People who think they have Morgellons often have a hard time convincing their doctor that they have Morgellons. Despite the reams of information printed out from the internet, and the collections of fibers they bring to the Doctors office, they are invariably diagnosed with something like atopic dermitis, or eczema.

If they continue to insist that fibers are sprouting from their skin, then they may be eventually diagnosed with some kind of delusional disorder.

Because of this, the Morgellons sufferers seek out doctors and other medical professionals who are predisposed to diagnosing Morgellons when a patient believes they have it.

Who are these medical professionals? Why to they offer this diagnosis? Well, it turns out they are very few in number, and they might be doing it for sound business reasons.

The one most active in the news right now is Virginia R. Savely, RN, (aka Ginger Savely). Savely is a Family Nurse Practitioner. She recently moved from Texas to San Francisco, because she could no longer find a doctor in Austin who would supervise her practice. The problem was that she was treating people who had been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme (a debatable disease in itself), with long term antibiotic therapy, something that is not approved by the Texas Medical Board, and is generally regarded to have only placebo effect.

Some quotes for the above article:

  • Savely said she doesn’t blame her upcoming move on her supervising physician. She knows that many traditional doctors consider her a quack, she said.
  • “In all the practice years of doing this, I haven’t seen the (ill) effects” of long-term antibiotics, said Savely, who thinks she developed Lyme after camping in Maryland in 1987 and recovered after a year of antibiotics.
  • “There’s no value in giving prolonged antibiotics,” said Dr. Lisa Ellis, who works in an infectious disease practice group in Austin.
  • Savely was disciplined last year by the state Board of Nurse of Examiners for not following certain protocols and record-keeping requirements in treating a Lyme patient.
  • A 2003 study of 129 Lyme patients, co-authored by Dr. Mark Klempner at Boston University School of Medicine, concluded that a long course of antibiotics was no more useful in treating cognitive symptoms, such as memory and attention problems, than a placebo.
    But Dr. Raphael Stricker, who supervises Savely’s San Francisco practice, said the research was flawed because it considered “long-term” treatment to be three months, and the dose for two of those months was too low to be effective.

So, Savely moved to SF to work with Dr. Raphael Stricker. Stricker has an impressive looking resume, and currently works as Medical Director at Union Square Medical Associates (USMA).

USMA pushes six things:

Fertility treatment, specifically a novel treatment of “immunological abortion” with “intravenous immunoglobulin” (an infusion of antibodies from blood donors).
Viagra - If you want it, it costs $400 for an initial consult, then $15 per tablet. They will accept accept your personal check, major credit cards (VISA or MasterCard), and (oddly enough) cash.
Weight Loss – with “magical” medications
AIDS treatment – but only with DNBC (Dinitrochlorobenzene), a novel treatment with limited, yet promising clinical studies.
Lyme disease – which is not very common is California. Stricker recommend extended courses of antibiotics.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – usually used to treat decompression sickness, now an experimental treatment for many conditions.

What’s common about these treatments? The common factor is they are NOT COVERED BY MEDICAL INSURANCE.

Now, I’m sure Dr. Stricker is a fully qualified doctor – but it seems like the USMA is focused on selling Viagra, diet pills, and unconventional, expensive, “therapies” that often require multiple treatments.

In short, the collection of treatments on offer at the USMA seems ideally suited to establishing patients as revenue streams. Since the treatments do not need to be justified to the insurance companies, they can be continued for as long as the patient feels that they need them. As long as the patient can afford it, the USMA is able to give it.

Dr. Stricker is also on the Medical Advisory Board of the Morgellons Research Foundation.

Back to Savely – in Austin she had 400 Lyme patients, to whom she was prescribing long term antibiotic treatments. All these patients make up Savely’s livelihood. She also had “over 50” Morgellon’s patients, who she gave much the same treatment as her Lyme patients. Savely was making a living by prescribing a treatment not approved by the Texas Medical Board. They ran her out of town, and now she has set up shop with a like-minded Doctor in San Francisco, and continues to publicise Morgellons, which will inevitably lead to more patients coming her way.

There is nothing wrong with earning money – but when dealing with health issues, the patient needs to be aware of potential conflicts of interest that the medical professional treating them might have. Do they want to make you well, or do they want to sell you something?

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  1. You can make more money selling fancy tinfoil hats than you can make treating the underlying psychosis.

  2. That’s more honorable, than what’s she’s signed onto, “get your tinfoil hats, right here!”

    She’s treating some “underlying psychosis”, is she?

    Do tell

  3. And your purpose for slandering is?

  4. I don’t think I made any inaccurate statements – if so, could you point them out, and I will gladly retract them.

  5. Right on, Michael. I don’t how MRF can live with themselves!!!

    I call things like I see ‘em, I and challenge ANYBODY to get on here and tell me differently.

    For cryin’ out loud, the person who started this couldn’t help being ill, herself, I’m sure, but there was a-helluva-lot-more motivating her when she came up with her plan to create a made-up disease and form a research foundation.

    Anyone signed onto that team of “experts” has something really, really wrong with them, clouding their judgement into thinking that they’re actually gonna go down in the annals of medicine someday for discovering a pathogen that does not even exist.

    Now, damnit, for that, I feel really sorry for them, making such spectacles of themselves and being so unaware of it. But if they’re just attention seekers, that’s another thing.
    Whatever the hell it is, they are preying on a section of the population that can’t help being the way they are.

    The growing number of pitiful people that have been led into this lie, and taken so far astray by it, do not have the capacity to understand what’s REALLY happened here.

    None of them realize they’re caught up in something that’s taking them on a helluva long trip nowhere.

    Well, nowhere, unless the overprescribing of antibiotics creates a new strain of bacteria for them.

    Look at Doc Harvey’s comments found right here…

    He says…

    “This disease isn’t alien or magical; it’s real and the symptoms are real,” said Harvey, who is board-certified in aerospace medicine and has worked both as a space-medicine researcher and in hospital emergency rooms. “After three-and-a-half years, I’m still trying to understand this as objectively as I can…

    “Without understanding the skin lesions fully, I’m treating patients with antibiotics and having clinical success. Something appears to have happened to their skin immunity.”

    Gee, ya think? All ya freaks need to go back for a refresher course in basic anatomy!!!

  6. Eat Crow you ….heads. Below is one of the responses I have recieved from the cdc. Bet you are a bit more than nervous now. But I imagine you are paid well to spread the disinformation as you do. Keep sticking your foot in your mouth as this issue is finally just now picking up. btw, it seems that I am the only person involved with this you havent tried to smear, keep trying as it will only make your intent more apparent.

    Dear Mr.

    First, allow me to please make clear to you, as in our previous correspondence, that I am a communications specialist and not a doctor. CDC subject matter experts (who are doctors) are conferring on how best to scientifically characterize this situation. Arriving at scientifically valid information—which is most useful in coming up with the answers you seek, requires careful thought and planning. We are fully engaged in that process. Regarding the term “morgellons” we would, at this point, employ it hesitantly, in the absence of a scientifically vetted case definition. The spectrum of complaints, e.g, symptoms, and sensations, described under this heading requires a disciplined approach to determine whether or not a single label is appropriate. It is important, therefore, to develop the necessary data. Most of the answers you seek are dependent on careful steps, taken under scientific discipline. This approach, while possibly appearing tedious offers the best chance of cutting to the quick on what is or is not clinically relevant. Only with that understanding can the professional community lift the cloud of speculation that presently hangs low over this matter.

    Thank you for your understanding. /

    Special Assistant for Communications
    National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID)
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  7. That is a very intelligent response from the CDC – I commend whoever wrote it.

    Southcity, I would urge you to read it again, it is a very polite letter, which might hide what it is saying to some degree.

    The CDC knows you are sick, and the others are sick, they just don’t know if you all have the same sickness. That’s pretty much all the letter says.

  8. Michael? I think it is a disease inflicted on mankind by the Glandelinians. Growing fibers on human skins seems like something they would do to fight the Vivian Sisters nudist tendancies (have they no shame?).

