Morgellons Patient Zero

The name “Morgellons” was first used by Mary Leitao, the founder of the Morgellons Research Foundation, and for a long time the story of Morgellons has been underpinned on the story of her son, on whose lip she found a few fibers, and from this extrapolated a new disease. Other people with various problems looked and found fibers (since fibers are everywhere, if you get a microscope, you’ll find fibers), Leitao identified with the problems these people had in dealing with their doctors, and the MRF was born.

Recently the MRF has been undergoing some changes. A month ago a number of outlandish speculations were scattered over the MRF’s web site, and then the next day they were first toned down, and then removed. The writings were the work of William Harvey.

Then yesterday the web site was updated for the first time since those changes, and included a new page on financial info. There was a new newsletter, discussing how they were shifting from raising awareness, to raising funds. There was a new address for sending contributions, changing from a PO box in Pittsburgh, PA (Leitao), to one near Albany, NY.

But, perhaps most interesting is that the story of how it started has been removed from from the front page and the FAQ.

Deleted From the Front Page

The name, Morgellons disease, was used as a temporary label by the mother of a two-year-old boy who developed symptoms of this disease in 2001. In 2002, after establishing the MRF in honor of her child, this mother was contacted by people in all 50 states and across the globe who reported symptoms of this disease.

Deleted from the FAQ:

Why was the Morgellons Research Foundation established?

The Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) was founded by the mother of a two-year old child with an unknown illness. When unable to find the proper help for her child, she labeled his illness “Morgellons disease” and established the MRF to raise awareness of the disease and funds for research.

Why is this? Why start to downplay the “Patient Zero”, the first person identified as having “Morgellons”, someone who is mentioned in practically every media story on Morgellons? I suspect the reason is that he simply does not fit with Harvey’s new theory. Harvey is getting ready to publish some speculation based on specious statistical analysis and some isolated observations, and “Patient Zero” simply does not fit into his new theory, so he’s getting rid of him.