How good is your eyesight?

People professing “Morgellons” are usually middle aged white women.

Why could this be?

I wonder if some tiny fraction of Morgellons sufferers are simply people who have fading eyesight, and simply do not realize this.

The “fibers” that are claimed are often very small. Such as the vellus hairs on the back of your hand. They are mostly invisible to the naked eye, but can become visible when lotion is applied, or when lighting conditions change, or when viewed at a different angle. This sudden appearance might make it seem like the hairs are “shooting” out of your skin. The hairs were not there, then they were – at least to your eyes.

This phenomenon might in turn be magnified by poor eyesight, which usually takes a turn for the worse after the age of 35.

Women also tend to use a lot more lotion, which both attracts fibers, and contributes to the sudden “appearance” of hairs (both vellus and terminal) when the lotion is applied.

I’m not saying this explains every case. But it might explain some. You need to eliminate such possibilities before moving on to others.

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