Aug 062006

The changes at the Morgellons Research Foundation continue, after removing all references to nurses, and expruging Dr. Randy Wymore, Dr. Greg Smith, Charlse Holman and Cindy Casey, William Harvey is the new Chairman of the board.

The text “For our first Corporate Donation. Thanks to all the folks at SeaChange for their support..” has vanished from the “sponsors” page.  One wonders if this has anything to do with the recent allegations of financial problems.

The photo with the large check is also gone from that page (although it’s still on the site).

I was wondering if they were going airbrush people out of that photo, given the swiftness of the removal of their names from the site .  But I guess there were too many people to remove.

I think it’s too early to comment on the meaning of all this, so I’ll wait and see how things pan out.  

Of note is the big ABC Primetime: Medical Mysteries on Wednesday night at 10PM.  This is the great hope of the MRF, something they have been working on for months.  It’s airing will be a turning point, one way or another. 

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  1. I’ll be away for a couple of days, and probably not posting during that time.

  2. Just wanted to let you folks know – I received an email from Lymebusters yesterday and I have been banned. They said “I do hope you feel better posting over at MorgellonsWatch”.

    Well no offense Michael, but you know I don’t come here for healing help – I just came here to try to piece this craziness together.

    My thoughts are some people will get in trouble for what has happened to people like me who have suffered so greatly and still do. I too have resigned from the Morgellons Research Foundation. I will only put my faith in Science now – Dr Wymore.

    The other day when I posted – I was suffering from terrible paranoia – I may have said a lot of things that sounded way off and crazy -but for me – it is REALLY IMPORTANT – to express my words and thoughts aloud. It is a horrible path to go down – airing ones dirty laundry for the world to read – but I think it is the only way we will find the truth about this affliction.

    From now on I am on my own – I don’t fight anyone elses battles for them.

    The Fiber Disease – does exist – I wish it didn’t. I don’t need a research foundation to tell me I have something strange happening to me. I new I had fibers before I even discovered the MRF, but working with the MRF didn’t get me well. I pray in my heart that the TRUTH will be exposed on ABC Primetime. I have no idea what this documentary is about and that is the really sad thing, that ML would not tell me, she has kept me in the dark alot, but WHY? I think anyone suffering from some unknown disease deserves to know the truth. I have never met Mary Leitao in person – so I speak from the heart – I can not trust someone I have never met in my life. I believe she had some insight into this pathogen and tried to “Speed” up the process in someway, all sufferers researching etc, spreading the word etc. It makes you feel sicker and sicker. I pulled away from the computer for 9 months and told myself I didn’t have fibers or blue fuzz or anything. It didn’t work for me. Once I started to feel better and contacted ML, BANG the MRF media etc etc hotted up and it hasn’t STOPPED since.

    Well I want this to stop. I don’t have anything to hide, but there are obviously a lot of people out there that do have a lot to hide.


    Was going through my old favorities and this is were I first got into morgellons from this dairy – well well looks like all the people that left MRF ARE HERE!!!! AWESOME STUFF


  4. I have to say, these are the most persuasive Morgellons photos I’ve seen to date- these fibers do appear to be under the skin. Certainly much more believable than the morgellonsusa photo of the red and blue lint.

  5. Nice to see some good folk around here and also supporting Chas (Charles Holman).

    I will endeavour to forward some really yukky photos to Chas which he can siff through and maybe pop some on the website. Plenty from the microscopic, even a little video, and of course the ones of myself – you know the ones where I change from beauty to the beast – BUT people my beauty is returning and I am enjoying it. But I think my insides have gone to mush and my brain is really working on turning to PUNCH!!

    God bless you all and thanks!

  6. Hey guys – please read my recent posts:

    I think Michael must have had a bit of insight.

  7. I wonder what has happened to Smiles & Tall???

  8. Everyone disappeared with Michael people when he or she took a little vacation. This message board administrator probably has been posting all this crap under different names. I suspect the same nonsense also has been driving all Morgellons-related chat rooms. It’s nothing new to the Internet.

  9. I haven’t disappeared. I just haven’t seen anything I felt inclined to comment on the last couple of days.

  10. JeezeLouise – I kinda like your attitude you know. Can you direct some of the good people you may know to our Dr Randy Wymore at the OSH – Follow the link below.

