like a lot of the others, and although that’s sad, it’s sometimes very funny. Silly would be a better word for it.
    Morgies often display such a low IQ that one can’t be expected not to laugh at some of their ideas. We’re only human. But hopefully the ridicule will turn some people around that havn’t made up their minds about Morgellons. Hopefully they will see the Morgies senselessness.
    Again, I’m very sorry about your Baby. You don’t have to believe that if you don’t want to. But it is the truth. I’m also sorry for your and South’s pains. But you need to understand the harm it is doing when people diagnosed with other serious illnesses forgo their needed medication and jump onto the Morgellons bandwagon.
    They medicate with caustic compounds, or bathe in them entirely. They misuse antibiotics, putting everyone at risk for MRSA infection, and possibly death. Children and pets are neglected, and snake-oil salesmen, and even some doctors take advantage of their delusions. No, it’s not a game. It’s a fight, and I’m here to tell you, the truth is going to win in the end.
    Tall Cotton

  254. You’re too sweet, TC.

    It’s not within the scope of my understanding how to despise a total stranger who’s done nothing to me, telling lies on them, issuing orders to them on how they could better serve me, or why anyone that feels that way would even try projecting false concerns for my welfare.


    #258 al Says:
    October 5th, 2006 at 4:20 pm

    i got a gripe….
    how is it, that smilykins proffesses to find typing difficult, slow and arduous, due to an aftermath of her non existant condition, caused by being severely mauled by kittens, which resulted in slow ardous, one wonders, painful, typing, I lay my hammer to rest, and wonder, how does she do it?
    What is her motive?

    “Aftermath of a non-existent condition”?

    What is this issue that you have over a little situation like cat scratch fever? I incidentally get it from a couple of my cats, off and on. Can you explain what the fascination is over my having mentioned that? You’re seeming to do like someone else has, as though if I mention anything, you’re trying to tie it into what you think is “morgellons disease”. Like when I’d simply mentioned ringworm last week, and it has nothing to do with anything. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but is that what’s being done?

    In my blog story, I gave a general list of my health conditions preceding my account of when I was ill with DOP for a couple of months. I made that clear. If it’s something that you’re confused over, please go back and see. Cat scratch fever comes and goes (and I like to avoid it) but it’s not a big ordeal. Accidents happen.

    That has nothing to do with the disablement in my hands, arms, and legs. I was nearly paralyzed from an incomplete spinal cord injury years ago, and I mentioned that in my blog too. I purposely told of all of my health conditions, to try illustrating that they were there before I became ill that time, and that they (naturally) remained after I recovered. I did that with the hope that anyone who thinks they might have “morgellons disease”, since so many of them are well noted for trying to tie everything that ails them into it, would see that it isn’t so. But, of course, little did I realize what extra confusion I was bringing to anyone as a result of telling my personal experience.

  255. Many morgie people know, or USED TO KNOW, at one time, before they became derailed and lost sight of it, that they have autoimmune problems, resulting in stiff, sore, swollen, and aching joints. They OUGHT TO KNOW what types of autoimmune conditions they have, and what the symptoms are. Their immune systems are attacking their own bodies. It seems that many reported mental health conditions, as well. That may play a large role in their not understanding what is going, and based upon their on line communication, appears to be the case. Many are women going through perimenopause, too. For some women, that seems to be a fairly difficult new phase in their lives, anyway. Anyone who can relate to the unusual discussions on morgie message boards has a serious problem that needs treatment. “Morgie critters” don’t migrate into breasts, genitals, body fluids, joints, skin, etc. People are misinterpreting the conditions they have. One needs to determine WHY, and treat those conditions.



  257. lady, i hot my lesions from some god botherers in queensland, after i got run outta town from tassie.
    it was after i refused the deliverance they offered me, several men came up and gave me hearty handshakes, even on my left arm.(obviously,the bacteria on their hands, protected by barrier cream)

    is this how you guys do it in America?
    the poison is known, is used to stifle freedom, in lifestyle and debate.
    As you said TC its a war, the truth will out.
    Smkns…..as for you, who cares, just desist please

  258. get ready people
    round-up ready
    that is

  259. SAD2SAY repeatedly said…

    This illness..

