Dr James Matthews, M.D., of Gaithersburg, MD, recently modified his web site:

http://familymedgaithersburg.com/ (archived link)

To announce the imminent arrival of a new website:


This site is registered to the “Morgellons Treatment Foundation”, which seems to consist of Dr Matthews.

The MTF site is not yet operational, but on his “Family Medicine of Gaithersburg” page, Dr Matthews says:

Morgellon’s Alert

Because of a quiet emergency that has been developing these past few years, this website has been temporarily modified to accomodate questions about Morgellons disease. In the near future, a new website, www.Morgellons.US will be up and running with more detailed information.

I know that many people have suffered greatly with Morgellons Symptoms, and worse, disbelief and disrespect from their friends and even their doctors. This is going to start to change now.

While Morgellons is still currently a medical mystery, at this time we do know enough to start to move most patients toward health and healing.

It is well known that Lyme and associated diseases weaken the immune system1, and that most patients with Morgellons have lyme disease.2

Therefore, I’m recommending that Lyme and associated diseases, especially Babesiosis and Bartonella be directly targeted.

This is very interesting. Dr Matthews seems to intend to set up the “Morgellons Treatment Foundation”. Presumably this foundation will both diagnose and treat Morgellons. It’s unclear how this can be done, since Morgellons has no usable case definition, no diagnostic criteria, and no proven treatments.

Since Morgellons is not a recognized disease, it will not be covered by insurance.

Doctors have to make a living, just like the rest of us. Some doctors specialize in certain areas because they perceive a market opportunity. One wonders if Dr Matthews saw the recent publicity, and decided to get in on the ground floor of this lucrative area.

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  1. From what I understand, the only working definition of Morgellons would be “people with fibers in their skin who refuse to believe they don’t have a rare, life-threatening, government-induced illness.” Which sounds like a mental health issue to me.

    What is the relationship of Morgellons and Munchausen’s, do you think?

  2. I think there is an element of Munchausen’s in some cases. Maybe some dermatological pathomimicry. Like I’ve said, there is a variety of things going on. It’s always a mistake to seem to correlate any one thing with “Morgellons”, since Morgellons has never really been shown to correlate with anything. It’s an easy label for people to use for their mixed variety of physical and/or mental symptoms. Some people simply apply it by mistake after finding everyday fibers on their skin.

    See the interesting list of synonyms for Munchausens here:


    and on a related note:


  3. “this lucrative area”

    MRF has recently been pushing for donations over at LB. Now, I’m not a mathematician, but if you’ve got 5,000 convinced they’ve got a disease that only you are working on, and even if only half of those people donate a mere $5.00 a month …

    (just a second, counting on my fingers)

    Oh my, income of $12,500.00 per month. Not bad at all, especially for a “foundation” that currently has less than $500.00

    Who wants to wager that director salaries are not the first order of business?

  4. Maybe that’s what they were thinking, but Lymebusters probably has less than a hundred people who would contribute, and half of them seem rather strapped for cash. I don’t think the MRF is going to get rich any time soon.

    No, the real money is in “treatment”. The MRF currently seems to be a vehicle for the infomercials.

  5. Michael, I agree with you that it’s unlikely that MRF can raise a whole lot of donations. But I am seeing the same pattern as with TV evangelists. Send money, send money, send money. Send money, because only I can save you. Send your last dime, then sell your sinful possessions, and send that money, too. Because I can save you.

  6. Question: I try not to make it a habit of going to the MRF site- does it say what exactly the money will go to? Does it say research or maybe the better-”Only research?” Just curious!

  7. Question again,

    Since lyme disease is now in 46 states, do you all percieve it to
    to eventually be covered by insurance?

    And News alert: I had an anonymous email staing that the MRF knew what our illness consist of and is wiating and planning on coming in as the
    “saviour”…..hehehe, hell, you mean that there is a cure to this ????

    I know that they will eventually be toutuing we will need antibiotic chemotherapy to heal….I just hop it does that-heal!

    I’m now wondering if this Dr. Mathews was this so called panacea that
    this emailer was inferring? Hmmmmm……..

