The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Coordinating Center for Infectious Diseases (CCID), National Center for Zoonotic, Vectorborne, and Enteric Diseases (NCZVED), Division of Parasitic Diseases is seeking to award a sole source commercial contract for investigation in California of an unexplained dermopathy (Skin Condition) which some refer to as Morgellons.

The Government has determined that Kaiser Permanente (KP), Northern California is the only responsible source to meet the Government’s needs. Morgellons is a rare condition with a heavy concentration in California, and KP is the only organization that has the location, coverage area, and membership size to provide the large sample size required for the study. Minimum managed care organization membership required to satisfy this study is 25% of the population in the region selected. Other minimum vendor qualifications for this requirement are: electronic health records that have been implemented in the organization at least since January 2006; ability to conduct electronic queries of medical records, including progress notes, to identify clinical conditions and complaints; health maintenance organization with at least 3 million enrollees and coverage of at least 25% of the population in the chosen geographic area; location in a geographic area with a large number of suspected cases; experience in conducting clinical and epidemiologic studies; adequate qualified personnel to successfully perform the requested services by the date required.

The proposed effort will involve the following: describing the clinical and epidemiologic features of persons who have reported themselves as having this unexplained skin condition, including assessing the frequency of co-morbid conditions (e.g., neurocognitive deficits, neurologic conditions, major psychiatric disorders); collecting information to generate hypotheses about possible risk factors for this condition; collecting skin biopsies to assess the histopathologic features of the skin condition ; obtaining fibers or threads from patients with the condition to determine their potential etiology; describing the geographic distribution of this condition; estimating rates of illness in the population; and describing health care utilization among persons with the condition.

Total period of performance will be seven (9) months from date of award. The Government intends to issue a Request for Quotation (RFQ) on 31 July 2007, with award anticipated by 31 August 2007. All responsible sources may submit a bid, proposal, or quotation which shall be considered by the agency.

Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait until March (or May?) 2008 for the results. It certainly will be very interesting though.

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  1. Once the study reaches a conclusion, it’s my dream that “morgellons disease” patients’ get the treatments they need, and that their victimization can be dealt with accordingly.

  2. Beverly,

    Prior to any further communication from people suffering from this heretofore unnamed illness, I need clarification as to Kaiser’s interest as an HMO. Your financial interests would be negatively compromised by identification and recognition of a new disease with potentially thousands of claimants barring any existing drug protocol to identify a diseases and to therefore legitimize the disease would enormously impact your bottom line.

    I would understand a pharmaceutical company’s investigation because such an inquiry could lead to a pharmacological remedy and the concomitant revenue. Given the fact that insurance coverage for this disease would increase why is Kaiser being considered?

    Randy B Yaskal

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    Date: 7/23/2007 7:08:57 PM
    Subject: Re: Is this true? Morgellons

    According to the Director of our Division of Research:

    “We are in discussion with CDC about such a study. The contract hasn’t been signed yet, but it’s being planned as a sole source contract. Hence the need to publish in fed BizOpps register like this.”

    That is all we can say at this time, but certainly a hopeful development.

    Beverly Hayon
    Brand Strategy, Communications and Public Relations
    Kaiser Permanente

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  3. Randy,

    Kaiser deals with large numbers. They make money quite simply by taking in more in insurance premiums than they pay out in health care reimbursements. So it’s in their interests to keep people healthy.

    If there is a new illness that could infect millions, it would be in their best interest to find out about it before it actually infects millions. Seems like right now hardly anyone has Morgellons (as a proportion of the total population)

    If actually Morgellons is not a distinct disease, yet there are 10,000 people who think they have, then those 10,000 people can have a negative impact on Kaiser’s bottom line if they are not getting appropriate treatment. If there is a better way of treating these people, that is also in Kaiser’s interest. Even if they don’t have Kaiser insurance, they still take up a lot of time from Kaiser doctors, in the ER and other places.

    Either way, Kaiser’s bottom line is furthered by a better understanding of the illness or combination of conditions that affections people who identify as having Morgellons.

    The CDC will also pay them to conduct the study.

  4. This is a CDC political move. If this is real and is as large as it really is then doctors have to treat it and that costs. Right now insurance will not pay nor treat for a disease that does not exist. If they make it a disease that does not exist then they don’t have to treat it. Do you think health care is keeping people healthy? It is the fox in charge of the hen house. Deny claims is the MO. That is the real world.

  5. L.A. Accuses Kaiser Permanente of Dumping Homeless Patients on Skid Row
    FOX News

    Click on the URL below for the rest of this story:,2933,229888,00.html

  6. If it is real, and they don’t treat it now, then it’s going to get much bigger when they do eventually have to treat it, so they would save money by treating it now. You think if someone had bird flu then Kaiser would just ignore them? No, they would spend millions so it would not spread.

    And it is “real” in the sense that people are suffering, that they have real symptoms, and they have organized into a rough group. What they are lacking is any evidence that they have any common causative agent, or that their fibers are anything unusual.

    Randy, the CDC is about to spend over half a million dollars on a very in-depth study that will provide some real answers. What do you think they should do instead? Give it to Wymore?

  7. Kaiser is not the right place to give it to. Give it to a hospital not so connected to being the largest HMO in the USA. Look at how they are about people by reading the article above. The CDC needs to prove politically that we are nuts, that no disease except nuts exists and no one is to blame for a disease that does not exist. They are politically motivated to say and prove it does not exist so medical coverage, just a lyme has had it problems with proper treatment, will NOT be covered, no blame for it no new disease to medically cover with insurance. This is a political move. Give it to a non-profit hospital not so politically involved. Kaiser is WAY too political to be involved. Watch and you will see what I am talking about. This is the fat cats feeding the fat cats, payment for a finding. Wait and see. Red herring reporting. Where is the outline of what is going to be done? I can not wait to see that piece of work.

    I know this is real. I will watch and see what type of wag this dog is gonna have. Get your hoola hoops out. I will be shocked if they find and report the truth as I and others know it but I doubt it, I really do. Time will tell but I think this is just a huge governmental political move.

  8. This went out to, Dan rutz and Beverly at Kaiser.

    In order to do a fair and balanced study of this disease you must qualify individuals that have NO current psychiatric problems, drug use or prior skin conditions. If any individuals are studied that have these prior conditions the study will be bias.

    Please pass the information to the approriate individuals.

    We, in the community of those infected with this syndrome believe that this is a political move and not true research and by using individuals with any psychiatric problems, prior drug or alcohol use or skin conditions, the study will have a pre planned agenda. I speak for over a hundred individuals.

    There are a vast amount of people with this syndrome that do not drink, smoke, do drugs or have pychiatric problems. Any individuals that have prior drug use or have curent problems should be disqualified.

  9. Randy said:

    In order to do a fair and balanced study of this disease you must qualify individuals that have NO current psychiatric problems, drug use or prior skin conditions. If any individuals are studied that have these prior conditions the study will be bias.