    I believe it’s a big mistake to use the word, “This”, when referring to the “various” conditions suffered by those who believe they have Morgellons.

    SAD2SAY said…


    Some people think they have had Morgellons for several years. There’s no evidence that anyone has ever died from it yet. Fear may kill you, but this imaginary disease won’t.

    No, you aren’t speaking the truth. You’re delusional, like the rest of the Morgies. There is very much help available, but as the many doctors have indicated, the help needs to begin, or at least include, help from the psychiatric department.

    Now, I know you don’t want to hear it, but that’s the truth, and there’s nothing wrong with our comprehension. You’ve bought into the lies misconceptions of Morgellons.

    It’s no insult when the brain chemistry becomes imbalanced and the thoughts become deluded. It shouldn’t be an embarassment when a person seeks psychiatric counselling. It’s much, much, smarter than staying sick.

    Tall Cotton

  260. tall cotton…..sounds like a long thread……….
    are u guys aliens?
    i’m joking ya red necked twat



  263. Seeing it so tightly embraced, and guarded, I know that defending what people label as the cause of their suffering, truly, is something of extreme value to them. The secrecy, the mission of spreading lies, and cultivating fear, in hopes of bringing others into the circle of misery, is all important, too. I’ve never witnessed anything like this before, and the false implication of true unity among people is fascinating.


    Where is independence? Where is autonomy? Where is self? It appears to be gone, all caught up in the “we”.

    Who is “we”? What is happening to everyone’s “me”, in the meantime, while pretending “we” matters so much?

    I’m against people who purposefully practice dwelling in dark places, and I’d have no involvement with anyone who thinks they have “morgellons disease” if they didn’t bring me into it while they’re trying to spread it.

    This blog is an upsetting place for such people, and it’s been proven. Why be drawn to something you know will produce a negative effect?

    I think you know why.

  264. Have BugsAlive & I communicated with you in the past, on morgie message boards, Sad2Say? I’m sorry you are so ill right now, because South had said that both of you were currently doing well, but he wouldn’t explain why there was any problem, then. He’d felt you both had something lying dormant, ready to strike again, anytime. I’m sorry it apparently has. I don’t understand the thing you’ve mentioned, twice, about not owning our bodies when we expire, but that must be a very troubling to you. Maybe if you got your mind off of the worry you expressed when you said, ” I TRULY THINK OF OTHERS WHO ARE HEALTHY, SICK, YOUNG, OLD, UNBORN, ETC…. I JUST PRAY THAT THEY NEVER HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE PAIN”, because that is just plain dumb, really, if you’re in such a serious state. My gosh, forget them, and take care of yourself. Hell, most of all, be true to yourself, and others. Don’t call me “dearest” and don’t wish us well and tell us thank you & to take care. That isn’t needed, or appreciated, when the insincerity is so obvious. Work on getting well, somehow, if it’s allowed.

