Most people who strongly believe they have Morgellons will complain that their doctors dismiss them as “DOP”, a common abbreviation for “Delusions Of Parasites”.

The Morgellons activists seek to portray their plight as a struggle of genuinely sick people against an uncaring medical profession that dismisses their symptoms as “all in your head”. Any suggestion of anything like DOP is reviled, and the believers wander from doctor to doctor, seeking those who will look beyond this.

To understand the Morgellons community, you need to understand DOP. One of the worlds leading experts on DOP is Nancy Hinkle, PhD. Hinkle is not a physician, she is an entomologist, so if anyone can find the bugs, it’s going to be her. Back in 2001, before the MRF got off the ground, she had an interview on this subject with the Discovery Channel in Canada.

If you are interested in Morgellons, I highly recommend you watch this video (it’s only about six minutes long), as it provides a simple overview of DOP, as well as the varied causes, which are mostly physical in nature. She also makes the distinction between those who are simply mistaken, and those who are delusional.

Out of the hundreds of samples that people have sent Dr. Hinkle over the years, NONE had insects in them. Her most telling quote: “If they are desperate enough they will usually find something”.

Dr. Hinkle also wrote a highly lucid paper on the subject in 2000:

Scratching may produce papular eruptions. Any
repeated skin irritation produces a friction blister.
Repeated rubbing of an area often produces a bleb
(small blister) which, when ruptured, yields an open
sore that may become infected. Once the sore
begins oozing plasma and a scab forms, hairs and
cloth fibers become entrapped in the sticky fluid.
These flecks are dislodged and called mites or
insects because they look like they have “antennae”
and “legs” (Fig. 2). Hair follicles often are pulled
out; the follicle accompanied by the associated
sebaceous gland looks like a worm.

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  1. Very good. I am glad you found this Michael

  2. This is a good clinical description. DOP isn’t just “you are nuts, have some thorazine and go home.” It is a real condition and is usually associated with at least mild skin allergies or hypersensitivity.

    On another note, I’ve seen some postings of people walking barefoot through manure and compost, staying in houses with leaks and mold, coming into contact with bog water, etc.

    All of these people can’t have Morgellons. However, they can have really bad judgement as to what they allow themselves to be exposed to. There is a reason why our noses and eyes tell us to stay away from mold and houses with the creeping crud, backyard compost made from animal feces, etc. It ain’t good for your skin or for your health!

  3. As the article attributed G.R. Elliot (1944) as having observed over 50 years ago, investigating this phenomenon is “an intriging field for useful research, an opportunity for teamwork on the part of the pest control operator, the medical entomologist, the dermatologist, and the psychiatrist.” How many are given the opportunity, though, considering? As Dr. Peter Lynch (1993) was quoted, “Unfortunately, it typically is impossible to convince the individual that there are no ‘bugs’ present, and the recommendations to visit a health care professional virtually always are rebuffed. He’s also been quoted in morgellons’ artcles, as saying, “The patients are normal in every other way. It’s always hard to get such patients to believe it’s a psychological problem. Some patients are very convincing, and I’ve had psychiatrists call me about referrals I’ve made and ask if I’m absolutely sure there’s nothing organic going on here.”

    This information from Nancy Hinkle (of which Michael has also shared her paper with us in the past), is the best I’ve yet to see on the topic of delusional parasitosis. Anyone can understand how easy it is to reinforce the beliefs of such people by telling them there is something called “morgellons disease”. As appalled as I am at its creator, I can hardly help feeling sorry for someone in such a state as to not seek help for her own very serious health problem. Children should never suffer at the hands of a mother, especially their own. It disgusts me that she could appear on national televsion, still pulling from her neverending well of “specimens” from that 4-5 year old lip lesion that she won’t allow to heal on her poor little boy. All of these so-called professional people who decided they wanted to believe in “morgellons disease”, and are deeply involved, make me want to just puke my guts out.

    I know people can’t be talked out of a delusion. Morgie people don’t seem to be much into reading, anyway, other than being compelled, hard, into looking at things that are of no value, other than to instill more worries and fear among themselves, and as many others that they can. Many think that they’re onto some big clue as to what’s infested them, or as to who’s responsible, and increasing the number of people they can spread the fear to, somehow makes it seem more real to them all. It’s very sad that they’ll probably just skip past Nancy Hinkles’ article, and video, and continue on with their untruths, their threats, dares, bets, and obscenities. Negative emotions serve to keep people sick, and it’s a proven fact that it lowers immunity and just all sorts of bad ol’ things.

  4. Hinkle, bought and paid for by the pesticide industry manufacturers and applicators. Right Sarah?

  5. Surely Hinkle should then be persuading people they DO have bugs, so they can sell more pesticide?

  6. If Morgellons is a scam, they are doing a poor job of marketing it. To maximize profits, they would need to have tens of thousands of people infected with a new mystery disease. Then a drug/treatment regimen would be the only thing to treat it, not cure it, but make it manageable.

    The market for anti-Morgellons meds plus topical creams for the itch would run into the billions. Of course, they would have to infect huge numbers of people for it to be profitable.

    If this is a created disease just to profit from suffering, it is the worst implemented scam in the history of the world.

  7. I don’t think it’s been a created disease just to profit from suffering. Huh-uh, not at all. I think it’s all been a horrific misunderstanding, is what I think it is. One that “all started with a young boy named Drew”, and was fueled by a madwoman. After she started her MRF web site, and people identified with some of it, due to the similarities, as well as a nurse who treats lyme patients, who were presenting with what is, probably, more than likely, neuropsychiatric effects, as well as cutaneous symptoms of what is actually morphea, maybe both, from late-stage lyme….badda-bing. I’m not saying that I know that’s the case, I’m just saying that is more feasible. That, and all the rest, has fueled this myth, increasing its momentum as more people have fallen for it. There are always unscrupulous people who are going to be moved into certain directions, expressing to such patients and to the public, that empathy is their only motivation, and who can question such a thing as that? If people used their own common sense and didn’t just take this “morgellons disease” at face value, everybody would be a whole lot better off.

  8. Please research Monsanto’s Cry9c bio-engineered Starlink crops.

  9. GM crops contaminated the food supply. So what?

  10. Here’s some other hilights that are in this case related.

    People with factitious disorders feign, exaggerate, or actually self-induce illnesses. Their aim? To assume the status of “patient,” and thereby to win attention, nurturance, and lenience that they feel unable to obtain in any other way. Unlike individuals who “malinger,” people with factitious disorders are not primarily seeking external gains such as disability payments or narcotic drugs–though they may receive them nonetheless.

    * In “MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME BY PROXY” (MSBP), an individual makes another person sick in order to accrue the same gains–but this time vicariously. This is a form of abuse in which children are the victims.

    Mom fights for answers on what’s wrong with her son

    Sunday, July 23, 2006
    By Chico Harlan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    “I found no evidence of [anything suspicious] in Andrew,” Dr. Heldrich wrote to Dr. Frac after the visit. Then he added: “Ms. Leitao would benefit from a psychiatric evaluation and support, whether Andrew has Morgellons disease or not. I hope she will cease to use her son in further exploring this problem.”

    A mystery ailment gets under skin
    The CDC doesn’t know what it is, but thousands complain of painful symptoms

    By Howard Witt
    Tribune senior correspondent
    Published July 25, 2006

    “”They suggested that maybe I was neurotic,” Leitao said of her attempt to have her son examined by infectious disease experts at Johns Hopkins Hospital. “They said they were not interested in seeing him because I had Munchausen syndrome by proxy”–a mental illness in which a parent fabricates a child’s illness or intentionally injures a child.”

    Tall Cotton

  11. I’m so curious as to how many people had anxiety problems before the turn of the millennium, before the Starlink recall (and GM foods have come a long way since then, anyway, HA), and before 9/11, and/or whether such events were assistive in bringing them to where they are today. The fear among the morgies, even if there were no other symptoms, could cause them to have more. I know it goes both ways, though, and that having physical symptoms and not knowing why, and thinking that doctors are ignoring it, or denying it, and that they’re involved in a cover-up, would be a very scary existence too. Any of that, though, would send me running to a shrink, as fast as my feet could fly. Now, I just do not get what all this resistance is over, other than this “hope” of something that isn’t going to happen. The big pay-offs so many are looking so forward to, I mean.

  12. Thanks, that was a good read. Some morgie people really seem to think someone is going to pay for what they have wrong with them, someday. Not only whomever they think is responsible, but the doctors that they think ignored them too. I wish this awful thing hadn’t penetrated so deeply into their pysches. I used to post on Lymebusters how we sometimes have no choices other than to accept what we have, and just get on with it, because this is life, it’s not a dress rehearsal. They’re so into doom & gloom. I wish they could wake up and realize there is no “morgellons disease”. What they do have wrong is way more than enough, and what they need to concern themselves over and come to terms with.

  13. That was good Michael….

    But what people should also read is the latest biotech conventions….like the one they had in Jan. o6 in San Jose, Cali.

    But why don’t you do this….Google David Relmen from Stanford University and Molecular parasites…NO!

    Better yet, google: David Releman and synthetic silicate worms????

    why don’t you try some of my suggestions people?

    What would it hurt? why are you waiting around for the same old crying wolfpack of bullshiters to lie to you again?

    and believe me, I’m not at all insinuating the bloggers here…..but just think about it….who is the leader now? what have they done?

    My point exactly!

    And,,,,,can anyone on this earth that reads this blog, actually show proof (like a simple document that the IRS are really looking into the MRF????

    Not that I think for sure that anyone is lying but I dunno. I don[t beleive word of mouth and certainly not the mouth that that news came from.

    It probably did happen, so there should be no proof in proving it right?

    I swear. I just have this gut feeling (along with my fake-arse parasites that David relman cloned and gave to me bvbthe biotech boys and the communications industry, that they are all still in it together….

    I know that sounds odd and what difference does it make anyway…..but I do not believe it b/c Sally said it happened! Show me the proof.

    Now, I certainly hope I’m not PO-ing anyone, just sick of it, you know?

    Somebody somewhere is a lying sack…!!!!

    PS: I also meant to not two-3 weeks ago when cliff, abac/sara , greg and chas and cindy were on the air, that Greg that owns the Morg. usa website now says he has had cat-scratch disease….

    and to think he called me a disinformant??? N, PLEASE !

  14. Maybe someone should do an optical spectroscopy study of Co. 2+. ion in silicate matrices …??????

    HUH????? Jeeze, this is not so hard doctors, please, at least try????

  15. Michael
    Your link was not something I was expecting from your normal posts. You have qouted about: E.coli, test for TB, Chemtrails, FTIR, Folie a Famille, UFO theories, lanugo, Kellet paper, and so on. But most are health related in medical stand point.
    So here is my concern or maybe misunderstanding of what you are trying to point out by the following title of the link you provided above:

    “”"”Caring for Medically Unexplained Physical Symptoms after Toxic Environmental Exposures: Effects of Contested Causation”"”"”

    After reading this but really made me stop and think was the Key words and what the was all about.

    “”"”"”"” (, which is open to the public and provides prompt information on the health effects associated with military-related hazards.

    Key words: chronic fatigue syndrome, environmental, fibromyalgia, Gulf War syndrome, medically unexplained symptoms, military, multiple chemical sensitivity, occupational, somatoform, veterans. Environ Health Perspect 110(suppl 4) :641-647 (2002) . “”"”"”"”"”"”"

    The following was pointed out in the Summary and Conclusions:

    “”"”"”"”In 1995 the DoD established a multifaceted and interdisciplinary center providing rehabilitative care for military personnel reporting persistent and disabling MUPS after Gulf War service (47).

    In 1999, the Deployment Health Clinical Center became the DoD center of scientific expertise pertaining to postdeployment healthcare delivery. In addition to providing referral clinical services, the center runs continuing health education programs and health services research projects that aim to improve care for MUPS and other military-related health concerns. The center currently has health services research projects under way that are funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the DoD, and the VA.”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”

    With this articule having “Military-related” writen all over it – does this mean that Morgellons may have a connection to something? Also Dallas/Fort Worth Vet’s hospital is asking alot of strange questions to patients. I am checking with Vets that go to Shereport, La VA and Michigan VA to see if they are being asked “stranged questions”.

