The more you look at Neurotic Excoriations, the more it seems to match some of the Morgellons sufferers you see on television.


Neurotic excoriations refers to the uncontrollable urge to pick and dig at the skin. This urge may be unconscious or may be deliberate in the belief that it corrects some minor abnormality or surface irregularity of the skin. The picking creates more pronounced abnormalities so that a vicious cycle is started. It involves picking, digging or scraping at the skin persistently often until what is described as a “thread” can be pulled from the skin. Many old scars, which can be disfiguring, are visible near areas of active picking. These pickers usually are middle-aged adults and may be depressed, anxious or obsessive-compulsive. Women are more likely to be affected than men.


Patients pick at areas until they can pull material from the skin. This may be referred to as “pulling a thread from the skin.”

Closely related to Neurotic Excoriation is Compulsive Skin Picking

From Wikipedia

It has been seen in psychoses of many people the ‘creation’ of foreign objects to satisfy the need to pick or damage one’s own skin. Many psychiatrists have studied this and found the only real cure is to immobilize the offending object (hands, etc.). The most success has been seen with protective casts to make the picking impossible. In these test cases the skin healed almost immediately, with outbreaks not recurring until the casts were removed.

Again, I come back to the “Delusions of Parasitosis”. I think it’s a major mistake to automatically equate Morgellons with Delusions of Parasitosis. Each case should be looked at individually, and in many cases a diagnosis of Neurotic Excoriation, or Compulsive Skin Picking, is more appropriate.

Fibers are not imagined parasites, they are just fibers found on the skin, and mistakenly though to be part of a disease.

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  1. I have read what seems to be a pretty commonly held notion among morgies, that unless they get all of the fibers out, that they believe the ones left growing inside of them will take over all of their internal organs. They’ve said things, such as they know that it isn’t doing them much good, but think that the ones they do get out, are at least keeping the situation somewhat under control. They have so many ideas, it’s truly unnerving to witness, and they cannot be talked out of any of it.

    They declare that the fibers kill people, and that autopsies have proven it. Some hold a firm belief that all of us have this, and that they are actually lucky to know that they do, in a sense, because the ones of us who don’t realize it, due to all our fibers being hidden on the inside, are actually the ones who are worse off than they are.

    Many of them are steadily picking scabs off of wounds, to retrieve what’s underneath them, for experimentation, when it’s only their bodies’ natural wound healing functions, and clot formations, that they’re constanting playing with.

  2. I agree, that a DOP diagnosis has to be handed out too hastily to many of these people, due to them taking in what they’ve retrieved from their skin.

    I think a neurotic excoriation/compulsive skin picking support message board would be a more appropriate place for some of them. “Support message boards” are strange sometimes, in that they don’t offer support in getting better, but they offer support in remaining in the state of illness. That’s a tough one to understand.

    It is without question that they harm themselves this way, applying caustic liquids and all sorts of homemade potions, and zapping, prodding, probing, and rubbing.

    Thank you for supplying this important information.

  3. Cliff Mickelson said…

    “We humans have a MAJOR problem on our hands. This is a world epidemic and to compound the damage, we have an official denial in place that further enables the spread of the affliction.”

    Tall Cotton said…

    “I’d like to see the statistics for the number of people that have contracted Morgellons via the mass media and the internet.”

    “It All Started With A Young Boy Named Drew”

  4. I can only hope you do have the opportunity to see and really understand Morgellons, first hand, and soon isn’t soon enough.

  5. I think most people who are afflicted with what is being called Morgellons won’t deny that such conditions of Delusional Parasitosis and Compulsive Skin Picking do exist and there are individuals who actually have these psychiatric conditions. But what I have and what so many other Morgellons sufferers have is no delusion OR a compulsion to pick at one’s skin. The sores on my body simply appeared one day and would not heal. They took on the appearance of large infected mosquito bites, but would get a hard callous on top of them and wouldn’t go away. At the same time, I had the awful feeling as if teeny, tiny little bugs were crawling on my skin. I never SAW an insect, nor have I seen worms. I have observed blueish fibers, very small that have emerged from the pores of my skin after bathing and applying topical oil to my skin. BUT I DO NOT PICK AT MY LESIONS. The doctor that was kind enough to do punch biopsies confirmed through my labwork, which went to 3 different labs – local, state and military – that I had a bacterial skin infection that could not be identified. I have been treated with lots of antibiotics, topicals, etc. and have yet to be healed. I also experienced the frightening and frustrating severe fatigue and brain fog that others try to explain. Thank God I think I am being helped with those symptoms by taking certain nutriceuticals.
    The truth will be known someday and the ignorant, arrogant non-believers that just can’t fathom that this just might be something we CAN NOT control – will have to EAT THEIR WORDS. Until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, I would not be so quick to judge. Why do you desire to bring further humiliation to people who are sincerely hurting and who are simply seeking answers to their nightmare?

  6. Tell me this is all in my head.

    “Devolopement of bioactive fibers”

    Smilykins, tall cotton, Michael.

    YOu have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to mapping and manipulating the genes in the cotton genome project do you? This is only the tip of the iceberg.


  7. Please, don’t make the situation worse by discussing disrespectfully what you honestly do not understand.

    For example, did you know that eye problems can be part of this condition? I learned just this morning from a tearful suffer the following:
    She was taken to the emergency hospital some time last week due to
    (among other things) blurry vision
    and headaches. They called in the eye doctor. She was diagnosed with 80% loss of vision in one eye and 40% loss in the other. There are actual holes in the cornea she said the doctor reported. He told her THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. He does not know what is causing it and he has NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT.
    She is to be monitored daily by the eye doctor. She can’t see well enough to drive herself and had no one to take her yesterday.

    She furthermore has lesions and lumps all over her head. She is currently on pain medication that isn’t relieving the pain.
    There is much more, but I will stop here. I hope this gives you one tiny glimpse of one person’s current suffering.
    How did she contract this condition currently being called Morgellons for want of a more accurate name? In her case, (there are a variety of vectors)she believes it had something to do with the city sewer line breaking or somehow getting into her home.
    She and her husband and 2 children had to leave the mold-filled dwelling and have not yet been able to return.
    A few months ago she had a mold test and her results were off the chart.

    In conclusion, Morgellons is not some skin affliction whined about by a group of self-mutilating delusionals. It is a new pathogen
    for which there is no medical remedy at this time. Doctors don’tyet have any training to deal with this new condition. Only a handful of doctors even handle or are knowledgable about Lyme Disease which is showing up in Morgellon suffers at an alarming rate. The situation is serious and scary. I could tell you much more, but that’s it for now. I hope this helped you even a little bit.

  8. Repost reference.

    “Developement of bio active fibers”

    For Military, commercial and consumer use.

    Right there for all of you to read how bacteria, mammalian cells, plant DNA, nematode DNA were crossed and spliced in various ways and embedded in clothing.

    You have no idea what they are creating in these labs and where they are using these things without your knowledge.

    Do any of you have any idea that these biomodified cells are incorporated into fabrics that you put on your body? And yes that includes YOU the skeptics.

    This is really the tip of the iceberg of this issue and is all part of the cotton genome project.

  9. Adapted wants you to mention if the person you’re referring to with the EYE PROBLEM is Jodyanne, with her OCULAR HERPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I got a helluva lot more where that came from, too.

  10. To Anonymous that called us “fucktards”…Okay, you said to tell you this, so, I’m telling you this…

    “It’s all in your head”.

    Happy, now? Cuz I don’t know you, but I can sure tell from your writings that there’s something wrong with your mind. Keep up the good work of proving it, here, and not just keeping it within the cult.

  11. Anonymous,

    I never had Morgellons, but that’s only because there is no such thing as Morgellons. I was, however, suffering like the rest of you, and for a long time I was a part of your group. I chose to come out of it’s insanity, and I did just that. Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I know more about what’s going on than you will ever learn.


