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A commenter called “Hugh R Delusional”, challenged me thusly:

Can Morgellons watch replicate bundles of colored fibers? If we fiberites are crazy and the fibers we claim to see are simply textile in origin then any doubter should easily be able to pluck some lint off their clothing or belly button even and see bright blue, red, black and translucent fibers tangled in amongst the lint. [...]

If your curious as to what you should be looking for, go to the main page of morgellonsusa.com and the background picture will give you a clear indication of what to expect.

Here’s the morgellonsusa.com picture:


So I got out my trusty QX5 and scrabbled together a few lint balls from my wardrobe. Unfortunately my microscope only does 10x, 60x, or 200x, so I can’t replicate the scale of the above (which looks 20x), but here’s my best effort at 60x


And again at 10x


I think that quite conclusively shows that the morgellonsusa fibers are nothing more that regular clothing fibers.

This whole experiment took me less than 20 minutes.


Later I discovered that the Morgellonsusa photo was actually squished and elongated, which gives it that odd looking scale. It’s actually a regular 60x QX3/5 photo. Here’s the original:


This is a tiny little thing, barely a spec when viewed at arms length. Easily not noticable on your skin until you look closely. For scale, here’s a bit of MY fuzzball on a penny, at the exact same scale. Note it’s on the letter ‘E’ of ‘CENT’. Also notice how the colors and the fiber diameters all match the morgellonsusa photo.


I also did bit more digging, for Hugh, and found this bit of lint on the floor of the laundry room:


You see, fibers are everywhere. And this bit of lint shows that they are mostly white, with some red and blue, and the occasional black. I think laundry lint is a pretty good random sampling (seeing as I don’t sort my laundry by color).

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  1. It has always looked obvious that the pictures in the morgellonsusa collection are industrial fibers. I’m not saying that he rolled his little fuzzballs up deliberately, although that’s the impression one gets. Nice job, Michael.

  2. Yowza. Shake your Buddha.

  3. The following statement is on the welcome page of http://www.morgellonsusa.com/

    “Most of these samples were hand brushed from the skin surface and pockets within the tissues. However, some were removed during shaving, while others are from the Digestive Tract.”

    Many fibers are on the skin at any given moment, and they have a tendency to roll when they are brushed. Fuzzballs are also commonly produced in a washer and dryer.

  4. Someone might say, “Well, I don’t eat fibers.”

    Oh, yes you do. Everyone does. Just open your mouth and take a breath. You are breathing in hundreds of fibers. Now, close your mouth, and do what’s natural. Saliva is produced and one has the natural tendency to swallow. There they go, and if you want to go playing with your poop, you might find them when they come out the other end. Of course, they may look more like Condelessa Rice.

  5. a big f-ing HAHAHAHAHAHA! Man, I can’t explain that, but it did! I swear it did!

  6. Oh, I get it………………fuzzballs! hahahaha……did they not think I’d bust them on this one too????

    Dang, Greg should know that I’m better than that! Hell, why don’t we asK a certain science foundation about fuzzballs and their usage of this to mean
    nothing more than :


  7. I have no idea what London just said…..

  8. me either; that was rather dumb, huh? Well, I have an excuse, I was running late to my weekly $160 charging shrink……..but, I will get back to you in a few on the above…

  9. Here you go……

    It’s called FUZZBALLS- the internet router:

    grantee David L. Mills of the
    University of Delaware. Mills developed
    the Fuzzball software for use on
    NSFNET, where its success led to
    ever broader use throughout the
    Internet. The Fuzzball is actually a
    package comprising a fast, compact
    operating system, support for the
    DARPA/NSF Internet architecture,
    and an array of application programs
    for network protocol development,
    testing, and evaluation.
    Why the funny name? Mills began
    his work using a primitive version of
    the software that was already known
    as the “fuzzball.” Nobody knows who
    first called it that, or why. But everyone
    appreciates what it does.
    Fuzzball: The Innovative Router

  10. London, a fuzzball is a small ball of fuzz (fibers), as seen above.

    Not all results that Google returns actually have relevance.

  11. Pardon me for intruding here, but I’m trying to get in touch with tallcotton or Smileykins. I’m a journalist doing some reporting on Morgellons. I’d appreciate a contact at bruce (at) brucegoldfarb (dot) com. Thanks.

  12. Bruce,

    I’ve sent you an email.

    Tall Cotton

  13. Michael,
    How do you explain your fuzzball theory when one can scrap blue fuzz balls from their skin at any given time? Also from parts of the body where the sun don’t shine!

    I guess I have just been rolling around on the carpet too much. How could that be when my floor is covered with blue stone slate?!

  14. At any given time? How about right now?

    Watch really carefully as you scrape the skin. Where is the fuzz coming from?

    Can you post a video of the process? That would be very useful.

    How about a photo of the fuzz? Microscopic would be best – at a pinch you could try scanning it at 4800 dpi. Or a digital camera with some kind of magnifying macro mode.

    Blue stone slate hmm. Slate is a very crumbly material – walking on the blue slate will inevitably create blue dust (especially in the bathroom). Blue dust + lotion + rubbing = fiber shaped blue things? Probably not – but check it out, try rubbing a wet or lotion covered hand on the blue slate, and see if anything arises.

  15. You say to watch really carefully as one scrapes the skin for blue fuzz balls and watch were it is coming from. WHY?
    It is coming from the skin – particularly the very thickened and swollen areas of the skin. By the way this organism uses ‘ones’ own skin to create the thickening. As I said once before it just feels like a spirochete has been dropped in my skin.

    As for posting any images or video footage – I think not!

    We are very civilized here in Australia – our blue stone slate floors are sealed – just like a floor tile.

  16. WHY? So you can better understand the problem, with hope of eventually getting some relief.

    Perhaps a better question on my part would be “how is the fuzz coming from your skin”.

    a) It is extruded lengthways through pores
    b) It slips out sideways
    c) It is coiled up in follicles, and just pops out
    d) It aggregates via rubbing from some substance that is too small in particulate or fiber diameter to see before being rolled into bigger fibers.
    e) It is pulled out of the air.
    f) Something else.

    Which seems closest?

  17. With the help of a lubricant, it is pulled from the pores of your skin. Why wait for video footage? Come on over and have a rub!

  18. It doesn’t really matter which direction the skin is rubbed, pushed or pulled.

    What relief do you suggest?

    How would you explain – I can rub the tips of my fingers, which will pop black grit, blue fuzz, and occasionally long dark hair like fibers?

  19. You rub your fingertips together? Like finger and thumb against each other in a firm circular rubbing motion? Can you produce stuff just from between finger and thumb without touching other skin first?

    Why no photos?