    This may sound a bit “DILLLLLLUSIONAL” But this link raise a huge red flag with me – Could “morgellons” be an experiment like what was done on our WWII vets at a VA hospital by our own government that was exposed a few years ago? Could this todays experiment have been done in hospitals for the general public? Which also raises another flag for me: the MRF has an ex-NASA employee also. hmmmmmmm

    Or was you trying to put a new spin on DOP? You have my email address if you would like to send private answer.
    This does not added up to your normal “quotes” Michael – interesting in deed.

  16. London:

    Better yet, google: David Releman and synthetic silicate worms????

    You misspelt his name there, but I know who you mean. Yet a Google search on:

    “david relman” synthetic silicate worms

    …brings up nothing on synthetic silicate worms, nothing even close. Could you explain your point?

  17. Hey Folks – just passing through (and no I haven’t been in training for the pickathon!!!!), but the pathogen race ? is that like egg and spoon type race ? because I could train for that in the back garden, only problem is my hair/fibers will blow off the spoon when I run…!(I know, some viewers may find my humour at this stage offence), sorry but I need to laugh because this WHOLE situation is WAY CRAZY!! I try and read this stuff and I need someone to translate for me.

    I don’t know what to think….I’m backing London on this one ….. there is something strange with this and we ARE sick.

    TexasRose – Were you asking me a question ealier about the DOP document?? Because I haven’t read the DOP article. I never thought I ever had bugs/parasites. I always said my fibers look like human hair, identical. I feel like I take in environmental fibers etc. I know what happens, everyone within 10 kilometer radius is aware as well, the QUESTIONS is HOW and WHY are they in the human body?

    Tony made me put a fiber bundle under the microscope last night that came out of my face. Remember my skin appearance is scleroderma so very thickened and unwell (BUT looking MUCH better) THEN we pulled some fluff off my old track suit pants – and we put this bundle under the microscope – BINGO IDENTICAL!! Did this tests several times all the SAME. After the bundle came out of my face – a bit later a purple fiber came out from the same area – really nice colour, like a piece of sewing cotton, looks bright blue under the microscope. Today that part of my face feels so much better, feels like it is repairing/healing (well I hope). By the way I hate the Microscope and NEVER did I revolve my life around it. Purely to try to help me figure out WTF was going on.

    My concerns are – Why is Dr Wymore spending time/money/effort on FIBERS. If we ALL have the same thing, THEN HE needs to be looking at the people doesn’t HE. HELL ON WHEELS PEOPLE – I am willing to be put in a clinical setting, have people take specimens, whatever…. blood tests etc no more people self diagnosing over the internet. The things coming to light lately are just a down right disgrace.

    Michael – Yes I laughed over the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – because I hate that terminology – you know the shrink lingo. I just call it….simply using my brain, loving me, tyring to way up what is going on, sort out the shit from the clay. I’m a stubborn bitch at times (but I do it with a smile though).

    How can folk organise a FESTIVAL when all this is unfolding??? Or am I just completely and totally INSANE????!!!

    I would like to see some proof of this being worldwide? Is that a fair question? If certain people are making such statements as we have evidence of it being worldwide, CAN WE see the evidence please? WHY hide it? Lets throw ALL the evidence in ONE basket and give it to the CDC, my goodness how hard is that. Provide EVIDENCE, rather than promote a disease through the MEDIA. Am I right on this please let me know.

    The post before on Munchhausen Syndrome – Mary L told me months back that the docs were trying to pin that diagnosis on her, and they could possibly take her children off her in the future. But her doctor friends have been kind enought to help her out. KNOW – I will leave the REST up to YOU…
    Thanks SarahC

  18. I think London is misleading people:

    Your search – “Synthetic Silicate Worm” – did not match any documents.

  19. Intrigued what are you saying? Misleading them to where? and Why?

    I think this website has proven that people like to come here to lay the cards on the table. I think if we are going to be making statements, it would be grate to back it up with some evidence. Because if we have NO evidence we may as well down tools, set the chain saw onto the lap top and get back to LIVING LIFE!! I know which road I would prefer to take at this stage. Smiley is right – STRESS is one of the worst for the immune system. Who gives a damn really if the fibers burn or not …honestly??!!

  20. TexasRose, the military has a lot of people in it, they get sick just like the rest of us, but some health problems are unique to the military, so there is military related health research.

    This is neither surprising, nor ominous. If you are LOOKING for conspiracy theories, you can find suspicious evidence everywhere. It is very easy to suspect things, harder to understand things.

    Did you read the paper?

    What’s the “red flag”, that it’s “military related”? Millions of people in the US work in the military. It’s not surprising that some things in life are military related.

    What are the real connections here? Morgellons IS a set of medically unexplained physical symptoms (MUPS). The military investigates MUPS because “gulf war illness” (GWI), and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can manifest as MUPS. The “contested causation” is just that: are they sick because of depleted uranium, nerve gas, PTSD, malingering, or what? Many of the issues with GWI are similar to Morgellons, hence I posted the link.

    And, no, this does not mean I think that Morgellons is a form of GWI. Nor do I think the military is involved with Morgellons in any way. I posted the link to the paper because of what the paper says. If you want to understand why I posted the link, then don’t run off sideways because it’s dot mil, just read the paper.

  21. London passionately recommended we all do a search for that very thing. She said:

    why don’t you try some of my suggestions people?

    What would it hurt? why are you waiting around for the same old crying wolfpack of bullshiters to lie to you again?

    and believe me, I’m not at all insinuating the bloggers here…..but just think about it….who is the leader now? what have they done?

    It’s non-existent, and this hardly supports any cause for Morgellons sufferers, does it? She may not be deliberately doing so, but she’s apparently not checking her own facts, which does mislead.

  22. Intrigued – I leave the research and reading of documents up to the experts. I have read some interesting stuff lately, for example ultra fine nanoparticles in the air, and the risk to human health. These are new issues coming to light, because this is all new technology into this world.

    I try to look at this in a logical way. If we are trying to prove if we have a new disease here, we have to way up what could have brought this about? What has been introduced into this world that could make such strange things happen to an otherwise normal human being?

    Long before I found the Morgellons website. I may have mentioned I suffered chronic CO exposure from a leaky/blocked flue gas heater. For those medical folk you would call it – Chronic CO poisoning, or toxic syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity. After this I can’t explain it, but I actually felt dirty from the inside out!! Honest, I used to think to myself, did that damn wall heater blow out bits of wood, and fluff which ended up in my body, because that is what it looks like, I have never seen a worm, but the white prongs especially when there are 3 in one lesion is a bit strange, but then again I had never had lesions (before this so I wouldn’t now what a typical LESION was. I really don’t want to know what is under the skin, it is under there for a reason, and should stay that way, not to be looking at it through a microscope, to a lay person with no idea. It is not healthy for a sick person to do this. If I was say what I thought the ‘worm’ is that some refer to on other websites – its protein, my doc said for what has and is taking place in my body, it is using protein (mine) to do it. Do that sound right?

  23. I think it’s interesting how the MRF hijacked the term “lesion” to refer to their particular skin damage artifacts. The term “lesion” refers to any abnormal tissue, anywhere on the body.
    In dermatology, a skin lesion covers a HUGE range of things from abrasions to zosteriform lesions.

    What many Morgellons believers seem to have is excoriations (secondary lesions), either as the result of scratching an itch, or of picking at pustules.

  24. Where do the TamTam’s, and Randy’s, and other wanna be scientists come into this. Because they have got some crazy stuff happening?

    I guess I must have managed to eat some GM food with bioengineered parasites, whilst wearing my cotton track suit infected of course from the cotton plant, mean while breathing in some chem trails, and good old pollution. Then whilst travelling through my life, throw in all my mosi bites, fles bites, sand flys, bee stings, bull ant bites blah blah, THEN drink contaminated water which could have a man made cocktail in it which is trying to turn me into a robot, and then send me into to space, you know an experiment that went wrong and escaped. Of course not to mention all the pharmaceutical drugs etc etc. All the allegations about them being crims…. where the heck do you point the finger. You DON’T and You CAN’T. WELL my opinion anyway.

    If OSU can not get a DNA from the fiber what does that say? I thought that is why DNA testing is so amazing because we get things done quicker. Forget the fibers don’t you think? They need a complete line up of all the people.

    Am I wrong in saying that once upon a time “SMALL POX” caused some controversy to be recognised as a real disease? Apparently it was completely irradicated? Well maybe that is why the CDC have kept the old small pox virus in their storage fridge. I Saw it on TV. We may all just need a new booster vaccine? Just a thought.

    It seems a lot more rational than a genetically modified insect wearing an infected cotton t-shirt doesn’t it.??

  25. I am all for what Sarah is saying about put the evidence on the table. I have personnally seen two so called “Morgellons suffers”. I have seen their evidence, and it was all nothing more than household material. To elaborate, one of them actually swore up and down about a white bug with black fibers that came out of his urine. I asked the 2nd morgellons person if she saw the same thing. They both answered yes and looked with a magnifying glass at the speciman telling me to look, that it is a bug. This “bug” was nothing more than a UPC lable. I could even read the numbers on it. They were also showing me a tablet of all sorts of stuff, but again, it was nothing out of the ordinary.

    I was there when one of them was feeling buggy, and swearing that fibers were comming out of her leg, but nothing was there. She was screeming saying her leg hurt, and asking me how I can’t see what is comming out of her.

    I know that not all cases are the same, but I just wish and pray that the morgies will just seek the help they so despeartly need, and stop aruging with their practitioners about a bogus disease.

  26. I must also add to this – YES the fibers do come out of the skin, the skin rolls, BUT I can if I want to film this and email this to Michael we have discussed this. BUT MY POINT HERE IS……WHY THE HELL SHOULD I HAVE TO DO THAT?????

    There are supposed to be enough Morgellons sufferers in the USA. They can go to the OSU and maybe a clinical setting. Stick them in a plastic bubble and catch watch comes out of them. It happens to me after a shower, it really is a freak show.

    By the way my parents are very intelligent people, and they KNOW I TRY my heart out to get well. My ma said on the phone today, fighting back her tears, you know I am not religious so to speak (we believe in god,went to church, sunday school etc etc), but I have been praying for you my darling, because I feel there is nothing else we can do, nothing is helping, and we are helpless.

    LET ME TELL YOU: If my parents/family/friends new deep in their hearts I was a clear cut psychiatric case – they would do me the favour and get me the right help. But this is not the case. My shrink says I do not need psych meds. My doc said I am a clear cut case of misdiagnosis (ie.psychotic etc), the prof.derm says I am not delusional or bizarre and takes photos, and get this MY doc last take on my situation was cfs,chronic rickettsiosis and now suffering morgellons syndrome, tests positive on phenolic testing for Lyme disease, the Scleroderma of the skin is now resolving, but now the infection has caused severe Psychological distress!!!!!!! My blood never showed a rheumatoid factor he said, is it true that Scleroderma not always shows on blood tests? No one called me delusional, they seem rather confused also.

    Don’t you think the MRF would have done us all the favour and provided GOOD footage of fibers come from the skin. I can not comment on this since I have not seen that documentary. So I am a bit in the dark. I don’t want to film what comes out of my skin to prove that it actually does, WE KNOW IT DOES. I just want the shit out and things back to normal.

    FAR TOO MANY theories floating around – what do I chose today – Morphborg or Morphbug, My cotton underwear is trying to kill me, an experiment gone wrong, I am on remote control via the CIA, I am being turned into a robot, infected with something from outer space, I happened to be exposed to some military environmental thingy bingy, I am in training for Munchhausens syndrome via proxy because I have a cat (no children).

    Time to call in the Process of Elimination Technique. Would the scientist wanna bes please put all your research together to help the CDC make a decision.

    And who really cares if Mary Leitao has just bought herself a new computer with donated funds, sorry but I never told anyone to spend their money, because I certainly haven’t, thats why we pay TAX. Waste of food and oxygen focusing on what Mary is doing, she has already done enough don’t you thin? Fix the issue of a new or real disease or old disease reemerging and then sought her out later. Christ she doesn’t deserve the attention, it is the sick, lost and confused, that do, especially children and animals if they are sick as well.

  27. Michael wrote?

    Either you are quite ignorant or you only respond with self serving statements. This is much deeper than selling bug spray. Continual dis/misinformation on a large scale. There is much at stake here for major chemical companies. They are eager to pay to have people discredit informaiton leading to the truth all the way from rinky dink website bloggers to university research profs. This is especially true where major universities were involved in the development of GM biopesticides some of which have been recalled due to effects on nontarget organisms including humans. Do a little research and sharing on this subject or are you really on the Black PR payroll also.