  265. And you DON’T “SUCK”. Please sneak and see a doctor.

  266. you are asinine and sickening smilykins

  267. Ok, you are correct and quite frankly now you have made me angry. I find it quite hard to believe or am able to comprehend how it is that you understand so much. If you were somehow able to so intimately understand or know us or me personally, you would know that there is not a need to ‘sneak’ around about anything especially concerning my health. I have seen so many doctors because of the pregnancy as well as this illness. I’ve been, actually us both, have been through test after test, both mentally and physically, and I am uninsured to boot!! South has paid for a large amount of care I have recieved and also made it a point to make sure all visits were kept. He doesnt like to see anyone suffer esp. myself. He has supported me to a fault and purely want our lives and future back. Believe it when I say that neither one of us wants this illness and we have both been determined mentally sound displaying a bizarre illness of unknown etiology, with more tests to come. This is a fact, and whether you call it morgellons or “i haven’t a clue” disease really does not at all matter. This is reality and all the physicians I have seen that do or have cared, and have been thorough in their examinations and tests, have all provided inconclusive results. As I said, neither of us wants the symptoms or complications this has brought into our lives, and this means that neither of us could care less if it is mental or physical in nature, as long as a treatment was available to put an end to this trauma. We have both sought treatment from both physical doctors and went with open minds to the refferred mental health practices. Both of us have been sent back to our general practictioners by the referred psychiatrists for further tests to rule out a physical cause. It has been determined that in our case this is not mental in nature. Why would you think south would be as upset with you and this website if he/we had not already exhausted all types of healthcare available? While you may be correct in regards to a number of people with a mental disorder having associated with those like south and I, I can assure you that this is the strangest, most novel and unbelievable set of symptoms you could ever imagine and they are physical, with the underlying cause remaining unidentified.

    You make it sound like south is a very bad person, when he is in reality an extremely caring and competent man. You have bluntly stated he has lied and I know he is not a liar. He is honorable and has always been brutally honest with everyone and every relationship that I have witnessed, and has always acted with integrity and care for another. Exactly the kind of guy that most like to interact with or do business with.

    Any way, SAD2SAY that it seems like a awful lot is assumed here on this site, without having anything to personally support or back what you say! I am beginning to understand why he is so bothered by what you are doing here and so confidently telling people. I am also confused as to why you are doing it. I read above where you stated this sites goal in not about helping, so it is very confusing to me as to what goals you have set forth concerning this site and these endeavors of yours.

    Thank you for your words, even though they are prejudiced and uninformed and arrogantly filled with assumed knowledge of people you have never met. I pray that none of you are actually now or have ever been a practicing medical professional, as one can only imagine the amount of damage left in the wake of a physician exhibiting the types of pompousness, and closeminded nature evidenced on this forum.

    It is way past my bedtime so good night and May god bless us all


  268. Lisa-Marie,

    You need to get off this Morgellons nonsense and see a doctor about what you really have.


  269. Sad2Say, or South, whichever you are, all that I know about people is all that is revealed through their writings on the internet. Based on what you’ve said, Southcity should update things on his web site and keep his viewers posted, if you’re both concerned with wanting people to be current on your conditions. He hasn’t said anything like that. Heck, have him change the whole thing now, and take off all that ridiculous science fiction nonsense.

    South came here, and who knows where else, trying to spread fear, and attacking people. He’s been personal in his attacks, and very ugly talking, with Tall Cotton’s and my not knowing anymore about him other than what he has revealed. Since he chose to engage himself with us, I’ve asked him pointed questions, in efforts to resolve his issues, and he has avoided answering, attempting no means of wanting to communicate in any rational manner whatsoever. I draw conclusions from the expressed patterns in the behavior of a person’s on line communications, and nothing more. I’ve never gotten personal with anyone who thinks they are a victim of “morgellons disease”, or with any of the cult members that branched off into forming their own groups. When they invite communication through the mentioning of “Smileykins” or “Tall Cotton”, I may attempt it, or when I see a clear miscommunication of things that needs to be addressed. I have no problem in calling them “lies”.

    Again, it is very simple to ascertain that all that I know about anyone, is revealed through their writings on the internet.

  270. I think South is a paranoid schizophrenic. In my opinion, he has come here making threats and telling lies. This website is all about the truth. I know that’s hard for a Morgie to comprehend. If you don’t want to hear the truth, then go somewhere where you feel comfortable.


  271. South said that he knew our present employers, yet neither of us are employed. His statement was a lie!! South said that he knew our past employers. Smileykins has only one employer, and I’m just not gullible enough to believe that he knows who they were. Do you want more??



