Morgellons Photos

(If you are looking for some free Morgellons-style photos to illustrate an article, feel free to use any on this page, and then there are also many more free photos here)

I’ve been asked several times to explain the dramatic photographs of Morgellons sufferers. Well, let’s take a look at some specific examples:

This is “skin from lesion on back, 60x, with embedded fibers”


Presumably these are the types of “unusual” fibers that Ginger Savely finds in peoples lesions when she looks at them with her 30x radio shack microscope. I can’t really see much unusual about this photo though.

Then we have some close-ups: “Fiber and red spot, 200x, top lit”


And the same, but back lit:


Now that’s kind of interesting. The poster says “large fiber looks like it’s attached to blood spot, possibly feeding. Smaller fibers, babies?”. Sounds like an over-active imagination to me.

There’s a couple more, at 200x:



The poster comments “Fibers look nothing like clothing fibers” “fibers all different sizes”, “red dots – eggs?”, “fiber embedded under skin!”

Interesting photos, don’t you think. They really look like something is going on, some weird fibers embedded in lesions. Is this the evidence the the MRF is looking for?

It’s seems to be of the highest level of evidence they have presented so far.

But I can say quite confidently that this “evidence” demonstrates nothing – in fact it actually hinders the case for Morgellons!

Why such arrogance in my assertions? How can I be so sure?

The “Morgellons sufferer” is me, Michael. The “lesion” was a healing zit on my back, the “skin from lesion” is a piece of scab/skin I peeled off it. The photos are mine, the comments are mine, the lesion is mine, the fibers come from the combed cotton and polyester black shirt I am wearing, plus whatever shirt I was wearing the past few days the scab formed, plus a few streaks of blood and skin fibers.

So, either

A) I have Morgellons, and I am in some deep, deep, denial.

B) Fibers in lesions are not evidence of Morgellons.

Fibers are everywhere, as are the Fuzzballs.