  20. With all these people freaking out over fibers, well, naturally, the friction, produced in going over one’s skin, rolls up whatever debris is trapped within the acid mantle and causes it to form into tiny balls, resembling what some people are mistakening assuming to be little fibery cocoons. If they unfurl, it could lead to even more misconceptions.

    Our acid mantle is an oily layer on the skin’s surface which functions to protect us against environmental impurities and helps regulate moisture loss and water retention. Strip that layer away, and you’ve got one helluva big itchy mess, for one thing. Keep on messing around, being overly involved with your skin, doing all the wrong things, and you’ve often really got no one to blame but yourself for such symptoms.

    But for whatever reasons originally caused so many misunderstandings to develop, many people who have come to believe that they have “morgellons disease” are obviously far too involved with their skin. Doing things to it, making them think their interpretations of what they’re experiencing are based upon factual evidence that they are infested with something, can also lead them into being too involved with their surroundings. This entire process, this illness, leads them off into so many weird, and completely irrelevant, directions.

    We have about 19,000,000 skin cells on each square inch of our bodies. Our epidermis is a live, “shield” covered by an acid mantle, which is a protective fluid made up of perspiration, oils and other debris lying over the live part of the dermis. Skin is a delicate organ and needs to be treated with care and respect. The aim of cleansing our skin is to remove any dead cells, stale oil build-up, and environmental debris, from the surface without disturbing any of the healthy cells beneath. Pawn my honor (hehe), this crud is what morgie people think of as “specimens”.

    Plain soap can do more harm than good to an average person’s skin with no existing problems. Soap is not only very drying to the skin, it can cause premature aging by using it too frequently. Soap is very harsh and can cause the skin to become irritated and dry. It destroys the acid pH mantle on the surface of the skin and removes the natural oils both of which were designed to provide protection – keeping the skin soft, smooth and keeping our skin balanced.

    It takes time for the acid mantle and oil to re-establish themselves once it’s been removed, and if stripped away daily, the protection cannot re-establish itself or ever be at its optimum balance levels. Shaving, alone, strips off a couple of layers of epidermal tissue.

    When our skin becomes unbalanced, our inherent healing power attempts to correct the problem by generating a reaction we know as symptoms. Symptoms are the body’s attempt to re-establish the health of the skin. As such, to assist our body in the process of healing we should support the body’s natural response, not continue to contribute to the symptoms.

    Restoring the health and balance of our skin will help in treating, correcting and healing the problem. Health and balance is the result of rhythmic flow of the skin. This flow is seen in our every action: stimulating, cleansing, detoxifying, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting.

    These normal skin renewing processes continue constantly for as long as we live. How smoothly our skin flow carries on depends on three things: what we put on our skin, how well our skin circulation functions, and how efficiently our skin eliminates toxins, wastes and fights germs.

    The skin is responsible for 25 percent of the body’s daily elimination of toxins and wastes. This is just from the inside out and not counting all the toxins and free radicals it comes into contact with from the air, including, FIBERS. As such, it often gets “clogged” and “unbalanced” if it is not cleansed and treated thoroughly. Bathing and showing are normal daily practices, but for many people this regime is not sufficient to keep the skin “unclogged” and “balanced” to allow the two-way in-and out movement.

    Our skin is a constantly changing environment made up of many different layers. When you look at the skin, you might think it looks smooth and clean, but in most cases it isn’t. Viewed under a microscope, the surface of the skin does not look smooth and symmetrical at all. There are hills, mountains, grooves, and valleys. Liquids flow through small openings to the surface. Germs, bacteria, viruses, not counting all the environmental toxins, such as fibers, and dirt are all around in these small openings resulting in many different skin diseases, skin problems, as well as premature aging. Too many people still underestimate sun damage and don’t take it seriously.

    The skin is our largest eliminative organ, excreting one-third of the body’s toxins. It works in conjunction with the other cleansing organs such as the kidneys, the alimentary canal, the liver, the lungs, and the mucous membranes. The less active the skin, the greater the work load put the other organs. In other words, the skin works as an organ to eliminate all the body’s junk so the inside of the body can stay healthy. But unfortunately our skin can pay the toll for an unhealthy state of existence. Skin can be sluggish, and it can be in a state of hyperactvity as well.

  21. Yes – as simple as that.

    Photos – Will think about it.

  22. How big are your fuzzballs? When I rub my fingers together I occasionally get really tiny dark specks, like about 1/64th of an inch (0.4 mm) or less in diameter. when I view them under a microscope, they are little teeny balls of blue fiber. Do you get things like that?

  23. I get the feeling some people might need to look up psoriasis.

  24. I am no good with measurements so I won’t even try! Dark specks on my fingers I can live with – it is when I can flick out a hair like fiber from my finger tip and then hold it, look at it and everyone else can look at it. Same with toes. I am not interested in microscopic things. When a hair like fiber pops out of certain body parts – it is NOT normal!

    I don’t need to look up psoriasis – unless you think it might be the cause for my scalp hair growing into my face?






  26. The human head sheds around a hundred hairs every day. Is it not possible that occasionally a falling hair will end up on your skin, and not be immediately noticed. Then when you rub your hand over the skin, or rub your fingers together, the hair “pops” into existance.

    I’m not saying that explains all your fibers. But this is something I’ve had happen myself. The nature of hairs is such that when you roll one by the end, the natural curve of the hair will cause the other end to whip around, moving it from one position to the other faster than the eye can see.

    Try a simple experiment. Get a typical hair, about 1-2 inch long, and hold one end between finger and thumb. Now rub finger and thumb back and forth – notice the other end of the hair whips around rapidly. (This is easier if you have a root attached, and you hold it by the root).

    Just attempting to manipulate an ordinary hair in a number of ways (squeeze it, move it around) will produce similar “jumping” results.

    You need to identify which hairs are normal, and which are not. So you can narrow it down.

  27. London – would love to come over and groove in your lounge room!!

  28. I don’t think anyone can perform ways of analyzing their delusions until they’ve recovered from them, Michael.

  29. Does anyone know what year Captain Kangaroo discovered Australia?

  30. Go to your room, TC.

  31. Maybe not, but if you have deluded suspicions, rather than deluded beliefs, then a few experiments, and a modicum of reflection, might help a little. Other people might read this in the future.

    ABAC seems fairly rational to me, at least compared to London. :)

    No offense London, sorry.

  32. Well, neither of them sounds as “rational” as I tried pulling it off as being, through keeping my delusions to myself, so as not to lose those I cared about in my life at the time I was ill. There’s no way of knowing, other than to try getting through, though. If there are only deluded suspicions, and no vested interests involved, yes, absolutely, these experiments are a much needed measure to apply, and there could be people proving things to themselves this very minute, Michael. Very good point.

  33. Oh gee Michael – should I take that last comment as a compliment?!

    Stay in ‘your’ denial – it’s a safe place to be I guess.

