The Morgellons Research Foundation has been organizing an effective media campaign in recent months. The media, especially local television, but now even CNN, has been lapping up the sensational aspects of the story. MRF has been spoon-feeding them little factoids that the media parrot out on-screen, with no question as to the validity or meaning behind what they have just presented to the public as established fact.

One thing that gets reported is the number of people who “have Morgellons”.

CNN: “thousands of others from various parts of the country complain of similar ailments” “Morgellons Disease, characterized by “a parasite-like infection that literally makes the infected person’s skin crawl,” has been diagnosed in thousands of patients in Florida, Texas and California, according to reports”

Reno-Gazette: “the foundation has registered more than 4,000 households nationwide in which at least one family member suffers from Morgellons”

KATU: “There are more than 4,500 people across the country who report they are suffering with Morgellons.”

Where do these numbers come from? If you go to, you will see a counter that currently says: “Number of Registered Households: 4512″.

This number comes from what is possibly the least reliable statistics gathering tool available, a tool so innacurate it usually comes with a disclaimer “not scientific”. That tool is the Internet Survey.

All that “4512″ number reflects is the number of times the following survey has been completed:

Symptoms: (check all that apply)

o Lesions or sores
o Fibers or filaments on skin
o Itching or stinging
o Hair loss
o Joint pain
o Fatigue
o Granules or specks on the skin
o Biting or crawling feeling on the skin
o Mood disorder
o Memory or concentration problems
(ex: ‘brainfog’, short term memory loss)
o Vision problems
o Edema or swelling
o Other

Diagnosis by a physician: (check all that apply)

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  1. Thanks for flippin its belly over.

    I think this figure is accurate, “Nearly all (95% of) adults with the symptoms of this skin disease have received a diagnosis of DOP or Delusions of Parasitosis.”

  2. Oh, answer: Zero

  3. Michael,

    As I understand it, you added a symptom under “other”. It’ll probably be written out on the next survey. Other people will be able to see if they have it too. Or, maybe, if they try real hard, they can get it. Who knows? It might be easier to get than some of the other symptoms.

    Wasn’t it ingenious of Mary Leitao to discover a disease that everyone has. That’s about a contagious as a disease can get.

    Tall Cotton

  4. Oh, how many people have Morgellons? None, unless it’s considered a mental disorder.

  5. I don’t see her created disease as anything except the lie that it is. It’s really delusional parasitosis.

    Granted, many of these people are, no doubt, probably victims of tertiary lyme, chronic lyme, post-lyme disease syndrome, whatever name you choose, they’re are all the same as late-stage lyme disease. It has neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with it. Do the people who have it not know that?

    Who knows what else has caused the DOP diagnosis for others, but I believe it. That many doctors aren’t wrong. There’s obvious mental pathology that can’t be denied as we view morgie message boards. They need assistance. This made-up disease is beyond detrimental to all of them.

    It’s likely that many have MRSA infections. That is even more upsetting to realize. People can pass it to cats, dogs, and horses.
    Those animals, once they have it, can pass it on to other animals, as well as back onto humans. These super-bugs are just going to continue getting worse as we go. People have given rise to them from abusing antibiotics.

    Some morgies swear they have something contagious, some don’t think so. That’s because the only thing uniting them is a DOP diagnosis that they need to be treated for so they can move on to address their other problems.

    There is no “morgellons disease”. But, delusional people don’t know that. No way, no how.

    All of the morgie people, if you notice, say the exact things about doctors as Mary Leitao had been quoted as saying. I’m referring to the Reno News article quote when she was so pissed, in 2002, at her son’s doctor for humiliating her.

    “Not a care in the world,” she said. “What is wrong with these guys? No innate scientific curiosity or human empathy?”

    Strange Expectations

    Like her, all the morgies are way off base. They have childlike qualities, as though they think doctors are supposed to be father figures, and they’re supposed to abide by whatever the patient asks them to do.

    When we have health problems, we go to our doctors, tell them our symptoms, they diagnose us, or do extra tests, and/or referrals, based on our symptoms. That’s the way it works, and it always has. It’s a good system. That is, as long as you can communicate effectively, and I think if you can’t, don’t blame the doctor for it. They have other patients, and they have work on a time schedule.

    Morgie people think that if their doctors do their job, which has resulted in diagnoses of delusional parasitosis, that they need to test them for other possibilities, to rule everything else out. Doctors do not treat patients through running tests to rule out every possibility!! They treat, based on symptoms.

    That childish thought process, and getting angry and accusing doctors of lacking any scientific curiosity is wrong-minded-thinking, people!!

    They’ve already received their education, which is ongoing for many. They have a JOB to do, just like any other profession. To expect them to veer from that is pure delusional thinking!!

    They DID NOT abandon YOU.

  6. How can these unknown fibers be described?

    The unknown fibers associated with skin lesions can be described as coenocytic (aseptate), smooth-walled, branching, filamentous objects. The fibers have been analyzed by FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) and have tentatively been identified as cellulose.

    (Isn’t that odd. The fibers pictured here, on the Symptoms Page of the Morgellons Research Foundation website, used to be labeled as Drew’s Hair before the website was updated. Parenthetical by Tall Cotton).

    The elongated fibers are often twisted into balls or what appear to be bundles of fibers, as they grow within the skin. Many people refer to these bundles as fiber balls, fuzz balls, or lint balls. The fibers are clearly hyphae-like structures, and yet, do not fall within the description of known hyphae or pseudohyphae. The fibers are most often white, but are also consistently seen as blue, black, and rarely red.

  7. Michael, I’m sorry for taking up so much space. There are so many telling signs that have always been present. Delusional people haven’t looked for them, because, naturally, in their minds, all-they-want is to be believed. For them, MRF is the greatest thing to have ever come along!!

    From MRF Board of Directors
    “About Us” page:

    Doug “Doc” Buckner, Ph.D.
    Associate Director

    Dr. Buckner has an extensive background in biology. Having personally suffered with Morgellons Disease for over fours years, Doc joined the MRF in an effort to find a cure, not only for himself, but for all who suffer with this insidious condition. Read Between the Lines

    Doug Buckner, a biologist who lives in Virginia, assists the Morgellons Research Foundation. He said when he reported strange skin symptoms in 1997 his doctor gave him tick medication, which made things worse.

    He said he began seeing strange fibers on his body and around his home and “white granules and black specks” appearing on his skin. He also reported chronic fatigue, insomnia, night sweats, itching and skin lesions that did not heal.

    “I was basically dead on the couch for four years,” he said. “I was isolated as are most patients with the symptoms. I’ve fled from home to home but it was still with me. I was lucky because I kept my job. A lot of people lose jobs, families, children, homes, everything because of this.

    “There have been suicides.”

    Buckner, who has tested positive for the microbe associated with Lyme disease, said he believes the “parasites” are not the disease but manifestations of depressed skin immunity.

    “I think people with normal immune systems get exposed to whatever causes these strange skin symptoms and just kick it out,” said Buckner. He is in recovery, which he attributes to antibiotics, vitamins, a healthy diet, exercise, and a positive attitude.

    “I’m 99 percent over it,” he said. “That’s unusual. I’m blessed.”

    He said he is helping the Morgellons Foundation because he understands the isolation and the suffering that comes with the disease. The foundation operates a Web site where patients exchange stories and support.

    “Doc” Buckner, Ph.D., is Mary Leitao’s “disease” foundation’s Associate Director. He states that his doctor gave him “tick medication” back in ’97??? Like I’ve been saying all along, I’m positive that the entire MRF is “sick”, and it’s likely that they are in more ways than one.

    Lie: “We want people with this disease to know that they are not imagining their symptoms. The symptoms may not be understood, but they are real.”

    Lie: “It is frequently misdiagnosed as Delusional Parasitosis”

    A person could take the past and present MRF web sites, lay out all the lies, and delusional people would still argue, to the end of time, that they’re dying of something called “morgellons disease”.

    Many have already been driven “by their own madness”, into killing themselves, and it’s likely to continue without antipsychotics. This entire thing stemmed from Mary Leitao’s madness.

    “It will be cured when enough research is done to find its cause.” (they say)

  8. Please bear with me, it’s been over thirty years.

    Body dysmorphic disease is a psychological condition.

    When the sufferer “picks”, they create conditions for suprainfection.

    Damaged hair follicles create ingrown hairs.

    Now the good part! ACTINO (RAY) MYCOSIS (FUNGUS)

    The normal flora of the mouth includes Actinomycoses sp. (ie A. israelii), an anaerobic bacteria which forms filaments(hyphae) and if there is an abcess under the tooth, a sinus may form that can erupt on the closest part (ie jaw) or far distant from the original site of infection.

    In cattle a piece of barbed wire can cause ‘lumpy jaw’ A. bovis.

    The unique ability of these organisms to form calcium oxalate around itself

    (sulphur granules). protects it from blood borne antibodies and antibiotics.

    (as with mycobacteria in the lung).

    The ingrown hairs and infected sebaceous glands resemble insect structures.

    This is not just Actinomycoses; but also a number of other organisms including Bacillus concommitans, aerobic opportunists etc.

    Analysis is extremely difficult because the specimen obtained by biopsy

    (swabs are useless, Merck Manual) are usually negative.

    Because of the slow growth of these bacteria, like TB and leprosy, long term
    treatment is required.

    A ‘cocktail’ of amoxicillin, Cephalexin (a 1st generation cephalosporin) and Metronidazole is the preferred combination oral treatment.

    Hyperbaric treatment should be used in conjunction.

    Without surgical treatment of the dental problem, symptoms resume upon cessation of ab treatment.

    The fibres are hairs, damaged hair and follicles and hyphae.

    The calcium oxalate content could be analyzed.

  9. In my previous reply I said that the specimen had previously been identified as being “Drew’s” hair. Please correct that to read, “Seth’s” hair. My only point was that it had been identified as “hair”, and now they are calling it something else. How convenient!!

  10. Let me proceed

    intravenous drug users often experience “crawling under the skin”

    Their arms deteriorate, could this too be actinomycosis?

    Or is it all in their head, I mean arms?

  11. They are immunocompromised too like the AIDS patients.

    An ideal parasite does not kill its host!