  9. you missed the part where he says they would “employ it hesitantly” (the term morgellons.)

    They know there is something wrong here and the lack of action on their part is suspect in itself. it is not hidden knowledge the NIH and other health agencies are in the big pharma back pocket. Hell there are literally hundreds of examples of conflict of interests available if one care enough to look.

    Listen, this illness is a nightmare. I would not even wish it on those who make gaining progress into the awareness of this disorder all that more difficult. debate the video found at all you want, but in the end the images shown at the end of the video are exactly what I am able to view with a jewelers loop at anytime. IT’s real alright, so just hope you are lucky enough to avoid it.

  10. I think if you read the whole letter, you will find that what Dan means is that they would hesitate to employ it, i.e., they would not employ it. Because, as he says later: “The spectrum of complaints, e.g, symptoms, and sensations, described under this heading requires a disciplined approach to determine whether or not a single label is appropriate”

    They will employ it to refer to “this matter”, as do I. It does not mean I believe that Morgellons has any evidence of being a distinct syndrome.

  11. so tell me, do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? Have a problem sleeping sometimes? contemplate suicide perhaps?

    I dont know how you do what you do for a living, but you obviously have no morals and cant possibly like yourself that much. I for one do not know you but can honestly say I do not like you or others with your type of personality. This is all this site will hear from me.

  12. So sad, isn’t it? All caught up inside a trap, and looking in the wrong directions to find the way out of it. A trap they’ve inadvertently chosen for themselves, to be in, no less. Very sad, indeed.

  13. Southcity, I don’t actually work for Big Pharma. I’m just doing this a public service hobby.

    I would prefer it if you refrain from personal attacks of this kind. I’ve no problem with heated debate though!

  14. Southcity,

    Obviously your comprehension skills aren’t very good. The CDC is laughing at your insanity, and the insanity of the rest of the “Morgies”. Listen to your doctor, and follow his protocol. You may have a problem with your skin, even a disease, but it’s not Morgellons. You’ve been sucked into a crazy cult and your behavior is both obcessive and compulsive.

    Tall Cotton

  15. I’ve been hearing more and more about Morgellons in the media. As i stated here because of the ‘ewww’ factor, they are going to run with it.. Morgellons is sure to be this year’s “West Nile” ..

  16. I don’t think so – it’s not got ANY real doctors behind it. West Nile, however hyped, was a real disease – it has a page on the CDC site.

    I do expect a pick-up in local tv stories though, with the current blog boom, and it being on Digg, Snopes and others.

    Also, the continued letter writing campaign will ensure a degree of attention on a sporadic local level.

    I’d like it to hit big though – if some serious work were done, it could get sorted out for what it really is.

  17. Could it be a nanotechnology experiment gone awry? Sounds crazy, but then would anyone put anything past this or other governments?

  18. Anonymous, if you’re serious in wanting to know what this is, study up on human skin anatomy and the immune system, and stop being so funny. You make yourself sound like one of the morgies, themselves.

  19. And also, study nanotechnology.

  20. Hahahaha, yeah. Amen, Amen, AMEN!!!

  21. I am the original “Anonymous” of the tinfoil hats comment. What I am saying is that a big part of health fraud is that there are a lot of people who gain some sort of psychological validation of their existence by being physically ill. Quacks take advantage of this by validating the objects of such peoples’ delusions.

    If you think that gypsy moths are growing in your brain, someone out there will happily take your money and sell you Mylar earmuffs made to “smother” the gypsy moths growing in your brain. They’ll make a killing—but will do nothing for the underlying psychological reasons why you go around thinking gypsy moths are growing in your brain.

  22. Hell with it, I’ll stop being anonymous, so I won’t be confused with a Morgie. I am the author of the first response and the most recent one. The other Anonymous is not me.

  23. Indeed, but unfortunately the palliative effect of warm ears can make the buyer think the ear muffs are working.

    It’s not all placebo, unfortunately. Antibiotics can make you feel better for various other reasons, so people think they are working . So they keep buying, keep spending their money.

  24. Michael…
    Have you ever read the original writings by the Doctors that documented the manifestations of this disease? They mentioned this disease was unknown to the physicians before them and was sure to be of concern in the future. These Doctors are referred to and respected to this very day by a medical community that labels us crazy!? Double standards!? This is a very real disease sir. Because they don’t know what it is…because it doesn’t fall with in their textbook…doesn’t make it okay to assume we’re delusional. That is insane. You appear as though you want to be perceived as an educated man…so look at this. There are thousands of people in this country that are told they are making up their sickness…if their illness has not been confirmed by scientific means and if the treating Doctor can’t find the exact cause for what ails their patient. I don’t think I need to get into listing these disease’s…I’m sure you’re quite aware of many. Where is the justice for the individuals that have suffered uselessly while told they were fine, only to find that the accusations made against these sick people are in fact false and these patients, once taken seriously and treated regained their health!? Do you have any idea at the loss of quality of life? Not just by the disease itself but by the community and family members that don’t support them because if the Doctor didn’t find it, there just isn’t anything wrong!? Then, when you consider that the medical community doesn’t know what causes the majority of newer debilitating disease’s that are on the rise in this country…I think it is funny. Yes…funny. It is amazing to look at the list of skin parasites that you can find on PubMed citations that document endemic, possible dermatologic helminth infections in the southern US…but not one southerner has a clue that they are considered to be walking on endemic land. What!? It is a fact sir that we are highly parasitized people here…the ignorance by individuals like yourself is another laughing matter. But it isn’t funny when our Doctors are not aware or taught of the potential devastating disease’s these parasites can cause…therefore never consider them when dealing with patients!? What are you going to do when our day comes…in which, I promise you, it will. Will you still be here blogging or will you bury your head in the sand? Have you ever visited the homepage for the MRF? You surely are not throwing stones at the many professional individuals that are not afflicted with this disease, that volunteer their precious time…working very hard to find an answer and bring awareness to this baffling disease. Even if we were delusional…how could you find joy and amusement in ridiculing sick people…just goes to show the face you choose to wear.

    Blog on…must be nice not to have anything else to do with your time.

    Portland, Oregon

  25. Science is far from perfect, but should be quite able to isolate an infectious or parasitic agent on a person. The first cases of AIDS were identified in 1981. The virus was isolated and identified in 1983.

    AIDS at that time mostly struck promiscuous gay men—a not-well-liked minority. If a disease striking gay men only took two years to isolate to a cause, how long should a disease that seems to strike mostly middle-class women be taking to isolate to a single cause, if it is not somatization and a tendency toward facticious disease behavior? It’s been at least three years, hasn’t it?

  26. I’d “like to think” that if the originator of this made-up disease hadn’t, herself, been so affected by her own lack of knowledge, her misunderstandings, fear, mistrust and misgivings of her son’s doctors’ diagnoses, combined with her sense of humiliation, that she would have chosen another path.

    Now, one has to wonder how she got others to hop on board this “crazy train”. The “team of experts”, I mean.

    Personally, I don’t think the DOP label is an appropriate one for the morgies to be given. Many of them may, or may not, have underlying illnesses, too, but it appears as though a large portion of them just simply know nothing when it comes to their own skin.

    Just look at the photos of their “specimens” for cryin’ out loud!!! If someone could just take them by their hand and have them drop-kick their microscopes to Timbuktu, convince them to go get treated for whatever they may have, which is probably 90% skin allergies, they’d be fine. Heck, though, NOT that skin allergies are anything to sneeze at.

    The made-up disease has done way more than just reinforce their misunderstandings, though. It’s given them something to believe in, and kept the ones who may have stood a chance of figuring it out for themselves some very warped ideas.

  27. if you think this disease is a joke, i hope you don’t find out one day that it is not.

    morgellons is found in all 50 states and 14 countries. no single person is immune to this disease.

    i wouln’t throw stones quite yet.

    by the way, if not for people like Ginger Savely, patients she treats would be sicker than they are now and perhaps have a shorter life span.

    morgellons does kill.

