Ponderations on Two Cases

Interesting new article from Brazil on two patients who self identified with “Morgellons”.:


The first patient brought with her very small fragments of nails
and dry skin, believed by her to be parasites (Fig. 1). The second patient
also brought skin fragments identified by her as parasites (Fig. 2).
Both were submitted to histopathological examination showing
fragments of epidermis.
In times past, when we were still lacking in some important
information about the Ekbom syndrome, we came into contact with
two situations similar to those described here. One of these persons
went as far as to make a sketch of the human body showing the path of
the peculiar “things”. At that time all this sounded as nonsensical
Possibly, people suffering from Ekbom syndrome try to solve their
problems by consulting different medical specialists. However, it is
not the subject of only one area of medical practice; it would make
sense to consider it to be a multidisciplinary subject requiring the
adoption of specific therapeutic measures. We became involved with
this subject as medical practitioners dedicated to the treatment of
infectious and parasitic diseases. Supposedly, their condition is
produced by “parasites”. In cases of serious skin lesions, one could
think of consulting a dermatologist, although other medical practitioners
could be aware of the problem. Concerning Ekbom syndrome, we think
that courses and other events on this subject should be recommended,
as it is necessary to expand the available information about this disease.