  12. Actinomcetes are called “higher bacteria” because they are fungi-like. They are filamentous, but, in my opinion, the filaments of actinomycetes don’t match the micrographs which I have seen presented by Morgellons believers. As you probably know, the “sulphur granules” aren’t granules of sulfur, but actinomycete colonies. At one time I believed that Morgellons was caused by Actinomyces israelii and his symbiotic team. I don’t believe that now. I believe it was Metta that was tested for Actinomycosis. If I’m not mistaken that test came back negative. Of course, she is only one of the Morgellons believers.

    In my opinion, the “Morgies” have a variety of health problems, many of which are psychiatric in nature. The Morgellons Research Foundation has recommended the Morgellons Forum at I know that the people that use that forum are only a portion of the Morgellons believers, but it doesn’t take but a single visit to that website to see an assortment of psychiatric problems. In my opinion, those issues need to be dealt with first. I do not believe there is a “Morgellons Disease”.

    Tall Cotton

  13. 95% DOP diagnoses making up the registered membership of MRF is significant, and I think it’s probably the one thing on their web site we can trust.

    The other medical problems that they have could be addressed if they hadn’t gone against all their treating physicians’ (and follow-up doctors’) recommendations for their DOP.

    The medical community hasn’t abandoned them. They’ve all ignored their much needed treatment. They are, without question, extremely ill. They need their minds straightened out before they can take care of anything else that is wrong with them.

    There does’nt appear to be any one underlying cause for delusional parasitosis, although it probably has to do with fundamental aspects of brain chemistry.

    This syndrome is often classified into three types according to the underlying condition:

    1. Primary Psychotic Delusional Parasitosis (Delusional parasitosis is the sole psychological disturbance)

    2. Secondary Functional Delusional Parasitosis where there is an underlying psychiatric condition

    3. Secondary Organic Delusional Parasitosis where there is an underlying physical illness present

    * Little work has been done thus far regarding prevention of delusional disorder

    (Hope for the future)

  14. One of the primary symptoms of Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) is not believing the diagnosis.

  15. Look what this woman says, in one of those earlier Reno Gazette-Journal links I posted .

    It says she:

    …filled out on online survey on the Morgellons’ site even though she said she hasn’t experienced the “fibers” or specks on her skin. She said since December 2002 her symptoms have included chronic fatigue, headaches, burning and itching skin, and unexplained little bumps and blisters.

    “I often get the feeling something’s biting me but there is nothing there,” said _____, who has gone to dermatologists for help. “I don’t know what I have. So far, no doctor has had the guts to tell me I’m delusional.”

    She has no fibers or specks, but ya gotta wonder what’s up with that hostile statement at the end of her comment, huh? She has no symptoms, of DOP, so why would a doctor “have the guts” (?) to tell her she’s delusional, anyway?

  16. papasmurf, your “dental abscess” description is an interesting hypothesis – but what exactly is it mean to provide an explanation for? Do you know of any evidence that fits your theory?

    I’m assuming you mean it to be an explanation for “Morgellons”, but what are you basing this on? What grounds to you have for needing such a complex theory, when much simpler theories fit the observable facts?

  17. Answer: She wants to jump on the morgellons bandwagon even if she doesn’t belong there.

    But, the way Miss Mary took her mental illness over her son Drew’s fuzz and fibers that were stuck in his eczema to such ever increasing heights….

    just look at her created disease now, and where her WTF foundation is. Fame, at any cost.

  18. I think pappasmurf appears to have had some type of experience with DOP from over 30 years ago, that falls into the same category as the type Tall Cotton and Smileykins had.

    3. Secondary Organic Delusional Parasitosis where there is an underlying physical illness present

    (if you click on the name “Smileykins” pappasmurf, you can read how we were both affected at one time)

  19. At last! Reading about you two is enlightening.

    My spouse and I have had a similar situation since we met over three years ago.

    We have been through the mill; but not as bad as you two.

    3. fits my bill

    I won’t go into details now.

    Suffice it to say that thirty years of sufferartion for me, along with my prediliction for substances is not shared by my lady.

    Hers started in 1999, and cost her marriage.

    My experience is based on several things

    A. body dysmorphic disease

    B. treatments which have proven to work

  20. Empirical – the proof of the pudding is in the eating


  21. The sulphur granules are more than just actinomyces colonies.

    There is calciom oxalate which protects the colony from attack.

    As the imprisioned hair (read hiway) grows thru the stratum

    Malls spring up along with the new housing developments

  22. I’m on mind & muscle forum too

    How can I transfer what I say in one to another forum?

    I’m such a newbie with brainfog


  23. One of the reasons that I had thought, at one time, that I had actinomycosis, is the fact that my first physical symptom was an open weep hole on the rear part of my right lower jaw. This hole would ooze an oil-like material until the material would crystallize and temporarily plug the hole. The material would dry like a thin layer of what I called pseudo-skin.

    Much later I got a lingering sinus infection. I picked some blackheads on my face and they almost immediately turned into oozing sores. The infection spread into my tearducts also, filling them with balls of thick gelatin-like material. This material seemed to behave quite strangely, but I was using methamphetamines, and I don’t think that everything happened exactly like it seemed to be happening. I also did a lot of picking and squeezing.

    Tall Cotton

  24. Papasmurf,

    The only method I know of, to transfer posted material from one site to another is by copying and pasting. You’re probably familiar with how to do that. But in case you aren’t, you can go to the other site, and while left clicking on your message, hilight whatever you want to transfer. Then right click on the hilighted portion, and click copy. Then come to the “Leave a Reply” block on the Blog, and click “paste”.

    Tall Cotton

  25. And with a Mac?

  26. diagnosed by their doctors as delusional. Researchers found collembolan, a microscopic bug, in 18 of the 20 patients.

    Collembola feed on algae, bacteria and decaying matter. They thrive in wet or damp surroundings, and can be found under leaky kitchen or bathroom sinks, swimming pools, and the soil of potted plants.

    I am a 59 yr old male who has been a “sufferer” for over 30 yrs.

    I would like to make three (3) points:

    1. Actinomyces is an anaerobic organism, a bacteria; but not quite a fungus, that is a normal inhabitant of the mouth.

    Cattle who have sustained injury (ie ingesting barbed wire) to their mouth can develop Actinomycoses
    known as lumpy jaw

    This organism like TB and leprosy requires very long treatment with antibiotics [ab](parenteral, then oral penicillin). This is because it is extremely slow growing and walls itself off from attack with calcium oxalate
    (‘sulphur’ granules). Possibly intermittant ab treatment allowing a growth phase before resuming ab treatment will be more effective.

    Since the advent of penicillin this disease has been much rarer as a result of prophalactic treatment during and after dental surgery.

    2. There are other bacteria associated with this disease both aerobic (ie Staph) and anaeobic.

    One known as Bacillus concomittans is often found and may contribute to the pathogenicity.

    It is extremely likely that if and when the dental infection proceeds outward to the skin, a tract or fistula is created with these mixed population of fungal-like bacteria. These have been noted from closeby on the jaw to many more distant areas.

    3. The possibility of suprainfection with an insect or protoinsect is strong as the original infection has broken through the skins’ normal defenses.
    The normal food of Collumbella is fungi from leaf litter.

    Elimination of the insects with lindane does not cure the condition

    Elimination of the actinomyces with long term ab treatment is not effective until the original source of infection (ie removal of the tooth, if root canal surgery is not effective).

    Any way of boosting the immune system (removal of stress in one’s life, acupuncture and tai chi) shows dramatic improvement.

    Hyperbaric (O2 under pressure) treatment is an accepted way of treating actinomycosis, and should be employed to hasten recovery.

    There is also a psychological factor to this disease. Aside from the trauma of “losing face” and making one dread to appear in public the constant OCD of picking excaberates the spread. Therfore the approach must be two pronged.

    Any comments?


    Determine that the thing can and shall be done
    and we shall find the way A. Lincoln

    we don’t have to right & left click, Thanks Tall Cotton

  27. Thank you, pappasmurf. We weren’t diagnosed with it, but DOP was precisely
    what we’d had. I only discovered that it falls into those three separate categories recently, and now things make so much more sense concerning all the resistance we’d met at Lymebusters’ message board.

    God knows we both tried to enlighten anyone we could while we were members there, but obviously, the reason we could only appeal to a few, was because they’d fit into “category #3″.

    I’m still not accustomed to the shock and horror of people causing themselves so much harm, but realizing, while I was there, that I had to let it go, due to the hostility I’d accidently incited in someone with a blanket statement, I’d tried keeping my focus on promoting better health measures. That was problematic too, which made no sense to me whatsoever.

    Well, no wonder so many had fits of yelling that they were doing all that they could do, already, and for me to shut up. I never understood how my blanket statements were ever taken as personal attacks, but they were by many people. That freaked me out really bad, too.

    Lymebusters’ morgie people knew we were both over our symptoms, but now I know what the core differences in us and them were. It’s so sad.

    The mind is an amazing thing.

  28. The prevalence of actinomycosis in the US is 1 in 300, 000. It’s considered to be pretty rare, probably rarer than the number of cases per capita of Morgellons diagnosed by the Morgellons Research Foundation. Actinomycosis is also believed to develop in men more than women by a 3:1 ratio. It seems like Morgellons effects women more than men.

    I agree that other bacteria are also involved in actinomycosis to increase the pathogenicity of the actinomycetes and cause coinfections. There’s usually 5-10 other species of bacteria present. Actinomycosis usually develops after surgery, particulary dental surgery, or when there’s a break in the integrity of mucous membranes. I know that actinomycosis cultures are slow growing, but is actinomycosis and these coinfections hard to diagnose?

    I think a bigger problem with “Morgellons” patients is Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) due to excoriation and overuse of antibiotics. I think it’s obvious that Morgellons is a grand assortment of known diseases and skin problems. Some have been diagnosed with eczema, allergies, sarcoidosis, lyme disease, and an assortment of other problems. It’s also obvious that many “morgies” have psychiatric and psycholocical problems.

    I believe that if one other diagnose was made synonymous with “Morgellons” it would be Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP). In my opinion, that seems to be the real issue with the most people. As you probably know, there are catagories of DOP. Its true definition is much broader in scope than most people realize. I’m not saying, however, that you are DOP, or that you have ever been. Nor am I saying that you don’t have, or that you haven’t had actinomycosis.