    God Bless us All.


  28. Keep your head where it’s at. People who know better are not to blame for it, and I guarantee you, I am 100% positive there is no such thing as morgellons disease. Keep your ignorance where it belongs.

  29. Ding dong…perhaps you should educate yourselves a little before speaking publicly about a group of people that you are trying to poke fun at!!! And ya’ll call us crazy!? I’m still laughing…please, give me something better to strike at…this is getting boring.

    Portland, Oregon

  30. smileykins…are you telling me that you are doubting the writings from these fantastic men of medicene!? Ewe…how bold you are. And your credentials?

    Keep your ignorance in check…it isn’t becoming!!!


  31. There is no Morgellons Disease, so how could it have killed anyone? A few may have committed suicide because your crazy cult has convince them that they are dying. It has also encouraged them to ignore any diagnosis they don’t like. Morgellons, the cult, is spreading. So is Morgellons, the curse. The insanity is what is covering the planet, not some illusive pathogen that was invented by Mary Leitao so she could bask in the limelight.

  32. Carrie, perhaps you can tell us one paragraph from Kellet that is of actual relevance? Even Mary thinks they were talking about something else.

  33. How pathetic, to display such audacity as to get on someone’s blog and show us all such ignorance.

  34. Carrie, you are an idiot, among other things. Here’s my credentials.

  35. Tall Cotton…doesn’t make sense at all…so I have nothing to say about your comment.

    Smileykins…I think I’ve shown who is the ignorant one out of the two of us…you should go sit down now.

    Michael…my man. I can’t tell you what Mary thinks. Quite truthfully, it doesn’t matter to me what she thinks one way or the other. For whatever reason “The Morgellons” was brought back into the limelight really doesn’t matter. The fact is, there was a very serious disease that was affecting children via their mothers that these brilliant, true Doctors recognized, treated and documented. A disease that has been lost in the wind, then resurfaced as “Hysterical Housewife” and then again as “DOP.” A disease that was very real and is very real. I can’t tell you what Mary thinks and why she thinks it. I can tell you “Morgellons” is a disease that I know well…because I’ve lived it. Michael, are you a dermatologist? I’m quite certain you are not doubting these historical writings as being delusional are you!? That would be completely unethical. That is why I find this blog funny…and the reaction to this disease by the medical community even funnier. This disease was written by physicians that have paved the path. How dare you question their integrity.

    Perhaps you can show me one paragraph from those writings that ISN’T relevant?

    Portland, Oregon

  36. smileykins…your mother. I wont even bother to check. Did I strike a nerve. Your funny. You’re making my night fun.

  37. smileykins…I don’t know why I am taking the time to play with you. How is it that I am an idiot!? And who do you think you are calling me out of my name like this? I hadn’t disrespected you or anyone on this blog. I haven’t said one ignorant thing either. Are we in kindergarten? You can’t think of anything intelligible to say so you start name calling!? Come on now, grow up. Stop throwing stones…they are not breaking my bones and names will never hurt me.

  38. Is this relevant?

    The common name for this is “the hair affection” (pilaris affectio); for this reason that by the protrusion and evulsion of hairs some cases are saved: and after this manner: the shoulders and neck are rubbed with the hand either dry or smeared from the milk pail, i.e. with milk still warm from the milking-pail; the parts which are rubbed soon become rough with hairs which are clearly seen springing out like a growing beard. Then by means of bacon rind rubbed over the hairs or by a forceps every single hair is plucked out and forthwith they are cured.

    It’s a cure – have you tried it?

  39. Morgellons is a name we are using because it resembles that disease so called in 1600′s. However, if you look at the history of this and any further discussion of it you will see that many other names were used for it. This is the deception of which you at morgellon watch and your friends fail to see. You are in denial, just like the many who have told us we are delusional.

    Can you find any more information on Morgellons other than what is on the MRF website? No, because it was buried, or was called something else, and today we can compare what we have to this, and again there is no current history, so the name could be valid.

    On the other hand, the reason the CDC will not jump into this, is because there are many variables to this disease, there are many different constructions of these proteomes, which could be biolevel 3 of which the CDC declares which levels are which.

    So, there will be many aspects of this.

    You seem very defensive in saying that we are not valid. You are in denial yourself. You cannot accept the fact that many many can think outside the medical box the AMA has put doctors in. Even we can see this.

    Before the DOP label, do you know what they did to people who had crawling sensations? They did lobotomies. You see, the label works, because lobotomies were cruel, and hence the name EkBom Theory, which is just that a THEORY, never proven, not valid.

    So, please look into how much denial has a hold on your lives.
    Some people go through life only seeing their own views and those of their friends, but, cannot go outside that little social group.

    Some people do not want to accept the unacceptable, and will be cruel just to prove their points, even if they are wrong.

    If we all go with the flow and believe what you say, and the waterfall is coming up around the bend, we should never go against the flow?

    When death approaches, I would rather jump out of the boat and try my changes in going against the flow.


  40. “because it was buried”!!! So this 400 year old disease has been covered up?

    All 500,000 (half a million) doctors in America are covering it up? Really?

  41. Oh, and the hair on babies? That’s probably “lanugo”. Look it up. They are just documenting old wives’ tales.

  42. Michael…you must be joking right!? My job here is done. You have nothing on us. That was easy as pie. Thank you.

  43. Come on Michael…stick to the documented facts at hand. What happen to your “Morgellon’s Watch” tonight? Huh. I think I’m going to go back through all your blogs and dissect them piece by piece so your viewers can get a real glimpse of what is actually, factually going on here. Because you don’t know and you can’t see it doesn’t exist!? Hello? Where is the wisdom behind that nonsense? Even my dog hears things I don’t hear…these are the facts! Does it mean that the dog whistle isn’t blowing and my dog is delusional too?

    By the way…you have or have had worms too…blog that!!! Check out Bad Bug Book…the rate of infection with the common, VLM causing Ascaris in the US is HIGH! Every American has had or will have the ever so common pesky pinworms…most Americans don’t even know what that is. Bloggers…where are you? The Sheep liver fluke has infected cattle across our land, therefore we are considered an endemic region…an endemic region for a VECTOR-BORNE parasite that causes ectopic skin disease and not one PCP knows what a trematode is. A parasite that is so complex that it took EIGHTY-TWO years to fully document it’s complete life cycle. And Smileykins wants to talk about a measly two year Aids diagnosis battle!? We are talking about parasites that riddle our land, that we are exposed to every single day that is killing American citizens, that is documented in citations published by PubMed yet the CDC doesn’t bother to mention and list these parasites on their site as affecting US citizens as well as species of American parasites just left off their site all together as if they don’t exist. Why is it that my PCP doesn’t even know what a fluke is? Even when you hand her one? Do you Michael? Do you realize that the documentation of the original manifestations of this disease are very possibly describing a stage of a parasite that the adult form of this parasite wasn’t found in a human until 1843!? And even today, the stages are not thought to infect or cause disease in humans in this country but they do every where else in the world? Bah Humbug!!! The CDC and the writers of their script are very aware that we in fact harbor these parasites, but don’t consider them to cause disease. They consider our relationship to be one of a symbiotic nature. Smileykins, that means we have a nice host/parasite relationship. I didn’t check your credentials. “The Morgellons” described a fork-tail parasite…hello…where are you ever so bright educated bloggers? Do you know of any fork-tail parasites that infect humans? I do!!! There are some…why are we delusional and those writings never substantiated? There are fork-tail parasites all over this country!!! There is enough circumstantial evidence between fluke stages and the original documented writings to open a legitimate field of research. Oh, but I’m mistaken, they already have. They just don’t know it yet and/or have failed to correlate the two. I’m certain one day they will…until then…keep it up. I’m sure you’ll be feeling pretty proud the day this disease gets the attention and the diagnosis it deserves. Are we having fun yet? Auto immune disease…my body attacking itself…yeah…funny. The schistosome (a fork-tail parasite for you unaware bloggers) sheds its tegument when invading it’s host, only to pick up the host’s cells to further invade and evade host immune responses. And you call us delusional…you Doctors don’t even know what this parasite is…of coarse you’re not gonna find it…but oh yeah, it would require you looking!? Contact dermatitis…even funnier…making our parasites angry. What is wrong with you people and the denial of parasites in this country huh!? I’ve been waiting for this day. Your on…let’s open up this blog spot.
    Portland, Oregon

  44. southcity, I sympathize with your problem. I think we need to keep several things in mind:

    Only you, the patient, know what’s best for yourself. Only you know what your senses tell you. Do not let others say you are crazy just because their senses aren’t telling them what your senses are telling you.