  28. I watched that video Michael the Nancy Hinkle one on DOP. Yes it was well done, but WE/or should I say ME – don’t fit the bill. Never EVER thought bugs. Allergies – cool, part of life. I was never fixated on what she was saying at ALL.

    I just started seeing things coming out of strange places. And yes I must mention I keep forgetting about this – but this thing took seriously to MY face AFTER I had had a TEST procedure performed by a well recognised DERMATOLOGIST in Melbourne. I think they called it a Citech Roller or something, to get rid of hyperpigmentation you know. I did what the Derm told me to do. He SAID you go work hard on the BDD issue, DO NOT touch your skin, do the therapy PLEASE and then I will surely help fix the hyperpigmentation because yes this is distressing for you I understand. SO I WENT BACK TO HIM AND HE SAID WELL DONE – YOU DID AS I TOLD YOU.

    Okay – I am not blaming him for what has rearranged my face and altered the size of my skull whenever it likes, but to a simpleton like me, a test procedure which involved pricking HOLES into MY FACE/SKIN is really like opening the door to a problem that could very well be sitting there. Also I did have at that time on my lower legs what he said was FOLLICULITIS. Then I followed HIS instructions on how to treat thES BIG ULCERS on my legs, BUT they still WENT green and I nearly passed OUT from looking at them, one looked like a cave, my doc took a swab, nothing GREW??? The Doc I was seeing tested for Diabetes straight away. You know they did all the right things given the fact they were up themselves at times, but I could never understand WHY I was refused a CT scan, well you know the man had diagnosed me with a chronic sinus infection that had penetrated my skin, to the point where he said, get your shrink to refer you to a mucus membrane specialist, he even wrote him a letter, my shrink read it in front of me, BUT I do not KNOW what was in IT. Maybe they disagreed with each others theories, but little old me paid my bills, and I did as all the good doctors have told me. And yes I treated what appeared to be a normal symptom or problem, looks like a pimple, wash your face, get some sleep, eat good food SIMPLE. Just cause my skin was giving me trouble never did I think I HAD a serious DISEASE. When blue fluff came into my life, and my facial structure and body shape began to change I did get a bit concerned, BUT a healthy mind that starts to FORGET what she walked into her bedroom for – THIS is really bad, it kept creeping in slowly. I noticed it and kept putting it down to stress, but it just kept going. I even turned a shade over yellow and had a stomach that would do for one of those ads on TV for malnourished children in africa. Oh YES the Lymphadema clinic in Melbourne two docs examined ME – said NOT lymphadema but your LIVER is enlarged (I wondered what the bulge had been you know), your doctor needs to get onto this – you are a very sick girl. Week later CT of the liver showed normal.

    Simple folk just want answers from those responsible for bringing this group of people with similar symptoms together. I DON’T WANT MY PARENTS to suffer just like my cousin did, and her mum/dad and brothers, because she TRUSTED THE DOCTOR UP THE ROAD HERE. He said sinus then he said migraine. THEN SHE DROPPED DEAD AT 30 (8 weeks of symptoms) – from a massive brain tumour which was the size of mans hand and still growing, whilst her major organs were shuting down and then my uncle said ‘yes’ please turn OFF the life support. Her son was 2 years old when she died. This was NOVEMBER 1996.

    My uncle her father is currently being treated by a very BIG medical centre here in Melbourne for a PARASITE of unknown eitology of his kidneys, but he said to my folks that he gets terrible cycles and it affects his skin, said he gets pimples on his tummy of all places. Funny thing you know – he was driving my dad to the hospital not long ago for another laser surgery to remove more cancer from his tongue – along the way in the car he said – oh the other day I pulled this great big long white thread OUT of my EYE, ISN’T that weird. SURE IS weird enough that my dad made SURE he told ME this when I visited his bedside after his op, he could talk ok, pain was kept a bay with self administered morphine infusion button – BUT I know why my dad told me this – BECAUSE he is as MAD as hell that THIS HAS HAPPENED TO HIS DAUGHTER and he knows his own brother and he sees THE SAME THING – BUT my uncle has never heard of MORGELLONS DISEASE and WE HAVE NEVER TOLD HIM EITHER – because it is not in a medical text book and it is not an actual disease. BUT HECK our symptoms are very similar just from that description alone aren’t they.

    Michael – I am enjoying this CBT you know and I am just managing to see the computer screen through my little slit eyes at the moment. Need a good PURGE before I start the weekend you know. The other one under this roof with the same symptoms as I, has to go out to work, otherwise we will NOT survive, and I just want US to have a good weekend, and hopefully get some answers before be both go completely insane.

  29. Dear Nancy and other medical sceptics on Morgellon’s Disease;Your opinion and your judgments well-This is a cop out from the medical arena
    wanting to blame the patients, who are in so much pain, because they aren’t open to the fact they only know fact, and when something is new or unusual and they haven’t the fact to back it up with they aren’t brave enough to follow thru to help those who suffer…this a true and real condition,its extremely painful and people like you Nancy, are the worst of human beings,you isolate and evaluate and judge,your aren’t qualified, that’s obvious,other wise we all would be cured…asta, I pray the condition isn’t given to you for eternity,to pay you back your own medicine…Leanne Hendley

    PS-before you speak,make sure you have the experience or have studied someone else’s life and symptoms to the tee,otherwise you are making it even harder for a final analysis,look to your self and keep out of the judging arena,maybe medical professionals are justify afraid they don’t know everything and their power might be challenged by something new and dangerous,so you shut us up, but 93% of people with these symptoms are sane and real, and the pain is excruciating-that is a fact from experienced person in the pain..can you say the same!if not retract your own 2 cents,its not enough to find the answer..God help you..thank you-Leanne

    2Jo 1:6 And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.
    love in Jesus, Leanne

  30. SeanOW2: I dont care how many freaks you have seen, if you really wanted to see this on someone with the ailment you could have. You dont call what you did a investigation… you? Two people….reaaaaallly!
    There is over 5000 claims, try again and get it right this time. You can see me Im available for inspection and I will guarantee you wont go away a unbeliever. Put up or shut up. I have the time.

  31. I don’t think Bible-thumping is necessary.

    What I like about this site is that it is objective. Nothing about Morgellons is recognized by medical authorities. Many “morgellons” sufferers are suffering from eczema, skin parasites, or simply delusions.

    I’m in the medical field and let me tell you, there is interest in this “fiber disease”. If CDC tell us it’s real, we will focus on treating it and curing it as a distinct disease. If “morgellons” simply represents lots of suffering people searching for something to name, blame and categorize, then it is a “popular hysteria”.

    We don’t want people to suffer, but we want to look very objectively at skin disorders and diseases. There are a LOT of them and they all cannot be attributable to a new disease.

    Remember, for many years there was a sickness called “wasting disease”. There was no disease, it was just a common sickness for long-time alcoholics and drug addicts.

    Let’s keep the televangelist screeching to a minimum.

  32. “If you are sane enough to know they think you’re crazy,your crazy if you let them tell you -that you are insane..think about it!!”- LeanneDenise(c)2006

  33. I don’t view it as Bible thumping – I see that as someone holding on to a spiritual belief to help them through this insanity, yes insane people who don’t want to help the sick. My opinion here.

    I am very pleased to hear there is at least an interest in the fiber disease, so there should be. So I guess the CDC better TELL YOU it is real then hey. I have never been into cults or popular hysteria, so if this is causing me to look like a wanna be transvestite I best do something about it, or maybe the CDC could shed some light.

    Do NOT wish to be a wanna be alcoholic or drug addict either. Just want a logical explanation for the birth of “Morgellons” and why we all have very similar symptoms, to the point where I wonder if I am literally wasting away. Which organ will give out first. I do have a heart murmur, and oh yes I am under a lot of psychology distress (one person in particular has said I am very unstable, I wear this title very proudly), because if my doc says this is like a poison in my body, well I guess that is why I am a little UNSTABLE. Not being able to treat the cause of an underlying diease has been known to mess with peoples heads.

  34. So who has in THEIR possession all the evidence.

    Names, address, country, geography – you know the water/coast line issue is a relevant one, some say fish have this, and insects, but I haven’t met one yet.

  35. Leanne, you need to read Catch-22

    There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one’s safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn’t, but if he was sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn’t have to; but if he didn’t want to he was sane and had to. Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle. ‘That’s some catch, that Catch-22,’ he observed. ‘It’s the best there is,’ Doc Daneeka agreed.

  36. Here’s an admission, I hadn’t even considered insects or even parasites as my fiber-demon until I found lymebusters. Honestly, I never knew that what the hell a parasite was, and I didn’t think bugs would be living in/on me. Today I believe that the parasite theory is a real possibility, but, for me, the bugs are an act of my mind putting a face to the sensation. Snap crackle pop, snap crackle pop, snap crackle pop, snap crackle pop. It feels buggish and seems to worsen when one is around the pesticide isle in a pet care store. When in it on your head, well, it’s pretty bothersome to say the least. I’ve never discussed these experiences with a doctor, or a friend, or anyone but you folks. Nancy Hinkle may call me delusional. Idiot, all I admit to is feeling something buggish. I need these words to describe my experience; that doesn’t mean I know what is going on. We can’t describe this. The mere description lands us in a straight jacket. What other medical conditions are patients so thoroughly humiliated by when trying to assist their physicians through accurate descriptions? Maybe I’ll let them put me in the straight jacket while they place my babies in the “tender embrace” of foster care. Yes, that approach will solve everything. Michael, did I ever mention how your blogs depress me at times? You make me feel like the world is a bleak place after all. I obviously can’t convey to you how real this is. I’ll just keep beating my bloody head against the wall, thank you very much.

  37. Sarach, I’ve tried to impress upon you, that rather than concerning yourself with “morgellons disease”, that you’ve needed to learn all that you can about what you have. The more a patient knows about their illnesses, the more empowered one is to get decent healthcare. The last you’d said to me, was:

    SarachConnor (abac68) Says:
    August 4th, 2006 at 3:35 pm

    Smileykins – I don’t need a label anyway when it comes to a disease – I am ME. I don;t think talking about sickness with a stranger at a party is good social communication, do you hear from I am saying.

    We don’t want to talk about other diseases and what name we will call what we have. I have a name the name I was given at birth. We don’t want people on their own hidden agenda for fame or fortune or whatever, good health, good friends and family and hey paying bills and even ya tax.

    I’m sorry you’d misunderstood me, and I’m very sorry that you’re ill. Please consider reading all you can about what you’ve got. You may find the very reasons for the symptoms you have.


    I’d mistakenly thought you’d said that you have the RA factor, previously. I’m glad that you were able to finally get a Lyme test, but I’m sorry that you have it. I hadn’t seen you mention a Morphea diagnosis until now. Based on your unusual descriptions about distortions, I had suspected that you probably had it. I know I can’t do this for you, and you have your own mind, to do with it what you will, but I can’t, in good conscience, not at least post a few things. I don’t know whether any of these links contain info on it, but Sarach, there are neuropsychiatric, or neuropsychological, symptoms often associated with Rickettsiosis and Late-Stage Lyme.

    Localized Fibrosing Disorders: Linear Scleroderma, Morphea, Regional Fibrosis

    Tick-Borne Diseases, Lyme

    Here’s info on Serotonin Syndrome. (You never know, that may apply to some other people, too.)

  38. Hi Smiley, 7.30pm Fri night here. Have had some sleep, but haven’t finished yet!

    Thank you for those links, do you know that Rickettsia document is the best I have read to date, I did try to keep pace with all the Rickettsia stuff to understand. Bad group of bugs those Rickettsi. Recent also March 2006 I think.

    Checked out the Linear Scleroderma, Morphea, document – excellent also, I can relate to the symptoms very well. This has helped.

    I may check the others another time, BUT the others also don’t paint a very pretty picture and I don’t think I need to focus on doom and gloom at all – do you? I think I would really like to train in the garden tomorrow for the pathogen race!

    I do appreciate you helping me in my troubling hours – and despite the shit that gets thrown around on this blog site – if it was just you and me sat in front of each other – I would shake your hand and thank you for giving me some good hard evidence of what I can actually really relate to. IT DOES NOT EXPLAIN EVERYTHING – BUT – I know – there are some things in life I will never understand and I wlll get that through my THICK SKULL ONE DAY!!

