Ginger Savely

One of the few people who will “diagnose” Morgellons is a nurse practitioner called Ginger Savely.

Ms Savely appears on several of the TV News stories, including the CNN report. She seems quite professional, and caring of her patients.

I found this post about her

RE: Ginger Savely InformationShe costs $500.00 a visit. Her specialty is Lyme, and when she started getting so many patients with Morgellons symptoms that tested positive for LD, she worked with them also and noticed they often got better when treated with LD drugs.

She practices in San Francisco under the direction of Dr. Stricker, but, I believe, she stills lives in Austin.

Ms Savely practices in San Francisco, since she was essentially banned from practicing in Texas by the Texas Medical Board, due to her excessive tendency to prescribe antibiotics where they were not indicated by conventional medical standards.

Several of her patients from Texas apparently now visit her in San Francisco, they must be quite convinced she is correct.

Since Morgellons is not a recognized disease, the $500 per visit must presumably be paid out of pocket.

On a recent on-line chat, Ms Savely solicited new patients (” Patients who want to see me in San Francisco need to send an email to asking for a new patient packet.“).

I imagine that with all the publicity Nurse Savely has been having, she must be getting quite a few new patients. At $500 a visit.

[update 7/17/2006] Nurse Savely is perscribing some unusual therapies – consider this post:

I’m on my 3rd week now of taking 100 mgs twice a day – of Mebendazole (same as Febendazole, I think) that Ginger Savely prescribed me.

I don’t have the crawlies or itchies anymore, but my face still tingles with slight itchies. And I’m still removing “larvae” looking things from my face. But as far as my body, everything has stopped.