  34. Whoa, denial that you’re fairly rational, after he just gave you the benefit of doubt.

  35. Smileykins – I think Michael knows what I mean about staying in his denial and who the hell are you anyway – the punctuation and grammer police!!

    Denial about Morgellons Disease.

    Michael has said for a long time that he loses fibers all the time from his skin. I would be very interested to compare.

  36. I think she just fell out of a Macadamia tree.

  37. That’s not what I said.

    I said I *find* fibers all the time *on* my skin. (as would anyone, if they look closely enough).

    I lose fibers from my clothing, and hairs from my head, some end up on my skin. Fibers also float through the air, and cover every surface, they are everywhere!

    I don’t know for sure, but I suspect your fibers are mostly similar to mine, we just have different ideas as to where they come from.

  38. When I first discovered this horrible thing in me I was not looking at my skin closely. I always thought that the fluff in my lesions was from my clothing. It was when I was sat outside in the sunshine one day when I noticed the blue fuzz balls and then the hair like fibers – I laughed at first – thinking what the?!!

    This thing has been many many years in the making in my body.

  39. Oh, you’re so funny, abac68, saying, “who the hell are you anyway – the punctuation and grammer police!!”

    Hahaha. Oh me bossy-aussie, check yourself on who polices things here listing demands and issuing out commands.

  40. Michael, I think it’s about time to get ya a good space helmet and pop it on. HA!!! I’m lookin’ for mine right now. I have it stored here, somewhere.

  41. Abac68, if I may, where are your areas of thickened skin located?


    touche Margs

    Now don’t let this go to your head, but i think you have just provided the first conclusive experiment in the quest to discover what ails the fibreites.

    I’m assuming that you are straight up and honest, which is my preferred outlook because otherwise you are crazier then us. You just helped me strike out one variable from the equation and also gave me an insight into the credibility of the scientific methodology used by some who claim to pursue that discipline.

    Unfortunately, with this phenomenon, there are fibres and there are fibres!

    As you have probably noticed some of us krakheds also claim to have our personal environments – clothing, houses, offices, cars etc populated by another type of fibre: a single short, extremely thin (

  43. cant get the whole post up….must be a conspiracy…

  44. trichoderma?

  45. Hugh – I don’t know what’s up with your post ending like that – maybe you were trying to do some HTML, I think wordpress will truncate a comment at the start of the first illegal, badly formed or unclosed HTML tag it finds. Not a lot I can do about it.

    I’d be happy to look at any other kind of fibers. The “short and extremely thin” ones sound interesting. At first though I’d think they would just be household dust – since that contains a lot of short thin fibers. But do you have some photos, or a more detailed description?

  46. Pardon my intrusion, but as long as Hugh is back, let’s look at something that I mentioned before on this blog, that I believe has significance for some of us. Whether anyone can be receptive to it is another matter, entirely. It’s relative to the claims that “morgellons disease” causes wires to spring out of skin, or however it was worded on Digg’s site. It’s relative to anyone, like me, who has ever witnessed coarse hair shooting out of their skin, that definitely was not their hair. Please read the link I provided.

    Excerpts from an e medicine article on Elastosis Perforans Serpiginosum:

    Elastic fibers are perceived by the skin to be abnormal and become the primary objects of an inflammatory attack. They may be abnormal as a result of genetic influence or penicillamine. Genetic abnormality does not explain the sporadic nature of EPS nor its spontaneous disappearance. Obviously, a secondary factor must be required to make elastic fibers provoke their own expulsion.

    Histologic Findings: Unusually large numbers of elastic fibers occur in the papillary dermis. Both light and electron microscopy examinations show that the elastic fibers have an abnormal appearance. Elastic fibers are swollen and clumped in the idiopathic and reactive forms of the disease and have a thorny appearance in penicillamine-induced EPS, resembling bramble bushes or barbed wire. Abnormal elastic fibers, along with collagen fibers, inflammatory cells, and other cellular debris, comprise clumps of material that are extruded via an inflammatory granulomatous reaction. Two studies from Japan have reported the presence of a 67-kd receptor for elastin in the epidermis of EPS lesions. These may assist in the transport of the fibers to the surface.

    Acid orcein-Giemsa stain highlights the components of the clumps, and aldehyde fuchsin stain demonstrates elastic fibers as a major constituent of the clumps. Verhoeff-van Gieson stain also may be used to highlight elastic fibers. As these masses impinge upon the epidermal base, an opening is created, and the material passes through it. Elastic fibers turn bright red with hematoxylin and eosin stain (see Image 4). The clump’s arrival at the surface signals the development of epidermal papular umbilication and the eventual disgorgement of its contents to the exterior.


    It says the condition is genetic, as well as also being induced by penicillamine, but they don’t understand the cause for the genetic form’s sporadic nature, nor its spontaneous disappearance.

  47. Elastosis Perforans Serpiginosum is interesting, since if you have EPS, you could easily think you have Morgellons, and descriptions of EPS include “fibers”. But I don’t like to focus on things like this without reminding people that EPS is just one of hundreds of conditions that could be misinterpreted as “Morgellons”.

    Othewise you get people excited, and saying “We’ve found what Morgellons is! It’s Elastosis Perforans Serpiginosum!”, or whatever disease they happen to be looking at right now.

    Sure, some people have EPS. Maybe you do, but it’s a rare genetic disease, most common in males, ages 20-30, so will only explain a small portion of “Morgellons” cases (which are mostly white females aged 40-60).

  48. Oh, please don’t anybody get me wrong. I don’t mean to promote EPS as being “morgellons disease”. I don’t care who knows it, I am adamant in my belief that there is no such thing as “morgellons disease”. Plus, unlike people who think they have it, who have been diagnosed with DOP, I know that when I was ill four years ago, I was in a delusional state. No question about that. I was DOP without needing a diagnosis to say so.

    I only brought EPS up, due to Hugh R. Delusional’s being here, because of:


    I found this out about trichoderma, so far:

    Trichoderma is commonly found in soil, dead trees, pine needles, paper, and unglazed ceramics. It will often grow on other fungi. It produces antibiotics which are toxic to humans. It readily degrades cellulose. Its spores are spread by air transport, it’s been reported to be allergenic and it can cause respiratory problems. Cases of human infections with trichoderma are rare, but increasing numbers have been reported. Hospital acquired infections with it have been traced to contaminated solutions.

    Unless you have lesions resembling squamous cell carcinoma, or you’re a continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patient (CAPD), or immunocompromised…then I think I might drop being concerned over trichoderma. If I thought I had it, I’d see my dermatologist or other specialist.

    This particular fungus has been associated with hyalohyphomycosis, which is squamous cell
    carcinoma…skin cancer. So, if you have skin cancer, then maybe you do have trichoderma. I highly recommend that since your doctor already told you that you have sun-damaged skin, you need to look at that reality and forget all about “morgellons disease”. Look into what could be an actual possibility, and if it appears to fit the picture of skin cancer, for you, now, then a follow-up to a derm doc is definitely in order.

