People who think they have “Morgellons” have usually self-diagnosed. There is no diagnostic criteria for Morgellons, and the case definition is overly broad, allowing anyone with general malaise to claim some of the many symptoms. But the people who end up convincing themselves of their Morgellons are generally people who have rejected their doctors diagnoses, and turn to “alternative” medicine. Given the mental issues that often accompany a self-diagnosis of Morgellons, it is not surprising that these people have become an easy target for many forms of quackery.

Morgellons has been associated with quackery ever since the media took up the story some time last year. I wrote about Dr. Schwartz pushing his book, various peddlers of remedies advertising on Google, and one of the earliest: DermatechRx.

MLMA new arrival in the field is the web site, a front for a multi-level-marketing scheme centered around “NutraSilver”, a colloidal silver water treatment marketed by “Beneficial Solutions LLC”.

There are several players here:

James Matthews, M.D., who claims to have Morgellons himself, and claims to have been treated by Nutrasilver. Matthews is careful in his endorsement, and even notes that the FDA had declared such silver products as “not recognized as safe” and “misbranded”, that you might get argyria (but it would be worth it if it cured the Morgellons), and that he himself suffers from a conflict of interest, in that his company “Advanced Medicine LLC” gets money from the sale of NutraSilver. he is also a board member of “Life Medical Technologies, LLC”. Neither company seems to have made itself known on the internet.

Jeff Sohler: The man behind and, both web sites registered through his internet marketing company “Sohlius Inc“.

Russell B. Altman, the man behind Beneficial Solutions LLC, who originally promoted the use of NutraSilver (then called SilverDyne) via email and message board postings (as russellbgood) at least back to June 2006. His friend Connie is the “star” of the MorgellonsHope video. He now promotes MorgellonsHope.

Charles Veach, founder of the “World Health Alliance“, the original promoters of Nutrasilver/SilverDyne, which was promoted as a water disinfectant. He recently stated: “Our hearts go out to the Morgellons suffers in this world; it is our goal that we make a difference in their lives.”

So what’s going on here? Perhaps Veach has been selling silver for a while in the third world, recruited Altman, who tried to market it in the US, discovered it “cured” his friend of Morgellons, so started marketing it for that, then met Sohler, who saw a multi-level marketing opportunity, and pulled in Matthews for a testimonial? Do they believe it works? It seems quite astonishing that they are marketing a product seeming based on ONE CASE, Connie, who got better for unknown reasons.

And yes, silver kills pathogens. So does bleach.

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    Check it out. It’s something relatively new, added onto the site of “The Analyst”.

  2. “I’m just mad about saffron, saffron’s mad about me…
    They call me agro bacter…yeah…yeah’”



    The genus Agrobacterium are aerobic, gram negative, peritrichous bacilli which are mainly plant pathogens found in soil all over the world. Agrobacterium tumefaciens and Agrobacterium radiobacter are two species that have been isolated from human specimens although only A. radiobacter is associated with clinical symptoms (1).

    Despite A. radiobacter’s association with significant clinical symptoms, it is considered to be of low virulence and there have been no reports of mortality from the organism alone. The only difference between the two species is the presence of a tumor-producing plasmid, the Ti plasmid, in A. tumefaciens which results in a tumorous growth in plants (2).

    Agrobacterium radiobacter is infrequently recognized in clinical specimens however it has been associated with immunocompromised patients that have implanted medical devices or transcutaneous catheters (1,3,4). It was first isolated in 1967 but was not considered pathogenic (5). Approximately 22 cases of clinically significant A. radiobacter infections have been reported since then, resulting in 2 cases of urinary tract infections (UTI), 5 cases of peritonitis, 14 cases of bacteremia, and one case of endocarditis (1). Both cases of UTIs were associated with nephrostomy tubes, all 5 cases of peritonitis were associated with intraperitoneal catheters, 10 of 14 cases of bacteremia were associated with central venous catheters and the only case of endocarditis was associated with a prosthetic heart valve (1).

    In addition to the reported cases above, we have isolated the organism from other patients as part of a mixed flora with unknown pathogenicity.

    Biochemically, Agrobacterium is characterized by the production of catalase, oxidase, urease and gas from several carbohydrates including glucose, fructose, arabinose, xylose, lactose, maltose, and sucrose among others (6,7).

    The antimicrobial susceptibility pattern is variable as the organism has been shown to form several antibiotic-inactivating enzymes (8). Consequently, antimicrobial therapy should be guided by minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) testing as the disk diffusion breakpoints have not been determined. In addition to antimicrobial therapy, removal of any foreign body or device should be considered.

    MICs on limited isolates suggest that ticarcillin, cefoxitin, ceftriaxone, cefotaxime, gentamicin, and ciprofloxacin have the greatest efficacy on A. radiobacter. These limited studies also showed significant variation in susceptibility within classes of antibiotics (1).


    Edmond MB, Riddler SA, Baxter CM, Wickland BM, Pasculle AW. Agrobacterium radiobacter: A Recently Recognized Opportunistic Pathogen. Clinical Infectious Disease. 1993, 16:388-91.
    Pickett MJ, Hollis DG, Bottone EJ. Miscellaneous gram-negative bacteria. In: Balows A, Hausler WJ Jr., Herrmann KL, Isenberg HD, Shadomy HJ, eds. Manual of clinical microbiology. 5th edition. Washington, DC. American Society of Clinical Microbiology. 1991: 410-28.
    Hulse M, Johnson S, Ferrieri P. Agrobacterium Infections in Humans: Experience at One Hospital and Review. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 1993, 16:112-7.
    Dunne MW Jr., Tillman J, Murray JC. Recovery of a Strain of Agrobacterium radiobacter with a Mucoid Phenotype from an Immunocompromised Child with Bacteremia. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. Sept. 1993, 2541-3.
    Lautrop H. Agrobacterium spp isolated from clinical specimens. Acta Pathology Microbiology Scandinavian Supplement. 1967, 187: 63-4.
    Kersters K, De Ley J. Genus III. Agrobacterium Conn 1942, 359AL. In: Krieg NR, Holt JG, eds. Bergey’s manual of systematic bacteriology. Vol 1. Baltimor: Williams and Wilkins. 1984, 244-54.
    Alnor D, Frimodt-Moller N, Espersen F, Frederiksen W. Infections with the Unusual Human Pathogens Agrobacterium Species and Ochrobactrum anthropi. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 1994, 18:914-20.
    Martinez JL, Martinez-Suarez J, Culebras E, Perez-Diaz JC, Baquero F. Antibiotic inactivating enzymes from a clinical isolate of Agrobacterium radiobacter. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 1989, 23:283-4.