    Hey, where is the smart, mean man? I have not seen him post lately.

    “come out Mr. Mean Man, we miss ya here…..”

  8. MRF is simply countering the un or underpublished fact that donations are now being taken by OSU/CHS directly. They see their funding slipping away to the science. And if their funds say 500 give or take, either someone needs to do some research or there is some MAJOR deception going on here. ‘Cause I KNOW they’ve gotten a lot more than that. Is it tied up or made gone, bye-bye by now, oh yeah, but what’s the total for the year Michael?

  9. All I’ve been able to find is they got $318 in 2004.


    MCMURRAY, PA 15317-3512 Educational Organization
    ( Research Institutes and/or Public Policy Analysis )
    Assets $318
    Income $318

  10. You can see the complete 8 page return at Guidestar.org, but you do have to register (free)

    Their only reported accomplishment is listed on page 2 - Created a website.

    No mention of any research.

  11. Thanks JL, interesting, they started the year with $0, got $318 in contributions, and spent nothing in all of 2004.

    I guess we’ll have to wait for the 2005 990.

  12. Unless they’ve filed for an extension, the 2005 should be available within a week or so.

  13. I wonder why Dr. Matthews is interested in Morgellons? Because maybe his child, mother or brother have this disease? Why would Dr. Matthews put his neck on the line for this ‘mysterious’ ailment if most other doctors say these patients are delusional? Why would he try to compassionately help patients and aggressively study this disease when other persons in the medical field lose their licenses and practices if not their credibility? My heart goes out to him and my hat off to him if he can help any of the people who suffer from this debilitating disease. I was a normal, healthy, happy person until Morgellons struck me and my husband down. We are unable to enjoy most of the things in life that used to bring us the most joy because we are so weak and sick. Our motorcycles are collecting dust and our boat collects barnacles. Our friends and families can only worry about us and try to support us. God bless Dr. Matthews and other brave souls trying to help patients with this very real, very horrible disease. What I wouldn’t give to be healthy again. I would love to have the normal worries that most people have – what to wear, who to go out with and when, what to do for fun, what to make for dinner. Instead, this ailment completely exhausts me and I am forced to go and have a nap and hope that I am not too fatigued to make us dinner when I can get up.

  14. If a person lacks a strong constitution, sure, anything and everything will knock ‘em flat on their asses. Take me, for instance. I feel like hell, day in, day out, year round. I accept it, and deal with it. When there’s no choice, there’s no alternative. If we want to let feeling lously and being in constant pain win, it will, and life will quickly pass us by.

  15. Besides, any doctor treating, let alone, opening a treatment center devoted to a non-existent disease…..hey, not all people are gullible. There’s plenty of illnesses to go around for everyone who has symptoms that they’ve been deceived into believing is something touted as “morgellons disease”.

    Dr. Stricker and Nurse Savely are SUPPOSED TO BE “lyme specialists”. They don’t appear to know too much about it, in it’s late-stages, now do they?! Ha!

  16. Angel22a,

    I think Dr. Matthews is exploiting the Morgies for their money, and I think his license should be revoked.

    I have no doubts that you and your husband are sick, but you are wasting your time with Morgellons. There is no Morgellons.

    Tall Cotton

  17. if you only had a clue

  18. Give us all a clue, Anonymous. How many doctors have you been to, and what did they say?

  19. In the last 12 months what is FACT with the MRF is that around $20,000.00 was “known” to have been donated to MRF. MaryL received the donations so if more donations came in from members if was not given info at their “board meetings” – MaryL never gave a update at these meetings of “WHAT” DONATIONS were taken in for that week.

    Board Members REQUEST that the $20,000 be send to OSU but MaryL and Dr. Harvey stated NO. The members REQUESTED to send “half” – MaryL and Dr. Harvey again stated NO can’t do that. Finally after much debt – MaryL and Dr. Harvey agreed that they could send $4,000.00 to OSU.


    Morgellons “Research” Foundations is NOT FOR RESEARCH DON’T DONATED TO MRF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. What of your CV Smilykins?


