I’ve touched on this subject before, but it keeps coming up in the media, so I’ll take the risk of repeating myself.

The Morgellons Research Foundation says:

Distinct geographic “cluster” areas of this disease have been noted near Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego in California

It then shows a little map with those four cities highlighted, which makes it look like California is breaking out with acne.


Recently people have been noticing ominous parallels between those four random cities and medical centers. Here’s what they say on the Morgellons Research Foundation’s recommended forum:

Three of these cities, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, are home to a University of California Campus that includes a major medical center teaching facility and extensive bio research facilities.

Three of these cluster cities have an additional second University Campus located within a fifty mile range with a medical school and extensive bio research facilities.

San Jose is located 16 miles from Stanford Medical/Research facility and less than 50 miles from the UCSF Medical Center

This worries the lymebuster – perhaps they think this indicates that Morgellons is some kind of escaped pathogen which was simultaneously released from all four of these facilities. Is there any other way of explaining this?

Here’s what the lymebuster has to say:

The first person I showed this to said there is no possibility that the relationship is random. I am looking for a statistician to calculate what the odds are of these common factors of Morgellons cluster cities being random or not.

As someone else on this board likes to say, I’m a duck if all these converging factors are just a coincidence. I bet the odds against this being random are about a billion to one.

Close. Let’s see, if there are 400 cities in California, four of which are clusters of Morgellons and four have a med school with a bio research campus, what are the odds of them randomly being in the same four cites?

About 25 Billion to one! Higher than their guess, and they were including Texas. So clearly this relationship is NOT random. There must be something going on.

Okay, I’ll spill the beans, there are the most cases of Morgellons, and the biggest medical schools and bio-research facilities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego because:


Top ten California cities by population:

1 Los Angeles 3,819,951
2 San Diego 1,266,753
3 San Jose 898,349
4 San Francisco 751,682
5 Long Beach 475,460
6 Fresno 451,455
7 Sacramento 445,335
8 Oakland 398,844
9 Santa Ana 342,510
10 Anaheim 332,361

The Morgellons Research foundation is just tossing out meaningless sound bites for the evening news, and their fans at Lymebusters are concocting fantastical stories around these McStatistics.

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  1. You know what big nose – you can stick ya clusters up ya clacker!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can’t slow down this affliction with ya website. It will just keep coming at ya Michael!!

  2. Free Research – whoever thought of that idea???!!!

    OMG!! My nose is starting to wiggle.

    Mice in Australia now have a new label – “they are NOT mice they are BEINGS”!!!

    Go Figure!

  3. Time to get a grip on ya bipolar disorder people – or you’ll never figure this out.

  4. 544,236
    Site visits since
    Feb. 15, 2006

    Rather interesting – for a delusion that is!!!

  5. ABAC68, that’s another interesting example of misleading statistics. A site has 544,246 page views in five months, so that means what it says must be correct?

    Well, morgellonswatch.com has had 21,270 page views in one month, that’s a rate of 106,350 over five months. Does this mean that 19.5% of my site is correct?

    When a web site has direct links from CNN, Fark, Digg, SomethingAwful, Slashdot, Wikipedia, Drudge, hundreds of local news stories, and thousands of blogs, it’s hardly surprising that hundreds of thousands of people will visit that site.

    It’s also not at all surprising that a percentage of them will be itchy or bored enough to fill in the survey. Making the MRFs “statistics” totally meaningless.

  6. BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Friend – welcome to the real world.

  7. The real world is the world that people who know what the logical explanations for “morgellons disease” are. No chaos in this “real world”, no fear of the unknown.

  8. Abac’s apology for being a genuine asshole didn’t last very long, did it? She’s also showing everyone just how low her IQ really is.

  9. I don’t know much about statistics or probability, but it seems to me that the largest populations centers would have the most Universities and the most Research Facilities. It seems that they would also have the most people registering with the Morgellons Research Foundation and falling for the Myth of Morgellons. I think that there could be exceptions, depending upon where there has been the most media coverage. For example, there is a spike at Round Rock Texas. But this small town is the home of Republic Broadcasting Network, which aired a Morgellons Interview with some of the staff of the MRF. That’s a real good network for political news, but it could stand a lot of improvement when it comes to medical news. Morgellons is a lie!!

