“Many [pyhsicians] consider it a psychiatric problem,” Citovsky said. “However, there might be something that they develop,” he added, underscoring that his laboratory analyses have cracked the chemical puzzle of the fibers.

“They’re made up of polysaccharides, sugars,” he said. “Long chains of sugar molecules. The problem is the people who deny the existence of the disease. They say this is lint or dirt that people find on their skin. But it’s not dirt, it’s not lint, it’s not twigs.

“But on the other hand, it is not a living creature, because some people say they’re worms.”

Citovsky received samples of the fibrous material last year from San Francisco physician Raphael Stricker.

Interesting stuff. I’d like to hear more about these analyses. Some statistics perhaps? Why this constant science via news release?

One wonders what kind of sugars do not melt at 1700F? Perhaps the press should stop repeating those ridiculous claims of non-melting fibers. But which is the real Morgellons fiber? The cellulose one? The non-melting one? Of the new contender, the polysaccharides?

There are actually modern fibers made for polysaccharides. For example, DuPont’s Sorona fibers, a “cotton-like” fiber, using Bio-PDO, made from corn. Click the image below:


Perhaps though this modern fiber is a little too unlikely. What other fibers are made from polysaccharides?


Yes, that’s right. Cotton.

Cotton is made from cellulose, cellulose is a polysaccharide.

Wait, there’s more:

Paper and Tissues

Yup, Kleenex too. Also cellulose, also a polysaccharide.

40 Responses to “Polysaccharides”

  1. Why say cotton or tissue, when polysaccharide sounds “scientific.”

  2. Having impairments to their reasoning abilities is why “morgellons disease patients” require less information to jump to their incorrect conclusions. Catering to their incorrectness is what they want, and that’s what they’re getting, at a high cost to everyone.

    Also, concerning polysaccharides, lipopolysaccharide is the endotoxin of gram-negative bacteria. Gram-negative bacteria are encased in a plasma membrane consisting of a triple-layer of a complex polymeric material called peptidoglycan, which contains amino acids and amino sugars. Combined, they form a linear polymer, linked by a glycosidic bond, and are oriented in the same way they are in cellulose.

    Lipopolysaccaride (entotoxin) triggers an innate immune response characterized by cytokine production and immune system activation. The resulting inflammation can also produce a state of toxicity.

    “Morgellons disease patients” need help, and nobody can disagree with that. The end result of their movement ought to lead to their getting the right kind of help, but due to their being a minority, I’m pessimistic of this happening. When this psychosocial problem comes to fruition, I hope I’m not still part of this earth.

    In my opinion, the quacks who are a making a killing off of these types of patients (by that I mean, anyone who is cognitively challenged and believes that they “need” these dangerous people) are not only (as has been openly admitted), using them as guinea pigs to experiment on in trying to clear up a cutaneous condition. These jerks, all of them, are ignoring the fact such patients have underlying conditions that are responsible for their states of ill health that require treatment. They’re not only causing them further harm, and endangering them in many ways while getting rich, but placing all of society at risk.

  3. Typo: Sorry, I spelled endotoxin wrong.

  4. Other tests have also indicated that some “Morgellons” fibers are made of cellulose, and cellulose will definitely burn well below the test temperatures reportedly used by Wymore. I don’t think we can safely assume that either of these researchers, Wymore or Citovsky, are honest, and I certainly wouldn’t depend on Stricker providing usable specimens, nevertheless, it seems logical to me that “Morgellons” fibers would be of various kinds and origins. I’m anxious for the CDC to make their final report, but I am totally convinced that “Morgellons” is not a new disease, or the reemergence of an old disease. Many members of the Morgellons community have already been diagnosed with a wide variety of diseases, and these sometimes account for “all” of the patient’s symptoms. In the rest of the cases I believe that the patients have multiple disorders.

  5. As an interested although only armchair observer to the morgellons craze I periodically check this site. My hopes of finding a vigorous and healthy debate are always satisfied, however more and more often I find myself coming across one of tallcotton’s copious postings. I am always left wanting for substance and less of the sweeping and faux-authorative statement-of-fact points he makes. I note with interest he describes himself as being “anxious” with regard to the CDC study – I bet he is!