  3. Oger P; Farrand SK
    Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL 61801, USA.

    Conjugal transfer of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Ti plasmids is controlled by a hierarchical system in which opines, substrates produced by crown gall tumours, induce a quorum-sensing system. The cascade results from the control of expression of traR, the quorum-sensing activator, by a regulator responsive to the opine. In the two cases studied to date, the gene arrangements responsible for the cascade differ remarkably, suggesting that considerable diversity exists among the many Ti-like plasmids in the agrobacteria. In this study, we demonstrated that the novel Ti plasmid pTiChry5 is induced to transfer at high frequency by extracts from tumours initiated by strain Chry5. The purified inducer had the chemical and biological properties of agrocinopines C and D, a set of sugar phosphodiester opines known to induce transfer of another Ti plasmid, pTiBo542. The T-region of pTiChry5 contained a gene whose product, called Acs(Chry5), is virtually identical to the agrocinopine C+D synthase from the T-region of pTiBo542. The two genes are less closely related to acs of pTiC58, which is responsible for the production of agrocinopines A+B, a similar but not identical set of phosphodiester opines by tumours induced by strain C58. Agrocinopines A+B induce transfer of pTiC58 but did not induce transfer of pTi(Chry5). A single copy of traR was identified at the 11 o’clock region of pTi(Chry5), where it is part of a two-gene operon called arc(Chry5). Although altered by deletions, arc(Chry5) is related to the five-gene arc operon that controls the expression of traR on pTiC58. Expression of traR(Chry5) was induced by agrocinopines C+D and the opines isolated from Chry5 tumours but not by agrocinopines A+B. A mutation in traR(Chry5) abolished transfer, and transfer was restored by complementation in trans. We conclude that the agrocinopine opines and the corresponding opine-meditated conjugal regulatory regions of pTiChry5 and pTiC58 share a common origin, but that the opine signals for the two Ti plasmids have evolved divergently through changes in the opine synthase enzymes. The alterations in the opines, in turn, necessitated a co-evolutionary change in the opine recognition systems responsible for controlling expression of the traR genes on these two types of Ti plasmids.

  4. Sorry about the biology, Its all over my head, except this….
    QUORUM SENSING, hey I’ve dang heard that before.
    As I said Destroy the hive, the secondary, and tertiary symptoms subside.
    Yes?’ Smilykins?
    Surely were just loony?

  5. Reckon?

  6. Is that it?
    I give you science.
    You rubut in complete blithe
    Open your eyes, even at this stage,
    the abyss approaches.

  7. Conjugal transfer of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Ti plasmids is controlled by a hierarchical system in which opines, substrates produced by crown gall tumours, induce a quorum-sensing system. The cascade results from the control of expression of traR, the quorum-sensing activator, by a regulator responsive to the opine. In the two cases studied to date, the gene arrangements responsible for the cascade differ remarkably, suggesting that considerable diversity exists among the many Ti-like plasmids in the agrobacteria

    Heirachical, substrates, quorum sensing, traR, Ti like Plasmids.
    Key concept: cw morgellons
    Further Study, ACE (alternative cellular Energy) pigments.

    Syncronicity, like when I write about the spread of morgellons under the skin, talk about killing the hive, follow a lead about agrobacterium, find the above, Bingo.
    Quorum sensing, plasmids, gee, now I’m gonna do some real study.
    Maybe you are right Smilykins, maybe I do think too much, but I assure you, my mental gymnastics will continue.

    Heirachical, quorum sensing, Plasmids…

    Break it down

    build it up

    respect (for human dignity}

  8. And I thought Quorum sensing was the chairman trying to seek to move a motion, as I need to do, shortly, as I just got up.
    Try googling traR/e coli in humans, you will be suprised.

    Quorum sensing is a global regulatory mechanism in enterohemorrhagic
    Escherichia coli O157:H7.
    V Sperandio
    A G Torres
    J A Girón
    J B Kaper

    Center for Vaccine Development and Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, USA.
    Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) O157:H7 is responsible for outbreaks of bloody diarrhea and hemolytic-uremic syndrome in many countries. EHEC virulence mechanisms include the production of Shiga toxins (Stx) and formation of attaching and effacing (AE) lesions on intestinal epithelial cells. We recently reported that genes involved in the formation of the AE lesion were regulated by quorum sensing through autoinducer-2, which is synthesized by the product of the luxS gene. In this study we hybridized an E. coli gene array with cDNA synthesized from RNA that was extracted from EHEC strain 86-24 and its isogenic luxS mutant. We observed that 404 genes were regulated by luxS at least fivefold, which comprises approximately 10% of the array genes; 235 of these genes were up-regulated and 169 were down-regulated in the wild-type strain compared to in the luxS mutant. Down-regulated genes included several involved in cell division, as well as ribosomal and tRNA genes. Consistent with this pattern of gene expression, the luxS mutant grows faster than the wild-type strain (generation times of 37.5 and 60 min, respectively, in Dulbecco modified Eagle medium). Up-regulated genes included several involved in the expression and assembly of flagella, motility, and chemotaxis. Using operon::lacZ fusions to class I, II, and III flagellar genes, we were able to confirm this transcriptional regulation. We also observed fewer flagella by Western blotting and electron microscopy and decreased motility halos in semisolid agar in the luxS mutant. The average swimming speeds for the wild-type strain and the luxS mutant are 12.5 and 6.6 microm/s, respectively. We also observed an increase in the production of Stx due to quorum sensing. Genes encoding Stx, which are transcribed along with lambda-like phage genes, are induced by an SOS response, and genes involved in the SOS response were also regulated by quorum sensing. These results indicate that quorum sensing is a global regulatory mechanism for basic physiological functions of E. coli as well as for virulence factors.
    PMID: 11489873

    The full text of this article may be accessible through PubMed at:

  9. Thank you Michael for allowing me to post on your enriching, Illuminating little site.
    Most rewarding.
    Making good people better.

  10. Al, please don’t just cut-and-paste complex articles you don’t understand (and that most other people will not understand). That’s essentially spam, and if it continues then it will eventually just get marked as spam. If you have something to say, then say it. If you wish to discuss the ideas in the articles, then discuss them. The comments section here is intended for discussion. In particular discussion of if Morgellons is actually a distinct disease. Random articles on quorum sensing are not useful.

  11. “Making good people better”, Al? You know that in God’s eyes, all people are good, and that we’re all in possession of a free will. Through no fault of any patient believing themselves to have it, all that I can get out of “morgellons disease” is that it’s definitely not distinct disease, but, rather, a horrifically distinct misunderstanding that breeds more misunderstandings for those who can’t see things for what they are.


    This is difficult to say, but, Al, I’ll tell ya what…right there, since so many “morgellons disease” patients/victims read a lot and think too hard, see if you can take anything into consideration from that link. Come on, and delve into that with your open mind. I consider such information to be highly relevant to anyone who is compelled to “think outside of the box” for answers to some of their problems. Is it too boring? Oh, yes, I’m quite sure that it is, but an improved state of health will never be attained through beliefs in conspiracy theories, quackery, and science fiction. Those types of things seem to be all that morgies are attracted to for seeking answers to their dilemmas.

    There really isn’t an entire group of strangers, from all walks of life, around the globe, with a new disease in common. Morgies won’t believe their doctors, and many seem just as pleased as punch to abandon all their prior diagnosed conditions, swapping them all for “morgellons disease”. Things are not, and they never will be, that simple.

    So sadly, it appears that nobody who thinks they have “morgellons disease” can strike out on their own to learn anything about their health. It seems that all morgies are very hurt, and very angry, declaring that the qualified doctors they’ve seen have refused to listen to them, and that they’ve been misdiagnosed, concerning that which they’ve grown to believe to be “morgellons disease”. Like everything else surrounding this issue, it seems that there was an incorrectness there, already, to begin with. So much more incorrect stuff is deeply programmed into such persons’ minds as this, and it’s so steadily fueled by this terrible “morgellons disease movement”.