  49. EPS isn’t always genetic. It has other causes also. Not too many Morgies report seeing things shoot out through unbroken skin, but the few that do, may have EPS, with the follicle wall ruptured. If they read the link, they at least will know that such things do happen. Now, if they have an unshakable belief that extruded liquid is actually snakes, they’re genuine Morgies.

  50. Unfortunately, my past experience on lymebusters, and another morgie message board, of posting the genuine possibilities of “real” illnesses, mentioned by morgies as “already having been diagnosed”, as well as “suspected ones”, so that anyone with them could read it, check the related disorders and differentials, relate to it, and then, “get onto the real business at hand in communicating with their health care providers”, never penetrated a single mind. Some individuals have “very genuine and very serious conditions” that they openly spoke about in great detail…some, with imminent life-threatening risks. I’ve yet to know of anybody who’s fallen underneath the “spell of morgellons disease”, to be able to know any other way. They want MRF to find, and they wholeheartedly believe “that they will”, a pathogen that is responsible for all that is wrong with them. I’ve never persuaded anyone like that, in the past, to get onto anything real. Maybe if somebody first hears of “morgellons disease”, they could do themselves a favor to look up their symptoms, talk with their doctors, and work together towards treating the real condition(s) they have, rather than falling into it.

  51. I was seeing my health care providers about this condition long before I learned it has a name.

    BTW… whoever presented those photos is obviously a morgie in denial.

  52. Greta – you think the photo of the fuzzball on a penny is real Morgellons fibers?

  53. My wife has been pulling white branchlike things from ssores on her face and breasts for several years. the sores don’t heal until ALL the material has been pulled out. the first ones lasted around a year before she started “digging”. these branchlike “things” resemble the stuff that comes out of a blackhead except that they are firm and “rubbery”. The sores occasionally leave scars or pock marks. what do you all think???

  54. Could be solidified sebum from folliculitis or comedones. But I’m not a doctor. What does your doctor say?

  55. Do you have an explanation for this …
    Why do the fibers scraped from the skin on a morgellons patient will grow? I’ve seen tests where small fibers are put into a petre dish and a few days later it will be a big ball of fibers. What is your theory on that?

  56. My theory is that your read something about something in a dish growing somehow related to morgellons, and extrapolated it into a story of a big ball of fibers growing from a small fiber.

    Now, you can provide some evidence against my theory. Photos would be good, or a copy of the original story you read?

  57. It wasn’t a story I read. It was something I did. My friend got sick and had no clue what was wrong with her. I didn’t believe what was happening so I took matters into my own hands and conducted my own experiments. I thought it was just clothing fibers and I was trying to prove to her it was just that. I was the one that was wrong. I wish I had photos … I didn’t expect to get the results I got.
    If I see her again I will do it again and get photos .. better yet, I could try for it on video. I don’t know if it’s morgellons but I know it isn’t clothing fibers that I got from her.

  58. Good, you invalidated my theory.

    Next theory: You put a fiber in a petri dish (in some growth medium I assume?), and a fibrous fungus grew around it, as they do when you put anything dirty in a petri dish.


  59. Morgellons Believer. what color fibers you talkin’?

  60. Michael, I didn’t put anything in the petre dish other than the fiber. It was alone in there.

    Smileykins, I think it was a blue one. I did this over a year ago so I am not too sure.

  61. Dang, there goes that theory.

    Theory #3: The fibers settled into the dish from the air. Like dust does.

    It’s kind of hard to judge, without photos. Maybe you could repeat the experiment?

  62. Michael: “Next theory: You put a fiber in a petri dish (in some growth medium I assume?), and a fibrous fungus grew around it”

    Moregellons Believer: “Michael, I didn’t put anything in the petre dish other than the fiber. It was alone in there.”

    Michael: “Dang, there goes that theory…. Theory #3: The fibers settled into the dish from the air. Like dust does.”

    Whoa, hold on a minute! Michael, what do you mean “Dang, there goes that theory”? The fibre MB put in the petri dish would have been covered with all kinds of bacteria and fungus in both active and spore states. Any attempt to sterilize the fibre would also “kill” it if it were an organism.

    MB, if you ever repeat the experiment, you’ve got to save both the original fibre and the new growth so someone can analyze them — otherwise you’re proving nothing and wasting your time.





  64. By “Dang, there goes that theory”, I’d assumed that the petri dish would have some growth medium in it, some kind of gel, which would normally gor all kinds of stuff, like fibers.

    Other that that, and without seeing before and after shot, it’s difficult to form theories as to what is going on. There were some fibers, then there were more? All I’ve got is a limited verbal description “small fibres turn into big ball of fibers”. That could be lots of things.

  65. The fibres found in the skin lesions on Morgellons sufferers is not common lint. There have been analytical experiments on the fibres and it’s chemical composition does not match any clothing or common household fibre. Therefore, your theory has just been debunked.

  66. About my post above, I take it back. I realize now that since I read the particular article that stated the composition of the fibres was unknown new evidence has arison. Deeply sorry. Please disregard what I said.

  67. Jean, what is the new evidence which has arisen?

  68. i think i am done with this shit. fuck all you people who this this is a joke. its not. fuck off none believers

  69. It’s completely incorrect to think that anyone here has ever thought that this is a joke. I’d once thought that it was an online science fiction game, though. I was even gravely ill, myself, at that time, five years ago. Three years later, I found the truth out about “morgellons disease”. I’d never have known about it, if this patient movement hadn’t called attention to themselves. It is very easy to see that it’s craftily designed to deceive only those who are already deceived. I think that it’s criminal, too.

  70. I have suffered with this for over 3 years now and it is definately a disease, not a delusion. I am an ex veterinary technician and have delt with parasites, testing, diagnosis, and treatment. When I first started showing signs of this illness I immediately went on-line to investigate hundreds of parasite listings as to find what I was feeling and seeing exit through my skin. I could not come up with any parasite that met any of my symptoms.

    This disease is not a laughing matter and for you people to berate and belittle us is inhumane. I only hope that you or any family member or friend never comes down with this disease. It is debilitating, the lesions are real (non-healing for months and scarring the skin) the chronic fatigue ruins your life, the fibers are real (they are extreamly tiny … most appear to be the size or smaller of a pin head, yet upon magnification show the “ball of interlaced fibers”. Not all are colored.)the intense never ending itching and crawling sensations will “drive you crazy” (think about having ants crawling all over your skin, yet nothing is visible).