  273. Isn’t that dishonest, tooting one’s own horn, in someone else’s name?


  274. Tall, do you realize how rewarding it is to know that no one is visiting this site? One post today? HAHAHAHA.

    Thanks Al, Gill, Texastar. Outstanding job.

    oh and tall, that doesnt mean we are leaving you alone. You and smiley toot around with each other, nobody cares.

  275. Morgellons Group Europe

    Morgellons Group Germany

    Morgellons Group Canada

    Morgellons Group USA

    You guys are seriously over-estimating your influence.

  276. Starlink,

    Most people never came here to post, to begin with. They came to read. And you have greatly helped our cause by revealing your insanity. You can’t damage what we are doing. The Morgellons Movement is dead in the water.


  277. There is no insanity on this end of the post, only determination. Your indifference to the subject is the dead subject matter. Where did your little ferry post go from last night tall? HAHAHAHA. I’m still laughing at you.

  278. You guys are seriously over-estimating your influence.


    I mean…..What the…..????

    Norman, we ain’t thinkin’ we have influenced ANYBODY!!!! Don’t you know where TC & I came from?


  279. Dont care.

  280. Deweys out. Its soo boring. Be back to check on ya later!

  281. This just in from the wire

    The Morgellons Fibre Disease
    known in China as strongylus monospinigerum
    The disease presents us with a strange case of bacterial mutation and
    a parasite mutation and their symbiotic linkup. The mysterious
    Morgellons Fibre Disease might be an example of a mutation that
    should have never happened, but is now a worldwide tragedy.

    The disease is both quite new and highly mysterious. According to a
    medical report it is carried into human biology by nematodes that are
    tiny wormlike parasites, originally engineered for pest control. By
    mysterious circumstance that no one can explain the nematodes have
    become the symbiotic host for bacteria that were engineered to
    synthesise fine fibres to aid the textile industry. For some strange
    unexplained reason the biologically engineered nematodes that were
    originally designed for pest control (STARLINK, CRY 9C INSERTED AS AN EXAMPLE BY THE POSTER)and fulfilled that function
    suddenly developed a liking for human flesh.

    And more exotic than this, is the way by which the nematodes came
    into people’s home. The nematodes are found attached to cotton
    products in which they are nestled, encased in cocoons built of
    fibres produced by the fibre-making bacteria that they carry. It
    appears as if random biological proliferation changed both the
    bacteria. It seems as though the process of proliferation was
    suddenly put into high gear. Once in the human system the bacteria
    become highly prolific and active in extruding fibres of various
    colours that can be seen sticking out of wounds, even out of the
    skin, while the nematodes become parasites in the human host. We are
    told in a medical report: that both the bacteria and the nematodes
    are extremely hard to get rid off. They cling to clothing and
    reinvest a person even after the clothes are washed.

    So far the disease has not been fatal except by suicide. It is
    extremely painful with an ever-present sensation as if something to
    crawling under the skin. Some might wish that disease was fatal. (See
    fibre disease blog) The U.S. Center for Disease Control is or will
    start an investigation of the disease.

    The key for getting rid of it is obviously found in its source. It
    isn’t enough to simply patch up the symptoms. If there is the
    slightest chance that this exotic new disease, which may be just the
    beginning of an unfolding trend, is in any way related to the
    atmospheric presence nanometer-sized particles of radioactive
    depleted uranium, then all types of uranium weapons should be banned
    end existing stockpiles be dismantled. If we, and that includes the
    whole of humanity, cannot master that much love for ourselves and one-
    another and our future, then perhaps the path to hell that society is
    presently on is well earned. However, I think we are better than
    that. The principle of civilization has always been rooted to some
    degree in the Principle of Universal Love. This link can be rekindled
    and expanded.

  282. Fight pro-death sciences with pro-life sciences.

  283. Starlink,

    You’re nothing but pro bullshit. That information is totally ridiculous. Laughingly ridiculous!! Goodnight. I’m going to bed.


  284. jokes on you. LOL.