    I don’t claim to be anything I’m not, but I have plenty of time and I-have-been-listening, with an acute interest, on line (the place where this all began, after all). I came into this with an open mind, although not completely without prejudice, over two years ago. To me, it very much appears to be pretty clear that most of these patients are part of a growing problem that truly is seeming to spiral out of control.

    Is the spread of “morgellons disease” what I’m referring to as spiralling out of control? No, but it used to seem that there were some boundaries among morgies, in that they often used to try and keep each other from making their group (they’d thought), appear as looking as though they were (what they considered to be), too far out there…mostly, they’d say, in case interested doctors were reading their message boards. “Interested doctors” sure were, as has been shown through so many charlatans capitalizing on things they’ve gleaned directly from the patients’ comments to trick them into profit for themselves.

    Remember, I was led to learn about “morgellons disease” by my daughter, three years after going though a very ill period for a couple of months, five years ago. Just like she’d said, yes, indeedy, it appeared as though there was a new disease that a lot of people had, that was exactly like what I’d recovered from.

    I’m real sorry for saying this, but it’s since progressed into a lot of these patients (many “newbies”, even), looking as though they try to out-do each other, if you know what I mean. By saying that, I honestly don’t mean anything offensive, but, outside-of-the-box-thinking, clearly, means something very different to such people. Surely, not all of you are too blind to see the deception in what the founding mother of “morgellons disease”, the crooked doctors, and the nurse, who got this thing going say about the “disease making you that way”. Some of ya need a good hard knot jerked in your tails to see what group you’re a part of. It’s not the disease of morgellons being more virulent, or more progressive, in some people more than others.

    Al, I think the biggest lie, bigger than “the lie of morgellons disease”, is the one lie that everyone’s telling themselves. If some morgies aren’t “what they’re always saying they’re accused of being”, why so many accusations against mainstream medicine, and why are such patients not taking the information they’re possesssion of, concerning what they declare as being a malfunction in their immune system, into consideration for themselves?

    If you have no choice but to over-think something, Al, at least why not try to over-think something that you might stand a chance of understanding, that really might lead you onto the pathway of true discovery? If you’re open to exploring what’s on the page in that link I provided on immune injury, scroll down about an inch from the top of the page, and start reading after the words, “Learning Objectives”. I know that you can drink it in if your mind is really open.

  12. go root yourself Michael, you know im right. you wanker

  13. please dont use the term “morgies”
    do you refer to amputees as “stumpies”
    or cancer victims “cancies”
    you bring dishonour to yourself.
    Im out of here for a while
    /keep the truth shining Michael/

    The major role of horizontal gene transfer in spreading antibiotic resistance has only been recognized since the late 1980s, when a Conference on Antibiotic Resistance was co-sponsored by the Environment Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation of the USA to look into the mechanisms and factors affecting such gene transfer (63). The first definitive evidence for horizontal gene transfer came from DNA sequence analysis of the genes for neomycin-kanamyin resistance from Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococci and Campylobacter sp. (64) which were found to be essentially identical. Identity of sequence not only gives evidence for horizontal gene transfer, but also indicates that the transfer is a very recent event. Further evidence of horizontal gene transfer was subsequently obtained for a wide range of antibiotic resistances, by DNA sequencing or other methods of characterizing DNA (65- 70).

    6.1 The scope of horizontal gene transfer
    The scope of horizontal gene transfer is essentially the entire biosphere (13, 14, 36, 38, 71-77). Genes are found to have been transferred, not only among microorganisms and viruses, but among eukaryote species and across traditional Kingdoms of organisms. Among eukaryotes, the main transfers have involved transposable elements (36, 77) such as the P element among Drosophilids, and transposable introns among lower eukaryotes and bacteria (36). Some especially promiscuous elements such as mariner have been found in arthropods and vertebrates, including primates and humans, where it is associated with a neurological wasting disease (78). Gene transfer mediated by transposable elements do not require DNA base sequence homologies.

    Transfers have occurred from bacteria to higher plants and vice versa. The best known example is the direct demonstration of transfer between the soil bacterium, Agrobacterium and plants. In a process bearing a strong resemblance to conjugation between bacteria (see Section 7.3), the tumour (T) segment of the tumour-inducing (Ti ) bacterial plasmid is transferred and incorporated into the plant genome (79, 80). However, it must be noted that nearly all cases of directly demonstrated horizontal gene transfer, especially those involving phylogenetically distant species, made use of already modified hybrid shuttle vectors that can transfer between species and replicate in both. These shuttle vectors possess signals for replication (origins of replication) in more than one species as well as the signal for DNA transfer (origin of transfer), and are hence much more likely to be successful in horizontal transfer than unmodified plasmids found naturally. The Ti plasmid is, indeed, the basis of a gene transfer vector system widely used for genetically engineering crop-plants (see Table IV).

    Cross-Kingdom horizontal gene transfer by conjugation has also been demonstrated between bacteria and yeast using shuttle vectors derived from broad host-range promiscuous plasmids (see Section 7.3) which are already transferable between many bacterial species (71, 74, 81). Such vectors can even substitute for the Ti plasmid in transferring genes from Agrobacterium to plants (82). Re-cent evidence documented the direct transfer of transgenes and marker genes from transgenic plants to soil fungi (83) and soil bacteria (84), indicating that secondary, unintended gene transfers can occur from genetically engineered crop-plants which are now released commercially into the environment. Despite the title of their publication, Schlutter et al. (84) actually observed a high ‘optimal’ gene transfer frequency of 6.2 × 10-2 in the laboratory, from which they ‘calculated’ a frequency of 2.0 × 10-17 under extrapolated ‘natural conditions’. The natural conditions, are of course, largely unknown (36). In a recent Workshop at the German Environmental Protection Agency, two research groups reported secondary transfer of antibiotic resistance marker genes from transgenic plants to soil microorganisms (85, 86). Debris and exudates from transgenic plants will, therefore, be expected to transform bacteria and other microorganisms in the soil. E. coli cells have been successfully transformed by T-DNA, simply using total DNA from a transgenic plant; and the T-DNA vector was recovered as a circular plasmid in the trans-formed cells (79). In addition, other vectors such as viruses, insects and nematodes can also mediate unintended, secondary horizontal gene transfer (36).

    Mammalian cells are known to take up foreign genes by a number of mechanisms including anastomosis, endosymbiosis, phagocytosis (87, 88) and also endocytosis, a process dependent on specific cell-membrane receptors binding to DNA or to macromolecules (most frequently proteins) complexed to DNA, so that the DNA can be internalized (36). It has even been suspected that gene transfer from bacteria to animal cells can occur by conjugation, a mating process previously thought to be confined to bacterial cells. (see Section 11.3). The ability of certain viruses (retro-viruses) to capture and transfer genes among mammalian cells is well-known and is associated with many animal cancers (see entries in (89)). Numerous illegitimate recombinations requiring no sequence homologies are due to retroviral insertion into the genome transferring genes horizontally between individuals of the same or different species (36). In short, a given gene from any organism has the potential to spread to all other organisms in the biosphere (13, 14).