  21. x.x.x.x.x.x

  22. I just pray someone please as soon as possible finds a cure–this is so so horrible. Six years now and I am so sick.

  23. Re:Morgellons Treatment Foundation/ Dr. Matthews

    I say God Bless Dr. James Matthews…I have personally spoken to him on the phone (this past summer)…He is a very kind and compassionate man, who sees this nightmare of an illness to be just as debilitating as it truly is…Dr. Matthews cares about our suffering and I look forward to him being my doctor as soon as possible…

  24. Sufferingintx, I know that talking to someone who agrees with you will make you feel happy. But I’m afraid all that will happen is you will pay a lot of money for expensive consultations, then get diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease based on indeterminate tests, and then be subjected to months-long series of antibiotics which will cost you a lot of money, and probably damage your health in other ways.

  25. A compassionate ear and a hand to hold, often comes with a price to pay that is less than good for a person. On a similar note, I treated with a chiropractor, for years & years. They helped me, immensely, and kept me up and running and able to keep working, hard as it was. However, I was told, in the beginning, to go to a neurosurgeon. Had I gone, 20 years ago, yes, I would have missed some work, and things would have been a little difficult. But, I would not have had so much damage taking place in my spine, in the form of calcification (bone spurs) in my vertebrae, that ended up nearly paralyzing me in the long run, requiring an extensive two surgeries in one procedure, and putting me on the disabled list. I was very dumb to have carried on, as I did, for so long.

  26. Well though, the thing with me, was, that I tried pretending everything was okay. I’m not one to look for trouble, and I strive to overcome it, even when it’s present and screaming at me. I’ve dealt with dermatologists before, and they always knew their business. Other doctors have been pretty sharp cookies, too. How morgie people end up seeing doctors that are dumb, doesn’t add up. If “I” hadn’t been a dummy, I would have a lot better life to live out than the one I ended up with, through my own stupidity.

  27. I have to have a dig here, if I may;

    I wish my mum hadn’t have been so stupid or whatever, when I injury my lower spin at 16.

    She didn’t even let me have x-rays!

  28. It’s never too late to get x-rays of your lower spine, if you have symptoms stemming from it, Gillian. I know that what you described as happening, one time, when you’d raised your arms in the shower, sounded like a ruptured disc in your neck.

  29. There is a doctor in Santa Ana, California, Dr Karjoo. He is working on this and not asking for any research money, but is funding the research out of his own pocket.

    Rahim Karjoo, MD, is a Fellow of The College of American Pathologists and of The American Society of Clinical Pathology.

    Currently and for the past fourteen years he has been The Laboratory Director and Pathologist of Doctors Hospital of West Covina, CA, and of:

    American Medical Diagnostic Labs of Santa Ana, and concurrently, the past ten of those years has been a Clinical Instructor in the Pathology Department at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

    Dr. Karjoo was, for ten years prior, the Chairman and Laboratory Director of CIGNA Health Plan of California. Earlier in his career he was on the Clinical Pathology Teaching Staffs at Yale University, University of Connecticut Medical School and Pahlavi University School of Medicine, Shiraz, Iran.

    His passion and course of research for many years has been the pathology of migration of silicone in human tissue, his silicone implant research having been published in 1995.
    Dr. Karjoo has many published papers to his credit and awards for outstanding, dedicated and distinguished services.

    Also, the CDC in Georgia has taken on a Morgellons study. This requires some funding, and the CDC would not waste taxpayer money on this if it were completely ungrounded.

    But other than these two above sources, which I think are legitimate, I agree with some who are posting here – there are a lot of unscrupulous people rippng off Morgellons victims and those of other diseases/syndromes.

  30. In my opinion Karjoo is trying to drum up business so he can sell you a far-infrared bed.

    Corvid, I think you misunderstand what is going on here. I’m not saying that if people think they have Morgellons then there is nothing wrong with them. Nor am I saying “it’s all in your head”. I’m saying there is no evidence that Morgellons is a distinct disease, and that there is a lot of evidence that the symptoms are explained by a wide range of other conditions.

