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This should be interesting. Paula Zahn is doing a story on Morgellons at 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern today (Thursday June 22).

Regardless of the tone of the piece, this will cause a huge blip in the number of “reported” cases, as viewers go to morgellons.org, and fill in the form. They list 4131 right now, which jumped up from around 2000 a few months ago with the local TV coverage.

Hopefully CNN will have done considerably more homework than the local news.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know
    this. Paula Zahn’s show has fallen short for me quit a few times for not doing their homework, but let’s keep our fingers crossed. What this has done to people already is so disturbing, but not on the level that’s projected. (Psst…is it too late for you to reach CNN today? Haha.)

  2. I just want balance. Is that too much to ask for?

    If there was a story on CNN about DP, the Morgies would be screaming and crying about balance. So now there’s a story on Morgies, so let’s cross our fingers that Paula actually talked with any licensed or accredited doctor or researcher.

  3. Subject: CNN Story – - Thursday, June 22, 2006 8:00-9:00PM EDT

    At long last, the Morgellon’s piece is going to air tonight on our Paula Zahn Now show, 8-9p EDT. Thank you for all your efforts along the way, more information should be posted throughout the day on CNN.com.

    Thanks again,

    Abby Leonard
    CNN Medical News – NY

    Ken Cowles, Director
    Media/Public Relations
    Morgellons Research Foundation

    Oh well, folks. Fasten your seatbelts.

  4. One thing that will happen is a lot more discussion in the blogosphere. There was a big jump after the flurry of local stories in May (also Fark, Digg and Slashdot). (See here), and there will probably be a corresponding jump after the CNN story.

    CNN did contact me about the story a few weeks ago, and I gave them a bunch of information.

  5. Go, baby! God Bless You.

  6. Oh, haha. Excuse me for calling you “baby”, I’m just real pleased with your work, and got a little excited.

  7. Wait, they called a blogger… but not any DP researchers? At least, none who have said anything to me (I work in an entomology office, DP is no stranger to us here).

    I could kiss you, Michael.

  8. On cnn.com now:

    Thursday’s show

    Sufferers experience crawling sensations under the skin and exploding sores. Is this a new disease, or just a delusion? Tune in at 8 p.m. ET

  9. Michael,

    I only kiss my fiancee, but I’d like to shake your hand. By the way, are you a male, or are you a female. Of course, you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to. It doesn’t matter. I’m just curious.

    Tall Cotton

  10. Female, of course!! (hehe)

  11. Don’t get too excited. CNN is already falling into the easy characterization of “disease or delusion”. I’m hopeful they will be able to portray more of the nuance of the situation, but we’ll see soon enough.


  12. from http://morgellonswatch.blogspot.com/2006/04/objects-emerging-from-lesion-on-childs.html

    At 5:26 AM, southcity said…

    most simply cannot fathom the ramifications of such a disclosure. The infectious agent causing this is caused by a stray target (nondisclosed) created by experimental research done under a C3 permit by a proteomics research center. In other words it is a man made creation which has escaped containment. This target was created for research into artificial skin, wound dressing as well as cancer research tools. This is a military issue of high caliber, enough so to be defended by many parties, hence all the conflicting reports and otherwise lack of any credible information. The microscopic images shown in the video found at http://www.crossinglines.net (follow the links) is completely out of my area of expertise, I am not a microbiologist. However the Macroscopic images shown and this agents interaction with host are EXACTLY the same thing I am able to show on my own body to anyone that will listen and would like to look. For photos of the fibers, follow these links.

    for the picts showing the dissemination in skin follow these links.





    Pictures of typical lesions
    http://crossinglines.net/lesion%20photographs.htm series of slides.

    Picture of the synthetic polymer showing random recombination.
    http://crossinglines.net/photo_gallery.htm series of slides.


    From what I understand the reasons for the lack of acknowledgement from the medical community is a political as can be. Once the uninfected general public becomes aware of the release of this thing into public space, reactions may become unpredictable. Also, the economic problems which will be sure to follow. Everything these days is genomic/ proteomic research related—from the paint on the door to the food on your plate. In fact, several hundred billion a year in the US alone. Also it appears that even though this seems to be a accidental release, this accident is being “nurtured” by big pharm with obvious goal of the need for lifelong suppressive therapy.

    The video’s creators have also stated that this element is differentiating. Meaning it is the cause of several seemingly unrelated diseases. If a single pathogen is worth a billion dollars to the medical industry then this pathogen is worth 10’s of billions. This bug is a money maker and we are all at the mercy of the medical industry. The key word to concentrate on here is INDUSTRY. All industry is profit orientated and this should scare the bejeebbers out of you. Hence the lack of motivation to fund research into this disorder. It will without doubt prove that these industries focus primarily on the effects of disease and not the cause of them. To cure is not profitable, but to treat over and over again is. Look at the treatments HIV patients must take for life in order to stay alive.