    I’m sorry I’m not able to help out with the MacIntosh computer. I don’t know a thing about them. I tried Googling it for you, but I didn’t really understand what I was reading. I’ve never used a MacIntosh computer.

    Tall Cotton

  29. On the Mac, you can highlight some text by clicking and dragging, then press Command+C to copy it.

    Later you can presss Command+V to paste it into some other location.

    Here’s the command key:

  30. Papasmurf, what you describe may well explain what you have – but there is no reason to extrapolate this to all the Morgellons believers. They all have wildly differing symptoms, and there are many different diseases and conditions that can explain those symptoms. Each person needs treating individually based one their individual symptoms.

    Grouping everyone together as having the same “thing” is ultimately harmful to their health.

  31. Now, here’s a reasonable person asking a reasonable question, and getting complete non-answers.

  32. Attempts to address this in a scientific manner are always met with hostility and evasion. Either “duh, of course we tried that”, or “we don’t have the resources to try that”, or “People are suffering, and you want them to perform experiments, that’s the CDC’s job!”, or “who are you!?”, or even “I don’t currently have any fibers emerging from my skin, but I did last year”.

    Notice how the examinations on CNN found NOTHING. Just one blue fiber that was obviously just a bit of lint. And CNN spent two days with them, and the OSU lab had magnifying video cameras. Yet the evidence they produced was just a bit of blue lint.

    I’m quite amazed sometimes, at the lack of evidence.

  33. I’m not. I saw all the things that they see, back when I’d had it. Seriously. I didn’t have the exact same type of underlying pathology, of which there can be many, but I saw the same visions they do. They all see it the same way, some see more things than others, but none of it is actually “real” to anyone but the person having it happen.

  34. Michael said:

    “People are suffering, and you want them to perform experiments, that’s the CDC’s job!”

    Yes, but they are constantly experimenting on their own bodies, with some pretty dangerous stuff.

    The first time I came to your blog, I read that Ginger Savely said “People are suffering, we can’t waste time on clinical trials” (paraphrased)

    Now, wait a second. People suffer from cancer, from AIDS, from MS and thousands of other diseases. Drugs are developed and brought to market through CLINICAL TRIALS. That’s why AIDS and cancer are no longer necessarily death sentences. That’s why MS no longer means a wheelchair.

    Does Savely believe it is better to allow folks to try horrendously dangerous “treatments” in their own homes, outside the clinic? And with no scientific controls? So what if a single Morgellons patient finds a ‘cure’, without scientific controls no doctor in his right mind would prescribe.

    By the way, the colloidal silver ‘cure’? It causes systemic argyria. I will not be surprised to see “grey skin” added to the list of Morgellons symptoms.

  35. The Morgies may have a wide variety of physical illnesses, but they won’t accept simple, logical, answers. When they are diagnosed, and should accept their diagnosis as the probable cause of their itching. crawling, sensations, they remain convinced that they have the mysterious Morgellons Disease. This belief is illogical, and totally unfounded. It is also unshakable. That, alone means they are DOP, in every case.

  36. I’m sorry, I doubt that my previous comments made any sense. To anyone that’s never had delusions like their’s, it wouldnt.

    So far, we have seen photos of lots of crud, consisting of dead cellular components and environmental crap.

    These people believe, that since all the other people around the globe who signed up for this “morgellons disease” (remember, 95% DOP), all have the same types of skin symptoms, body sensations, and delusions that they have, which causes them to collect their “specimens” for comparison, and they match up fairly well, that it means something.

    Nothing will ever be caught on film. If anything would happen to be, static electricity is what is causing the movements.

  37. What has the CDC been saying to everyone throughout this entire length of time?

    They have been telling morgie people to go to their local health care providers….They have been telling morgie people to go to their local health care providers….They have been telling morgie people to go to their local health care providers….They have been telling morgie people to go to their local health care providers.

    How many have? Why would people that are so full of fear and distrust do that? They’ve gotten their diagnoses too many times already.

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  39. Papasmurf, what you describe may well explain what you have – but there is no reason to extrapolate this to all the Morgellons believers. They all have wildly differing symptoms, and there are many different diseases and conditions that can explain those symptoms. Each person needs treating individually based one their individual symptoms.

    Grouping everyone together as having the same “thing” is ultimately harmful to their health.

    This is the basis of chinese traditional medicine

    Western medicine groups for “cure-alls”

    The first thing is that everyone has an anxiety problem with this disease -

    Who wouldn’t “losing face”.

    Secondly, my theory is that in addition to treating the psychological OCD

    BDD; there is a simple explanation for the effects and complications that we

    are seeing.

    Actinomycosis is rare because of its penicillin sensitivity and prophalactic use during and after dental surgery.

    In my case, it was an infected wisdom tooth socket that started the ball rolling.

    It was more than eighteen months b4 it got anywhere near bad.

    It was thirty years b4 I figured out what was happening.

    Guys, if only one tenth of the people that are morgies have what I have

    Wouldn’t it be better for them?

    To test my theory, there is a PCR technique for identifing Actinomycosis.

    However, the dentists can’t see it on their x-rays and the sonogrammes can’t

    penetrate the jawbone/

    My CT scan in 2002 showed a diffuse network – possibly the calcium oxalate.

    Don’t do the silver!

    Love Charles

  40. PS Tall Cotton

    more men than women have heart attacks – they’re just more likely to be diagnosed. Traditionally, womens’ complaints are more often dismissed by male doctors, than mens’.

  41. And the CDC will likely make a blanket confirmation of those diagnoses, along with other diagnoses, some of which will have already been received and ignored. In my opinion, it isn’t likely that the CDC will discover any new diseases or establish any new protocols. I think the most we can hope for is that there will be a better understanding of some of the mental disorders. It isn’t likely that this will shake very many of the Morgies out of their delusions or their destructive behavioral patterns. I don’t see much hope for these people until their psychiatric problems are dealt with. If there’s a large number of these people across America and around the world, hopefully the membership of lymebusters isn’t an accurate representation of the world group. Hopefully, there are at least some individuals on the outer periphery that will come to their senses.

  42. Papasmurf,

    I don’t have any problem with people being tested for actinomycosis, but I do feel that their are other ailments that are more likely in most case. I think that the most likely problems should be ruled out first. Some may also have Nocardia asteroids. I’ve seen a lot of micrograps that look like Nocardia. I don’t believe they were though. Some may be infected with the platyhelminth blood fluke, Schistosoma mansoni, and possibly they are having a granulomatous overresponse due to the release of Schistosome eggs. Some may have cutaneous lyme, reacting to poisonous toxins. There’s any number of things these peoply may have, and they obviously have a grand assortment of problems. We can’t diagnose everyone, but we can offer very strong evidence that there is no reason to believe that there is a Morgellons Disease. If it turns out otherwise, then it turns out otherwise, but it won’t be because any present evidence points in tht direction. By the way, if you don’t mind my asking, have you been cured of your actinomycosis? I hope you have.

    Tall Cotton


    How did “morgellons disease” happen?

    A delusional, obsessive mother was too far gone to know that when her toddler said it felt like bugs were crawling on his itchy skin that he was not speaking literally. She kept obsessing with her microscope, exactly like these people we all read about.

    There is not anything to this, other than DOP patients who will not take treatment for it. Yeah, they have other health issues, but they’re so fucked in the head, they think some mysterious “morgellons pathogen” has caused every ill they have.

  44. Actinomyces “ray fungus”

    A. bovis in cattle “lumpy jaw”

    A. israelii in humans along with several other strains

    are anaerobic

    They are notably difficult to cultivate outside the host

    Samples taken by swab are useless. Even fine needle aspirates and tissue biopsy succeed less than 30%
    of the time (Merck Manual)

    The possibility of Quorum sensing microbes is particularly illuminating.(eg lichen)

    The possibility that it is an escaped biowar protein is ludicrous.

    Occam’s Razor and all that stuff

    Another cut & paste

    I’m really fortunate to have found you-all,

    my southern neighbors

    And intelligent and so erudite

    smilikins writes like a dream

    her lines are so clear and well written

    OK now I’m going to be away for awhile so don’t fret ’cause I’m not responding

    I’ve swum in the Nile in 1966; but I didn’t get schistosomyasis!

    When I was a youth there were several bestsellers on the pharma market

    for ulcers!

    It took several researchers many years including local guys @ McMaster U to

    figure out why an antibiotic cocktail cured their Heliobacter infection.

    Listen, I’m not saying all DOP patients have Actinomyces or Borrelia (coupe de sabre), not at all.

    It’s just that it can be cured.

    Unfortunately I was cut off my antibiotics prematurely, and I can’t get hyperbaric treatment unless my physician requests it.

    So I’m stuck with a slight infection in my jaw:(

    My spouse has had extensive plastic surgery over the last two years and feels

    that it has stopped for now.

    Her dosage of respiridal, Wellbutrin and Paxil is staggering; so she isn’t able to do a whole lot.

    But we are happier than we have ever been in a very long time and each day is a gift.

  45. Papasmurf,

    Were you diagnosed by a doctor with Actinomycosis, or is this a self-diagnosis? Did you take the PCR test and test positive?

    Tall Cotton

  46. Happy Independance day!

    A senior dental specialist at Mt. Sinai in TO has said that it was obvious that I had had Actinomycoses. But he also refused to prescribe more than 10 days of amoxicillin.

    The PCR test is only a research tool at a few labs around the world. Even here at our top vet school here in Guelph, a culture method is used.

    My evidence is only empirical, as I no longer have access to a lab. nor have I been able to get hyperbaric treatment and to make matters worse, I am a heavy smoker.

    1. Actinomyces is normal flora in everyone’s mouth.

    2. Cipro is ineffective and cloxacillin has nasty side effects (for me).

    3. Amoxicillin works fine and an amox-cephalex-metronidazole works best.

    4. Without complete dental health, the condition will persist.


    In ‘The Broken Mirror understanding and treating body dysmorphic disorder’ by Katharine A. Phillips MD

    she recommends an SRI as first line medication including delusional BDD

    I have been on Prozac for about 7 years now and it has really helped me.

