You may be astonished to find them ALL OVER — your skin. your rug, your mirrors (they seem ‘attracted’ to mirrors!)… They’re in the air, swirling and floating on the slightest air currents. Check your hair — it is exposed outdoors — it can ‘host’ hundreds! Your clothes can glow like galaxies of miniature stars are on them. ‘Dust’ on every flat surface in your home can be filled with them.
Some wave and squirm, almost as if they’re alive.”

This is something I noticed myself, when playing around with a black light. I also noticed a white t-shirt (and most white items of clothing) glow bright white. It’s part of the dyeing process that makes them white. Plus, laundry detergent glows white. The fibers from these things are the fibers that you see under black light.

It’s funny – they make the same case I was making before, fibers are everywhere, yet somehow reason escapes them and they attribute it to aliens and the government’s secret mind control chemtrail spraying activities.

Why is it not lint?

First of all, you can SEE lint on your clothes. You CANNOT see these filaments in regular light EVEN if you are looking right at them. Catch one with tweezers under UV light, keep a firm grip, and turn on the room light. It ‘vanishes’! Turn the room light off, turn the UV on, and it’s still there

That’s because it’s tiny! You can see it under black light because it emits light against a black background. when you turn the light on, it blend in with everything, as it’s so small.

Secondly, there were a lot of people in the 1970′s who owned UV lights of this type for illuminating posters and creating a party mood. No one from that era claims to remember this material.”

WHAT!? “Er, do you remember, going to a party sometime in the 70′s, did you happen to notice, when it was really dark and you were next to a black light, that there were these tiny fibers on people’s clothes?” – This is evidence of a vast government conspiracy? – that you can’t find anyone who remembers the fibers from a party in the 70s? Well, that could equally well be evidence that detergent manufacturers started using stilbenes in their detergent sometime between 1980 and 2000? Or, it could mean nothing at all. Or maybe that people who decorated with black light did not do much laundry. What do you remember from the 70s? What color were lava lamps? Did pet rocks have hair? Did mood rings work?

Thirdly – [...] all you need is a microscope [...] a known piece of lint [...] Note the twisted fibers — they look like rope. These are solid (not translucent), dusty-looking, and have bushy ends. [...] Now pick up a suspected ‘CT-UV fallout’ filament [...] They seem to made of some sort of prismatic flat filament that twists — extruded looking, about 1/3- 1/5 the diameter of a human hair laid side-by-side — obviously NOT fibrous

Total nonsense. Lint contains all kinds of fibers. Most of them are emphatically NOT twisted like rope, they are single fibers. Brushed cotton/polyester blend fibers also look like a “sort of prismatic flat filament that twists “. They are also about 1/3 the diameter of a human hair. Obviously fibrous.

And then:

No one posting at Carnicom seems to have access to a photography microscope. We hope that someone with access to such will post some photomicrographs

How unfortunate. Try the QX5, only $70

Here’s some “photomicrographs” of lint. 200x and 60x. Note how there are ALL KINDS of fibers. Probably a few from my florescent white t-shirts. Note the white ones, kind of “sort of prismatic flat filament that twists “, don’t you think?


Fibers are indeed everywhere. Perfectly naturally.

UPDATE: Looks like someone got themselves a QX3/5
Strikingly similar to my photos, you think?

10 Responses to “Fibers are Everywhere – Part 2”

  1. Maybe this study and comparison might shed some light on a view of the fibers.

    Click on aerosol crimes at very top

    go 1/2 down page to darkened fiber picture. Click on that

    go back and click on the comparisons to other materials

    Winged schiff

  2. Based on those photos, it matches the cotton fibers the closest. It think those photos quite conclusivly demonstrate that those “chemtrail” fibers are nothing more special than any other fiber.

  3. Here is an experiment done on the electricity of the aerosol.

    Later, a multimeter had both alligator clips attached to the glob to test for electrical conductivity (presence of metals, etc…). The fibrous glob had no measurable resistance and current could not be passed through the material.

    Next, the material was exposed to shortwave or longwave UV light while testing current/resistance with the multimeter (ex: photoelectric effect). The material did not conduct electricity under these conditions, either.

    Conclusions: It seems that we can rule out the fact that airbourne fibers are used to create a type of “plasma” in the atmosphere from which energy can be easily transferred from point A to point B. The theory was that the chemtrail planes (remember, this is but one aspect of the program) were used to spray photoelectric compounds in the air that could eject free electrons upon irradiation by the sun’s UV light. These experiments show that the fibers absolutely do not conduct electricity under ambient conditions or while being bombarded by UV radiation. It has been seen that metals have been extracted from the material so I still do not know the role of those metals to this date.


    found on message board, under Physical Samples research, and important findings on airborne fibers.

    Winged schiff

  4. I’m not interested in contrails, unless you can show some link to Morgellons.

  5. Can you not see the fibers?

    Polymer, possibly if not electrical?

    Winged Schiff

  6. Of course I can see the fibers – but fibers are everywhere. There is no demonstrated connection between some particular fibers and contrails. Even if there were, there is no demonstrated connection between contrail fibers, and Morgellons fibers.

  7. that is because these are not from contrails they are from aerosol propellent operations going on over our heads.

    These evidentual experiments have been done on objects from the operations.

    They have watched them fall. they have fallen after heavy spraying.

    Many photos, much experimentation, much analysis.

    Do you deal with truth at all?
    evidence, etc.

    Winged schiff


    Please be aware of the most comprehensive rational examination online about the “Chemtrails” hoax.

    The confluence of “Chemtrails” and “Morgellons” was inevitable. Both are cults of belief, populated by ‘true believers’, not objective people searching for truth. I don’t expect the Morgellons people to be any different.

    In one of the comments someone mentioned ‘apathy’ as a symptom of ‘Morgellons’. Well, if apathy is intentional, and it does happen as a choice of action/inaction, maybe it is related.

    You don’t find many religions, especially those with no moral underpinnings or message of eventual salvation which try and disprove their hypothesis as is done on this blog. If they ever started to do so, groupthink gets disrupted and unity is lost. much of this is just a support group for people with common delusions.

    I pity Dr. Wymore, try as he might, he will ultimately be the target of a smear campaign by those whom he has given a gift of his time and expertise. I’ve seen it before.

    To the owner of this blog, please email me as we can share some experiences.

  9. Nice work Jay.

    This Blog is not particularly aimed at the “True Believers”, as I feel that’s something of a lost cause. I’m looking towards those just starting down that slippery slope.

  10. I tried sending a warning flare to signal a sympathizer that is apparently already sucked into the morgie vortex. That damned slope is a slippery one.

    If a sympathizer can’t be swayed, by looking into the background before taking the plunge, how much hope can we hold out for people who think they have it being kept from it’s grip? How long before sympathizers begin to have manifestations of it? They oftentimes do.

    Morgies credit themselves with convincing others that they have it!!! “Everyone has morgellons”, they say.

    Now, how does it go again? The ones who have it and don’t realize it are the lucky ones. But I’ve also seen it argued that they’re worse off than the ones who have it and know that they do. You see, you have to purge it out, or it eats you up inside and you die of the fibers infesting all of your organs.

    The insanity! So many claims that it has killed and killed again.

    My ass.

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