  11. To True Skeptic. May I refer you to comment #116 of the August 4 blog where our Blogmeister points out that this blog is not a message board or a discussion board, but a personal blog where he posts articles of his choosing, and readers then discuss the articles. Persons who respect this do indeed discuss the articles and the topics, but as witnessed by the thread of the August 4 blog and others, many disrespectful people highjack the blog to entertain each other with kudos and insults. I will add that in my opinion, Michael is an honest and compassionate person trying to get some reasonable factual information onto the internet to help the folks suffering as a result of the mountains of disinformation out there.

  12. “Just wanted to let you folks know – I received an email from Lymebusters yesterday and I have been banned. They said “I do hope you feel better posting over at MorgellonsWatch”.”

    You got BANNED for posting at a skeptic message board. Does this not say anything to you, about the paranoia of the people at Lymebusters, how they continually keep fishing for a doctor to support their jumble of ideas? That’s pathetic.

    “Agree with us, or be banned!”

  13. Jana I don’t know to weep or congrad you on getting banned :-) BUT hey if you want to use my username over there you are welcome to log in LOL But here is a secret – get a free yahoo email address, in that profile put a differenct name, state, etc. Then go back over to Lymebusters and register – you should get in again unless they keep up with ISP address LOL.

    What I read over there is not much news anyway – Michael here has more info that is more True.


  14. Oops Jana it was Sara that got banned – need to get my fingers working this morning – need more coffee. Sorry

  15. TexasRose, I suspect the current “housekeeping” is not about cleaning out the inactive users but rather about getting a handy log of IP addresses all in one place/thread. Once everyone has posted a reply to the “Important Announcement” Admin will only have to go back there to identify you by comparing IP’s.

    Look in the bottom right corner of all posts at LB, you will see the word “logged”. That’s telling you your addy has been recorded.

    Otherwise, I see no reason why LB would want to cull the user accounts, given that their purposes are better served by a greater number of “members”.

    As an aside to that, unlike most message boards, they count EVERY page view on each post rather than counting each person just the first time that person reads the message. That’s why some thread have 1200 – 1300 views when they clearly do not have that many members reading. Try it yourself, go open a thread a couple of times, you’ll see that the view count goes up every time you hit it.

    So inflated pageview statistics do not bother them, but an inflated member count does? I don’t think so.

  16. I am looking for Hugh R. Delusional, anybody see him recently?

    Oh well, if he surfaces again could you please tell him that London wanted him to look at this…(it is in reference to something he wrote to me 2 days ago) Thank you very much.

    Dendrite Like Self-assembly of Magnetite Nanoparticles on porous Silicon….

    Thank you!

  17. oops, meant to also tell him that I was looking into that Ireland Junction we spoke of…..Ireland Physics and all.
    So Hugh, I’d love to hear from you…


  18. JeeezeLouise YOUR right – went over to LB and YUP your right. Can’t believe it but my time will probably be short lived. Heard they think ML walks on water.

    Thanks again for the HEADS up!!

  19. JeeezeLouise YOUR right – went over to LB and YUP your right. Can’t believe it but my time will probably be short lived. Heard they think ML walks on water.

    Thanks again for the HEADS up!!

  20. This is to the bloggers and all that read here:

    (You too Hugh R. Delusional) I have just found out that
    there is such a thing as magnetic bacteria. Yep, afraid so.
    So with all of this very recent explosion in all 50 states
    now having Lyme disease cases, I delved into researching it further.
    My research took me from not only this magnetic bacteria that does occur in nature, but could one creat it in a lab?
    That answer is yes and what I found one to be was the

    MAGNOTACTIC BACTERIA, further broken down to
    what is called: MAGNETOSPIRILLUM

    So I thought, hmm…does this mean a fake spirochette?
    and I believe it does…and it is from the water….so, the DOE using whatever methods they can get their hands on to create biofuels has probably played a role in this little creation. In fact, Dust does have a role in this and also

    IF I’m lying; I’m dying….people need to wake up and join together and find a solution to this problem…is there a way to fix it? I can certainly forget about the blame-game if we that suffer can get relief! That is all I am after…but until they come up with some sort of panacea, I will continue with my search…and yes….My doctors are waking up to it with the articles I take them and they are shaking their head in disbelief…..