    However, DNA uptake by itself is not sufficient for successful gene transfer. Important barriers operate after the uptake of foreign DNA which break down, or other-wise block the integration, use and maintenance of the foreign genes (40, 77). Plasmid DNA requires an origin of replication that is recognized and used by the host cell before it can be replicated and maintained. Similarly, promoter sequences which can be recognized by the host are necessary for expressing the viral genes that make the virus, as well as expressing any other foreign genes carried by the virus. (Though, of course, origin of replication and promoter sequences can be acquired by recombination.) However, degraded DNA coding for parts or domains of proteins, or short regulatory motifs that bind transcription factors or otherwise enhance or repress gene expression may also be integrated, with significant genetic effects including cancer (36). Recombination of domains is al-ready known to be a major factor in generating new proteins (59).

    While the host cell DNA has its own origins of replication, methylation patterns (chemical markers) and promoter sequences which are specific to the species, artificial gene transfer vectors and other manipulated DNA have recombined origins of replication and promoter sequences from different species which can be recognized by different host species. In addition, they are designed to overcome the restriction systems which break down and ‘silence’ foreign DNA. Thus, genetic engineering may have created new avenues and possibilities for increasing the scope of horizontal gene transfer


    Spam, I guess.
    Why would one google ” e coli agrobacterium genetic splice”?
    Must think too much.
    Read with understanding people, because, despit ole Michael protests, lay people can understand complex issues.
    eukaryotic, what a lovely sounding word, sounds like nuclear karaoke, ona meta genetic level.
    Catch up, Michael you old fool.
    If you have the audacity to foster such an offensive blog, be prepared for a VIGOROUS STRINGENT REBUTTAL.
    My next platform will be to establish guilt.
    But first to the science, Catch up Michael, I intend to have a comprehensive working knowledge of the relevant disciplines required to stop this in its tracks.
    I suggest you do the same…

  16. I realyy cant be bothered with you Michael, you are such a voyuer, but in the interests of debating the veracity of maorgellons, lets look to the science….
    even a potato could understand this one….


    CHAIR—Where does that gene come from?

    Dr Higgins—In this particular case the one that we have used in peas came from bacteria—
    E.coli bacteria. It encodes resistance to an antibiotic called kanamycin. There are a number of
    other genes that have been used in this way as well but this describes the concept where one
    needs to have a gene that codes for a characteristic that allows you to select out cells that have
    taken up the new DNA. So all the cells that have not taken up the new DNA are killed by the
    antibiotic. Any cell that has taken it up lives and divides and goes on to produce a new plant.
    These two genes are linked physically and put into another bacterium called agrobacterium.
    This is what we use. There are a number of different ways in which you can deliver genes into
    plants. One of them shown here—the one that I have used—is agrobacterium. It is a soil
    microbe that normally delivers some of its own DNA into plant cells. We have replaced that
    DNA with our DNA so the agrobacterium cannot tell the difference between its own DNA that it
    would normally transfer into plant cells and the DNA that we have introduced. It carries the
    DNA into the plants and all of the chromosomes of that plant and carries that DNA on into
    subsequent generations.

    More Spam I guess.
    I wonder if God is an Aussie?

    I’m joking, but I wonder what the “light in the southern hemisphere”
    is all about?

  18. Well said Al, the science…and yes I do look like Mrs Potato Head today!

    I had a quack treating my Morgellons symptoms with antibiotics, well he was treating my chronic Rickettsiosis actually, but he did say that the IV antibiotic would kill my Morgellons symptoms too….

    Even more disturbing is the finding that antibiotics can increase the frequency of horizontal gene transfer 10- 10000-fold (27-30). Thus, antibiotics create the very conditions facilitating the spread of antibiotic resistance. The evolution and spread of antibiotic resistance predate genetic engineering, and are largely due to the profligate use of antibiotics in intensive farming, and in medicine (31, 32). However, the abuse of antibiotics per se does not account for the emergence of new viruses and new virulent strains of bacteria. Fifty new viruses have been identified just between 1988 and 1996 (33). The urgent question which needs to be addressed is the extent to which genetic engineering biotechnology, by facilitating horizontal gene transfer and recombination, is contributing to the resurgence of infectious, drug-resistant diseases, and will continue to do so if allowed to proceed unchecked.

    I took the above exert out of that link Al provided in post 17.

    I guess all the doctors must have read that WHO report back in 1996, or something similar I would say. Why else was I and thousands just like myself given an antidepressant as a bandaid, particularly to someone diagnosed with Fibromyalgia way back in 1996.
    What causes Fibromyalgia??
    I wonder if gene transfer would have anything to do with anything?
    Who knows, what do you reckon Al? I think you’re onto something mate, keep up the good work.
    Has Starlink been about lately?
    Smilykins & TC – oh – nevermind.

  19. Michael – Could I ask for your point of view please on the above links Al provided.

    If you join the dots can you not see how Al and myself have this condition called Morgellons?

    Al – I’m just trying to break down your last post so I can get my head around it. So what Dr Higgins is saying then is – if I eat frozen peas I’m sure to start sprouting another head, or arm, or I may even start spitting fluff and fibres, oh lord forbid!

    The light in the southern hemisphere?? – it’s the aliens Al – they’re coming… do ya still have that milk cart?

  20. Are Doctors Just Playing Hunches?
    CHRISTINE GORMAN / Time Magazine 15feb2007

    Nobody pretends medicine is easy, but if there’s one thing we ought to be able to rely on, it’s that the doctors looking out for us are doing more than playing hunches. We take certain medicines because they work, right? We go into the operating room for certain procedures because they’ll make us well, don’t we? …..

  21. The Neurobiology of Mass Delusion
    JASON BRADFORD / Energy Bulletin 11jan05
    source: 12jan05

    History is replete with examples of social organizations, whether a business or a nation, that failed to perceive the realities of a changing environment and didn’t adapt in time to prevent calamity. Hubris and a self-reinforced dynamic of mass delusion characterize the waning phases of these once powerful groups. In hindsight we ask, “What were they thinking? Wasn’t the situation obvious to everyone? The evidence is so clear!” Here’s the question we should ask next: “Is history now repeating itself?”

    Anyone familiar with the concepts of overshoot, resource depletion, global climate change, mass extinction, and related ills, wonders why the media, church groups and political leaders do not vigorously discuss these topics. By contrast, those unfamiliar with these issues assume that because they are not covered closely, the problems must not be too worrisome. My view is that science and history are correct, and that we are headed for a major planetary disaster as far as humans are concerned. I’ve tried to understand why the human brain, on a collective level at least, is apparently incapable of dealing with obvious problems. Here’s what I’ve learned.

    For a clue to how the mind works, imagine getting startled in your own home. A shadowy figure lurking in a doorway elicits a powerful jolt to your system. It is only your spouse, of course, but it takes about half a second to realize that. This reveals what neurobiologists can now see with modern imaging techniques: visual signals get processed in more than one brain region, and the signal first arrives at the primitive hindbrain where it can respond before we are conscious of the threat. Playing runner up is the neocortex, our lumbering master of rational thought. A false alarm is inconvenient, yes, but a necessary burden. Without that startle response, a lion may have eaten us.