    I have been trained in the veterinary field, performed many labratory tests (blood/urine/cultures/stool samples/skin scrapings/x-rays/surgery/administaration of treatments) and I am not a stupid, uneducated individual. Believe me my life has been altered in so many ways since coming down with this illness. I was told by a dermatologist that I was creating the lesions on my skin as a “means of getting attention”. I don’t think anyone wishes to have open, painfull, non-healing lesions all over their body. Having to wear long sleeved shirts and pants in 90+ degree weather is not my idea of fun! Scarrs that look like giant vaccination marks visible on the skin cause embarrasment. This illness has also forced me to stop dating and seeking out and participating in social activities. I had to stop going to the YMCA to excercise as my skin prevented me from using their facilaties, as no skin rashes were allowed on the excersise equipment or in the swimming pool.

    Take time to show compasion for those suffering. Take time to realize that the AIDS epidemic was “dismissed” when it first became evident that there was an illness infecting people. So many people lost their lives as no one seemed to care or hear their pleas for help until thousands came down with the illness and it began infecting everyone, NOT just homosexual men.

    Please remove your negative material from the internet as it is indeed hurtful, HATEFUL, and untrue. No one is making $$$ on this except the many “snake-oil-salesmen” trying to cash in on sufferers professing a cure to an unidentified causative agent. They prey upon us as we do become desperate for ways to stop this illness. We are our own researchers, doctors, and pharmacists as we are NOT helped by the general medical community. How can doctors be expected to treat us as there is no protocol to follow? They would be risking their licenses by treating us as there is no set treatment known. We are stuck in a catch 22 senario: the CDC tells us to have our doctors treat us, and our doctors do not know what to do. Raise awareness for us with the time and effort you use to debunk our suffering.Turn your negativity around and help us all. Remember, CHILDREN are also suffering from this globally. At least have some compassion for them.

  71. Smileykins said: It is very easy to see that it’s craftily designed to deceive only those who are already deceived. I think that it’s criminal, too.


  72. Wendy, I have no doubt that your symptoms are real. I’m very sorry you are sick, and I hope you can improve soon. I have nothing but sympathy for people with any form of illness. I have never tried to belittle anyone. If there is any inaccurate information on my site, then please let me know what it is, and I will fix it.

    I appreciate your position on “snake-oil”, as I’ve posted several times on that subject.

    I don’t believe that everyone who thinks they have Morgellons has the same disease. There is just too much variety in the symptoms. I think that insisting that everyone is the same is not helping people to get the individualized treatment they need. There is simply no evidence that everyone has the same thing.

    I am sorry if some people who post comments are sometimes rude and upsetting. I try not to censor things here, and unfortunatley that means not everyone is going to be happy. I hope you understand that free speech sometimes means allowing distasteful speech. I do not encourage comments that belittle or insult people who are sick.

    I’m sorry you are sick, and I’m very much in favor of anything to find out why you are sick, and what can be done about it. I just think that simply saying all these different people have “Morgellons” is not helpful, when they all seem to have different sets of symptoms.

  73. Wendy, one more thing, the sensation you describe (ants crawling on the skin) is “formication”, this can have a large number of physical causes, including things as diverse as adverse drug reactions and menopause (and many other things). This is a genuine symptom.

  74. The present and future is what’s important, not the past. Too many people allow the failures of the past to pollute their future. The only place where you life’s dreams become impossible is in your own mind. Persist until it happens, for if you persist, it will.

  75. As much as I can sympathise with your suffering Wendy, there is something that you are failing to see in all of this, this site is not negative.

    Wendy said: Please remove your negative material from the internet as it is indeed hurtful, HATEFUL, and untrue.

  76. Wendy Says:
    June 17th, 2007 at 10:48 pm
    I have suffered with this for over 3 years now and it is definately a disease, not a delusion. I am an ex veterinary technician and have delt with parasites, testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

    Then you should know better Wendy, read this entire blog site, the evidence shows it is not a distinct disease. Morgellons is a set of symptoms, we don’t all have the exact same thing.

    Morgellons is a delusion, and a very dangerous one.

  77. Wendy said: Take time to show compasion for those suffering.

    Everyone here IS compasionate Wendy.

    Take time to realize that the AIDS epidemic was “dismissed” when it first became evident that there was an illness infecting people.

    Take time to realise that the INTERNET was not in FULL swing when the AIDS epidemic hit.

    So many people lost their lives as no one seemed to care or hear their pleas for help until thousands came down with the illness and it began infecting everyone, NOT just homosexual men.

    We know all that Wendy, why do you think the CDC are involved, leave it to the “experts” please!

  78. and I meant all of the above in the nicest possible way Wendy.

    Don’t become a cyber borg, stepping stone, research model, guinea pig, idiot, for anyone, it will cost you your family.

    I nearly lost my family through Morgellons. My family love me and trust me, and they know when something is up.

    They know I am not to blame, and I know they are not to blame.

    So I have to say that I am with Dr Wymore on this one “Who, What, Where, When, Why & How”? ? ?

    … Morgellons is inhuman and cruel.

    I believe it will kill you if you let it, I don’t know how, and I don’t know why.

    See how insane this all is? that’s why it’s gotta stop.

  79. Smileykins Says:
    June 4th, 2007 at 6:26 pm
    It’s completely incorrect to think that anyone here has ever thought that this is a joke. I’d once thought that it was an online science fiction game, though. I was even gravely ill, myself, at that time, five years ago. Three years later, I found the truth out about “morgellons disease”. I’d never have known about it, if this patient movement hadn’t called attention to themselves.

    “Freud versus Fraud”

  80. good night starlink

  81. Wendy would like a person’s blog to be removed from the internet. I imagine that a lot of people, including me, would like this unfortunate misunderstanding among so many vulnerable individuals to have never occurred. This is the internet, and I believe that the reality of the situation is, that a fake disease has taken the place of those already in existence, to deceive a population of very unfortunate patients who need assistance with their health care, in the worst kind of way. I’m sorry if I’m rude, too, because I care a whole, whole, whole, lot about people.

  82. Under the topic:


    Comment # 14 Hugh R Delusional (aka Greg) Says:
    July 11th, 2006 at 4:09 pm

    I just had a thought, something for the intrepid saviour/s of Morgellons Watch. A simple experiment even kids can try at home.

    Can Morgellons watch replicate bundles of colored fibers? If we fiberites are crazy and the fibers we claim to see are simply textile in origin then any doubter should easily be able to pluck some lint off their clothing or belly button even and see bright blue, red, black and translucent fibers tangled in amongst the lint. Observation at a magnification of 10x, 20x or greater should reveal all. If you guys can consistently identify fibers as described yet have none of the associated symptoms then clearly the colored fibers phenomenon is just an everyday part of life and we poor fibrous fools lack objectivity. If on the other hand ye the doubters cannot replicate this obvious sign, perhaps your perspective needs revisiting.