  31. It’s my understanding that the recent laboratory findings from Karjoo and Staningers specimens are being witheld until the Morgies shell out fifty thousand dollars.

    The CDC knows that there is something to Morgellons. It’s delusional parasitosis. They told everyone to see their local healh facilities. They did, and were diagnosed with DOP. The action now is because of political pressure.


  32. Morgellons-

    AIDS is not a “distinct disease”. It is a syndrome. Lets try to keep that in perspective with the issues.

  33. Tallcotton:

    The CDC knows that there is something to Morgellons. It’s delusional parasitosis.

    ….correct and I think there is still every chance that the CDC may elaborate further with whatelse could possibly fit under the umbrella of “Morgellons”.

    For example; “Morgellons” – An Environmentally Acquired Multifaceted Syndrome??

    I thought that was rather clever!!

  34. It’s totally idiotic to compare Morgellons to AIDS. You ought to have your but kicked up between your shoulder blades for making such a foolish comparison.


  35. Norman!!! “Perspective” is what YOU need a heavy dose of, as well as anyone else who believes that what they have ailing them is “morgellons disease”. Just because you, and they, don’t understand things, does not mean that there is anything going on with anyone, other than what has been diagnosed already. Until a person treats that, they’ll never have their minds cleared up enough to get off of this, to move onto treating their other physical conditions, if there are any. What unites everyone in this belief, is not that they all have the same health issues, it’s that whatever ones they do have, are what has caused them to develop DOP. That is why they seem to believe that they all have the same symptoms, when they do not. They have DOP from any number of underlying conditions, both mental, and physical.

  36. Starlink,

    HIV is a disease. The designation “AIDS” is a surveillance tool. Surveillance definitions of AIDS have proven useful epidemiologically to track and quantify the recent epidemic of HIV-mediated immunosuppression and its manifestations. However, AIDS represents only the end stage of a continuous, progressive pathogenic process, beginning with primary infection with HIV, continuing with a chronic phase that is usually asymptomatic, and leading to progressively severe symptoms and, ultimately, profound immunodeficiency and opportunistic infections and cancers.

    Tall Cotton

  37. Starlink, HIV is a distinct virus which causes AIDS. The “syndrome” is the full gamut of symtoms that AIDS patients display. But it is quite clearly caused by a distinct and identifiable virus.

    What is Morgellons?

  38. Starlink,

    Morgies have a disease. It’s not a syndrome. It’s a form of psychosis called Delusions of Parasitosis. It just isn’t a new disease. Morgellons, on the other hand, can be any condition that causes, or helps to cause, a person to develop DOP. You can call it what you want, but we know what it is.


  39. So many morgies go so far as to say that cancer and AIDs are trivial in comparison to what they have. If anyone thinks their existence is truly that severe, they should wake up and know that they need to be talking to a mental health expert about it, as well as visiting some hospitals to see terminal cancer and AIDs patients.

  40. Smileykins needs to back up, just a minute. There are those who have even been diagnosed with cancer, on morgie message boards, calling it “morgellons disease”, instead of cancer. People who are under this false belief, think that everything is due to “morgellons disease”. I need to pop my space helmet back on. (Ouch)

  41. What is Morgellons?

    I’m going to have a first guess at this one, if I can please!!… only because its Christmas Eve already for me in Australia, AND I have already been given some presents!!!

    Morgellons is : the one after DOP.

    …makes sense to me anyway!!

  42. second guess.

    I have been shot down in flames in the past for bringing up the topic of HIV/AIDS, on a different forum.

    I said a long long time ago, I wonder if “this” “morgellons (my symptoms)”, could be a new strain of HIV?

    Not because I was self diagnosing or just plucking a disease from out of the air just for the heck of it. Purely because of MY symptoms, how crazy and horrible they had felt and still feel. I always said and still do to this day, nothing in nature could be so cruel to cause this much pain to a human. Now I realise, I have had Rickettsia and ? Lyme for a very long time.

    I have thought about “mutations” too many times, meaning that; if an infection is left untreated for a long time, what could happen to the person?

