CDC paper on Morgellons

Here’s an interesting paper on Morgellons, via the tachyonet, from the future CDC:, there’s a number of problems with this paper, mainly due it not actually having been written yet. I plucked it to the present because it illustrates several problems with the process of defining diseases.

Here’s some choice quotes:

“The central issue in Morgellons Disease research is whether Morgellons Disease or any subset of it is a pathologically discrete entity, as opposed to a debilitating but nonspecific condition shared by many different entities. Resolution of this issue depends on whether clinical, epidemiologic, and pathophysiologic features convincingly distinguish Morgellons Disease from other illnesses.”

“The possibility that Morgellons Disease study populations have been selected or defined in substantially different ways has made it difficult to interpret conflicting laboratory findings related to Morgellons Disease”

“Current criteria for Morgellons Disease also do not appear to define a distinct group of cases”

“We believe that inappropriate tests are often used to diagnose Morgellons Disease in chronically fatigued persons. This practice should be discouraged.”

“We distinguished between psychiatric conditions for pragmatic reasons. It is difficult to interpret symptoms typical of Morgellons Disease in the setting of illnesses such as major psychotic depression or schizophrenia. More importantly, the care of these persons should focus on their chronic psychiatric disorder. On the other hand, we did not use other psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety disorders and less severe forms of depression, as a basis for exclusions.”

“The name “Morgellons Disease” is the final issue that we wish to address. We sympathize with those who are concerned that this name may trivialize this illness. The impairments associated with Morgellons Disease are not trivial. However, we believe that changing the name without adequate scientific justification will lead to confusion and will substantially undermine the progress that has been made in focusing public, clinical, and research attention on this illness. We support changing the name when more is known about the underlying pathophysiologic process or processes associated with Morgellons Disease and Morgellons.”

Well, it seems like it’s going to be quite some time before this one is resolved.