  285. Where did your little ferry post go from last night tall? hehehee, HAHAHAHa, whew, that was funny.

  286. Lets examine the larger picture. If most cotton and corn crops, etc. were infected by a bio-agent, and we had to eliminate all existing crops, would that create a problem? I think so. like World-Wide Famine. The WWF. or WWFwatch. There is a new hobby for you, dumbass.

  287. That the Evil Angels do often take Advantage from Natural Distempers in the Children of Men to annoy them with such further Mischiefs as we call preternatural. The Malignant Vapours and Humours of our Diseased Bodies may be used by Devils, thereinto insinuating as engine of the Execution of their Malice upon those Bodies; and perhaps for this reason one Sex may suffer more Troubles of the kinds from the Invisible World than the other, as well as for that reason for which the Old Serpent made where he did his first Address.

    Sir Norman, can you explain why morgies don’t stick with more from Sir Thomas Browne, since we’re dealing with such an ancient malady?

    TC’s never mentioned anything about a ferry. He mentioned the submarine he served on, though, to Jeezelouise, last week.

  288. The dumbass post last night that has since been delete reeked of a ferry, queer or fag, whatever you should like to label it. Sorry its not there for you to laugh at. We did. Being in a sub with a bunch of other mens is srikingly similar and humourious.

  289. Being insane and being possessed is strikingly similar, too. Aherah used to bring that up and acuse me of having tried to exorcise demons and save people in the past. I believe in free will, completey, and totally. You’re comfortable with yourselves, I’m comfortable with myself. There are no sides, no win or lose, Norman.

  290. Smiley,

    Go exercise your demons.

  291. Norman,

    If you would open your eyes you would realize that the post you are referring to is still there. I don’t guess you have the sense to realize that anything that can happen on a submarine, where there’s lots of others present, and no privacy, can surely happen in a foxhole. I’m not gay, but your lies doen’t affect me.


  292. Tall, get one of your mates to scratch your testicles for you. It aint happening here.

  293. Submarine duty is considered one of the most stressful of military assignments. Submariners are *constantly* monitored for mental health issues. I’m sure there are gay submariners, since the vast majority of homosexuals are not mentally ill, and are quite capable of doing any job under any conditions – the same as the vast majority of heterosexuals.

    I am equally certain that no Morgie could pass the on-going mental health assessments necessary to serve in the USN Submarine Fleet.

    One does not have to be a bigot to see that.

  294. yawn. now what?

  295. Toss mom an ear of corn.

  296. I eat lots of corn on the cob (fresh), will I be okay???

  297. I like this under-appreciated statement on “morgellons disease”, near the bottom of C.E. Kellett, M.D., M.R.C.P., Annals of Medical History, n.s., VII (1935), 467?479


    It is, I think, significant that the distribution of this malady should, in the main, coincide with those areas where this superstition prevailed at that time the most, and fitting that the etiology of both should have resided in factors with which Sir Thomas Browne should, perhaps to a greater extent than any of his contemporaries, have been so unconcerned.

    That last part should hold true (all these centuries later), for certain “professionals” today, but it isn’t.

    Do all morgies know that the excerpt I supplied in comment #294 is from Sir Thomas Browne’s testimony at a three-day long witch trial that occurred at Bury St. Edmunds, England, from March 10-13, 1662?


    Dr. Thomas Browne, a respected physician who lived relatively close by, testified next. He affirmed that witchcraft existed, specifically mentioning similar events that had occurred in Denmark. Despite mentioning possible medical explanations for the girls’ afflictions, namely “the mother,” Browne noted that the Devil could intensify symptoms. Though he believed that the girls were bewitched, he did not specifically state that Denny and Cullender had afflicted them. Browne testified:

    That the Devil in such cases did work upon the bodies of men and women, upon a natural foundation, [that is] to stir up and excite such humors, super-abounding in their Bodies to a great excess, whereby he did in an extraordinary manner afflict them with such distempers as their bodies were most subject to, as particularly appeared in these children; for he conceived, that these swooning fits were natural, and nothing else but that they call the Mother, but only heightened to a great excess by the subtlety of the devil, cooperating with the malice of these which we term witches, at whose instance he doth these villanies.