    A pathogen represents billions and to take a cause of disease away is a disaster for many.

    At 5:10 AM, QueenBugB said…

    ” The medical world, esp. big pharm. are huge industries. The goal of industry, all industry, is profit. so in a nutshell.”

    Yeah yeah yeah, there’s not true altruism… whatever….


    Of course, or they’d be in another industry.

    “research depends on budget.”
    Would you go to your job for free?

    “5 laboratory and other research results are shared only if they are part of subsidized research. This represents capital investment on the part of industry.”

    Since when? Research results are shared when somebody publishes them. Nothing to do with budget.

    “So… It is safe to assume that unfavorable research will not be funded.”

    No, it’s safe to assume that unfeasable research is not funded.

    “6 There are many out there who’s work is either shut down or suddenly has funds cut because of controversy or negitive effects on industry profit margin.”

    And there’s many that keep on going, what’s your point?

    I see pictures, pictures, pictures from you people. Does no one have a video camera to take a picture of it actually happening?

    At 8:13 PM, Smileykins said…

    Queenbugb, you just broke a rule. We’re not allowed to ask questions.

    At 6:49 AM, southcity said…

    the point is that the medical community was once looked upon as a social service. Now the only motivation is profit.

    At 8:02 AM, Michael said…

    There are 500,000 doctors in the US. Surely some of them care about other people. What about when their relatives get sick? What about pro bono work? Is it all part of a conspiracy to make money from Morgellons?

    At 4:25 PM, southcity said…

    there is no conspiracy. The facts are right in front of you to look at. Vioxx, lipitor etc etc. unless you are a relative or friend I guarantee you will not recieve more than 10 to 20 minutes (at most) with any physician per visit, UNLESS you are diagnosed with an illness that is a proven profit generator. ie cancer, heart problems and other operable ailments. otherwise you are in or you are out or shuffled to other specialists for testing etc. They have an incredibly high workload just like any other profession and as in any industry, time efficiency is second only to the focus on profitability, hence the reason for the medical world being ranked so high in the mortality index. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good doctors out there that do care about an individual, but they are all faced with time restraints per client. Now if you are unlucky enough to be uninsured…. Thats another ball game entirely.

    At 4:28 PM, southcity said…

    by the way, Why are you not allowed to ask questions and who made that rule? seems incredibly stupid if in fact you are trying to give an objective view on any issue, let alone one of such importance. It appears you have shown yourselves to be completely closed to discussion and indeed do have an agenda other than what you have stated.

    At 5:29 PM, Michael said…

    Smileykins was joking about the “don’t ask questions” thing. I think she was alluding to the uncritical atmosphere of forums such as Lymebusters – where hard questions are ridiculed or deleted.

    At 5:42 PM, Michael said…

    You say there is no conspiracy. But they you imply that the doctors know what Morgellons is, but they know that the treatment will not make the pharmacuticle companies prifits bigger, so they ignore the suffering of their patients.

    What exactly is the doctor getting out of this arrangement? The doctor is paid by the insurance company. How does the doctor benefit from this arrangement?

    At 9:47 PM, southcity said…

    sorry for the confusion. The doctors dont know what this is, they are only now starting to notice the number of people showing these symptoms which in the past have been textbook DOP. This is where the problem has been. two minutes with them and they send you on your way and get to the next patient. case closed. The number of people reporting this are now beginning to stir an interest by these physicians and from now on this issue will continue to gain importance and priority. What I have claimed is that this is a product of experimental microbiology loose in public space and yes there are some who are very much so aware of this and will defend the issue simply because of possible effect it may have on the biotech fields as a whole as well as global economy. This is not a small issue. I have been told the release of this thing appears to have been accidental, however, the politics involved with such a disclosure and said ramifications have allowed a situation where this most likely will become a huge cash cow for the R&D sectors as well as big pharma. With this in mind it is easy to imagine this things spread being “nurtured” along to those ends. But this is simply speculation.

    Much needs to be discovered and disclosed for sure, and all information gathered by those that made the video have not yet been made public but certainly will be in time.

    On a personal note, I read your biography and I am glad to know that you have your addiction under control and what you had thought to be morgellons was in fact related to the meth. I can tell you that this illness(morgellons) is like no other before seen and if you do become infected there is absolutely no way to mistake it for anything else. Its bad and it is spreading with many of those infected asymptomatic at this time. I believe that with time, it will be shown that what we are seeing now is simply the tip of the iceburg, and I have never wanted to be wrong quite this badly.

    At 10:02 PM, Michael said…

    I don’t have a biography. Who are you referring to?

    At 10:51 PM, southcity said…

    sorry, i had you confused with someone going by the name tall cotton.