  10. Since the cluster cities are also the most populous cities, what is the MRF accomplishing with their statistics except making it appear that there is an epidemic in these areas when there isn’t.

  11. MRF knows that the more people who are easy prey to succumb to their deceptive tactics means more $$$ for them. The foundation itself may not have any research funds “yet”, but the board members who are treating people that have been convinced, are faring well from it. Other unscrupulous quacks know a good thing when they see it, too. They have no shame.

  12. I wonder if Oakland will jump ahead of Long Beach, Fresno, and Sacramento due to the former Oakland A’s pitcher claiming to have Morgellons.

  13. Could someone please explain what ‘Morgellon’s disease’ is? (or is meant to be?) What are the symptoms? Us poor monkeys in Africa have not heard of this disease … what if we are all infected and don’t even know about it?! I quite like the photo section though, the pictures look like close-ups of my naval lint. MM.

  14. Morgellons is believing you have it, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Excellent observation about the navel lint, but don’t expect a Morgie to have that much sense.

  15. Hey there, Marketmonkey. If you’re curious, you’ve come to the right place. To assist you, read these links to get an understanding of how it originated.

    July 23rd’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette…


    Here’s some older articles:




    Some recent excerpts, from the Chicago Tribune….

    Mary Leitao, who started the Morgellons Research Foundation, said she long ago grew accustomed to being doubted by doctors whenever she sought help for her son, who is now 7 and still suffering from recurring lesions.

    “They suggested that maybe I was neurotic,” Leitao said of her attempt to have her son examined by infectious disease experts at Johns Hopkins Hospital. “They said they were not interested in seeing him because I had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy” – a mental illness in which a parent fabricates a child’s illness or intentionally injures a child.

    July 24th’s Chicago Tribune


    Cool. You’re in there Michael with a link to your blog, too.

  16. Here’s another fine example of a false correlation: the following two sites were both designed by Andreas Vicklund (scroll to the bottom to see the “designed by”:


    Does this mean that the Masons and Morgellons are somehow connected?

    If so, then the plot is very thick indeed, since this site is ALSO designed by Andreas Vicklund:


    What are the odds that these three different sites were all designed by the same guy? A billion to one?

  17. Yikes! Lemme tell you what! I only saw that name, Andreas Viklund, at the bottom of your pages this morning and knew I had seen it before. Okay.
    Pull your helmet down tighter. I sure am!!!

  18. ABAC, I see that you’ve had a moment of near clarity, when you asked your vet about herxing and he’d never heard of it.

    You say “I sometimes feel that the internet is full of medical crap and we are just being strung along.”

    You are exactly right, PLEASE keep that in mind. You ARE being strung along. Please, take a step back and take a good look.


  19. ABAC, if you do take that step back, ask yourself, why would JeezeLouise or Michael or anyone want to hurt you? Why would we lie to you? What horse do we possibly have in the race?

    All you need is one single moment of absolute clarity.

    I hope you find it.

  20. Don’t waste your time on morgellonswatch.com. This website is being paid for by the people responsible for spreading this disease/parasite/bacteria, whatever it is.

    Factual information can be found at:
    http://biology-online.org/biology-forum/about1958-3324.html (note that you scroll through the posts on the biology website by using the “GoTo Page…” in the upper right hand corner.

    Also see:
    http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/EID/vol9no2/02-0222.htm and here is more:

    I just found out it is from the tobacco hornworm! This is the insect that the parasitoid wasp does a number on!!


    I have been trying to tell you guys about the ricsettsia diseases, in which they now call all of them the Bartonellas:


    Lice Join Ticks As Possible Disease Carriers

  21. My guess is the correlation is high incidence of morgellons in areas with high incidence of meth use. I work in an ER and when someone comes in complaining of these type of symptoms the first thing you do is ask them when they last did meth. If they deny doing meth you get a urine toxicology screen. In my experience there’s a 100% correlation between meth use and complaints of bugs under the skin and fibers growing out of the skin.