  6. English Observer, I appreciate your sharing the entertainment value you get from this blog. I’ve had the privilege of reading and posting my opinions on here since April 2006, and I haven’t seen the debates you’re referring to. It may be that your definition of what a debate is varies quite a lot from my definition. I’ve yet to even encounter a believer in “morgellons disease” who is willing, or able, to simply engage in honest and open discussion. Surely you must have noticed the types of things that they say, and how evasive they are. Can you tell us what’s really bothering you about Tall Cotton?

    Thank you,

  7. I found this after I saw news reports on the CDC. I’m not sure why anyone would hope to find a “vigorous and healthy debate.” It is downright alarming that we are debating something that is obviously not its own disease, but a collection of dermatological and psychiatric disorders that have hijacked advocacy group politics to better express its pathology.

    Finding a “vigorous and healthy” debate about morgellons is about as despair-inducing as finding a vigorous and healthy debate about whether we should adopt slavery as an institution, or whether the earth is flat. These are obvious questions that should have been settled long ago. That there is any debate at all is an indication that something is seriously wrong.

  8. In my rightful admission, This site acts as a base for diminishing public panic of a widely spreading condition, invoking doubt, as we as humans have been cultured to treat one another so inhumanely, with images on the tele of widespread violence, we have the mentality that mad people are everywhere, and that this is merely another oddity in the convolutions of mentally instable individuals, and that we should pass on by and stake our convictions lent by authoritative persons.

    I have only seen suffering individuals, reporting the same exact symptoms, across the states, across the world…

    And then glazed-eyed medical professionals that denounce these sufferers as being completely delusional in their self-reporting conclusions…

    I have never witnessed anything in my life like this.

    I am a 65 yr old research physician.
    Whether there is a business coverup involved or not, I cannot state, as I have not the data to do so.

    But the scenario before us is plainly put, and it gives me a bone chilling gut wrenching feeling to watch this unfold the past 6 or 7 years, while literally no serious research is done, and professionals take the spotlight in media coverage, as pushing hardily, the idea to the public, that this is imaginary.

    Imagine to yourself, the sensation of fibers steadily moving through your body, whether produced there or not, they still, the sensation…
    And then told that you’re delusional about it.
    Then realize that there are over 11.5 thousand people registered on the internet complaining about the same issue.
    Then realize that there’s been mass warnings of biological-terrorist attacks on the country, yet there is only response to fast-acting biological dangers like E. coli.
    No response to slow-measure time-induced gradually deteriorating agents.
    none whatsoever, as those would be the type most effective by terrorists, as they’d circumvent the vast amount of medical doctors out there as “slight” multi-faceted symptoms.

    Caring physicians like myself should be outraged at such derelict and profane, abominable treatment to these people.

    I encourage anyone reading this to do their own research, and find out as much as they can about this spreading disease, and especially notice the impliciation the nay-sayers have in pressing opinion into doubt.

    I mean, question this for yourself, without panic..
    If this WAS a scenario of a biological attack, and you saw more and more people complaining about the horrific symptoms, and you then saw the professional field dulling down these people’s statements as mere mental illness, then it WAS exposed that it was a serious biological threat?

    How much less confidence would you have in the medical field?

    How much less confidence would you have in yourself as to how easily your opinion is swayed by “authorities”, rather than your own gut-instinct and listening to other, suffering, people, who were just like you at one point, before they came down with whatever this is.

    Ask yourself.

  9. Nobody doubts that people are really suffering.

    The question here is if they all have the same, new, distinct disease.

    The fibers are different for every patient, which indicates they are environmental contamination. I find a similar variety of fibers on myself, as would anyone who looks.

    Then what is left is a variety of symptoms, not all of which are shared, and which all have a wide variety of causes.

    Physician, where exactly is the evidence? It’s been several years now. Nothing has changed, there was no evidence then, there is no more now.

    People are suffering, and this focus on a specious new fiber disease is only delaying their effective treatment and relief. This pseudoscience is hurting people.

  10. Hi, MorgellonsWatchWatcher. Is this your blog?

  11. What’s more, there is the resounding chorus of “These aren’t clothing fibers!” when all evidence shows that indeed, “Morgellons” is clothing fibers.

  12. MorgellonsWatchWatcher,

    You stated, “Caring physicians like myself should be outraged at such derelict and profane, abominable treatment to these people.”

    If you are truly a physician, and this is really your conviction, why don’t you post contact information and make your services available to these people?