    “My name is Tall Cotton, and Smileykins is my future bride. She’s very beautiful, and I’m very proud of her. She’s been on a long and painful path, but she’s getting stronger every day. While she was working to restore her own health, she helped me to restore mine. I am an ex-methamphetamine addict. I am also an ex-morgie.”

    So let me get this straight. CNN called an admitted junkie for commentary about such a serious issue and even with the seriousness of the allegations I have made. Righhhht… sure thats rich. You need to understand that you are playing with peoples lives a turned this debate into a competition. And unless I get a hold of you first, well nevermind, Ill just give you a big long lasting hug

  13. and by the way, how did CNN get your phone number? Can I have it as well?

  14. southcity, did you have some reason for that huge cut-and-pasting? It kind of messes up the comments.

    I think again you are confusing me with someone else. I’m not Tall Cotton or Smileykins.

    CNN did not call me, they emailed me, as can you.

  15. Oh well, looks like the Florida Terrorism story is pushing Morgellons back a day or two.

    Interesting how several folk on Lymebusters seem to be portraying this as some kind of cover-up.

    See this thread

  16. This post has been removed by the author.

  17. Southcity,

    Let’s see. It was recently posted that one particular “Morgellons” patient had gone to 32 different doctors. If you take 32 x 20 minutes, that’s 640 minutes, or 10 hours and 40 minutes, to diagnose 1 delusional patient.

    The same person could have been diagnosed on a telephone in 5 minutes. I wonder if that’s why doctors are having to rush in order to have time for their “real” patients.

    Somehow it reminds me of the Polack wolf that chewed three of his own feet off, and still didn’t get out of the trap. Give us a break, and give the doctors a break. There’s other people out there that need to see a doctor a hell of lot worse than you do, unless you are talking about psychiatrists, and I feel certain you’re not.

    Do you not realize that you people could be properly diagnosed by a 5 year old child. Now, please listen. I am Tall Cotton. I am an ex-methamphetamine addict. I don’t give a rat’s ass who knows it. Think about it. I’m the one that told you!! Do I sound like I give a shit?

    One more time. I am not Michael. This is not my blog. Please, re-read if necessary. Now, before you call me an idiot, think about it. Make sure you can out-think me before you make a fool of yourself.

    Tall Cotton

  18. I don’t think we are the ones making a fool of ourselves. Think about IT!

  19. Hey Rick do you have that phone number for the 5 year old child?

  20. Oh and by the way, I DON’T give a SHIT either!

  21. None of you know there is really anything unusual about the way you present yourselves, is that correct?

  22. I think it’s great that the CNN broadcast didn’t air. Hopefully, they will scuttle the story altogether. People need to wait on the report from the CDC rather than spreading unnecessary hysteria.

    Too many people already believe that they have an undiagnosed disease, they call Morgellons, while other treatable conditions are being ignored or overlooked.

    This does NOT mean that the individual is not DOP. There is no evidence that these people are infested with parasites. So, let’s see, after the CDC reports, whether or not they still have their unfounded and unshakable belief that parasites are moving about under their skin or through their bodies.

    Tall Cotton

  23. I feel you all may be eating these blogs once you see the CNN report. Have a nice day.

  24. “Does no one have a video camera to take a picture of it actually happening?”

    Yes I do and yes I have. Right now I am about to go very public with this exact video footage. I’ll be sure to let you know after the news segment airs.


  25. In the words of the great prophet Billy Squier,

    Stroke me…Stroke me…STROKE!!!!
    “Go, baby! God Bless You.”

    Stroke me…Stroke me…STROKE!!!!
    ” I’m just real pleased with your work, and got a little excited.”

    Stroke me…Stroke me…STROKE!!!!
    “I could kiss you, Michael”

    Stroke me…Stroke me…STROKE!!!!
    “I only kiss my fiancee, but I’d like to shake your…By the way, are you a male, or are you a female? It doesn’t matter.”

    Stroke me…Stroke me…STROKE!!!!
    “Don’t get too excited.”

    “I don’t think we are the ones making a fool of ourselves. Think about IT!”

    Amen to that.

  26. javascript:cnnVideo(‘play’,'/video/health/2006/06/22/cohen.morgellons.mystery.cnn’);

  27. Well, that was disappointing – basically the same as all the other reports.

    Click here to see it

    I’ll write more on it later, it’s still got a few interesting points.

    Who was that plant-DNA doctor near the end? TamTam?

  28. Everyone knows the truth except for those who are ravaged by their own delusions.

    How do we help these people? We have asked each other this question so many times.

    They need to be deprogrammed, but they refuse to separate themselves from those who reinforce their insanity.