    Anyway sorry I’m rambling…

    It now appears that, the Morgies ALL have DOP as a symptom to share, BUT we all have our own illness, and or diseases etc etc.

    Maybe out of the 8 to 9 thousand people that are registered with the MRF, maybe (my guess) a large number of people could quite possibly have the new strain of HIV/AIDS, as well as what TC said, different cancers.

    Golly..not real cheerful conversation for Christmas Eve is it?

    Hmmmmm…..need to end on a high.


    Q. What lies down on your bed and sings??

    A. “My-Donna”!!

  43. third guess..

    Morgellons is EVERYTHING!!

    nite nite.

  44. We can see that there’s an intelligent woman inside there, Gillian. I’m proud of you. I swear, after reading that prednisolone (I probably misspelled it again, hehe) can, among so many other things, cause psychosis, and that anyone with a history of emotional problems shouldn’t use it, I can’t help but wonder how much of what you’ve been going through can be attributed to side effects from that, too! Merry Christmas.



  46. WELL, MOLLIE, I’M NOT GOING TO CHECK OUT COLLEMBOLA. That poor old collembola horse has been beaten half to death, all the way to hell and back, so many times, it’s ridiculous. I think you’d better get off this destructive course you’re on, see a doctor, work with them, and do follow-up care. In the meantime, bathe and exfoliate regularly, learn about skin care and practice general good health measures. Eat right, drink plenty of fluids, and get the proper amount of sleep and exercise. Stop obsessing. Throw out the microscope. That’s dead cellular debris from your skin pores you’re seeing.

  47. Morgellons is real. Doctors won’t/can’t help. The industry is not going to recognize this disease…. ever. (IMHO). I have had these fibers for over 18 years. I can wash my hands with soap and water three times over, and yet the fibers are still on my hands. I believe that this shit causes cancer. Also, this website is here to disinform the public about this disease.

  48. Zombiefied, could you explain what you mean concerning your statement that doctors won’t and can’t help? Are you speaking in reference to “before” you’d heard of “morgellons disease”, or do you mean it in the sense of having gone to doctors “after” you’d heard about it? What basis do you have for believing that fibers you’ve been washing from your hands, for over 18 years, cause cancer? Speaking to a doctor about that concern would ease your worries, and following the AMA’s recommended tests for regular cancer screenings would certainly settle any fears you have.

    You’re terribly mistaken about this blog being here to disinform the public about “morgellons disease”. There are numerous web sites of patients who think they have it, and we all know why they believe in it(except for the misinformed patients, themselves, who tell the reasons, without even knowing), and there are growing numbers of web sites of predators, of different types, lining up to benefit from the spreading fear.

    This place is the ONLY place where the truth is told about it. I’m glad you’re here, too, and I hope you read the various topics and can understand them.

  49. Here is a copy of the cancer screening guidelines:


  50. Have you any advice for me, Smily, you bat?
    Really, where do you find the time?
    With your slow laborious tpying speed
    you just must spend hours and hours….
    and hours…..
    Do you get paid, or are you a true Patriot, living off Uncle Sam?
    I’m so glad my taxes dont pay ur way.

  51. What do you say Smilynazi to the plethora of anecdotal reports from people?
    Surely it is just a little disingenuous to say Folie de Gras?
    People are surely suffering, and your continual mockery merely demeans your humanity.

  52. Hello, how are you, Al? Are you ready for advice, now? I had tried before, but you wouldn’t open up all the way. I know that DOP is a horrid condition to have, and I haven’t mocked anyone who’s calling it “morgellons disease”.

  53. I think you can dig these few words from Sir Thomas Browne.

    Thus having been deceived by themselves, and continually deluded by others, they must needs be stuffed with Errors, and even over-run with these inferiour falsities; whereunto whosoever shall resign their reasons, either from the Root of deceit in themselves, or inability to resist such trivial deceptions from others, although their condition and fortunes may place them many Spheres above the multitude, yet are they still within the line of Vulgarity, and Democratical enemies of truth.