    Here is a good page on the tendency of doctors to dismiss suffering and blame the victim:

    The topic of insurance coverage is incidental in my view, and illustrates a symptom of American medicine — that the patient is not the one who gets to make the decisions, even though they are the ones most affected. It is a symptom of socialized medicine in the U.S.

    The clinic in California which offers all those “questionable” treatments at patient expense — I’m all for it. We need more clinics like that, so that patients get to make their own decisions, instead of medical boards or insurance companies (third parties) being the final arbiters. Sure, the patient pays more, but then the doctor is working for the patient, and has no conflict of interest with third parties.

    I think it is clear that the cluster of symptoms which many choose to call Morgellons is real. Whether all patients have the same condition, and whether it is a new disease, or simply a known disease like dermatitis with sensations and perceptions more severe for certain patients, is uncertain.

    The scientific status of a disease should not affect the patient’s freedom to decide on his or her own care. Prescription drug laws should be repealed, and medical licensure is a government oligopoly which should be ended.

    Even if Morgellons is a person’s over-imaginative perception of skin problems, and even if it’s caused and sustained by the patient’s own behavior, rather than being caused by an external pathogen, this should not alter the patient’s freedom to decide treatment.

    I commend those who are willing to help Morgellons patients, even if it falls outside conventional medicine or science. It is voluntary contract between patients and doctors, which is how all medicine should be conducted, without the government or third parties interfering.

    In any case, patients, not doctors or “experts”, should be the final decisionmakers on their own care. They should be allowed to take drugs even if experts consider them ineffective.

    As for insurance coverage, that should be handled privately and should be up to private insurance companies to decide on their own. It should not be a public health decision.

  45. The problem is that affirming the delusions of people who suffer from facticious diseases in order to sell them a bogus cure is morally on par with calling up Alzheimer’s patients and telling them they won the lottery, but have to pay you a fee to “avoid taxes on your winnings.”

  46. Carrie, nobody said there are no parasites. In fact the cdc has a whole division dedicated to parasites.

    All I’m saying is that:

    1) Morgellons is not a distinct syndrome – “it” is many illnesses.
    2) The vast majority of the fibers are environmental or hairs.
    3) There is no conspiracy by government or “big pharma” to cover it up.
    4) There is a degree of snake oil in many proposed treatments. (DermatechRX anyone?)

    That’s about it – care to address anything there?

  47. Carrie: “Smileykins, that means we have a nice host/parasite relationship. I didn’t check your credentials.”

    Smileykins: “I see. Exercising a little bit of foresight before you make a rude comment to me, and, in the above reference, before you request something of me, appears to be in order, Carrie.

    Since you’ve broached the topic, why have you not included any of your parasites in your online photo collection?

    P.S. “Tinfoil Hat Merchant”…I’m sorry if I got you confused with another “Anonymous”, earlier. This name is just so cute! Impossible not to smile.

  48. Smileykins…you’re not in my league okay. I do have pictures of my parasites okay…tons. Another not so funny reality. My pictures are not like the ones that you’re going to see across the internet referring to this disease. For some reason, I’ve focused on other things that are triggers for me that are a bit different for many of my people. My people, please know I say that with pride. We are strong, fantastic people. You should be so lucky to find yourself in my good graces.

    Michael…you are not saying we don’t have parasites. You are tormenting and ridiculing us because we’ve suffered from a disease we can not get help for. Now are you telling me I am not seeing what I am seeing? How about that one joke about the Morgellons patients turning left because they’re turn signal is stuck. What is that…is that not a direct hit. If you believe Morgellons to be a disease of many different things why not take the time to support us, help us rather than slander the people that try to help while teasing us!? You remind me of that bully child in middle school.

    1. Morgellons IS a disease. Perhaps many of us have had an immune compromising situation that brought us to the Morgellons connection. But there is a time and place when it happens. There is a bridge you cross that brings Morgellons on…Morgellons IS it’s own thing. Perhaps many conditions lead up to Morgellons…regardless…Morgellons is what it is. The denial of parasites in this country is a problem for us being taken seriously.

    2. No…the majority these fibers are NOT environmental fibers. We’ve had Scientist investigate and test these fibers…please, don’t disrespect them. You in turn would be only disrespecting yourself. These are very reputable people, you really don’t have a clue. We do have some Doctors that have contracted this disease from our members. I don’t expect you’ll hear about that though, ever. Not only because the Doctor wouldn’t want to be known but because their patient is a very level headed individual that isn’t going to run around here running their mouth. You don’t have a clue about what you are speaking. The fibers that I see could be many different things, some in which are naturally occurring fibers. But then there are those that are NOT normal, or natural that no one can identify.

    3. I’ve not one time said or even thought that this is a cover up from any one or anywhere.

    4. People are trying to help…more than what you people are doing. Snake oil, whatever…nit pick, nit pick. What are you doing to help? This blog…what is this doing for the thousands of people’s lives that have been destroyed and the children that have been lost? Huh big man…how does this make you feel?

    The CDC has a list of parasites that doesn’t entail all the parasites that we are exposed too. What’s the point? What’s your point Michael? Why are you here?

  49. Why am I here?

    I’m here because too many people are being convinced they have Morgellons on the basis of very weak evidence. As a result they are receiving inappropriate medical care. I’m just trying to put out a balanced set of facts to allow people to make an informed decision.

    And yes, I have a lot of time on my hands.

  50. We’ve had Scientist investigate and test these fibers

    And they were found to be environmental.

    Or did you have some other report in mind? Cellulose?

  51. Carrie said:

    My pictures are not like the ones that you’re going to see across the internet referring to this disease. For some reason, I’ve focused on other things that are triggers for me that are a bit different for many of my people.

    Well, how can you say you’ve got the same thing as everoyne else if your symptoms are different?

  52. Re: Wikipedia
    « Reply #2 on May 13, 2006, 9:23pm »

    There may appear to be some images of lint balls…perhaps we are just trying to get the strange that we see…that are triggers identified.

    Curious…I’m so curious…check out some of these pictures…tell me what they are to you!? Tell me if you see some parasites or eggs or something that you’d like to live with day in and day out!? Watch these parasites affect the lives of the beautiful children that you’ve birthed and nurtured for years…only to be told there isn’t anything there. Tell me Curious…is there nothing there? Would you like to join me for an egg salad sandwich!? White or wheat? Doubt it. Don’t play…we are sick and not in the mood.

    Little girl, why “did” you ask for my credentials?

  53. Little girl here…what are you saying? What do you want to know? What am I telling you that is delusional or not factual?

    Smileykins…what caused your eczema huh? Any clue? You must have asthma too don’t you? Living with in the blind sighted bliss of the American sanitary society will keep you in the dark. Don’t gather me with a group, we all have different views and beliefs as we are individuals and not of the medical community. Bring it…one on one. One question at a time…from you to me and me to you. I am not afraid, ashamed or have anything to hide.

    Keep it clean…then we can do this. Don’t forget where the name slinging began.

