Schwartz, CIA, France, Bottled Water.

Mr Schwartz, a recently defrocked doctor, is one of the supporters of Morgellons sufferers.

Schwartz said he talked to a man who said he used to work with the CIA, and the man told the doctor about a government-developed bacteria that got out of control in France. That theory would substantiate claims that Morgellons has come from bottled water from France, Schwartz said. Schwartz said he is not sure what to think of the theory that the disease comes from imported bottled water because some of his patients don’t drink bottled water

One wonders then, why there would not be more Morgellons in Europe?

Schwartz is either a quack, exploiting people’s fears for money, or he simply shares and reinforces the delusions of those he “treats”. Good job he can no longer pescribe medicine or peddle narcotics.