    You may have a bacterial infection, but according to the CBC’s of the rest of your group, most of the other members do not. If information doesn’t apply to you, I suggest you leave it for those for whom it does apply. Many of the Morgellons do, in fact, have obcessive/compulsive disorders, and even if they have some type common skin problems, they are still DOP. They have an unshakable and unfounded belief that they have parasites.

    There is “NO” Morgellons pathogen. You need to accept that “fact”. Most of your people need to exfoliate their skin and some need to treat for allergies. There is no “common” element involved, except for the fact that the skin is desperatelatey trying to rid the body of poisons or things that it perceives as being unwanted or harmful.

    You need to get it out of your mind that “we” are going to eat our words. That’s not going to happen! It’s obvious that you are looking for sympathy. Otherwise, you would not be a member of such an insane group of people. But you, like the rest of your people, refuse to follow valuable advice, so you aren’t deserving of sympathy. You also write things that are “utter nonsense” for the purpose of impressing each other, but there’s no real thinkers in your group. If there was, they would walk away from the group as we have done.

    We’ve been trying to reach anyone that is willing to believe the truth, and I’ll admit, we havn’t had much luck. You are all members of a group whose narrow paradyme is guarded by your administrators and others who undermine your ability to decide what is true, and esteem themselves having rank over you.


    That’s a strange name you chose for yourself. Good Luck with your education. You’re right about one thing. I don’t waste my time studying gene mapping and manipulation of the genome of cotton, but I’m not a bit surprized that you are, or that you are pretending that you understand it, or that you are believing that it has something to do with Morgellons.

    You see, I also believe it has something to do with Morgellons, because Morgellons has everything to do with deluded thought.

    Tall Cotton

  12. One thing I know, is your “awareness” is well…goes about as far as your nose sticks out. Have you not seen the news, read about the CDC? Where have you all been, still stuck on the belief that the world is flat too huh????

    Of course, this place is for those who CAN’T get out of their own tiny little world.

    Should really be called, (How blind we are) maybe even (BLINDERS) because by all your posts about something that is alive and real, and you are still in denial, my gosh, there’s a whole world out there that you are showing how unaware you are of.

    So I hope you’ll try and believe that one too. Actually all you have to do is read, your mind is really for something other than tunnel vision. Trust me.

  13. Is that your best response smiley.

    Call me dilusional when I just gave you a refference to a credible University document involving the developement of bioactive fibers?

    Thats the only rhetorical crap that comes out of your mouth again and again.

    You know in phsycology what we call people who identify others problems in this way. Projectors.

    What your saying to others is nothing more than your own reflection of yourself.

    When you call someone dilusional we know smileykins is the one who is dilusional and she is projecting that image of her “old self” on to others who she diagnosed online.

    Get your facts in order about bioengineering before you run your mouth and condemn people to a brain disorder.

  14. You poor thing. I wrote to the CDC too, and if only you and “your people” didn’t have such, shall I say, naivety in your thought processing about the whole thing. Try real hard to get off your “research and experimentation” kicks and begin to map out and prepare something of value for the CDC’s investigation, such as family medical histories to lend something of importance to your plight.

    Look at what Victoreah has mentioned, of the overuse of antibiotics, no doubt, creating a super-resistant bacterial infection for her, for pity sakes.

    Now, please, since you were the one to bring it up, Anonynmous, will you tell me if that is, indeed, Jodyanne that you shared with us here who has the corneal ulcerations?

    When I used to be a member of the morgie board, posting as “Adapted”, I could not impress upon her, that since her doctor diagnosed Ocular Herpes, she needed to treat it. I even told her of a lady I know with it, and how it spread to her brain and nearly killed her a couple of years ago. I didn’t make the story up, and I did not tell Jodyanne to alarm her. I told her in an effort to MAKE CONTACT with her thinking incorrectly!!!

    Look where it led. Damn, what a shame. What a godforsaken shame she ignored her doctor. Dear Lord!!!

    You, and the others are so messed up in the head.

  15. And I am better off talking to a rock. Now shoosh!

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  17. Hahahaha, sorry.

  18. …about the “rock” comment.

  19. Anonymous,

    I sincerely hope the CDC does investigate this matter. If they do, it’s not going to turn out the way you think. Of course, after they determine that Morgellon’s Disease does not exist, you and your delusional friends will undoubtedly claim that they are wrong. This is the same thing the “believers” did when experts recently determined that Greta’s fibers were typical clothing fibers. You believe what you want to believe. If you check again, you should realize that the vast majority of people that have heard about your “so-called” disease, and the vast majority of doctors, realize that you are mentally ill. Join the real world!!

    Tall Cotton

    P.S. Why would I trust an idiot?

  20. hey tall cotton,

    Why dont you go shove that corncob up your ass and save your online diagnostics about peoples state of mind.

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  22. Will cotton bolls work?

    Tall Cotton

  23. Anonymous, now, please try getting hold of yourself and focusing. Would you answer my question about whether you were telling us all about Jodyanne, previously? You don’t need to supply any more readers the ability to arrive at their own conclusions concerning your problems, but you brought up that descriptive account, and I would like to know if that is who it is. She is the only person I know of that had a diagnosis of Ocular Herpes and ignored it.

    Here’s one of the times she mentioned it, back in July 2005, and within this old thread, you can find my comments to her in Reply # 72

    Jodyanne posted:

    Re: folks get a grip
    « Reply #65 on Jul 6, 2005, 4:38pm » [Quote]
    i do not care what others call it, i call it morgellons, i have to go to eye dr. tomorrow.such pain in my eyes.i can not see. i have blered vision it is so bad this is the second time i have gotten like this.the last time they said i have herps in my eyes. i do not belive that…

    Like I’ve said, before, I found that morgie message board 3 years after the fact, from being directed there through a radio broadcast. After I realized they’d lied, and that there was, indeed, no disease that I had contracted back when I’d been ill, afterall, a member told me that I was all wrong, and that there really indeed was. I stayed on, gave my account, and saw a lot of cries for help. I was just a fool sucker. Just a pathetic sucker, at first, until I caught on.

    I left the insanity of it all in September 2005. All I ever did there was try to help. You know the kind of help everyone there wants, all expecting a bright future with a big payoff someday, and it’s always just around the corner. Why listen to any reason? Heck, like anyone there even can? You’re all way too far gone in the first place and prefer it that way.

    Nothing was ever made clearer to me, than when one called Spec said that if it upset me to read about suicides, poisons, and blowtorches, to leave, because everyone there knew exactly what they were doing.
    Those were solid words she spoke then, very solid.

    She disappeared for a few weeks, returning with the news she was on worm meds for animals, and promoting it.

    Although I let go of it in September 2005, I discovered, recently, that I was still getting those vicious rocks thrown at me, when I wasn’t even there, as this post (below) from someone called “rf”, in February 2006 shows. MRF/Lymebusters is a cult, if there ever was a cult, and it’s worse than it used to be. The insanity has gained momemtum.

    If you don’t play by the rules, there…you’d better just not waste time, and move on out. It took dumbass me a while to, even with my fiancee and me thinking that if we did some other things there, that it might distract a few away from their misery for a few minutes. That even pissed a lot of them off. We had the best of intentions there, but that bunch of people have serious problems and you cannot “bridge the chasm”. Ain’t no way.

    Go on, have a look.

    Reply #89 on Feb 5, 2006, 5:40am

    Thank you, Smileykins

  24. I’m going to delete any posts that degenerate into violence filled ramblings.

    Feel free to post actual arguments, evidence, corrections, etc.

  25. Do what ever you want just dont use my name in vane.

  26. Hey thunderations/adapted! How’s it hangin’ “girl”? I have to admit, I liked you better as the bug-sprouting hillbilly. You’re good. Your posts on lymebusters had me so freaked-out, I had to remove myself until you left. It’s nice to smell you again. So, what do you do for a living? I can’t imagine why anyone would go through the lengths that you have to prey on a bunch of crazies. I guess ethics are lost on you. Or, maybe you just live in another reality. I think we can both agree on the latter. We should hook-up sometime, talk about the fuzz that’s making me TOTALLY INSANE! Isn’t it strange how so many non-morgs can see it too? Our lunacy really is INFECTIVE. Wasn’t it you that recently posited the body-electric theory? I’m still waiting for you to tell me how to de-electrify. Funny how you just don’t believe people when they state the facts. It’s as if you have trust issues or something. The problem with being so adept at misrepresentations is that you can never truly trust that others aren’t also doing it to you! What is the truth and what is a lie; you’ll never know. You are certainly in no position to be calling US crackpots.

  27. Hello Linda. Why is it that crazy people spend so much time trying to convince the world they’re not. You were told, over and over, how to “de-electrify” your body, but like everything else, it went right over your head. For your information, I am the one that posed that electrical theory. Go drink your pedialyte and think about it.

  28. This post has been removed by the author.

  29. By the way, so you can quit wondering about it, I am Bugs Alive, and I’m proud of it. Sure, I was just as crazy as the rest of you, but I decided to shut the door on the madness, and when I did, I got well. You could too, if you would. Now go tell your cult members I told you so, and if any of you don’t like it you can kiss my ass.

  30. upnapishtim:

    You said…

    “You are certainly in no position to be calling US crackpots.”

    I haven’t called you “crackpots”. Also, how is it that you think that I’m a predator?

    It’s perplexing that you haven’t needed to,
    upnapishtim, but you’ve put labels on yourself in these ramblings, and I’ve had nothing to do with it.

    Since you’re wondering,
    actually, my spirit of discernment makes it pretty easy to spot a lie, and it’s too bad not everyone has that ability. I’ve never needed anyone to do my thinking for me, or make any decisions for me, either. What do I do for a living? I’ve been disabled for nearly a decade and receive social security.

    You’re pretty scary.

  31. Psychodermatology:
    The Mind and Skin Connection

  32. When I was in high school, I had a classmate who did a lot of drugs. Almost on a daily basis she would be on the bus stoned, messed-up on mescaline (sp?) by lunchtime…you get the picture. She was the biggest druggie I knew. Then, out of the blue, she’d claim she’d been “saved.” She found Jesus. Not only was she clean and sober, but she even dressed like a character from Little House on the Prairie. If I sat on the bus next to her, she would take it upon herself to lecture me on how important it was for me to be saved. I had to be saved or I’d be eaten up with drugs and prostitution and whatnot (I didn’t do drugs and wasn’t sexually active). Out of politeness, I would let her ramble, all the while remembering the druggie she once was, and would be again. After about three months or so, she be back on the drugs, stoned and messed-up as ever. Three or so months later, she’d be looking like a puritan again, “saved” and attending church regularly. I always thought it was weird that she had to be either one extreme or the other. There was no middle ground for her. As a matter of fact, she just seemed so lost and always trying to find herself; the ground kept shifting. She needed something to hang on to, whether she believed it or not.

    Bugs and adapted, I do apologize for having disturbed you, and I mean that sincerely. I don’t know what to make of this extreme behavior in which you both are so vigorously involved in studying and identifying “the organism,” and yet now you both claim to have been suffering from a delusion. I recall that you even said that it was a curse Bugs. It makes me wonder, have you been “saved” (in the metaphorical sense). Was acknowledging the demon in the manner that you did drive you in the direction of yelling “witch” at the rest of us, or, in this case, “crazy witch.” Who knows.

