A couple of interesting articles:

Strange List of Symptoms Perplexes Patients, Doctors

Psychiatric Arsenal Has Weapons Against Morgellons Disease


The latter puts to rest the belief that doctors always dismiss patients automatically as delusional without examining them:

Caroline Koblenzer, M.D. [...] a clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania and a psychoanalyst, has treated dozens of delusional parasitosis patients over the years and several dozen morgellons patients during the past six months.
We do biopsies, we do blood tests, all those things that would rule out the extrusion of any foreign material, whether it be living or nonliving.

“If a patient came to me, I would make sure that he or she had an evaluation by a dermatologist to make sure that there wasn’t any.. .infestation by an organism,” Gerard Gallucci, M.D., said. ”

“I would recommend [doing] some testing to make sure that the patient does not have a skin infection,” said William Meehan, M.D., Ph.D., a University of Massachusetts psychiatry resident who co-wrote a paper about delusional parasitosis in the March Archives of Dermatology. “I would also want to rule out any other problem that might lead to a sensation of bugs crawling on the skin—for example.. .using cocaine or.. .certain endocrine problems, such as thyroid and liver disease.”

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  1. It struck me, when I first found LB’s message board, that many women said that they broke into tears so easily. It didn’t seem like they were even supplying much of a reason for it, like, “I dropped a pan on the floor and lost it today, and I can’t do this much longer”, for instance. Not wanting to treat for depression, as well as other genuine disorders, and be over what they think is “morgellons disease”, is so baffling. “Help me, help me”, and yet, they’ve turned awayfrom help.

  2. Smiley, often times when people are overwhelmed with stress, whether real or imaginary, it’s like carrying a very full cup of water. The slightest jostle, or perhaps, adding just a few drops more, can make it overflow. The same is true for emotions, that when people are overwhelmed with a situation or an amalgamation of problems, whether real or imaginary, they’re carrying a very full cup of water and their capacity to manage new stressors can make them break. Often this is expressed in crying, and like adding a few more drops of water, just the drop of a pan can put a person in tears.

  3. But back to my original comment! Exciting news. Isn’t it interesting, with Morgellons being a real condition caused by a vector of pestilence and surely not from any psychogenic origins, that the research being performed on Morgellons is resulting in nill, while the psychological arena is just bursting with data and treatment plans. What are the implications of this?

    Government conspiracy, no doubt.

  4. * the research that was resulting in nill, that is, being the attempts of the CDC and Dr. Wynemore.

  5. Morgies sometimes admit that they have depression, memory problems, and cognitive difficulties, but they don’t realize that they are also psychotic, or that it’s the very nature of psychosis to hide itself. They need the full use of the part of the brain that’s affected in order to make the realization.

    As much as the Morgies experiment with medications, one might think that they would see a psychiatrist and give antipsychotic medication a try. But this notion is ruled out by that same unshakable delusion that tells them that they are totally in touch with reality.

    They also tend to have a very immature and dim view of people with mental problems. They constantly seek validation and approval, but they have a distorted view of the world they live in. Although they fear rejection, they isolate themselves in a world of fantasy. Refusing treatment, they fully accomplish what they fear most.


  6. Thank you Michael for the new topic.

    Through my own experience, and after reading the above links, it once again proves to me that; there are still some caring, and compassionate psychiatrists in the medical community.

    Off topic for a minute if I may;

    I must have a secret admirer! I just received the most beautiful box of fresh flowers and a little card, which simply said;
    Happy Christmas Gill.

    I’m over the moon!!!!

  7. I know how what you explained goes, Sarah. Thank you for describing it so well. People like that also blow up on innocent others a lot, too, rather than working through what’s eating at them, whatever it may be, and addressing it. Of course, not only with depression, but with all their health issues, “morgellons disease” patients appear to do precisely as mentioned in one of the links (inside one of the links) above, says: “For the patient, the false belief serves as a defense against the need to acknowledge psychological issues…”. It is a sad situation for people to be in, and it will remain that way for many, I think we all know, regardless of what the CDC concludes. I’m usually always an optimist, too, but certainly not with this matter.

  8. Since the topic is “Psychiatry” can I just mention that I feel “guilty” and “foolish”.

    Guilty – I have said things on this blog site I would have never said before becoming ill. Hurtful things, mean things, swearing and yelling at people. That is not the person I am, well I didn’t think so. I don’t like being that way, and thank goodness I don’t feel that way these days.

    Foolish – hmmmm what do I say?? I guess it’s obvious to some, with what has been plastered over this blog, by ME!

    I try not to beat up on myself, for at least I can see now what was happening to me, and why. I have to praise myself for the work I have done (and praise you guys for putting up with me!).

    No it isn’t easy, a real bloody nightmare to be honest. But you know what?, even though I don’t look like I should due to the effects of chronic illness on my body, I like myself better. That is; “I like my mind, and the inner me better”. I now have strength, and wisdom that I never had before. I have discovered some little hidden talents about myself that I didn’t even realise I had.

    I don’t feel as though I need other people to “complete” my life for me, or fill that missing “void”. I have found that completeness within myself, harmony. It feels nice.

  9. I think it is also important that I mention this;

    Hypothetically speaking -

    If my shrink was to say to me, next month, “I have found another Antipsychotic medication which I think is going to work better for you, less side effects. Also I think it may even help decrease some of the aches and pains associated with your physical malady, there by, helping your process of recovery.”

    I would reply -

    Okay, lets give it a try.

  10. Hi Smiley,

    “For the patient, the false belief serves as a defense against the need to acknowledge psychological issues…”.

    With regard to Morgies, I suspect the false belief also gives them a sense of being somehow special – they are the “Chosen Ones”, they are the first victims of an unimaginable conspiracy, they are watched and their computers are hacked to keep them from warning the unwarning masses.

    Or, they suffer from any of a number of known physical and/or psychological conditions. How terribly … ordinary.

    The Morgellons Myth allows them to be heroes, to be something unique and special. And that’s why they’ll never accept any commonplace, pedestrian diagnosis.


  11. Ok, “unwarning” was supposed to be either “unwary” or “unknowing” ;)

    I see that Al is over at the Biology forum alluding to Freemasonry. Not just any Masons, oh no, but 33rd degree Masons!

    Next thing you know, the Holy Grail will come into it.

  12. Hi, Weezie. In a word, “zackly”.

  13. And they all are leaders.

    And they all are writers.

    And they all are teachers.

    And they all are scientists.

    But most of all. They’re all full of shit.


  14. JeezeLouise – have you been into the egg nog already?!!lol.

    With regard to Morgies, I suspect the false belief also gives them a sense of being somehow special – they are the “Chosen Ones”, they are the first victims of an unimaginable conspiracy, they are watched and their computers are hacked to keep them from warning the unwarning masses.

    I am crinkling my forehead and squinting my eyes with disbelief as I read the above!!! But I guess when you put it together like that, it kinda makes sense. However, I never thought myself of being a “Chosen One”, sounds rather daunting. I actually thought of myself as the “Jester” and I still do at times.

    Or, they suffer from any of a number of known physical and/or psychological conditions. How terribly … ordinary.

    Ha! sorry I shouldn’t laugh.

    The Morgellons Myth allows them to be heroes, to be something unique and special. And that’s why they’ll never accept any commonplace, pedestrian diagnosis.

    Alrighty, I am going to “self diagnose” myself as DOP. (is that with or without the “zebra crossing”?)


  15. Jeeze,

    I agree. Which me again of Munchausen’s Syndrome, and how the need for validation and desire for attention can cause people to induce illness in themselves.

    I don’t think all, or even most, of Morgies are inducing illness. However, one does get a special role and become part of a community when you decide you have Morgellons. And while it may not be a conscious motivation, there is a reinforcement there.

  16. All it ever brings me back to wondering is, what happened at a crucial phase of “morgellons disease” victims’ early development that rendered them unable to realize their individuality, making it so easy to conform to someone else’s false beliefs. I know a lot is involved here, of course, including being in a vulnerable state of ill health, naturally, but the ease with which they’ve fallen into the “morgellons disease” myth, and embraced group think, is astonishing. Some will admit that they do not want to give it up and recover from their delusional state, referring to it as making friends with the “beast” they find so fascinating. I’ve read a bit about culture-bound syndromes, and, in a way, this seems to be one. What a dangerous one it is, too.