  13. I have finally posted my blog on Morgellons.

    I see all the symptoms as being consistent with low NO. This causes an over activation of the immune system (very simplistically) and low energy status.

    I think the effects of antibiotics are mediated through the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. When bacteria are killed, the dead bacteria are highly immunogenic and cause an immune response. I think this comes from killing of gut bacteria. The immune response causes the expression of iNOS which generates NO which partially resolves the low NO status. But iNOS is only around temporarily when it is gone the low NO status comes back.

    The symptoms of severe itching are very much like the itching of chronic metabolic stress of liver failure, kidney failure, and cocaine abuse.

    The vision changes are like the vision changes due to metabolic stress in the brain from cocaine abuse, amphetamine abuse, and alcohol withdrawal.

    I see the mental symptoms as like those of white matter hyperintensities. I might even expect that the mental symptoms would get acutely better during an acute fever, as the symptoms of autism get better during a fever.

    I see Morgellons more as a hallucination, analogous to phantom limb pain. The hallucination comes from the skin, not the brain.

  14. The Morgellons Story was on Sky News in Australia. Presented by ABC America on the 31st January, 2008.

    Thank you to whoever made this possible.

    I probably shouldn’t say this but here goes; from what I see around me, and from my own experience, General Practitioners don’t practice medicine, they just have a licence to write prescriptions.

    I am still a Morgellons sufferers and I stay as far away from doctors as I possibly can.

    Take care everyone.


  15. Michael said:
    People are suffering, and this focus on a specious new fiber disease is only delaying their effective treatment and relief. This pseudoscience is hurting people.

    You bet people are suffering!!
    Michael in this country if you have a label of “mental illness” all presenting physical symptoms are just in ones head. It happened to me time & time again, I was literally patted on the head by the doctors –
    ” on your way, there is nothing wrong, no fluid retention or inflammation, you are just maybe a bit constipated”.

    - “Oh that lump under your ear, looks like a cyst that is resolving”. (That thing below my ear is still there 4 years on!)
    - “But doctor I have rolling nodules all under my skin, my legs arms back, my neck & face, I feel every movement & the pain is indescribable.” Not one doctor to this day gave me a reason for this insane suffering. Not one even responded or flinched in their chair, and of course NO ONE even dared to have a feel of these nodules. Cold blank stares is all I ever got.

    Oh yeah – how stupid of me, I am mentally ill so how on earth could I possibly feel pain or have real symptoms?

    Symptoms don’t lie.

  16. Sarah, If they are all clothing fibers why are they growing in my body and in the bodies of thousands of other people. You obviously don’t have this condition and you are so far up yourself it makes me sick! Why do YOU spend your life on this blog?

    MorgellonsWatchWatcher, Thank you for your post. I wish more people (physicians) would speak out like yourself. .

    If you are truly a physician, and this is really your conviction, why don’t you post contact information and make your services available to these people?


    My god TC the man isn’t an idiot, besides you have been drumming it into our heads for how long now?? “there is no such thing has Morgellons Disease”. Go jump you self centered moron.

    No doubt this post will be deleted by King Dick Michael, claiming my posts are nothing but noise. Try listening to yourselves for a change, you are ALL still going around in circles.

    The medical system is rooted!

  17. 1.Why are people not demanding that their doctors do a biopsy on the skin and send it to be tested? The doctor works for you, without you they have no job…demand tests and results.

    2.I am very up on news and current affairs but today 2/19/08 is the first I have heard of this. Is this world wide? What countries do not have this condition? What countries have a larger number with this illness.

    3.Is anyone getting treated? Has any doctor come out in public and said this is a problem?

    4.If your doctor tells you your crazy…sue them if they put any information to the effect in your medical records. Once a doctor puts any negative info in your record your forever labled that…forever…..

    sorry about the spelling

    very upset

    demand answers

  18. Could it be a mixture of the cleaning solutions with the fiber in our clothes/sheets/beding intruduced into the body through our skin, the largest organ?

    If there are only 11.5 thousand or even mllion people with this then it can be solved very quickly.

    Is there a database?

  19. Gillian, when you visit a new doctor, do you go in saying, “I [may] have Morgellons, please look at this?” I might suggest going in more passively, saying, “I don’t know what’s going on, I just feel awful,” and lead them to ‘find’ your nodules and other physical symptoms and see what conclusions they come to. At least they’ll examine you, and you may get a toe-hold.