    If your curious as to what you should be looking for, go to the main page of morgellonsusa.com and the background picture will give you a clear indication of what to expect.

    I eagerly awaiting the results of your experiments.

    This person is going through a very confusing time, and it’s very unfortunate that he’s feeling the things that he is, and purposefully drawing some of the other vulnerable “morgellons disease” patients into it.

  83. Under the topic, “Occam’s Garden”, where Roberta had said…

    Comment #9 Roberta Says:
    June 13th, 2007 at 11:13 am

    You guys post emails of others without their permission

    Also the emails were private

    You post peoples phone numbers in past with private information.

    I’d said, in comment #13:

    Just because someone says so, doesn’t make it so. If these things concern you, Roberta, although they shouldn’t, check with the person making the claims. You may want to ask where, on this blog, his personal emails were posted. The only ones that I recall anyone posting were done by Gillian, last summer. Maybe she can remember if they included some of his. I don’t recall anyone posting his telephone number, either, but he’s posted his own number, several times, in these LB topic threads, available for public viewing…

    I don’t know if Roberta is still around, and Gillian only vaguely remembered the circumstances (I’d told her to not concern herself with it), but I found where this happened. It was on September 24, 2006, beginning with comment #268 in the link below. Gillian (SarachConner/abac68) was increasingly upset, while she’d continued commenting that emails from Greg were increasing, accumulating to around 40, in a short amount of time. Tony eventually posted, trying to find out who he was, and what was going on.


  84. I do remember now Smileykins.

    I do recall Tony making a post and including his mobile phone number on this blog.

    Of course later on I thought how stupid I was to let him do that. Tony knows better, but hey – give the man a break, he has struggled with the drink.

    Besides that Tony is doing ok, I’m not a bad doctor you know.

  85. Before anyone asks my credentials I left school halfway through year 11. So that means that I have an education level of Year 10.

    I’m not really a doctor. I just take good care of the people I love.

  86. Tony Says:
    September 24th, 2006 at 10:45 pm
    Hi Michael

    Gillian knows a lot more about this disease than I do – I know the basic facts and figures (well a lot more really) and Gill is living under my roof (for a good reason) She is my friend. THIS IS TEARING HER APART FROM THE INSIDE. She just received 30+ emails from Greg Vigil (Morgellons USA) I opened 1 picture and it is a a foot that has a nasty legion or something . I am an Electronic Engineer by trade – I want to cut through the BS and get to “What is going on …..” and have spent many a month in the USA (TX) What is concerning me is this computer willl kill her but on the other hand if she doesn’t have the support of certain people it will also kill her.

    Delusions of Parasitosis WAS tearing me apart from the inside.

    I know my medical history and I know how I developed Delusions of Parasitosis. I would love to inform you all of the juicy details, but I do value my life and would prefer not to have my head blown off by some lunatic morgie.

    These days I am thankful that certain doctors were unethical in their treatment, if they had not have been prehaps I would never have learnt my assignment in life, which was to be a Morgie. Had they have been ethical in their treatment, maybe I wouldn’t be blogging my life away?? Doesn’t matter really the past IS the past, it’s the future I worry about.

    Living my life as the “Prey” has really been a challenge, to say the least.

    Morgellons is the most insideous suffering I have ever known. Soul destroying ??? Morgellons will never take my soul!!

    I have hurt my family, friends & associates during my illness.

    My folks have witnessed what has happened to “their daughter” for MORE than 10 years.

    Upon hearing of the recent events in the city of Melbourne I’m ready to invite myself for tea at John Howard’s residence. Just to have a little old whisper in his ear – “WAKE UP JON!!! – there’s a good lad.”

    I know I should be running the country, but I’m kinda busy being a mum.

    Melbourne CBD shooting

  87. Tony said: Gillian will be changing her email and phone number in the next day or so because of these people.

    Well of course that never happened. Who gave me my email address in the first place – Tony.

    Tony said: If the disease doesnn’t kill her the computer and the STRESS will.

    What disease is HE talking about??

    Tony said: Do you have any suggestions for Gillian and myself.

    I do Tony, try treating your DOP.

    Tony said: Just cut any BS that maybe going on and help a very sick person get better – not via drugs – but to release the stress from her.

    Well I think WE have achieved that through this blog.


  88. Tony said: I dont care who is invloved at the CDC etc etc – Its not a life an attractive young lady needs to live.

    I care very much about who is involved at the CDC, CDC Spokeman, Mr Dan Rutz, took the time to write ME a letter of support, I don’t think it was because he wanted to get into my pants, what do you think Tony?

    Tony said: I await you reply – my personal email address is tony280162@hotmail.com

    and later he went on to say…

    TRUST NO-ONE is my motto.

    ummh, that’s a tad backwards

    Tony said: If you want to say anything just spit it out, all this cloak and dagger stuff is killing her and shitting me to tears because she is going downhill because of the internet.

    If I were to grab that entire sentence and through it up in the air – what would fall down??

    I dont know who is pulling these puppet strings but I have a very sharp knife to cut these string (metaphorically speaking).

    Let me see now, I’m the puppet, so who IS pulling the strings?

    Tony said: Over to you for an honest answer PLEASE – and I do mean Honest – I am who I say I am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Concerned !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He’s right, Tony is who he says he is, and that is his email address too, one of them anyway.

    Tony is concerned – what really concerns him though, is more of a concern to me.

    Tony Says:
    September 24th, 2006 at 11:23 pm
    Hi Michael

    Can you send me your email address and your phone number in a private email to myself OR Gillian – and I WILL GIVE YOU CALL – thanks ML

    There is something not quite right in the above post, can anyone else spot it??


    Tony (same ph # as Gillian, which you have if you want to check)

    Care, care ???? oh please, spare me the bullshit.

  89. Tony Says:
    September 24th, 2006 at 11:23 pm

    I need to hear from someone – get your people talking to my people – this is dangerous for the health of “PEOPLE” they are not messed up people they are sick and want an answer


    Spot on Tony, this IS dangerous for the health of PEOPLE.

    I ain’t messed up, I’m sick.

  90. Post No. 285 Starlink Says:
    September 24th, 2006 at 10:38 pm
    I forgot is it DOP or DOG?

    Post No. 301 Tony Says:
    September 25th, 2006 at 12:55 am
    Post No 285 was from me.(Tony).

    Post No. 302 Tony Says:
    September 25th, 2006 at 12:58 am
    Everything has gone quiet Please respond Michael


    I had NO idea Tony had made these particular posts, these came from the “Doctors & Patients” topic.

  91. SarachConnor (abac68) Says:
    September 25th, 2006 at 12:26 am
    Tony is on the phone to Dr Greg Smith at the moment…hmmmm….very interesting from what I hear.

    Sounds like Greg thinks I sm DELUSIONAL DOP Tony is trying to convince him now, this is sick and twisted. We can not contact Mary Leitao. Someone please see if she is ok, thank you. Her voice message is full on the home phone number.

