“This” Disease

What we have here, is a failure to communicate.

“I have this disease!”, “this disease is real!”, “I have this”, “the symptoms of this…”, “this terrible disease”.

The problem here is one of language. Saying “this” makes “it” sound like a real disease that has been discovered and that people have been diagnosed with. “This” indicates something concrete, but is being used for something intangible.

When someone says “I have this disease”, they really mean “I have some of the symptoms listed on the Morgellons Research Foundation web site, I found some fibers on my skin, so I’m assuming both that Morgellons is a real disease, and that I have Morgellons”.

Being a language problem, we can’t do much about the problem, we can’t change the language, we can’t even explain the problem very well. But we can be aware of the problem.

“This Disease” is a linguistic shortcut that allows you to travel from symptoms to diagnosis without the usual logical and scientific steps that are required inbetween.