Recently (April 2006) a member of the Morgellons Community, a young man, died of a drug overdose. He was one of several patients of Ginger Savely, a Texas Nurse Practitioner who offers diagnoses of Morgellons to those who seek it.

This young man was very intelligent and well-spoken. He was also a self-admitted drug abuser, taking a wide range of drugs including heroin. He was very open about this, and discussed his extensive drug use, and his related health problems, at great length on a large number of internet posts.

After he was “diagnosed” in early 2005, he apparently became increasing depressed and paranoid, believing that he was the subject of biological and electronic harassment.

His passing is very sad, but it is made sadder in that the Morgellons Community will memorialize him as a victim of Morgellons. I think that “Morgellons” probably did contribute a little to his fate, but not in the way that Savely and other would suggest.

It is very, very, sad.

11 Responses to “Cause and Effect”

  1. The morgellons community convinced this man that his condition was hopeless, then they left him lonely and depressed. They convinced him that his malady was contagious, then they refused to be his friend. They left him alone to chase illusions, and a morgellons pathogen that doesn’t exist.

  2. It was so wrong to let happen.

  3. You guys should really be ashamed of yourselves.

  4. Shut the Phuck up and put your strait jacket back on. I was there for Travis when nobody else was at one time, and his death “WAS SO WRONG TO LET HAPPEN”.

  5. The people who let this happen were the people who convinced him he had a disease which doesn’t exist and left him without a hope of treatment.

    Talk about being ashamed.

  6. Please, for the sake of his family if nothing more, get rid of this. Please let Travis rest in peace.

  7. Perhaps you should address that comment to Ken Cowles of the MRF, who is currently featuring Travis and his family on several local news segments.

  8. His mother’s original statements from the morgie board, and then, in the news story, made an indelible impression.

  9. help….

    over 4 years and i an getting worse. i cant take it anymore. help help help

  10. Lois, I’m sorry you are ill, but this is not a medical advice forum. The only thing I can advise is that you try to work with your doctors.

  11. lois u will find garlic a solid first line defence, wormwood or artemesia plus slippery elm will assist….keep calm,increase gut ph. lemon grass oil on lesions tea tree oil in bath… god speed

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