    I don’t have Morgellans, but I do have psoriatic arthritis. After my GP referred me to a rheumatologist whom I told that my GP sent me because he thought I had PA or RA, the rheumatologist said, “Nah, you just read too much,” and sent me on my way without a single x-ray. The second, third, and fourth rheumatologists I saw actually diagnosed PA after I kept my mouth shut and didn’t self-diagnose. (I have psoriasis and other related issues so it wasn’t really a leap for my GP to suspect PA; prior to that, I’d never heard of it.)

    My point is, many doctors are even more sensitive than auto mechanics when they think they’re being told how to do their job by someone who isn’t as educated in their field as they are. People do often read or hear about something and then look for that diagnosis for symptoms (whether physical or imagined). When a patient comes in with what seems like a self-diagnosis, doctors tend to assume that’s all it is.

    I don’t know where I come down on the Morgellans “debate”, and I’m not here to form or express an opinion on it, but I felt compelled to offer some rather simple, generic patient-to-patient advice. We’re always told to offer all the information we can to doctors, but sometimes you have to just let them lead.

  20. the sad thing is when i go to the dr i want to tell the truth and get an honest opinion, when i dont mention my symptoms they treat me with respect.a phycician should treat you like a human no matter what the case may be!

  21. Dear Anon,

    I had never heard of Morgellons when I presented to the doctors with nodules, bloating, lesions, inflammation, loss of hair, fluid retention, memory impairment, neurological dysfunction, dropped foot, what appeared to be a stroke on the right side of my body and of course FIBERS which looked like human hair, part from the bright coloured fibers, and the ones that looked like plastic.

    A dermatologist had diagnosed me with folliculitis on my lower legs, which then spread to my entire body.

    So to answer your question; when my symptoms were in full swing I had never heard of the name MORGELLONS. I only turned to the INTERNET to find out what was wrong with me. I would google “blue hair & exudate from the skin”, “hair coming out of skin”, you name it. I ended up finding the NUSPA site which in turn led me to the Morgellons Research Foundation. I immediately registered and I received a reply from the founder Mary Leitao. Mary was & has been the only person who has ever given a damn, given hours of her time to me because she CARES! Unlike the dumb medical profession who wouldn’t know their arse from their elbow!

  22. Morgellons I have had this problem now for two years. I believe it to be real but the many doctors I’ve seen just want to dismiss it. They sure don’t mind prescribing me anti pyshotics though. I feel very alone and I’m appalled at the medical community as to how they treat us. I can only hope that they look further into this disease that I know is real because I’m suffering horribly and my husband is to he feels saddened for me, but he is also near his wits end I can only hope that we still can be a couple I love him dearly and have been married for 32 years, it would be a crying shame if our marriage falls apart now. I have a grandchild soon to be born my very first and I fear now for this I do not want to pass this onto to any one not even my worst enemy. If I had the money I would definitely contribute to the foundation to get help but unfortunately I’m not in a financial position to do so.

  23. collembola birdmites birdlice i know exactly whats going on . i watched a video on collembola and how they twist fiber and push it into your skin it was so weird.

  24. Dear Anon, I was a little rushed the other day when I replied to your post.

    Gillian, when you visit a new doctor, do you go in saying, “I [may] have Morgellons, please look at this?” I might suggest going in more passively, saying, “I don’t know what’s going on, I just feel awful,” and lead them to ‘find’ your nodules and other physical symptoms and see what conclusions they come to. At least they’ll examine you, and you may get a toe-hold.

    Anon just re-read what you wrote please. Leaving out the word Morgellons from the above paragraph can you not see what you are saying? Doctors are NOT God and I should not have to suck & crawl to these people, who are in fact human beings like myself, are they not?!!

    I have been passive and I have said I feel absolutely terrible. Besides any doctor could see that, my physical appearance changed completely. ie. bald, 20 kilo overweight, facial features disfigured etc.

    My point is, many doctors are even more sensitive than auto mechanics when they think they’re being told how to do their job by someone who isn’t as educated in their field as they are.

    They may be educated in “their field” but may I remind you it is “my body” and I have paid these self centered jerks to ignore my passive approach.

    I don’t know where I come down on the Morgellans “debate”, and I’m not here to form or express an opinion on it, but I felt compelled to offer some rather simple, generic patient-to-patient advice. We’re always told to offer all the information we can to doctors, but sometimes you have to just let them lead.