    Hope your health is coming along – you have had a rough time also.

    And for any of those readers out there from various blog/web sites who think I CAN NOT be trusted – please get a GRIP on yourselves and one of my old favourites – GO SUCK ON EGGS!!!!! (not u smiley).


  39. Sarach,

    You don’t run the race with the pathogens in a spoon, held in your mouth. The pathogens have to run on their own power. They are allowed to crawl, run, hop, skip, scoot, slither, etc. (no flying). You are allowed to root for your chosen pathogen. All pathogens will be detoxed prior to the race. Owners of pyrotodes must standby with fire extinguishers. There will be separate, handicap races, for all scabs, callouses, and other crippled pathogens.

  40. I do think the “Morgellons Festival” is over the top. I can’t imagine “pathogen races”, or quilting Bees from Morgellons fibers.

    I’m hoping there really isn’t a festival.

  41. Sorry, I did not have time to read all the post yet and once again, I’m running late for work….(did you hear that Diane, fako aka QUESTIONHAIR????, i’M WORKING SINCE IT WAS YOU THAT TOLD US TO STOP SCRATCHING AND GET A JOB)

    ANYWAY, wanted to quickly say to Texas star re: The lady that wrote the article at the top…..I agree 100% with you…! Do this: go to the very end of the references she provides….then look at the names of them…one is titled Mites in the scalp causing dermatological problems…..she contradicts herself and uses real photos of skin with lice and just lies (like everyone else in silicone valley does) ….hate em!

    Now, Intrigued who are you really? Jan Smith aka Greema? Trying to politely throw us, the really sick people off? Now, sorry, I was not avoiding you, but actually just now seeing your post. Not getting here that much anymore due to work…..but here, don’t know why you said I was trying to throw people off or disinform and that you could not find anything on the google suggestion by me…(oh, by the way, I admit, my spelling sucks rocks but it is better than I type it to be….I cant see that well anymore -probaly from the synthetic worms and the solar power fusion interferring with the magnetic field…-you know, the one that Hinkle lady probably is in on as well..haha

    but for you Intrigue….all for you:

    Eighteenth Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium – Aug 23File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    David Relman serves on the NSABB Dual Use Criteria and Synthetic Genomics … Measuring Mn, Cu, Fe and Zn levels in Worms Grown in Mn Supplemented Diet … – Similar pages

    [PDF] Untitled – Aug 23File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    David Relman, Palo Alto, California, USA. Pierre Rollin, Atlanta, Georgia, USA … fusion proteins and synthetic peptides. J Infect Dis 1994;169:801–6. … – Similar pages

    [PDF] UntitledFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    David Relman, Palo Alto, California, USA … by the worm Toxocara canis. Seroprevalence is 4% to 8%. depending on the region, but incidence of antibodies to … – Similar pages

    [PDF] Global Free Press: Peircing The Veil Of Censorship http … – Aug 23File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    “America’s worldwide pusher of synthetic drugs, baby formula, beauty products, … David Relman, who is on the Scientific Advisory Board of Cepheid, … – Similar pages

    [PDF] Global Free Press: Peircing The Veil Of Censorship http …File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    David Relman, who is on Cepheid’s Scientific Advisory Board of Cepheid, has served on … “America’s worldwide pusher of synthetic drugs, baby formula, … – Similar pages

  42. Aherah, “feeling buggish” is a very real medical symptom called “formication”. It happens for a variety of reasons, but about 20% of ALL WOMEN experience formication when going through the menopause. Doctors are very familiar with this symptom, and can attempt to treat it.

  43. I woke up one morning with black and white “fibers” growing out of my chin and face. I noticed that these same fibers were growing out of my arms and legs.

    Needless to say, I panicked. I went to the doctor and he told me that the fibers on my face were “whiskers” and that men over forty often have gray and white hairs all over. I was shocked to say the least, but I’m getting used to it. I have to remove the fibers daily with a “razor”. A solution called “after-shave” helps with the irritation, but the problem will never go away.

  44. Now, that’s funny! HAHAHAHA

  45. Hi, Sarach. Thank you for reading from those links. It isn’t that I intended to have any of that literature paint a picture of negativity, or scare you. Fear of the unknown is far more dangerous to people. It’s been my experience that in order to have valuable exchanges with physcians, one has to be well versed on their diagnoses, in order to be pro-active in their course of treatment. There is also a invaluable wealth of information on line, and in library books, on symptoms. We all know that doctors have very busy schedules, and I have always found them to appreciate patient input. They’re only human, like the rest of us. I’ve encountered a couple with personality issues, but they may have had something very troubling on their minds at the time, or been ill themselves. Call me crazy, but I only expect people to be people, primarily. I’m concerned that you’re treating with a doctor who believes in “morgellons disease”. I know that for patients who believe in it, that’s like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, though.

    I don’t know if this link on Drug Induced Photosensitivity can be of assistance to you or not. With my experience in the past, nobody cared to know anything about it. It provides a list of the drugs, and what the combination of sun exposure produces.

    Drug-induced photosensitivity refers to the development of cutaneous disease as a result of the combined effects of a chemical and light. Exposure to either the chemical or the light alone is not sufficient to induce the disease; however, when photoactivation of the chemical occurs, one or more cutaneous manifestations may arise. These include phototoxic and photoallergic reactions, a planus lichenoides reaction, pseudoporphyria, and subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus. Photosensitivity reactions may result from systemic medications and topically applied compounds.

    Something that I found ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING in that e Medicine Lyme Disease link, has to do with several accounts from morgie people (and they have really STUNNED me) about going blind in one eye, saying that they later regained their vision.

    OMG, look what that Lyme link says…

    * Red, itchy eyes from conjunctivitis

    o Red, itchy eyes are the most common ocular symptom.

    o Blurred vision and eye pain can occur from keratitis and iritis. Unilateral blindness from panophthalmitis has been reported as well.

    “Unilateral blindness”. Absolutely amazing!!!

    Keep improving, and tell Sally I said, hi.

  46. On the topic of cutaneous diseases from drug induced photosensitivity, here are only a couple of remarks from that deceptive live chat with Nurse Savely from back in May:

    Question from leanne in San Antonio: My symptoms are bumps all over my head and parts of my body with painful sores, headaches, sore muscles, and itching. Being in the heat really makes the parasite swarm. Sores can last for months and itching is uncontrollable. Are these symptoms being felt by others?? The doctors can’t seem to fix the problem.

    Ginger Savely: Yes, these are all classic symptoms.

    Question from Blanca Rueda in San Antonio: How come doctors do not know about it? Can I get my money back from the doctors that I have seen? How do chlorine, heat, water, and sun affect it?

    Ginger Savely: Doctors aren’t aware yet because the disease is not even recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Usually they have to recognize and investigate a disease first before the medical world starts to know about it. Get your money back from the doctors? Hmmm, good question. Sounds like one for an attorney, and not for me! (But lots of patients would like to know what you find out!)

    Also, sun usually makes it worse and so does heat.

    Of course, nobody that’s been derailed and disillusioned is aware of anything even close to resembling deception.

  47. Good morning – feeling refreshed.

    Smileykins – your information and links are so much appreciated, don’t worry – you are not frightening me at all. I agree I need to understand about my illness. My doc is a very lovely man, but myself and all is patients say he takes on too much, but heck he is caring man. He just needs to learn to tell the time a bit better!!!!! (his wife said that, not I)!!!

    Photosensitivity and Drug interaction – WOW!! I am certainly guilty of being a sun lover!! My English skin loves the sun, OR did, but I think I can cope without baking myself in the sun for hours.

    Thank you very much.

  48. TallCotton – My 90yr Gran in hospital recently. My ma had to take her in some tweezers, she was upset because she had some hairs growing from her chin….she said “I think this lot are trying to turn me into a man”!! Hey, she is with it don’t you worry, I admire her, she is right royal pain in the bum, but I luv her.

  49. To any of the medical people who read here or anyone else who knows (if you do not mind me asking Michael?) – Rickettsia? Been around forever I believe, it is a very nasty bug to treat yes? my experience yes. I believe there are new rickettsi popping up all the time.

    My doc says Australia do not believe Rickettsia is a threat to humans, BUT the rest of the world think so. I am kinda leaning in his direction, what do you people in the USA think? Just curious – thanks.

  50. Hey there, Sarach. You’re welcome. Aside from the phototoxic skin reactions that can trigger diseases, just heat and sun, alone, exacerabate connective tissue diseases like lupus, polymyositis-dermatomyositis, and scleroderma. That made me so mad when I saw that revealing interview Savely did. No amount of money could supply me the guts that any of these supposed-to-be educated men and women have, to publicize such low-life ignorance the ways they’re all doing on this “morgellons myth”. (Whoops. Excuse me.)

  51. For the record, whatever causes my chronic hives is way worse in hot weather. It is not unknown for the sun itself to trigger histamine (allergic) reactions.

  52. I don’t even want to watch that revealing interview – I don’t need anymore ideas PLANTED in my head. I will trust your judgement on that one.

    You know throughout this whole journey since I registered with MRF – I can not explain a lot of the strange things that have happened to me, and I know that not even my doc or shrink can. They say “WOW – that is bizarre”, BUT not in a way to put me down. I would like to think they are both LEARNING from ME – this will help all their other patients in the future, especially the young children, they are our future.

    I would like to think the strange happenings I experienced one night was brought about by chemical toxicity from medicine I have had to take. Seems rather logical to me. I am an individual – medication will effect my brain different to Joe Bloggs for instance, so that is how I figure it out.

    My doc has a book on his bookshelf – “DETOX OR DIE” – I don’t need to read it, the title speaks for itself! – BUT maybe it would be helpful to some other people who are not sure what is wrong with their health and have registered with the MRF – just a thought.

  53. I would add to that, Sarah, that in addition to environmental and dietary toxins, there are also toxic relationships and toxic thought processes. I tend to suspect that when you ended your relationship with a certain toxic woman, that did wonders for your health.

    I know that I sure like you better with a sense of humor ;)

  54. Thank you – I have always had a very good sense of humour (so I have been told) – take after both ma & pa.

    I lost the ability to smile you know when my skin started to thicken on my face, very horrible experience, this in turn effected me psychologically.

    My face is looking really good, I can see my “sweet heart” shape face/features are coming back, when I visit my folks today I know they will notice this and it will really make them happy.

    Toxic woman – don’t even go there!!! BUT – yes.

  55. Good for you, Sarah. I am very pleased you are doing well. I was quite concerned about you during the MRF incident, Michael can confirm that. Hugs to your ma and da!

  56. That is really nice of you people – thank you.

  57. Yes, indeedy, just my own perspiration stirs my skin up, JeezeLousie. Toxic things, toxic thoughts, and toxic people, are what we all need to strive to avoid. Sarach, I would only be concerned, first, in the health and well being of myself, and that of my own family, and friends. You’re on track, now, lady. The people who have been deceived into falling for “morgellons disease”, rather than being able to focus on what their real health matters are, have been tripped up, and caught inside of something extremely detrimental that has lead them very far off course. Is typhus what you have? You may have mentioned, I’m sorry, but I only recall some past reference to mice. I’m so sorry about your cousin, and the way she left this world. That wasn’t related to what you have though, if I understand correctly. But, if her father has similar symptoms to yours, has he got typhus? Your doctor may not see Rickettsial Diseases too often in his practice, which is good, but, there are a couple in Australia. He would know if they were a big threat. Here’s the CDC’s Health Information for International Travel, 2005-2006, on it, but to get as well as you possibly can, try to just maintain that focus of yours on healing yourself, and not so much on the rest of the world. I’m very proud of you.

  58. Smileykins – Typhus ? not sure – I don’t really understand (doesn’t matter anyway). Mine is the Spotted Fever Group (R.australis,R.honei,R.conorii,R.sibirca,R rickettii,R.akari) – nasty little buggers!!

    Good thing I did all my travel in my 20′s, at least I have not missed out on seeing the world.

    Look I have not done this totally on my own – you have really helped me.

    AUGUST 24TH, 2006 AT 11:33 AM



    I did not see your reply to the above post. Are you still researching it or are you unable to understand the information or their spin?

    Have you already made your reservations at the Morg inFestival hotel? Wonder if they will have the health department certify it as being safe after the morgies leave. Bet they lower their rates after all the media is released.

