Coming Attractions

After the Primetime: Medical Mysteries show on ABC, there was a great flurry of activity in the Morgellons world, then everything went quiet. Is Morgellons losing favor with the media? Here’s a run-down of current and upcoming goings-on in the world of “Morgellons.”

The Morgellons Research Foundation lost half its board members and its only scientist in a dispute over accounting and the leadership style of Mary Leitao. The three primary members of the MRF remain: Leitao, Doug Buckner and Ken Cowles. William Harvey, a big Lyme fan, steps in as new chairman. Will the MRF be able to recover from this schism? So far nothing has been heard from them, other than the Stalinesque purging of their web site of all mention of the former members.

The former MRF members formed the New Morgellons Order. This unfortunately named organization quickly lived up to its name by appearing on the Jeff Rense radio show, which normally features UFOs, Chemtrails, Anti-Zionism, New World Order and other conspiracy theories. Can the NMO be taken seriously? Will the upcoming two day Morgellons Festival help?

LymeBusters message board, closely affiliated with the MRF, forbids all mention of the MFR/NMO split. Anyone who even brings it up is banned, and all their posts are deleted. Discussion proceeds at a reduced pace, with Lysol Toilet Cleaner the current popular “cure.” Can Lymebusters continue under the oppression of censorship?

George Schwartz says on August 13th: “We have developed effective treatment for the “Morgellons” condition and have isolated the thread-forming stage of the organism. This will be presented at an intl meeting and there will be a monograph and CD of the presentation within two weeks. After that time, our group will be free to speak about our treatments and discoveries. With all best wishes. GR Schwartz MD“. Schwartz recently had his license revoked for illegally percribing narcotics. His web site claims to treat opiate (heroin) addiction with a 100% success rate, as well as making other dubious medical claims including his last Morgellons theory that Morgellons comes from bottled water from France. I await his monograph with interest.

The Union Square Medical Associates claims to be treating “hundreds” of Morgellons patients. USMA is where Dr. Raphael Stricker and Nurse Practicioner Ginger Savely work (both are members of the MRF). For the past eight years the USMA web site has focused on peddling Viagra and weight loss drugs, as well as a number of unusual therapies. Why does it not advertise the Morgellons treatments? Do they think it’s just Lyme? Someone from their office said “you really should keep your mouth shut, because in the not too distant future, you will be sticking your foot in your mouth.” I await this with interest.

Professor Randy Wymore breaks with the MRF. Wymore has been the reason Morgellons has been taken seriously by the mainstream press, and his disassociation with the MRF is a blow to their credibility. Wymore wants to continue his research, but his startup money will run out soon, and results so far have been inconclusive. Will OSU fund any more research? Will Wymore continue?

The CDC has formed a task force to see if Morgellons is a distinct disease. Since the CDC aims to nip new diseases in the bud, you would think they would make a determination fairly soon (if there IS a disease, if there is not, it might take longer). The involvement of the CDC has been a big press talking point, and their initial report will be very interesting.