Morgellons Case Definition

You get a lot of different reports of fibers.  Some people find fibers in lesions, some wipe them off their skin, some are short, some long, all different colors, some hard, some soft, some move, some grow, some pop in and out of the skin, some are microscopic, some hair sized, some like threads, some are like spaghetti strands.

Why so many different types of fiber?

I think the problem is with the Morgellons Research Foundation case definition, which describes the fibers thusly:

“[the fibers] are generally described by patients as white, but clinicians also report seeing blue, green, red, and black fibers,”

That is it, no particular diameter, length, morphology, ductile or brittle properties, opacity, smoothness, curvature, solubility, texture or any characteristic other than them being one of a number of colors.

So, anyone who finds any fiber “in or on a lesion”, OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, will fit the case definition.

What exactly is the MRF doing?  Presumably they are not stupid, they have a few PhDs in there, and Leitao has a degree in biology.  Can’t they see that with this ridiculously broad case definition, nobody will take them seriously?  If Morgellons is real, then they do the real sufferers a great disservice in having such an inclusive case definition.
I think that the reason they do not refine the case definition is that they are stuck in the same “non-judgemental” mindset that prevails at Lymebusters.  Not wanting to exclude anyone, they include everyone.  The case definition covers the ailments of about 50 Million Americans with some kind of MUPS.  Anyone who chooses, can simply say they have Morgellons, and the case definition will agree with them.   According to the case definition, I have Morgellons.

I challenge the Morgellons Research Foundation to either update their case definition, or explain themselves.