    I see where wymore is handing out ivermectin now. Is OSU now a treatment facility.

  60. Whoa- hold on there Texastar. Wymore is NOT handing out ivermectin. He is not a physician and can not ever prescribe anything, much less hand out meds. OSU is not a treatment facility. We are still waiting for IRB approval for human studies, much less DOING any. Please, watch what you say, saying things that aren’t true doesn’t help anyone. Where did you get that information from?

  61. I was hoping you were around, Jace. Want a helmet & some safety gear? (hehe)

  62. “This is much deeper than selling bug spray.”

    You’re absolutely right. It’s husk deep, actually! It’s not about selling bug spray at all, but about researching pesticides for agricultural use. This keeps bugs out of your corn, lettuce, tomatoes, etc., and keep you healthy. :)

    “There is much at stake here for major chemical companies. They are eager to pay to have people discredit informaiton leading to the truth all the way from rinky dink website bloggers to university research profs.”

    There you are wrong. They would probably be calling biotech companies, as University professorships are very competitive and there is always that pesky thing called “full disclosure” for finances, research records, files, everything, that gets in the way of conspiracy theorists. ;)

    “This is especially true where major universities were involved in the development of GM biopesticides some of which have been recalled due to effects on nontarget organisms including humans.”

    Yes, there’s been one or two that have affected nontarget organisms, including humans. But the funny thing is, those are widely publicized and no one is working under the table to keep those things hushed.

    “Do a little research and sharing on this subject or are you really on the Black PR payroll also. ”

    Black PR payroll? Is this an ethnic slur, or a conspiracy theory?

  63. Hey there Smiley!

    Question for ya. Who do I need the helmet and protective gear for? Radical morgies- or radical anti-morgies? I’m sure there are others I need protection from- I’m stirring up the pot for both sides, without doing anything. Such the rabble rouser I am. Let me tell ya, sometimes being in the middle really sucks!

  64. Sarah asked:


    Are you the Sarah in Australia?

  65. Many morgie people are pretty fearful and distrusting to begin with. Unusual things are happening to many of them, and it looks just like science fiction has entered into, and taken over, their very lives. For anyone who’s opted to avoid treating for that, everything should (and it appears that it does), continue to worsen. Some have gone on to hastening their decline through their very own purposeful exposures to pesticides. Some believe that it’s quite good for them, and not in any way harmful, because they have those perpetual parasitical infestations to combat.

    So, onward they go, doing as their leader taught them, brainwashed into a relentless pursuit of her mysterious thread-producing-pathogen. It’s only natural, being miserable, scared, and confused, to begin with, and not knowing why, that answers are impossible to come by. It hasn’t been a good thing to hook up with someone promising such hope for all that, someday. Instructing her followers to buy those microscopes and woods lamps, and obsess, and obsess, and to contact all their health and government authorities…..wouldn’t anybody suspect pretty much everything in the world to be the cause of their sufferings? Sure, any of us in their situations would. It’s very pathetic.

  66. Jace,

    This was posted by Cindy Casey, Miss NMO/OSU herself.

    cindycasey New Member
    member is offline

    Joined: Jul 2006 Posts: 29

    Re: Ivermectin

  67. “…The lady that wrote the article at the top…..I agree 100% with you…! Do this: go to the very end of the references she provides….then look at the names of them…one is titled Mites in the scalp causing dermatological problems…..she contradicts herself and uses real photos of skin with lice and just lies (like everyone else in silicone valley does) ….hate em!”

    You didn’t have time to read the article, but are accusing Dr. Hinkle of lying? I would read the article before throwing around accusations, but that’s my personal opinion.

    She does use real photos of skin with lice, as there are no definitive photos of Delusory Parasitosis as it is just that… a delusion. Just trying to help you out there. People like to publish pictures with articles, that’s just the way prestigious, peer-reviewed magazines work.

  68. Texstar – Yes I am the one in Ausralia.

    Interesting document??? I think I need a helmet and my nickers changing…

  69. Texastar, Dr. Hinkle wrote her paper in 2000, well before Morgellons was proposed, the paper references the work of dozens of scientists from the past forty years. You are saying this is all some big conspiracy? All these scientists around the world have been in the pay of the pesticide manufacturers for the last forty years?

  70. I knew I shouldn’t have drunk that bottle of fly spray this morning – but I was itchy, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    I do need a cuppa tea now….

  71. My little Michael,

    I was not speaking of black pr in reference to Hinkle. I was talking to you.

    Yes, dp has been the excuse of choice for many years. Nothing new except for the chemcals and gm biopesticides and many more affected people.

    Michael, take a look at where hinkle’s funding comes from. Follow the grant money. look where she publishes and speaks. You usually do a better job of researching than this; or are you still black pr spinning?

    Congrats Sarah, I see you got married. And why do you refer to your boss as “the lady who wrote the article?”

  72. texastar Says:
    August 27th, 2006 at 8:34 pm

    And why do you refer to your boss as “the lady who wrote the article?”

    Sorry ??? – I am delusional today – were you referring to me with that question?

  73. I just had a look at that documentby the Nancy Dinkle lady.

    The references at the bottom of the document

    I like this one in particular:

    Marschall, M. A., R. F. Dolezal, M. Cohen, and S. F.
    Marschall. 1991. Chronic wounds and delusions of
    parasitosis in the drug abuser. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 88:

    Only coz it gave ME a giggle.

  74. Texastar, I still can’t figure out what you are trying to say. What exactly is Hinkle supposed to be covering up? And how does this cover-up make enough money to pay her bribes? Hinkle seems to spend most of her time looking at lice on chickens.

  75. You have a wierd sense of humor!

    Here’s another “funny” paper, who might this “J.L.” be, hmm :)

    Case 1: “Shakable Belief and Anxiety”: J.L. is a 39-year-old, white woman who presented to dermatology clinic complaining of “white strands” on her face that “feel like they are moving—like hair being pulled through the skin.” She brought several Ziploc (plastic) bags filled with samples, which microscopy revealed to be fibrous strands and epithelial cells. Physical examination demonstrated multiple hyperpigmented patches and a healing erythematous lesion on her right cheek. Otherwise, her skin was clear.

    The dermatologist considered that J.L. had psychogenic parasitosis and reassured the patient that her complaints were taken seriously and that her samples would be sent to a professional entomologist.

    Note all the cases discussed in this paper were from before 1998. A long time before M.L. coined the term “Morgellons”. It’s interesting how similar the cases are to some you would find described on Lymebusters.

  76. Jace,

    The following quote makes it sound as if the OSU team is recommending the use of the antihelmintic, Ivermectin, for treatment of Morgellons patients.

    “This treatment is considered to be “as good as it gets” for now by many including the team at OSU. Cindy”

    Is Cindy’s statement correct?

    Tall Cotton

  77. TC – Last time I chatted on the phone to Cindy and Charles they spoke about this.

    Cindy takes the Ritalin for her chronic fatigue and Chas said it is really helping her.

    Isn’t the Ivermectin just for bug,parasite infections?

    After all the antibiotics I have had no chance for a bug to survive, I have to keep on the probotic to keep the balance in my body.

  78. Ivermectin is an antiparasitical, mainly used as a dewormer. It isn’t approved in the US for scabies, although it will kill mites. I don’t know why anyone would recommend it for Morgellons patients, unless it is for secondary infections.

  79. TC – You know I shouldn’t really say this – BUT – here I go

    Everyone at Lymebusters is doin it doin it doin it!!! and in Germany they use Fenban whatever it is.

  80. sarachchonnor wrote:


    Is ritalin also part of the OSU and Dr. Wymore’s treatment for the fatigue people say they have?

    you can’t buy ritalin at the feed store.

    more information on ritalin:

  81. OMG! and they give Ritalin to children – they are crazy.

  82. Worms are treated with Invermectin. That rules those patients out as having “morgellons disease”.

    Chas says Ritalin is “really helping” Cindy with chronic fatigue, and that’s nice, BUT, being a patient with neurotic excoriations, whomever placed her on Ritalin, is off their rocker, for certain! The possible side effects from Ritalin could make a person believe they’ve got “morgellons disease”, even if they didn’t already think it. You know what they’ll be bound to say when it happens too. They’ll say her “morgellons” took a turn for the worse.

    Low doses

    Appetite suppression – Wakefulness – Heightened alertness – Euphoria – Impairment of voluntary movement
    Headache – Irregular or rapid heartbeat – Nausea and vomiting – Skin rash – Some people may experience drowsiness

    High doses

    Exhilaration and excitatio – Agitation – Muscle twitching – Dilation of pupils – Confusion – Hallucinations and paranoia – Flushing – Increased blood pressure and pulse rate – Dry mouth – Vomiting – Fever and sweating Delirium – Seizures, followed by coma – Anxiety and restlessnes – Excessive repetition of movements and meaningless tasks – Formication- the sensation of bugs or worms crawling under the skin

  83. Sounds cheerful doesn’t it.

    Is this what we have to look forward to in the future with our children? – Lucky I didn’t have children (my take on that one ok).

    Now that is ABUSE – proxy pharmaceutical companies clever clever

    Now if the doctor prescribing Ritalin is DOP and he is also controlled by Mrs Munster and there little boy was sick and the oriental doc helped to make him better and daddy is a doctor what does that equal?

    Reminds me of the movie “Ghostbusters” – “WE GOT ONE”!!!

  84. [Deleted at the request of the author]

  85. Misconceptions???? Don’t you mean killing people.

    I am not implying the OSU is killing people

    This fabricated money spinner that MARY LEITAO created with HER Morgellons Research Foundation is killing me.

    Chas – you need to get a grip – I am not DOP and I don’t have Morgellons Disease.

  86. SarachConnor (abac68) Says:
    August 28th, 2006 at 4:24 am

    Now if the doctor prescribing Ritalin is DOP and he is also controlled by Mrs Munster and there little boy was sick and the oriental doc helped to make him better and daddy is a doctor what does that equal?

    I would like to add to the above comment, please keeping in mind I became a victim of Mary Leitaos mind control and empire building. I have a disease but I don’t have Morgellons Disease.

    Little boy in question had a bad fall, hurt his head – he nearly died. Daddy looked after him very well. This is what inspirated daddy to learn about alternative medicine and apply to that modern medicine, for the child to live quality of life. Isn’t that a happy ending..?

  87. [Deleted at the request of the author]

  88. jace Says:
    August 28th, 2006 at 5:28 am

    Unless by OSU team she means the few cases that are being treated by our associated physicians on their own time, the statement is incorrect. We are not telling people to go get Ivermectin or Ritalin. I have issues with that statement because it makes it look like we, the researchers, are part of this. We most definitely are not. Like I said, she may have seen an OSU doc with her own time and money who gave her these prescriptions, but it was not associated with us. It worries me that there are that many misconceptions out there, I think this thing just gets uglier and uglier.

    Are physicians treating a few cases did you say??

    What are they treating?

    You can’t treat Morgellons Disease it doesn’t exit.

    I hope there is treatment for the Proxy MARY LEITAO – well maybe the Pharmaceutical companies reading this blog could throw all their poison pills in one pot and make one for HER…!!!!!


    Someone can come fix me. WALLABY MILK…..have a read

  89. No wallabys here, so I guess we will have bigger problems in this country. Your last link frightens me a little about putting wallaby lactation genes into cows. I really feel like all this genetic manipulation has got to stop. Our species has survived so far without having to mess with mother nature. And as for your statement that there is no morgellons, well I believe there is. I don’t ask you or anyone else to believe it, but I still believe despite the MRF scandal that something is happening. As I’ve said before, it makes no difference to me either way- my job remains the same no matter what. I believe in what I see and do everyday. I am not however forcing my beliefs on to anyone else. If they don’t believe, it’s not an issue for me.

  90. Yes something has happened Jace – I wish I could explain it to you – but I can’t do it on blog site. I really need to rest. I need treatment, help, support, love.

    I heard a patient in my doc’s office talking to the receptionist, I started to listen because he had a New Zealand accent, naturally I chatted and asked what part etc because I used to live their

    - Anyway my point here is he said to her “Oh yes winter upon us got to check in with the good doctor – treat the plague ha ha”

  91. Jace,

    Why do you think that Morgellons is a distinct disease?

    Tall Cotton

  92. Texas said “Congrats Sarah, I see you got married. And why do you refer to your boss as “the lady who wrote the article?”