  17. I found this to be a very interesting read on patient treatments:

    Psychogenic Parasitosis
    A Case Series and Literature Review

    We endorse a clinical approach to the patient that places less emphasis on delusions and more on other emotional issues, such as anxiety and depression, as well as underlying medical conditions….


  18. Excuse me, I’d like to add this excerpt from the above article:

    A surprising 11 of the 12 patients in this series were considered to be experiencing a shakable belief of infestation, that is, though considering it likely that they experienced a parasitic infestation, they could imagine that they might not be infected.

    Of course, “morgellons disease” patients have failed seeking assistance to treat their shared diagnosis, but, if some had, they could have been treated, such as the patients in this report, without the use of psychotropic medications. It is such a crying shame.

  19. I believe that DOP/Morgellons is psychiatric in that its a brain problem as opposed to a systemic infection/infestation.

    However, I don’t believe its volitional. I think the most plausible theory is that DOP is a neurochemical disorder (ie bipolar, schizophrenia etc) that essentially represents the natural human tendency to abhor bugs and insects gone haywire. From an evolutionary perspective, one can speculate that generation upon generation of selection pressure produced a HEALTHY tendency to rid oneself (and one’s family) of insects, lice, bugs etc etc. Certainly, this sort of grooming behavior in primates is readily apparent.

    This sort of innate (instinctual) behavior is hardwired, and anything that’s hardwired can be short circuited. Short circuit this behavior and you have Morgellons.

    I certainly understand that what I have just outlined is purely speculative, and thus subject to the same critique that I use to attack Morgies’ nanotechnology theories. So be it.


  20. Hello, I just awakened from a nap. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
    Correction to the above typo, I meant to say, “without the use of anti-psychotic medications”. I suppose that’s the difference in psychogenic parasitosis (being able to be talked out of it and treated), and delusional parasitosis, though. That’s what 95% of the “morgellons disease” believers reported as being diagnosed with, delusional parasitosis, but, ya know what I’m saying. Maybe if some of them ever do follow the advice their doctor gives them, they can, and do, get over it before it develops such a stronghold. Yes, I know, I need some coffee so I can wake up better. Hehe. Sorry.

  21. Some of the Morgies may have a condition with the same underlying cause, but I do believe that the causes and the sympoms are widely varied. Some of the Morgies don’t even have the creepy-crawley feelings. Some don’t itch. Some don’t have lesions. It’s hard to tell why some are even in the group.


  22. Gobucky, I’d once had DOP for a couple of months. It was one of the most trying experiences I’ve ever lived through, and I didn’t know that was what it was at the time. I’d become increasingly ill, due to my heat pump going out in hot weather, which led to dehydration, heat rash, and the passing of kidney stones, to try summing it up, quickly. Years later, I heard of something called “morgellons disease” being spoken of on the radio. That was about two years ago, now, and my introduction into this phenomenon.

    From what I’ve read about DOP, it has a primary psychotic form, a secondary functional form, and a secondary organic form, the third of which category I fell into, resulting from an underlying physical cause.

    I had thought I’d contracted some strange disease back then, but I didn’t have many of the unusual behaviors “morgellons disease” patients discuss. That’s varied, too, and not all of the “morgellons” believers do the things that are widely publicized in literature on the condition. Although I hallucinated, too, I retained some sense of reasoning, and knew I was sick, and that it was only me. I didn’t need anyone to believe me about what I was experiencing. I lived alone, then, and recovering was extremely hard, but I did it.

    I think people have it manifest for many various underlying causes, and that is the sole reason for the bogus “morgellons disease case defintion”. But, from my familiarity with people, on line, who believe in “morgellons disease”, it seems to be a terribly powerful force in their lives, that they need to hang onto. The bond they have is horrifically strong. I needed, and wanted, and had to, get well. What I went through was a lot like them, and yet, it was not the same, I soon discovered, much to my dismay.

  23. All it ever brings me back to wondering is, what happened at a crucial phase of “morgellons disease” victims’ early development that rendered them unable to realize their individuality, making it so easy to conform to someone else’s false beliefs.

    I think it could be the power/control and manipulation of a parent over a child on an emotional level. For example emotional abuse which involves deliberate periods of silence and not speaking to the child as a form of punishment. As well as, facial expressions the “death stare”, or the eyes which literally “bore a hole” in your chest.

    I think this type of abuse becomes deeply entrenched in a child from a very early age, even without them realising. At the time of the abuse though the emotional pain can actually cause an entire physical reaction, ie. the child is given the “death stare” from the mother, the child then experiences horrible “butterflies” sensations in the tummy and that “sick” feeling in the tummy too, and immediately thinks – “oh no, what have I done wrong now”. In the end it literally becomes like a “knee jerk” reaction.

    Another way I see this is; the child’s natural growth is “squashed”. Being unable to learn, from a young age, by ones own mistakes, due to the fact that the parent (mother or father) is controlling, and steering their every move. Not in a nasty or perverted way, a form of “perfectionism” is a better way to describe I think. Impressing ones own beliefs on a child. In the end the child has no choice but to confer to keep the peace.

    7 years ago I realised why my mum behaved the way in which she did, and still does. She is a very anxious woman and always has been. Unfortunately she is an only child, and her mum is guilty of the “emotional abuse” when she was a child. Once you understand how it all works, it is all so bizarre. It’s almost like a chain reaction, moving on through the generations.

    I tried, in my own way, to stop this “chain reaction”. I could feel what is was doing to me. I felt I was being “eaten” from the inside out, unable to get “inside” and sort out what was causing these horrible feelings in me. I reaalised that my mums anxiety causes her to be controlling over her daughters. She has always been a quiet lady, keeping to herself and husband and not allowing social interactions with outsiders.

    Sadly for my mum, she was never really able to control a lot of things in her past. Unfortunately, her anxiety becomes extremely overwhelming at times, and she projects her anxiety onto me, my sister and my dad. This anxiety is in the form of “control”, ie. “it’s got to be “her” way. The awful thing though is that my poor mum thinks she is doing the right thing, and she thinks its okay because her mum “nit picks” her every single day.

    I have talked to my mum about the way her mother was with her as a child. I have talked to her about this issue since I was about 16 I think. I care, I love her, she’s my mum, and I want her to be happy, but she has drained me.

    It makes me feel good when my family or friends ask to talk or confide in me on certain issues. Especially when my support or advice has been helpful. My mum though, she makes me take things up another notch! I have had to resort to the “cruel to be kind” method with her ie. raising my voice and pointing out her “faults”. Only because she will NOT help herself, but insists and persists on complaining about her own mother.

    We just go around and around in a damn circle. No wonder I’ve got trouble with my balance.

  24. 2 years ago I would never have been able to say to anyone what I said in post #20.

    I want to say a special “thank you” to Dr Greg Smith. We shared some very personal issues and thoughts, in a length phone call one day.

    And just to think I wasn’t the only person to feel the way I did about certain things.

    I will never forget that phone call with Dr Smith. It was really inspiring. Thank you.

  25. I used methamphetamines heavily, and I wasn’t eating, drinking fluids, or sleeping. I caught a lingering sinus infection, which spread to my tearducts. One night I decided to pick some blackheads on my face. The next morning I had bright red spots where my fingernails had pinched my skin. Those places quickly turned to lesions and spread across the lower half of my face. Soon they were oozing sores, and my tearducts were each filled will a row of huge goo balls. My face swelled up, and my skin started expelling rocks. Hundreds of rocks came out of my pores, not all at once but several in a few hours time. My face was swollen and it started to expel clear fibers. They shot out of my pores and solidified instantly. I found a a festered place on my face, and I slowly pulled out a glob of goo. When I touched it, it appeared to hop across the counter. My brother said it might be a parasite. I googled parasites under skin and found a forum called NUSPA. They spoke of granules and fibers, so I instantly got caught, hook, line, and sinker.

    I also had some fibers that looked like hair, but they were blue, and green. One very tiny one was red. I couldn’t tell what the red one was made of. The rocks were charcoal black, and redish brown. Almost all of the fibers were transparent. Later on, I had some needle-like shards form under my skin. Some were like the stickers on a cactus. Due to the fact that I was using drugs, I was very obsessive/compulsive, so I kept my face really messed up a lot of the time.