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy your antics on the board at times (both of you), nor do I feel any ill will toward you. I guess I just don’t feel you are in a position to be telling me, or any other person who thinks they have Morgellons, that we suffer from a delusion or any other type of mental illness. The truth is, you don’t really know; all you can know is what you experienced, and your experience may not be the same for the rest of us. I do know there is something going on. I know that it is scary when my body is doing things that neither look nor feel right. I chose to face it head-on.

    Again, I apologize for upsetting you. Take it however you will.
    I’m going to Disneyland.


  33. “Feel free to post actual arguments, evidence, corrections, etc.”

    Q) What is Morgellons Disease?

    Long before the days of the MRF, people had been coming to their physicians, some complaining of spontaneous skin ulcerations, others of rashes, and others of itchy calloused skin. The one thing they all had in common was the phenomena of finding blue, white, occasionally red, less often teal filaments and fuzzballs in their lesions and coming from their skin, and having sensations of crawling, popping, or stabbing in these areas. The majority of these people received diagnosis of scabies, lice, eczema, contact dermatitis, ringworm, and folliculitis. Though all had received medications for these aliments, few had been relieved by them, leading them to believe that they had not received a correct diagnosis to begin with. While it is true that everyone has dust-like fibers on their skin, everyone does not have blue, white, clear, red and teal fibers emerging from their skin.

    Q) Is Morgellons a real disease?

    No. Morgellons is not recognized by any professional medical organization without which it will never be sanctioned as a real disease. Nonetheless, a disproportionate amount of people who have skin symptoms indicative of what has been termed Morgellons are finding that they share other medical issues such as ALS, MS, Lupus, and Lyme disease.

    Q) What is the History of Morgellons?

    Morgellons was the name Mary Leitao applied to the skin condition of her son. Although he, like so many other Morgellons sufferers, was diagnosed with eczema, the diagnosis did not account for the peculiar blue fibers found embedded in her son’s lip. She later discovered that her son tested positive for the bacteria implicated in Lyme disease, and that others with Lyme disease reported finding fibers in the lesions that covered their bodies. Recognizing the distress that so many in this predicament were experiencing, Mary decided to devote her time to creating a foundation which served to both console the scared victims, and seek out professional resources to study the phenomena.

    Q) Are the most cases in California, Texas and Florida?

    Yes. While California accounts for 12% of the nations populous, 24% of those reporting to the MRF are from California. The fact that these cases are materializing in large cities makes it look even more plausible that it is infectious. People who know that they are not crazy don’t stop looking for answers; they will eventually find the MRF, along with //////// and a long list of websites, by typing in any combination of “fibers” “lesions” or “rash” on any Internet search engine.

    Q) Who is Ginger Savely?

    After seeing patient upon patient describing the same symptoms, nurse practitioner Ginger Savely actually took out a microscope and looked at their skin. Low and behold what did she see—fibers embedded in their skin. Having seen first-hand that something medically unknown was afoot, she decided to help these people at a great risk to her own career. She is one of the few medical professionals that has been able to allieve the suffering of these patients by following a harsh protocol initially used to treat Lyme patients. Yes, she does make a profit from her work, and she is always at a greater risk of being sued than doctors who yell “delusional, delusional” and then go back to their golf game.

    Q) Did Travis Wilson commit suicide because of Morgellons?

    It is pointless to argue whether or not Travis Wilson committed suicide because he had Morgellons. If he did, he is neither the first nor the last. Regardless, I am unclear how Michael interpreted “The Wilson’s spent $14,000 after insurance last year on doctors and medicine” to say “He was a patient of Savely who oversaw $14,000 of his treatment.” That’s quite a twist, or lie.

    Q) Have researchers determined the fibers are not environmental?

    According to Michael,”No. Randy Wymore is the director of Research at Leitao’s MRF. He works on a volunteer basis using the facilities of OSU. He has been examining fibers sent (often anonymously) to him. Many fibers he would discard as environmental, but there were a few he could not identify. Not being able to identify a fiber is not the same as proving it is not environmental. Fibers go unidentified all the time in forensic cases…To prove it was not environmental, you would need to prove it was generated inside the body.” (me) This has not been done because no governmental organization with the funds and resources to study Morgellons is doing so. They stand firm by the unproven belief that all people with these symptoms are simply delusional, therefore, resources should not be wasted on this research. We’re not in a position to be able to prove anything either way.

    Q) Do most doctors dismiss Morgellons Sufferers as having Delusions of Parasitosis?

    Some wait for the word “parasites” or “bugs” before doing so. Others label one DOP with just a mere mention of fibers. They have been trained that this is the appropriate course of action given a patient describing these symptoms.

    Q) Are some of the fibers as thick as spaghetti strands?

    It is unknown if the fibers can be as thick as spaghetti strands since there is no organized effort to study them. I have seen them as thick as cooked rice noodles, which is smaller than a spaghetti strand.

    Q) Do people “sweat black tar”?

    It is unknown if people with Morgellons sweat black tar since there is no organized effort to study them. Rephrasing the quotes of others to suit one’s own belief, “She was probably referring to…,” doesn’t make one more right, just more adept at twisting others words, Michael.

    Q) Does Morgellons cause muscle twitching?

    It is unknown if Morgellons does or does not cause muscle twitching since there is no organized effort to study the illness. Nonetheless, people, such as professional athletes, typically know their body well enough to know when one strange bodily occurrence precipitates another, it is probably related.

    Q) Is it odd that some fiber analysis shows some fibers to be made of cellulose, a molecule generally found in plants?

    Apparently Dr. Wymore thought it was odd or he wouldn’t have mentioned it. Perhaps a better question is, “Why is the majority of the cellulose fibers found the color blue?” If the fibers belonged to the normal handling of day-to-day objects, then the fibers should be the colors of those objects. I have yet to hear anyone finding yellow, purple, or magenta fibers in their lesions or coming from their skin.

    Q) Is it true that “Dermatologists claimed the filaments were all delusions, although none had studied them”?

    Michael said “No. Dermatologists often look at samples that patients bring in, in order to eliminate the possibility of parasitic infestation such as follicle mites, scabies or lice.” Michael presupposes that the patient ever even gets to a dermatologist. In addition, he cannot prove that the derms are doing what they are required to do by their own code of ethics; whereas, the vast majority of Morgellons patients have had the experience of being mocked, humored, and ridiculed which can be proven through the presentation of medical records. The Morgellons victims can prove that the majority of medical providers are not pursuing this issue. It has been the center of letigious speculation.

    Q) Where do the Morgellons sufferers on TV come from, if this is not real?

    Michael said, “From the internet. The TV report have been orchestrated by Ken Cowles, the MRF director of media relations. He seeks out people in the local area who have registered with the MRF, and sets up interviews, and supplies photographs and video.” I think we have just defined the position of Director of Media Relations. Ken should be commended on knowing how to do his job. It would have been silly of him to seek Morgellons patients, say, from a dentist’s office in Nigeria, or am I delusional?

  34. Now that another one of “your people” has appeared, upnapishtim, this one saying that Tall and I actually “still have morgellons” (which we never had to begin with, because there is no such thing), I don’t know which is sadder, you, or them.

    If I were that ill, though (although I have prinicples you’re both lacking in), I can’t say that I wouldn’t feel just as threatened, if someone were to acknowledge that they’d had delusions when they were ill, so openly as we have, causing such a threat to “the disease” being exposed for what it is.

    I’m so sorry, but from now on, please direct your fellow sufferers to join you at the above URL to halt this childish interference on Michael’ blog. Thank you.

  35. Smileykins – Now now don’t blame Linda! By the way – “hello Linda and keep fighting the good fight”.(whoever you are).

    Come on now Smileykins don’t get paranoid, you see I don’t know Linda, but you know she sounds like a nice person.

    Have a nice day!

  36. “I can’t say that I wouldn’t feel just as threatened…”

  37. Smilykins – your story and your boyfriends story is hilarious. What a pair of unhealthy idiots you are. Do you think the GPs, Psychologist, and Psychiatrists that have Morgellons Disease lived the lifestyle you two both had.