    Anon, where you come in on the Morgellons debate is like many other closed minded people – ignorant! You have formed an opinion – you seem to be under the impression that I am not in full control of my faculties. As for offering information to the doctor, I did!! WE the Morgellons Victims have ALL done this. We do let them lead, and the doctors just lead us nowhere. The only thing I had left to offer the doctors was my soul!!

    I don’t go to the doctors, I don’t doctor shop & never did.

    Anon, I am not trying to be horrible to you but to be perfectly honest you have no idea about Morgellons. If as you say many Doctors are even more sensitive then auto mechanics (which I think is a terrible comparison) does that not make you raise an eyebrow? Maybe the doctors are ill themselves. Denial is a safe place for some – Wake up!!

  25. kim goodall ,my family has suffered also for almost 10 mths now, me and my husband has had some trying times. we are almost torment free but its been a long battle .from one sufferer to another you may contact me and i will explain to you what we did to get our lives back on track. we didnt think we were gonna make it and somtimes we still have questions.2706464610.or you can e mail me at

  26. Gillian says: “They may be educated in “their field” but may I remind you it is “my body” and I have paid these self centered jerks to ignore my passive approach.”

    Explain to me, that because it is your body you are more qualified than a doctor to describe what is going on in it? I’m not saying this isn’t true — it may well be — but I’m curious about how one comes to this conclusion.

  27. Gillian,
    You have no idea whether I am “ignorant” on this topic. That assumption is rather closed-minded, isn’t it? You had originally indicated that you’d gone to multiple doctors who’ve dismissed you with “blank stares”. I realize that at first you were as perplexed as they were, but now you’re not. I merely suggested, knowing what you know now, seeing if any could be led to give you the diagnosis you want (and certainly feel positive about; I do not dispute you at all). I do not suggest being entirely passive, but less defensive and aggressive.

    I certainly agree – it is YOUR body and you know it better than anyone, as I know mine better than anyone. Unfortunately, many doctors still don’t recognize that – and that’s not my opinion, it’s an honest-to-God true fact and something patients often have to confront. (I will add that doctors shouldn’t put all of the diagnostic power in the hands of patients either; there must be a balance between the two.)

    Again, I only suggested seeing if you can lead them down this path – telling them what YOU think (or know) it is almost guarantees they’ll look for anything to dispute it before looking at that potential diagnosis. This is compounded by something like Morgellans, where many simply look at a collection of symptoms they’re unwilling to link with a single diagnosis. (I won’t even go into the alleged mental issues – that’s the part I was talking about when I said I wouldn’t weigh in on the debate. I do not dispute that there are real physical symptoms.)

    Lastly – I am wide awake, thank you. But I will apologize for the comparison…I know some great mechanics who lack the God complex shared by many physicians. Please don’t tell me that “Doctors are NOT God” – I never alleged anything of the sort.

    I know it’s very hard and it’s a constant uphill battle, but please turn down the defensiveness a notch or two. One can’t cry “you don’t know me” and in the same breath pigeonhole another. It can really undermine the true issue.

  28. Sarah, a person just knows if they have this condition.

    Anon said:
    I know it’s very hard and it’s a constant uphill battle, but please turn down the defensiveness a notch or two.

    Anon, I am sorry, “you don’t know” how hard this is, and “you don’t know” how much of a battle this is either.

    I apologise for being such an angry hot head, but this condition has a tendency to do that to me.

  29. Gillian says “Sarah, a person just knows if they have this condition.”

    Well, if it something that can be known without inductive or deductive reasoning, there is no need for science or further exploration.

  30. I am very disturbed to see that we, who suffer such a variety of symptoms, are doubted and criticized at every turn. While I am reading this blog, I am also picking a worm-like creature out of my nose. Last night I used an anti-viral kleenex to remove a worm, out of the other nostril, which was a pregnant one, bloated with 4 or 5 embryos, and topped by another pregnant worm that had feasted on her back. The head of the first worm contained my blood, and it burned to remove the entourage. There is nothing imaginery about these things but they dry up and are impossible to take to anyone.

