From: Atlas of Human Parasitology, 5th Edition, 2007, Ash & Orihel, pages 386-387

There appears to be a marked increase in cases of delusional parasitosis recently. This appears to correlate with increasing availability of internet sites that are devoted to this or similar conditions. By using online resources (especially web chatrooms), patients will come away with a conviction that they have identified the specific parasite that they have acquired, …

Within the past few years, individuals who often exhibit manifestations of what many consider to be delusional parasitosis have referred to their condition as Morgellons disease. Given the large number of individuals involved who feel this is an as yet undefined medical problem, the Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began in late 2006 an investigation into the validity of this as an actual disease. …

Many dermatologists refute the suggestion that this is an actual disease but instead indicate that many of these patients have psychological problems or other common skin disorders. Given the large numbers of individuals who feel they have this affliction, it will be most helpful over the coming years to have a valid scientific assessment of Morgellons disease and its possible etiology (or etiologies). One of the chief criticisms by many patients has been that they feel the medical community and other scientists consulted have not been open to the idea that there is possibly an as yet undescribed infectious or physiologic causation for the disease. However it is certainly true that in fact many expert parasitologists, medical entomologists and other microbiologists have in fact carefully examined fibers and other materials expressed or extracted from such patients and found that biological organisms are not present. Although an apparent association of the condition with the presence of Lyme disease has been reported (Savely et al, 2006, Aj J Clin Drematol., 7:1-6), further research will be needed to help resolve the validity of Morgellons disease. Until then, whether Morgellons disease is another name for delusional parasitosis, or a real disease entity with a biological or physiologic basis will remain up in the air.

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  1. Fibers are not mentioned therefore they have not seen a patient with this disease. I can say I have cancer but without seeing the cancer cells how can one evaluate if I have it or not? Same here. No fibers, not this disease and they can see thousands of patients but without saying they have seen the fibers, evaluated them and found the results to be whatever we just have cases of docs that have seen people that think but do not have this disease. PERIOD.

    Find me an article where they have seen the fibers, evaluated them (the fibers MUST be from UNDERNEATH the skin, not on top of it and must be exfoliated out) you have nothing but blah blah BS here..again!

  2. Damn, Randy, you actually said it!!!


    The epidermis is like that.

  3. Fibers are everywhere!

  4. Randy Said:

    Find me an article where they have seen the fibers, evaluated them (the fibers MUST be from UNDERNEATH the skin, not on top of it and must be exfoliated out) you have nothing but blah blah BS here..again!

    Atlas of Human Parasitology said:

    However it is certainly true that in fact many expert parasitologists, medical entomologists and other microbiologists have in fact carefully examined fibers and other materials expressed or extracted from such patients and found that biological organisms are not present.

  5. Randy Randy Randy, It was hard for people many years ago to prove that the world was round. people in ancient times were executed for saying that the earth was not the center of the universe.

    It was hard for them to tell people about the truth. It was especially hard for those people to believe something crazy like the world was not flat and not the center of the universe.

    Its hard to believe that my body feels like it has bugs crawling on it.

    Its hard to believe that random fibers come out of my body at any time and from the inside of my mouth.

    Time will tell and you will know the truth when you or someone you know looks at their palms of their hands and sees black specks come out of it.

    after the specks comes beige colored sand like crystals and often black small hairs that grow fast then flake off.

    God be with you randy. you need help. I need help a million times more than you do though.

  6. Chris, Chris, Chris, Randy is not a honey bee, and neither are you, and fears of all sorts are spinning you in circles and ruling your lives. The general population is not hard-headed or close-minded, and the old “world is flat” talk is so worn out. “Morgellons disease” patients have a track record, made public by this movement, and they have ignored a whole lot of doctors. I don’t know how young you are, but you alluded to pot smoking recently, and the effects it used to have on you. Well, I didn’t say anything at the time, and you won’t receive this well, now, either, but there are recent studies concerning pot smoking in teens being linked to their developing psychosis. Try to stop resisting and rejecting, and allow yourself to accept the type of help you need. Do you not actually know that God does not hear anyone who curses another? If not, stop and think about how many prayers you have had answered, and, then, you’ll realize it.

  7. Smiley,

    You are totally nuts andI feel very sorry for you. Do you not see how sick and screwed up you appear? Seek help my dear friend. Look for G-d sweetie cuz the devil has you in his grips and you can not even see it. I wish you light dear friend, you are lost in the darkness. Someone give this person some sunshine…

