Morgellons Fiber Videos

I did not really think many people take the various Morgellons videos seriously. Most of the time it’s pretty obvious what is in the video, and the rest of the time it’s not obvious what we are even looking at.

But it seems some people find these videos interesting, so I though I’d have a go at duplicating some. A couple of hours later, I came up with these three:

A Morgellons worm covered in various weird fibers:

A Morgellons fiber with a life of its own, attacking my finger!

A live Morgellons worm, with something coiled inside of it, with fibers on its head.

It just goes to show how things are open to interpretation.

If anyone has some other Morgellons video they would like me to duplicate, then please let me know.

Compare the second fiber video with this “real” Morgellons fiber from the former medical director of the MRF, Dr Greg Smith: