Morgellons coverage in the local media has never been very good, with the natural tendency of TV news to compress things into sound bites, and to force emotional responses from their viewers instead of informing them.

This coverage reached a new low on 3/6/2008 with the broadcast of the KFMB piece titled : “Is Mysterious Skin Condition A Disease Or Delusion?”:

The majority of the segment is taken up with an interview with a woman who claims she has Morgellons.

Her symptoms began in July with what she thought was an insect bite. It soon evolved into skin lesions.

“One evening I was kind of scratching at one of them, what appeared to be a little white moth flew out of some of these lesions,” she said.

Her terror continues. She says citrus acid brings worm-like threads out of her body. Seeing is believing.

Here’s where things get ridiculous. The woman takes some freshly cut lemon, and rubs it vigorously over her hand for a minute, squeezing and twisting the lemon slice until her hand is covered with lemon juice and lemon pulp.

She then rubs her hands together, rolling the pulp around on her fingertips.

Then she points at some lemon pulp and says “This is worms, can you see it coming out right there?

Later, with hand dried off, she digs at a piece of dried skin at the edge of a wound – the unsaid implication being that this is the same thing.

The footage then cuts to her plucking off another piece of lemon pulp from a different region of unbroken lemon soaked skin.

The piece continues:

[She] has seen countless doctors, but her symptoms are getting worse.

“To be diagnosed by doctor after doctor as being delusional, it’s beyond frustrating,” she said.

I’m sure it is very frustrating, and I feel very sorry for her. However, little white moths are not flying out of her lesions. The “worms” are lemon pulp. I don’t know anything about her other symptoms, or her skin condition, which may well be related to a real medical condition, but in this regard, she holds a mistaken belief.

If countless doctors are telling someone the same thing, over and over, then is there not a chance that the doctors are right?

Despite the title of the piece, there is no questioning on the part of KFMB. They totally accept this woman’s story. Presenting her as a rational person who simply has worms coming out of her skin and is being ignored by countless doctors. They totally ignore the very obvious fact that there are no worms, and that all they are seeing is lemon pulp.

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  1. Yes, it was pretty sad how the news reporter says absolutely nothing about the worms/lemon pulp. And if they were worms wouldn’t they want to focus more of the story on it. Obviously a fluff piece.

  2. I am still interested in what the CDC study will say.

  3. I’m very interested in what the CDC will say. I suspect they will be quite comprehensive in describing the various things that they found that lead people to think they have Morgellons.

    I also suspect they might recommend some new guidelines for dealing with idiopathic skin problems.

  4. I think another piece on Lymebusters would be interesting. Who is this Dr. Hildy character they talk about? Whats the news with hexagonal “glitter” chips? I find it an intriguing website.


  5. Hildy is a quack. The glitter is actually glitter.

    Lymebusters is interesting, but I think I’ve already said enough about it. If you spend enough time reading it then it’s fairly obvious what is going on there. It’s rather sad, but stirring it up is not going to help.

  6. Yeah, I looked into Dr. Hilde. An environmental toxicologist who believes that Morgellons “fiber” are conductors for EMF signals to control people. Of course the fibers come from chemtrails and are nanotechnology. People at lymebusters are now thinking this is what causes their Morgellons. Man, where did this idea come from???

  7. Hmm, called Dr. Hildy:

    integrative health systems

    She can cure your morgellons with a first time consultation fee of $225. Follow up appts range in the $100-$125 range. Must be a lucurative business

  8. The fibers are Light Encoded Filaments
    The “glitter” are geometric forms that utilize light to work with the filaments to alter our DNA
    and to cause a natural god-given evolution using the sun’s rapidly increasing gamma and x-rays, that was planned within us eons ago.

    The crawling sensation is a new nervous system forming within the body.

    not bugs.

    The chemtrails, gmo, and pollution are methods of attempting to ruin and confuse this very natural and LOVINGLY DESIGNED CHANGE.
    The disinfo and confusion that this is a plague is meant to bring already evolving individuals into a state of fear and chaos, so that they will not become enlightened.

    The HAARP signals are methods of blocking and modifying the signals already coming from the sun.

    as ludicrous as it may seem, this explanation is THE explanation, and because of people’s inability to accept this information… presenting it. very well may play into the nay-sayer’s agenda… “that it’s all wacko stuff.”

    but it’s the absolute truth.

    it is the revelation… and the explanation of literally.. everything in existence.

    Dr Hildy is helping by giving “light” to people’s who’s bodies haven’t been able to cope with it.
    people that have gotten better, have gotten the proper “light” therapy from her, and are in much better health, from taking much better care of themselves, and loving themselves.

    They do not want you to evolve.. to change.. into your holy higher self.
    This is the holy touch of god on your forehead, the Christening.

    you have to take care of yourself through this change, and help others through it.

    we are soon to be introduced to certain “visitors” …
    be careful as to believing WHO is responsible for WHAT.
    you have the right to your holy grail.
    your native 12 helixes of DNA are growing back.

    don’t be deceived.

    they want you to stay at 2… and remain controllable.

    for more information – use this link –

    warning.. this post (if it’s not deleted) .. will most likely be thoroughly mocked and laughed at.

    trust your heart.

  9. That’s a sad comment, and a sad video. It’s quite evident what the problems are with it, so I’ll not point them out here. Any viewer can do that for themselves.

    I do, however note you include the hexagonal glitter in the video.

    Have you considered that this might actually be hexagonal glitter powder?

    Glitter power is made from thin film cut into hexagonal shapes. The shiny kind is metalized polyester film (polyester with a very thin metallic coating). This matches what you see in many of the photos, with the metallic film peeling off. Other types of polyester film are used, including transparent.

    Glitter power is commonly used in crafts, greeting cards and cosmetics. Glitter power sticks to even normal skin very easily, and can be transferred from person to person, or objects to person. Glitter powder is often glued to a surface, and may form clumps, and have residual glue on the surface.


  10. I have been reading lymebusters lately and it has struck me as a very sad situation. A lot of these folks seem to really believe in theories such as chemtrails/government experiments, and that even this site is paid for to dissuade people. One post involved people claiming their “morgs” changed into the shape of things they saw during the day. Apparently Dr. Hildy’s new theory is the big thing. I really hope these people can get some help for their conditions and feel better. The first thing I would do would be get away from that message board until the CDC figures out what is really going on.

  11. How far we have come. Delusional Parasitosis the regular debunkers kept drumming into me. Now things have done a complete flip and even the nay-sayers and debunkers are hanging out for the CDC to figure this one out. The NIH Office of Rare Diseases are taking Morgellons very seriously, please check new information on the Morgellons Research Foundation Website.

    Things are moving way too slow with this study and the illness/disease Morgellons won’t go away. I really thought I was through the worst of this horror, unfortunately we have been under extreme stress and my symptoms have returned, much to my horror. 6 years of my life has been totally ruined. I’m only human I want to know why this is happening to me, my partner and now to my friends.

    Morgellons is life altering to the point I can not express in words. I live for one reason only my 14 month old baby boy needs a mum. Even after saying that the truth is I could have been a statistic a few days ago, lucky we didn’t have a great deal of pills in the house, I took enough to make me sleepy, but not kill myself. Our lives and other peoples lives can not continue this way. We have all been to Timbuck Two and back searching for answers,but more importantly medical help & support.

    I reckon us Aussies are outta luck on this one.
    My sincere love to everyone who is suffering from this very under-recognised controversial disease.

  12. Hi 911 thanks for the tip, I went straight to Lymebusters for a read. The information I read was extremely informative and TRUE.

    I didn’t come across any info. from Dr Hildy.

    Honestly it made me feel better to read other people describing exactly the same things as me. Hair moves towards lesions like the hair is sucking. I personally believe some little bugger is swinging off the end of the hair. I didn’t say nano, but something very small.
    My hair tunnels under my skin around my entire hair line, cuts my skin like a razor.

    Enough said I guess.

    Take care all.

  13. Gillian: I’m sorry you’ve been under such stress recently! I believe that if you link that to the outbreak of symptoms, the best way to get rid of your symptoms would be to reduce your stress. I understand how difficult that can be because I have an anxiety disorder myself. Have you seen a psychiatrist? Do you take anti-anxiety medication? It can really help.

    Please take care of yourself.

  14. Hi Rebecca, thank you for your kind words.

    I feel stress did contribute to my recent outbreak, even though I have no idea what stress is, neither does medical science know.

    Hmmm reduce stress?? I agree, but I would probably end up in prison after killing a dozen people.

    There were other things which we believe contributed to us both deteriorating. We moved into a rental property a month ago, a newly built home. Admittedly we made a quick hasty decision in chosing this rental, but with a land developer sending us broke what choice does one have. The depression had set in us both so deep, we were literally going insane in a motel room, and poor little William missing out on normal things like bath time because there was no bath, he didn’t have his own room, the place was an utter disgrace (dirty), I had to cook our meals in a tiny kitchenette/laundry. The washing machine & tumble dryer going nearly 24/7 the noise was horrible, but the lack of fresh air, sunlight etc was the worst.

    We liked the house when we viewed it, thinking to ourselves “this place will look great once the owner builder/landlord cleans up the yard & the inside given a good professional clean.” Unfortunately no one bothered to clean anything, 18 months worth of building dust, sawdust, grout, glue, paint & goodness knows whatelse. We couldn’t see through any of the windows the dirt was that thick. I contacted the agent on the Monday morning complaining profusely about the state of the property. This person didn’t attempt to calm me down or say sorry, she was ready for a fight and appeared to enjoy the fact that I was extremely upset (I was raising my voice). She was adamant she’d told my partner there wasn’t going to be enough time to have the house cleaned, and hoped we didn’t mind a bit of grout & paint splashes here and there!! As you can imagine I literally launched into the air like a rocket upon hearing this. I ended up hanging up on her, she was pressing my bully buttons. I am very very exhausted of being bullied, it started when we moved to Australia and I was only 9 years. Prior to that I had coped 3 years of bullying in New Zealand.

    Unfortunately for us money talks and the real estate industry in Australia is exactly the same as it was when my family emigrated here 31 years ago – CORRUPT! Australia is in the grip of a housing crisis, the investors & developers have moved in and the “Australian Dream” of families owning their own home is no more and never will be. As long as negative gearing is allowed to keep happening NO ONE will ever own their own home.

    Our new home was meant to be finished in January. We had been fed misleading information by all parties, including the NOW sacked legal representative. Our approved finance/loan ran out after 3 months & we had to reapply, problem was my partner had lost his job, so he had to find something, anything quick. Luckily he managed to land a make shift job installing the new energy efficent light globes into residential homes. Sadly, he was retrenched after 2 weeks along with 46 other people because the government hadn’t made up their mind about carbon credits.

    We spent 6 months in a motel which cost us nearly $20,000. We had no choice but to stay there. We were being told by certain unnamed persons that settlement should be 2 to 3 weeks away, so of course we were not going to commit to a 12 month rental, move all our possessions out of storage which was sucking $450 a month from us.

    Well wouldn’t you know it the day we moved into the rental property we got a phone call informing us the developer would like to settle in 2 weeks. Knowing very well no bank was going to lend money to an unemployed person, we had to quickly find a new solicitor. The developer issued us with a recission notice for breach of contract & plans to take our $30,000 deposit (by the way we should have only given 5% deposit, but we were asked for 10%!!). We risk to lose more than $30,000 because the other “liars” all want their cut/commission!!

    We have to find another rental property asap. The 3 of us have been ill since the day we moved in, bad colds and coughs. The house is absolutely freezing, the roof has no insulation, and the reverse cycle heater/air conditioner can’t heat an entire house. We asked the electricity company to send us an account because we could literally see our money flying out the roof. We are up for $181.00 for 2 weeks electricity useage. This entire nightmare is costing us $400 a week in rental!!

    We kick ourselves so hard over this. We were desperate for a home, and made a really bad decision, neither of us could think straight, the depression was crippling us, but the worse for me was my beautiful little William didn’t deserve any of this. Just to think we spent christmas. new year, Tony’s b’day, William’s 1st birthday & my 40th birthday in a motel.

    No wonder I lost the plot.

    Yes I have seen a Psychiatrist. He said I don’t need to see him anymore. I don’t take psychiatric medication anymore. When William was 3 months old I was admitted to the local Psychiatric Hospital as a voluntary patient, my sleep deprivation, and anger scared my parents and they asked for someone to please help me.

    I was made involuntary and put in high dependency. I got upset because no one was attending to me, 2 hours sat on a couch after being promised that I could shower upon arrival and I would be given all my personal belongings as well. I showered 2 days later after begging for my personal items, to find that one of the staff had ripped the wires out of my hair dryer. Some of my clothes were stolen from the tumble dryer during my 10 day stay. There was nothing to do but walk the hallways, I did manage to escape, but the police had to take me back.