    Emotions motivate and guide us. Fear of the lion prepares the body for fight or flight. Love binds individuals into cohesive units greater than the sum of their parts. When we succeed or fail at a task, or are praised or scorned for a particular behavior, emotional reactions are our rewards (feels good) or punishments (feels bad) and become the guideposts for our future thoughts and actions. The neocortex works with our emotions to solidify our plans. We dream about a goal and anticipate the emotional rewards of realizing it. Our self-esteem can be wrapped up in these goals and plans. They become our “mental models,” setting what is important in life and largely defining who we think we are. This is how we become determined to “stick with the program.” Mental models may range from the very short term and mundane, such as a plan to jog 12 laps, to lifetime goals and worldviews, such as a career path and religious beliefs.

    Another clue about how the mind works comes from a famous experiment on the nature of the brain duality. Two films were made; both included a basketball team passing a ball among them. In one film a woman with an umbrella walks through the scene, in the other film it’s a gorilla. People were randomly shown one of the films and randomly told either to count the number of ball passes made or just watch. Now consider the mindset of the counters. They have a goal, they bind this goal to an emotional reward, and they anticipate getting the “right answer” and “feeling good.” All of those told to just watch and report anything interesting about the film recall either the woman with an umbrella or the gorilla. Over a third of those counting missed the woman and over a half missed the gorilla.

    When mental models are tied to rewards, we fear and rebel against their disruption, aiming to avoid disappointment or disillusionment. Because it receives and processes sensory input faster, our emotional mind can censor from conscious awareness information that may interfere with the task required to make the goal. If a gorilla isn’t involved in actually passing the ball, then don’t pay attention to the gorilla. Depending upon circumstances, this focus can be advantageous or dangerous. If a mathematician is working on the proof of a theorem in the safety of his office that is fine, but doing so on a busy street can be deadly.

    A changing environment, such as a busy street, requires us to be open to new sensory inputs and to be willing to modify or even dismiss outmoded mental models. Rigidity of mental models in the face of countervailing information is called denial. Given what we now know about the structure and function of different brain regions, we can understand the physiological roots of denial. The data nullifying a cherished mental model are systematically filtered out before the conscious brain is even aware of them. The expression, “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil,” exemplifies this censoring process.

    The conscious brain is not a simple dupe however. It can actively participate in the act of denial. This is termed “rationalization,” and involves complex neocortical functions. People can erect fancier houses of cards and hold on to their cherished beliefs even in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence. Many will admit that is what they are doing by resorting to the expression, “Well, I just have faith,” even when the subject is not overtly religious. This point in a discussion signals that the mental model being challenged is very important for the person, and to remove it would cause a serious and painful identity crisis. Who wants that kind of grief?

    You can witness this brain duality in operation while watching debates between some of the dominant personalities of our culture, mainly those representing large financial and business interests, and the concerned watchers and interpreters of physical reality, mainly scientists in the realms of ecology, geology and climatology. Because the scientists are challenging fundamental assumptions of our culture, such as the basis for “progress” and the consequences of “economic growth,” many cannot agree with the scientists without losing their identity. This threat to the mental model is simply too great to accept. Hence you encounter two modes of response from those accepting of the prevailing paradigm: (1) the scientific data are not reliable, and (2) faith in technological progress and/or human ingenuity.

    So when wondering why so many people just “don’t get it,” (oil depletion, overshoot etc.) whether they are your local politician or great aunt, realize there is a physiological mechanism that may preclude having a rational discussion on certain topics. The truth can only be pushed so far before rebellion occurs, hence the phrase, “To kill the messenger.” Before many folks can learn and incorporate the lessons of ecology, most could use the services of a good shrink. Someone to call them on their bull and get them to face their faulty, contradictory, and destructive thought patterns.

    I fear that the world has neither enough shrinks nor enough time to wait for the long process of psychotherapy to work. Furthermore, enshrined institutions embody dangerous mental models within their various charters, goals and mission statements. If anyone happens to have a crisis of confidence, these institutions work to re-assimilate the disenchanted, quietly dismiss them, or destroy their reputations. Of course these are the worst possible responses. As Jared Diamond explains in his book “Collapse,” history is replete with societies that failed to question their own assumptions and create new paradigms. Instead of making life possible in a changed environment, they are part of archeology’s trash heap.

    Those who know about “Peak Oil,” monetary debts, climate change, militarism, overpopulation, corporatism, soil loss, aquifer depletion, persistent organic pollutants, deforestation, etc., realize we are at a major historical juncture now. Since we know it is past time to change our culture, the question we have is whether most people will bother to listen and create the necessary transition in a rational, non-violent manner.

    For those who find the terms in the previous paragraph somewhat mysterious, try this. Research the “laws of thermodynamics” and compare them to the cultural imperative for “economic growth.” See if you can recognize and then resolve the tension between the two in your mind. If you can’t resolve the tension, decide which one of these has to go. Look back at the terms in the previous paragraph and ask how they relate to what you’ve just learned. Caution: afterwards you may need a good shrink.

    Just a couple more dots for ya Michael, so what do ya think?
    I’m probably just wasting my time with the debunkers, but the above article does hold a lot of weight with regards to the Morgellons issue does it not??

  22. yes were knee deep in slops, sunk by credit..everything is dandy…eukaryotically challenging…
    slide the bad thought away…

  23. yep…nite Al

  24. Transformation among microbes in the environment has
    been extensively reviewed recently (36 – 38), showing that it
    is extremely widespread. The process involves DNA being
    released into the environment, its binding to the surface of
    bacteria, entry into the cell and recombination with the
    bacterial chromosome, or in the case of plasmids, reconsti-
    tuting the plasmid.

    Keeping up morghaters?

  25. Horizontal gene transfer is not limited to the externalenvironment. It has been demonstrated between gut bacte-
    ria in mice and chickens (137, 138) and in the gut (139,
    140) as well as urogenital and respiratory tract of human
    beings (141).Stephenson and Warnes (142) wrote,‘The threat of horizontal gene transfer from recombinant
    organisms to indigenous ones is…very real and mecha-
    nisms exist whereby, at least theoretically, any genetically
    engineered trait can be transferred to any prokaryotic
    organism and many eukaryotic ones’ (p. 5).A year later, another molecular geneticist, who works on
    transgenic plants, admitted that, ‘…the potential for hori-
    zontal (gene) transfer may be greater than thought previ-
    INEFFECTIVEWhen Paul Berg and others (144) published their letter on
    ‘Potential biohazards of recombinant DNA molecules’ in
    Science, the main areas of concern were the possibilities of
    survival and spread of genetically engineered microorgan-
    isms (GEMs) and the dissemination of the new recombi-
    nant gene sequences to bacterial hosts throughout the
    different bacterial communities via horizontal gene transfer.

    From above, eukaryotically speaking of course.

  26. Comment # 15 Al Says:

    please dont use the term “morgies”
    do you refer to amputees as “stumpies”
    or cancer victims “cancies”
    you bring dishonour to yourself.

    No, Al, and I’m sorry you feel that way. The group of patients/victims/believers who are united in the false belief that they all have the same mysterious disease in common coined the term, “morgies”. Their word has a dual meaning, as it can be used to refer to anyone who thinks they have “morgellons disease”, as well as to the objects they collect from themselves and their environment.