    Michael…I know you’ve got more than that to give me. Give me something substantial to spend my time on. I’m not going to keep going over the same things defending my position in an impossible situation. The questions you are asking me are not relevant to the disease as a whole.
    Portland, Oregon

  54. Michael…are you a Doctor? You are huh. That is why you are not questioning the original documentation of “The Morgellons” as other bloggers are. Because you know the implications that holds don’t you…and the others don’t. I know what they mean…and so do you. Let’s talk about that can we? Are you concerned that there may be more there than you’ve considered? That would in fact be wonderful…perhaps you could turn this blog around and actually do some good with it. You know, that wouldn’t be a bad thing…Ebenezer didn’t stay a scrooge!?

    What have you been doing with all your time that you have so much of since my lengthy response to you last night? Are you checking on me and that facts that I have presented to you? What have you found?

  55. Carrie – do you know what the Kellet paper is about? They are trying to date Browne’s “A Letter to a Friend”, by comparing his sparse mention of Morgellons with contemporaneous accounts. It’s literary detective work, not medical.

    All the Kellet paper brings us is a number of accounts of children (not adults) with hairs or worms on their skin. Nothing at all unusual.

    The mites in Figure 1 are clearly all scabies mites, and B is probably some mite on top of a fiber or hair.

    Carrie, you are really not helping your cause by pushing Kellet as some kind of evidence. It’s old medicine, 350 years old. I have read it in detail. The most it suggest is that Morgellons might sometimes be scabies, which we already know.

  56. It’s misfortunate that Carrie has misunderstood the intentions of this blog, Michael, and while she certainly isn’t representative of most morgies, she’s proving something to us all, and she is proving it very clearly.

  57. “so tell me, do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? Have a problem sleeping sometimes? contemplate suicide perhaps?

    I dont know how you do what you do for a living, but you obviously have no morals and cant possibly like yourself that much. I for one do not know you but can honestly say I do not like you or others with your type of personality. This is all this site will hear from me.”

    That’s your reply, SouthCity? You lose an argument to the obvious, so you stoop to name-calling. Clever!

    And Carrie,

    Nice, vague, ambiguous. “The original writings” from “doctors.” Citations, references, anything? Or are you just repeating what you heard someone else said?

    Waiting for the references, names, credentials of these brilliant “medicine men” …. waiting…

    And for those “facts” you keep talking about….

  58. Nope…that was all from me…I’ve not ran across anyone who has taken those writings as serious as I. The writings are there…the information is clear to those who look and I am done here. It serves as no benefit for me or mine…I’ve got so much other stuff going on. I really would enjoy this, perhaps at another time when I have more time and energy. Today, it just isn’t worth it. I do hope you folks over here see expand your horizon a bit…and let up, it serves no purpose. Enjoy your day and the weather.
    Portland, Oregon

  59. Michael…they were not describing scabies…if you’ve read the literature you know this.
    What do you they were describing…I mean really!? Come to terms with it. It’s written…it’s really quite simple. For whatever reason this has been made into such a big deal when it is really very simple. Look at the parasites and the manifestations as described and look around at the parasites we have found today…any matches!? Sure there are…no problems. The only problem is that those parasites are not thought to be here in this country…but that is false. Completely not true…I can’t do anything else about it. I’ve presented it to you all…you do what you feel you need or not need to do with it. I don’t have a scientific or medical background to start from…I am a Mother of two children, one of which has been quite sick. I’ve gotten here the way I know how. I do recognize this is not a scientific approach to diagnostics…but again, I am not claiming scientific linkage…just basic common sense and a possible starting point for simple minds like myself.

    Smileykins…don’t know exactly what you meant by that. When I’m not quite sure of an understanding…I don’t tend to make assumptions. If you want to talk to me or want to say something for me to grasp, you need to be clear. I will not accept anything if I don’t know exactly what I am suppose to be accepting.

    Anonymous…what facts are you waiting for? Everything I’ve said is FACTUAL. The information surrounds us daily. I don’t understand exactly what you are trying to come across as saying. If you want something specific ask for it specifically or I can’t help you. It’s all out there…all you’ve got to do is look. If you are not interested then so be it…I can’t help you with that either. I can see nice, but having a hard time with vague and ambiguous.

    No hard feelings…but please know Smileykins and others, I am not an idiot and don’t and didn’t appreciate that comment.

    Thanks again…you guys have a good day.
    Portland, Oregon

  60. Carrie – the Kellet paper referst to the disease as “Les Crinons, Masclous, Masquelons”. In Figure 1, the Crinons are identified as E, which are scabies mites.

    It is also refered to as “comedone”. Which is a condition also referred to as “flesh worms”.

    Aka – blackheads.

    Blackheads and scabies or other mites have been much confounded in medical history. Consider this account from
    the 1911 book: Search Lights on Health: Light on Dark Corners. A Complete Sexual Science and A Guide to Purity and Physical Manhood. Advice to Maiden, Wife, and Mother. Love, Courtship, and Marriage

    Black-Heads and Flesh Worms. This is a minute little creature, scientifically called Demodex folliculorum, hardly visible to the naked eye, with comparatively large fore body, a more slender hind body and eight little stumpy processes that do duty as legs. No specialized head is visible, although of course there is a mouth orifice. These creatures live on the sweat glands or pores of the human face, and owing to the appearance that they give to the infested pores, they are usually known as “black-heads.” It is not at all uncommon to see an otherwise pretty face disfigured by these ugly creatures, although the insects themselves are nearly transparent white. The black appearance is really due to the accumulation of dirt which gets under the edges of the skin of the enlarged sweat glands and cannot be removed in the ordinary way by washing, because the abnormal, hardened secretion of the gland itself becomes stained. These insects are so lowly organized that it is almost impossible to satisfactorily deal with them, and they sometimes cause the continual festering of the skin which they inhabit.

    Remedy. Press them out with a hollow key or with the thumb and fingers, and apply a mixture of sulphur and cream every evening. Wash every morning with the best toilet soap, or wash the face with hot water with a soft flannel at bedtime.

    Note how they attribute all blackheads to the follicle mite, when in fact many blackheads are the result of blocked pores. The “flesh worms” that are squeezed out are just sebum.

  61. Nope…not sebum.

    I ruled out Demodex for myself a couple years ago. Keep going. But you’re not even close. It’s not a mite.


  62. I was discussing the Kellet paper, which you seem to hold in high regard.

    And if you know what it is, why can’t you fix it?

    On a lighter note, check out this cool image lots of fibers there. Problably if they protruded from the skin, they would move around. :)

  63. They described a FORK-TAIL parasite.

    They described worms which were not worms but worms with black specks.

    Hum…what could that be? It’s out there.

    Fibers…with in those comodome are fibers…not worms by fibers. Hum…what besides humans produce fibers? Or, what infecting humans makes humans produce? Or is it possible? Or do they know yet? Could this be a completely new phenomenon? They use animal models for us all day long…sure, it’s possible. If you look, if you choose to believe it is possible. If nothing else…I’m sure proving a very valid argument that this is real, am I not!? If this factual…in which it is…yes I am.

    This is all new stuff Michael…even in animal models…we’re talkin’ 1998 and that’s not in our country. Brazil and Czechoslovakia to name a couple…but surely not here!? Right. It’s all over our land.

    This parasite will make it’s host produce fibers…produce slime and black specks like I have described with MY disease. Not speaking for all…just for myself today.

    Thank you for your interest. If I can not help you, perhaps you can help me!?

  64. I have been fixing it…I am working on it. As I stated, I have a very sick little boy that is the love of my life. I can’t fix him like I can fix myself. He needs medical attention, something we’ve been denied. Pitiful isn’t it.

    Yes, I know what this is in my case, no doubt about it. For my people, I’ll practice restraint.

    It’s ridiculous the denial of this disease in this country. It hurts me to watch so many suffer needlessly, especially knowing their pain. Understanding I had a pretty bold case initially is how I am so certain I know what I am dealing with. Not many of us have that luxury, today I’ve come to terms with calling it a luxury. I’m not scrambling for cure or pulling my hair out questioning what and why this is.

    Nice image…yucky. He’s gross huh!? Never had scabies or lice. Not once. Thank goodness…they sure look nasty.