    I was all wrapped up in Morgellons for about 3 years, and I wound up in the hospital, in a coma-like state. I was in and out of semi-consciousness for 2 weeks. My brain had hemorrhaged. By the Grace of God, I pulled through. I used meth real heavily for 3 years, then I stopped cold turkey. When I stopped, my immune system started getting stronger. I started eating, sleeping, and drinking water, and nature did most of the rest.

    I had to relearn how to write, type, and do math. I lost some of the coordination of my right arm. I lived with some friends for about 4 months, and I slowly got well enough to take care of myself. That’s about how long it was before I was able to drive my car. But through the use of Meth, I produced in myself symptoms almost identical to what the Morgies report. The infection in my face played a role also. No doubt my liver and kidneys were failing, and my body was dumping everything out through my pores.

    Ive been clean now for 2 years and 4 months. I give the credit to Jesus Christ and to My Fiancee. She gave me the will to survive and straighten up. Her name is Smileykins. I don’t believe that Morgellons is an infectious disease, and in my opinion, if it is a disease at all, it’s a mental disorder. It has physical aspects, but I dont think it’s a physical disease. Smileykins produced similar symptoms when she had heat exhaustion and kidney stones, and some other problems, but she never used meth. Yet both of our symptoms had us convinced, that had, or in her case, had previously had Morgellons.

    Once we figured this mess out, we started trying to help others out of the Morgellons quagmire. Morgellons i like a pit with a slippery slope around it. If a person gets too close, they will slide in. In that respect, it’s a curse. The body is attacked, and the mind is twisted, and the slide begins. It’s intended end is suicide. But a few simple steps and positive thinking can bring ANY person out of it. Take my hand, and I’ll help you out. But you have to believe they things I say, and quit believing what you’re been believing.

    Do you really want out? You decide, then let me know. I know that a lot of people don’t want out. It’s like alcoholism or drug addiction. Most people are getting something from Morgellons that they think they need, but that’s the great delusion, You know whose territory Morgellons is. I don’t have to say. I’ve been to hell and back. But this may be you last chance out.

    Tall Cotton

  26. I think it’s not only brave to overcome an addiction, but to talk about it. I appreciate reading your story again.

  27. TC, thank you for such kind words, and you know that the pleasure is forever mine for having found you. You’re a good teacher, and my angel.

  28. Do you really want out? You decide, then let me know. I know that a lot of people don’t want out. It’s like alcoholism or drug addiction. Most people are getting something from Morgellons that they think they need, but that’s the great delusion, You know whose territory Morgellons is. I don’t have to say. I’ve been to hell and back. But this may be you last chance out.

    Tall Cotton

    I am out.

    I am so sorry to hear that you suffered the way you did TC. Your strength is amazing, and how true it is, that you say, “by the grace of God”.

    “He” is with us, that is the truth.

    Happy Christmas.

  29. Amen.

    You may be familiar with a blog that a doctor has called, “Polite Dissent: Comics, Medicine, Politics and Fun”. Here are a few excerpts, from what he has to say about DOP…

    One of the more unusual diagnoses I have seen as a physician is delusional parasitosis. In this condition a person is convinced that they are infested with parasites such as insects, spiders, lice or worms. As the name of the condition suggests, no such infestation exists; it is all a delusion of the patient.

    Another interesting feature of delusional parasitosis is folie deux, or shared delusion. Not only is the patient convinced that they are infested, but they’ve managed to convince their significant other of the infection as well. Therefore both people share the same delusion that the patient has parasites. So not only do you have to convince the patient of the truth, but their spouse as well.

    Rarely, delusional parasitosis is due to an underlying physical condition such as low thyroid or vitamin deficiency. In these cases, correction of the underlying condition is the best treatment. In most cases, however, delusional parasitosis is a purely psychological condition. Because of this, and because the patients refuse to believe that it is psychological and not physical, treatment is very difficult. Psychiatric counseling is key, as are antipsychotic medications.

    In his opinion, it is rare to have cases when it’s due to an underlying physical condition, but, like I’ve said, treating that problem will take care of it, and lift that delusional state, as was the case with TC and me. I have taken into consideration that patients who think they have “morgellons disease” could be lacking in patient/doctor communication skills and don’t know how to express their symptoms adequately. But, I’ve also taken notice of the fact that so many of them report going in and saying nothing other than what is guaranteed to get a diagnosis of DOP, since that is their main complaint. Everyone who reads about “morgellons disease” notices the typical traits among the patients who believe in it. DOP patients being handed over this stupid “morgellons disease” has caused an already bad thing to get so much worse.



    A 58-year-old woman suffering from delusional parasitosis tried to kill her general practitioner. Her husband shared in her beliefs but lost all delusional conviction after she was compulsorily admitted to a special hospital. The case illustrates the intractable nature and potential dangerousness of some of these cases, and their affinity to paranoia.


    “And,” she says, finishing her opening monologue, “if one more doctor tells me I’m crazy, I’m going to go postal!”



    One patient, threatening malpractice, convinced the state medical board to investigate Lynch. Another warned he had a pistol in the glove compartment of his truck, Lynch says. “He told me, ‘I’m going to shoot the next doctor who tells me it’s in my head.’”


  30. Hi all,
    I have not posted in a while, but I have noticed one thing from personal experience. My mother seemed to be clear of all her Morgie talk and sypmtoms from about a month before my wedding, until just recently. Now, I was married on Nov 11th, she stopped the morgie bs around october 15th or so. I sense she stopped talking about because she has not seen the guy who brought this into her life. It seems when the two nut jobs are not together, that she clears up and dosen’t mntion it but when he is around, it comes back out. To me, this only means that this guy has some type of mind control on her. does this make any sense to anyone??

  31. I found this interesting. It’s an admission to “self-surgery with fingernails”, but, well, ya gotta have a look to appreciate it. Upon occasion, we all pick at ourselves, but not everyone gets carried away, or misinterprets what they’re picking.


  32. SeanOw2,

    Yes, the shared psychotic disorder is termed, folie a deux, or the madness of two. Here’s a link on the topic from emedicine.


  33. Congratulations, newlywed! Yes, Sean0w2, I think what you’ve said about your mom makes sense, and it’s the way it often goes. It seems to me, that anyone close to a person with delusional parasitosis aka “morgellons disease” has no options. It’s advised to not try talking them out of it, and it’s advised to not go along with it. What’s a person to do? From all I’ve ever read, morgies appear to be unable to place significance on the people in their lives, but, rather, demand that their loved ones care enough about them, to believe what they’re experiencing. Of course, putting a person into that position, and they can’t confront the issue and do anything to help guide the victim into treating it, they would almost either have to end up going along with it, or the risk losing the relationship! I’ve read real sad accounts of forced hospitalizations, and the morgies have turn against their families, going off their meds, after being released. We all know that nobody resorts to committing their loved ones if it isn’t necessary. I know it’s got to be a helluva life for all concerned. It has to end up being either, suffering through the upheaval, walking away from it, commitment, or going along with it, depending on the severity. They just seem to not be able to want to treat it! Imagine the false hope that family members, who have shared the delusion, and become deluded with the myth of “morgellons”, must have, now, too. I mean, really, because at first, when I’d heard about it, afterall, it was years after my experience, through my child calling me up and saying, “Mom! You’d really had something, back then. It’s a new disease, and a lot of people have it!” Nope. Oh yeah, I was sick as hell, but being sick was what had made me see things so differently. I hope your mom is just influenced by that guy, as bad as that sounds, but I think you might know what I mean. I’m sorry this is part of your life, and wish it weren’t. It’s nice hearing from you again, now that you’re married. Yay!

  34. I think something called alexithymia has a role in “morgellons disease”, for some people, too. Kind of like what I mentioned in comment #1, but I think maybe even moreso in the people who self-injure, and have hopped on the morgie bandwagon, minus DOP.

    Clearly, someone who cannot verbally express negative emotions will have trouble discharging and neutralizing these emotions, physiologically as well as psychically. All feelings, whether normal or pathological, are ultimately bodily feelings. Those with alexithymia lack a lived understanding of what they experience emotionally.