    Another thing to look for: when you see the pictures of the people with sores note that they only have the open sores in places where they can reach to scratch. There’s one picture all over the web of a woman with sores all over her back but if you look she doesn’t have them in the area just above and below her bra strap. That’s very typical, its the only area on the back where you can’t reach to scratch.

  22. I don’t think it’s 100%, but it’s probably a significant segment.

    See this post:


  23. I’ve never touched meth in my life. I’ve never even seen it. BS.


  24. A “Significant segment” does not include everyone. I’d say between 20% and 80%. I never took you as a Meth Head.

  25. I know you didn’t Michael. You see, I think there are people who legitimately have DOP, and the medical community is getting them confused with the fibrous people (since “Morgellons” doesn’t exist) because there are no other categories for us. I keep telling ya’ll, we’re being mislabeled! I’m not a methhead; I’m not delusional; I’m not a hypochondriac; I don’t have munchausen; I simply have a strange, fiber-under-the-skin producing health issue that seems to be preventing me from having the quality of existence I prefer to have. While it is possible that there are some Morgies who are actually DOP, I believe the number to be small to nill. WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ANYBODY FREAK ABOUT FIBERS UNLESS THEY WERE REALLY THE ISSUE?????? I mean, it’s not as if they made a summer thriller called “Fibers On A Plane.” Now, if I said I had snakes coming out of my skin, then you should probably check me for any and all types of drugs. Why fibers?


  26. People freak out about formication, then they look closely at their skin to see if they can find what is causing the formication. The only thing they can find is some fibers, so they freak out about the fibers.

  27. Oh yes, now I understand your entire perspective. Now you make sense to me. Yes, that conceivably could be the case. Again, you assume that people don’t recognize the difference between the fibers they’ve seen all their lives, and the ones that creep-up where they had not been milliseconds earlier. You don’t realize that, unlike ordinary dust, these Morgellons fibers emerge from your skin into tiny little balls (at least for those of us who don’t have lesions). A few weeks ago, I unconsciously scratched between my thumb and forefinger after having taken a shower. I was fascinated to find a white cottony substance coming from my skin. Yes, it looked EXACTLY like white cotton. What came out was about half a cotton ball between my two hands in the same area. My bathroom wasn’t particularly dusty that day, and I hadn’t touched any cotton balls. There was no formication involved either since I didn’t feel anything, just a little old-fashioned itch. Gosh Michael, I left out another mislabel: I’m not stupid. Please add that to my list above. If the stuff was household dust, I’d know that it was household dust.

    That’s all for me–goodnight.


  28. Aherah, in the absence of more evidence we’ve reached a bit of an impasse here. You certainly sound like an intelligent rational person, but you are describing some rather odd symptoms. There’s basically three main possibilities here:

    1) You have an unusual condition that produces cottony fibers from your skin
    2) You are mistaking some natural occurrence like dry skin or towel lint for odd fibers.
    3) You have a monosymptomatic delusional disorder.

    Your obvious intelligence seems to preclude #2, but other than that, what am I to base anything on? Do you have any evidence that can be shown over the internet?

  29. Did you take the ball of fibers that spontaneously came out of your fingers to a lab to have them analyzed?

    Seems to me that a ball of fibers 1/2 the size of a cotton ball would go a long way towards helping the researchers attempting to diagnose this disease.

    Take the fibers in, have them analyzed and the mystery is solved. Very simple.

  30. Donate to OSU. There is nothing funny about this problem.

  31. Michael

    you ask: Here’s another fine example of a false correlation: the following two sites were both designed by Andreas Vicklund (scroll to the bottom to see the “designed by”:

    Andreas has FREE templetes you can use for your website – all he asks is for you to put his name at the bottom.

    You disappoint me Michael, no research on this?

    I think I am going to use the blue one Andreas03 for a puppy foundation here in town – what do you think? blue for puppies?