    It’s horrible be called “crazy” by your sister, daughters, and doctors. I understand Gillian’s frustration. I’m scared because I haven’t had the hairs growing out of my skin and I hope to find a way to stop the progression, so I won’t have to. I want to be able to see family members and to stay overnight with them when I visit in a nearby city. I’m invited to go to a concert with my daughter’s future mother-in-law, and she has graciously offered for me to stay over and make the drive home the next morning. To accept would be both great and a show of friendliness. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. What is the chance that I would give it to them? Do all sufferers have to be isolated? My 83-yr-old mom suffers, too. She won’t go to doctors, but the chiropractors and health food naturopaths seem to be willing to help. I’m new at this. Help!

  31. Gigi, all I can do is recommend you work with your doctor to try to find a treatment that works for you as an individual. Everyone is different, and doctors have experience in finding the correct treatment for whatever your symptoms are.

    People often interpret what they see in different ways. While the things you extract might look like worms, it’s most likely that they are not. Even dried up, worms are generally identifiable. Probably what you have is a symptom of something else. It might not even be a symptom of your main illness.

    Talk to your doctor, and please be willing to try new treatments that the doctor might suggest.

  32. I have suffered with this condition for over 10 years. I was itching so bad I went to the emergency room and brought in some fiberous skin scrapings from my mid and lower abdomen, waist , legs below the knees, and upper arms. The scrapings were kept in sealed plastic. I requested that my samples be sent to the lab to identify the substance. The ER Dr. was happy to do it and was baffled by the appearance of the white thread like fibers that was coming out of my skin lesions. I was itching so bad that wearing clothes was irritating. I couldn’t even wear a bra.

    Initially I went to my gynocologist who had previously performed 2 c-sections in 1986 and 1991 on me when my daughters were born.I had called his office the night before where the on call Dr. said that the substance since it was the worst on my stomach could be sutures that were trying to make their way out of my skin through the paths of least resistance my stretch marked covered stomach. A foreign body will always try to be rejected by our bodies own defense mechanisms even if it takes years in my case about 7 years since the last c section coupled with losing alot of weight. he advised me to come in and see my own Dr. the following day.

    When I recanted what was happening to me the next day to the receptionist she refused to schedule an appointment with my dr. and let the nurse practitioner take a look at me who prescribed itch relief creme and sent me away. That’s why I went to the ER to get some answers through the lab which confirmed many cotton fibers but not the other coffee ground looking or peppercorn looking substances or other fibers found too.

    The ER Dr. said that most like the identifiable substance was cotton gauze. Cotton guaze squares used in surgeries including c-sections, that had apparently was left inside my stomach when they stitched me back up after my c-section(s)! I was referred to a top dermatologist who took one look at my medical history and rolled his eyes when I told him my story and gave him the lab results, questioning me as to why I was taking prozac, which I said was for depression, which he rolled his eyes again and loudly proclaimed the lab results as being wrong.

    He took his own scraping next to a lesion on my arm (which was normal skin) and said it was hair not cotton gauze. I started crying because he was treating me like I was one of those people who had dreamed it up in my head, Telling me it was nothing, so I pointed to an area to get another scraping and after he looked at it under a microscope like he did the other sample he didn’t have a clue what the fiberous substance was.His diagnosis was that I was delusional and needed to go back to my Psch. even though you could see lesions with weird stuff coming out all over me. I left humiliated and upset.

    About a week later I visited my regular general practioner who questioned my prozac didn’t even examine me and wrote me a prescription for some creme that seamed to turn my skin to paper making the already never healing lesions worse. I returned to the dr. a year later which he refused to see me even after getting the lab results from the hospital and his nurse practitioner did not examine me. While in the hallway wrote another script for that same creme saying it was scabies. I know what scabies are because I had scabies after living in a dorm situation in 1982. I did not have scabies. I changed to a different general practitioner last year who did nothing but glance at me and I was completely covered by clothes no lesions were visible. She wrote a prescription for creme and said it would go away within a week.

    Well the lesions have not gone away. They don’t ever heal, you have to shower and wear clothes which is painful.The Feeling of being in a fog is not too bad and the chronic fatigue is tolerable. The vision problems is troubling, blurry and reading small print requires magnification. The few lesions on my neck front and back and on the top of my head make a crackle sound when I move around. Lesions on the base of my spine pop and crack too when i move around. I have lesions below my knees and scars so dresses are not an option. Lesions around the inside of my elbow give the wrong impression.