    You reveal your own bias there Randy. The CDC proposal says:

    The proposed effort will involve the following: describing the clinical and epidemiologic features of persons who have reported themselves as having this unexplained skin condition, including assessing the frequency of co-morbid conditions (e.g., neurocognitive deficits, neurologic conditions, major psychiatric disorders);

    What they are studying is “persons who have reported themselves as having [Morgellons]“. They are trying to discern possible causal pathways and risk correlations. At this stage there is still no evidence of a distinct disease, so all they can do is study all the people who think they have the disease, and see if they have anything in common.

    It’s pointless to ignore people because they have a major psychiatric disorder, as you don’t know what the linkage is (if any). That’s one factor amongst many. You can still study them along with people who do not have a major psychiatric disorder. You can then separate them in the analysis, and see what the difference is between groups.

  10. Randy, if you, and others who have such prejudices, were only able to be open-minded enough to read this, and understand.

    Evaluation of patients who present to hospitals or physicians with altered behavior and/or mentation can be time-consuming and difficult and may lead to symptoms being quickly and prematurely dismissed as psychiatric in nature.

  11. If you were only open minded as to actually see a person who had this first hand..but you are not.

  12. Why not become the poster child for “morgellons disease” since you feel that strongly, Randy.

  13. As a Kaiser patient, I have strong reservations about Kaiser
    being in charge of any research regarding morgellons. It’s a
    serious case of “the fox guarding the henhouse” due to Kaiser’s
    longstanding position as “Lyme denialists” combined with my
    personal experiences with Kaiser, and hearing of other patients
    issues with kaiser related to Morgellons treatment:
    ( )


    (1) Integrated labs at kaiser may have different “standards” and values than found at other
    health institutions. plus there are conflicts of interest as kaiser has strong financial interest
    in continuing to not treat lyme patients (and by extension, want the same for morgellons)

    (2) The fact that this is a study to see how much it costs to “not treat” Morgellons/Lyme patients.
    How much do they cost? How much of a pain in the ass are these patients? How often do
    they sue? How often do they die? What other costly medical complications ensue from ignoring the fundamental disease etiology
    (which is the standard of care for Lyme and Morgellons patients
    at Kaiser) and just treating symptoms.

    If you think about it, it’s reminiscent of the tuskegee syphillis experiments…
    reworked for the age of HMO’s where “Sicko” style patient-abuse has
    become accepted, just like using blacks as lab-rats was ok in recent
    history too… that’s what we’re getting here… a study to see
    how badly this disease messes you up when following standard practice guidelines at HMO’s
    who deny the existence of Chronic Lyme and Morgellons as a real disease of infective etiology.

    In my case, I know for certain fact that Kaiser … is not really interested in looking for very much… they ran a panoply of
    panels at my request, and usually explain them away as “borderline ok… everybody has
    different levels”… telling me the abnormal “Low” and “High” marks on my labs are just “guidelines”…
    also I have my suspicions about kaiser’s testing itself — for example my IgA/IgM/IgG levels
    and IgG subclasses 1-4 were really low according to labcorp, but only “borderline low” with
    kaiser… so my LLMD’s recommendation of getting IV gamma globulin was denied, based
    on “lack of need” as backed up by the labs. Now granted I could have gotten a lot
    better due to rifampin/metronidazole/fluconazole.. but I’ve seen one instance where their own labs contradict themselves. I get regular CBC/diff that shows for exampe 0-1% eosinophils… (aka no sign of infection or immune response) … but I got a special “hemogram” alongside a fancier look at my CD57′s and it showed my EOS at 16.5% (whch is “HIGH” and sign of infection or allergy).. I’ve been asking infectious disease docs, hematology, etc why there is this discrepancy… since EOS levels is one of the stupid things they look at to determine if you’re sick or not…

    The discrepancy left me wondering how many of our “normal” Kaiser labs are actually normal… versus being another stealth
    aspect of this disease that has been bioengineered to evade detection by standard tests (conspiracy
    hat fully on w/ that statement, c.f. “stealth disablers”).
    Kaiser has already shown their full acceptance of IDSA treatment
    guidelines for Lyme, which basically denies the existence of “chronic lyme” and redefines any
    symptoms following one month of antibiotics as “post lyme syndrome” which is to be treated with
    psychotropics (antidepressants, antipsychotics).

    This is exactly the treatment they offer to Morgellons patients
    as well. This study will just help stamp out the “lyme connection”
    because Kaiser will user tests that will guarantee negative
    results and thereby direct future medical practitioners to NOT
    test for Lyme in their morgellons patients.

    All they’re trying to do is short-cut past the side-trip to controversial lyme land… they’ll
    claim they “tested 100% of their morgellons patients for lyme” using the ELISA test that’ll
    only have a chance of registering positive if you’ve got bit by a particular variant of lyme found
    on the east coast… which is going to turn into a 100% NEGATIVE rate out in california… so
    they’ll suggest that morgellons patients needn’t be tested for lyme as they’ve found
    no correlation.

    That’s the outcome I expect w/r/t the CDC choosing Kaiser Norcal for their “study”

    And it worries me that they’ve awarded the contract to single
    company that does most of it’s own labs, sending out to labcorp
    or unilab for their guaranteed-false-negative lyme tests.

    And FYI, the only way I’ve gotten anywhere with Kaiser at all
    is because I have an LLMD that has diagnosed me with
    “Lyme Disease/Morgellons Type” and i’ve found significant improvement in treating for lyme and parasitic infecton,
    and compensating for endocrine disruptions from that infection.

  14. Getting Kaiser to actually take morgellons seriously is a lot
    of work. Here is an example of one letter that helped beat them
    into submission a little bit.
    Kaiser’s letter of 4/20/07 states “care is appropriate and available with
    Kaiser Permanente.” I strongly disagree. I certainly have no complaints
    about the quality or delivery of the care I’ve received to date through
    Kaiser. The issue is that not one single doctor I’ve seen knows enough
    about either Lyme disease or Morgellons to make any recommendations about
    treatment. This causes a cruelly slow process where I pay $XXX.00
    out-of-pocket to see Dr. <> once every month-or-two. Dr. <>
    writes prescriptions and requests tests. In turn, I convey his treatment
    plan to my primary and specialist doctors — and parts of the plan are
    rejected as “too dangerous” (e.g. fluconazole… which after months of
    wrangling, I filled the prescription at Costco for $25.00, again
    out-of-pocket). <.

    Only one Kaiser doctor of the many I’ve seen — Dr. <> –
    showed any concern or compassion for how painful and disabling this disease
    can be — apparently she treated a Lyme/Morgellons patient at her previous
    workplace prior to Kaiser; she also at least knew how Lyme intersected with
    her fibromyalgia and arthritis patients in rheumatology. Unfortunately, I
    don’t even understand how I ended up with a rheumatology referral, but it’s
    indicative of how inappropriate the “referral” and “specialist” process is
    for a patient suffering from a multi-systemic disease like Lyme. Given the
    symptoms I’ve had, I’d need referrals to a neurologist, rheumatologist,
    immunologist, allergist, podiatrist, ENT, endocrinologist, dermatologist,
    etc. For each specialist, I’d have to explain
    infrequently-recognized/diagnosed/treated Lyme/Morgellons issues, only to
    find that the specialist knows nothing about how Lyme disease intersects
    their specialty (except Dr. <>). The analogy would be
    sending an AIDS patient around to a series of “specialists” who have never
    heard of AIDS, nor know anything about the disease; each doctor would note
    an increased propensity towards infection in their organ of
    specialization… each “specialist” adding an incomprehensibly small piece
    of the overall puzzle based on their myopic “specialty”… ignoring the
    big-picture until the patient succumbs. Regarding Morgellons, the analogy
    is sending a patient with tertiary syphillis (presenting with skin lesions)
    to a dermatologist — and having the dermatologist offer only topical
    treatment, while referring the patient out to a long series of pointless
    neurological, cardiovascular, endocrinology consults.