  32. TexasRose. My point exactly!

  33. Aherah: Im sure something is bothering you, but the people on this blog have a clue because there is over 5000 people registered suffering with this and these skeptics will only allow the information they can muster from their keyboards. Doesnt that seem strange. They seek no physical evidence from real sources. Ill bet not one of the skeptics has traveled anywhere to meet a sufferer. Perhaps they believe us and fear they may contract this if they seek the truth. Wouldnt normal people make unbiased observations and try to see these symtoms for themselves? Perhaps were dealing with a first or second year class of psyche students looking for a good grade or the employees of the organization that is responsible for this problem (man made). What better way to avoid any suspicion than to deny any problem exists? What are they doing here? If I find this is due to the negligence of any organization Im going to sue their ass off.

  34. Randy, if all the doctors you have been to have failed to see your evidence, then why would you expect me to see it? Can you describe exactly what it is I would see?

    I’m not going to go visit people wo are sick and think they have Morgellons, for various reasons which have already been explained. But you can add to the list one more: it would be pointless. If you can’t photograph or video it, and your doctors can’t see it, then I (not a doctor) will certainly not be able to.

    What exactly do you want to show me? Lesions? Fibers? What do they look like? Why can’t your doctor see them?

  35. I didnt expect you to respond in a courageous manner! Im happy your not saving my life but I would certainly try to save yours if I showed the same interest you show in this. My posts are out there for you to see, why dont you read them. I think you are to self absorbed to allow anyone else in. Next, you want me to list my posts…….correct?

  36. Randy, all are welcome here. Questions are especially welcome. Corrections are incredibly welcome.

  37. Randy, when I was told that I had “morgellons disease”, February 15, 2005, do you think I was:

    a. told correctly
    b. I was told incorrectly
    c. you don’t even know, because you conclude things without looking into them

    Now, what kind of “physical evidence” do you have for us, from a “real source”?

  38. Anonymous says: “Did you take the ball of fibers that spontaneously came out of your fingers to a lab to have them analyzed?

    Seems to me that a ball of fibers 1/2 the size of a cotton ball would go a long way towards helping the researchers attempting to diagnose this disease.

    Take the fibers in, have them analyzed and the mystery is solved. Very simple.”

    The way I understand it, the CDC has been rejecting samples that have been incorrectly saved. I have no clue what the “correct” manner is to save this stuff, and no one has come forward to guide me or any other (as far as I know). I guess I’m waiting for the CDC to send me my “save your samples” kit so that they don’t also use my lack of experience with sample-saving as an excuse to throw the evidence in the garbage. Nobody I’ve approached ever seems to WANT to see any evidence, so I no longer bother with providing it. Anyways, it is easier for me to tell myself that Morgellons might not be such a big deal if I don’t have the nasty samples lurking in containers under my sink to remind me otherwise. I threw them out. Now, I throw it out.

    Randy, I know that there are people, like Michael, who don’t *believe* people’s experiences as much as they *believe* their numbers. He said he is a computer programmer, and I am inclined to believe him since he does seem to have personality characteristics of programmers that I’ve known. People who are uncomfortable with other people choose careers in which there is little personal contact. While their intelligence in one area grows, their intelligence in other areas atrophies. In other words, true intelligence involves an ability to relate to (not just dissect) others. Most here have a very difficult time relating to the Morgellon’s sufferers, EVEN IF THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE WERE A DELUSION. If they had a clue, this blog wouldn’t exist. I find all of them as misguided as they find me. I take pity on their ignorance just as they probably think they are taking pity on mine. There are some people here that really are malicious with malicious intent. The very fact that they are here day-in day-out dispensing their self-assured judgments of people they have never met proves that they are the absolute sickest blokes in the whole story. I expect that many a psych student comes here just to decide who has what problems. They have a wealth of characters to work with without a single Morgie ever getting involved. I know this. I think most reasonable people can see this too. This is the world we live in, where mental health issues and intellectual aptitudes are just another type of diversity.

  39. I am just DEVASTED. I cry, then I want to sob, then I don’t want to, – far too painful at the moment.

    The pain I have in my tummy feels like an emmpty pity. It is NOT an axiety pain. It is literally sheer grief, I am grief stricken.

  40. Sarach,

    Try to think about cheerful thoughts. Everything is going to turn out okay.