    “It All Started With A Young Boy Named Drew”


    Tall Cotton

  29. As long as no one said “Supersilentbug” or whatever….

  30. They are going to broadcast the story tonight. Thanks to the terrorists I was able to write my comments on a story before it even aired :)

  31. Oh, “Cheers!”, here’s a “stroke for you”, and a lint-filled hug to go with it.

  32. To the somebody that was recently involved in a serious altercation that made her local headlines, who is continuing her close held beliefs about me, agitated through the antics of another ill person on a morgie board thread called, “Like Music?”.

    I’ve never threatened you, and in fact, you’ve sent me emails holding me, as well as my fiancee in a rather disproportionate level of esteem. You state that you were at one time considering getting a restraining order against me.

    I received an email from you in April telling me, among other things, that while I may not remember you, that I went to the same church and worked on some projects with you.

    You’re not well, and I hope you can manage to be all right, and soon, somehow, and that everyone else, whomever you’re involved with, can, because you have me confused with someone.

    We’re all the way across the nation from you.

    To the rest of the world, some advice…

    If you ever have delusional parasitosis, that isn’t the primary type, or the secondary type, stemming from mental issues, don’t be honest about it around anyone else who does. The consequential effects cannot be anticipated. Here we are, minding our own business, albeit over the internet, but just look at the results of being publicly open about our own personal affairs.

  33. Some more truth about “Morgellons Disease”
    - Scalp ‘hair’ will grow into facial tissue
    - Into eye brows
    - Ear canals
    - Fibers will emerge from eyes, nasal passages, mouth, ear canals
    and every other orifice in the human body
    - Fibers will emerge from fully intact skin (no lesions)
    - Fibers (ie. Size, colour) will be very visible to the eye and anyone watching
    - Fibers enter the human skin via the lymphatic system (immune system)
    - Growing literally like a plant via all lymph glands, lymph nodes, lymph vessels etc etc

  34. Debunk the CDC.

  35. Debunk the CDC? Which bit?

    4512 registered at MRF. Up nearly 500 in one day.

  36. Well, I hope some of the newer people can come up with some better, more innovative, ways to prove that they all have what they say they have.

    With all the commonly mentioned killings of the things they have going on, through all the herxing, and purgings of “them” making such an exodus from their bodies on a very regular basis, why the camcorder isn’t used then, just doesn’t make a whole heck of a lot of sense. Oh, I almost forgot, the fairly mass “hatchings” should be easily captured also.
    Possibly, brain fog is to blame again. Maybe some of the new people will have better and fresher ideas.

  37. Hahaha, Queenbugb… “Supersilentbug”? Here’s a stroke for you. OMG, I love that!!

  38. Now, before you call me an idiot, think about it. Make sure you can out-think me before you make a fool of yourself.

    Tall Cotton

    UMM. duh. ummm gee weelll let me she hear. Listen fool, there is no need to even try to outwit you or even try to continue any sort of logical debate with you or anyone like you. All that is needed is some patience and to keep feeding you rope, sooner or later you will simply hang yourself. Man you think the people suffering from this are obsessed. They are suffering!!! what the hell is your reason for your obsession. Ill be back someday to rub it in, until then…

  39. Southcity Organ Grinder,

    In case you can’t find your monkey so she can translate for you, I’ll tell you in English what I told her in French. “Don’t let the doorknob hit you in the ass while you’re leaving.”

    Tall Cotton

  40. Oh my. You can bet that if Tall Cotton had an obsessive disorder, he would be treating for it, by now, as part of his regular health care.

    Maybe from your standpoint, Southcity, could it be that you think when people see something wrong they need to just turn their heads and look the other way? Lots of people just aren’t made that way.

    Have you ever spoken with a doctor concerning the pain in your hands? Do you know whether you have an autoimmune disease? Have you ever told a healthcare provider that you suffer from anxiety?

    I’m not on any medications, for anything, but if someone told me to prepare for an inevitable, impending, disaster, I’m well covered and have no fears. But, if I did have fears I couldn’t deal with on my own, I would seek medical attention that is readily available to assist me in coping.

    How long has it been since you have spoken to a doctor?

  41. Tall Cotton – Remember “your monkey is always on your back”

  42. Everyone in this world has a ‘monkey’ on their back.


  43. Yes, your’s is Morgellons, if that’s the name you want to give it.

  44. Sorry if you misunderstood my meaning of monkey, but I refer it to ailing health.

  45. Damn, what a good strand above. Too bad i missed all the action. Did I read where
    South said he did not think this is cover up? Man, he’s been smoking something if he said that.

    who the hell, can honestly think this is not cover up? That’s what this whole thing is………Okay, now I’m irked!

    coverup, covergirl, covercitymania……..duhhhhhh

  46. I think we could all use more fiber in our diets.

  47. Ain’t that the truth

  48. fiber, not fibers.

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