    The multi-systemic, immune-evading aspects of Lyme/Morgellons require the
    services of a Lyme specialist — a “Lyme Literate Medical Doctor” — that
    recognizes the breadth and dynamic nature of symptoms found in Lyme
    disease, and has practical solutions based on both experimental evidence
    and clinical practice experience. That is the reason why I see Dr. <>
    for my treatment on Lyme/Morgellons and want to continue having him treat
    me, with coverage of my prescriptions, therapies, and tests related to this

    Unfortunately, at Kaiser, the “specialists” are so unaware of Lyme disease
    that they do not even know the controversies involving Lyme
    testing/diagnosis/treatment, that the complete lack of accuracy in testing
    meaning that Lyme is a clinical diagnosis made by a specialist, using
    testing as an adjunct to diagnosis. The Kaiser specialists cling to
    guidelines developed by the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA)
    which are so completely wrong-headed and misleading that they are currently
    under challenge by the Connecticut State Attorney General — for details,
    see attachment: CT-Atty-General-IDSA-Lyme-Guidelines-Antitrust-Suit.doc.

    The bogus IDSA guidelines are parroted by infectious disease doctors, and
    further oversimplified into “if you’ve been on antibiotics for more than a
    month, you no longer have lyme.” This is probably the thinking behind
    Dr. <>’s patient-file statement that he sees no evidence of Lyme
    disease. Likewise Dr. <> is suggesting I stop my antibiotics,
    despite relatively recent Lyme symptoms, ongoing skin lesions, and a
    recommendation to the contrary by Dr. <>. I understand his position
    – an infectious disease doctor going against IDSA guidelines is a
    career-limiting move. That is one of the reasons why people with Lyme
    disease who actually want to get better eventually end up at a “Lyme
    Literate Medical Doctor” if they are lucky. Such doctors diagnose, test,
    and treat Lyme according to International Lyme and Associated Diseases
    Society (ILADS) standards of care, basing treatment length on persistence
    of symptoms, as well as ongoing tests of CD57 levels (aka Stricker Panel,
    which no Kaiser doctor I’ve seen knows anything about). Lyme doctors
    typically aren’t “infectious disease” specialists and thus are not forced
    to follow the corrupt guidelines of the IDSA to retain their specialty –
    they follow ILADS guidelines.

    The state of California, recognizing the apparent benefit of long term
    antibiotic treatment, recently amended sections of its Health and Safety
    Code to formally recognize the kind of treatment provided to me by
    Dr. <>. California Law now officially recognizes the ILADS position in
    the California Health and Safety (CHS) Code:
    (SB772, p4, line 40 to p5, line 5)
    > “Recent cogent scientific and clinical experience reviews of Lyme disease
    > have documented that long-term antibiotic therapy, varied by clinical
    > symptoms has, in general, substantially improved patient health and that
    > discontinuation of such therapy while clinical symptoms remain commonly
    > results in relapse and further disability.”
    (SB772, p5, lines 22-28)
    > (c) “Medically viable” as applied to treatment alternatives means a mode of
    > treatment recognized by a substantial part of the medical profession to be
    > within the scope of current, acceptable standards, including the longer
    > term treatment approach reflected in the treatment guidelines of the
    > International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), “ILADS
    > Evidence-Based guidelines for the Management of Lyme Disease.”

    In apparent violation of CHS code, the current IDSA-based recommendations
    from Kaiser’s infectious disease doctors dictate that I discontinue Lyme
    therapy, despite the fact that clinical symptoms remain. Meanwhile, CHS
    code observes such early discontinuation “commonly results in relapse and
    further disability.” As per CHS code, not treating Lyme is far more
    dangerous than any of the risks of long-term antibiotics: “Many victims
    suffer permanent physical or mental damage due to misdiagnosis or ignorance
    of the disease. Lyme disease can be fatal.”

    Despite being spelled out as “medically viable” in CHS code, the Kaiser
    infectious disease doctors do not recognize the ILADS diagnostic and
    treatment guidelines under which Dr. <> practices; they do not
    recognize Dr. <>’ diagnosis or treatment plan as falling under the
    purview of “evidence based medicine.” The reality is that the IDSA
    guidelines purposely ignore significant “evidence based medicine” because
    it interferes with insurance companies’ profits — see attachments

    In other words, without actually knowing anything about Lyme disease or
    Morgellons, without ever having diagnosed or treated a single Lyme patient,
    Kaiser’s “specialists” appear to be disagreeing with Dr. <> — A Lyme
    disease specialist with a number of Lyme patients displaying Morgellons
    symptoms. A Lyme disease specialist that is well known in California,
    regularly speaking at conferences and <; a co-author on a
    seminal paper on Lyme disease testing; a doctor with a practice spanning

    Kaiser is claiming “care is appropriate and available” regarding my
    Lyme/Morgellons issues. I have not found this to be true in
    practice. SB772, p4, line 19 states “Lyme disease patients have identified
    fewer than 30 California physicians who regularly diagnose and prescribe
    effective treatment for persistent Lyme disease.” Which of these 30
    California physicians work at Kaiser? — none. That is why proper care of
    my condition requires me to continue treatment through Dr. <>.

    – Niels <>

  15. Looks like my last post all the
    Dr [[LLMD]]
    Dr. [[INFDZ#1]]
    Dr. [[INFDZ#2]]

    all turned into <>


  16. From: Randy Yaskal
    Date: 7/25/2007 8:40:42 PM
    Subject: Re: Is this true? Morgellons


    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my e-mail. Just for a heads up the only thing that we really need to do is to analyze the fibers, find out exactly what they are, where they came from , how they are made or from what they are made and find a way to get them out of the bodies of those infested(infected) and kill or prevent the formation of them from continuing, (whatever is producing them.) That is the long and the short of it. Spending time with anything psychological stinks of a political agenda.

    I have investors willng to pay for this research. Is Kaiser able to do this and for what price, without the CDC or government being involved?


    Randy B Yaskal

    ——-Original Message——-

    Date: 7/24/2007 1:52:11 PM
    Subject: Re: Is this true? Morgellons

    Mr. Yaskal,
    Kaiser Permanente is a fully integrated care delivery system with a long and distinguished history of medical, epidemiological, and health care systems research. It is unfortunate that the term “HMO” carries such negative connotations, however, our research divisions operate quite independently from other parts of our program.