    This is the best part – I was diagnosed with Post Partum Psychosis and this diagnosis was made by 3 people who had never met me before, and they hadn’t even been in my home 5 minutes. They woke William & myself from our afternoon sleep, so naturally I was not happy!! Their words were “we believe you have a new type of psychiatric disorder that a woman can develop after child birth, it is called post partum psychosis”. I know why I was upset, and I know I was slipping in & out of delusions, but my delusions were not dangerous. I was upset with a lot of people and I had every right to be.

    Thanks for caring Rebecca. Do you recommend any good medication just in case?


  15. Rebecca on 11 Jun 2008 at 5:44 am
    Have you seen a psychiatrist? Do you take anti-anxiety medication? It can really help.

    Hi Rebecca,

    I meant to say “yes I have seen a psychiatrist, but the psychiatrist said I am physically ill & need a medical practitioner”.

    Anti-anxiety medication being helpful?

    I am not so sure, I was given Xanax back in 1998 (obviously the GP’s attempt to numb the onset of this). After 2 months on Xanax I took an overdose of them. These pills were never pumped from my stomach, no charcoal was given in the ER.

    Xanax stays in the body 10 years.

  16. I just happened on this site and read some of the responses of the negative people basically saying what’s going on here w/ morgellons is some weirdo saying some sci fi unbelieveable crap!

    Well 3 months ago I would have probably agreed however (my story in short form) we pulled 2 dead rats w/ maggots all over them from our moldy/wet rental house basement. Soon began to see alot of strange looking bugs then mite/lice type things all over the house, which soon led to us getting stung w/ things that we couldnt see but felt like red fire ant bites constantly. After a few days we all broke out in lesions/sores everywhere. These seeped white goo from them, some had black things inside them and many other things such as these. went to emergency room…tested for scabies (all 5 of us) negative 2 times for everyone. After countless doctors appt’s wth them not helping at all, we started noticing things comeing out of the lesions/sores and other non sore spots on our skin. A few days later those sores started seeping out different types of fibers, hair like strings, plastic looking very tiny tube like things and so many other weird unheard of things.

    Everyone around our family has seen this happen and some are also infected, and im sure the remaining are next. This is very scarey and weird.

    Now Im not sure where to go from here other than to turn to God (which I have through this whole thing…but I need to get stronger with him in my soul.

    To help any morgellons suffer: I put approx 15 alfalfa tablets (bought at walmart $4) in the bathwater, sit there for a while and see what happens. I did and all of a sudden these black specks came flushing out of me so fast it was so scarey!

    Thats where I stand now, sometimes I just want to wake up from this horrible nightmare but then realize I am living a true nightmare!

    For those of you that are completely skeptical and think this is a made up story, all I can say to you is “God Bless you and if you continue to not belive then you will see for yourself 1st hand what all of us are going through (I can assure you of that)

    God Bless all of you and remember to live one day at a time

  17. The video is ridiculous. However, this only proves that some people are very stressed out, and that this woman may be identifying with the idea of Morgellons. The media is clearly either taking advantage of her in order to produce ratings or trying to scare or discredit people by allowing the woman to do an unscientific test (she doesn’t even use a strainer!). It doesn’t say much to me about the actual existence of the condition or the experience of those involved.

    My old apartment had bugs and I started wondering what the black specks were, and then realized it was loose leaf herbal tea from my tea ball. I am not saying that there is no Morgellons or that it doesn’t involve black specks (bed bugs do as well, a lot of things do, so who knows), but that science is best when it doesn’t leap to conclusions (have the black specks been analyzed?) and when the simplest answer which works is held to be true. Also, the first step in order to prove that something is true, is to try to prove that it is false.

    If I was told I had a certain condition, I would use that treatment after an evaluation of potential benefits and risks, and if I did not improve by months later, I would try to find an alternative explanation. This comes after the adults have tried to accept treatment for delusional parasitosis or at least received counseling (as having a new disease that does exist would be intensely stressful and horrifying – with no admission of delusion – the therapist would listen). I agree that doctors need to analyze the discharge from lesions, and that they can’t always be trusted to diagnose properly or treat patients correctly, having experienced this somewhat myself. I also do not think children experience delusions as often as adults, but I do think children are influenced by their parents, both directly and indirectly.

  18. Quite right Salt, I posted the video to comment on the actions of the media.

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