    Family members don’t even acknowledge this as real and don’t speak to me cause they think I’m crazy even though they have seen the fiberous lesions. My family convinced my ex husband and the court I was delusional and too mentally ill to care for my children and that the lesions were a nervous disorder brought on by mental illness even though I worked full time and shared a loving relationship with my girls! I lost custody of them. Even my actual medical history records would have been used against me since all the dr’s have said I’m delusional.

    I hope and pray there is an answer soon. I detailed my experience here on line so anyone who is considering getting help will be forewarned of the common reactions that most us sufferers have had to contend with. The medical community as a whole does not welcome us with open arms but look down their noses at us especially if there is any mental illness.It does seem to matter if you have success with medication and it is under control.In the meantime I will not consult any more Dr’s regarding this controversial condition. I will keep on spreading the word that it is real and not imagined.

  33. I have had this for 2 years,

    I was a Residential Care Aid and Mental Health Worker and I looked after a girl in the mental health lodge who when I read her medical history it was written she was suspected to have Morgellons Disease ,When I asked my Director of Care she advised me that it was a blood disorder . Needless to say that in itself was not a proper disclosure to me or any of the other workers I bathed this girl for months so I do feel I contracted from her. This was in Kelowna BC. I have since moved and the suffering that has occurred is unbelievable not to mention how the Medical community has failed me.
    No one else in my family has contracted this horrible disease thank God!!! I have sores all over my body , Not to mention the pain in my organs,! Sleepless nights ..bad coughs with blood in my sputum, I am unable to work …I have little energy to do anything . I’m now noticing Nerological disorders I trip over my own feet …I bump into things, I drop things when I know I have a good grip on them… I have brain fog as I call it. The psychological feelings that I go through are very disturbing , I’m at my wits end. Even suicide has been a consideration which disturbs me very much!!!! I follow a regiment that takes a lot of my time and money which I fall short of affording!!! The Doctors that I’ve seen disgust me on how they approach this . I have been married 32 yrs this March and my poor partner is also feeling my pain he is worried for me and sometimes ready to just throw in the towel so to speak. I can be available just about anytime for an Interview I’m even willing to be a guiney pig for the Medical community. I”m desperate and feel so alone at times. Treatment what treatment anti psychotic drugs ha what a joke that is definitely not an option! at least not for me. I’m scared to death the symptoms I experience on a day to day basis are serious and I know not normal. I see a Naturalpath at the moment because he is the only one who seems to listen and care .But this needs to be addressed big time before it gets to out of hand i.e. Aides and Hiv remember when that first came about and look now what it has done!!! It’s appalling that these doctors reach for the most ridiculous diagnoses , This is the Technology age for heavens sake they should all wake up and quit turning a blind eye to this… We deserve better .. They can put a man on the moon but when it comes to the unknown they just sluff it off and call us crazy. Well I’m not crazy this is real!!!!

    Thank you

  34. Hi Kim:

    I’ve had this shit since 1997 – peaked in 1999. It does get better, believe me. It’s in the enviornment, I believe. Getting rid of my carpets helped a whole lot. And no, you are not crazy.

    I’m from Ottawa. If you need to contact me, feel free at :

  35. Anyone hear anything about the conference going on this weekend. I guess Wymore (who has practically dissapeared) and Saverley are going to be there.

  36. There’s some info here:

    Nothing much new. Mark Darrah reported finding environmental fibers sticking to lesion sites, and some fibers he could not identify.

    He said:

    I created a stir when I demonstrated the presence of environmental fibers in waxy samples from patents’ skin lesions (obtained directly from them). [...]

    My main point was to drive home that there is secretion of a waxy substance eliciting from “vesicles” which I demonstrated from 5 patients with optical ‘scope and SEM. Environmental material is sticking to lesion sites, but I didn’t refute that there are filaments of interest present, much more work is to be done by me and other researchers to identify Morgellons filaments and their nature. But the goo… this may be the onset of the condition, and the culprit of the manifestations. This needs to be determined.

    Compare with:

    A vesicle is a small fluid-filled blister.

    A vesicle is small — it may be as tiny as the top of a pin or up to 5 or 10 millimeters wide.

    In many cases, vesicles break easily and release their fluid onto the skin. When this fluid dries, yellow crusts may remain on the skin surface.