    Sir Thomas Browne, a resident of nearby Nottingham, was at the height of his career in 1662. The author of a half dozen major works, his eclectic interests ranged from his candid personal views on religion as a physician (Religio Medici, 1643), to natural history (Pseudodoxia Epidemica, 1646) to ancient funeral rites (Hydriotaphia, 1658). At times skeptical, anti-dogmatic, mystical, erudite, witty, moderate, and curious, Browne and his works had many admirers. Though he dabbled with some scientific experimentation (both he and Hale wrote about magnetism, for instance), Browne, like Hale, also firmly believed in Satan and witchcraft. He believed evil was a part of God’s universe, and to doubt the existence of witchcraft opened the door to atheism. Two decades before the trial, in probably his greatest work, Religio Medici (1643), Browne had written:

    It is a riddle to me, how this story of oracles hath not wormed out of the world that doubtful conceit of spirits and witches; how so many learned heads should so far forget their metaphysics, and destroy the ladder and scale of creatures, as to question the existence of spirits. For my part, I have ever believed, and do now know, that there are witches: they that doubt of these, do not only deny them, but spirits; and are obliquely, and upon consequence a sort not of infidels, but atheists.

    Really, all that was written on “morgellons disease”, back then, was that it was basically blackheads, comedomes, demodex mites, ingrown hairs, and abscesses. People who believe in it, now, attribute all this modern-day science-fiction, “Twilight Zone” stuff to it. Maybe such people don’t appreciate that hallucinations are real, to the person having them, and that a lot of things cause them. I mean, gee, like right down to Rhonda Casey on CNN, with that close-up of dry skin, when she points out what she says is a blue fiber and gets all excited. The background photo was magnified, already, and I magnified it even further, and all I see are dry skin creases.

    Now what?

  298. Eat more corn I guess??!

  299. I suggest that all sufferers who are posting on this very poor excuse for a forum stop wasting time here and go to http://WWW.SILENTSUPERBUG.COM Register at the website and you can contact researcher PerDaniel BellVanEden. He has been researching the organism that causes what Americans are calling Morgellon’s Disease for years. He is very kind and brilliant unlike some of the rude doubters on this sad forum. The doubters posting here are very ignorant and not worth arguing with. Correspond with someone who is educated and knows what they are talking about. I have been corresponding with PerDaniel BellVanEden and he has provided me with a lot of very valuable information for managing this illness. I’m ditching my Doctors and going to Mexico for Itraconazol. You all can do what you want but this forum is a sad waste of time. I’m only here to post what I think may be helpful to true sufferers of this horrible man-made disaster of a disease.
    Here is a helpful excerpt:

    “CDC sends Morgellons investigators to California

    Oct 1, 2006
    By: Bill Gillette
    Dermatology Times

    Atlanta — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is sending a
    team of investigators into California as a beginning step in its recently
    announced decision to investigate Morgellons disease, a mysterious condition
    heretofore diagnosed by most physicians as a psychotic disorder.
    CDC spokesman Dan Rutz, M.P.H., tells Dermatology Times that at least three
    investigators (to include an epidemiologist and mental-health and
    infectious-disease specialists) — and more likely four, including a
    dermatologist — were to arrive at the end of September and set up shop in
    the Los Angeles area. According to the Morgellons Research Foundation,
    Southern California — along with the San Francisco Bay region and parts of
    Texas and Florida — is one of the “cluster areas” in which the disease has
    been frequently reported.
    In addition, the CDC has implemented a Morgellons information and voicemail
    line at (404) 718-1199, which people who believe they may have the disease
    can call for help…” (end of excerpt)

    Please keep hammering the CDC and be sure to shake hands with everyone you meet. A cure will not be looked for until it is profitable. (For an excellent expose of the politics of Disease in the U.S. read the book or view the movie “And the Band Played On”) When the doubters become infected they will doubt no more so all of you sufferers get out there and spread the ‘joy’.