    Tall Cotton

  41. You know if you are lying to me – I will proxy the kick in the nuts via my doctor okay, because I have my leg in practice already!

    (I should say ex-doctor)

  42. Tall Cotton,
    I have read your ‘morgellons is a lie’ blog. I will limit my comments to your fiance’s condition as I have no experience with meth and conceivably, what you experienced as a meth addict, could be ‘normal.’ I wouldn’t know. I do know that what smileykins described is in no way normal, at all, never could be. You never truly described what you beleived to be causing the symptoms if they were not attributed to a disease process, other than possibly the mention of dehydration and hyperthermia. I’m sorry to shoot holes in your convictions, but I have never read anything, heard anything, seen anything, that could suggest dehydration and hyperthermia could cause those symptoms, unless, of course, you meant that you were dehydrated and hot enough to actually hallucinate, which in and of itself I would consider a medical emergency. If morgellons symptoms could be attributed to that, we’d all be cured. My medical history reads quite similarly to your fiance’s, kidney stones, not RA factor, but ANA’s, skin rashes frequently until later childhood. To me these things mean that there is something not right in the body. I would never have accepted any of those health issues described by smileykins as normal, it would be LUDICROUS and INSANE to do so. I would have been looking for answers. I’m sorry but auto-immune disease and the severe health issues such as she described ARE REASONS TO “RUN TO THE DOCTOR.”
    Just so you know, I beleive I have morgellons syndrome. I do not beleive that there are parasites in my body, though it is possible, I think it’s an outside possibility. I have felt things move beneath my skin, but attribute it, most likely, to tactile hallucinations such as could occur with numerous diseases, including auto-immune disorders and as an effect of neurotoxins produced by any number of organisms. I don’t fit the profile of a DOP, there is no obsessive cleaning at my house, no examining of the curtains with a microscope. I don’t collect the material that is shed from my skin in jars to take to the doctor. I don’t beleive I’m being sprayed with chemtrails. And most importantly, I don’t beleive I’m infested with parasites. Morgellons appears to me to be a new facet of the loosely grouped auto-immune disorders, which late research suggests many of which ARE caused by common pathogens and that these pathogens hide within the body’s own cells. Sarcoidosis DOES cause lesions to the body due to the formation of granulomatous tissues in the skin, as well as many other morgie symptoms, like itching burning, and stinging sensations. Look it up, the resemblances are striking, and I beleive they are related closely, the differences caused by a mutation of the pathogen responsible.
    Also, this Morgie at least, is smart enough to know she should drink enough water.
    You are costing us time and credibility by spreading your morgellons is a lie propaganda. How could you POSSIBLY know?
    How could you blithely say, with no apparent research, no scientific credentials, and based on two, count them, two, anecdotes, that ‘morgellons is a lie.’ That is unilaterally irresponsible and wrong. If you can’t say for certain WHAT morgellons is, how can you call it a lie?

  43. Dana, it seems like there has been a misunderstanding. Smileykins does not think she has Morgellons, nor does she think what she had is what Morgellons believers generally have. You don’t seem to have many “Morgellons” symptoms either, just formication, which is a common symptoms of many health conditions, including menopause and perimenopause.

    Why do you think you have Morgellons?

    More importantly, why are you worried about wha Smileykins says? Why the concern about what some ex-crazy says on the internet? Why don’t you worry what the dermatologists say? You can read some of their more influential opinions in the links below:



  44. Ok then, I offer myself as a human subject to each one of those Dermatologist’s, who claim that someone like me has DOP, and I am supposedly just delusional, and I just imagine things.

    I dare you all.

  45. P.S. I still have heard nothing from the CDC.

  46. Gillian, if you won’t treat your mind, by getting real with your shrink, you can’t expect to heal your spirit, body, and soul.

    What can explain people, like Dana, not understanding what we know, so far, about autoimmune diseases, and that they are genetic? It’s been common knowledge for years and years.

