How many people have Morgellons?

The Morgellons Research Foundation has been organizing an effective media campaign in recent months. The media, especially local television, but now even CNN, has been lapping up the sensational aspects of the story. MRF has been spoon-feeding them little factoids that the media parrot out on-screen, with no question as to the validity or meaning behind what they have just presented to the public as established fact.

One thing that gets reported is the number of people who “have Morgellons”.

CNN: “thousands of others from various parts of the country complain of similar ailments” “Morgellons Disease, characterized by “a parasite-like infection that literally makes the infected person’s skin crawl,” has been diagnosed in thousands of patients in Florida, Texas and California, according to reports”

Reno-Gazette: “the foundation has registered more than 4,000 households nationwide in which at least one family member suffers from Morgellons”

KATU: “There are more than 4,500 people across the country who report they are suffering with Morgellons.”

Where do these numbers come from? If you go to, you will see a counter that currently says: “Number of Registered Households: 4512”.

This number comes from what is possibly the least reliable statistics gathering tool available, a tool so innacurate it usually comes with a disclaimer “not scientific”. That tool is the Internet Survey.

All that “4512” number reflects is the number of times the following survey has been completed:

Symptoms: (check all that apply)

o Lesions or sores
o Fibers or filaments on skin
o Itching or stinging
o Hair loss
o Joint pain
o Fatigue
o Granules or specks on the skin
o Biting or crawling feeling on the skin
o Mood disorder
o Memory or concentration problems
(ex: ‘brainfog’, short term memory loss)
o Vision problems
o Edema or swelling
o Other

Diagnosis by a physician: (check all that apply)