    Lorri ( =

  300. Lorri,

    I don’t think you understand what you are encouraging people to do. People who believe that they have Morgellons are suffering from a wide variety of health problems. Many of them may be contagious. You are suggesting that they go out and deliberately spread these diseases to other people. That’s not only sheer stupidity, it’s also totally heartless.

    Tam-Tam is not researching any Morgellons pathogen. That’s an impossiblity. No such pathogen exists. He may have you fooled, but then, you’ve already shown us that you aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, either.

    How’s Southcity doing? Has he started treating his schizophrenia yet? He and Tam-Tam are both suffering from paranoid delusions. It sounds like you may have the same problem. Also, you need to make sure your life insurance is up to date before you start buying Mexican pharmacheuticals.

    Tall Cotton

    P.S. Kiss my ass!

  301. (She’s got it bad, all right, and that is so bad.)

    Many skin disorders take their roots from, or place their roots in, the psyche.

    If you think you might be experiencing “morgellons disease” symptoms just after hearing about it, you could just have a little bit of an initial gullibility problem you might need to try getting a handle on. Not a big deal, once you rationalize the situation.

    If you’ve had pre-existing symptoms that seem to match up to it, there’s a good chance that you’re someone who’s already been diagnosed, and refused to cooperate with your doctor(s).

    That means that you’re likely to know you’ve been told that you have a delusional disorder, and something very deeply rooted in your psyche, that caused that state to develop, made you too prideful to think it could ever happen to you. By believing that you’re above the rest of the human race — who understands that our brains are another one of our organs than can develop illness, the same as any organ — are you happy with where it’s gotten you so far?

    You’re senses are deceiving you, you feel like you’re losing your mind, and everyone you know treats you as though you have. How is it that you think mental illness occurs, or signals itself? Nobody gets up and just looks in the mirror one day to see a big stamp across their forehead, that says, “Hey,________, you are mentally ill, and need to get help for it”. Sirens and alarms don’t sound. There are no bells, whistles, or flashing red lights.

    Your warnings, your LOUD warnings, are: A. How you feel like you may be losing your mind. B. How others react to you. C. What you were diagnosed with. What you’ve gotten for yourself by believing in “morgellons disease”, a disease that doesn’t exist, is that you’ve added another gigantic delusion on top of your original one(s).

    “Knock-knock”…”Who’s there?” — It’s what used to be your brain before this happened. You say you want your life back. You have missed all your cues. So, how come?

    That’s how delusional disorders work, and you’ve joined up with other delusional patients who also won’t treat it. Your shared delusions have been heavily, and deeply, reinforced. That puts everyone in a bigger world of shit than they were already in, before “munchausen mom” started her internet madness. Tam-Tam is a sick person too, and he’s not who you have deluded yourselves into believing he is, either, continuously sliding deeper into the abyss, further and further, with more delusions top of each other.

    If you expect the general public to think your support/advocacy group consists of rational thinking persons, stricken ill by a new disease that we all need to be warned about…seriously, that’s only another sign of your delusional illness. You may be functional on several levels, but you’re too mentally ill to heed all the signs you’ve received. The tragedy of not treating it, which would be so simple, is worth the trade-off, because _________________________

    …you finish the rest of the sentence.

    Medication is the only way out. Behavior modification can help too. The life you’ve chosen to live by not assisting yourself is having a profound effect on numerous others around you, too. When any of us chose the behavior, we’ve also chosen the consequences. That’s the harsh reality of life. Think about it, do you “really” want your life back?