    At this time it is not clear that we will be, in fact, conducting any research, although it appears that we are being considered. The CDC and many other medical establishments use our unique database which is useful in both retrospective and prospective medical research. No other organization has this kind of medical data that can be mined by researchers. Should we be involved in the research you are asking about I am sure there will some kind of public announcement at that time.
    You may want to take a look at our Division of Research website:

    Beverly Hayon
    Brand Strategy, Communications and Public Relations
    Kaiser Permanente

  17. Neils,

    I do believe in order to have a non-bias study we have to have a clean sample of individuals without psychological, drug, alcohol, or prior skin conditions and those without lyme so the study is not swayed since all the sick people I know with this do not have lyme.

    I feel that lyme has clouded the issue for quite some time. This disease attacks those who are have auto-immune or weak immune systems. We can not cloud the study.

    I am in no way disputing that many people that “catch” this do in fact have lyme but we can not cloud the study with saying this is a type of lyme.

    There is a study that already show that over 90 % have high C-reactive protein (swelling) and that over 50% when biopsied have non-caseating granulomas and also that it effects the thyroid.
    All these finding may be red herrings.

    This is just my opinion and I hope you do not find it offensive.

    I do believe that Kaiser is way too political to be non-bias and on the side of money and government and insurance and not on the side of the little guy and true medical science.

    This money would be better spent have a drug company do the research on the fibers.

  18. Webmaster,

    How do I go back and correct my typos?

  19. Smiles,

    I have no problem at all being a poster adult for this. This conversation is taking an intelligent direction. How about staying out of it? You have nothing intelligent to say.

  20. Until we are willing to address the usage of Bt in Insecticides and go to Holistic Medicine in the treatment of this they will continue to use Conventional Treatments. Speak with Dr Kolb in Atlanta. She just had fibers extracted by the CDC and Dale Camper is fighting for
    us. He is trying to test the Soil at Aberdeen Proving Grounds for biological agents which I believe are responsible for this. I have 20 or more Poor black people who are not on the internet in Jacksonville who have Morgellons
    I have 30 people in the Poconos who worked at Aberdeen Proving Grounds who have fibers and Bugs coming out of their bodies.
    I have photos of this if you would like to view them from the Scope from my observation send me an email and I will send them to you.
    Trisha Springstead Rn

  21. Sorry Randy, there is no user editing of comments once they are posted. Edit twice, submit once.

    If there is a particularly bad error somewhere, let me know and I can edit the comments manually.

  22. Neils, patients have died from antibiotic treatments for chronic lyme that they didn’t have. Also, all that you had to do was ask how you ended up with a referral to a rheumatologist. How did it go there, and what did the rhematologist say?

    Certain kinds of “doctors” exist in this world who know how to make their business off of patients they can get to pay out-of-pocket, and they know exactly how to reel them in, too.

    Considering all the dangerous experimentations you’ve done, which anyone can read about in your comments on lymebusters’ forum, if you weren’t messed up to begin with, all that, alone, would sure do it. Can you explain what you mean by the statement you made about your having found significant improvement in treating for lyme and parasitic infecton, and compensating for endocrine disruptions from that infection?

    What endocrine disruptions do you have? Kaiser would surely refer you to an endocrinologist, if your PCP couldn’t successfully treat it. Do you have thyroid problems? When did you become ill, and how many doctors had you seen, before being told that you have lyme disease? How long have you had lyme disease?

    Trish, how long have you thought that you have “morgellons disease”?

    Randy, I’m sorry that you feel the ways you do.

  23. A person who thinks they have “morgellons disease” recently felt the need to mention the various ethnicities of persons sharing the waiting room at a clinic. Trish, you felt the need to say “poor black people” as opposed to “indigent patients”.


  24. its everything except the problem, right smelly?


    Its not just the birds(flu) and the Bees. It’s us now. Time will tell.

  26. ECBC Scientists Identify Pathogens That May Be Causing Global Honey-Bee Deaths

    Photo credit: Scott Bauer, USDA/ARS

    Researchers have identified potential culprits behind the wide-spread catastrophic death of honey bees around North America and Europe. A team of scientists from Edgewood Chemical Biological Center and University of California San Francisco identified both a virus and a parasite that are likely behind the recent sudden die-off of honey-bee colonies.

    Using a new technology called the Integrated Virus Detection System (IVDS), which was designed for military use to rapidly screen samples for pathogens, ECBC scientists last week isolated the presence of viral and parasitic pathogens that may be contributing to the honeybee loss. Confirmation testing was conducted over the weekend by scientists at the University of California San Francisco. ECBC scientists presented the results of their studies yesterday to a United States Department of Agriculture working group, hastily convened to determine next steps.

    For the past year, experts have observed a marked decline in the honey bee population, with entire colonies collapsing without warning. Approximately 50 percent of hives have disappeared and researchers around the country are scrambling to find out why. Scientists have termed this phenomenon “Colony Collapse Disorder” and fear that without honey bees to pollinate crops like fruits, vegetables, and almonds the loss of honey bees could have an enormous horticultural and economic impact around the world.

    ECBC is one of many academic, commercial and government concerns studying the honey bee population decline. ECBC’s role will be to identify the extent of the problem and conduct ongoing detection activities. [Read the press release]

    (April 25, 2007)

    Why can’t we use this screening on our fibers? I will toss that out there to the army reading this site. A virus and a parasite. Anyone who has this syndrome knows that we have believed it to be bacterial and parasitic in nature since nothing kills it. Like I said …time will tell. Too bad they worry more about Bees than humans.

  27. NORMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, sweetie, I have missed you so much. How are you and your mother?

    Randy, since you know you’re not equipped to deal with what you have going on, why haven’t you ever considered talking to someone in a professional position about all the things you’ve opened up about, here, and on your message board, concerning how what you have makes you feel? Colony Collapse Disorder has nothing to do with what you, or anyone else, thinks they have. (P.S. You’ve boasted that Equimax horse dewormer paste kills the parasites that you think you’ve got.)

  28. Oh, and Randy, concerning this excerpt from your recent comment, #26

    ECBC scientists presented the results of their studies yesterday to a United States Department of Agriculture working group, hastily convened to determine next steps.

    Do you still think as you did on June 26th, that this blog, Morgellonswatch, is the Department of Agriculture?

    You’d said, in comment #1 under the topic, “Morgellons is not a Delusion” (after blowing off over thinking that your comments were hidden, or deleted, which none of them have been):

    Go back to working your job at the Dept of Agriculture and trying to cover their asses by making us look as if we don’t have what we do have without beibng a witness to it first hand. (Otherwise if you are not getting paid to minimize or discredit the truth of this disease why do you spend so much time with this site? Get a job!)

    Admit to yourself that you need help, and get some. Please.

  29. My belief that this blog was set up by someone getting paid to debunk this disease still holds. And obviously you can not put two and two together to correlate why I posted that article. Not gonna explain it to ya. I am sure those reading got the point.