    Such people set themselves apart, declaring that they are one unit, but I’ve stressed the fact that they’re separate individuals, with nothing in common, aside from:

    A. The fact that their individual conditions triggered the state they’re in
    B. “Morgellons disease” has tricked them, as well as others, into something far more detrimental

    My speaking against “morgellons disease”, in favor of reality, often incites anger in a member of the group of patients who are united in the false belief that they all have the same mysterious disease in common, and they believe that I have made a personal attack on them. Also, there have been desires expressed by some of the members of the group of patients who are united in the false belief that they all have the same mysterious disease in common to not lump them in with the others, when I haven’t, because I don’t know them, and I haven’t said anything personal about them, either.

    I offend both types of people who have, unfortunately, fallen underneath the spell and chosen to be members of the group of patients who are united in the false belief that they all have the same mysterious disease in common, every time I say anything about what I think about “morgellons disease”. It’s easier to say “morgies”, rather than, “members of the group of patients who are united in the false belief that they all have the same mysterious disease in common”.

    Now, excuse me, but why don’t morgies ground themselves in the reality of HORIZONTAL GENE TRANSFER if you think you understand it, and lay off the damned antibiotics?!!!!

  27. Hey now, Al, I just skimmed back up and saw that you said:

    Keeping up morghaters?

    Is “morghaters” a word for patients who think they’re plagued with “morgellons disease”?

  28. Al, I’m sorry but quorum sensing has been part of the natural world for hundreds of thousands of years. It is nothing new, and definitely not something created by recent science. Conjugal transfer has always been a means for bacteria to create genetic diversity and is not something created by recent science. Science has used E.coli for transforming cells for all kinds of research from plant to medical to anything in between. It is not new and it is not done with pathogenic strains of E. coli. These research organisms are not used to attack people and are treated with caution.

    I’m not saying there is no morgellons, I am simply saying in this case your science is wrong.

  29. Al – I was hoping to have a read of that link you posted in post #26, but unfortunately it just takes me to a McAfee site advisor and this message…..

    Why were you redirected to this page? We believe this site may be trying to trick you into entering your financial or personal information. This is a serious security threat which could lead to identity theft, financial losses or other dissemination of personal information.

    What the???

    Why would ecoli, agrobacterium, and genetic splicing be a serious security threat to me?? – doesn’t matter, coz I’m delusional away, HA!

  30. Oh I dont know whats going on, obviously the puppeteers have their marionettes in a spin.
    Sorry if you didnt get the link, I hope it isnt suspect. I just clicked it, and found it to open.
    Any way my science is kaput.
    Ill hang my lab coat up, put my files in a paperclip, MaKeUltra light aeroplane, shine a blue beam through a Monarch.
    So, I’m guessing if I’m a dodgy scientist, I’d be a crap lawyer.
    Yes quorum sensing is nothing new, but for how many generations have we been tampering with dna, gene splicing and stem cell research. Oh about one!
    That Jace, is something new.

    Any way Horizontal Gene Transfer, lets look at that.
    Oh’ no, I’m sacked as chief scientist…
    Back to the tools for me

    p.s. morghater n. one who hates “morgies”

  31. Gee thanks Al! I see you have been hard at it.

    Science, Math & Biology were my worst subjects at school,I know I have told you before Al, I’m not very good with all this stuff. I apply simple science to what we know, this is my simple equation -

    agrobacterium + ecoli = what ? plant + pooh (baceria,parasites,fungi,yeast,goo poo)= a compost heap


    Nicolaus Copernicus

    and this quote from Copernicus

    “For I am not so enamored of my own opinions that I disregard what others may think of them. I am aware that a philosopher’s ideas are not subject to the judgment of ordinary persons, because it is his endeavor to seek the truth in all things, to the extent permitted to human reason by God. Yet I hold that completely erroneous views should be shunned. Those who know that the consensus of many centuries has sanctioned the conception that the earth remains at rest in the middle of the heaven as its center would, I reflected, regard it as an insane pronouncement if I made the opposite assertion that the earth moves.”[4]

    Copernicus with medicinal plant.”For when a ship is floating calmly along, the sailors see its motion mirrored in everything outside, while on the other hand they suppose that they are stationary, together with everything on board. In the same way, the motion of the earth can unquestionably produce the impression that the entire universe is rotating.” [5]
    “Hence I feel no shame in asserting that this whole region engirdled by the moon, and the center of the earth, traverse this grand circle amid the rest of the planets in an annual revolution around the sun. Near the sun is the center of the universe. Moreover, since the sun remains stationary, whatever appears as a motion of the sun is really due rather to the motion of the earth.”[6]
    “At rest, however, in the middle of everything is the sun. For, in this most beautiful temple, who would place this lamp in another or better position than that from which it can light up the whole thing at the same time? For, the sun is not inappropriately called by some people the lantern of the universe, its mind by others, and its ruler by still others. The Thrice Greatest labels it a visible god, and Sophocles’ Electra, the all-seeing. Thus indeed, as though seated on a royal throne, the sun governs the family of planets revolving around it.”

    What do ya reckon Al – Global Warming or Global Warning?

  32. Dear Gillian,

    Agrobacterium is a bacterium, a single-celled organism.
    E coli is a bacteria as well. Everyone has them.

    Science and math ARE my things, and I still had to look that up to double-check, so don’t despair.


  33. Al, there are lots of things that might go wrong in the field of public health. Ebola might become airborne, Bird Flu might mutate to human transmissible form, smallpox may escape from the lab, bubonic plague might come out of the woods due to climate change, AIDs might mutate, culture specific syndromes might spread via cultural exchanges facilitated by new technology.

    These things MIGHT happen. All kinds of things are possible. The question is: what HAS happened? You can speculate all you want about possibly calamities, but unless you’ve actually got some evidence that something has happened, then it’s all science fiction.

    All you know is that you are sick, and you don’t know why. Instead of wasting time with speculation, you would be far better off trying to work with a doctor on obtaining symptomatic relief.

  34. Shucks Michael, gee thanks.
    But I think I have this one pinned.
    Its a critical mass type of thing…
    Umm are we ready for the opening
    Gambit from the prosecution?
    Let the scientists debate horizontar gene transfer crossing biological kingdoms…
    A wee while.
    But it puts a new perspective on
    Cauliflower ears!!! Noddy….

  35. horizontal…dammit!

  36. Btw symptomatic relief would be fine, but needs dictate systemic recovery would be far better.
    I’m opening up a new field of interest in agrobacterium…
    what are those little suckers, anyway?

    (See) 5.1 The new hazards inherent to genetic engineering biotechnology

  38. Pollen transformation

    The invention is a method for the genetic transformation of any plant by using pollen as starting material for transformation with Agrobacterium. A culture medium useful for pollen germination and pollen tube growth in presence of Agrobacterium is also claimed.


    Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a ubiquitous soil borne pathogen responsible for Crown Gall disease, affecting many higher species of plant. The pathogen is a problem for agriculture all over the world. DNA transfer from Agrobacterium tumefaciens to eukaryotic cells is the only known example of interkingdom DNA transfer (Dumaset al., (2001). It is therefore unsuprising that Agrobacterium has evolved its own unique and specialised system to accomplish this task, which is of great interest to plant scientists. The information contained in this website will explore the history and all that we know about this remarkable micro-organism


    Types of Tissues to be transformed

  40. I would appreciate it if people would put links to articles, rather than cutting and pasting large chunks of those articles.

    I would MOST appreciate it if you could state the relevance of your posts, specifically what does it have to do with Morgellons?

    Gillian, nobody on the internet is trying to keep information from you. If you or your child are sick, then you should see a doctor. I’m sorry, but that’s really what’s best.