    Well if you want to air your dirty laundry and tell the whole world your life stories of illness through your own stupidity- go for it – just remember “Mother Nature will ALWAYS WIN”.

  38. It’s obvious your father has won you.

  39. Upnapishtim, the ways you’ve caused upset, is through the blatant exhibition of your state of mental health. You’ve harbored and nursed resentments towards us that you’d kept concealed until now, and chosen to cite us, here, for specific devastations that you think we brought your way in the past.

    Yes, Linda, go back and read your words. You blamed us, when all of it was unbeknownst to us, and completely unintentional. I posted things on lymebusters in hindsight, three years after recovering, and so did my fiancee. He was still ill up to a point in time before arriving there. And now, with your saying that you didn’t blame us, that indicates just how mixed up you really are.

    It’s very misfortunate that your life has been so sheltered that your only point of reference to Christianity is a confused high school acquaintance on a school bus, from long ago, that experimented with drugs and scared you. That’s too bad.

    With the all the concerns that are currently overstressing you, considering that disease you’d tested positive for, that you shared online with everyone, from back when you’d entered the military…( airing dirty laundry, you say?)… well, it has definite neuropsychological effects in the late stage.

    Approximately one-third of cases of it in the early stage will result in a spontaneous cure, and previously antibody-positive individuals will become antibody-negative. Another third of cases will become the latent form, with positive serologic tests indicating infection, but will never reactivate. The remaining third will progress to late or the tertiary form.

    I think you should seriously discuss that with your doctor, in depth, because even though you weren’t sexually active, it can be passed through birth, if your mother had it.

    Many people infected with it do not have any symptoms for years, yet remain at risk for late complications if they are not treated.

    If you weren’t treated when you tested positive, in the secondary form, rashes may occur, sometimes resembling rashes caused by other diseases. Sometimes the rashes associated with it are so faint that they are not even noticed. In addition to rashes, symptoms may include fever, swollen lymph glands, sore throat, patchy hair loss, headaches, weight loss, muscle aches, and fatigue.

    The signs and symptoms of the secondary stage will resolve with or without treatment, but without treatment, the infection will progress to the latent and late stages of disease. The latent (hidden) stage of it begins when secondary symptoms disappear.

    Without treatment, the infected person will continue to have it even though there are no signs or symptoms; infection remains in the body.

    In the late stages , it may subsequently damage the internal organs, including the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones, and joints. This internal damage may show up many years later.

    Signs and symptoms of the late stage include difficulty coordinating muscle movements, paralysis, numbness, gradual blindness, and dementia. This damage may be serious enough to cause death.

    Talk to your doctor, at length, about this, Linda.

    Take your comments here from now on, where you should be taking them:

  40. abac68 said…
    You Sick, twisted, individual. How dare this blog site allow material to be written about “a little boy named Drew” and the late “Tavis Wilson” and his mom. LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE!

    8:24 PM

  41. This is listed within MRF’s “case defintion”…

    2. Most of these patients feel
    abandoned by the traditional medical care system and have sought alternative care providers or have self medicated, seriously compounding an already difficult medical situation.

    Since the MRF is held in such high esteem, and so looked upon by morgies as a team of kind and caring individuals, with nothing but their best interest in mind, why has there never been a cautionary statement posted on morgie message boards warning people that they have to refrain from the acts which are “…seriously compounding an already difficult medical situation”?


  42. [...] Let’s take a simplistic explanation. Say someone suffers from something that has symptoms of neurotic excoriations (they pick at their own skin, consciously or unconsciously). They are going to have many open lesions on their skin (forearms and faces being common areas). Now lesions are wet and sticky, so naturally they will have several tiny fibers stuck in them. Lesions also heal, so the tiny fibers become embedding in the new skin. [...]

  43. Yeah, that’s the way it goes. You get an A+!!!

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