  30. Smileykins,

    please go get yourself a life and leave those of us who don’t see shapeshifting barnyard animals flying out of our bodies (and have never been meth, or any other drug users) to discuss intelligently what it is that is happening to us. I really don’t need your ‘help’ and tho you purport to ‘really care’ you come off like a jerk and accuse folks of being delusional. Just because the problems you had turned out to be from drugs and psychosis (schizophrenia?), don’t attribute that to everyone else. I am just really sick of seeing your name in every Morgellons related site, if you don’t believe in it…Get the hell out! Has any of you read her site, read the ‘about me’ by Tall Cotton, her..whatever. Then you will see who it is that is delusional.

  31. Randy,

    Let’s just ignore smileykins now shall we? Whatever the reason for her existence here, no matter, it is a negative one and we need not respond.
    I am in total agreement with you regarding Kaiser, as Kaiser from day one has been set up to make money, not give care. I don’t know who I would trust to do the studies, I suppose I would rather see many independent studies done, then a conference for the findings. At least in that way, those who do a ‘hack job’ will stand out, hopefully.

  32. FYI, I sent the following letter yesterday… awaiting response:

    Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 13:05:54 -0700
    Subject: issues with Kaiser Permanente attempting to study morgellons

    I posted the following recently to morgellons-watch. It would be useful to get a
    response to the issues I raise:

    I have strong issues in having Kaiser selected for studying Morgellons. It seems
    like it’s corrupt on it’s face. Kaiser is a company that strongly backs the
    IDSA’s non-treatment guidelines for Lyme, and is therefore prejudiced against
    the existence of Chronic Lyme disease. Such a company cannot possibly have the
    open-mind needed to study this disease and get a proper handle on it’s etiology.
    Even the the first published paper on Morgellons makes a strong case for chronic
    Lyme infection found in the majority of Morgellons patients:

    > 1: Am J Clin Dermatol. 2006;7(1):1-5.Links
    > The mystery of Morgellons disease: infection or delusion?
    > Savely VR, Leitao MM, Stricker RB.
    > South Austin Family Practice Clinic, Austin, Texas, USA.
    > Morgellons disease is a mysterious skin disorder that was first described more than 300 years ago. The disease is characterized by fiber-like strands extruding from the skin in conjunction with various dermatologic and neuropsychiatric symptoms. In this respect, Morgellons disease resembles and may be confused with delusional parasitosis. The association with Lyme disease and the apparent response to antibacterial therapy suggest that Morgellons disease may be linked to an undefined infectious process. Further clinical and molecular research is needed to unlock the mystery of Morgellons disease

    How is a Lyme-denialist organization like Kaiser (
    ) going to be able to do a study of Morgellons when it doesn’t even take Lyme
    disease seriously?

    Why is a contract being awarded to a company that appears to be violating
    California Health and Safety code as modified by SB772 (
    ) by only offering “IDSA” treatment standards when in fact SB772 defines ILADS
    treatment and diagnostic guidelines for Lyme as “medically viable.” Kaiser
    refuses to acknowledge the validity of ILADS guidelines even though the IDSA
    guidelines are under legal challenge ( ).

    After the public sees “Sicko!” and I’m wondering how
    much of our anger will bubble up into better congressional oversight of the
    total mismanagement of health resources that appears to be happening at the CDC.
    Morgellons sufferers are urged to begin a letter-writing campaign to achieve
    this needed oversight of the CDC and questionable contract expenditure such as
    this Kaiser Morgellons contract. Lyme disease sufferers have used similar means
    to fight the corrupt medical organizations that refuse to recognize or treat
    the disease. Looks like Morgellons sufferers will need to do the same.

  33. Randy, it’s clear why you post the particular things you do.

    Junknira, I don’t know you, and haven’t had any online conversations with you, unless that’s a different username. I can’t help you, or anyone who thinks that they have “morgellons disease”, and I’ve said so, numerous times.

    I didn’t mean to offend Chris, recently, but he’d made a reference to my saying, “patients who think that they have morgellons disease”. Not too long ago, Al had pointed out that he didn’t like my calling “morgellons disease” patients, “morgies”. Since he’d pinpointed something I’d offended him with, I changed it.

    When patients who think that they have “morgellons disease” do as you have, here, Junknira (whoever you are), stating lies as though they’re facts — and, even about me — you’re doing yourselves a terrible disservice. Some other patients who think that they have “morgellons disease” pretend to be me, doing it for the sheer sport of creating more confusion within your patient group.

    I will apologize, if you can do as Al did, and show me what I’ve said that has offended you so. However, if one of the imposter Smileykins has been playing around with their fellow patients, I can’t do anything about that. It’s all fun and games to them.

  34. P.S. If there are things in this world that bother you, which you have no control over, have you ever thought about changing yourselves, instead of demanding that everyone, and everything else changes?

    Ah, of course not. Play on.

  35. Junknira,

    You addressed your reply to Smileykins, but, for the most part, I believe that you were speaking to me. I am the recovered meth addict, not Smileykins. She isn’t, nor has she ever been a meth user.
    There are many causes and manifestations of what Morgies incorrectly call Morgellons Disease. “No”, I didn’t have Morgellons Disease, but neither do any of the others. In that sense, I was just as much a Morgie as anyone has ever been. And yes, it is a delusional disorder. There is no “physical” Morgellons Disease. There never has been, and never will be. There’s just a lot of people with a lot of real symptoms caused by a variety of known diseases and disorders, sharing a common acquired delusion. It’s not that your symptoms aren’t real. Your unfounded and fixed beliefs about your symptoms defines the common mental disorder most morgies share. Although you may have a physical problem, you, and the others, are obviously psychotic. That isn’t an accusation, as you call it. It’s a diagnosis… one that most of your doctors have given you multiple times over. You don’t have to listen to my opinions, but you should listen to the opinions of the medical professionals that have diagnosed you. That is, of course, unless it is one of the few “Morgie Quack Doctors” that are exploiting Morgellons patients. As a final note, if you don’t want to read what we write, no one is forcing you. You don’t even have to come here to read. This site was designed to debunk the Morgellons myth. It’s not a place to find reinforcement for your mental problems.

    Tall Cotton

  36. You never did and we do that is the difference and we can prove it for anyone interested in seeing it first hand.

  37. Randy-

    small and smelly are tarded and clueless. Everyone knows that

  38. Randy

    these boyz aint doing the home visiting thing. Gotta ask why. Tried that a while back. best of luck

  39. Monsanto

  40. This site was designed for people suffering to speak to one another for support so if you do not believe it then you should fuck off and never come back.

    WE who KNOW who we are want to communicate when others around us do not understand our life.

    How could tens of thousands of people across the world be sucked into an internet disease like this.. hahahaha that makes me laugh so bad when you fucking stupid luckky asssssss people not infected who say that the internet is causing people to believe they have this disease.

    thats the stupidest shit i have ever heard.

    there is no way that that many people can be dooped into believing that fibers grow from their body.

    Only Hitler can manuipulte thousands/millions of people like this. but he did it in person and not online.

    Time will tell and hopefully carma is real and you will be infected soon.


    wow bravo you are a smart person.

    That site shows that the government sees that coincidentally there are people describing symtoms in the same way that thousands and thousands of people across the world are saying.