    Thank you Jeez for letting me blog my butt off here…You guys are fair and I think this is wonderful.


  21. oh, sorry, I meant to say look up the Protein C; look up the involvement Of magetospirillum and it’s involvemet in Lyme disease why don’t you? Remember, magetospirillum was created in a lab!


  22. Good Morning Vietnam!!

    When you think you’ve got Morgellons, you’ve to it. When you don’t, you won’t.

  23. Well, after reading what I said, and realizing that I didn’t type it right, I guess that means I’ve got it.

    I meant to say…

    “If you think you’ve got Morgellons, you’ve got it. When you don’t, you won’t.”

  24. say Tall Cotton, what do you say to this?

    electromagnetic water treatment? They are doing it in Texas to get their little fossil fuels the so desire…they do not care if it hurts us, nor do I care if this hurts them:


  25. Hey folks – with regards to being banned from Lymebusters. I can now confirm for you that I am banned via my IP address. I was under the impression this was supposed to be a support forum?!


  26. I think those things are interesting, and that scientists are meddling in a lot of things that are potentially dangerous. A lot is going on, at an incredible speed, and I don’t think it can be stopped.

    At the same time, I don’t think it’s useful to look for a cause of something that doesn’t exist. The people that claim to have Morgellons are suffering from all sorts of things, and their’s absolutely no reason to thing their problems are anything new to science.

    People are making this out to be a lot more than it is. At the same time, they are reinforcing this delusion for each other. They take the overly broad case definition for Morgellons, and blame it for something else. And through their own delusions they add other strange symptoms to the list. They give it this strange name, Morgellons, and feel that they’ve been wronged when a strange name, DOP, is applied to them.

    “If you think you’ve got Morgellons, you’ve got it. When you don’t, you won’t.” It’s all up to you, but I’ll tell you right now, Morgellons is not a disease. It has on causative agent of any kind. There is no coverup, because their simply isn’t anything to coverup. It’s a hoax deluxe.

    Let it go, London. Come out of their crazy camps.

  27. Sarah, of course LB is a support forum – it completely supports ML’s agenda.

  28. MSNBC notes MRF infighting:

  29. sigh

    Here’s the link:

  30. Well, that explains why my traffic jumped today, despite eveyone being on vacation with me.

    It’s not just MSNBC, it’s an AP article, meaning it will show up in a large number of outlets over the next 24 hours or so. It’s one of the best articles to date – actually covering things from more than the default two angles.

    Look, it’s everywhere:

  31. I agree, a very even-handed article. Hopefully, Medical Mysteries will be as balanced.

    Either way, I’m glad this article has been made available prior to tomorrow’s program, and thus can be found by the inevitable masses that hit Google as soon as Primetime ends.

    Go back to relaxing ;)

  32. Jeezelouise & Michael – Thank you kindly for those links. I have forwarded them onto my Australian Media contact. I also voted, the vote count is very interesting.

    Tallcotton – Thank you for your advice – re telling myself not to have Morgellons. I have tried this for 3 years – but it don’t help my speech, drop foot or seizures. Thanks anyway – a positive mind is very important and that I have. Good wishes to you.

    It is sad that ML has now come under scrutiny – I can not comment – I have no idea. I do hope the lawyers do get to the bottom of it though. This way at least I will be able to release myself of the worry and concern that has been brought upon me whilst an active member of the MRF.

    Anyway I just did what was best for me – when the ship is sinking, jump off.

    I will now go back to relazing. Ta SarahC

  33. A friend of mine just emailed this link over to me:

    Sorry Mary but “your” foundation is beginning to fall. And you LIE “power strugle” my A** – You have spend donations for research – once the IRS gets done – we will FINALLY SEE “your” foundation FINANCES!!!!!!!!!!

  34. TexasRose – I believe this is the saying – “Your house of cards it about to fall” – so I have heard!!!

  35. “If you think you’ve got Morgellons, you’ve got it. If you don’t, you won’t.” Very well said. Post # 26 is definitely a “keeper”.

  36. Thanks Michael, you were missed! Thanks TC and to you

  37. MRF issues a statement (just posted today, but dated two days ago)

  38. I wonder why Brandi Koch’s name is not on that letter.

    Regardless, there is still no Form 990 for 2005.