    I remember that phone call well, and ended up even more stressed upon listening to what Tony was saying.

    He was explaining to Dr Greg Smith that no doctors, not even my family believes any of my symptoms.

    I could never understand why Tony said the things he said to people about me. It was actually my family who brought this to my attention.

    I kinda understand though.

  92. The above posts are a perfect example of living in “Morgie Land”.

    Who the hell do you trust?

    So I wrote an email to Michael (Michael) MorgellonsWatch@gmail.com and this was his reply -


    There is no conspiracy against you. There is no “cyber-stalking”. There is no experiment being performed. There is no “major crime” taking place involving you. There is no “criminal act” that is causing your problems.

    It’s not your fault either.

    The problem is that you are sick. That’s all. Nobody is making you sick. It’s not your fault you are sick. Everyone gets sick at some time.

    Being sick is making you paranoid. Being paranoid is making you waste time chasing theories, and seeing connections where there are no connections. It’s not your fault though, it’s just because you are sick.

    I don’t know why you are sick, or what is wrong with you, or how to cure you. The only advice I can give you is to find a good doctor.

    You might have more than one sickness. They might not be connected. You could have something wrong with your skin, and something wrong with your brain chemistry, and they might not even be connected. They might need different treatments, even different doctors.

    You might be sick in a way that cannot be cured. It’s sad, but it happens to a lot of people. All sicknesses can be managed with good treatment, so you can live a nearly normal life. You might always need some kind of treatment. You might not. This is something you need to work out with a doctor.

    I wish you better health,


  93. And this was from me, Gillian.

    On 5/28/07, Gill Gill wrote:
    Hi Michael,

    Don’t worry if you can’t tell me anything. I think the best thing to do is get away from this friggin computer. But then I say to myself, how will I know what is happening, I need eyes in the back of my head. I see some major crime taking place, if you know what I mean. I think this has to be linked to a criminal act or something, and I haven’t done anything wrong, well you already know that.

    I want this entire thing over and out of my life. I would really LOVE an explaination as to what has happened to me because I can not put this together. It makes me paranoid, not because I’m crazy, because of the cult behaviour around me.

    I hate lies, I have never been a liar, my crime is being to friggin honest.
    Thanks Michael for your help, I know you hever meant me no harm, or did you? see how hard it is for me to know who the heck to trust, and hey I am only human!!

    Take care Love Gill xxx

    The TRUTH is I can’t get a doctor to take me seriously, and I am extremely ILL.

    I have nothing to hide, nothing to lose, nothing to gain, from blogging my heart out all NIGHT! – other than MY life back.

    I have a 2 month old baby boy and I want to see him grow up. I am so tired of living my life in fear.

  94. Michael/Michael,

    I would like your comments on my evidence please.

    I know what has happened to me since this blog site appeared, remote control is a word that comes to mind. Now I think I have proved with my evidence this evening that I am not brain fogged to the point of death, but that don’t mean to say all is fine and dandy on this side of the world.

    I don’t know you from a bar of soap Michael, and I don’t trust you. You are just another person behind a computer screen, who is extremely calm with this entire situation. Computers become a terrible addiction and obesession to some people, how anyone would want to run this type of a blog site for a hobbie is really beyond me.

    My Great Aunt in the UK can’t even have a frank conversation on the phone. Her neighbour is a computer geek and listens to all her telephone conversations. Her eye specialist must be delusional since he performed an operation on her eye without anaesthetic. That suffering certainly didn’t help her brain tumour. What a disgusting way to treat a woman in her 80′s. My Aunt grieves for the sudden unexplained suicide of her daughter. Some say murder, some say suicide, we will never know. What a waste, my cousin helped so many people with psychiatric disorders and alcohol addiction. We need more people like that in this world.

    Are you still bemused by all of this Michael?? OR are you really Dan Rutz??

    You remember that email now Michael, think back I threatened you with worms from your computer screen. I really thought you were Tall Cotton, maybe you are hey, computers can do such amazing things.

    But they aren’t as smart as humans.

    Morgellons Watch is owned by a retired computer programmer.
    Michael (Michael) Los Angelos USA.
    He also stated on this blog site 12 months ago that he had a great deal of respect for Dan Rutz.
    He claims to have started this “debunking” blog site as a hobbie.

    This guy follks has followed me around the internet for 12 months.
    I made a post on the primetime ABC website after the Morgellons Medical Mystery went to air. Michael appears asking me if I thought UFO’s were involved with Morgellons. Well Michael you can stick your U F O ‘s up your A R S E.

    Way up the evidence please readers, people are SICK, children & babies. Tbis is a computer software package just going for it’s life here and people are going to die and Michael will still be sat here examining the evidence.

    I have done my sums mate and something just don’t add up. You would really want to be wearing a clown suit Michael and have a really good explanation for your interception 12 months ago. Especially since you did say to me in an email that I didn’t need Mary Leitao anymore, and I could get through this on my own, and how Wymore had made Mary head of research. Then we have Cliff Mickelson telling Wymore to get rid of Mary – Oh may GOD!! Nasty games Michael you fucked Mary over.

    Pseudoscience, go blow you inbuman bum lovers!

  95. The penny just dropped.

    Sue if you are reading give my love & best wishes to Al please, hope he gets well soon.


  96. Wendy is spreading the word in the morgellons community that her comment, #72, was deleted. I still see it up there.

  97. Would it be helpful if I submitted a video of the full process of extracting the fuzz from my body and doing a close up of it? I pulled fibers/fuzz out of my pores (on my lower belly) last night and everyone of them had clumps of white fibers. Could it be a issue with people like me who have big pores….they just fill up with the fibers and hairs that float in the air? I used the zoom feature on my digtial video camera and was able to see blue hairs, within the white hairs attached to the end of a hair folicle.

  98. JanetPlanet, do you mean, “helpful” as a tool in trying to prove “morgellons disease” exists, or “helpful” in trying to show, to the patients who believe in it, that it doesn’t?

  99. Janet,

    It would be helpful to see fibers emerging from your skin. It would be well-lit, and laying your arm (or whatever part of your body the fibers emerge from) next to a ruler to get a guage of size. Then take a video camera, and just let it run and let us see the fibers emerge from unbroken skin, unaided by you or anything else.

    It’s not that I’m a curmudgeon and want people to be “nuts.” I just think that big claims require big evidence.

  100. RL

    your right about the contact thing. These guys will not touch you.

  101. Robbie & Greggor,

    Although there is no Morgellons disease, “Morgellons symptoms” can describe several different diseases.Some of these may be communicable, and although that isn’t usually the case with self-proclaimed “Morgellons patients”i it would be foolish to go around hugging people that are sick. That doesn’t mean that someone is afraid of “Morgellons”. Morgellons is nothing, therefore, nothing to worry about. You need to get real and treat what you really have wrong with you. You Morgies are the ones that are living in fear, not us.


