Randy Wymore (the Morgellons researcher at OSU, and a former director at the Morgellons Research Foundation) recently appeared on X-Zone radio (http://tinyurl.com/2azumk, about at 2:20), and here are some excerpts of what he said:

Question: What if the CDC concludes that Morgellons is Delusions of Parasitosis?

Wymore: That’s impossible from my perspective, and would be just completely irrelevant because the president of the medical school has in the last six months authorized a center for the investigation of morgelllons disease at, in Tulsa, at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health sciences.

Our physicians have seen, I don’t know the exact number, but, I’m a Phd, I’m a scientist, not a physician, and, er, they’ve seen somewhat on the order of around 30 patients, who claim to have Morgellons disease and only one of that group who came through who thought they had this most likely did not have Morgellons and might be suffering from DoP or another psychiatric disorder that does not have Morgellons as the cause of the behavioral changes. So, 29 out of 30 is a pretty high number, and just last week in fact, a couple came up from Texas, and the woman is a nurse and she was examined by Dr Rhonda Casey, a physician, assistant professor of pediatrics at the center at OSU, and right there, with a dermatoscope, that was being broadcast on an HDTV, she was able to find fibers under the skin of the person. In fact every single person who has claimed to have Morgellons disease, fibers have been found under the skin.

You know, the standard … comment is, well, the fibers are textiles, they’re clothing, they’re sticking to scabs, well our physician has completely avoided the open lesions areas and gone away from the lesions to what look like to the naked eye perfectly normal skin. And yet they (use) the dermatascope, which is basically just a hand held magnifying scope that is able to view smaller objects, they are underneath the superficial skin, are these unusual fibers.

Now, every person who claims to have Morgellons disease … have those fibers visible and zero percent of us, who don’t have Morgellons, when our skin’s been examined, not a single person in the sort of, you know, negative control population, which is basically some medical students, doctors, and so forth, … not one of us has had any of those fibers under their skin.

There is something physically different between individuals who have Morgellons disease and the rest of the population. So, you know, with those sorts of numbers, there is no question in, not only my mind, but our minds, collectively I would say, that Morgellons has a real physical pathology. So it’s impossible that they [the CDC] could come to the conclusion that it is a purely psychiatric disorder.

This is one of the problems with this population, there just has not been really adequate diagnostic testing. Now Dr Casey has, through her brilliance, or stumbling upon it, or whatever you want to call it, stumbled upon the fact that in the “normal” looking skin of Morgellons patient there are these fibers in the superficial layers of the skin that are not scarred or not, so there should not be any superficial, environmental textile fibers under the skin. Well, that’s great, but it would be nice if we could find some other diagnostic criteria. And, but you know, that, there you know you getting into some bigger bucks, but certainly a few hundred thousand dollars would be enough to make some very serious headway on this.

Why, if they have this 100% accurate diagnostic test, with no known false-positives or false-negatives, do they have to spend a “few hundred thousand dollars” to find another one?

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  1. Thanks. I wanted to know what was said, but I can’t listen to those kinds of broadcasts.

    Now Dr Casey has, through her brilliance, or stumbling upon it, or whatever you want to call it, stumbled upon the fact that in the “normal” looking skin of Morgellons patient there are these fibers in the superficial layers of the skin that are not scarred or not, so there should not be any superficial, environmental textile fibers under the skin.

    Epidermis builds up quite a substantial layer when it isn’t sloughed off. The doc’s are retarded.

  2. Someone tell me why in the Hell they can’t get a nanotech doctor to do some research. Hell the GD Army knows what this is…Mr. Castle from MIT knows what they are. I believe he said “CARBON NANOTUBES” didn’t he? How long is this bullshit charade of “we have no idea what they are” going to continue? Oh it is gonna happen to them one day soon and I cant f-ing wait! It’s gonna be reversed on them, I can just feel it.

    Hey, what was the word on Bush and Lyme Disease last week? I did’nt catch the story. Does he have Lyme, was he treated for Lyme or did someone hit him with some Directed Energy? Just curious, VERY CURIOUS. This whole situation is dangerous and it will get into the wrong hands one day soon. Hell,I’m gonna get me some pressure sensors and fire back!

    NOTE to Wymore and Caseyu: Quit the BS story crap…everyone knows that Bell Labs funded your University.


  3. … I had a comment, but got distracted by Mr Castle. London, who is this? Can you give a link?

    Oh yeah, now I remember.

    “So it’s impossible that they [the CDC] could come to the conclusion that it is a purely psychiatric disorder.”

    I agree that it would be very unlikely that it’s a psychiatric disorder. I think most likely it is a combination of a delusion, that a person has a new, emerging, unknown skin disease, combined with a legitimate medical condition.

  4. That’s always been Wymore’s mental block. He’s constantly portraying this as one of two choices: disease or delusion.

    It’s like he’s never heard of secondary organic delusional parasitosis.

  5. To listen to the interview from The ‘X’ Zone Archives, go to http://www.xzone-radio.com/august2007.htm and scroll to Tuesday, August 7, 2007 and click on the play archive link.

  6. Well, I feel, that even if Wymore & Casey had their minds opened, and, at least, knew about secondary organic delusional parasitosis, they’d still appear just as lost-acting as ever, still wondering such things as why MS and ALS patients have foot-drop, and all, telling everyone that “morgellons disease” is really what’s wrong with them, and how badly they need those research dollars so they can find the cause and a cure.

