Border Disease!!!!

I find it amazing that the media swallows the line that cases are centered in Texas, California and Florida.Some of the more fringe “media” outlets on the web are taking this, and suggesting it must be a disease bought over the border by illegal immigrants.

Let’s look at some infographics. Firstly from, we have a little map that shows the states with the most cases:
See, it’s Texas, Florida and California!

Now, here’s a more detailed map from “Unidentified Skin Parasite (a.k.a. “Morgellons Disease”) Database“. Darker states have more cases.

Finally, here’s one from Wikipedia:

Notice the amazingly high degree of correlation between the maps! This proves without a doubt that cases are highest in CA, TX and FL!!

But wait, what’s Wikipedia doing supporting this nonsense?

Actually, the Wikipedia map in not a map of Morgellons incidence. It’s a map of population.

That’s right folk, there are more cases in CA, TX and FL, because MORE PEOPLE LIVE THERE!

The only reason those states have the most cases, is that they have the most people.

You might as well go around saying that the highest incidence of people is found in California, since it is, and it’s just as meaningful.

And CBS2 news in Los Angeles gets people all scared, saying that Los Angeles has the highest number of cases of Morgellons in the country. Could this possibly be related to the fact that (excepting New York) Los Angeles has MORE PEOPLE than any other city in the US?