    It’s cheap (generic) has a long half life and has more use data than the newer ones.

    As well, group therapy works well for me and I attended a number of sessions learning to reduce anxiety and the techniques of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy- which is excellent.

  47. Hi Pappasmurf, I appreciate your input. Do you believe that you have the same disease that others have named Morgellons? If so, what symptoms do you have?

    Thank you,

  48. Can I post a photo on this blog?

    OK, Gaia will just have to wait a few more minutes for her walk!

    From the infected wisdom tooth socket after 6 months, a small piece of tooth root emerged and it finally healed over.

    Within the next 6 months I began to notice ingrown hairs and hairs in my beard that had white capsules much larger than “normal” hair bulbs.

    When these were plucked out, there was a sense of relief.

    Trichotillomania, you might say!

    Within the next two to four years it spread and culturing produced little

    except Staph. aureus. (I did not culture anaerobically) As I was working

    at a pharmaceutical company, I had access to Septra and antibiotic ointments,

    cremes and powders.

    Finally, the charade broke down and I had six months of intensive (5 day/wk)

    psychiatric therapy, grew a beard and thought that I had put it behind me.

    Remember that SSRI’s had not been invented yet.

    The next two years we spent in Jamaica where I was setting up a micro lab

    and there was some re-occurance despite there being very little stress at work

    and home. Return to Canada and the job and home stresses returned and

    symptoms as well. Cover them up with Clearasil and makeup and struggle on.

    By the early 90′s, the symptoms were less frequent, but returned with a

    vengance in the mid ’90′s. I became jobless, then homeless. My wife died in

    ’96, my grandma in ’97 and my Dad in ’98. My mother was in a retirement

    home, then a nursing home suffering incredible itching rashes on her scalp

    and body that I finally was able to make someone aware that she was allergic

    to a heart medication that contained sulphur. She passed in 2000. By this

    time, I was getting better dental care and was on Prozac. Nevertheless, my

    skin symptoms continued.

    Then it really got bad in 2002. My jaw swelled ominously and a CT scan

    showed a network of something with some white cell involvement.

    I had two root canals, with the upper jaw one

    dramatically improving; but lower jaw continuing. The antibiotic treatments

    improved things to a point, then I found that topical insecticides gave me

    relief and improved. Now I was a real ‘morgie’ I vacuumed, washed everything

    twice and noted more improvement. I began dating again and met my partner

    who had just gotten out of intensive psychiatric care. Together we began our

    journey towards recovery. Her dermatologist reluctantly submitted a

    diagnosis of possible actinomycosis so that I had 8 months of amoxicillin.

    Two extractions later, it has almost disappeared; but there is a lingering

    soreness in the back of my left bottom jaw and a sore on the outside of it.

    This is the remains of an oral cutaneous fistula that has not completely

    resolved and yes the fibres (read hyphal masses and ingrown hairs) persist

    along with the various stages of collumbella.

  49. Hey Pappasmurf! It’s great seeing you here. Thanks, and, hehe, Happy Independence Day to you. You possess a refreshingly rare excellence of courage. Have you ever tried any herbals with antibiotic properties? Goldenseal is one of my favorites to use short term.

  50. By the way, “daddy-o”, I’m so sorry for all your personal losses, and all the hell you’ve gone through. You know the real deal, though, and you’ve got something that way too many people don’t. Some live their entire lives without ever getting it.

    At the risk of angering others (as I so often do, when in the presence of particular personality types), I’ll give my opinion, to you, of what I have always seen the misinterpretation of what people call, “morgellons disease” as being.

    It’s a symptom of illness, indicating (as all symptoms do), that something is wrong somewhere.

  51. Gee, I realized I must become paranoid and defensive, just now, and defend myself before an onslaught of attacks on my words occurs on this Independence Day.

    When I said, “At the risk of angering others (as I so often do, when in the presence of particular personality types)…” I have no problems in my relationships with people in real life. I was referring strictly to the topic we’re on. As you have probably noticed, we’ve had a little difficulty in communications here.

  52. To post a photo you will need to host it elsewhere.

    Then you can have a link to it:

  53. OK i’ll try to figure this one out too.

    I have pictures from last year and if I get my camera fixed you can see how much improvement there has been.

    As far as herbals go, tea tree oil is really the only thing that I have found effective topically.

    However, I did use a chinese remedy which includes coin grass to cure my
    gallstones last year. There are over 50,000 cholecystectomies every year.

    My acupuncturist told me the painful meridian was my gallbladder. My physician sent me for ultrasound revealing an 1 cm stone. The tea taken
    morning and evening relived my pain in days and within 4 months another ultrasound showed that it was gone. Much of my tiredness that I had been attributing to my face was gone too.

  54. What a difference it makes when one is able to understand things for themselves and not be easily influenced into following the leads of others.

  55. It’s a symptom of illness, indicating (as all symptoms do), that something is wrong somewhere.

    That’s it!

    Now I believe that there is a simple explanation for some, not all cases.

    Persons with BDD that pick their face and intravenous drug users stand the

    good chance of becoming infected with Actinomycosis (along with other

    microbes). Oral-cutaneous fistulas from dental infections are well recognized

    to often contain Actinomyces sp..

    Actinomyces are slow growing and without major pathological effects even to

    the extent that they attack the nerves which cause pain signals to be sent to

    the brain and cause neuroanathesia. Persons with depressed immune

    function, whether through AIDS, stress, drug use are more suseceptible.

    Smokers, with lowered blood O2 levels because of CO would be at greater

    risk of anaerobic infection.

    If common insects that live on leaf litter fungi have adapted to be parasitic,

    not on the human host; but rather on the Actinomyces and probably several

    other associated bacteria that impair the body’s response to it; wouldn’t it

    prove a possible, if not fertile ground for multiplication.

    As the human becomes more impaired by the infection, personal and

    environmental hygiene becomes more neglected.

    Now to Lymes. Borrelia was well recognized even in the dark ages that I

    attended university and was known as well to be tick bourne. One of the

    symptoms of borrelia infection is “coupe de sabre”

    One lady’s fight to explain why she and her family was so sick, led to the

    medical profession recognizing that perhaps Borrelia infections were more

    common than originally thought.

    As with Heliobacter and ulcers, medical knowledge is in a state of constant

    evolution. No one, especially doctors, likes to be wrong, mistakened or

    misled. Galileo recanted, Louis Pasteur did not.

  56. You are one sharp cookie, ain’t cha!!!

  57. I don’t know? You tell me.

    I want to pursue this idea to see if and when there are others like me who

    can be treated not only for their BDD, which obviously comes first; but also

    for the conditions, which they might have caused themselves, but nevertheless

    are real. My slow journey to recovery has hit another blip; but I would much

    rather talk with you, than rabid morgies. You might not agree.

  58. You’re full of truth, pappasmurf, and I know you possess a courage beyond measure. In our journeys toward seeking the truth we have to be well equipped for anything we encounter along the way. There is no fear in truth. Look at all it’s capable of.

    But, for those who it is foreign to, for those who despise it, as they feel themselves standing a little too close to it, they need to ask themselves if they are prepared to proceed on their pathway of discovery, or whether it’s best to seek shelter from it. It can be postponed for a time when they’re able to deal with it, provided nothing too drastic happens between their present and future lives. Truth is a difficult thing for many, and self-deception, through no fault of the person in possession of it can have many reverberating effects.

    So can truth, for those who can receive it.

  59. I think I’d better add a footnote, since recently discovering some truths of things that have been adopted, and nurtured, about me. I only state what I think and what I know, from my own walk through life. I’ve never tried “saving anyone”, and I’ve never told anyone they were “cursed”. Never have I been a “self-proclaimed savior”. Does that ill-conceived title bother me? I’ve been called worse. Haha!!!

  60. The truth shall set you free

  61. and I have always wanted to save the world ( from itself)

    Am I a sav iour or a spend iour?

  62. pappasmurf Says:

    July 6th, 2006 at 11:40 am
    and I have always wanted to save the world ( from itself)

    Aha! Confirmation that you, Sir, are delusional!

    (I am just playing!!!!)

  63. Yup, I’m delusional – always have been

    Like believing that all people need to love one another

    That freedom is only a state of mind

  64. Sometimes, “freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”, tooze.

  65. Nothing is worth nothing unless it’s free

  66. But if feelin’ good was easy Lawd, when he sang the blues
    Then feelin’ good was good enough for me
    Good enough for me and my Bobby Magee.

    (Ted Nugent’s around here, somewhere else, annoying London with Cat Scratch Fever. Hehehe.)

  67. Now I gotta find out about liver flukes – are they sensitive to penicillin?

  68. Praziquantel is better.

  69. Exactly, penicillin doesn’t work.

    So if liver flukes play a key role …. why does penicillin work.

    Less than one day and already I’m offering to resign from the Lymebusters

    Morgellons board.

    Smilikins, how could you have stayed so long?

    Nevertheless, I know that you all know; that there is no point in preaching to

    the deaf. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    My only hope is that I can get in touch with wymore and he can develop a PCR

    for Actinomyces and test my theory. I’ve doubled my dose of Prozac!


  70. Guess who just called me – Wymore’s office!

    I’m dancing on sunshine! PCR is in the cards!

  71. I’m happy to hear that you’re dancing on sunshine “Smurf-Daddy Charles”.

    In my opinion, liver flukes play no role in “morgellons disease”. Either a person “has” liver flukes, or they don’t. If they do, they do, and if they don’t, they have delusional parasitosis.

    If “morgellons disease” is what Mary Leitao is pushing to get the DOP label dropped and replaced with, I can almost (if I bruise my brain somewhat) see that, but I completely fail seeing the point in it. I really don’t think that begins touching on all of her issues, but she needed treatment, long ago, same as anyone involved with her creation, in my strong opinion.

    “A rose by any other name is still a rose”, and DOP by any other name is still the same as well.

    How did I stay at LB for as long as I did? Well, I’d never witnessed anything like what I’d personally gone through, that two months in 2002, and when I heard that other people were going through the same type of thing, at first, before I was well acquainted with LB, I was naive. It didn’t take but just a little looking around to quickly become “un-naive”, but I still was.