    From MRF’s site:

    Parents of children with Morgellons disease report that the majority of these children have ADHD, ODD, mood disorders, or autism. It is estimated that 65% of these children have some form of psychiatric illness, and 10% have an autism spectrum disorder.

    Bugging Out

    Meds that drive kids mad…temporarily.

    Ritalin has some creepy crawly side effects that can cause psychosis.

    The Pesty Side Effects of Ritalin:

    Some kids will drive you mad without their Ritalin. But some kids are driven mad by their meds, at least temporarily. The FDA is now revising the labels on stimulants to warn that the pills can cause psychotic symptoms, even at normal doses. The side effects reportedly appear in up to 5 percent of children, and many sufferers complain of bug or worm infestations. They see the critters or even feel them under their skin. But why the delusions? And why these delusions?…


  35. Typo: Excuse me, the third thing in blockquote, “Bugging Out”, is not from MRF’s site.

  36. Anyone who mixes these amphetamine salts with a delusional disorder is in for a ride, and it won’t be pleasant, especially if they go a long time without any sleep.

    A lot of adults give their children ritalin on school days and withhold it on weekends. Then, they take the extra pills themselves for a quick picker-upper. This will only add to the problem of someone that is suffering from a delusional disorder.

    Tall Cotton

  37. We had the news brought here in August that Cindy Casey is treating the chronic fatigue of her “morgellons disease” with a prescription of ritalin. It will just be seen as a flare-up, a worsening in her “morgellons disease” if and when it exacerbates her already existing problem.

    You’d think responsible parents would know the dangerous side effects, already, of medications like that. I’d once been prescribed Adderall and it always had a print out from the pharmacy, that included psychosis as a possible side effect. Well, look at how serious a matter it can create:


    Accutane is another one that some morgies are on, that causes psychosis:


    More stuff was found out about it, in a study reported a few months ago.


    Patient education is severely lacking in this group of people.

  38. one of these days, smelly and small, we’re gonna find your identities and SUE your sorry asses.
    Gotta love you starlink
    These guys are fucked

  39. Al,

    So, sue me, dumbass!!

    Tall Cotton

  40. Al, I am sorry, but there are no legal grounds for anyone to do that. So many morgie people imagine they’re devising a course of legal action, here, there, and everywhere. Drawing others into thoughts like that, who also don’t understand, giving them a false sense of hope, is very unhealthy for everyone concerned. Very unhealthy!! That is delusional, Al. I’m sorry, everything morgies talk about is.

  41. Tall, it doesn’t matter if you get sued. Since you work for “the government” they’ll surely cover your legal charges.

  42. ok lets move away a bit from the mostly medical/psychiatric focus, and view this issue from some other professions. Here is a recent article of an interview with an entomologist.

    “Crawling Skin May Not Be Mental
    > Albuquerque Journal–> By Richard Fagerlund
    > For the Journal
    > ASK THE BUGMAN: Q. Can you please help me. I have for three
    > years been using lice and scabies treatment (over-the-counter and
    > prescription) . The condition is that something seems to be
    > within my scalp and skin. I see black things, large eggs in my hair
    > and things that look like “sticks” that shoot out of my scalp and
    > body. When they hit the floor they explode into what seems like
    > thousands of dartlike objects that burn if they happen to re-enter
    > skin. I also have what looks like pieces of gravel falling from my
    > body and head. I do garden, and there are ticks where I live. Do I
    > have a tick infestation or a parasite? I have visited a specialist
    > refused to look at my head.— J.A., Albuquerque
    > A: Dear readers, this letter is representative of many I get
    > this subject. Twenty years ago I would get three or four letters
    > this in a year. Five years ago I was getting a dozen or so a month.
    > Now I am getting them almost every day. Initially the condition
    > person described was called delusory parasitosis or delusions of
    > parasites. It was considered a mental problem and still is by many
    > the medical profession. I refer these folks to dermatologists with
    > the hope that they would refer them to a psychologist. That is
    what I
    > did with this person. I am not sure anymore. I can’t believe it is
    > all mental. My theory is that a small percentage of these cases are
    > delusory parasitosis, but the rest may be due to something else,
    > possibly pollutants. Pesticides’ inert ingredients are considered
    > trade secrets. They aren’t even required to be listed. I think it
    > possible some of these inert ingredients are causing some of this
    > phenomena. This condition has a name, Morgellons disease. Most
    > don’t take it seriously, but I do. I have offered to collect
    > of fibers, “seeds,” “mites,” etc., and curate them for further
    > If there are parasites in the samples, I will get them
    identified. Go
    > to my Web site, http://www.askthebugman. com, and you will see
    instructions on
    > sending bugs in the mail for identification.
    > I am going to set up a national database of the samples to
    try to
    > get the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to look at it.
    > this condition is caused by pollutants, we need to address it,
    > possibly by insisting that all ingredients in pesticides are tested
    > and listed on the label.
    > Richard Fagerlund is an entomologist. You can contact him by
    > e-mail at richardfagerlund@”


  43. Yeah, ten dollars per species, I’d build a data base too. That doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Morgellons. That man knows what DOP is. And Morgellons is DOP. Get some help, South, you need it. Oh, by the way, that info from the bugman has already been posted.


  44. I think it’s obvious that the bugman has an anti-pesticide agenda, and that he can serve it well if he can blame morgellons on some of their unlisted ingredients. But then, I know that Morgellons isn’t a real illness.


  45. There are some interesting differences in the ending of the question in the Bugman’s letter from Dec 23rd’s Albuquerque Journal, and The San Francisco Chronicle’s Dec 30th’s issue.


    By Richard Fagerlund
    For the Journal

    ASK THE BUGMAN: Q. Can you please help me. I have for three years been using lice and scabies treatment (over-the-counter and prescription).

    The condition is that something seems to be crawling within my scalp and skin. I see black things, large eggs in my hair and things that look like “sticks” that shoot out of my scalp and body.When they hit the floor they explode into what seems like thousands of dartlike objects that burn if they happen to re-enter my skin. I also have what looks like pieces of gravel falling from my body and head.
    I do garden, and there are ticks where I live. Do I have a tick infestation or a parasite? I have visited a specialist who refused to look at my head.— (I’m omitting the person’s name)


    Q: Can you please help me? I have been using lice and scabies treatments (over the counter and prescription) for three years. Something seems to be crawling within my scalp and skin. I see black things, large eggs in my hair and things that look like “sticks” that shoot out of my scalp and body. I also have what looks like pieces of gravel falling from my body and head.
    Nothing seems to help. Medications are useless. I have given up going to the doctor. I have visited a specialist who refused to even look at my head. I am very clean. I do garden, and there are many ticks where I live. Is it possible I have a tick infestation?

    I hope you believe me, that this is so odd.

    (That one sounds better, than the top one, I think. More morgies in Calli, too.)

    Here are some interesting excerpts I found….

    * The Bugman

    Richard “Bugman” Fagerlund is an entomologist, pest management consultant and animal rights advocate.
    He writes a weekly column entitled “Ask the Bugman” for the Journal which appears in the paper on Saturdays. The column also a runs in the San Francisco Chronicle and papers in other cities in California as well as in Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida and several other states as well as on hgtv.com


    * Ask the Bugman

    (I’m omitting the person’s name):

    I have bugs crawling up and down my arms! What can I do?

    Richard (“Bugman” ) Fagerlund:

    If you can’t see them, then you should see a dermatologist to help determine what they are. There are a lot of non-bug things that feel like bugs that can bother folks. Carpet fibres, static electricity, new detergents are all possibilities. Don’t use any pesticides on your arms or you may exacerbate the problem.

    See, he knows they use pesticides on themselves. But, he’s hopped on board the morgie train, now. Choo-choo!! A-chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga. Woo-woo!! A-chugga-chugga. Toot!!