    Morgellons Research Foundation
    A nonprofit organization (WHY ARE YOU PAYING COWLES ANYTHING?)

    August 7, 2006
    Recently, two people within the Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) attempted to oust the executive director and take control of the organization just prior to the airing of the ABC PrimeTime national broadcast.
    (“control of the organization just prior to the airing” WHAT??? THIS WAS TO AIR BACK IN MARCH, THEN APRIL, ETC WHAT BS!!!)

    Their actions have hindered progress
    (“hindered” MARY AND COWLES SAID “WE CAN’T DO COAST TO COAST RADIO” THEY ARE TO FAR OUT THERE – BUT HOLMAN DID IT – LOOK WHAT HAPPENED MEDIA SNOW BALL – WHO MARY IS “HINDERED”?? COWLES HAS STATED MANY TIMES HE TAKES UP TO 15 “request” a DAY from media people – SO WHY HAVEN’T WE SEEN MORE MEDIA IN THE LAST 2 YEARS? oh that’s right how did you put it “oh that wouldn’t look good for the fountation” Morgellons was in Popular Mechanics – what does car engines have to do with Morgellons mary? NOTHING – BUT IT GOT THE NEWS OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!)

    at this very significant time in our quest for public recognition of the disease. They are no longer affiliated with the MRF.

    (TWO PEOPLE??? Truth – 3 board members resign PLUS all the nurse’s AND DR. WYMORE!! Truth – “ouste the executive director? SHE’S RESIGNED BY EMAIL AT LEAST 5 TIMES ALREADY!!)

    For reasons known only to them,

    (“reason” take notes of what I am saying here – you just might get the WHOLE PICTURE)

    these individuals sought to discredit the work performed to date by MRF through a plethora of postings on various internet message boards and other media and though accusatory and inappropriate correspondence with the IRS. These allegations were patently frivolous and dangerously incorrect. The MRF Board of Trustees regrets any negative publicity that may have resulted from the actions of these individuals.

    (“discredit the work performed to date by MRF”??? Truth – per my contact at MRF by phone after reading this – the MRF has RECEIVE around $20,000 in donation ONLY $4,000 has gone to Dr. Wymore and that only went to him to make the MRF look good BEFORE a news story – IF IT WAS MY SON that had Morgellons – EVERY FRIG’N DIME WOULD BE OVER NIGHTED TO DR. WYMORE)

    The Board does not intend to respond to any allegations made by these individuals. All required IRS filings are complete, up-to-date, and in the hands of that agency. The Board will be available to all Foundation members—to whom it answers and for whom it exists—to clarify issues of concern of any kind through this website via

    (“allegations” Truth – THEY ARE STATING THE FACT OF INJUSTISE OF FUNDS – LET SEE WHAT THE IRS “CLARIFY” WITH THEIR INVESTIGATION. “All required IRS filings are complete, up-to-date, and in the hands of that agency” TRUTH – MRF is a non-profit so ALL THEIR RECORDS ARE TO BE MADE PUBLIC WILL CHECK WITH THE IRS AND SEE WHAT I CAN FIND – will get back on this one)

    The MRF is saddened by these recent events


    which took place just days before a national media event that we believed would help shine the bright light of truth on Morgellons disease. Because of the actions of these misguided individuals, the real work of the MRF was slowed, and its reputation, as well as the reputation of the individuals associated with it, was questioned. Most significantly, many people with Morgellons disease may have felt unsure about the one organization they helped to build to find the way out of this nightmare illness. This event has served as a “wake up” call, which can now only serve to make the organization stronger and more professional. The recent changes at the MRF, which include a new Chairman of the Board of Directors, William T. Harvey, MD, MS, MPH, a new Clinical Director and a new Director of Nursing (NO NAME WHY?) , is allowing the organization to return to its goal of further characterizing Morgellons disease and ultimately, finding its cure as rapidly as humanly possible. We continue to stand united with 5,500 members to re-educate the present misinformed medical system. More than ever, we need the help and commitment of all members.