  65. If you would like some links…I’d be happy to share.

  66. Hey Michael, here’s one.

  67. So, you are “fixing it” with Hulda Clark’s Zapper? Colloidal Silver? A $368 “Ozone machine”? You know it’s flukes?

    Since you know all this, and have effective treatments, and you don’t think there is a cover-up, then can you explain why exactly mainstream medicine has ignored it?

  68. No…it’s a $1600 machine. Dr. Clark introduced me to the wonderful world of flukes by defining terms not by exposure. She introduced them to me…okay, that’s it. Everything else I’ve found out I’ve found on my own. She’s never mentioned fibers, black specks, slime…okay. She’s not described my disease she’s only helped me along. On this site I’d prefer to not be too opinionated. What I’ve given you are facts. What can you give me? Do you have any idea why this has been ignored by the medical community in this country? Could it be because we are a relatively new country and this is could be a newly discovered parasite? Do you have a clue as to what parasites I am talking about? I don’t want to waste my time if you are just trying to aggravate me…anyway, you’ll be wasting your time, it wont work. You can not upset me. We are grown ups and I’ve been trying to have some grown up conversations with some of you guys over here. You could have just asked me instead of going digging around to try to discredit me. Perhaps you should spend that time looking into the possibilities instead of trying to make me out to be something I am not.
    Portland, Oregon

  69. Oops sorry about that…not sure about posting links here…try this one.

  70. Carrie,

    I’ve got a lake I’d like to sell in Dry Gulch, if you or any of your “people” interested.

    Tall Cotton

  71. Nematomorpha? Acanthocephala? Annelida? Platyhelminthes? Nematoda?

    The problem, Carrie, is that these are all easily visible under a microscope. All are the subject of intense interest to several researchers who are experts in the filed and would love nothing better than to discover a new genus.

    If your parasite exists, you should not have any problems.

  72. Thanks Michael…that’s what I’m saying. I don’t understand what’s the problem either.

  73. Well, you understand the problem: the doctors do not take you seriously.

    What you do not understand is the cause of this problem.

  74. Carrie, you need to come to terms with this and get it resolved for yourself. I didn’t call you an idiot until after your comments made to me, which are, to me, the epitome of an idiot, devoid of forethought into any possible repercussions of her actions.

    Review the order sequence of the posts, now, and see how it occurred, and put it behind you……

    smileykins…are you telling me that you are doubting the writings from these fantastic men of medicene!? Ewe…how bold you are. And your credentials?

    Keep your ignorance in check…it isn’t becoming!!!


    We aren’t in the same league, you’re right, and thank you for acknowledging that.

  75. Neener, Neener, Neener…none of you could justify or say anything about what I told you. You want to go back to one up’s…keep it. I thought it might some how make a difference, I should have known it would not. See ya.
    Have a great day,

  76. Carrie,

    You discredit yourself with your nonsense. You’re delusional! You need to get some professional help.

    Tall Cotton

  77. OMG, she even had delusions that I was on here with her. Scroll down the page and read it!!! At one point, she even says:. “smileykins…I don’t know why I am taking the time to play with you.”

  78. I would confirm and check your facts. Dr Stricker is a well respected physician and researcher. He also accepts Medicare, and is very active in treating patients who have no other options, and who are so sick they have been dropped by their physicians AND insurance. He has been voted one of the best physicians in the San Francisco Magazine’s Best Doctor List, and the esteemed American Medical Association’s Award for Physician Excellence. Most of his patients suffer from MS, ALS, other neurological and immunological diseases, AIDS and lyme, not the majority you refer to with issues of infertility, weight problems or problems with erections. What exactly is your purpose of slandering the good name of a champion physician? There are few doctors who are willing to do the right thing for their patients. Doctor Stricker is one of these fine human beings and physicians. Shame on you!

  79. I believe I said Stricker has an impressive resume – I was mostly commenting on the image portrayed by the USMA web site

  80. hopefully this will shed some light on the issue, the CDC is putting together a “task force” to investigate the various claims associated with Morgellons.

  81. You still can’t touch NOTHING that I’ve told you Smileykins…and Tall Cotton…whatever. I’ve hit you up with information that you people can not touch. And Smileykins…pointing fingers isn’t nice…hasn’t anyone taught you any manors? This is a real disease…and we suffer tremendously with it. I don’t care what causes it or why it is. I don’t care if it has another name that is accepted by the standard medical community yet we feel it in a different way…perhaps that should make a statement and give insight to the true etiologic nature of these “unknown” caused disease’s in this country. Instead of labeling everything “auto-immune” and telling us all to treat the symptoms…perhaps this could help get to the source. I only came here to let you Bloggers know that we have basis for our actions…not one of you yet has turned away the information that I have provided to you. Yet and still you continue to bash us…what is your purpose? If you are shown you could be wrong…stand tall, admit it and learn…don’t continue to behave like a child because you don’t want to look like a looser. How childish is that!? Be the bigger of the two…it’s really easy to do and feels good once you do it.

  82. Carrie, all your exhibitions are good for is to reinforce opinions concerning your mental state. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

  83. Carrie,

    You are full of shit! It’s that simple. How on earth do you think you can enlighten anyone, when you are so pathetically blind. You talk utter nonsense. Morgellons is NOT a disease!! It’s that simple!! You think you have parasites. I’ve seen your images and you do not!! You, girl, are DOP. No one is going to find a morgellons pathogen because there is no such thing as morgellons. It’s not a disease, not a syndrome, and it’s not a condition. If you persist on giving it a set of symptoms it would have to be a new form of mental illness. You need psychiatric help. You do not need Lymebusters or the WTF Foundation. Wacky Wymore is a quack. Tam-Tam is an idiot. Mary Leitao is mentally ill. Wake the fuck up!!

    Tall Cotton

  84. This post has been removed by the author.

  85. Tall Cotton,

    Go fuck yourself. Your idiot.

  86. Id hate to be married to a person like smileykins. She probably has the whole family convinced they are whacked including the dog.

    What man could love a woman who talks like this?

    Convincing people she hasnt seen or knows anything about and agrees with a doctor on this site about issuing uneccessary phsycotropic drugs.

    Thats fucked up when she makes online diagnostics and hands them out in the next post if your opinion happens to differ from hers.

    She seems to have a mission.

    She wants you under the same medication that Dr. Feelgood has prescribed for her.

    If they will only let me help them they will see the light just like me.

    You and your fucking “dilusional parasites” “underlying psychosis” “insanity” and all the rest of the phsycological bullshit that spews out of your trap every 5 minutes on this site.

    Your PROJECTING yourself on everyone.

  87. This post has been removed by the author.

  88. Oh my, maybe that’s why I’ve remained single my entire life, hehe. No, Anonymous, I can’t project myself onto everyone. I tried that already, though, from time to time on the morgie board, as I felt the opportunity presented itself, from a period of time between Feb ’05 through Sept ’05. I should have never listened to Coast To Coast radio and found that place.

    I was flooded with a lot of emails from certain ones who received my message and believed in my truths, and so was Tall Cotton. Some people recognize, and accept truth, more readily than others.

    If I only could project myself onto others, such as yourself, you would be flooded with the love of Jesus Christ, and know the truth, and receive the direction for your healing.

    You have every right to be angered and to voice what your opinions of me are, on here, and I appreciate it. The comment that you have since deleted, though, which in turn, I deleted mine asking for you to explain where you came up with it, I had no problem with it, other than wondering how it came about.

    You know, whether it was your wanting to strike out at me with some rumor that was told, or whether you had misinterpretted my two month long bout with my experience, contained within Tall Cotton’s and my blog.

    Maybe I will read what you are begging us all to, and give you my interpretation of it, afterall. Surely, you must realize, though, that I have already been-through-the-grinder with all this business of trying to help people that are not at all open to it, who are constantly saying how bad thing are.

    I have found a good outlet to tell what I know about this thing called morgellons disease. It’s misfortunate that it upsets some people.

    For your own good, as well as anyone else upset by it, don’t feel compelled to view any of this and allow it to get to you.