    …the Surgeon General that came out with a study suggesting second hand smoke can be very hazardous to people and smoking should be eliminated in public buildings. Apparently there are a number of chemicals in tobacco smoke that can cause cancer along with other problems. Some of the chemicals in tobacco smoke are; acetone, benzene, chromium, cresol, methyl ethyl ketone, propionaldehyde, pyridine, resourcinol and toluene. All of these chemicals are also part of the inert ingredients in many pesticides. The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) only require manufacturers to list the active ingredients on the label. They allow the “inert” ingredients to be a trade secret leaving the consumer and the applicator unaware of the possible danger they are exposed to. Many inert ingredients are considered to be “hazardous pollutants”, “extremely hazardous”, “suspected carcinogens” and “occupational hazards.”

    If the EPA registers a pesticide, it is legal to use, but it may not be safe. In fact, it is illegal for a manufacturer or a pesticide applicator to imply that a pesticide is safe, harmless or non-toxic to humans and pets, even if used according to label directions.

    All the proceeds from the Bugman’s bug identification service goes to animal welfare. That’s very cool, and morgies’ money can take care of a lot of other needy animals, for sure, but I don’t guess the animal advocate knows about the horror stories of morgies’ pets’ sufferings. Sarah’s great point about free identification through County Extension Offices is not that attractive to morgie people, I don’t suppose.

    I think a case can be made to eliminate ALL pesticides from indoor use because they contain many of the same chemicals as second hand smoke and because there is an undeniable link to Parkinson’s disease. I think every legislator in every state should take into consideration that liquid and aerosol pesticides are every bit as dangerous as cigarette smoke and should be banned in all public buildings.

    Hey, I’m sorry, but I don’t think this guy’s rowing with both oars in the water, or keepin’ his train on the track, or somethin’. I’m fully satisfied with pesticides’ warning labeling, anytime I have the rare occasion to ever have to use something. Heck, the active ingredients, we know, are extremely hazardous and cancer causing agents. Who cares what the inert ingredients are?!!!

    And he say:

    I think it is possible some of these inert ingredients are causing some of this phenomena. This condition has a name, Morgellons disease. Most people don’t take it seriously, but I

    So he’s saying to send your fuzz balls and scabs to him and if there’s a parasite there, he’ll identify it. Ah, and this…

    I am going to set up a national database of the samples to try to get the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to look at it. If this condition is caused by pollutants, we need to address it, possibly by insisting that all ingredients in pesticides are tested and listed on the label.

    Now, come again?

    Goodnight, nurse!!!

  46. “ok lets move away a bit from the mostly medical/psychiatric focus, and view this issue from some other professions. Here is a recent article of an interview with an entomologist.”

    It seems, South, that you are trying to distract us from our legitimate, feasible arguments as to why Morgellons is not an actual, discrete condition within the appropriate realms of psychology and medicine. Instead, you try to point us in an entirely different direction where you feel your ship is still above water, whilst the rest is sinking.

  47. If we move away from the “mostly medical/psychiatric focus”, South, we aren’t staying grounded in reality. I don’t believe I’ve ever said that I don’t think morgie people have physical symptoms. Morgie patients haven’t been misdiagnosed and ignored by countless physicians, despite the protests that they have.

    The term psychosis refers a group of disorders which impair a person’s sense of reality and may lead to changes in their mood. A person’s perceptions can be affected by hallucinations. As well, their thinking may seem confused, slowed down or speeded up. They may have persistent false beliefs known as delusions. The symptoms vary for each person and may change over time. It can happen to anyone but like most other illness it can be treated.

    Although it is not exclusively linked to any particular psychological or physical state, it is particularly associated with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder (manic depression) and severe clinical depression.

    Non-psychiatric conditions which are particularly linked to psychosis include brain tumour, dementia with Lewy bodies, hypoglycemia, intoxication, multiple sclerosis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, sarcoidosis, mumps, AIDS, malaria, and leprosy.

    Psychological stress is also known to contribute to and trigger psychotic states. Both a history of traumatic incidents experienced throughout the life-span, and the recent experience of a stressful event, is thought to contribute to the development of psychosis. Short-lived psychosis triggered by stress is known as brief reactive psychosis, so patients may spontaneously recover normal functioning within two weeks. In some rare cases, individuals may remain in a state of full-blown psychosis for many years, or perhaps have attenuated psychotic symptoms (such as low intensity hallucinations) present at most times.

    Psychotic states occurring after drug use may be particularly linked to drug overdose, chronic use and drug withdrawal. Certain compounds may be more likely to induce psychosis and some individuals may show greater sensitivity than others. Certain “street” drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamines, PCP and hallucinogens are particularly linked to the development of psychosis. Anticholinergic drugs (atropine, scopolamine, Jimson weed), and many antihistamines can also induce psychosis at high enough dosages.

    Intoxication with drugs that have general depressant effects on the central nervous system (especially alcohol and barbiturates) tend not to cause psychosis during use, and can actually decrease or lessen the impact of symptoms in some people. Withdrawal from barbiturates and alcohol can be particularly dangerous, however, leading to psychosis or delirium and other, potentially lethal, withdrawal effects.

    Sleep deprivation has been linked to psychosis, although there is little evidence to suggest that it is a major risk factor in the majority of people.

    In my opinion, it’s obvious, for whatever variety of mixed reasons, that some people weren’t concerned to know anything about their geniune health conditions before what they think is “morgellons disease” entered into their lives. I mean, of course, before they developed DOP, and before “morgellons disease” united them and worsened their fixed beliefs. I think that’s a key element for their thinking that they all have the same symptoms. The below article explains it better. Morgie people need to read things to try understanding what’s going on with them, but what they have prevents it.


    Refer to OSU’s “morgellons disease” registration and list of diagnoses-by-a-physician conditions.


    Refer to MRF’s “case defintion”.


    It’s only a matter of connecting the dots, but they’re all too confused, and just as scared as can be, feeling a geniune need to caution others, and find somebody who will believe and protect them.


    Where did the name Morgellons Disease originate?

    For those of you wondering why we labeled an illness before it was officially investigated: we were attempting to give a unified voice to thousands of people with the same illness, who were describing this illness in various ways. The people with this illness were losing power in terms of being recognized as a single group. Prior to this label, most physicians would not recognize this illness as anything other than a delusional disorder. Health departments and politicians were hearing from people with this illness, but were hearing various disease descriptions. Thus, we labeled this disease out of necessity, and based the name on a disease description from the 1600’s, which was the only thing that seemed even remotely similar to this disease. None of us will ever know if these illnesses were one and the same, and it really doesn’t matter. We had a name, which could be used consistently with politicians, health departments, and physicians.


    “People with the same illness, who were describing this illness in various ways” = whatever pre-existing illness caused their psychotic state to develop.

    If anyone has a person in their life who thinks they have “morgellons disease” and you know that they claim that sugar consumption makes them worse, I urge you to try getting their blood glucose checked. Whatever pre-existing condition(s) that you know they had, learn about it, for them. Please advocate, sensibly, for the person you care about.

  48. Excuse me. I’m sorry. In reference to the Bugman’s, “Crawling Skin May Not Be Mental” article, he did say the letter was representative of the ones he gets. Of course, it was subject to editing. Did I read too much into it? I may have, sure. Y’all know how I am. The other papers probably have variations of it, as well. Here’s a part I’d missed, when comparing the two:

    When they hit the floor they explode into what seems like thousands of dartlike objects that burn if they happen to re-enter my skin.

    I’m not reading too much into the fact that the woman has DOP. Tall Cotton and I can vouch for it. I’m not reading too much into the fact the Bugman appears to be trying to play dumb. What are TC’s and my credentials, and how can we say that about some stranger in a letter? We can say it, and we can do it with 100% confidence, because, “we all had the same symptoms”. Those are our credentials, for anyone too blind, or stubborn, to figure it out. Speaking for myself, I’d literally had the same thing happen to me, as described in the question in the article. Tall Cotton briefly touched on similarities in his summary in our blog account, “The Lie Of Morgellons”. Naturally, that is just a summary for both of us. I’m suspicious of the Bugman’s motives, for good reason. As they say, “the devil is in the details”. That’s how it is with everything, and morgie people are very ill-equipped to discern things, due to their illness. Whatever underlying condition that lady has, or had, that caused her to develop DOP, of course, is anybody’s guess. DOP is a horrifically harrowing experience, unlike any other, and, naturally, it seems that people who have it “all have the same symptoms”.

  49. ok let me get back on the psych track with you all.