    (“actions of these misguided individuals” TRUTH – A lump sum of $10,000 donation was made what did Mary do – PURCHASED A BLOODY AIR PLANE TICKET FOR COWLES TO GO TO TUSLA!!! – “real work of the MRF was slowed” TRUTH – Mary can’t make a CORRECT DESICION on anything!! IF it was not for MR. HOLMAN, DR. SMITH, CINDY CASEY, ALL THE NURSES there WOULDN’T BE MEDIA STORIES!!! Truth – MANY AND I SAY MANY OF THEIR BOARD MEETING CALLS PRODUCED NO ADVANCEMENT OF MRF WHY?? BECAUSE MARY WAS MORE WORRIED ABOUT WHAT HAS HAPPENING ON THIS BLOG!!! – “help and commitment of all members” MEMBERS GO TO OSU WEBSITE AND DONATE TO OSU!!! PLEASE DR. WYMORE NEEDS THE MONEY MORE THEN MRF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

    William T. Harvey, MD, MS, MPH, Chairman
    Mary M. Leitao, Executive Director
    Doug Buckner, Ph.D., Associate Director
    Janelle A. Fossen, Secretary
    Roy E. Houchins
    Dale K. Cowher, CPA

    Board of Directors
    Morgellons Research Foundation

    SORRY TO BE BLUNT – But people need a CURE and NOT a “MARY AS THE WORLD TURNS” Soap Opera!! How can anybody trust someone that is always resigning from her on foundation WILL NOT show to the board the finance books of the foundation?????

    As I have stated before – Dr. Wymore is the HOPE of Morgellons NOT AND I MEAN TO EVERY BONE IN MY BODY Morgellons Research Foundation!! So if anybody from Morgellons Research Foundation wants to SHOW documentation that any of what I have said is UN-True – BRING IT ON!!

    There is thousands of people with Morgellons – I am sure they would not want THEIR hard earned money paying for PLANE TICKETS OR $2,000 TO A COWLES FOR CELL PHONE BILL, etc!!!!!!!! Oops forget to state Cowles got a $1,000 last year too!!

    Mary your website say “research” how much have you sent since the $4,000 TO DR. WYMORE??? I Wait FOR YOUR answer!!


    Ok I’m off my soap box – OSU – OSU – OSU – OSU – OSU!!!!!!!!!!
    TexasRose thanKs Michael for letting me vet the injustise of MRF without fear of deletion!! (SORRY if there is mis-spelled words – I am a little ticked right now!!)

  40. TexasRose, non-profits are required to make their Form 990′s available to the public. You can search for any organization’s 990 at

    You will have to register (it’s free) then search for Morgellons Research Foundation. You don’t have to pay for the premium service at Guidestar to do this.

    The MRF has NOT filed their 2005 Form 990 yet. It would have been due May 15, 2006. They can get two extensions on that deadline, so the very latest they can file is November 15, 2006.

    But it is simply not true for the MRF to declare that their filings are complete and current.

  41. They’re bumping up a lot of old threads over at LB, particularly threads praising ML. They must be spiffying up in anticipation of lots of new visitors tonight.

    I wonder if they’ll delete the “Who’s The Betrayer Here” thread. That one makes the place look a tad paranoid, and I doubt that’s a first impression they want to make.

  42. Yes, the “Die Lint Balls !!” thread might also need a bit of sprucing, or deleting.

  43. JeeezeLouise – YOUR AN ANGEL!!!! I really didn’t want to look in my computer files for that info LOL :-) .

    Ok I just recieved an email and I would like to state for the record:

    “I or my name TexasRose got SLAMMED on one of their threads”

    So how many brownie points to I get Michael? Post here get slammed there??? hmmmmmmm why are they looking here????

    Are they afraid that people on this planet may show that “Precious-Cowles and Mary” are ONLY HUMAN NOT SAINTS???

    Any input would be wonderful :-)

    OSU OSU OSU – I may have to change to Orange T-SHIRTS LOL

  44. I’d get rid of the 16 page fenbendazole thread, too. But I think that one will stay.

  45. Yes, TexasRose, you appear to be The Betrayer.

    Sarah, I am sure, will not be pleased to know that her “Mary Leitao My Angel” has been resurrected, dusted off, and brought to the front page.


    Research? nope
    truth? nope
    hope? nope
    Dr. Wymore? nope
    OSU? nope

    am I missing anything? nope
    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    can someone explain why they thing Mary is a Saint? the nurses answered ALL THE SUPPORT EMAILS.