  102. tallcotton

    so it would be foolish to go around these folks, but…nothing to worry about. Hmmm

  103. I would just like to interject something here.

    There are MANY dise3ases that people have and still suffer form which took forever to diagnose, or are still undiagnosed.

    Many of them have no cure.

    Many of them have ben called hoaxes or psychiatric problems by doctors and scientists who dont know what theya re.

    This is common.

    Some of these include: CFIDS, Fibromyalgia, and M.E.

    I have CFIDS and Fibromyalgia. There is no known reason for the disease. For the first ten years I was sick, every doctor I saw put me on anti depressants since they said that was my problem.

    Now, years later, the CDC has actually given CFIDS its own diagnosis number. Many doctors also have a kind of test which proves you have CFIDS or Fibromyalgia, but NO ONE knows why.

    Remember, if you would, that just a few hundred years ago doctors didnt even know what many common diseases were. Back in the dark ages, they thought the plague was caused by evil demons. You should see some of the drawings of how ‘physicians’ thought the body worked.

    I would ask everyone who finds it so easy to insult and berate those who have this disease to suspend disbelief.

    There are SO many unknowns in science – HUmans are NOT gods…we dont know everything. There are even substances which enter our atmosphere from the universe. Through asteroids…you can find all kinds of stuff on this.

    Stop acting like you know it all. We have several hundred more years to figure it out, unless we continue poisoning ourselves & our world to death. There are things at work here that have been totally untested – GM foods, cloned foods and animals, untested new pharmaceuticals, military testing which is un-announced by the govt, new bacterias and viruses which are mutating in response to the changing environment.

    Just realize, anything is possible.

    20 years ago, we had NONE of the technology we have today – and science mags (which I kept copies of) talk about cell phone technology like its a science fiction hallucination.

    – Holly

  104. i do not have this disease, i just saw it on the morning news. it seems to be getting national and serious attention. much respect to everyone who has this disease because anyone with a new disease has to face a series of problems. there is nothing worse than not knowing what you have, not wanting to infect others, and having doctors tell you that it’s nothing and you should simply ‘go on with life’.

    much respect to everyone!
    infinite love,

  105. I too have seen a few things about this and suspect that one of my patients has it. I am a nurse in the community in Canada, I see lots of suffering! May someone help these people soon! Shame on those whom disbelieve, you will get back what you give!

  106. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/story/2008/01/18/ST2008011801924.html?sid=ST2008011801924

    They’ve tested the fibers. They aren’t the same. Under basic microscopic conditions, the fibers appear to be textile. But further research and tests prove that theory wrong:

    “Wymore got fresh fiber samples from 20 Morgellons patients. He brought them to fiber analysts at the Tulsa Police Department’s forensic lab. The red and blue fibers did not match any of some 900 commercially available textiles in its database. They were not modified rayon, nylon, cotton or anything previously catalogued. Then forensic scientists tried to burn one of the fibers, heating it to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, to determine if it matched any of 85,000 known organic compounds. Again, nothing matched. And the heat, which typically vaporizes any organic material, did nothing to the blue fiber.”

  107. I am treating a patient with Morgellons disease. My client came to me hysterical the Saturday before Christmas eve in Dec. (2007). She was hysterical and convinced that long black hairs were under her skin and that she could pull them out. She also claimed to have a suitcase full of the hairs. I took a complete medical history and examined her face under 10 power magnification. I could see nothing but her skin was a mess. Her skin looked like she had post acne scarring although there were no signs of active acne lesions. I quietly told her that she was delusional. She became even more upset and, since it was a weekend and before Christmas I agreed to do a test with my hair removal laser to see if we could reach some clinical end points. Lasers target chromophores (pigments) and can even target black, brown, blue and green objects growing under the skin. So, I tested a spot and she told me that she could feel something happening. So, rather than ignore her I treated her with respect and went right ahead and treated her entire face at 25 joules. She was elated. At the end of the treatment she cried because someone had believed her. At the time I had never heard of Morgellons disease. Now, after seeing this in the news and seeing how utterly desperate this woman was I am happy that I helped her. She left a phone message at my business the day after Christmas telling me that this was the best Christmas she had ever had. Oh, by the way, she told me twice before I treated her that she did not want to go on living this way and I took her on her word that was a possible suicide warning sign. I also believe that God moves in mysterious ways and that God placed me in her life to help her. Perhaps Morgellons disease is delusional. Frankly, I will do whatever it takes to make my patient happy and I will continue to be her friend and helper. Sometimes things are only in the mind of the beholder. But remember, it is the only mind she has and she was suffering. I would never turn my back on anyone in such misery.

  108. Hello!

    This is to let you know that this Morgellons organism is very real. An if the the person with the Meteorite is who I think it is he is also write. I have been studying this organism for years and it comes out of the rocks that I was finding. I just learned about this morgellons disease which put this into a whole level. The morgellons organisms as you call it is all over mars and earth also. The problem is that it can live on mars and in space. I have contacted NASA about the rocks that I have and if we don’t get people how know about this organism together to try and kill this thing we may all be in trouble. Because it can live in the water and in the ground and it travels in the wind. This is not the run of the mill organism.

  109. James….you need to read the doctor’s reply above. That explains a LARGE percentage of “Morgellons Cases”.

    And you also need to seriously think about laying off the bizarre, unprovable, unbelievable, or even impossible theories. The multitude of them that have been presented as a “cause” by the Morgellon’s community has cost it much credibility within society….even to ones who USE to believe it was real….like me.

    Spending some time around people who THINK they have Morgelons has convinced me of one thing….MOST of them have some type of physical illness or disease, whiich, for some odd reason, they have an obsession towards denying & turning it into something completely different. This, in effect, has now added a MENTAL problem to their true physical problem.

    The wild explanations follow….like yours. When a new theory comes out, it’s always the same thing from the community, “Oh yeah, that REALLY explains it!!! I’ve seen that on myself!!! Good work!!!”

  110. David, How do YOU know that the post from Marti explains a LARGE percentage of the Morgellons Community? Are YOU trying to hide the truth?

    I will bet my next DISABILITY PENSION on there being some ET/Alien involvement in Morgellons.

    Now Morgellons is not only the skin, the brain has a great deal to do with this. Are you living inside my head? No you are not. Are you living inside my son’s head? No you are not!

    Now my son is 18 months ago, but he is EXTREMELY on the ball. He leaves little messages around the house for me, which is more than an accident. Something up in the sky is trying to tell us something.

    Now go wash those fuzzballs off of your scrotrum and please do not disregard anything that could be possible within the symptomatology of MORGELLONS.


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