    Autoimmune diseases are conditions in which there is a disorder of the immune system characterized by the abnormal production of antibodies (auto-antibodies) directed against the tissues of the body. Autoimmune diseases typically feature inflammation of various tissues of the body. ANAs are found in patients with a number of different autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, polymyositis, scleroderma, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, juvenile diabetes mellitus, Addison disease , vitiligo, pernicious anemia, glomerulonephritis, and pulmonary fibrosis. ANAs can also be found in patients with conditions that are not considered classic autoimmune diseases, such as chronic infections and cancer.

    What other conditions cause ANAs to be produced?

    ANAs can be produced in patients with infections (virus or bacteria), lung diseases (primary pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension), gastrointestinal diseases (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, primary biliary cirrhosis, alcoholic liver disease), hormonal diseases (Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis, Grave’s disease), blood diseases (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, hemolytic anemia), cancers (melanoma, breast, lung, kidney, ovarian and others), skin diseases (psoriasis, pemphigus), as well as in the elderly and those persons with a family history of rheumatic diseases.

  47. Dana, there doesn’t seem to be any one underlying cause for delusional parasitosis, although it appears to have something to do with the fundamental aspects of brain chemistry. DOP is often classified into three types according to the underlying condition:

    1. Primary Psychotic Delusional Parasitosis (Delusional parasitosis is the sole psychological disturbance):

    * patients otherwise behave normally
    * reason in a rational manner

    2. Secondary Functional Delusional Parasitosis
    where there is an underlying psychiatric condition, including:

    * schizophrenia
    * paranoia
    * depression
    * anxiety disorders
    * obsessional states

    3. Secondary Organic Delusional Parasitosis
    where there is an underlying physical illness present, including:

    * drug abuse
    * hypothyroidism
    * cancer
    * cerebrovascular disease
    * tuberculosis
    * neurologic disorders
    * vitamin B12 deficiency
    * diabetes mellitus

    We didn’t have a psychiatric problem to begin with, but, rather, a “temporary state” induced from underlying conditions, so we both recovered, because we both had the 3rd type listed. Neither of us doctor-hopped, nor were we diagnosed with DOP. We didn’t insist that others believed us, we didn’t change in how we treated other people, we did not demand sympathy, or burn furniture, neglect our pets, move into other homes, or do a lot of the things that morgie people dicuss on the web, and in news stories.

    So, Dana, I’d like for you to examine the motivation for your feelings and comments. Since you misinterpreted TC’s & my blog so badly, and let it upset you so much, please go back and have someone else translate it for you. I hope you can accept the illness(es) that you cannot (or will not, you didn’t say) treat well enough to restore your ability to enjoy life, someday soon.

  48. Back on Topic:

    To the Dermatology Community (particularly those that are mentioned in the above links),

    You have all failed miserably at doing one very important thing for people like myself…..


  49. To The Derms,

    If you think I am just a crazy crack pot for posting links to a music video, close your mouth right now before you regret your actions for the rest of you life.

    In other words, peace.

  50. Sorry, for those that may be lagging behind a touch,

    “Get with the programme buddy”.

  51. What Are We Waiting For…

    Educate yourselves please.

  52. Did someone mention Nanotechnology?

    Must have been the voices, anyway what I wanted to mention is my Grandma.

    I couldn’t believe the last time a saw her, a couple of weeks ago, I asked her if she had had a face lift! I said to my mum yesterday, “Grandma looks like she has had silicon skin pumped into her, and cheek bones inserted!” Mum laughed and said; “Yeah I know”! My god my Grandman turns 91 next month.

    It was the phone call later on from my mum (2nd for the day), when she lost the plot with me. I said to her; “if you are going to yell and scream and cry at me down the phone, why don’t YOU carry on like that in front of the doctor, which is YOUR doctor also, and YOU think she is so wonderful”! Then I told her to get a grip on herself, and pull herself together.

    All food for thought.

  53. Hello Dana,

    I think you need to read our blog again, since you obviously didn’t comprehend it the first time. Smileykins didn’t say that she thought that her experience was normal, and, of course, parts of what she experienced involved hallucinations. She suffered from heat exhaustion, urinary blockage and infection, high fever, dehydration and malnutrition, and a tremendous amount of pain. Can you imagine how painful it is to lose most of your epidermis? And, by the way, she did go to the emergency room two times.