  54. Babe , keep ur poetry
    I’m just amazed at your tenacity.
    I’m not gonna get embroiled in your shit,
    but feel the need to laugh in your face,
    from time to time, as I see fit,
    whilst I see your cruelty.
    I suppose global warming is a furphy too?

  55. Sorry, I’d thought wrong, and hoped you could understand that. Al, global warming is not the topic of this blog.

  56. I wonder if any of those mocking the poor patients have seen one of them personally? If not, how can they possibly form an opinion?

    I wonder.


  57. Richard, after calling me a nazi, on January 30th, in comment # 51, Al had also mentioned:

    People are surely suffering, and your continual mockery merely demeans your humanity.

    I can’t know why he sees me as he does, any more than why you think anyone is mocking any poor patients. In an attempt to answer your question, though, I used to ask, when I was a member of Lymebusters message board, how many patients who are convinced they have “morgellons disease” have personally met the others too! How have they all formed the opinion that they all have the same thing wrong with them? Do you ever wonder about that, Richard? It began with the fact that most of them had doctor-hopped, and been repeatedly diagnosed with DOP. The way this fradulent scheme has evolved, “morgellons disease” is for everybody susceptible to the belief, now.

    I think it’s quite fair to form opinions based on the facts in existence, and from reading patient accounts. There are more pictures of patients’ skin artifacts and God only knows what other things, posted on line, than of skin. However, I’ve seen some skin photos and videos of self-injurious behavior, as well as pictures of morgies with very healthy looking skin.

    Some of these patients did meet at More Jamm, last summer. Those who appeared in pictures from the event seemed not to be suffering, and had healthy looking skin. Any patients I’ve seen on television, also, appeared to have clear skin.

    I hope that helped answer your question.

  58. Michael said,

    One wonders if Dr Matthews saw the recent publicity, and decided to get in on the ground floor of this lucrative area.

    My, my, my. I just found out (via email message) that Dr. Matthews claims that he has “morgellons disease”.


    Disclaimer: This information is being shared for educational purposes only, and is not intended to replace a proper consult with your physician for healthcare. No one should practice medicine on themselves or others without a license.

    Dear Morgellons Community Members,

    I have some preliminary data indicating that NutraSilver is an effective therapy for some of the symptoms, in some of the patients, suffering with Morgellons Syndrome, and after new drug applications have been filed, endorse trials of its use for this mysterious condition.

    About 2.5 years ago, I met my first Morgellons patient and three months later, I became a patient myself.

    I sorted through all available data, what little there was, and came upon the link with Lyme disease made by William T. Harvey, M.D., M.P.H..

    I used almost every available method of Advanced Western Medicine over a period of two years, including variations on: the Burrascano protocol; Shoemaker Biotoxin-binding protocol; Marshall protocol; Sherry Roger’s detoxification protocols; a host of anti-parasitic medications; UV; Infrared; Saunas; Salt and C; Diatomaceous Earth; many immune boosters; regular Bikram, Dahn and Iyengar Yoga, and after all this, felt “ok”, and had been off of all prescription medications for about six months.

    Then, about four weeks ago, I heard about NutraSilver and chose to try some personally.

    Now, most people recognize that precipitation of a Herxheimer Reaction is a good indicator that your therapy is effective. In my case, I had precipitated these gently, and detoxified many, many times, and believed there was very little infection left in my body to cause a Herx. This turned out not to be the case. A unique, deep tissue Herx occurred which gave way to greater feelings of well being and physical health than I had previously experienced with any other method.

    I recognized the potential value of this new therapy and immediately gave my two sickest patients my remaining samples.

    In one of the patients, who had no lesions and had already been treated for about 1 year with my integrated protocol (above), we observed only slight improvement in his symptoms of creepy crawly and prickly sensations.

    In the second patient, who had only just begun my protocol, and had been suffering with multiple bodily and facial lesions, the results were dramatic. Within days his skin started clearing. He declared he felt “very good”, with improved mental processes and mood, and increased energy.