    Just like the MRF’s case definition, concerning what’s said about the characteristics of the “skin lesions”, the “movement sensations”, and the “filaments”:


    …parallel a much more entrenched illness, Delusions of Parasitosis (DP) named decades before today’s laboratory technology and infection/immunity knowledge, driven by HIV, developed”, and that the more recent findings “provide a far broader and more consistent evidence base, strongly supporting the likelihood that DP is a prematurely-assigned label to an organic, rather than purely psychiatric disease.


    “Named decades before technology”, etc., etc. That’s so damned wrong, and these poor, scared, sick people can’t see through any of the plot. It appears that almost nobody that’s suckered into “morgellons disease”, who’s inside the grip of delusional parasitosis, can take the necessary steps in order to have that destructive state dissipate, or even try learning anything about that condition, so that they can understand how they came to develop it.

    Yeah, DP is not, like the idiotic MRF’s claim, a “purely psychiatric disease”. They’re dead-on right about that, but too dumb/too damned/too far gone, at this point, to ever come clean. Secondary organic delusional parasitosis can result from a lot of things, but, in my opinion, as bad as, I’m sure, all of the causes are, that’s the form that’s all too easy to reason one’s way out of — take care of the underlying organic cause, and you’re back to a normal state of mind — (Lordy, I make that sound so easy, but it isn’t).

    I’ve read about psychosis, the signs leading up to it, how important early intervention is, and, how, the longer it goes untreated, the worse it gets, and the more resistant to treatment it is. The MRF has said that some of their registrants have bipolar disorder. The MRF has said that some of their registrants have schizophrenia. The MRF, and all that’s spawned forth, out from it, spells out a whole lot of things that those involved (and I don’t mean the patients/victims…I mean the perpetrators) don’t seem to give a damn, or a hoot in hell, about.

    I hope it all comes out in the long run and justice will be served, so that all of these patients will get the help they so badly need. I know the world is not perfect, but, in my opinion, this health fraud scheme is the worst, out of any other kind, made so attractive to so many unsuspecting patients. All the “morgellons’ wolves in sheeps’ clothing”, so easily, really have their victims thinking that there is such a thing as a causative agent, something organic…yeah, an organic cause…LIKE A FREAKIN’ DELUSIONAL PARASITOSIS PATHOGEN, that, like they vow to them…”with today’s laboratory technology and infection/immunity knowledge”…will allow them to really discover something that does not exist, as well as a cure for it, someday.

    I think that someday’ll be when hell freezes over, too, and their pockets are full of their very desperate, very ill, and very innocent, victims’ wasted money.

  7. This is thr final straw! If the god damn perps hit me with another acoustic wave from their transducer, by god it better be when I’m asleep! Come on my property one more time and I won’t be firing bullets up into the air anymore. I will spray bullets and hit everything in site. Sorry Michael to write about this on your blog but I wanted to start here and maybe get the message out since they read everything on my computer.



  8. Actually there is a very simple means to determine whether the fibers are of internal or external organs. All life on Earth is based on carbon, and there is a certain natural ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-13 (a rare and non-radioactive carbon isotope). All the fiber types alleged (synthetic polymer, plant, animal or fungal) contain carbon. Just give the patient a C-13 based sugar solution to drink, then wait a few days. Take some fibers and analyze the carbon in a mass spectrometer. If the C13/C12 is high (use the patient’s hair as a positive control and a hair sample from before the test as a negative control) then the fibers were made in the patient’s body; if the C13/C12 ratio is normal, the fibers must be external. Q.E.D.

  9. That (C13/C12) seems like a highly reasonable idea. But considering that in four years they have not even got a clue as to the chemical composition of the fibers, it might take them some time.

    They have seen at least 30 patients, all of whom have had fibers extracted. It would seem they would have enough by now to do some proper tests. At least to determine certain baseline things, like certain elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.

    Hmm, I don’t know how I missed this:


    One pink fiber identifed as polyethylene, a plastic from which a million products are made. Including tarps, outdoor furniture, and hot tubs. Which again simply points to environmental contamination. It’s just another random fiber.

    But I think the real reason OSU is not saying what the fibers are made from is because they have not got consistent results. The fibers are all different, because the fibers are probably environmental contamination.

  10. Why don’t they look at Dupont’s M5 Fibre? Hell, the Army is certainly utilizing it with their fauxe “body Armor”, “exoskeletons” (sp?)!
    and my word, one has simply got to find some peculiar similarities in the fact that they, Dupont, merged with Magellons Systems International…aka, owned by Mr. Vetter. I mean the adorable Cliff Mikelson even fudged-up when he and a few paid other ghost writers and spokesperson pronounced “Morgellons” as if they were saying “Majellons” hehehe…..Karma will be making her rounds, will she not?

    Does anyone know what the danger of these fibers are? What happened to “what goes in, must come out?” What the hell are they doing to us? Why all the radiation? I’m tired of being tired dammit. I’m tired of living in fear and angst. Why can’t someone come forward and pay us for our troubles and tell us what it is they want to do to us. Why all the clandestine/not so clandestine testing? Bottom line….our gov’t sucks rocks!!!!!!!!!!!


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