    I have answered your question, perhaps you can answer one of mine. Can you explain to me the reasons behind yours, as well TC’s, Michael complete and total obsession displayed by your efforts on this website and the entire issue in general?

    The shear amount of efforts witnessed on all three of your parts is epic, and in truth has become somewhat frightening to witness, at least it is without any logical reasons as to why.

    You 4 truly are spending 24/7, eating, breathing, dreaming, and/or otherwise thinking about this issue. Have you considered that perhaps it is in fact the 3 of you that is in obvious need of some mental help? Pending your reply, it currently appears that all three of you are suffering from a serious case of obsessive compulsive disorder among other things. In what, or how do you find the motivation behind your drive and efforts concerning this issue?

  50. South,

    You scare easily, don’t you? You’ve demonstrated that, over and over. People who are afraid of heights, shouldn’t climb mountains. People who are afraid of bats, shouldn’t go into the belfry. You are scared to death of so many things that are a product of your own imagination, and you are even more afraid of the truth, but you keep exposing yourself to conspiracy theories that are sheer nonsense, and you keep coming back here, even though we scare you. Why is that? Wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you could embrace the truth. It’s a lot more peaceful than you imagine.

    Morgies like to remind us that the earth is round. Morgies are the flat earthers, and they are the ostrichs with their heads stuck in the sand. It’s time to wake up, South, the dream is over. No one is after you. Most of the people you fear don’t even know you exist. And in the state you’re in, you really don’t. In your prime you are totally wasting your life. Quit sailing your little boat around in circles. You aren’t going to sail off the edge. Pull your head out of the sand, and open your eyes.

    Not everything in life is pretty, but you need to quit worring about things you can’t change, and you need to quit imagining things that aren’t true. You look for things to be afraid of, and you try to spread that fear to other people. You cannot understand why we do what we do until you understand the harm that the Morgellons Believers are causing. It’s sickening. You are a part of the problem, but if you would get help, and get your head screwed on straight, you could become a part of the solution. South, I want you to get well, and have a happy life.

    Tall Cotton

  51. I answered you, where you’d asked, before, under the topic, “The Mental Health Pharma-conspiracy”, South.

  52. South, what fuels the spreading of your fears on crossinglines.net?

  53. South, you’ve spammed that question on several posts now. Stick with just one.

  54. Sarah Bione-Dunn said…

    Tall, it doesn’t matter if you get sued. Since you work for “the government” they’ll surely cover your legal charges.

    Yeah, and if they won’t, maybe Monsanto will. Well, I guess I’d better go gas up the van. There’s no rest for the wicked.


  55. Southcity,

    You must be be the stupidest SOB that ever lived. You’ve been told the truth about Morgellons over and over. You’re apparently either too dense to comprehend it, or else to big of a liar to admit it. How does it feel to be a fool?

    Tall Cotton

  56. Tallcotton said;

    You’ve been told the truth about Morgellons over and over.

    So ya know the truth then small?

    Ya gonna blow ya cover saying shit like that. How do ya sleep at night small and smelly? I guess ya don’t hey, gotta watch the blog just in case someone trys to point out the truth to ya. You both got something to hide.

    Rather interesting software package this blog site, but it’s becoming boring…….

  57. Coveredinfur,

    Of course I know the truth. Morgellons is DOP. And you’re way past boring. You’re also a dumbass.

    Tall Cotton

  58. I’m hiding that I think everyone’s “roundup ready”.

  59. Aren’t they though!!!!!!!


  60. Dear Pros and Cons,

    I had this back in 1993. I was using amphetamine chronically for about a year before having these symptoms. I thought I had contracted it from a sexual partner. I now suspect that some other underlying etiology (like liver, kidney, etc. Toxicity => immunocompromise) is the real cause. It is likely a garden-variety opportunistic infection that can be spread to susceptible individuals. The symptoms (itching, crawling) *are* real, but it is unlikely to be a primary contagion per se. As for fibers, I never saw any.

    I too was convinced about the reality of the disease. Good luck to any who are still convinced.

  61. Anon,

    Thank you for your post. Pleas click on my name, “tallcotton”, and read the story. Thank You.

    Tall Cotton

  62. What is funny here is how this site found out about the blog posted above. I just created that site yesterday and have told nobody about it, and I mean no one. I guess I have been right all along, you guys are watching me. LOL Nice “shop” you boys have running here, i am quite impressed. How did you find that blog anyway?

  63. What ISN’T funny, is that you don’t realize that YOU POSTED a link to the blog you’re referring to, in comment #55. My gosh, mister, please see a doctor, South. You need anxiety medication. This is no fun to bear witness to.

  64. South,

    Get a grip on yourself. We aren’t watching you. We can barely put up with your nonsense when you show up here. We damn sure aren’t going looking for you.

    Tall Cotton

  65. you guys will stop at nothing will you? I never posted that link, and I do include the name southcity with everything I write. and by the way, I thought you had said that you were not a doctor smiley. Is that the truth or is this quote from you the truth.

    ” Posted by: Smileykins | Monday, November 13, 2006 at 01:48 AM

    The information about Morgellons Disease on your site is not only accurate as far I can judge it, it is also very important! The suggested therapy looks good, and will not harm, which is even more important. Primo non nocere (in the first place do not harm!) is not for nothing an important part of Hypocrate’s oath that all doctors must take. Please carry on with telling the public what other sources will hold back! I have seen very many people in my pratice with Lyme’s Disease, and fortunately the therapy that overall looks a lot like the ones you are suggesting for Morgellons is rather successful in many cases.”

    So what is the truth smiley, as I believe the interests you have in this issue are close to becoming disclosed.

  66. I think that someone needs to stop the self-prescribing of desoxyn and get some sleepy.

  67. Smiley has has a high school degree.

  68. Southcity,

    Of course that IS NOT this Smileykins. If that isn’t something you made up, yourself, reveal your sourse. Regardless, it’s not her. She already told you that she isn’t a doctor.

    Tall Cotton

  69. South,

    Why don’t you ask yourself? Does that sound like anything this Smileykins would say? No Does it sound like anything a real doctor would say? No. Does it sound like something South would make up? Yes, because South is a liar. If it wasn’t South. It was some other crazy Morgie.

    Tall Cotton

  70. South, I’m sorry, I have no idea who’s posted your blog’s link in comment #55, here, as well as having done it under the topic, “NPR Morgellons”, in comment #135. Ask some of your felllow morgies. When I checked here, last night, I saw it in the other topic thread, and commented to you in #141.

    Concerning what you said in comment #66, here, I don’t know anything about that, either, but it isn’t “this” Smileykins. I’m not a doctor, and I don’t think that “Smileykins” is, either. Provide the source for the quote, please. I don’t know about you, man. If you’re as bad as you’ve always seemed, I can’t tell you how sorry I am. But if it’s all an act, and you work behind the scenes of this scam to spread fear and prey upon mentally ill people, to suck them into this, shame on you.

    #141 Smileykins Says:
    January 14th, 2007 at 3:59 am

    Now South, I’d just recently tried to humor you — we all did — and I even answered all of your questions, in depth. Do you think that any of the doctors you all have gone to, don’t know that all the talking, and any amount of testing, would never satisfy anything for you? And, also, once again, I’d only asked YOU those itsy-bitsy little key questions that you’ve ignored before. I knew it wasn’t allowed. Just look back at how mad it made you storm out. And, now this.

    You morgie people really can’t understand it, but you should not expect to get favorable reactions from people that you’re around, including your doctors, from being less than something resembling mature adults. South, since I’ve declined a request concerning the upcoming program on the 25th, would you be interested in returning the call I got from The Dr. Phil Show, if I emailed the number to you, and you could direct him to that page you’ve constructed, and volunteer it to be read on the air?

    Your on line track record proves that you know nothing about being honest and a whole lot more. South, I’ve reiterated that a decade ago, I was disabled from an incomplete spinal cord injury. I’ve addressed it with others, just like you — who also go on the attack, with lies, when their disease is spoken about for what it is — that I spend a lot of nights in severe pain, with nothing to take for it. I don’t earn a living, and we’ve been through that before, too. You well remember the lie that you’d brought here to spread — which other people, just like you, don’t know any better than to believe — about your having tracked TC’s & my identities, as well as all of our past and present employers. You’re such a pathological liar, South.