    I tried dodging the land mines I kept accidentally tripping on there, and the only person I could relate to, and I, eventually thought that maybe if we could talk about other things, it might give some of them a laugh, or two, and maybe keep their minds off of their misery for at least a few minutes. Laughter’s the best medicine we know of, but, of course, that brought its own set of problems, as did anything we ever tried using as a diversionary tactic.

    I hadn’t looked around LB in months, until recently. It’s much worse than it was when I was there, as far as ugly, bullying, attitudes go.

    You’re awesome. Really, you are. These poor people are so caught up in such an illusory mess.

  72. Papasmurf,

    Welcome back. That fog gets aweful thick in there (Lymebusters). You had better watch out. It can swallow a person real easily.

    Tall Cotton

  73. Guys

    I want to thank you so much for starting your site and keeping up the good work. Imagine if I had have started out with them last week.

    Que sera, sera.

    I have talked it over with my sweetie, and because of my OCD and all, it will be one hour on the boards in the morning and half an hour at night.

    Next week, I’m going out and applying for a job! Just over ten yrs since I have even really felt able to ‘face’ the work world.

    Thanx again you two and I’ll be dropping by from time 2 time

    Love Charles

  74. You had better stop by real often so we can make sure you’re keeping your ass grounded. Also, it’s nice when we get the opportunity to talk to someone that doesn’t hate us. Good Luck to you Papa. Don’t be drinking any clorox or doing anything else that’s stupid.

  75. Oh, Charles, my heart feels like it’s gonna explode. Give your sweetie a special hug, and have her give you one back, too, and pretend they’re both from me. Good luck and good courage, and God bless you both!!! I’m so happy with your news. It’s such a pleasure to have made your aquaintance, thank you, and please continue sharing yourself with us.

  76. Seeing “pumpkin” posting to him/herself, I wondered …

    Yep, I just bumped the MRF household count by two, because there is nothing to prevent a single person from registering over and over and over again.

  77. I registered there about 3-4 years ago. Later, I stopped receiving updates, so I registered again. That was also a long time ago. I guess some of the Morgies take those numbers seriously, but they mean absolutely nothing. Some people register more than once, like you and I have done. Some register just to receive updates. And some register because they have some of the symptoms of that crazy case definition. But with that broad definition, everyone has Morgellons.

  78. Y’all, hang on. In all fairness, that isn’t accurate, what I said about TC being the only person I could relate to on LB’s message board. But I meant, “fully relate to”. I met a few very seemingly nice people there and enjoyed communicating with them, in spite of any barriers. TC’s and my presence inadvertantly caused a lot of headaches I suppose, but LB’s administration graciously made allowances and expanded their forum. We apparently created a lot of unintentional, very ill feelings in people by being there, though.

  79. Well, I seem to be having some success at LB. Some of the peeps have had dental problems first too. I got my pic up

    Now to get my camera working again to show the dramatic improvement from 2004.

    Too bad that my brainfog did not allow me to get pix when I was really bad.

    Hugs and kisses back to you all and I will keep you posted.

  80. The password is plurever.

  81. Thanks for sharing your pic, pappasmurf. I wish you luck in getting through, but knowing morgie people’s ways, even if they had Actinomycosis, typically, most would say that the illusive “morgellons disease pathogen” is what caused it, because to those who believe in it, it is to blame for everything. I mean, that was, and has been, what I have learned of their thinking.

  82. ‘Course, I’ve been wrong before. Some may be able to be receptive. I’ve had my hopes dashed an awful lot of times with some of them though, and they can really make one think that they’re on the way, just to slide back down into the abyss, all too quickly.

  83. Thanks for sharing the pic. Good Luck with the PCR, and with the job search.

  84. Back from Connecticut, near NY. A mission of hope which has confirmed many of my suspicions and beliefs. It is easier for me to try and help someone else, than myself (ie no job search this week)

    There is definitely a psychological factor at play – Mind – Body – Immune system.

    There is also a connection with environmental factors – smoking – cats/dogs- rodent and insect infestation – personal and environmental hygiene. As we deteriorate, we are less able to deal with these factors.

    Another sufferer was “cured” with dosage of one of the three antibiotics that I have taken and stayed symptom free for over 4 mos.; but her dis-ease resumed last week when her cat of 21 yrs was put down.

    I am appalled at Amerika’s social, medical and bureuacratic welfare services. The TV pictures of the dead homeless people on autopsy are a nightmare.

    I am also aware that there are a number of truly compassionate kind people living in the US of A, and how they become alienated when they can’t help nor solve the situation us morgies are in.

    With this dis-ease, we become less able to deal with our work and personal relationships. We need to be aware of both components, physical and psychological.



    PS swimming and sunshine really help – most cosmetics and cremes and snake oil potions hinder.

  85. Back again folks, and I believe that I have a plausible theory here.

    One that can be proven by spectroscopic analysis of the fibres for Calcium oxalate.

    If this is positive, I believe that we are ready for animal testing.

    It came to me after listening to the first part of Cliff’s broadcast on

    CHILL’s theory of Morgellons

    It begins with an insect bite. It could be a tick, a flea, a bedbug, louse or maybe even a spider.

    The bite is scratched with dirty fingernails.

    The scarring affects the hair, which grows on most parts of our body’s skin, and the ingrown hair is infected with an anaerobic Actinomycete and other bacteria which are found in the soil as well as the inside of our mouths (normal flora).

    The slow growth of Actinomyces, combined with the pressure from the ingrown hair produces the little white pustles that we have all learned to hate.

    When the hair is needled or plucked there is a sense of relief. But the hair grows back, now there are 2 or more hairs trying to fight their way through the scar tissue. If you are an individual with OCD or BDD, and are unmedicated, this concerns you a lot. You might say that it consumes your life.

    Meanwhile, you are exposed to a heavy parasite load from your surroundings. Your cat/dog has fleas. You are so concerned with your face (in my case), that you neglect your housekeeping. Your animal picks up roundworm and/ or pinworm from other dog droppings. Your arse itches, and you scratch.

    You do not wash your hands and fingernails adequately. You pick.

    The lesions are bigger now. More hairs get entrapped. The cat fleas and/or other bloodfuckers seek blood and swarm to the mirror and area around which is not being kept clean (the black specks). Even with a protein rich diet (that many in the world don’t have) the anemia is more pronounced now with profond lethargy. This used to be called ‘the lazy disease’ because manual labour becomes impossible.

    You don’t change the sheets as often. Your laundry remains in piles.

    The variety of insects increase. You treat for worms, but the infection continues. You are on the proper antibiotic for Actinomycoses, but the cat fleas are not affected, they continue their serpignous journey unabated in Cutaneous Larva Migrans. The encysted hairs spring up. And you smoke a joint to relieve the anxiety. Now the fun really begins. Or you snort some coke, Feels good for the moment; but the paranoia creeps up on you. You drink a bottle of rum and you feel better for awhile. You are put on an anxiolytic agent, you stop picking. The hairs with their load of Actinomycoses continue to grow. You deworm, deflea, delouse your house. The larval stages are immobilized beneath your skin creating a bump that you know is there. “Just scar tissue”, says the dermatologist. “Some eosinic infiltrate with thickened epidermis” says the pathologist. You need a root canal says the dentist, or a new crown – “But I can’t afford it! “says me,” I’ve lost my job, I’ve lost my friends, “Well have you been taking your medication “says your shrink.

    Thanx guys for the opportunity to post here! Hope you have a whole lot more hits on your site

    Pappa Smurf luvs ya’

  86. Hi –

    This is so totally NOT what happened to me….

  87. Pappsmurf admitts he isOCD and TallCotton and Smileykins admitt they are DOP!

    Why, WHY would ANYone listen to you diagnose other people’s ailments?

    Your on meds and still crazy, needing to accuse possibly totally innocent people — so you can feel less crazy? — more in control.

    Better up the Prozac.

    At least, you’re negative site is helping people become aware of this horrible disease.

    And… the world is STILL round — but, there is no convincing YOU of that fact.

  88. I diagnosed myself as “having been” DOP in the past. There’s a big difference in me having been DOP and you still being DOP. The difference is, I got over it, but you havn’t. Why would anyone listen to me diagnose someone else? Exactly for that reason. I’ve been there, “and back”. Use your head for something besides sharpening your claws.

    You don’t know whether or not I am on any medications, and frankly it’s none of your fucking business. I will share this much with you. I don’t take medication for being DOP, and never have. Neither do I take Prozac, which, by the way, isn’t used for Delusions of Parasitosis.

    Calling a DOP diagnosis an accusation is like accusing someone of having migraines. See how silly it sounds! It has abolutely nothing to do with guilt or innocense. This isn’t my site, but it’s certainly not negative. It’s the most postive thing that any Morgie could possibly find regarding the myth called Morgellons.

  89. To: The World Is Still Round
    From: Smileykins

    I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me to clear up your misunderstandings. I know misunderstandings are nobody’s fault. First, it goes without saying that we are all different. In my opinion, Pappasmurf is a very wise and brave man who’s much more in tune with things and in touch with himself than most people ever have the guts to be. Like you, I did not have what he has. I did not have what Tall Cotton had. I didn’t have whatever you have. I did not have what everyone else has. YOU do not have what anyone or everyone else has, either. Nobody has what others have. Everyone has something different, and only some women with children have what Mary Leitao has. What all the conditions are that have caused people to experience a separation from reality can only be diagnosed by a physician, and it’s wrong to think we’re handing out diagnoses.

    Everything I say sounds utterly and completely ridiculous to you, I’m quite sure, with your having the understanding that there is something called “morgellons disease” with an unknown pathogen yet to be discovered. What I just said can’t help but seem to be anything other than a very bizarre notion I just seemed to have pulled out of thin air. When it “All Began With A Young Boy Named Drew”, in 2002, he was not the one who had a strange illness. It was his mother. This is nothing new, and people have probably had it for as long as people have been around.

    I base my opinions on my past personal experience, as well as what I consider as fact based knowledge within the framework of what I have learned since hearing the words, “morgellons disease”. Back in 2002, Mary Leitao began forming her ongoing theories to try understanding, why, she thought, that blue fibers in her son’s eczematous skin were the results of an unusual and mysterious new malady. In her quest to find answers, she’d likened it to something in a centuries old paper from an era when people didn’t understand the consequences of infrequent bathing, which was common practice during the 1600s.

