Morgellons Treatment Foundation

Dr James Matthews, M.D., of Gaithersburg, MD, recently modified his web site: (archived link)

To announce the imminent arrival of a new website:

This site is registered to the “Morgellons Treatment Foundation”, which seems to consist of Dr Matthews.

The MTF site is not yet operational, but on his “Family Medicine of Gaithersburg” page, Dr Matthews says:

Morgellon’s Alert

Because of a quiet emergency that has been developing these past few years, this website has been temporarily modified to accomodate questions about Morgellons disease. In the near future, a new website, www.Morgellons.US will be up and running with more detailed information.

I know that many people have suffered greatly with Morgellons Symptoms, and worse, disbelief and disrespect from their friends and even their doctors. This is going to start to change now.

While Morgellons is still currently a medical mystery, at this time we do know enough to start to move most patients toward health and healing.

It is well known that Lyme and associated diseases weaken the immune system1, and that most patients with Morgellons have lyme disease.2

Therefore, I’m recommending that Lyme and associated diseases, especially Babesiosis and Bartonella be directly targeted.

This is very interesting. Dr Matthews seems to intend to set up the “Morgellons Treatment Foundation”. Presumably this foundation will both diagnose and treat Morgellons. It’s unclear how this can be done, since Morgellons has no usable case definition, no diagnostic criteria, and no proven treatments.

Since Morgellons is not a recognized disease, it will not be covered by insurance.

Doctors have to make a living, just like the rest of us. Some doctors specialize in certain areas because they perceive a market opportunity. One wonders if Dr Matthews saw the recent publicity, and decided to get in on the ground floor of this lucrative area.