  47. Consorting with the enemy, would be my guess ;)

  48. Oklahoma State University Response:

    August 9, 2006

    Randy Wymore has resigned as director of research for the Morgellons Research Foundation, a position he held on a temporary, volunteer basis. Wymore, assistant professor of pharmacology at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, said his decision was based on schedule and a need to focus more on his university-based Morgellons Disease research. Wymore and OSU-CHS remain committed to Morgellons research. Wymore will maintain his working relationship with the Morgellons Research Foundation. Morgellons research, education and treatment remain as the multifaceted approach to making progress against Morgellons Disease and improving the lives of those affected by it. It is important that individual patients, researchers, collectives of interested parties and non-profit organizations such as the Morgellons Research Foundation continue to focus on these necessary steps as we struggle to understand this mysterious condition.

  49. And a new interview with Wymore:

    Wymore, an assistant professor of pharmacology at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, said he is months past arguing with medical professionals across the country about whether Morgellons disease is a real condition or an illness created by patients’ imaginations.

    Months past arguing? Why would that be? Is there perhaps incontrovertible evidence? We know that Wymore is 100% sure, but why? Hopefully all will be revealed tonight.

  50. JeezeLouise said:

    Sarah, I am sure, will not be pleased to know that her “Mary Leitao My Angel” has been resurrected, dusted off, and brought to the front page.

    It’s somewhat ironic that Sarah, the person who started that thread (iwmlb68, aka ABAC68, aka SarahConnor), has resigned from the MRF, been banned from Lymebusters, and now says to Mary Leitao:

    I believe you have preyed on the sick and innocent. You have drained us ALL of a normal life style, being chained to the computer literally for your own sensationalism and greed.

  51. I feel the need to voice my opinion, that regardless of the “new” reorganization of the MRF, it is still the same thing. It’s comprised of people who have a “problem” with their perception of reality. Whether other motives are also involved, yes, I happen feel that there are, personally. In my opinion, since the CDC is finally involved in the matter, anyone minus the capacity to know any better is still free to continue basically throwing their money away on them though, naturally. I hate it, but that’s the way the story goes, from where I stand, and people are gonna do, what they’re gonna do.

  52. Please realize that Abac68 has acknowledged how un-well she is, and that it takes a very big person to have done that.

  53. I absolutely agree, Smiley. That’s why she’d be horrified that her “Angel” thread has been dredged back up to the front page, just in time for Medical Mysteries.

  54. Just a thought…a friend of mine, a nursing student once told me nerves are blue and red (maybe white, too, I’m not sure. She had seen this in a cadaver the nursing students were studying. So, I was wondering, could these fibers that work their way out of the skin be dead nerves? They said on Primetime tonight that neurological damage progresses throughout the duration of the disease.

    Just a layman with some thoughts.

    Thanks for your time,


  55. I’ve wondered about that, does anyone know what dermal nerve fibers would look like if you dug them out?

    If you dug up enough fibers, would it cause peripheral neuropathy?

  56. I think they could be nerve fibers, or even fibroblasts. If they are nerve fibers, that might explain the degree of pain that is reportedly felt as they are removed. If they are fibroblasts, that might explain the reported, bundles of fibers, as fibroblasts attempt to encapsulate foreign material.

  57. Of course, there is no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that “some”, not all morgies, are yanking out dermal nerves. I know that the ones boring deep holes are, and muscle tissue too. I’ve read too many tales on their message boards.

  58. One thing we all can do is if we have new ideas of what Morgellons is or could be – we need to email Dr. Wymore at OSU with our ideas. He is the ONLY Scientist that IS doing research into Morgellons.

    After last nights Primetime news clip – I am happy to say The New Morgellons Order website had a huge response. I am sure the Support Nurses will be very busy today – WOOHOO.

    Lets not forget – to support Dr. Wymore and all at NMO – they are the true “heart” in finding a cure.

  59. The alluring message that the research will lead to the cause and the ultimate cure sounds inviting, and also, way too big a promise to deliver. Quite a good many years of research on beaucoup other diseases and disorders have shown us that many have no known causes and no known cures. For those of us with them, we’re extremely lucky to just have treatments.