    All I can do is continue being honest with you. I have my reasons for hating “this disease”, that you all seem to embrace and defend. If you really love it, I wish you could just keep it to yourselves and stop harming others with it. Many of you know that you’re mentally ill, and in some of the worst ways. Morgie message boards are like an on line asylum. I hate it. Rather than reasoning things out and calling yourselves into question, just look at ya. You really think it doesn’t show, and can be blamed on “morgellons”. I hate this, but it is morbidly fascinating, and I really am at a loss over all this rebel without a cause crap. I don’t attach stigma to mental illness — y’all, yourselves, do. Otherwise, you’d treat it like the rest of society. You’re all really giving mental illness a very, very, bad name.

    You really can’t help it, everyone else knows, and that is what really makes me wanna scream.

    Like these excerpts from the quotes I’d posted, previously:

    We must not allow the reality that is the true nature of this affliction to be diagnosed for us.


    Those who do not define and empower their own destiny as it pertains to this issue will soon find it defined and scripted for them.

    (It shows, South. Treat it, and be better. We’re no threat to it by talking about it.)

  71. Starlink,

    Why don’t you tell us what a highschool “degree” is?

    Tall Cotton

  72. Thank you, Norman!! He’s 100% correct, South, and I would NEVER say that I was someone who I am not!!

  73. Do you have any idea how many morgies have come onto this blog and told me who I am, and what I do? It’s absurd. That’s just the way “you people” are, though.

  74. I’m so sorry. I violated my own standards just then. Please accept my apologies.

  75. http://www.xenacarpenter.info/2006/10/cure_for_morgel.html here is the source

    you expect us to believe there is more than one smileykins with your writing style going on and on like you do? hmm maybe bi-polar too

  76. South,

    That’s NOT her stye, and that’s not her post. It’s probably some crazy Morgie pretending to be a doctor. She already told you that is isn’t her. It doesn’t make a fuck what you believe. You crazy bastards believe what you want to anyway.

    Tall Cotton

  77. South,

    Now I know that that post was made by some twisted Morgie since it’s linked to our blogsite. Also, no real doctor would have made those statements. It’s as phoney as a three dollar bill and it wasn’t posted by Smileykins. Their admin is being notified. Although it looks like your handywork, if it was, you probably would have come out with it before now.

    Tall Cotton

  78. South,

    Of course, South, you could have just forgotten where you had posted it, and finally located it. You’ve lied about us before. Why should anyone believe you now?


  79. #76 southcity Says:
    January 15th, 2007 at 8:31 am

    http://www.xenacarpenter.info/2006/10/cure_for_morgel.html here is the source

    you expect us to believe there is more than one smileykins with your writing style going on and on like you do? hmm maybe bi-polar too

    Thank you for bringing that to my attention, South. Whether the comment I just made there will be approved, is yet to be seen. Regardless of who is responsible, they’re only adding towards illustrating their illness. To impersonate me, alone, is sad. To infer that I’m someone with a practice, who treats patients, is worse. For them to have provided a link to TC’s & my blog, when you click onto their “Smileykins”, where anyone can go and see the conflict in what they’ve said in that bogus post, is beyond incredible.

    To answer your question, I don’t expect you to believe anything. Other than lies, that is. Naturally, since you’re dishonest to begin with, no one would ever know the truth when you might be telling it. People generally don’t believe proven liars. But, if you sincerely don’t know who alerted us to your new blog about Morgellons Watch and me, it’s probably the same person, who posted as me, on that xenacarpenter site. The more obsessed you become with me, and with Michael blog, the more it looks like you have something big invested in this, rather than “only” being a sick person with extreme paranoia.

    BTW, Norman, I said that I graduated from high school. I didn’t drop out and get a GED. I ain’t working nowhere, fellurs, and I ain’t in ages. When I did have a job, it wasn’t anything prestigious. Haha.

  80. Seriously, though, it has become apparent to me that Morgellons is a man-made pathogen developed by Automattic, Inc as a means of increasing their customer base. As many of you already know (the information is ALL OUT THERE if you just LOOK FOR IT) Automattic has serious ties to the infamous Babylonian Brotherhood, so who knows what else they are up to?

  81. I suppose I’d better explain, that in comment #80, when you click onto “The REAL Smileykins”, I have the URL to that site where the Smileykins imposter is. Anyone with cognitive deficits is free to read anything into it that you wish to. I hopeful that the administration there approves my comment that I made today. I’ve never been to that site before. I didn’t request removal of the fake one. That “first do no harm” that person quoted, and pretended I’d said, was a real humdinger, considering how disgusted I get each time I see so many morgies saying that all over the web.

  82. Whoever is impersonating you was using this ip number: No email address was left. Anyone who visits my blog has their ip number recorded by default.

    I think it’s really sad that someone has gone to such depths to make morgellons sufferers out to be delusional.

  83. Jester, I feel for you, and you really should reel yourself in and get grounded in reality.

  84. Thank you, Xena. I don’t know who, other than “morgellons sufferers”, on their own, can make them out as appearing delusional (as you’ve said), since that IS the very essence of the illness they have. The underlying pathologies involved in causing so many of their repeated diagnoses of DOP, as anyone can see, involves other types of delusions, aside from only thinking that they’re infested with a parasitic illness.

  85. Jester,

    If you believe that, you’ve got some very serious problems. No, the information isn’t out there. The truth is in here, right on this blogsite. Morgellons is not a disease, other than DOP, and it certainly doesn’t have a pathogen. I know that that disappoints you, like it does the rest of the Morgies, but that’s the way it is, and nothing, not even your love for this disease, is going to change that. You need to get some help for your psychosis. Tell your shrink that you think Morgellons is being propagated by the Babylonian Brotherhood. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Totally ridiculous!!

    Tall Cotton

  86. Xena,

    It seems obvious to me that you aren’t anything but a snake-oil peddler, taking advantage of the mentally ill. But if you believe the garbage you posted on your website, I’d say you are as crazy as the Morgies.

    Tall Cotton

  87. That IP address resolves to citynet.net dialup, which is, according to their website:

    Citynet is an integrated communications provider (ICP) uniquely positioned to provide low cost telecommunication services to both wholesale and retail customers in the underserved Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets in the states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana, as well as providing wholesale connectivity to 17 other states in the Mid Atlantic and Midwest.

    That can’t be our Smiley ;)

  88. I’m not the one trying to protect something either, Weezie. :)

  89. I enjoy a good flame war as much as the next guy, but please try to be constructive. This BS is way off topic…

    The presentation of the disease leads sufferers to believe that it is a parasite.
    It is not *caused* by delusions, therefore completely sane people can have these symptoms.
    I believe that there is another underlying cause, and it occasionally manifests as DOP.

    It is extremely serious to those who have it.

    Treat it that way.

    This is childish.

    nuff said.


  90. Anon,

    Are you the new administrator now. If not, then mind your own fucking business.

    Tall Cotton

  91. Morgies are victims of their own abuse, and they often abuse both their children and their pets. The Morgellons Movement has done nothing but harm, and the Morgies obviously don’t want to be cured from what really ails them. If they did, they would listen to their doctors and follow their instructions, including treating their psychosis. But through the so-called “disease”, the Morgies obviously find what they think they need, emotionally. Why else would they fight so hard to hang on to it?

    Tall Cotton

  92. Did Tall graduate High School?

  93. Anon, there is no line of delineation, with “sane”, on one side, and “insane”, on the other. Morgie people may say that as often as they wish, but it doesn’t make it so.

  94. Tallcotton,
    But don’t you understand? Automattic IS behind it. In fact, I modestly propose that it is in fact the reptilian shapeshifters that first brought Morgellons to this planet, with the help of top Illuminati bloodlines. Open your eyes, and you will swiftly see the truth!!

  95. Eh, screw it… I suck at writing parody. I guess the fact that you actually thought I was a Morgie says something about the movement in general, though…

  96. Small

    put that in your peace pipe and smoke it dude.

  97. Hey Small

    Got a GED?

  98. Jester, there was no way to tell that you were kidding around. Yeah, that says something about “the movement”. Many of these people talk like that and seem to actually mean it.