    Thats crazy. maybe all of us who believe we have morgellons all of a sudden believe we have bugs in our skin. haha. No it FEELS like we have bugs crawling on our skin. We do not believe there are actually bugs on our skin. That means that we are not delusional.

    I seriously want to punch every person that says morgellons is fake and a hoax. It makes me want to throw up when there is nothing to treat my fucked up skin on my arms, legs, and penis.

    (doctor did not know what to say to me, just prescribed more anti-biotics)

    people can deny that it does not exist but they can not deny that the government is thinking, wow how can all these people be saying that they have this strange condition.

  42. “randy Says: You never did and we do that is the difference and we can prove it for anyone interested in seeing it first hand.”

    I am interested in seeing it. I know that my very cheap digital camera will take four-minute movies, do you own a digital camera? Or do you have a single friend with a video camera? If it is easy for anyone to see, then surely a video will be simple to accomplish.

  43. Chris Says: This site was designed for people suffering to speak to one another for support so if you do not believe it then you should fuck off and never come back.

    Chris, are you referring to Morgellonswatch? Morgellonswatch is nota support website, it a skeptical weblog about Morgellons. Meaning, it is here for Michael to type his reasoning and opinions regarding Morgellons, and for people to comment on his post. It is not a message board for chatting and support.

  44. “Chris Says: That site shows that the government sees that coincidentally there are people describing symtoms in the same way that thousands and thousands of people across the world are saying.”

    I personally don’t think “The government” sees anything of the sort. “The government” responds to, say, “Morgellons” sufferers calling several times a day to request investigation. It’s lobbying they are responding to, more or less, in my opinion.

    I see you say that people are describing the same thing, and it still has to be cleared up to me how everyone has the same symptoms? I have yet to see that blog by Michael be refuted, where he describes everyone actually NOT having the same symptoms. Could you clear this up? What exactly are the symptoms everyone has?

  45. Chris, this is a warning, you will get only one.

    Threats and violent insults have no place here. This site is aimed at removing the bunk regarding Morgellons, which does not seem to be a distinct disease. If you persist posting things like: “burn in hell you fucking bastard” or other such things, then I’m going to have to ban your comments from this site.

    I’m sorry you are sick. I have no idea what is wrong with you, but it seems to be several real things. Your best course of action would be to work with your doctor regarding your various real conditions.

  46. For those of you who are trying to “debunk” the Morgellons Fiber syndrome/condition/disease, IT MATTERS NOT. Time and “truth” is on OUR SIDE…not yours. It matters NOT if you believe us. It matters NOT that you are trying to debunk this thing. Your “oppostion” talk MATTERS NOT…because “the stupid are discovered by their words”. You have shown yourselves to be WHO YOU REALLY ARE with your own words (or lack of words).

    This condition is showing some of us our sick dependency on doctors and the medical industry. We have been forced to be proactive and vigilant in our quests for answers, and we’ve been challenged to be relentless, faithful, strong and positive in a world where some people/organizations/businesses are desperately trying to “cover up” and/or DENY the truth.

    IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME — for all of us.

    This was reported 300 years ago in France. We have the ability to find our own answers and to treat ourselves when we’ve been shut out. We have the strength in character, willpower and soul to deal with this. WE WILL OVERCOME…I promise you.


  47. Hi, Athena. You sound willing to speak for this patient movement. Everyone, online, who thinks that they have “morgellons disease” (as well as in the news), has been misrepresenting what they want people to know. Can you elaborate on this, and explain what people are supposed to think about such behaviors? To quote you, “the stupid are discovered by their words”. People who want to get better just do not go against doctors, repeatedly, doing all the things that typical “morgellons disease” patients do. I don’t know if you feel like you can speak for every “morgellons disease” patient (but it seems that most of them do). Do you need everybody to start thinking backwards, in order to understand your reality? Thank you.

  48. Hi Athens,

    Sorry you’re not feeling well.

    Since time and truth is on your side, I look forward to your responses to other posts on this website by Michael, such as the varied theories of Michael, or how symptoms are so varied yet everyone says they “have the same thing,” or why many people with “Morgellons” aim to harass and intimidate people who disagree?

  49. . I have 2 emails about this about March 16,th, 2006.

    At the time he counted for Donations $17,565 of which I believe that he was responsible for bringing in about $15,000 of that.

    The taxes were finally figured by the MRF in their tax reporting for 2005 to be $17,165

    Afterwards however from my accounting it seems like this:

    Donations For The Year 2005

    Steadman = $10,000
    Sea Change = 250
    Cheryl Hart = 3,000
    Cindy Casey = 500
    Greg, Judy Smith = 500
    Denise, Jerry James = 250
    Brian Livgard = 200
    Margot Nordenholt = 50
    Ryan Green = 15
    Bob Belancik = 400
    Bert Kerstetter = 1,500
    Laurie Sliz = 500
    William Van Riper = 100
    Lester Shorter 50
    Penny Sperling 50
    Elizabeth Rasmussen 100
    Nancy Ball 500
    Stephen Ruggles 100
    Patricia Sander 100
    Cill Alles 300
    $ 18,465

    Also – did Robert Wienke’s $100.00 donation come in on January 1, 2006..? or was it sent in December ’05..?

    Also he asked these questions
    I will ask //////// if he remembers who sent us the $1,000.00 that came to him after Research Day.

    I think you told me ‘Lady On Stage’ gave us $1,000.00 way back when.

    I know Randy did a PayPal donation – I did one also for testing the new site.

    You did get the actual check from Maria Lucas for $2,500.00, right..?

    Mary still has never added these figures into the accounting, “apparently” based upon her numbers.
    (Charles Holman’s input: First off… I never got a response to this email. Like many things in ‘Mary’s Management Manual’, it just ‘went away’.
    When we pushed for financials she got pissed and finally quit communicating at ALL. (nice way to run a foundation, huh..?)

    However in Mary’s first email round it went like this:

    To get this mess straightened out, I will need all of the accounting info from day one until present.
    The last donations update I have only shows $17,565.00 – and I am fairly sure that we’ve had more contributions than that.

    (Mary’s Reply, Please note that she is congragulating him for his “good work”
    Hi Charles,
    This is all I have. I now realize that I did it all wrong, but admit I did not know what I was doing.

    I apologize but it is not the only thing I have screwed up.
    Thanks for doing this work for ALL of us. Again I am sorry that I screwed this up.

    Then after his second email REQUEST FOR MORE: “MARY STOPPED COMMUNICATIONS” which spawned them to evantually ALL WALK OUT”

    The good people who left the MRF had no choice, and they could have helped her out a great deal just as they did when they were there “in fact if Mary had let them.” The problems were the fact that Mary didn’t appreciate the others contributions and skills, while having the ability to “work together” to help one another out, by their skills and their characters to be able to work together as a unit.

    I have 2 emails where Charles Holman asked Mary for the records and her accounts as he says in statements such as this,

    “Okay, then WE’LL have to rely on memory”

    “WE’LL just have to reconstruct”

    “Every one of OUR contributors must be acknowledged and sent a receipt. ”

    “WE just need to be up-to-date on all of
    the ‘history donors”……………………………………………………..