    Morgellons symptoms are not caused by a single disease or disorder. People who think they have morgellons actually suffer from a very wide variety of physical and mental disorders. Their diagnoses from their doctors confirm this. Their diagnoses do indicate that they share at least one psychiatric disorder, and that is delusions of parasitosis. You said that you didn’t think that Morgellons is caused by a parasite, then you contradicted yourself by saying that you thought it was caused by a mutated Sarcoidosis pathogen. Sarcoidosis doesn’t have a pathogen. It’s a genetic disorder. Sarcoidosis, it isn’t a new disease. Surely you don’t think we havn’t studied Sarcoidosis, or that we’re unaware of the fact that Sarcoidosis is the disease that some of the Morgies are suffering from.

    I’m glad you’re smart enough to know you need to be drinking large quantities of water. Are you also smart enough to understand that your doctor has more medical knowledge than you do? Do you believe his diagnoses? Do you take the medicine he prescribes? You already said that you are a Morgie. Did your doctor diagnose you with Morgellons? I think not. I think you are confusing obsessive/compulsive disorder with DOP. You make it obvious that you are delusional, whether or not you also have an obsessive/compulsive nature. You do fit the profile of DOP, but you’re gonna believe what you choose to believe.

    You think you would be well if had what Smileykins had. It’s more likely that you would be dead. And in my case, mersoneth addiction, it’s more likely that you would continue to live in your delusions until the drugs killed you. Neither of us claimed that any other Morgies had the same problem we did. We fully understand that Morgies are suffering from a wide variety of disorders. Our testimonials were not meant to help everyone. It was our hope, and still is, that it will help someone. You said that we are costing you time and credibility. In my opinion you don’t have and credibility to begin with. You may mean well, but you’re delusional. Yes, Dana, we understand Morgellons. We know what it is, and we know what it isn’t. We have devoted years of time to it’s research. We can assure you, Morgellons is a lie!!

    Tall Cotton

  54. I’m soory. I had a typo in the last paragraph. Correct the word, on non-word, I should say, “Mersoneth”, to read “Meth”. Thanks.

  55. Hey, Jeezelouise!! “Back on topic”. Hehehe. Oh, by the way, TC, I think what you have is hay fever.

  56. OMG, after trying to wrap my head around it, it appears that Dana thinks I have “morgellons disease”. It seems she chose to not separate my prior health conditions, that I purposefully mentioned to illustrate were-in-no-way-connected-to-that-two-month-bout-with-DOP
    almost five years ago. I, of course, never considered them to be connected.

    I know how most morgie people think, as far as ignoring their prior diagnoses, SO I CLEARLY STATED that was my reason for having mentioned my health conditions, and, that, of course, they remain.

    That is how autoimmunity, WHICH ARE INHERITED GENETIC MUTATIONS FROM OUR FAMILIES, and work related spinal cord injuries are. Mercy sakes, alive, Dana.

  57. Typos, sorry: “Autoimmune diseases”, not “autoimmunity”. I got a little excited when what Dana is obviously thinking dawned on me. Maybe she can find the fountain of youth, too, in her quest of perfect health. I think trying to get grounded in reality by working with doctors, and accepting limitations might be a better idea for people. It’s not helping anyone to think they are way ahead of science.

  58. All food for thought.

    Food for thought about … what?

    Perhaps it’s just me, but I completely fail to see any relevance to the topic at hand.

  59. Jeezelouise, failing to see any relevance to the topic at hand means you aren’t back on topic. No, wait. It means you are back on topic, if you don’t understand it. No, that’s not right, either. Well, one thing we can be sure of, is that we don’t know what the food for thought is when we’re back on the topic at hand, but it depends which topic we’re on. No, well, since we don’t understand it, we’re just fine. Yeah, I think that’s it.

  60. All food for thought

  61. Where did the rest of my post go? Oh, well. 1. Nanotechnology 2. Voices 3. Mum got off topic. 4. Mum didn’t show her emotion at the doctor’s office. 5. Telling mum to get a grip.

    Is this a multiple choice test?

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