    Yes, the world is round. There’s a peculiarity in Ms. Leitao’s attempts at setting us back into a time when people had so many misgivings about so many things. I apologize, but choosing to relate this condition to something that a few people during the 1600s referred to as “morgellons disease”, approximately two centuries from when it was popular opinion that the world was flat, I have to say that you’re more than a little bit confused about who’s confused. The world was round then, it’s still round, and nobody has anything that’s being called this “new disease”, whether you call it “morgellons disease”, or whether you don’t like the sound of that and want to try referring to it as something else.

    Now, to address your reasons for talking in such a way as you did about Pappasmurf, Tall Cotton, and me. I wasn’t born yesterday, so I understand the motivations behind you, and other morgie people, reacting on such a primal level. I definitely haven’t much of a grasp of all of the intricacies involved, though. To try and help you understand things a little better, I’ll reduce my past experience down to a much simpler statement.

    Four years ago, I was sick for two months. After I got well from my physical illness, which had caused me to be in a delusional state, the delusional state stopped. That’s as elementary as I can put it for you. There was much more to it. Just as Tall Cotton, I was not diagnosed as DOP. Just the same as him, I didn’t exactly NEED to be.

    He didn’t have what I had and I didn’t have what he had. Neither of us had what Pappasmurf had/has. You haven’t got what anyone else has, or had, and nobody else does either. One thing has united us all. A heinous lie called “morgellons disease”. Individual people, with individual illnesses and conditions, that have resulted in them experiencing unique, and similar, events of something that most of them have been diagnosed with as being delusional parasitosis. Refusing to accept it, treat it, and screwing around and helping one woman call it something else is bad for everyone. Until the mind is set right, the body will never heal. Until the body is set right, the mind will never heal. I don’t care if this sounds like a load of crap to people, these are my opinions, I own them, and will gladly accept being proven wrong.

    I don’t believe, not even a tiny bit, in a “disease called morgellons”. I believe in a lot of chronically ill people that are experiencing DOP due to their other health conditions, of which, Mary Leitao took to form her case definition. I don’t understand why all the shame surrounds such people, in having a diagnosis of DOP. I do know, however, from being in a delusional state for two months, that it was with me 24/7, because it was reality for me at the time. That, I fully understand. Until it ends, nobody in a delusional state has any idea that they are. Oh, I knew things were not right. Don’t misunderstand me on that. I totally thought I had something that was a weird new disease, just like true-life science fiction. I wish more people had strength to overcome things and think for themselves, but that’s just the way it goes. I used to say that this was an individual journey, for all morgies, when I was on lymebusters’ message board. It doesn’t seem that many have what they need to take it for themselves, though, content to leave MRF at the helm.

  90. Listen Buster-If YOU had it YOU’D KNOW it!

  91. With the Morgellons case definition being so broad, most everyone has some of the listed symptoms at any given monent. One would almost have to be in perfect health not to. These symptoms cover a wide range of diseases. Just how does a person know when they have Morgellons, and not one of the others. I’d much rather have Morgellons than a real disease. In fact, Morgellons would be pretty convenient. I’d get sympathy. I’d automatically have some friends. I’d have a look-good excuse for all of my failures. I could probably get away with taking off work wnen I wanted to, or retiring altogether. It’s a wonder that this “disease” hasn’t spread before now. My uncle would have loved it.

  92. I haven’t written for a while… I have had Morgellons (noticeably, at least) for 4-5 years. This not so coincidentally is the length of time I suffered moderate to severe anemia from heavy menstrual bleeding… anemic enough to need 3 transfusions in the 6 months before my hysterectomy.
    I noticed a remarkable increase in energy and decrease in itching within 2 weeks of surgery. I believe that this was partly due to the fact I was no longer bleeding and the anemia was not taxing my immune system anymore… MORE IMPORTANTLY AND AVAILABLE TO ALL… I had been eating a very healthy diet prior to my surgery and continued this for some time afterwards. As I recovered I let my dietary habits slip…
    …and the itching and some sores followed. I have always held a very holistic view of illness and believe that with a strong immune system the body is capable of healing ANYTHING! Don’t believe me?!? —try it for yourself… it is NOT easy totally changing eating habits and is best done by eliminating one or two things at a time while introducing new healthy foods.
    I read many comments speculations, theories and hypotheses and even an occasional helpful hint regarding Morgellons… and I know the importance of support and especially validation so you can feel sane again… it is with all my respect that I offer the following observation and advice…
    Limit your time spent thinking about it.. I know that seems impossible, but distract yourself any way you can… hobbies, movies, go for walks… even if you are severely fatigued, it is essential that you first develop a FIGHTING ATTITUDE towards this affliction. IT IS REAL, but all diseases have a certain psychological component and a positive frame of mind is very important. Stay in touch and encourage others, but conserve your energy for healing!!
    Next… is DIET!!!!!!!!!!! There are only a few REALLY straight forward books on overall nutrition although many others deal with specific subjects. I have two that are pageworn from referencing:
    “HEALTHY HEALING” by Linda Page

    In a nutshell these are the guidelines they offer:
    1. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (don’t forget the dark greens and
    cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower!!!)
    1a. Eat yogurt (with live, active bacteria) and/or take a probiotic daily (or more)
    Now the hard part…
    2. ELIMINATE caffeine (although green tea is OK and may give you a boost)
    3. ELIMINATE saturated fat (there are types of fat that are necessary like
    Omega-3 found in fish and, I think, flax oil)
    4. ELIMINATE refined sugar (be a label reader!) Drink water and herbal tea instead of
    sodas and sweet drinks!
    5. ELIMINATE (or severely limit) Sodium intake… Packaged food in general usually has
    salt or some form of sugar.
    6. NO red meat, and limit chicken and fish.
    7. ELIMINATE Dairy products!!!!! There are so many yummy soy alternatives, you might
    not even miss them

    Food is very addictive and these changes are not easy to do… also be aware that there is sometimes a period of feeling a little worse… Hang in there… it is just your immune system getting excited over healthy food and starting to detox your system!!

    There is so much more to consider, but try eliminating one (or two if you dare) Rice and beans (home cooked if possible) are good ‘fillers’ and sources of protein!

    1. FIGHTING ATTITUDE… i.e. positive frame of mind
    2. GOOD NUTRITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. EXERCISE — even walking!

    I apologize for the length of this but it boils down to these 3 basic elements for me.
    Be patient…. it took 10, 20 or more years to weaken your immune system and will take time to strengthen it!! You have my total respect and admiration if you can change even one habit I have mentioned in the next 6 months… a positive attitude is a good place to start!!

    Peace and good vibes to all, Gramma Vicki

    DISCLAIMER: If you have any food allergies or physical problems, USE CAUTION when changing your activity and diet… Consult your physician, D.O., naturopath or nutritionist with specific questions… I am not licensed to diagnose or prescribe medical care. The above information is only an account of personal research and experience.

    P. S. Mary, I spoke with you a couple years ago. I wondered if you had an opinion
    about this approach?

  93. # 91 mary Says:
    August 16th, 2006 at 3:22 pm

    Listen Buster-If YOU had it YOU’D KNOW it!

    Mary Leitao, that isn’t you, is it?

    Clicking onto the name, “Mary” takes us to MRF page, but surely it’s not her.

  94. No, M.L., you listen!! There is no such thing as Morgellons Disease. It’s a figment of your twisted imagination.

  95. Hello.
    About a month ago, I had a very harsh inflammation of my right ear.
    Day after day, it got more and more swollen and painful.
    I visited a walk in clinic, where they diagnosed it as a staph infection and put me on antibiotics, which worsened the swelling (which could have been a good thing, at least that was an indication that whatever my body wa fighting, was gettin some help in the fight and fighting it even more) then I saw an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, and was referred by him to a Rheumatoid Dr.
    The Rheumatoid Dr diagnosed it as Polychondritis, a rare genetic disorder that causes your immune system to attack all the cartilage in your body. “Why then was it causing my immune system to be supposedly only attacking my right ear? Not the left as well (as reported in most Polychondritis cases)” I thought.
    I had bloodwork done, and the test for Polychondritis came out negative.
    Upon leaving his office I picked up some Prednisone that he had prescribed.
    Prednisone is a powerful steroid that lowers the body’s immune system’s response. It is used for Rheumatoid diseases such as Chronic Arthritis.

    The first 4 days of heavily taking Prednisone went fine and my ear’s inflammation went down considerably. The residual pain from the main fleshy area of my outer ear receded into the area where my ear joins my head.
    On the 5th day, I began having a very strange sensation of something crawling on my skin.
    I attributed this to side effects caused by the steroid. It is a powerful drug and can cause your nervous system to react in different ways.. Again, the sensations were very slight, so I payed this no mind.
    By the 7th day of taking this, the sensations became a major anoyyance, and I called my doctor.
    The feelings of crawling along my eyebrows and sideburns had been escalated to the point where I was actually brushing away whatever I thought was causing the feeling, yet nothing was there.
    my doctor told me that he had never heard of this type of side effect from prednisone, and I am sure that being a Rheumatoid doctor, he probably subscribes it to someone at least once a week, and had probably most his professional career, since it is widely used for the diseases that people come to him for. Again, he said he has never heard of that side effect of Prednisone.
    He told me that whatever it was, it will go away and to continue on the immune system supressing steroid Prednisone untill the 10 days since I had started was over.
    I followed his orders and did so.
    I stopped on a Friday, and gave a few days to see if this would wear off.
    The situation worsened 10 fold.
    It is to the point now, where I feel this phenomena all over my body, mostly around the hair follicles.
    There is a seriously concentrated area around my right ear, where the pain remains, where it feels as if large tapeworms are gouting their way around my temple and face.

    When I go to bed at night, and my body is completely at rest, whatever it is that is causing this, increases vastly in its activity, and bores around through my cheek, through my forehead, worming around my scalp like an amorphous colony of microscopic worms. The actual pressure that they cause can be unbearable. There literally IS SOMETHING moving around in my head, burrowing through my muscles. It is something I would not wish anyone to have to experience.