    So, as we all see, Charles and the others ALL WORKED TOGETHER, and always INCLUDED MARY in a working relationship with US, and WE, OUR and WE’LL

    He always has had the ability to work together. This is all that he kept asking. Mary SAID that she messed up and was wrong, and didn’t keep records while Charles said, “Ok, lets just try to reconstruct” and “let’s pull this together from memory” etc.

    Mary “Thanks Charles” and says “Thanks for doing this work for ALL of us” and again “That’s not the only thing that I screwed up in” and “I’m wrong” and “I’m sorry”

    They left because Mary refused to communicate and cooperate, and furthermore, based upon the above “figures, donors and statements” MARY STILL DIDN’T DO THE TAXES PROPERLY!!! even though she was told that the figures were higher at that time, which it turns out later that there were “MANY MORE DONORS FOR 2005″ than she reported, even AFTER THIS WAS BROUGHT TO HER ATTENTION.

    What is the point in all of this??????????????????????????
    Charles Holman “Chas”, Cindy Casey, Greg and Judy Smith have done NOTHING WRONG, NEVER DID, and yet THEY have been TREATED REPEATEDLY ILL AND WRONG by Mary Leitao, her lawyer, as well as by LYMEBUSTERS FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because of their biased lies, their slanted perspective, and all because of their following “Mary who has her little lambs” the Moderators of the Lymebusters Forum, who have been fed lies and they followed her blindly as the little lambs, “who follow their groupie lust” and seduced by Mary Leitao. Also as you say, the people still never have recieved “thank you notes” but the MRF is still trying to prepare how to do this.

    The prejudice, hurt, hate and disrespect that has been generated by Mary Leitao, JJ, Lymebusters Moderators and others towards these people over Mary’s lack of professionalism and lack of being forthright in her presentation of her taxes is not the proper way to do business for Morgellons research. She appears to be way off in her tax accounting even though the others who worked for her tried to warn her. But Mary, JJ and the Lymebusters Mods have covered this one up. Some Morgellons sufferers who are on the web can find a “conspiracy and a cover up” in a peanut shell without a peanut if it was laying on a table. Yet here is a real conspiracy, and a real cover up and yet many of the conspiratorialists can’t even see this one. Yet it’s also small with all of the proof staring at them. And they still can’t see it.

  50. The above relates to what transpired when Chas Holman, Cindy Casey, Dr. Greg Smith and Judy suddenly left the MRF. When Mary Leitao got angry over these email requests and she finally stopped communications with the rest of her organization. She has continually stomped on these people through the Lymebusters clan to keep this silenced. There is no right in the world why these good, honest folks have been held liable by Mary, JJ, and the rest of Mary’s closer associates. Now Mary is training her younger volunteers to follow in her and Lymebusters squashing this truth by squashing and banning others. Ant, Patti Fielder and JJ are responsible for these actions. Charles nor Cindy, Greg Smith and his wife Judy have never revealed these things on the web, and still Mary and the others persue the silencing machine. They want mony to come through their organization to such a degree that they have never even mentioned the “OSU Center for Morgellons Research” because you can donate funds directly to them and also it gives other sufferers a place that they can ‘register’ of which the MRF wishes to hold title to that one too. The “OSU Center for Morgellons” at Oklahoma State University sent the MRF the file to use as well as to display ‘prior to their preparation’ of their June Newsletter as well as their June Update on their web site and they still have never displayed the news of the ‘first center ever’ for morgellons disease. They purposely have continued to not display it to this very day. It takes or channels money around them instead of through them. Also, a person can register through them as well. It has been continually said that they forget. It isn’t a proper, honest and generous way to do business, ‘Is it ?’

  51. The MRF still has admitted that they have never ever sent ‘thank you’ letters to anybody who has donated, particularly back in 2005. They are still trying to learn how? it has been said.

  52. I think that this should be moved out front where everybody can see it.

  53. Much of what is above is a paste from another web site

  54. What I have Sarah you can not photograph since most of it requires a 100X minimum microscope to see and it would be almost impossible to see how they all come out on film. I will meet with you in any doctors office and pay the appt if I am allowed to show you exactly what I am talking about and you can see it first hand. I will not post pic on here since everyone has and no one has believed them, thinking they know what they are. The only way is a firm DNA analysis, which is costly but under way as we speak and for you to see up close and personal what this is all about. If you do not think it is contagious or real what do you fear? You avoid all of my requests so I know you are just a mean spirited person who feels she has power over making sick people upset by having ths site. It is sad but unless you take me up on my offer, we really have nothing to say to one another and it is a stand-off. You have never seen a real person wth this and you refuse to….but you talk like you are a know it all. What else is there to say?

  55. And many of us, many of us are not behind Mary and have had disputes with her ethics and mode of operation from thinking she owns the people that register to getting people to spend thousands of dollars on Doc Harvey and after 5 years not having a clue to what this is and naming it before it is even discovered. So understand just like having a two and sometimes three (independent) party system in government there are various fractions of those of us that have this disease and not all are on the side and riding shotgun with Chas, Cindy or Mary and that is everyones right as free independent thinkers with free will. This division of thought and actions happens with all discoveries and when people of different minds all have and are fighting for the same thing, justice for sick people. Not all people have a moral compass that points in the correct direction 100% of the those who own this site should know first hand. So please no clumping all us in one huge barrel.

  56. PS This Randy never gave Mary a penny. I did a test run with the German guy cream when I was helping him make some English sense of his site, but never gave him any money either. Just to set the record straight. When I do decide to donate it will be to two people working on this project who are in peer review for their articles as we speak. Once their theory is proven, they will have me fundraising my tush off for them using all my connections. I will only donate to research I can see outlined, completed and able to see the results. So far this has not occured.

  57. Randy says: What I have Sarah you can not photograph since most of it requires a 100X minimum microscope to see and it would be almost impossible to see how they all come out on film.

    Then how are you sure of what you have, since it is invisible to the naked eye and impossible to photograph?

  58. so you should pray to him for redeption for all the lies and trying to derail research on a fastly emerging infectous disease…will be infecting one of your family or friends soon…do you work for the Bush admin by any chance?

  59. Now this information has been found also at “MorgellonsWatch” and it’s a real
    shame that it had gone this far. Nobody is defending the Mary Leitao and the MRF for their wrong.
    MorgellonsWatch is in fact unbiased in some of their endeavors. It bears out in this case here that is brought out. What more can anybody say? Mary Leitao was wrong.
    This information came from me, myself. So it doesn’t need to be deleted if ANYBODY at any other forum asks that it be deleted. “Nobody needs to delete it at all”

    It is an absolute shame that the MRF has engaged in this type of conduct. Now
    everybody who cares and has a brain left will know the truth of what “really”
    happened when Chas, Cindy, Greg S. and Judy walked away from the MRF and
    suddenly Mary Leitao began an attack through the Lymebusters Forum and the
    Moderators there after her media venture where she had stated that “she did nothing wrong.” when she did in fact do things wrong, as she obviously admitted.