    I did get married, thank you for your kind words. 8)
    Since you had not yet read the post inasmuch as one would to even find her name, I decided to talk to you on the level to which it seemed you had familiarized yourself with the blog post.

    Also, I am no longer an employee of the University of Georgia, but am busy pursuing a graduate degree, so Dr. Hinkle is no longer one of my bosses, though I still hold her in upmost regard.

  93. Jace, TC – Morgellons a distinct disease – Mary made it up – simple. She made it up for a reason. She has some how achieved what she wanted to achieve.

    Then I get an email from Lymebusters this morning more abuse that this is not just aboue ME. Well for me you idiots this FUCKIN well is. Leitao is the sole reason why I am fuckin doin this.

    Slimebusters tell me – “how can I (me) believe what is on the internet” well that is very well a good question. Why do you think I took the information from the internt to a fuckin doctor. Aren’t they supposed to sort out the shit from the clay. Don’t you dare blame me you fuckin arse wipes. Yes I love to get the shit of my chest and vent it where it is meant to go. Does this not sound like real suffering Kerry or Mary or whoever the hell you are?

  94. Sarahch- I have been reading this blog, and every time you have contact with the MRF you get very upset. I don’t know you, but I hate to see you like this. My advice is to not read anything sent to you from or by them. If someone makes you feel worse about yourself and your life, they are not someone you need around. Everyone needs to surround themselves with people who make them feel secure and cared for. Don’t let them mess with you.

  95. I have not had any contact with them Jace, I have cut myself off from everyone but this blog site. christ all mighty.

  96. TC- I answered you earlier but it’s gone. I’m not entirely convinced that morgellons is a distinct disease. To me (in my personal opinion) it is more like a syndrome that has many different affects. I don’t know if it’s one pathogen causing so many different symptoms, or one main pathogen that allows other secondary pathogens to cause further damage (this makes more sense to me) And just imagine with me for a minute- if you believed in this morgellons disease what scenario do you personally think makes more sense?

  97. Jace, thanks, I was trying to get to that point, but felt I was making things worse. I think we all know that people involved with the MRF are following this blog, and I strongly suspect that those people are intentionally pushing Sarach’s buttons, to upset her and make her appear unstable – thereby discrediting her statements relating to the MRF. I absolutely agree that she should avoid opening those emails.


  98. Sarach- this sounds to me like you are having contact with them. Maybe someone is using your username?

    Then I get an email from Lymebusters this morning more abuse that this is not just aboue ME. Well for me you idiots this FUCKIN well is. Leitao is the sole reason why I am fuckin doin this.

    Slimebusters tell me – “how can I (me) believe what is on the internet” well that is very well a good question. Why do you think I took the information from the internt to a fuckin doctor. Aren’t they supposed to sort out the shit from the clay. Don’t you dare blame me you fuckin arse wipes. Yes I love to get the shit of my chest and vent it where it is meant to go. Does this not sound like real suffering Kerry or Mary or whoever the hell you are?

  99. I have no idea. Anything is possible I guess I hope not.

  100. Jace,

    Thank you for your reply. As for my opinion, one pathogen, several pathogens, neither scenario makes sense. I don’t think Morgellons is a distinct disease or a syndrome. I don’t believe any pathogens are involved, other than those that cause already known illnesses. I believe that the so-called Morgellons patients are suffering from a multitude of known illnesses. Thanks.

    Tall Cotton

  101. TC- it is possible for a known pathogen to mutate and become something quite different. I just think it’s a possibility in this case. Bacteria are becoming antibiotic resistant, more virulent, etc. Morgellons doesn’t have to be a new organism for it to have entirely different manifestations. Thank you for your response- but you didn’t play “imagine” very well. I KNOW you don’t believe there is a morgellons- I was just asking you what you would think if you WERE a believer. You were at one time, right? I just want to gain some insight and I think you and Smiley are invaluable.

  102. Hey- thanks to whoever put the quote in a box. I haven’t had a computer class since ’91, so I haven’t really gotten the hang of it. It’s familiar, yet not familiar enough for me to figure out.

  103. “Bacteria are becoming antibiotic resistant, more virulent, etc.” Yeah, Jace, TC knows that. He also knows about morgies playing with antibiotics they get over the internet, and about Harvey, Stricker, Savely, Scwhartz, and who knows what other doctors, that are screwing around with such patients as these, with careless presciptions for antibiotics. Gee whiz, some of the morgies KNOW they have MRSA infections, and have had family pets dying. They don’t have a clue, Jace. They, like you, think they have “morgellons disease”. I know you can’t help it.

  104. Wait, I’m not inferring that you have encountered such patients, with MRSA, I’m saying they all, regardless of what they have wrong with them, think it is “morgellons disease”, which is not a disease. A mentally disturbed, apparent MBPS mother came up with it, and vulnerable people fell for it.

  105. is that exactly what happened Smileykins?
    I mean for the record, thats EXACTLY what happened?
    a merely delusional mother came up with it and thousands of people with identical symptoms such as her son had, all imagined it as well?
    If so, then I hope you start fighting for the DOP cause and start research into what is causing this spreading epidemic of “DOP” because if thats what it is, then DOP is spreading like wildfire and it needs to be taken care of.

    I mean from a critically objective point of reference;

    Tens of thousands of people around the globe are simultaneously hallucinating the same thing.
    What is the breaking point, the critical mass where the ones hallucinating these horrid symptoms, becomes so so large that it is no longer referred to as a hallucination or delusion?
    Do the people not hallucinating the symptoms ignore it even if the number of peopole hallucinating the experience becomes larger than the people labelling it as such?
    When do the two perceptions collide?
    Again, what’s the criticla mass?

    When the number people hallucinating that the imaginary crawling pains in their head and skin and imaginary fibers coming out of sores on their body, become VASTLY larger than the amount of people not experiencing said hallucination, I’d think that the people labelling it as hallucination would have to logically come to a point where out of common sense, where they would have to begin to doubt their diagnosis of the growing masse’s delusions, for their own safety and begin to either start looking IN DEPTH into these people’s reports of hallucinations,or ignore it until they become a minority opinion as far as the case is concerned.

    How many doctors and biologists have to start hallucinating these symptoms themselves for the tables to turn?
    Why are the patients reporting the potential epidemics such as Bird Flu and West Nile not labeled as delusinal? Sure the symptoms may be different, and there may be a readily available test that proves the existance of the cause of such diseases in those patients, but there is active medical attention on these “emerging” diseases.

    What makes whatever it is that causes this mass hallucination so different?

    When a majority of the populace hallucinates something, I do believe that the people not hallucinating should either take active measures to protect themselves from starting to believe the hallucination, OR, try to actually see if these hallucinations have any grounding in actual biological phenomnena.

    Nobody wants to be surrounded by a group of people hallucinating the same thing do they?
    As far as I go personally, (and let me speak to you in terms that you can comprehend) I have had no prior mental illnesses, or physical ailments, or delusions, yet as of a month ago I began feeling like someone was taking a pipe cleaner and running it through my skin in my ear and temple. Of course.. I was just imagining this , because the textbooks say that that is impossible, lets it be a parasitic worm, which is what I thought it might be, These hallucinations have jumped into my life, and taken over, these hallucinations and delusions cause me to have literally no energy, and keep me from being able to focus and think properly when it comes to my work.
    I plead to you, SMILEYKINS, that since you are an active member of this site, and have observed so many reports of this widespread delusion, from isolated areas of the world and U.S., that you put as much energy as you do in pressing the point that it IS in deed delusional, put that same amount of energy into starting or helping to start a foundation that can DEAL , COMPREHENSIVELY with this spreading disease of people imagining crawling pains through their eyes and skin, and imaginary fibers coming out of sores on their body. Get funding, get a board of competent psychologists, and psychiatrists, and begin to take an active role in examaning this spreading syndrome of people with DOP.
    Because it IS indeed spreading, and again, if you care so much to be talking on this board about it, why not begin a national foundation that helps people with this more and more common mass-delusion of crawling feelings and imaginary open sores that eject imaginary fibers.

    If so many people are imagining the same thing, then we have a serious national threat. People are imagining this EVERYWHERE, and the people like YOU that CARE about the situation, should really take this head-on and understand and DEFEAT this delusion!

    I mean whats more difficult to believe?

    A great number of people from different places across the world, who’ve never been in contact with one another reporting that they are imagining open sores with fibers sticking out and crawling feelings as if they are infestewd with parasites?


    A great number of people from different places across the world, who’ve never been in cont act with one another reporting that they HAVE open sores with fibers sticking out and painful crawling feelings as if they are infestewd with parasites?

    of COURSE you would choose the LATTER, as any common sense individual would.

    Its MUCH more plausible that people from around the world who’ve never met one another, are ALL having the same hallucinatory images and sensations of open wounds and fibers and crawling feelings.
    That just goes without saying.

    I mean when people started to correlate lumps in their breasts with breast cancer, we, as a collective populace rejected such notions and of course thought they were all hallucinating this.

    And that was the prudent thing to do.
    Wouldn’t want to cause a panic now would we?

    Seriously now,
    I propose that you and all o the people talking about this delusional illnes, to DO THE RIGHT THING, and put forth the first steps in an effort to bring some kind of solace to the growing of number ssimultaneously hallucinating the same exact torturous symptoms in their body. You know how powerful the imagination can be! These people are actualyl experiencing something that just DOES NOT EXIST!
    Lets help them! And lets do this before it spreads even further!

    Before our children or spouse or firends begin instantaneously begin reporting the same exacty symptomatic delusions!

    I plead to you, begin a foundation to help this spreading delusion of imaginary open sores with imaginary fibers sticking out and imaginary pains of imaginary parasitic worms crawling through their temples and ears and eyes.

    It’s just not righ to let people continue to imagine this sort of thign on such a widespread scale! Lets be forthright and stern in our belif that through proper psychological practice, we can nip this in the bud before more and more normal, sane, productive members of society with absolutely NO record of illness phyical or mental, begin to manifest this hallucinatory delusion identical to the hallucinations others around the world are reporting.

    ACT FAST. the delusion is spreading. lets put it out before you yourselves begin hallucinating!


  106. thousands of people with identical symptoms such as her son had

    Drew’s symptoms are NOTHING LIKE those of the vast majority of people who believe they have Morgellons.

    They are not even like the MRFs case definition.

    He just has eczema, and has been diagnosed as this several times.

    “I found no evidence of [anything suspicious] in Andrew,” Dr. Heldrich wrote to Dr. Frac after the visit. Then he added: “Ms. Leitao would benefit from a psychiatric evaluation and support, whether Andrew has Morgellons disease or not. I hope she will cease to use her son in further exploring this problem.”

    (VO) Armed with research, Mary took Drew to a doctor in one of the countries leading hospitals. But he dismissed her tale of fibers and wrote to her pediatrician.
    [1]22:13:01 MARY LEITAO (SCIENTIST)
    To basically say that my son will need Vaseline for his lips and that his mother, me, needed a thorough psychiatric evaluation.
    (VO) Instead of a psych evaluation, Mary began pouring through the medical literature looking for clues. What she discovered was a 17th century reference to a strange disease with harsh hairs called the “Morgellons.” She named the strange fibers morgellons disease and put the information on a website. Since then, over 4500 people have contacted Mary claiming they have morgellons-type symptoms.

    Leitao said she long ago grew accustomed to being doubted by doctors whenever she sought help for her son, who is now 7 and still suffering from recurring lesions.

    “They suggested that maybe I was neurotic,” Leitao said of her attempt to have her son examined by infectious-disease experts at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. “They said … I had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy” — a mental illness in which a parent fabricates a child’s illness or intentionally injures a child.

    If you grow accustomed to being diagnosed by doctors, you also grow accustomed to rejecting their diagnosies. Leitao has become convinced that her children (all of them) have a new disease that SHE discovered. Tens of doctors have disagreed with her. Yet she has grown accustomed to rejecting their diagnoses, and substituting her own.

    Why would you believe Leitao over the doctors?

  107. M,

    Tens of thousands of people have NOT reported “Morgellons” symptoms. A few thousand have allegedly registered with the MRF. But the case definition for Morgellons is overly broad, and lists a wide variety of unrelated symptoms. I think the MRF has also proven that their statistics cannot be trusted. The so-alled Morgellons sufferers have a wide variety of medical problems.