    NutraSilver is a special suspension of Ionized, Colloidal Silver in distilled water. The suspension is created through a unique proprietary process where water is negatively charged and clustered so that the silver is well suspended, and theoretically better absorbed. Colloidal Silver has a long history of use as an antimicrobial agent, and there are studies showing that NutraSilver kills multiple pathogens in culture very effectively as well. I’m not aware of any toxicities with any, silver products, and the only significant side effect ever documented is argyria. This is an irreversible condition of grayish coloring of the skin that seems to occur when too much of the wrong kind silver is ingested. Best estimates indicate that a healthy 70 Kg person would need to ingest about 10 grams of Silver to be at risk for this condition. By contrast, 1 drop of NutraSilver contains only 0.090mg of Silver. In other words, a person would need to ingest over 100,000 drops of NutraSilver to even theoretically approach the risk for argyria. This may be why there has never been a single case of argyria documented with NutraSilver. Further, I’ve seen a study showing that properly prepared Colloidal Silver taken for two months is purged from the body at the same rate at which it is consumed. And, half of the remaining silver was purged within one month of stopping consumption. Taken together, this data suggests to me that the risk of argyria from NutraSilver is probably somewhere between extremely low and insignificant.

    Before considering use of NutraSilver with your personal physician though, everyone needs to know that in 1999, the FDA had declared in a “Final Rule” that, “all over-the-counter (OTC) drug products containing colloidal silver or silver salts are not recognized as safe and effective and are misbranded.” Ultimately, the FDA is the authority in this area, and this letter is in no way meant to undermine their authority.

    On the other hand, we’re dealing with a special situation here. To begin with, Morgellons wasn’t widely known in 1999 when the FDA ruling was made, and even today, the CDC hasn’t recognized Morgellons as a disease. Further, many people in the community are suffering so much that they may feel, after consultation with their personal physicians, that given how some have benefited, a trial of NutraSilver may be worth the tiny risk of argyria. Given how some are suffering, I can even imagine people feeling that trading Morgellons’ lesions for argyria quite fair, and agreeable.

    The choice to try it or not, is a very personal one, where each individual must consider: their degree of suffering; other options; costs; risks; the FDA’s ruling; and most importantly, the recommendations of their personal physician. Further, I now know that at present, NutraSilver is classified as a nutritional supplement and can’t officially be used for any diseases, symptoms, or relief, only water purification. So, any individual who chooses to use it off-label, does so, AT THEIR OWN RISK.

    After consulting with their own personal physician, if anyone does choose to use NutraSilver for Morgellons, please let us know how it goes. We hope to compile data about any possible risks, and benefits, and use this information in a “New drug” application to the FDA for clinical trials.

    Standing together now, we will find answers, and we will begin to offer more relief for those suffering.

    Conflicts of Interest: A small percentage from the sales of NutraSilver is paid to Advanced Medicine, L.L.C., a new nonprofit company that I direct. 100% of the monies received go directly back into the support of clinical and scientific research in Morgellons. Using this method of funding, I hope to raise more money for Morgellons research within the next year, than all of the other organizations, in all of the previous years put together.

    I will be available to answer some questions on the Morgellons Hope Community Forum.


    James Matthews, M.D.

  59. Morgellons or whatever the medical community decides to call it when it is recognized — and I hope that will be sooner rather than later — is real, complex and horrible for the patient. I know because I have it. I was healthy all of my life until I moved into a home about 1.5 years ago that had a serious mold issue. The mold, as well as smoke from two chain smokers who had lived here for 30 years, attracts parasites of various kinds. They can enter your body at night without you even knowing it until you begin getting skin rashes, itching, etc. Then you become ill internally. It is truly a nightmare. The worst part of the nightmare is that doctors don’t want to deal with you if you have it. I am amazed by this and how backward and unethical it is not to take on the challenge of treating people who have this strange illness. An interim treatment program needs to be developed with insurance coverage until the CDC gets its act together. I discovered this week that my children my now have this disease even though I fumigated, cleaned and disinfected everything. Apparently the mold and the parasites are not easy to get rid of completely once they are in a home.