    Nobody can, has, or ever will prove these facts wrong. Mary is the one who
    messed up, not the others. Mary has brought these things upon her own head. I really enjoy things that are true when they are finally able to legally be released into the public. It must really be a breathe of fresh air for some of the good folks around here. I sure hope that things like this will NEVER, EVER transpire again. There are quite a few people who
    “OWE A PUBLIC APOLOGY” to the few good folks, “Chas, Cindy, Greg S. and Judy,” for their
    unyielding attacks on these fine people in the Morgellons Community, and they have continued to do a very fine job.

    This in no way takes away from the good work that the MRF has done. That was
    never the purpose. Their contributions which have been done properly and done well
    and right deserve praise, honor and thanks. (of course based upon the concept that the disease is real, and that the fibers are from the physical disease) However it is with this matter that had been dealt with wrongly from the beginning on Mary’s part, that this
    endeavour has been performed, in order to take up and repair the reputations of
    the above mentioned ‘fine folks” in our community, and to induce the concept
    that “hopefully NEVER AGAIN will Lymebusters Forum NOT know the reality of what
    “MARY LEITAO” has done in her erroneous assault through the Moderators of
    Lymebusters to silence and arrest their freedoms to even speak out in
    agreement with the MRF’s work, for which Cindy Casey was banned from the forum
    finally. All due to the wrong way in which our good friend, “Mary Leitao” had
    conducted herself, and she ended up in the wrong arena, and at the wrong end of
    the balance.

    This was Mary’s fault along with the Lymebusters Moderators wrong, biased, and
    prejudiced perception, (which was eroneous)

    Mary Leitao OWES a public apology. Then she can work in peace. Otherwise this may
    never, ever go away. I strongly support Charles Holman because he WAS right
    from the beninning.

  60. Funds for Morgellons Business,

    With all due respect, when people are too close to a problem they, often, can’t see what the problem is.


  61. Joy says: for all the lies and trying to derail research on a fastly emerging infectous disease

    Please list the lies and show how attempts have been made to derail research. You can just copy and paste the quotes here. Thanks.

  62. Again.. Mary and her organization just happens to be one person who got a non-profit started whose son had this. That is all and in no way represents those who will continue to do good work in private.

    And Sarah, apply vaseline to your arms you wait 5 minutes and rub in a circular motion and you exfolikate from below the skin via the pores or open lesions hundreds if not thousands of little teeny black pin head dots that when placed under a microscope or all the same..fiber balls that really look ugly and different than anything you ill or have ever seen in your life. These fibers are found in ALL mucous membranes, feces, your nails and can be seen a scabs etc. You have seen real pictures of the fibers and chose not to believe they are real. I can not help you since you really do not want the truth. You want to see this…meet with me. Period.

    Also if anyone who has been on this site is getting spammed with precription ads please write or call me and let me know. Clear your cookies after leaving this site and get a spyware will be shocked.

  63. Scuze the new nails put on today and am using my laptop.

  64. Smilefrown and SmallCotton you are morons. Delete this post and you are straddling the Fence. Go to and look at Body Bugs 1 and Body Bugs 2 and we have Body Bugs 3 coming out oh and idiots I am in contact with NOW 230 people in the US and Worldwide with fibers and Bugs coming out of their Bodies.
    Delete this and you are cowards
    Trisha Springstead RN
    Google GMOs, Bt+Anthrax+morgellons.
    Your Suffering Morgellons Haters and we all know it.
    You don’t have a humane bone in your bodies.

  65. Tallcotton, Smileykins, et al

    If you want anyone to consider any of your opinions, they you might want to refrain from name calling. I do not now, nor have ever had any mental illness, my gp has known me for 15 years, she would tell you the same, as would my friends and colleagues. Let me just say, you can talk and write all you want, it is in vain and you will be shown to be wrong in time. The good thing is, that I already know this and many others do, and as much as it frustrates me that you continue to spew your disinformation (to what cause is the real question), it doesn’t change a thing, Morgellons, or whatever this disease is eventually named, is real. And I still say, get a life, concentrate on your own problems as it seems they are many.

  66. Trust Kaiser..I think not!

    Bayer was coached in the scheme by a purchasing manager
    from Kaiser Permanent
    April 17, 2003
    Bayer Agrees to Pay U.S. $257 Million in Drug Fraud

    [Edit by Michael - entire NY Times article cut-and-paste replaced by link]

  67. Do you really, really, really, want to talk ethics, Randy?

  68. I’am just a mother that may have an idea of the cause of this problem. Please have an open mind . I was sitting in the car in the parking lot at a large store waiting for my family to hurry back from shopping. when i saw these men walking around the parking lot like they were lost but i watched further and they were droping something on to cars . you may be saying what does that have to do with this , well i’ll tell you. a man walked by my car and i saw what it was because one landed on my wind shield . It was the most colorful catillpillar I have ever seen. Have an open mind. I took out some napkins from the glove box and scooped up the catillpillar not touching it with my skin . just then my family came back from shopping and at the same time I showed them the catillpillar, I did not want anyone to touch it but to late my 3 year old touched it and then touched his lip when i said , “dont touch “, ok it went something like that. I read or heard somewhere that bright colored animals could be deadly ,was in the back of my thoughts but didn’t really think it could apply to catillpillars but i still did not want anyone to touch it. My son had an open sore on his lip at the time from a fall and it had a couple of stiches in it. the cut was healing nicely at the time. ok now we went home , catillpillar gone in trash and didn’t think about it again. It was not long after, days later when i noticed and my husband noticed my sons lip was not healing right so we took him to the hospital to take a look because it didn’t look right. there was a blue thread comming out of it , i thought it was the stiches but no. the doctor said it was morgellons, we have never heard of that before. they have to cut his lip and they took out some tissue with thread like things growing in it and asked if they could take pictures of it and of course we said sure , his lip did heal just fine after that but my thoughts kept comming back to that catillpillar he touched . I have never seen one so colorful before , with red , blue,yellow , green,white long haired catillpillar . I am not a good writer or speller so if have any questions about my story e-mail me. I think morgellons comes from a catillpillar but it can spread from people to people from open sores.

  69. Dear Annette,

    Since you pleaded for it, my mind was open as I read your comment. Try to open yours, now, to understand that those are extremely abnormal thoughts that you’ve mentioned. Do you know that little boy of yours never asked to be brought into this world? You owe him. We all owe our children OURSELVES, AT OUR VERY BEST, Annette. So, damnit, BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE by talking to a mental health professional about your weird fears, your weird ideas, and (if such a thing ever were to happen), if any doctor tries to tell you there is such a thing as “morgellons disease”, report their idiotic fraudulent ass to your state medical board as fast as you can, and sue ‘em for all they’re worth.

  70. Yeah, I’m mad. “Just a mother”. “JUST A MOTHER”???!!!!! That is the MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Charles Holman that started NMO passed away Thursday September 6, 2007 husband of Cindy Casey-Holman. The Morgellons world has lost their #1 drive behind finding a cure!

    He was loved by many!! He did for others first before himself.


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