    Tall Cotton

  108. M. I deal in facts. Facts WORK.

    Smileykins Says:
    September 2nd, 2006 at 2:19 am

    You have to do this M. I don’t think that staph infection in your ear was treated adequately. You wasted precious time, effort, and money, on seeing a rheumatologist. Dag-gone-it, you even trusted him, and took the freakin’ predisone for something you tested negative for, through him. Then, your condition worsened, with your having thought that it was side effects from the predisone. It was the ear infection spreading, M!!! Then, you called that rheumatologist back, and he said he’d never heard of side effects like that, from prednisone, before, and for you to continue taking it. Hear me, M. You did not even need to be on predisone. Your swelling in your ear went down AS IT MOVED INWARD toward your mastoid bone and toward your brain. I am extremely concerned, and you are in a very precarious situation. Please seek the appropriate emergency care immediately.

    *BASED ON THE INTRICATELY DETAILED INFO* that you posted underneath the topic “How Many People Have Morgellons?” you are being argumentative with me over this, BECAUSE YOU, *NO DOUBT*, HAVE INFECTION FROM STAPH THAT HAS *SPREAD TO YOUR BRAIN FROM THAT UNDERTREATED RIGHT EAR INFECTION*!!!

    People have had DOP since the beginning of mankind, M. It just seems, to you, like it’s widespread, because mankind did not always have the internet, and we did not have Mary Leitao, before, bringing it to the forefront of out attention. You have not got her “morgellons disease”. You need to got to an ER and tell them this…

    You had a staph infection in your right ear that was not resolved, and you are having some mental issues since then. That is ALL you need to say, and ask for an MRI, or CT scan of your head!!!!! I beg you, if you want to survive this and come out okay, you will pay attention to me. I am not a stupid person. I read what you said, M!!!!
    That ear infection has spread to your brain. Forget all about other people….TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. M, GET REAL. If you can’t comprehend what I am saying to you, as intelliegent as you are, that is a very good indication that you have an altered mental status. Go to an ER…NOW. Ask for a brain CT scan. You described mastoiditis, which can lead to a brain abcess, perfectly. You are in serious danger.

    Pathophysiology: Mastoiditis develops when middle ear inflammation spreads to the mastoid air cells, resulting in infection and destruction of the mastoid bone.

    Complications of mastoiditis occur when inflammation extends through the antrum and into the posterior cranial fossa, the middle cranial fossa, the canal of the facial nerve, the sigmoid and lateral sinuses, and the petrous tip of the temporal bone. Extension of local disease can cause significant morbidity and life-threatening disease.

    Mortality/Morbidity: Although mastoiditis is rare, significant morbidity and mortality can arise. Morbidity consists of the following:

    * Hearing loss

    * Extension of the infectious process beyond the mastoid system, resulting in either intracranial complications or extracranial complications


    * Most brain abscesses originally stemmed from nasopharyngeal infections such as otitis media, mastoiditis, and sinusitis. Because of improved antibiotic therapy, these sources now account for approximately 40% of cases.

    In the past, approximately 20% of cases were considered to be either idiopathic or of undetermined origin. In all of these cases, etiologic organisms were overwhelmingly bacterial, including aerobic (ie, Streptococcus milleri, Streptococcus viridans, Staphylococcus aureus, beta-hemolytic streptococci) and anaerobic species (ie, Bacteroides species, anaerobic streptococci).

    Emergency Department Care: To treat the disease properly, clinical suspicion and prompt diagnosis are very important.

    * Intravenous (IV) antibiotics are administered and continued for 24-48 hours.

    * The most common surgical treatment for uncomplicated mastoiditis is myringotomy or tympanostomy tube insertion.

    * A mastoidectomy is performed in the presence of mastoid osteitis, a subperiosteal abscess, intracranial involvement, cholesteatoma, other complications, or if no improvement occurs after 24-48 hours of treatment.


    * Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) consultation is imperative because surgery is performed if medical management fails.

    * If the patient does not respond to standard treatment or if the patient has chronic mastoiditis, an infectious diseases consult may be helpful.

    Imaging Studies:

    * CT imaging of the brain (with and without contrast) is the most readily available study for establishing diagnosis of brain abscess in the ED.

    o Early in the course, abscess appears as a low-density, irregular zone that does not enhance in the presence of intravenous contrast

    o Classically, as the disease progresses, a distinctive “ring enhancement” appears on contrast-enhanced CT, as the abscess wall thickens.

    o Rarely, a well-organized abscess wall fails to generate such ring enhancement. Such false-negative results should not have an impact on ED care or disposition; they have more implications for inpatient care, where the timing of surgical intervention is dictated by response to preliminary intravenous antibiotics and subsequent organization of the abscess wall.

    * MRI is increasingly becoming useful for establishing the presence of a brain abscess. Earlier technical problems with enclosed scanners and the physical isolation of MRI suites have been addressed by newer generation systems and inclusion of integral MRI suites in radiology departments. The principal difficulty with using MRI in ED diagnosis is availability of ancillary personnel to perform studies after hours. Fortunately, CT is generally sufficient to make the preliminary diagnosis, which mandates neurosurgical consultation and admission to the hospital.


    * Lumbar puncture (LP) should be deferred in any case for which brain abscess is suspected because of the potential for CNS herniation and death.

  110. then why do i feel the crawling sensation.. does staph move as a biomass? does it move all over your skin?

    you’re sooo readily attributing any and all symptoms to brain-related machinations.

    i look at my Q-Tip before i put it in my ear to swab.

    no blue squiggly fibers.

    i look at my Q-Tip IMMEDIATELY AFTER i have swabbed it has numerous BLUE SQUIGGLY FIBERS on it.

    doctor has scheduled an MRI on sunday.
    no antibiotics prescribed for me.
    There was never a cultured test positive for Staph, it was merely a walk-in clinic’s nurse’s opinion of what caused the initial inflammation.

    I was put on the prednisone BEFORE the Rheumatoid doctor’s test for Polychondritis were recieved. The test results of it being negative were given to me 2 days before i was to end my steroid treatment.

    I literally FEEL WORMS crawling through my skin.
    You say, could be the staph in his brain producing a persistant state of delusion.
    I say, I feel the painful pressured sensation of a WORM… ROUTING its way around the flesh in my scalp and face surrounding my ear.
    When I go to hold my finger over the area, I can FEEL, the MOVEMENT of the WORM as it moves from area to AREA.

    This is what is HAPPENING TO ME.
    do you not understand?
    can you just LET GO of this delusional idea for a damn split second and listen to someone who is experiencing this?

    I am a regular guy, I am emotionally stable, have a loving family and friends, I have NO REASON to desire ATTENTION from DOCTORS who’m I’m very well aware of may label me the same, delusional. I have a very REAL problem, that is BIOLOGICAL in nature, and feels like a WORM MOVING…
    not waves of tingling like ephedrin would do to your nerves, not a nervous sensation, but the LITERAL FEELING, and PRESSURE, of an ORGANISM UNDER THE SKIN, … MOVING AROUND.
    When I wake up… there are LINES in my face from where this thing has traversed through my cheek, temple and forehead.

    It is surreal. It is a living hell, a nightmare, i would not wish on anybody. This is a HORRID experience I wish wold just GO AWAY.

    And the worst part of it all… is that the only thing.. that will help.. is people saying “WOW OK! this IS real!.. lets look into this CLOSELY!.. Lets get out our damn microscopes and do clinical studies on the samples we take from the patient… lets actually do some INVESTIGATIVE MEDICAL RESEARCH THAT AMERICA HAS PRIDED ITSELF IN!!!!”

    but no… the ONLY hope for this.. is that.. and there are people like you.. and whomever gets payed to run this site… that purposely attempt to debunk people like me and blame it elsewhere… you purposelly for WHATEVER GODFORSAKEN REASON are attempting to block any and ALL efforts into ANY FUTURE SUCCESSFUL MEDICAL TREATMENT of this.

    why dont you just stop?

    what good are you doing?

    who are you HELPING by doing this?

    i mean my god…
    put yourself in my shoes… you feel worms in your body you want them OUT!
    i had lice once as a kid.. i said mom my head itches… she believed me out of concern.. and we saw a doctor and they treated me and we killed them.
    problem solved…

    imagine you have worms in your face
    you say Dr, I have the feeling of worms in my face and its driving me crazy.

    they dont treat you, but they call you nuts and say its in your brain.

    its GODDAMN WORMS! WORMS! in my goddamn face!

    its not staph in nmy brain. its not some rare genetic rheumatoid disease. its A DAMN WORM, or something more complex than a worm.

    and you are doing humanity a great disservice, whether for your own private amusement, or whatever reason. I just cannot imagine being in your shoes, an hearing so many complaints of rhte same thing, and seeing hte people be SO DAMN ADAMANT about it being REAL, yet you consistently stick to your opinion that its delusional.
    I honestly cannot imagine keeping my opinion of it being delusional when so many people are complaining about the same torturous experience.
    its unreal.
    its as if you have an alterior motive in propagating this “delusionsal” hypothesis.

    i’m keeping my eye on you and every other irrationally steadfast naysayer on this board, you too tall cotton.

    REAL sufferers of this infestation are not going down so easily into your smear campaign, and, we are bright, intelligent individuals, and will find out why you are pressing your DOP hypothesis so hard.

    I can deal with my symptoms if i have to.
    I cannot deal with the likes of YOU.
    On op of our suffering, it’s people like you.. that need to be dealt with first hand as a priority, in order for us to advance the publicity of this problem, and advance in official clinical research.

    you’re going down.

  111. And here I was feeling odd, for having been honest, and hopeful of alarming you into action, while at the same time, telling myself that if that infection has altered your mental status that I didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of penetrating your false beliefs.

    I am so sorry for the inevitable outcome your resistance is going to bring to you, M. I was ill several years ago, and went through a very similar situation as you. A brain infection, “IF” you were telling the truth in your account about the course of the unresolved staph related ear infection over the past month…well, M?….WTF do you think would make you be seeing unusual things, without a brain infection being suspect?

    You described the exact course of an ear infection spreading to the mastoid process, and your other explicit descriptions relate to its spreading into symptoms in your facial areas, which you mistakenly thought were prednisone side effects. The swelling moved from your ear, before that happened, inward, toward your skull. It has, more than likely, followed the natural course, progressing to your brain, based upon you questioning what is happening to you.

    It is not “morgellons disease”, and thinking that it is, may cost you dearly. That is not worth risking losing your life over, when getting to an ER and telling them you had an unresolved staph infection in your ear, a month ago, and that you have an altered mental status now, and would like a CT scan, could result in your not just being well, again, but you can live to tell us about it, afterwards.

    All people who are seeing things, and misinterpreting them in a certain way, are having some sort of malfunctioning in their brain. Regardless of the many various causes, the effects are all uniquely similar. We all share the same basic human brain functions, and when a body is ill it can alter them, as in your case, resulting in what is real to the person experiencing it. You have more of a serious situation than many people have, though, M, with the word, “staph” involved in your case.

    I took what you said to be real, and honest. If all that you said in your original account is not true, why did you make up such a good, believable tale? I don’t think you did. I think you were telling the truth. So, don’t be surprised….you’re liable to not make it to an ER, if you begin worsening. Your mental status, from what you indicate, if your account is, indeed, honest, is on the way to worsening as the infection spreads. It is pitiful that you do not understand this, and that you want to think that it is due to something else. I am so sorry to see this happening to you. Click on to my name, “Smileykins” and read, if you feel up to it. I don’t want you to lose your life because of a lie, M. I’m praying for you.

  112. Oh, now I am reading your post, M. I didn’t bother whenI started out with it, incorrectly assuming it was in sole defense of “morgellons disease”. Thank God, you are getting an MRI!!!! I am so relieved now. Good Luck!!!

  113. michael,

    your little mouse looks like it could use a kernal of corn, johnny on the spot.

  114. I finished reading. What a nice guy you are, M, more concerned over the “united cause for morgellons disease”, and other people, like all its members, more than concerning yourself with the logical reasons behind your OWN, unique, INDIVIDUAL reasons for being ill. That is the way this myth gets hold of people. Everyone only “thinks” they all have the same thing, and that its all due to what Mary Leitao concocted out of so many other things…..all with something in common for all the members.

  115. it is amazing how some old druggies can diagnose so many people they have never seen. Seems like they are projecting their own problems and therapy history into the life circumstances of others. Everyone is not like you or have problems like yours.

    looks like little michael did some house deleting today. got it fixed to suit you now, whimpy computer geek.