    Many diseases and conditions can cause vesicles. Some common examples include:

    * Allergic reactions to drugs
    * Atopic dermatitis (eczema)
    * Blistering skin diseases including porphyria cutanea tarda and dermatitis herpetiformis
    * Chicken pox
    * Contact dermatitis (may be caused by poison ivy)
    * Herpes simplex (cold sores, genital herpes)
    * Herpes zoster (shingles)
    * Impetigo

  37. Hi, y’all . I think the conference was typical, but Charles Holman’s sister reported that $3,000 had been donated there. I’ve seen that someone on lymebusters posted this about it, too:

    The biggest news was the 1 1/2 yrs that Wymore thought that the fibers had inter weaving…was an optical allusion….now viewed thru the lighted microscope at the crime lab…


    What’s the difference between “the professional morgellons researchers” and “morgellons patients”? Look at Darrah! The skin’s lipid layer, alone, is “a waxy substance”. He’s clueless, ain’t he? Plus, look how deeply enthralled with the excretory and secretory glands he is, as well as making up goofy new words. This article could assist all of “the experts on morgellons disease”:

    Biochemistry of human skin — our brain on the outside…

  38. This could assist all of the “experts on morgellons disease” too, but not as much as patients’ prior health histories could!! (Oh, but that would wreck the scam they have going with their patients.)

    The Process of Washing

    The most obvious target of cleansing is the outermost layer of the skin, the keratinizing epithelium. It is a cornified (hardened) cell envelope and it has an extremely tough protein/lipid polymer structure. This hard and lipophilic layer of the epidermis and the surface hairs would not easily retain dirt if it were not for a hydrolipid film that covers the outermost layer of skin and that picks up particles of soil. This natural outer film of lipid entraps and glues environmental dust, pollutants, smoke, keratinous debris, organic and inorganic compounds in sweat, cosmetics, and other substances that come in contact with it. The hair of the scalp (corresponding to a surface area of about 8 square meters, or 86 square feet, for an average female head) is cleansed regularly. The scalp gets coated with sebum, the product of the sebaceous appendages that flows into hair follicles and a natural lubricating oil that contributes luster to the hair, on the one hand, but entraps dirt, on the other.

    Washing the skin consists of the removal of the outer layer of grease (lipid) in which the soil (no matter what kind) is embedded. It is a complex physicochemical process that includes the following:

    1. A weakening of the binding forces between the keratinized epithelium and the layer of grease via the reduction of the surface tension between the water and the water-resistant oil/grease. Because of this reduced surface tension, water (and surfactant molecules) can penetrate into the finest wrinkles of the skin. In this way, more and more interface is occupied by surfactant, and the adhesiveness of the soil-containing layer is further weakened, a process facilitated by mechanical rubbing.
    2. Transfer of portions of the layer of oil to the aqueous vehicle. It is facilitated by the action of the micelles created when the soil was emulsified. The micelles have negatively charged surfaces and are repulsed by the overall negative charge of the keratin of the skin epithelium.
    3. Dispersion/suspension of the oil and dirt particles in the soap foam, preventing these particles from being redeposited on the surface.

    Now, look at this detailed description on “morgellons” bathing instructions:

  39. And another rather disturbing skin treatment, five minute soak in undiluted bleach:

  40. Of late I have encountered several people with this disorder. I have read the reports of sufferers, physicians and researchers. I have come to the conclusion the cause is twofold.
    First, I believe that geography plays a role. Areas with high iron content, or ferromagnetic metals could be potentiated by high voltage or atmospheric ionization. This ferric condition a stronger but temporary magnetic field could then impact people in the immediate environment through the piezoelectric quality of the skin.
    Secondly, the iron component in the blood or specifically hemoglobin would then suffer this ferric condition through capillary inlets causing fusion of components (lipids, carbohydrates, etc….) in the circulating blood; plasma and cells.

    I do believe once the spectroscopic exam is complete iron and components of its disintegration will be isolated.

    I would suggest these fibers be sent to Stanford University (SLAC) for a spin in the linear accelerator. In the 90′s the AIDS virus was accelerated and the findings were quite interesting.
    The thermal approach to breakdown the Morgellon fibers has proved fruitless. The acceleration of these fibers will no doubt breach the bonds and the atoms of which they are construct can be isolated.
    The findings will no doubt be similar to that of the AIDS virus. Acceleration will breach bonds of all atoms except those with ferromagnetic potential. Iron, nickel, cobalt and an altered carbon will be remaining.

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