    Al, you too. But I suspect you’ve rejected that route a little too conclusively. Good luck.

    If y’all want to keep posting random science articles, then I’ll just turn off the comments, and you can go do it somewhere else. If you actually want to use your own words, and discuss things, then that would be good.

  41. Michael – please don’t patronize me, I’m not a child. I never said my child was sick. Unfortunately he was born premature, but he is doing ok so far. Aside of that, what concerns me more than anything at this point in my life is our future.

    I do apologise for my cutting & pasting of large documents, but at the time I felt it was important to highlight relevant paragraphs from links pertaining to our discussion on agrobacterium, horizontal gene transfer,genetic engineering and morgellons. The relevance of all of this I feel is that I have come to the end of the road. I don’t need a doctor, a doctor can not help me. This condition is beyond anything medicine has ever known, it is new.

    Our modern world has brought about the old disease – the morgellons (written by Sir Thomas Browne). An old bacteria that has lay in a state of dormancy from generation to generation, but not anymore. All things in this world coming together in the past 100 hundreds is hitting us head on, and we as the human race are not going to win, mother nature has spoken.

    No one sole person is to blame for this, but the longer we let things go, the worse it will get. Some one WILL want to blame someone and disaster will hit. Paranoia will become your new friend, you will fear your own shadown, you will know nothing more than the four walls that surround you and wonder what life is like on the outside. This is not the way life is meant to be.

    50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified Food

    The central problem underlying all of this technology is not just its short-term benefits and long-term drawbacks, but the overall attempt to “control” living nature based on an erroneous mechanistic view.

    ” Bioengineering” thus offers a contradiction in terms. “Bio” refers to life, what is not mechanistically predictable or controllable – and “engineering” refers to making the blueprints for machines that are predictable – but not alive. They are dead. Thus there is the joining of what is living with what applies to the opposite.

    What is patentable also needs to be mentally “distinctive” – fixed or mostly unchanging in our minds to obtain an ownership or right-to-control patent. Again, something unchanging is not constantly adapting to its surrounding environment. It is less alive, and strategies to maintain that are often deadly. For example, much of GM technology is directed at eliminating surrounding biological environment – competing animals and plants, soaking them with lethal toxins. Secondly, there are terminator plants that do not reproduce a second generation – preventing a subsequent generation from escaping the controlling patented mold. In contrast to nature’s rainforests teeming with life, GM technology has planted forests of flowerless, fruitless “terminator trees.” They are not habitats for life, but exude poisons from every leaf, killing all but a few insects. Thirdly, GM companies have gone on multi-billion dollar buying sprees, purchasing seed companies and destroying their non-patented (potentially competitive) seed stocks. Time magazine called the widespread consequences of this effort a global Death of Birth. All of this is why “biotechnology,” in its naked essence, has be tagged by some as thano- ( meaning death) technology.

  42. I have the FULLEST SUPPORT frommy doctor re morgellons.
    My conjecture is that there is a genome hybrid, capable of crossing from plant kingdom to animal kingdom, consisting of a splicing of agrobacterim, plus e coli, bred in antibiotic solution, capable of having other genetic triggers, in this case lsd, to have a stelth dormancy within the victim.
    The above science, should you deign to absorb it supports the premis of the above hypothesis.
    The question as to whether it is possible to do as I have set out above is answered in the affirmative.
    This is why I posted the articles.
    The question as to whether this is not only plausible, but in fact the extant condition, brings to light other darker issues.
    Questions of complicity and guilt.
    But hey , I’m not a lawyer.
    Read the science I have posted, none is spam, and yes, you will understand the complexities of living with a plant pathogenic genetically modified organism.
    Can you refute the premise, citing the above science?
    Beetroot yourself.

  43. Has anyone else seen the trailers for the film bug and been reminded of all the people who think they have morgellons??

  44. The Destruction of America by the Internationalist.

    Critics say nanotech plan sidelines public
    Anna Salleh
    ABC Science Online

    Advance Nanotech

    The Continual Challenge of Emerging Infectious Diseases

  45. Now before anyone starts calling me any rude names or saying I’m a jerk for bringing it up because “the movie is almost poking fun at those with morgellons” you should know that it’s based on a play about paranoia and DOP from around 1996. If anything this film will hopefully be a wake up call for people with DOP who are in denial and would rather live in fear picking at themselves than accept that maybe the problem is in their head and will go away if they try and get treated with that in mind.

  46. Christian – I’m sorry, but you obviously don’t fully understand the ins and outs about this condition called Morgellons. DOP is a diagnosis of exclusion. With all that we know, and for those of us that still continue to suffer day in and day out. NOT from picking our skin Christian, from real physical symptoms, neurological dysfunction, profound fatigue, the inability to concentrate and function. This then raises the point about the way the medical community perceives DOP and the way they diagnose DOP.

    We need to change the past and look to the future. I suggest re-writing the medical text books when it comes to DOP.

    So maybe you could keep this in mind Christian and then perhaps your obsession with this illness – Morgellons, that you do not have, will go away.

  47. Christian,

    Here’s the URL for a movie message board. It includes a topic on the movie, “Bug”. Morgies have been posting there, expressing their fears that the movie will make them appear to have mental problems. Of course, the Morgies reveal that fact without anyone else’s help.

    There’s also a topic posted on Lymebusters Message Board at the following URL.

    The Morgies are talking about summoning the help of Ashley Judd and the movie industry. They apparently want Ashley to include a statement at the end of the movie, a disclaimer of sorts, stating that DOP, depicted in the movie, doesn’t include the people with “Morgellons”. Some of the Morgies are even talking about filing lawsuits.

    Of course, the Morgies have always wanted to blame someone for their delusional state. My gosh! They wear their insanity on their sleeves, and they show the whole world just how badly they have lost touch with reality. But the Morgies aren’t just hurting themselves, and if it takes ridicule as a last resort, to bring them to their senses, so be it.

    Tall Cotton

  48. Actually, I was given a copy of the play “Bug” to read about a year ago. If the movie is like the play, we’ll see a dynamic of folie-a-deux (but, of course, how can two people share the same delusion?).

  49. The film “BUG” ^ sorry if it was hard to figure out what I was saying before.

  50. Christian,

    You were clear. I had heard, though, that the movie is based on the play.

  51. “So maybe you could keep this in mind Christian and then perhaps your obsession with this illness – Morgellons, that you do not have, will go away.” -Gillian

    I’m not obsessed at all I just saw the trailers for the film and it reminded me so much of when I thought I had morgellons that it made me laugh at how bad my life used to be and decided to do some internet research on the film in my spare time.

  52. I find myself appreciating the long quotes on gene transfers & quorom sensing that Al & Gillian posted–It’s a pain to have to hop all over the web reading 6 paragraphs in 10 different locations.

    For convenience & expediency, I have found that it is relatively respectful to use the term “Morgellonites” for those of us who share common problems & symptoms, and then I use the slang term “Morgies” for the as yet not fully elucidated, causitive factors and disease vectors of these illnesses. Seems to work, without being too heavy of a label or too disrespectful, I feel. At least I don’t object to being called a Morgellonite… It helps explain what is happening and why things are going the way they are with me right now.

    -Dr. Beverly

  53. Dear Mr TallCotton – “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”!!!

    Al – What time of year do you come into flower?