  99. Norman, Tall Cotton surpasses me, but why does our level of education mean something to you?

  100. An education might lead credibility to your argument. Just trying to help you out.

  101. It doesn’t take credibility to prove that Morgies are nuts. They do the proving for you. Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with my credibility, and there’s nothing wrong with Smiley’s either. We have the truth on our side. You don’t.


  102. ok point made, there is no education.

  103. Hey Small-

    Get an education and get back with us. k?

  104. Does Small or Smelly have any credential at all?

  105. I’m baffled by the education-related snobbery.

    I think that people do not require a formal education to possess knowledge, intelligence, insight, and critical thinking skills.

    Time and again we see the request for “Well, what are you credentials?” only to find the person asking such an elitist question has a degree in interior design, or a clever “Well, I’m a sufferer, I don’t have to have a degree to know what I have,” meaning, they have none.

    Before I suggested that those audacious enough to make ad-hominem attacks about education should first state their own education first, but now, I would like to encourage someone making such an assertion to reflect upon why such thing is important to them?

    I’m a fan of academic authority. When people with degrees upon degrees make a sound assertion for a scientific claim (such as that Morgellons is DP), it holds water. When people who are losing their license (Dr. Schwartz, Dr. Martin) are making “Morgellons is a discrete medical condition,” it doesn’t.

    But to require a formal education for an informed discussion is ridiculous.

  106. One thing I’ve noticed is that morgies require education only of those who do not agree with them. They’re perfectly fine listening to Tam-Tam, but will demand credentials from anyone presenting a differential diagnosis. One of my most interesting experiences with morgies online was, when reading biology-online, someone was lavishing much praise on “our new scientist Tam-Tam.” For crissakes… if Tam-Tam is a scientist, why doesn’t he post his credentials (and no, pictures of a “laboratory” with him droning on about quorum sensing do not count)? Or better yet, stop hiding behind that nickname? Tam-Tam means pager in French. I’m perfectly willing to have debates with, listen to, and consider the opinions of people with all kinds of crazy nicknames. However, when someone starts claiming to have done serious research, I’d like to see credentials, or at least know their real name. Naturally, some morgie will read this, and deign to explain to us that Tam-Tam can’t give his real name, because evil conspirators will hunt him down, yadda yadda paranoid yadda.

  107. Secondly, I am horrified at the incredibly weak level of insults going on here. “Small and Smelly?” How do you even get that out of “Tallcotton and Smileykins?” For crissakes, my six-year-old cousin could do better. Nothing bothers me more than when folks try to insult people, but fail so miserably at it. How about this? I’ll do it for you. I’ll make up derogatory nicknames for you to use on us, since you can’t do it yourselves. Ahem.

    Smellykins works great, I suppose, but if you drop the -kins, it lacks crucial context. Tallcotton is a little more difficult. Cotton’s a plant, though, so… how about TallWeed or some variant thereof? I guess with the latter you risk implying that you think TC is well-endowed, so maybe just Weed? For me, well, I’m easy. Jester, fester. So, call me Fester. That might work well – most people associate the word Fester with open sores, so it’s perfect for insulting someone on a Morgellons blog. If you really feel like getting the big guns out, F*ckster, or something like that.

    There. Now I have patiently explained to you how to properly insult us. Really, now, if you’re going to do something, do it right. I mean, you wouldn’t smoke a cigarette through the wrong end, would you? Failing miserably in your insults is effectively the same thing.

  108. The whole “Well, I’m a sufferer, I don’t have to have a degree to know what I have,” thing is really funny, because yes, oftentimes, you do. Someone with no medical training would have difficulty telling the difference between, say, acute HIV, the flu, or mono.

  109. TC and I thoroughly enjoy the stuff we get called here. He was even Tall Steroid!! Yes! Haha!! When Norman (Starkist) isn’t around, we miss him so much. We almost feel like he’s our long lost son. I loved MAFer, and I loved Al, too. They knew how to keep me laughing with all the funny things that they’ve said to me, too.

    I wish morgie people could stand on their own two feet and care enough to get well. But they can’t. If a person desires having any credibility with them, it means you’re not allowed to deal in reality, you’re not allowed to ask questions, and the more bizarre your tales are, the more respect they’ll have for you. That’s how things go in The Land of Morg.

  110. No, I got that all wrong. “Just believe”. That’s the only thing required. Believe without reason, ignoring the obvious.

  111. Jester,

    I’ve got to hand it to you. You had me going real good. And, although sad, it was really very funny at the same time. hehehehe. You sounded like a real Morgie, albeit on the fringe of the fringe. HAHAHAHAHA

    Tall Cotton

  112. Smileykins said:

    I wish morgie people could stand on their own two feet and care enough to get well.

    These two links I have provided are well worth a read. Very brief, but straight to the point. I have ALWAYS believed the cyano’s are players in my illness. My lifestyle in the past consisted of lots of water skiing and swimming in lakes and rivers. I have always drank lots of water (too much I think I now).

    Cyanobacterial (blue-green algal) toxins in water supplies: Cylindrospermopsins.

    Recreational and occupational field exposure to freshwater cyanobacteria–a review of anecdotal and case reports, epidemiological studies and the challenges for epidemiologic assessment.

    “Something” sure is trying to reshape my head and neck once again. I can hardly move my head. Looks like I have a reverse goitre (meaning I am completely swollen from beneath my chin, and down my neck). So things are not good with me. The pressure in my skull is extremely unpleasant.

    I am trying all the alternative treatment I can. I soaked in the bath again last night in epsom salts, with green tea oil, and cried my heart out the entire time.

    And the doctors??? Forget it!! They are a closed book. I got told the other day, “well you have had a bad skin infection”! Good grief! 10 months of IV antibiotic and oral antibiotic should kill anything. After suffering through 41 degree celcius heat yesterday and the rubbish that was coming out of my skin was extremely distressing.

    I have started off my morning with a new alternative treatment of “oil pulling” with cold pressed Sunflower oil. I am extremely impressed. The article I read said that after the first try you will notice how white your teeth have become, they have!! The antibiotics (I think) have made my teeth really dull. I am going to do the “oil pulling” two or three more times today. This treatment is supposed to treat all sorts of nasty chronic illnesses and diseases. I really have nothing else left to try.

    Read those two links if you can please, thanks.

  113. Okay, Gillian, I bit and read the abstracts. One is about an alkaloid produced by cyanobacteria. The other link didn’t work. But from this, how do you make the assertion that this is compelling evidence that you have “Morgellons”, and isn’t just something that makes you sick? If this is what’s wrong with you, it’s not Morgellons, it’s toxicity from a cyanobacteria.

  114. Sorry about that link, hope this works. My computer mouse is having a severe spack attack!!

    Recreational and occupational field exposure to freshwater cyanobacteria–a review of anecdotal and case reports, epidemiological studies and the challenges for epidemiologic assessment.

    how do you make the assertion that this is compelling evidence that you have “Morgellons”

    Sarah , I don’t know what “Morgellons” is, so I would prefer to just stay on the fence at the moment. However, cyanobacteria produces filamentous and flagella.

    Here are a couple of links which I had in my favourite file.

    The World Health Organisation – Toxic cyanobacteria in water: A guide to their public health consequences, monitoring and management

    Global study reveals algae in world’s water is causing Alzheimer’s disease, April, 2005

  115. “Sarah , I don’t know what “Morgellons” is, so I would prefer to just stay on the fence at the moment. However, cyanobacteria produces filamentous and flagella.”

    “Filamentous” and “Flagella” are not things that can be produced, dear Gillian.

    “Filamentous” is an adjective, to describe anything that is thin or thread-link.

    Flagella are body parts of microorganisms, and these body parts aid in locomotion, like a paddle.

    So, I am certain that “filamentous” and “flagella” from cyanobacteria is not the causative agent in your situation.

  116. Ahhhhh…..
    The serenity of being again,
    in the hands of caring experts

  117. If anyone claims to be an medical expert on “morgellons disease” they know just exactly how to talk the talk in order to keep on deceiving patients suffering from DOP. No DOP patient can believe that, but it’s the truth. Ah, maybe one of these days, and it won’t be long.

  118. You gotta have the last word….

  119. How’s this?


    (Ya know we love you guys.)

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