    I have never had anything strange happen to my body, have grown up a very healthy person, no hallucinations, no delusions, no vying for doctors attantions, in fact I dislike going to the doctor just as much as anybody. I’ve never had mental issues, or issues with people doubting my mental prowess. I am an intelligent and very capable individual who has worked hard to get where he is in his profession.

    I would never endanger my hard work in realizing the dream of doing what i love for a living, only to sabotage it with made up tohghts of some surreal sounding situation such as this.

    I researched my symptoms on the web, and came up with morgellons as a match as far as this horrid crawling feeling goes.
    I seem to be experienceing the initial stages of infection, and it is the most scarey thing I have been through in my entire life.
    I cannot imagine goign throguh what I am already, and then experience the later stages that people report… lesions and strange fibers.
    The only thing close to that that I am experienceing is a “shedding” of sorts where debris of my skin will noticeably fall off of my body, and down through the hairs of my leg or arm or face.
    I have resisted the urge to look at these under a microscope.
    I am hoping this is a known parasite, just as I had hoped it was prednisone side effects.

    But when it feels as if someone is taking a pipe-cleaner wire and sticking it up under your skin and pulling it back and forth and around across yoru face, leaving indentation lines where its been… all night every night and to a lesser amount during the day… when you experience THAT… you know there is something in yoru body… somethign is in you living in you. This is not imagined. It is not the product of a rare delusional mental disorder. It is infection of a foreign body.

    I believe it was fighting to get to a foothold in my system during my initial inflammation, and when i took the prednisone, that just opened the floodgates for this thing to take over the area with no resistance.

    It is my opinion that if you experience anything like this , please stay away from anything that causes your immune system to lower in any capacity. Take good care of yourself and eat WELL. Eliminate sugars from your diet. Drink purified water and eat immune system boosting foods and suppliments.

    I am in the beginning stages of what I know will be a surreal nightmare that will worsen.
    This is the worst thing you could possibly imagine experiencing, and I haven’t even seen the worst of it.

    -take care everyone.

  96. tallrotton,

    in which image on the morgellons site did you see that written message. did the white horse write it?

  97. Tex? Lay it on the line, what the hell your problem with my man is. Ya asshole. He hallucinated when he fuckin did drugs. Are you on them, or plain crazy the natural way?

  98. Dear M,

    You said:

    I visited a walk in clinic, where they diagnosed it as a staph infection and put me on antibiotics, which worsened the swelling (which could have been a good thing, at least that was an indication that whatever my body wa fighting, was gettin some help in the fight and fighting it even more) then I saw an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor, and was referred by him to a Rheumatoid Dr.

    Can you please back up, and tell us what happened at the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist? I hope you got more antibiotics but it doesn’t sound like it worked.

    I sure hope that you haven’t got an MRSA infection

    Ear infections can lead to brain abcesses, too, and I certainly hope that hasn’t occurred

    You should seek emergency care asap. Don’t you think that would be a good idea? . Good luck, and please read those links and consider it, or get back to that specialist about your ear.

    Tex, I apologize to you, and to everyone else, for my indignation upon seeing your making fun made of TC from an earlier time. He nearly lost his life from a brain hemorrhage a couple of years ago, and he does not do drugs anymore. Now, if you need to talk, go to the link below and leave your comments there, and we will address them for you.

  99. I had bloodwork done, and the test for Polychondritis came out negative.
    Upon leaving his office I picked up some Prednisone that he had prescribed.

    He has never heard of that side effect of Prednisone. He told me that whatever it was, it will go away and to continue on the immune system supressing steroid Prednisone untill the 10 days since I had started was over. I followed his orders and did so. I stopped on a Friday, and gave a few days to see if this would wear off. The situation worsened 10 fold.

    M, You shouldn’t have EVEN been on that predisone if the polychondritis test was negative. You definitely needed to follow-up over treating your right ear for that original staph infection, especially when things WORSENED.

    Get to an ER. Please.

  100. The residual pain from the main fleshy area of my outer ear receded into the area where my ear joins my head. On the 5th day, I began having a very strange sensation of something crawling on my skin.
    I attributed this to side effects caused by the steroid. It is a powerful drug and can cause your nervous system to react in different ways.. Again, the sensations were very slight, so I payed this no mind. By the 7th day of taking this, the sensations became a major anoyyance, and I called my doctor. The feelings of crawling along my eyebrows and sideburns had been escalated to the point where I was actually brushing away whatever I thought was causing the feeling, yet nothing was there. My doctor told me that he had never heard of this type of side effect from prednisone, and I am sure that being a Rheumatoid doctor, he probably subscribes it to someone at least once a week, and had probably most his professional career, since it is widely used for the diseases that people come to him for. Again, he said he has never heard of that side effect of Prednisone. He told me that whatever it was, it will go away and to continue on the immune system supressing steroid.

    WRONG. Like I said, you shouldn’t have even been on that.

    I’m so sorry for posting so many times, but M, I think you might have mastoiditis, from reviewing your descriptive account, which I just couldn’t digest all at once.


  101. You have to do this M. I don’t think that staph infection in your ear was treated adequately. You wasted precious time, effort, and money, on seeing a rheumatologist. Dag-gone-it, you even trusted him, and took the freakin’ predisone for something you tested negative for, through him. Then, your condition worsened, with your having thought that it was side effects from the predisone. It was the ear infection spreading, M!!! Then, you called that rheumatologist back, and he said he’d never heard of side effects like that, from prednisone, before, and for you to continue taking it. Hear me, M. You did not even need to be on predisone. Your swelling in your ear went down AS IT MOVED INWARD toward your mastoid bone and toward your brain. I am extremely concerned, and you are in a very precarious situation. Please seek the appropriate emergency care immediately. Please keep in touch and let us know how it went when you are up to it.

    Patient-doctor-communication failure. Dang, that sucks.

  102. smileykins said:



    you assholes can dish it out; attack, discredit, slander, insult, lie about and make fun of people and their children, but you can’t take it even when it is the truth. so maybe now you feel a little of the hurt, anger, and injustice that those you and bugz have inflicted on so many others simply because you disagree with their ideas and personal thoughts.
    Discuss it privately? why don’t
    you discuss it privately with those you attack instead of holding them up to public ridicule? do you have any idea how many sick people you hurt emotionally?

    suggestion: do unto others as you would have others do unto you. it is the future.

  103. Texas tar,

    Stick it up your ass!!

    Tall Cotton

  104. and tall cotton said:

    “Stick it up your ass.”

    now that is a well thought out reply. But is not very nice or understanding.

    Remember, do unto others as you would have others do unto you. It is the future.

    now where is my nuspa file with the book of many chapters?

  105. Tesas tar,

    I have nothing to hide. I posted a lot of crazy things while I was under the influence of drugs. You people want to stay crazy forever. I don’t. My thoughts are clear and logical. You post what you want to post, but it’s not going to stop me from posting the truth about Morgellons. That’s been tried before. Im not afraid of the truth, and I didn’t come here to be nice.

    Tall Cotton

  106. Did anyone read my post?????????????????????… NOT ONE person even commented… You all seem hell bent on continuing your feud rather than attaining health for yourself. You all call eachother names and disrespect writers you have never even met… If you want to instant message eachother to continue your self defeating conversation, fine…
    It is said that a writer should know their audience and I THOUGHT mine was people seeking health… apparently I have written in vain to ignorant people who only like to hear themselves talk and are not TRULY seeking anything.
    When you are done with your drama, and are ready to actually take charge of your health instead of argue and complain about it, I pray you will remember the little gem of info I wrote and find some peace in yourselves. PEACE OUT

  107. Grammavivki, eating healthy is good advice. But if people have something wrong with them, they should work with a health professional to do what is right for them. Everyone has different needs.

    Eliminating Sodium is not a good idea. Luckily it’s quite difficult to do, but if you had zero sodium intake you would develop hyponatremia. People taking high blood pressure drugs are at risk here.

    Being healthy is not all about diet either. Exercise plays a big part. But again, it varies by individual, and you need to talk to a health professional who can assess your individual needs.

  108. smellycan,

    you assholes can dish it out; attack, discredit, slander, insult, lie about and make fun of people and their children, but you can’t take it even when it is the truth. so maybe now you feel a little of the hurt, anger, and injustice that those you and bugz have inflicted on so many others simply because you disagree with their ideas and personal thoughts. Discuss it privately? why don’t you discuss it privately with those you attack instead of holding them up to public ridicule? do you have any idea how many sick people you hurt emotionally?

    suggestion: do unto others as you would have others do unto you. it is the future.

    Texastar, this is not the proper place to do this, but, other than being solicited and ordered, just like Sarach had been, by Mary Leitao, I would like to know how your misunderstandings came about. So, please….

    A. Name specifics, when accusing me (or us, together), exactly who it is that you think we have attacked. Who is it, that have we discredited, slandered, insulted, lied about, and made fun of, as well as made fun of their children?

    I have nothing, at all, good to say about Mary Leitao, nor of anyone associated with her “concocted morgellons disease” in their profession. I do not stir things up with anybody on a personal level. When someone does something directly to me, I deal with it.

    B. What is the truth that you’re referring to, in accusing that I (or we), “can’t take it, even when it is the truth”?

    C. What are you talking about, that maybe now, I (or we) feel a little of the hurt, anger, and injustice that those whom I (and TC) have inflicted on so many others simply because I (or we) disagree with their ideas and personal thoughts?

    You need to get your thoughts sorted out, Texastar. You’ve indicated (at least twice now, that I am aware of), that you have something that’s apparently related to a personal matter concerning TC, from your past. I apologized to you for my comments, previously. If you have a grievance, from having known TC in the past, I think he would be way more than happy to discuss it with you, like a mature adult.

    D. Why don’t I (or, we) discuss it privately with those that I (or we) attack instead of holding them up to public ridicule?

    I don’t have a clue what you are talking about, but we have a blog, with a great big, wide opened comment section. If you can unscrammble your thoughts, and you know whomever these people are that you’re referring to, refer them there. Try to understand, and clarify, what all of these things that you’re saying are, please, because they make no sense.