  60. Since Morgellons is a variety of the other real diseases, with a psychiatric iceing on top, real scientists have already been looking for the variety of causes and cures for years. Morgellons is nothing new!!

  61. Can’t tell that to someone convinced they have it, professor.

  62. Hey guys that can log into LB.

    Go to Opinions on the CDC thread

    Anthill just banned MrsCK

    I didn’t see anything wrong to the thread can you?


    Are they afraid that people will find out that really ML or Cowles is not DOING ANYTHING? Here is my prof – go to MRF click on THEIR media alerts – old letter from august 7 about primetime nothing else. Then hop over to and they have ALREADY post UPCOMING MEDIA EVENTS.
    Ok so here is another DUMP QUESTIONS – What is Cowles doing?

    Feel sorry to the MrsCK lady – she had good posts – oh well another one bits the dust over there.

  63. Oops forgot to ask how you can copy and paste out of LB – EVERY time I tryed to copy the thread it came up blank on comment part.

    If anybody else know how to copy and paste correctly out of LB can you paste the thread here. Would really like to add it to my files on MRF.

  64. TexasRose, on Proboards, you can click on “print”, and get a plain text version of the entire thread, which is easier to cut and paste.

  65. Don’t waste your time on This website is being paid for by the people responsible for spreading this disease/parasite/bacteria, whatever it is.

    Factual information can be found at: (note that you scroll through the posts on the biology website by using the “GoTo Page…” in the upper right hand corner.

    Also see: and here is more:
    I just found out it is from the tobacco hornworm! This is the insect that the parasitoid wasp does a number on!!

    I have been trying to tell you guys about the ricsettsia diseases, in which they now call all of them the Bartonellas:

    Lice Join Ticks As Possible Disease Carriers

  66. FibersToo,

    You tell them not to waste their time. You’re sure wasting a lot of your’s, posting the same non-sense on every topic.

    Tall Cotton

  67. Has anyone else noticed that Jeeze, Morg, Tall all have the exact same focus? Good for you DONTWASTEYOURTIME.

  68. Has anyone else noticed that Jeeze, Morg, Tall all have the exact same focus? Good for you DONTWASTEYOURTIME.

    What focus would that be? Perhaps you mean

    1. The fibers are environmental and unrelated to any illness
    2. Morgellons is not a distinct disease
    3. “Sufferers” have a mixed variety of physical and/or mental illnesses.

    That’s kinda the topic of this blog.

  69. and smiley. We ain’t going away. Thats a promise.

  70. This “blog” is intended to provide doubt about the cause of this problem. Our intent is to provide doubt about your Real interest in this subject. What in the heck do you get out of monitoring this site all the time and telling everyone how silly they are?

  71. What in the heck do you get out of monitoring this site all the time and telling everyone how silly they are?

    What are you getting out of it?

  72. That would be answering a question with a question.

  73. I thought everyone knew we are all black op spooks here, and get paid prevailing wage.

  74. I answered, now your turn.

  75. I *was* in Accounting, then I screwed up that payroll and gave Smiley an hour of overtime that she didn’t earn, so I was moved to the Espionage section. I rather like this desk better.

  76. The NAACP will be interested in that answer. I’ll forward it to them.

  77. Thanks.

    Now, what are you getting out of this? I’ll wait while you ask ML.

  78. Uhm, by the way, my shift is over at 11:00.

  79. Your a funny guy. NAACP has been copied on your post. Your obvious racism shows bias towards an open mind.

  80. Oh my Lord. Be sure to send the NAACP the Wiki entry on “black op spook”.

    G’night, ML, wherever you are.

  81. Hello, Houston. How long has your mother had this “morgellons disease”, and do you think you have you contracted it as well, or has anyone else that has been around her?

  82. Skooze me for stuttering.

  83. Black humour there JeezeLouise.

    HAHAHAHA, this blog is not intended to cause doubt. It is intended to facilitate understanding and confidence. I’d like to know what is going on. You are very welcome to stay here and help.

  84. I see the graveyard shift has arrived!

    Be careful, Michael, NAACP will be monitoring this site straight away.


  85. I swear, if I get up tomorrow and see someone posting on LB about gurpworms, I am going to rip my hair out.

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