  89. Anonymous,

    You said that you would hate to be married to a person like Smileykins. Well, you don’t have to worry about that, since you’ll never have that chance.

    “What man could love a woman who talks like this?” Smileykins is my fiancee, and I happen to love her very much.

    “She seems to have a mission.” Yeah, that’s right.

    “If they will only let (her) help them they will see the light just like (her). No, not quite!

    They are going to have to come out of a whole lot of darkness to stand in the light she stands in.

    That’s a fact!

    Tall Cotton

  90. Well thank you, Sweetheart. You know, just like I do, that darkness is all that some people are familiar with.

  91. Anonymous, if just clear-minded people were the only ones reading your comments it would be different, but morgie people will see it, and fall for your lies, taking them as facts!!!

    I have not been to a doctor and treated for psychosis, or anything remotely near it, and I’m not trying to get everyone on the same pill, that you think I’m on, that you think I got from Doctor Feelgood.

    The only medicine that I’m supposed to be on is Nexium, for a hiatal hernia, but it’s too expensive.

    As for the other nonsensical things you’ve said about me, those things, I don’t mind. They’re funny, and won’t mess with anybody’s heads.

  92. Then if you have never been to a therapist who the hell are you to keep preaching therapy and phsycotropic drugs to everyone?

    Oh I get it. Everyone else in the world needs a shrink but you.

    Husband and wife team huh? Both prior skin victims huh?

    Sounds like your a couple of co-dependents.

    I like the way you threaten me there pal. Thats mighty christian of ya. And then you want to turn around and tell me to be polite?


  93. I asked you to be polite. Different person.

  94. most simply cannot fathom the ramifications of such a disclosure. The infectious agent causing this is caused by a stray target (nondisclosed) created by experimental research done under a C3 permit by a proteomics research center. In other words it is a man made creation which has escaped containment. This target was created for research into artificial skin, wound dressing as well as cancer research tools. This is a military issue of high caliber, enough so to be defended by many parties, hence all the conflicting reports and otherwise lack of any credible information. The microscopic images shown in the video found at (follow the links) is completely out of my area of expertise, I am not a microbiologist. However the Macroscopic images shown and this agents interaction with host are EXACTLY the same thing I am able to show on my own body to anyone that will listen and would like to look. For photos of the fibers, follow these links.

    for the picts showing the dissemination in skin follow these links.

    Pictures of typical lesions series of slides.

    Picture of the synthetic polymer showing random recombination. series of slides.


    and finally the most common thing reported and seen by those suffering from this is the fibers seen outside the body. One can put fresh sparkling clean sheets on their bed, shower and scrub fanatically, go from shower to bed, then wake up to find these structures in bed with them. I am not kidding when I say these were not in the bed when you got in it.
    The video compiled by a scientist in Europe can be viewed by following the links at If you are a scientist or research professional, please share your comments concerning what you are seeing in this, as I have said, only the macroscopic images mean anything to me and would love some qualified remarks concerning the microscopic images.

    From what I understand the reasons for the lack of acknowledgement from the medical community is a political as can be. Once the uninfected general public becomes aware of the release of this thing into public space, reactions may become unpredictable. Also, the economic problems which will be sure to follow. Everything these days is genomic/ proteomic research related—from the paint on the door to the food on your plate. In fact, several hundred billion a year in the US alone. Also it appears that even though this seems to be a accidental release, this accident is being “nurtured” by big pharm with obvious goal of the need for lifelong suppressive therapy.

    The video’s creators have also stated that this element is differentiating. Meaning it is the cause of several seemingly unrelated diseases. If a single pathogen is worth a billion dollars to the medical industry then this pathogen is worth 10’s of billions. This bug is a money maker and we are all at the mercy of the medical industry. The key word to concentrate on here is INDUSTRY. All industry is profit orientated and this should scare the bejeebbers out of you. Hence the lack of motivation to fund research into this disorder. It will without doubt prove that these industries focus primarily on the effects of disease and not the cause of them. To cure is not profitable, but to treat over and over again is. Look at the treatments HIV patients must take for life in order to stay alive.

    A pathogen represents billions and to take a cause of disease away is a disaster for many.

    More to follow, my damn fingers hurt and I stink at typing.


  95. Utter nonsense!!!

  96. “Before the DOP label, do you know what they did to people who had crawling sensations? They did lobotomies. You see, the label works, because lobotomies were cruel, and hence the name EkBom Theory, which is just that a THEORY, never proven, not valid.”

    Oh god, my sides hurt from laughing. It’s “Ekbom Syndrome”. You’re a smart one. It’s from Ekbom’s paper in 1938. Congratulations, you are in the top ten most assinine, uneducated, uninformed things I have ever read.

    BTW, Gravity is a theory. I’m glad you’re hanging onto your desk right now to keep from flying away, as it’s just a theory, right? :)

  97. “And Smileykins…pointing fingers isn’t nice…hasn’t anyone taught you any manors? ”

    And Carrie… hasn’t anyone ever taught you to spell?

  98. HEY. Upon review of this section’s posts, I see that I had been mistaken in my comments to this mixed-up Anonymous person, contained within: At 10:12 PM, Smileykins said…”The comment that you have since deleted, though, which in turn, I deleted mine asking for you to explain where you came up with it, I had no problem with it, other than wondering how it came about. You know, whether it was your wanting to strike out at me with some rumor that was told, or whether you had misinterpretted my two month long bout with my experience, contained within Tall Cotton’s and my blog.”

    Among the other unusual things:

    At 12:37 AM, Anonymous said…”And Smileykins wants to talk about a measly two year Aids diagnosis battle!?”

    I don’t like that this person is making things up, or whatever they did, and I had mistakenly thought they’d deleted their unusual comment pertaining to me. They had deleted another one, but I missed it there, in that 12:37 AM post. I have no idea what motivated them to say that. They’d said that they hadn’t read my blog, when I referred them there for my credentials. They’re way off base, whatever they’ve misunderstood. I don’t have AIDS and had never spoken about anyone with it, but how weird for them to talk that way, plus referring to their misunderstandings in such a way as they did.

  99. This is dedicatd to people like tallcotton the non beleivers
    HI I have had Morgellons for 1 years now – I feel for all you sufferers out their because it is the most horrific thing out there and we do not get the support from our loved ones as we should.I have tried everything that the http://www.Morgellons web site saids and much much more and nothing seems to work to get rid of these strange bugs and fibers. We need one on one help from our doctors, but I dont know about you all out there but my doctor didnt want anything to do with me- (there should be a law against that)
    I just wanted to make one more commet about Morgellons that I personally think is wrong with the people out there that think this Morgellons is contagious- Well I have been around many many people and not one person has gotten this from me- Im not a doctor but (in my opinion) you get this Morgellons from that main source- the same way that I would have contracted this is the only way that abother can contract it. I know where I get my Morgellons from, If the doctors out there would just listen hear and research it the world would know more about this and be able to figure out a cure.I have researched my own Morgellons and I have found out lots- But seriously it doesnt mean one thing without help from a specailist.
    One more commet to other Morgellons sufferers try to think about people not beleiving you about your Morgellons life will be much easier- You know your body and you know that you have it-
    the people thatdont beleive you I see it as IT’S THERE PROBLEM! The day will come soon when the world will know the truth and they will know the whole truth, then after that day we can all breath a little better and minds will think straighter and will all be ok.

    Have Faith
    Mary from SO-CAL

  100. I don’t think there are any “non-believers” on this forum. We all realize that people who have reasons to think that they have something called “morgellons disease” are quite seriously ill.

    Tall Cotton and I, both, had “the symptoms” of “morgellons”, so we know firsthand what hell is it to have. Our type was due to underlying-physical-symptoms, but as hard as it was on us, we recovered. I think that’s evidently the same type that anyone who has gotten over “the morgies” has apparently also had. Neither of us had support from people in our lives, but we made it. Rely on yourself, and call on God to enlighten and strengthen you, because you’re the only one who can take care of you, through Him, when you get right down to it. Know that, and believe it, and He will direct you onto the right path.