    This is America and the 21st century and Dr. Matthews is right –eventually these doctors who are saying this is in peoples’ heads are going to feel really ashamed. And they should because they have allowed people to suffer and are not using their talents to help people as God intended.

  60. I welcome any medical mind which is prepared to stretch the boundries in an attempt to understand this affliction. Assuming that Dr. Matthews has Morgellons disease, we should salute him and recongnise his bravery. He is only one of many medical practitioners who has this disease and few are prepared to admit to it, or are even able to recognise it within themselves. The manner in which this disease transmits and the methods which it uses to infect, places most medical practitioners at risk when they encounter a patient (whether they know it or not).
    I never cease to be astounded how individuals use this (and similar) platforms to display their utter and unyielding ignorance and to reveal their dramatic lack if intelligence. I have no idea why they actually do elicit indignant answers from sufferers. They get off on the reactions – just stop responding and remove their platforms and then lets get on with the actual problem of Morgellons disease. It is real and it is causing great human world-wide suffering and suicide.

    Those wo

  61. I seriously urge people to go to the following link http://www.cherokeechas.com/audio0.htm, please scroll down and listen to the radio interview, look for Melbourne Australia. I think you should be able to work the rest out for yourselves.

    Big business, kick you up the arse and call it ice-cream. You ALL earn dollars for MY every key stroke, whilst my life goes to hell. You are sick and twisted, and you obviously seem to get off on CHILDREN & BABIES suffering, fammilies ripped apart, people committing suicide. I think I would rather go move in with Bin Laden you know, the way you lot carry on and you call yourselves Christians? Technology has twisted your brains. So who really gives a damn NOW about who said what to who and when. When we start and when we finish. NOW is the time to finish. This is a cult, and this cult even stretchs as far as the CDC, you bet. Pull the pin, coz us Aussies are comin after you.




  63. Cults swarm the internet, prey is killing people.

    I have been to Texas. I have walked through those big warehouses, I even recall Amazon.com at one warehouse. I was employed as an Office Manager and Marketing Assistant. Not a piece of dirt for you sniffling vernom to wank over.

    So you see when Tony ordered a book from Amazon and spread the word about me being misdiagosed as BDD, you all jumped on me like rats (methaphorically speaking of course!). See folks work it out. Nano swamo. This is a major disaster. No one will get to speak to a prophet either. Bible bashers you need an exorcism.

    Why do I speak so aggressively at you the way I do, BECAUSE I LOVE MY BABY and you people have done this to all of US. No more finding out if bioterror is on the internet, no more Alzheimers Research thanks and no I don’t want the SIDS research.

    This is like the Adromeda Strain, I never wanted to believe this in a million years. Believe it folks it is the TRUTH. I don’t need a Lawyer, I got a good memory.

    NOW someone get us ALL some help PLEASE.

    Before I start yelling Bird Flu again. We all have colds duhhhhh!

    NOW give me my Grammy and get lost.

  64. P.S. Dr Matthews I feel is a bad man. Can’t tell you why, TRUST ME ok. Thanks.

  65. In case anyone was wondering what sort of criminals we are dealing with here, let me tell you, they are the best, so they think.

    White collar workers, politicians, doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, police force, immigration, I maybe should stop.

    Join the dots.

    DO your Science and Prove me wrong, listen to Cliff too, he knows.

    Thank you to the good people that have helped me, and kiss my bottum et al to the rest of you.

    Tat ta’

  66. Cliff Mickelson “knows” something? Anyone who feels they are supporting a cause with a silly website with pictures of people turning into Darth Vader cannot be taken seriously.

  67. Cliff Mickelson’s website is the best laugh I have gotten in months

  68. can anyone tell me how i can cure / treatment of the morgellons … thank you donna

    p.s. also if any one has used the nutra silver, and if it has worked for you or is there
    any thing more better. thank you

  69. Please talk to your doctor before trying anything new. Your treatment needs to be adjusted to your specific situation, and nobody can give you advice over the internet. Someone just telling you something over the internet could be totally wrong, and just make your condition worse.

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