    YOUR LIFE. How does getting YOUR LIFE back have anything to do with bonding with a bunch of other severely mentally ill patients who’ve also exercised their right to not treat their condition(s)? If anyone is able to reflect on that for themselves, do it. Leave out that “you all have a new disease, and that there is strength in numbers”. Just get real, and drop that self-deception you’re clinging to, and ask yourself what uniting with a group like that is doing towards helping YOU move into the direction of getting YOUR former life back. That’s too much to ask, right? You know why it is, too. You have a serious mental illness.

    Michael has provided plenty of information on the fact that many skin disorders take their roots from, or place their roots in, the psyche. Information is all over the internet, too. I’m not so naive to think that anything I say is paid any attention to by anyone who needs to have “morgellons disease” in their life. My messages are only for anyone who has a strong enough sense of self, as well as selflessness, to do what’s needed to get well. That’s who I’m talking to…not to a whining wimp, but to a true warrior. Those are the people who really want their lives back, and know that they have to do the right thing, and stop screwing around in the land of the lost. They’ll put actions to their words before they end up losing the game.

    It is to you, I offer this:


    It is to all the really sick people who think Michael is anything other than a retired computer programmer, with a caring heart, that I say how damned sorry I am that your suspicions prove that you’ve never known what it’s like to care about other people.

  302. As usual, excuse the typos. I’m sorry for the rant, too, and I realize the scope of this mess is not something that can be simply solved, until the person wants to be on their way to wellness. Maybe some of these people with all their suspicions did, at one time, before their illness, know what it’s like for a stranger to really care about all of humankind. It gets to me, how they feel that any opposition towards such a devastating force as the belief in “morgellons disease” is an attack on “them”. How the false hopes of the “we” and the “us” of “their group” has anything to do with anybody improving, bugs me as they carry on in oblivion, believing as they do, defending “morgellons disease”.


    I am amazed. Floored. 2 years at Kaiser, several upon several differant medications. Oral and topical.

    What got me was the fact I have shelled out over $10,000.00 for my dear sweet doggie and have yet to have the vets come up with what they “allergy/infection” was that caused boils with fibers. She had an on again off again rash and 106 fever.
    * We spoil her with fluffy toys that she shreds all over the house.

    I would comment to my husband that our dog and I seem to have the same disease. I even went as far as thinking (after watching too much court tv) that I was being poisoned. Our neighbor poisons the squirrels and I protest, so he was “my” suspect.

    My husband too, said I was psycho.

    Glowie Huntress, we have the dog, the husband, the same condition, and I too am a blonde. I will say that I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I get by just fine.

    Why doesn’t my husband have it? Obviously I am much sweeter, but I’m also consider that I am home much more than he is. The dog and I hang out in the same area together all the time. The house is over 3,000 sq ft and he spends most of his time toying with a Camaro restoration.

    I was doing research on my disease after another visit to Kaiser yesterday had me almost to the point I was going to go postal and wipe out the entire staff. As I read the posts, websites, and blogs, I became even more confused. Then I got to places where people are verbally beating the hell out of each other and bickering over what they think and what they know.

    Let me start with “I don’t know sh*t” But after all of the reading I know some people sound really mean and judgemental. I also know that Glowie Huntress’s story mirrors to a ‘T’ , exactly what my last two years have been like.

    THANK YOU for putting yourself out there Glowie. My only desire is to state that I have no motive financial or other wise and Glowie’s story is not an isolated incident.

    Good Luck to all and please try and be a little bit more considerate when posting with opinions and ‘your’ facts. Even if we are ‘psycho’ that too is an illness.

  304. could one of you please answer a query for me? are all hair roots the same in one human body? or in one area of the body, say, the face for example. is it usual for hair roots to fluoresce, is it usual for either white hairs or dark hairs to have fluorescent bands on them?

  305. Hair varies across the body. See:


    Alternating light and dark bands in hair can be caused by trichothiodystrophy, which is a genetic disorder. Fluorescence in hairs can be caused by fungus, such as scalp ringworm.

    Why do you ask?

  306. thankyou for your reply, i was curious as i had noticed some hairs like this on my face, hands and arms, but, mainly my face, anyway, not to worry.

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