    People believing they’re afflicted with a 400 year old malady in the 21st century, labeled as “morgellons disease”, is where the disagreement comes into play with us here.

    The name of that ancient disorder was chosen by Mary Leitao and built upon through a made up case definition she comprised through surveying registered members on her MRF website.

    The way I am now understanding things to be, is that she set forth launching this campaign not actually for her little boy, which was obvious, but solely for the purpose of combatting, and hoping she can do away with, DOP diagnoses, of which she herself had been labeled with, from obsessing over her
    son’s skin, 4 years ago.

    Being totally ignorant of what all goes into the makings of DOP, when I was a member of Lymebusters’ message board for approximately 6 months, I didn’t understand why anyone asking for help would refuse it. I didn’t know that much about it, other than I knew I’d had what others were talking about, and that if one wanted to get over it, they could. I know now, that it doesn’t go that way for most people.

    This syndrome is often classified into three types according to the underlying condition:

    1. Primary Psychotic Delusional Parasitosis (Delusional Parasitosis is the Sole Psychological Disturbance):

    * patients otherwise behave normally
    * reason in a rational manner

    2. Secondary Functional Delusional Parasitosis
    where there is an Underlying Psychiatric Condition, including:

    * schizophrenia
    * paranoia
    * depression
    * anxiety disorders
    * obsessional states

    3. Secondary Organic Delusional Parasitosis
    where there is an Underlying Physical Illness present, including:

    * drug abuse
    * hypothyroidism
    * cancer
    * cerebrovascular disease
    * tuberculosis
    * neurologic disorders
    * vitamin B12 deficiency
    * diabetes mellitus

    The two of us were:

    No. 3. Secondary Organic Delusional Parasitosis
    where there is an Underlying Physical Illness present.

    There is no such thing as a disease known as “morgellons”, but, rather, it is the creation-of-a-movement launched by Mary Leitao, in her efforts to try obliterating diagnoses of DOP, as I understand it, with her suffering from DOP herself.

    My deductive reasoning leads me to think DOP diagnoses have been prevalent among chronic lyme disease patients due to the associated neuropsychological effects of late-stage lyme disease.

    Of course, I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time, and sure won’t be the last.

    I pray for your speedy recovery, because I know it’s terrible. If you wish to read a summary of our experiences, here is a link.

  101. Don’t get to comfortable with the idea that this is not contagious. While I do happen to believe it is not easily spread, it has happened, just ask my girlfriend. It took well over a year before she started showing symptoms. When we met I had believed myself over this crap, no symptoms except for the occasional tingle or crawling sensation, but not enough to ever talk about. She moved in with me and for the 1st year I stayed basically asymptomatic so there was never a need to discuss it. And then blammo, she showed all the acute symptoms that I could remember so well. It was her getting this that had made me become active again in this issue. So until proven otherwise, i believe it would be safer to assume it is contagious with considerable latent qualities.

  102. Southcity, I respect the fact that nobody can change your opinion. I don’t know what sort of symptoms you and your girlfriend had, or have, but I do vaguely recall reading your story last year, and how it began.

    Forgive me, but I don’t know whether either of you sought relief from a health care provider. You don’t sound very fond of doctors, though.

    As intelligent as you are, is it safe to assume that you didn’t make a snap decision, before ruling all else out?

    Like researching if there are contagious skin infections that can lie in a state of dormancy?
    I’ve never heard of that, but
    I’ve never checked into it. Maybe staph? Maybe shed fungus? I really don’t know, because I’ve never looked.
    Did you rule out exposure to something different in your surroundings that could have perhaps caused her to develop atopic dermatitis?

    You’re both positive that she caught something from you, because she said so?

    Have you been diagnosed for the pain in your fingers, or are you completely dead-set against doctors?

    Forgive me, but I don’t know of your entire situation, as to whether you have lyme disease, either, but if you have any autoimmune disease, they’ll do a royal number on a person. All that stress you carry around, alone, would be enough to kill a moose, too.

    I wonder how you’d manage if you lived near me, where not only do they specialize in bio-genetic engineering, but MIC is manfactured. Do you recall the 1984 MIC leak in Bhopal, India that killed 10,000 people in 48 hours? I’m fine, though, and that stuff just doesn’t worry me. I don’t like it that you are so worried, and I’m real sorry. Would it be totally out of the question just to ask a doctor for something to help you not be so anxious? I mean, like simple valium, or something, at least until you get this all figured out through the investigation.

  103. hi mary i too know how i got my lesions, which suppurated about 6 months after infection, lets compare notes.

    oh sheesh, you here too stinkyschmooeycummypants?

  104. South is a very intelligent, but for some reason, as with the rest of the Morgies, when the subject of Morgellons comes up, his brain seems to stop functioning properly. I don’t know why that is, but that’s sure the way it looks, judging from some of their ridiculous theories snd unwarranted fears.

    This part is for you, Al. You seem to have that problem regardless of the subject. I know you think the things you say sound really smart, but you really sound dumb to intelligent people. I wouldn’t expect you, or any Morgie, to have as much intelligence as Smileykins, but you really come across as a moron.


  105. Smileykins Says:
    May 28th, 2006 at 8:15 pm
    This post has been removed by the author.

    al says huh?
    how the fuck do you do dAt schmoolzes?
    and why? when u are assiduously verbose and a veritable
    FUKIN FOUNTAIN OF FROTH and bubbles……
    where has your statement gone? what is the motive behind it’s removal?
    oh guy’s play fair….
    as I said b4 fellow bloggers
    print off the hard copy
    then go back to read the doctored script
    it’s gonna make a bonzer screenplay

  106. Al is a hero. Go Al. Im with Al.

  107. hail tc
    ya gonzo
    try pseudoeruditusdetritus syndrome thats means
    ….eruditus=your preening bullshit
    i think you might have it TC
    go see a doctor
    sorry if i come across as a moron
    to you TC
    i guess my allegorical alliterations alluding to your accomplices complicity escapes you? no?
    bye ya tosser….
    p.s. regards to schmilykins

  108. Al, Michael’ blog used to be at & he transferred it, here, to

    There were different features there, allowing people to edit & delete their own comments. When you referred to TC & I removing our blog (within the MORE JAMM topic) naturally, I had no idea what you were talking about. We have never removed our blog, as clicking onto either of our names reveals.

    Yes, we know, Norman.

  109. Norman, I swear to goodness, you need to get a grip. I just found this back there at the old blogspot place…

    Morgellonswatch is obviously govt sponsored. Google …
    Morgellonswatch is obviously govt sponsored. Google Morgellonswatch and look at all the same Tall/Small/Marg/Smiley similarities.

  110. Al,

    You’re confused again. When Morgellons Watch began, originally, it was on Blogger. Since that time, Michael moved it to Word Press. When it was on Blogger, any of us had the ability to delete any of our posts after we submitted them. It was a very common occurrence to make a post, realize it had a typo, and turn around and delete it. It could not be changed in any way, only deleted. If a replacement was posted, it took a new place in line, just like any new post. If you wanted your post to remain in the same location, you had to delete it, and rewrite it before someone else posted.

    As far as Smileykins and I removing our blog from the link when you click on our name, you can click either of our names if we were logged in, but you can’t click on our names if we were logged out. Some of our names are in blue, and some are in black. The blue ones can be clicked on, but the black one can’t. We havn’t actually removed our blog, but there’s been times that we weren’t logged in when we posted. This is a totally different matter than the situation I was describing in the first paragraph above.

    Our blog is located at It has our stories and a place for comments.

    Tall Cotton

  111. yeah yeah yeah
    Where is your CV Smilykins?


    wonder how much Money Queen Mary has stolen from the “research” ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    oh well just looked at the NEW look of the MRF – what happened to Queen Mary’s personal story????

    Wonder how much money after all these years that was donated REALLY EVER made it to RESEARCH???

    cheers ya’ll

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