    E. Do I (or we) have any idea how many sick people you hurt emotionally?

    No, I don’t have the slightest clue on that. Common sense rule applies here, Texastar: This is a “morgellons disease debunking blog”. Maybe you’ve missed my repeated suggestions, that anyone who thinks they have “morgellons disease”, coming here to read, and getting upset, should stop that behavior.

    Texastar, in your opinion, did I say the wrong thing to M, up above, basing my suggestions on facts, rather than on fiction? I don’t think a probable brain infection is too cool to mess around with, and, instead, allow a damned made-up “morgellons disease” to stand in the way. When a person’s brain is sick, it’s sick, regardless of the etiology behind it, and people can often experience the same sorts of phenomenon. He is in a very extreme state of emergency right now, and it is not “morgellons disease”.

    I hope that trying to sort out the meaning of what you’ve said to me, hasn’t caused you any more confusion. I’ll simply it.

    1. Did TC, or I, or both of us, do something to you, as Texastar, here, or as whomever we may have communicated with you as, under another name, in the past?

    2. If not, what is the matter with you?

  109. grammavicki, I see you posted the same thing in other threads. I replaced those posts with links to your original.

    Your attitude is quite commendable, sorry if I seemed a bit picky. Good diet and activity is very important in fighting any health problem.

  110. P.S. Texastar, I forgot to add, that whomever these people you’re referring to are, please, also tell them that if they are emotionally disturbed that they need to seek medical attention for it. It can be treated.

  111. Grandmavicki,

    I think most of your advice is good, and I appreciate you posting it. I’m not sick, but most of what you posted is also good advice for staying well. I also notice that patience isn’t your strongest virtue. I would have commented sooner, but when I woke up this morning I was under attack. It was a personal matter, but I felt that I needed to take care of it. You seem to have become offended because no one replied sooner. Would you have also been offended had someone attacked you personally. I think you would have. Again, thanks for your post.

    Tall Cotton

  112. Grammavicki, I’m so sorry you got your apron strings in a bind. Forgive me for not saying anything in response to your post. It didn’t seem as though it pertained to anything I needed to comment on. The guy posting as “M” is in a serious state of emergency. I pray that he didn’t just drop in here and leave his comments, never to return, or that too much time elapses before he does return. I pray that he can think, and forget about “morgellons disease”. You should not get upset that easily, grammavicki, but I think that if you think that you are well, you ought to know. I have my own health regime that I follow, and some of the advice you gave, would not be good for me. I appreciate your intentions and advice, and I am sorry you felt ignored.

  113. I guess I still hold to the idea that we should all be more responsible for our own health… Most MD’s do not emphasize the points I mentioned and with good reason… If everyone followed it, they (and the pharmaceutical industry) would be out of business.
    I totally understand that conventional medicine has a place and even recently experienced its benefits in the way of surgery…
    The changes I suggested are very difficult to accomplish and I see so many people spending lots of money on doctors and pills because it is the “easy” thing to do. Medicine is no longer a humanitarian venture… It is BIG BUSINESS!! There are many good people in the health field including doctors, but the ‘practice of medicine’ (another dubious term) has shifted focus to MAKING MONEY!!!!!
    Because financially I have had the fortune to be poor, and learned that monitoring my own health is a viable alternative to expensive doctors… (as I recently experienced, part of this is knowing when to seek out help!
    I am 44 years old and have CURED arthritis and asthma in myself with diet and exercise alone!! Conditions that doctors had the GALL to tell me were either normal for my age or only treatable, not curable!! I will step down off the soapbox now… thank you for listening (or reading). Good Luck to all!
    P.S. I did qualify by saying severely limit sodium… but in researching the sodium content of potatoes, rice, beans, etc. not to mention kelp and seafood, you will find that if eating a well-balance diet, sodium does no need to come from a salt shaker!! and especially not from the 1500 mg found in a lot of canned food!!

  114. I should apologize… for I did not take offense at the lack of response, but rather at the drivel and petty arguing that followed my posting… Those who have felt this curse are in a FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES and we should not even give a moment of our energy to negative thoughts and actions. I am not totally cured and think this will be a life-long fight… I realize not everyone can make all the changes… But ALL OF YOU can pratice keeping a more POSITIVE STATE OF MIND!!


  115. Grammavicki, you know, I suspect that if someone were to follow all your recommendations, then they very probably would be cured of Morgellons within six months. The problem is how to make them do it? Part of what is making people sick is their inability to take charge of their lives in a healthy manner – their sickness is what prevents them from following your cure. You managed to do it, and I congratulate you for that, hopefully others can follow your example.

    Here’s a link to your original post:

  116. And some people need to read Sun Tzu.

  117. Let’s keep in mind, “Morgellons”, as it is called, is a very large variety of other real and imagined disorders, and some are mental and some are physical. Of itself, Morgellons is nothing. I know what you meant, that their “Morgellons symptoms” would probably subside. I just want to make sure you aren’t misunderstood. I apologize if I am wrong.

    Tall Cotton

  118. You are not wrong. But in a way it is not important, Grammavicki believes she had “Morgellons”, and yet she found a cure. I really don’t care what people believe in, so long as they are happy and healty.

  119. Grammavicki, I’m sorry that I have somehow missed your posts on here, before now. But, I don’t really quite exactly think Mary Leitao posts on this blog, if she is the “Mary” that you had posed a question to, pertaining to your advice. I certainly do hope that you feel better, grammavicki. I had no idea that anything that I, or anyone else, did, was going to affect you, and I am sorry that it elicted the type of reaction that it did. Be well.

  120. I am sensing some humanity out there!!??!! Thank you for your comments and info. Smileykins especially… I won;t be able to check this too often as I am starting a full time job next week (for the first time in a year!!!) I am a little nervous about maintaining this state of wellness but I am happy to be back to work… A year ago I was writing letters to my kids and grandkids because I truely felt like I may not live much longer… and now I might get another 40 years!!! One of my favorite movie quotes is “It’s never too late, that’s why they invented death!”
    So I say, LIVE!!! …and be kind to one another… the Golden Rule works… don’t let anyone bait you into anger! Salud y Paz! (health and peace)

  121. Grammavicki. I’m thrilled over your going back into, OMG, a full time job?! Keep that winning attitude, and nurture every aspect of your life, to maintain your focus and balance. Along the lines of what Michael said, I don’t care what people may have believed in, as long as they know that they can get out from underneath that belief. You have to want-to-be better badly enough. True fighters will make it, but sadly, not everyone has a fighting spirit and they have fallen by the wayside. I’m going to quote someone, without providing any name, not done as anything with malicious intentions, and I-promise-that-from-the-heart (Texastar, and others). This has been posted already, on line, over the internet, anyway, and I’m not revealing anything private. I just want to point out how revealing the content of these words are, though…..

    I don’t know that it is a new disease either. All I have ever claimed to know is that strange stuff is coming out of my flesh. I believe that I have other odd symptoms that are related, but I don’t know that because I can’t see it. Seeing is believing.

    I’m almost inclined to let my health go and get really sick again. Then I can attempt to take some of those videos you suggest Michael. But what if I can’t make it back? You may not know this, but I know that is a scary thought.

    “Almost inclined to let my health go and get really sick again.”

    Anyone that can see that and receive the message, will. For those who can’t, they just simply won’t.

    Knock ‘em dead next week, on that new job, Granny!

  122. Thanks for the good wishes!!!

  123. Texastar,

    If you look back I think you will see that you started the argument with comment # 97 for no reason at all, unless you were taking up for ML. But ML popped off prior to that with her “Listen Buster”. Now get a grip on yourself!!!!!!!!!!

    Tall Cotton

  124. Hi, Folks!

    There is no any Morgellons! I don’t believe the Morgellons is a new disease.
    I had been studying this shit for two years and have now some interesting data.
    Also i have a lot of statistic data as types of beginnings, various pathogenetic aspects of symptoms, efficiency and inefficiency of various antibiotics, a lot of stat. clinical data(blood analysis,immune factors, indexes of homeostasis and so on).

    The main idea for today is what the cause of the disease is Gram-positive rod that belongs to order “Actinomycetales”.
    Actinomycetales mainly consist of:

    1.Mycobacteria spp.(inc. M.t-sis and various atipycal mycobacteria).

    2.Actinomyces spp.

    3.Nocardia spp.

    4.Propionibacterium spp.

    5.Bifidobacterium spp.

    6.Other, quite rare(Oerskovia, Gordonia, Rhodococcus, Tsukamurella, Actinomadura, Nocardiopsis, Streptomyces, Dermatophilus, Thermoactinomyces, Saccharopolyspora (Faenia), Saccharomonospora,Thermomonospora).

    The most likely causative pathogens: Actinomyces or Propionibacterium or Nocardia.

    I still need more statistic info on various aspects. It would be nice if you could share some to me.

    If you have some interesting or useful info or just want to discuss some ideas or share some thoughts with me, you can always contact me via e-mail or Skype.

    My e-mail: [b]d[/b]_[b]a[/b]_[b]n[/b]_[b]b[/b]_[b]8[/b]_[b]5[/b]__[b]@[/b]__[b]m[/b]_[/b]a[/b]_[b]i[/b]_[b]l.r[/b]_[b]u[/b]
    (delete ALL underlinings from e-mail!!)

    Kiev, Ukraine.

    P.S.Oh..and i’m looking for papasmurf contacts.

    P.P.S. I speak: russian, ukrainian, english(isn’t perfect!) and german(a little).

  125. My e-mail one more time:

    d _ a _ n _ b _ 8 _ 5 __ [at] __ m _ a _ i _ l [dot] r _ u

    (delete ALL underlinings from e-mail!!)

  126. Hello, dant-ua. Your english, and your spelling, is as good as, or better than, many “morgellons disease” patients who live in the USA.

    I’m sure there are a lot of patients, online, who have what they’re calling “morgellons disease”, who will appear to seem as though they understand your theories, but I hope you can try to not misunderstand what causes them to act like that.

    What types of studying have you been doing on this, for the past two years, and who have you collected and compared statistical clinical data from? Have you been seen by any doctors, and, if so, what have their diagnoses been?

    If you’re able to connect with papasmurf, tell him I said hi.

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