    Common names of plant diseases.

    And this link for the Cyber-borgs

    Centre For Responsible Nanotechology

  54. Christian,

    You said “when I thought I had morgellons.” Have you discussed your experience with Morgellons and your recovery somewhere that I could read it?

  55. continuing on from the agrobacterium discussion, here are a couple of links for ya Al

    History of the Medicinal Use of Marijuana

    Marijuana and Madness: Psychiatry and Neurobiology

    Those links should have you rolling on the floor laughing TC. Yep – insanity – feels good ya know.

  56. Beverly, I include you with the quackery this article is discussing. You sell “Divine Skin Protection” cream, which you claim will “fight and kill Morgellons parasites by skin application”. You are not a practicing doctor, nor have you been for twenty years, yet you still use the “Dr” and “MD” to sell your product.

  57. Dr Beverly, you might like to have a look at this link also. Wow your face cream is incredile!! congratulations!!!

    The Evolutionary History of Quorum-Sensing Systems in Bacteria

  58. Science and math ARE my things, and I still had to look that up to double-check, so don’t despair.

    Sarah, I just wanted to say thanks, for being nice to me. I mean that, I was feeling despair and have been for a few weeks. A great deal has happened in my life, a heck of a lot of stress, most of it out of my control, you know family issues and stuff.

    I did re read that sentence a few times when I felt a bit wobbly. I guess that’s what ya get when you play with the debunkers.

  59. Hi, y’all. I totally identify with what Christian said about “it made me laugh at how bad”. When the mind plays such tricks on a person, whatever the underlying cause, once it’s over, it is profoundly hilarious to realize that we ever believed our altered senses. I recall someone named Christian, from back in November, who’d posted a couple of comments (numbera 8 &10) in the link below.

  60. By the way, Beverly. You’d posted one time on Lymebusters’ message board, around February-March of 2005, telling people that they didn’t have “morgellons disease”. You’d explained that your doctor had treated you for the same type of illness, and that these patients are obsessing over normal skin processes involving the entrapment of environmental debris in their epidermal layer. Why did you completely change your mind, and go public about it, last year?

  61. sorry to break up the flow – but in light of what we are really discussing this is a damn good read.


    morgellonite/morgie whatever you want to call these damn people who keep dangling that friggin carrot! No, it’s not funny.

  62. You know, I have the opinion that “morgellons disease” includes quite a good deal of patients who have a lot more delusions than just that of parasitosis. This is an interesting article on Litigious Delusions, in which the patient pursued litigation as well as writing letters to various state and federal authorities.…

  63. The hypothesis is as follows:
    E coli is genetically spliced with agrobacterium temeficians, plus other genetic codex, designed to cause hyper immune response, plus madness, from lupus gene plus lsd marker.
    ok lets go there…..
    DR beverly, you have said that there is a hyperdimensional aspect to morgellons, could this explain while some who have attested to their own plights with this disorder, now recant previous statements about their condition?

    Composition and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of six Hypericum species from Serbia

  64. Michael – when do you plan to pull the finger on this side show?

    Don’t ya think (obviously not) that the game should finish?!!!!!!!! or is it genome?

    thank you ur honour!

  65. It’s not a game Gillian. People are really sick with many different things. They have very little in common. Yet the “Morgellons” movement has convinced them that they do, and sent them on a wild goose chase. This prevents them from getting any treatment for their various different and real conditions.

    This nonsense “research” into GM is irrelevant to your personal health condition. Quack treatments such as Drottar’s cream, or Al’s Hypericum, are just that: quack treatments. Meaning they have no evidence behind them, and are being promoted for dubious reasons. In Drottar’s case, perhaps to make money. In Al’s case, because he’s confused.

    If you post any more links without explaining how they are relevant (one sentence will do), I will just delete them.

  66. Michael – I know this is not a game, I’m sorry.

    I remember how I contracted Morgellons.

    My baby needs his mum, but I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be here, that is how ill I feel. The trial of lies seems to have been fed to my family also.

    I would call this condition – intent to murder

  67. A doctor once told me that patients who try litigation never recover from what illness they have.

  68. Thank you, Al, but I’m not used to anyone else making excuses for my being rude. I can’t help it when I hear about something and expect an open willingness on the part of the person saying it to want to facilitate understanding through an honest exchange of communication. Patients who think we all need to be warned of a new disease they have, which they believe we’re all at risk of catching, mostly shun those of us who have an interest in this matter. That’s not hardly fair, to call our attention to it, and keep trying to sidetrack us or demand that we shut up and leave it alone.

    It’s been made everyone’s business, and I think this link is relevant for some patients who don’t know what’s happened to them, even if they’ll never be able to understand:

    Mental Disorders Secondary to General Medical Conditions

    Failure to identify these underlying causal medical conditions can be potentially dangerous because serious and frequently reversible conditions can be overlooked.

    I think any link on agonosia, such as this one, is very relevant, too:

    “poor insight into having an illness and into the benefits of treatment is clearly another symptom of the disorder, and has nothing to do with being defensive or stubborn.”

    I don’t expect any evidence to prove there’s a new disease, and I wish someone could reach each person who thinks there is such a thing.

  69. Michael – Upon reading the link below, I do hope you understand the psychological distress and symptoms I am suffering.

    The Dying Process

    Thanks for reading.


  70. Michael – the way this has come together for me is really quite ironic. My baby was actually due to be born today, the 26th May, 2007. I am officially in the fourth dimension.

    The Fourth Dimension of Life: Fractal Geometry and Allometric Scaling of Organisms

  71. The 3rd dimension life on earth. The 4th dimension – the illusion.

    Dimensions and Densities

    “Reincarnation Karma: The Relation Between Reincarnation ”

    “We cannot discuss reincarnation sensibly without talking about the Laws of Karma. Karma is nothing other than the Universal law of cause and effect. It is a law that is embedded in this Universe and is not present in the same way that you in third dimension experience in the higher dimensions or the multi-dimensional realities.”

    I can remember my old family doctor once telling me not to stress or worry so much. “Follow your spiritual path, your density has already been set” – were his words of wisdom. He was a budhist actually. His medical expertise was brilliant.

    Unfortunately he is dead now.

  72. No Gillian, that does not help me understand. I don’t know what is wrong with you. You don’t know what is wrong with you, yet you seem to feel you are the subject of an experiment, or some kind of medical conspiracy, when there seems to be no evidence that that is the case. I don’t understand. I can’t help you, and you will find no help on the internet. Listen to your doctors. Good luck.

  73. and also these last couple of links…

    The Human Variome Project

    The Human Genome Project – discovering the human blueprint

    When an 8 year old child tells you that they are having nightmares about dying, it makes ya stop and think hey?

  74. Michael – you tell me to listen to my doctor – Ha! funny man, I’ve just worked out that the doc is a scientologist.

    What now?

  75. LSD

    NIDA InfoFacts: LSD

    Al – I agree with you on the LSD theory mixed in with this witches brew.

  76. You are not stupid Gillian. If you think your doctor is a quack, then get a new one.

  77. I’m disabling comments on the posts. Only a tiny fraction of the visitors comment, and the inevitable arguments serve only to clutter up the page. I’ve added a “comments” page at the top, you can use that for now if you want to say anything. Or email works too.

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