  116. Let me begin this final post by saying that:

    A) You have made a grave mistake by thinking that people in your mind that are so seemingly “succeptable” and weakminded to be grasping for any answer.. that are believing the surreal symptoms of Morgellons, will in fact be JUST as easily swayed into believing YOUR prognosis of the phenomena.

    B) You have been lazy and irresponsible in leaving such a trail of droppings across the internet using the same name you post here on, as any amount of focused minds can easily track and expose who you are personally.

    C) You should be wise as to the fact that there are a growing number of people aware of your constant and pressing efforts in actively attempting to debunk reports of an illness.
    Any individuals so active in spending their time in such efforts, by all common sense, would have to be hiding something.
    Whatever information you are attempting to derail attention from, WILL be discovered and exposed.

    You and your vested interests you seem to be protecting WILL be exposed.

    We have adaquate legal and investigative resources at our disposal, and whether we shed or continue having the symptoms, the focus will remain on the scientific biological proof of the phenomena, AND your actve complicity in attempting to sway attention from the actual reality that exists. Any connection between the two, will not be overlooked.

    This website is a fallacy and a detriment to the lives of thousands of reported sufferers and god knows how many unreported sufferers.

    It was only a matter of time that someone that has the mental faculties available to them to see through your veil of lies and DO something about it, on a large scale, contracted this.

    I’ll no longer waste my time conversing with you. You’ll both be watched closely.

    May god forgive you, and may you never have to suffer a strange and horrid illness that people like you actively persue as illusionary.


  117. Texastar, M, I want you both to be happy. So, you’re both right, and I am wrong. I’m happy for each of you.

    There now, that’s all cleaned up and taken care of.

  118. Texsatar,

    Yeah, it is amazing, and life isn’t always the way it seems.

    M say…

    You’ll both be watched closely.

    Good. Keep watching. Maybe you’ll learn something.

    Tall Cotton

  119. Drugs alive says:


    I wasn’t really amazed. It was expected. those with the controls can bash others and but when the going gets tough for the control freaks they simply remove others remarks that they have no rebuttal for.

    play nice buggzy. others can swing that sword of yours. you would not believe what the morgie bugs are saying about you and the white horse now. you know they are still there.

    remember what lois said?

  120. Now that he’s gone, I wonder about the motivation M had, coming onto a “debunking morgellons disease blog”, in the first place, telling what’s happened to him, in detail, over the past month. I had no reason to question it, thinking he needed help in understanding what was happening to him. His account turns out to not be accurate. Jace had told me the just the other day, that I get “rabid” when I give advice that others don’t follow. I haven’t even known that I’ve done that, and I would like my mistakes pointed out to me, because I don’t mean to appear rabid.

    Topic: How Many People Have Morgellons?

    Comment #96 M Says:
    September 1st, 2006 at 9:48 pm

    About a month ago, I had a very harsh inflammation of my right ear. Day after day, it got more and more swollen and painful. I visited a walk in clinic, where they diagnosed it as a staph infection and put me on antibiotics

    Topic: Nancy Hinkle on Delusory Parasitosis

    Comment #112 M Says:
    September 2nd, 2006 at 1:51 pm

    No antibiotics prescribed for me. There was never a cultured test positive for Staph, it was merely a walk-in clinic’s nurse’s opinion of what caused the initial inflammation.

    Topic: How Many People Have Morgellons?

    Comment #96 M Says:
    September 1st, 2006 at 9:48 pm

    The Rheumatoid Dr diagnosed it as Polychondritis, a rare genetic disorder that causes your immune system to attack all the cartilage in your body. “Why then was it causing my immune system to be supposedly only attacking my right ear? Not the left as well (as reported in most Polychondritis cases)” I thought.
    I had bloodwork done, and the test for Polychondritis came out negative.Upon leaving his office I picked up some Prednisone that he had prescribed.

    Topic: Nancy Hinkle on Delusory Parasitosis

    Comment #112 M Says:
    September 2nd, 2006 at 1:51 pm

    I was put on the prednisone BEFORE the Rheumatoid doctor’s test for Polychondritis were recieved. The test results of it being negative were given to me 2 days before i was to end my steroid treatment.

    It really does help if morgies only tell things honestly, and accurately.

    Besides all the concern that I went through, since he misled readers, through his comments last night, treatment with prednisone is associated with a decrease in antibody titers for polychondritis. Only he knows when he really took it, and what happened.

    Unfortunately, M probably does have polychondritis, afterall. Unfortunately, he thinks he has “morgellons disease”. Hopefully, he can drop that. Hopefully, he’ll learn as he goes along. Hopefully, his doctor “really” has an MRI scheduled on a Sunday. If not, and he keeps on thinking he has “morgellons disease”, Mary Leitao has caused another one to bite the dust, and we saw it happen right here. M sounded, to me, like a person who just wanted help last night, having this take place over the past month. He was a full-fledged morgie today. I hope that changes along the way, somehow, through some miracle.

  121. Texastar, your posts drive the point home like nothing else could, on a “morgellons” debunking site. Poor little Sarach, as ill as she was, had it together really well, in comparsion. Keep lending assistance to the cause!!!

  122. No one has removed any of your posts, and I certainly don’t have the controls. This isn’t my blog.

  123. remember, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

    don’t act ugly.

  124. Part I

    Now that he’s gone, I wonder about the motivation M had, coming onto a “debunking morgellons disease blog”, in the first place, telling what’s happened to him, in detail, over the past month. I had no reason to question it, thinking he needed help in understanding what was happening to him. His account turns out to not be accurate. Jace had told me the just the other day, that I get “rabid” when I give advice that others don’t follow. I haven’t even known that I’ve done that, and I would like my mistakes pointed out to me, because I don’t mean to appear rabid.

    Topic: How Many People Have Morgellons?

    Comment #96 M Says:
    September 1st, 2006 at 9:48 pm

    About a month ago, I had a very harsh inflammation of my right ear. Day after day, it got more and more swollen and painful. I visited a walk in clinic, where they diagnosed it as a staph infection and put me on antibiotics

    Topic: Nancy Hinkle on Delusory Parasitosis

    Comment #112 M Says:
    September 2nd, 2006 at 1:51 pm

    No antibiotics prescribed for me. There was never a cultured test positive for Staph, it was merely a walk-in clinic’s nurse’s opinion of what caused the initial inflammation.

  125. Part II

    Topic: How Many People Have Morgellons?

    Comment #96 M Says:
    September 1st, 2006 at 9:48 pm

    The Rheumatoid Dr diagnosed it as Polychondritis, a rare genetic disorder that causes your immune system to attack all the cartilage in your body. “Why then was it causing my immune system to be supposedly only attacking my right ear? Not the left as well (as reported in most Polychondritis cases)” I thought.
    I had bloodwork done, and the test for Polychondritis came out negative.Upon leaving his office I picked up some Prednisone that he had prescribed.

    Topic: Nancy Hinkle on Delusory Parasitosis

    Comment #112 M Says:
    September 2nd, 2006 at 1:51 pm

    I was put on the prednisone BEFORE the Rheumatoid doctor’s test for Polychondritis were recieved. The test results of it being negative were given to me 2 days before i was to end my steroid treatment.

    It really does help if morgies only tell things honestly, and accurately.

  126. Part III

    Besides all the concern that I went through, since he misled readers, through his comments last night, treatment with prednisone is associated with a decrease in antibody titers for polychondritis.

    I wasn’t “diagnosing”. I was a person concerned over another human being who seemed to have wanted help. M probably does have what he was diagnosed with, by the rheumatologist, which is, polychondritis. I didn’t realize there were holes in his account. Unfortunately, he thinks he has “morgellons disease”. Hopefully, he can drop that. Hopefully, there “really is” an MRI scheduled on a Sunday.

  127. Texastar, do you think I’ve removed some comments or questions of yours? If so it was unintentional, but I suspect you just posted them in a different thread. Please repost them, and I’ll look for the original.

  128. Michael, I’m sorry. My comment wasn’t posting, and I thought it was because it was too long, so I broke it up into parts I, II, and III. I didn’t mean to create all that mess for you fix.

  129. Texastar,

    I don’t know who you are talking to, but in my opinion, you aren’t making any sense. No one has treated you badly. You came here causing trouble. Now, it seems, you are making threats. That’s not going to get you anywhere around here.


  130. Who’s she talking to, anyway?

    # texastar Says:
    September 2nd, 2006 at 10:16 pm

    remember, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

    don’t act ugly.

    None of the 3 of us. That is for sure.

  131. Michael,

    in this thread posts are missing for dates 8/30, 8/31 and 9/1.

    my posts on these days were not directly relative to morgellons but to the abusive behavior of some. no need to repost as the ones that need to read the i am sure read them.

  132. On most of those days it seemed like you posted on a diferent thread

    Then the abusive related comments were here:

    I can email you all your comments if you want.

  133. not just my posts but there are no posts from anyone on the above dates. those dates are not there.
    look at about post 106 on this thread.

    i do not want those posts. i really do detest debates that are on a peronal level. some people should back off attacking others. if they don’t they should experience how they make others feel.

    everyone should remember, do unto others as you would have others do unto you. and remember the book johnathan livingston seatern.

  134. Let’s see I have a pretty good photographic memory, and, on top of that, people like you, Texastar, mean nothing when they say, “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, because we are doing nothing wrong. You have no concept of the meaning of those words. Why would anybody pay any attention to you?

  135. Oh, post #106 is this one…

    #106 Smileykins Says:
    August 29th, 2006 at 9:50 am

    Wait, I’m not inferring that you have encountered such patients, with MRSA, I’m saying they all, regardless of what they have wrong with them, think it is “morgellons disease”, which is not a disease. A mentally disturbed, apparent MBPS mother came up with it, and vulnerable people fell for it.

    Texastar, I am doing unto others as I would have them do unto me. Absolutely I am. If I were as she? Well, I would never be. If I were, I would deserve anything that anyone said against me. Bad things need spoken against.

  136. psycopath

  137. I agree. And look at what she has done!

  138. 106 date 8/29

    107 date 9/2

    where are dates 8/30, 31, 9/1
    no post from anyone on those dates —-gone.

    i understand. do you?

  139. You’re too brainwashed to, I know. I’m so sorry about that Texastar. Poor Drew, and the other children. It’s all so wrong. And look at that guy, M. If he had never heard of it, he could get the proper health care, like so many others, but they have fallen for her lie. I have no idea what your story is, but I’d like to hear it. Did we used to talk when I went by the name, “Adapted”?

  140. Taxastar, please read Michael’ post #134 again. You were posting to a different thread on those days. Your posts are there, at the link he provides.

  141. I’m sorry, typo. “Texastar”.

  142. Yeah, probably, most of us were concerned over Sarach, during those dates, Texastar, so we did little else but read her comments and comment back to her, if we thought we ought to. She has had a dreadful time, thanks to this whole mess.

  143. Texastar,

    You might find your posts on the thread entitled, “How many people want Morgellons”. I think you began the attack with comment number #97, unless you were taking up for ML. But ML popped off with “Listen Buster” prior to being addressed by me. Get a grip on yourself.

    Tall Cotton

  144. You know what Michael, I have read post after post, to see if I have made any statements that are unacceptable to you, or any debunker of Morgellons. I don’t claim to have Morgellons. I only claim to have something wrong that can’t be found. You are predudiced about what you want posted here. I like interacting with other people as you do. I would not be like you are about what gets posted on my own blog though. I have said nothing vulgar, or offensive. At least no more offensive than you or your friends. So you can please just remove all comments that I have posted. I said things intentionally to try to get someone who matters attention. I am quite aware that the enternet is monitored just as phones are for certain words, and I know what they are. I have not threatened anyone in any kind of way. I only wish to get the attention of powers that be. You only want to find ways to make everyone who has a medical condition that has yet to be defined, to look like a bunch of idiots. We are not idiots, we are sane and produtive citizens, who I might add pay alot of taxes to run this great country of ours. I have never asked one thing of my local government or federal. I am asking them now to do their job. You would be happy to know that we are all crazy. I am sure that some are, maybe even me. But no one in THEIR right mind could possibly think that over 10,000 people are. Everyone who is sane that goes to Morgellons sites are doing it for one reason, to make our gov’t listen to them. They deserve to be heard and get the answer they seek. I got your message loud and clear!!!!

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