  8. I am happy to say that the purchase of a $10 hand held microscope from Radio Shack can put an end to this debate. Anyone who suspects they have Morgellons need to check this out. Not only do I have confirmation with my own eyes, but anyone who cares to see what’s in my skin is welcome to take a gander. My boyfriend has been in denial about his itching and pains. I have seen with my own eyes with this microscope that he too is infected. How many others are explaining away their symptoms? The irony of this situation is that I can see the fibers in his nose, ears, hair etc. He can’t. He does’nt want to have morgellons and he thinks he can ignore it away. Well, like Dr. Phil says,”How’s that working for you?” I can only see what’s going on in my arms and hands. I need the eyes of someone else who is willing to examine the areas that I cannot. He was curious enough to look and see what I had already located so now he knows what fibers and seeds look like. If anyone takes the time to examine the skin with a hand held microscope they won’t be suggesting that it’s the mind that needs to be examined. Because of the nature of this condition and the nature of skin, the location of fibers, seeds, organisms etc. is constantly changing. What there is to see today may look different tomorrow. Now, whenever I feel some discomfort from a welt or a scratch I examine the area with my microscope and I can usually find the source of the irritation. The fibers in my skin are black, red, and irradescent white. The white ones are incredible to see because of the way they glow with multicolors. They are the easiest way for me to identify morgellons at this point but you should’nt dismiss what comes out of your nose. Examine your bugers. That’s Right! The larger specimens can exit the nasal cavity. These aren’t fibers. These are organisms. This is a complex condition so I believe we need to journal all observations while we piece this puzzle together. The patterns repeat themselves so we will learn to recognize them.
    I have mentioned in ther postings that I use and distribute a product that has helped me immensely.I strongly recommend that anyone with morgellons should use this product. It relieves so many of the symptoms including inflammation, pain, fatigue, depression, brain fog, with no side effects. Someone has chronicled 160 different symptoms of morgellons. Would’nt you appreciate a product that has the ability to profoundly impact this list while supporting your immune system and repairing cellular damage that has already occurred, and detoxing the cells and the body in general? WE NEED THIS PRODUCT. If you want to know more, leave me a note or go to my website at
    Meanwhile, do yourself a favor and buy a microscope.

  9. Lynne, I was tempted to flag your post as “spam”, since your site is a portal for a Multi Level Marketing distributor of Mangosteen Beverage, an expensive snake oil with no known beneficial effects.

    But you seem genuine in your belief of Morgellons. You bought a microscope. You have black, red and white fibers that you can see, but other cannot. You’ve found fibers in your boogers. You note that there are 160 different symptoms of Morgellons.

    Have a look at these photos, note there are black, red and iridescent white fibers. Do any of these photos look like what you have?

  10. Randy, I am more sane than you are.

    I am not crazy. The doctors you talk that i have spoken to BELIEVE ME that i have these strange occurences. they do not know what to say to me.

    If they believe me when i am with my mom who has seen it wouldnt that be a sign that the doctors also believes that i am not crazy.

    I do need help. Not mental help that i am crazy, i need medical help with scientific research to stop this world epidemic.

    anyone who is afflicted with this knows they have it as soon as they find when searching their symptoms online.

    Everyone who has morgellons was shocked when they lost their morgellons virginity and saw that site that day. It was like it was a light going off in their head that they have this condition.

    as you read the site and see that there are like 13 symptoms or so that are happening to you like fibers suddenly growing out of your fucking mouth. you know that no other disease causes this.



    it took my parents a whole year to apologize to me when i was telling them i had this and i showed them to their fucking face.

    randy burn in hell you fucking bastard


    We people that have morgellons know that these fibers from that site are real fibers coming from people.

    Other people will just say those are nothing just made up internet scheming shit.

    I also have shit growing off my pubic hair. The doctor also does not know what it is.


    There needs to be a comercial on the superbowl with someone from speaking about symptoms in distinct description about fibers and the black specks, sandlike crystals from palms. guarantee there will be more people knowing what their secret weird condition is.

    If i had a lot of money the world would be informed about this rising epidemic.

  12. Hi guys and hi Michael…..Just my opinion here- at least it’s what is happening to me. I noticed a pattern that when I started to spend more time outside, I seemed to get new fibers and/or lesions. I paid closer and closure attention to this and then began to realize that this was the only time I got them. One evening I was sitting out on the patio reading for a while and began to get an extreme itchy feeling- I chalked it up to mosquitoes yet when I went inside to get some medication to apply, these bumps on my arms and wrist were huge….nearly goosegg in size. I began to observe this outside itch even though I had drenched quite a bit of Deet to repel any mosquitoes, but now it sometimes had a sting to it when it bit (AKA, OR WENT IN MY SKIN)…Presto!!! The damn carbon fibers were being shot into me (probably from an air gun). Sad, some damn University in cahoots with our gov’t and I reckon a couple of defense contractors are testing on poor me, a non-consentual human testing object. Why do these people hide in the woods spending countless amount of tax dollars on us? Where’s there gd mamma? Maybe they should practice on her…..

    Sorry, just had to vent here. This is my story and I’m sticking to it.


  13. Hi, sweet London. Hug yourself, then, kiss the palm of each hand and smack yourself with ‘em, from TC and me. We’ve missed you.

  14. London, the same thing happened to me when I”m bitten by mosquitos when I was a kid. I had terrible allergies, and so when I was bitten (as will happen multiple times if you are outside in Georgia). Huge welts appear on my skin, nearly goose-egg sized, painful, and terribly itchy. Being a kid, of course I itched them. I had allergy shots in my teenage years and am now desensitized and no longer get welts.

    How is it that we both have the same symptoms, but I come to the conclusions of allergies, get treated, and am better, and you suggest the government is hiding in your bushes shooting you with an “air gun”?

    BTW, nice to see you.

  15. Hi Smiley and Hi Sara, it’s good to speak to you guys as well. I have not been to any websites as of late but I do promise to stop by here more often. Tell me, does MAF ever drop in anymore? Just simply curious.

    Okay, here is something I recently read and have no idea if it’s true are not but would like your opinions: (PS: Don’t get mad Michael, I’m just passing on what I recently read)

    ‘Morgellons Fibers are Nanowire Receivers”

    These communicable,, Morgellon’s nanowires receive microwaves, radio, and ELF. Chemtrail fibers
    submitted by Dr. Mike Castle were determined to be the same nanowire machines submitted by
    Morgellons sufferers. MIT was one of the labs that identified these fibers as nanowires. According to Dr.
    Castle, they spray in every country except China and sub-Sahara Africa. It is known that China has
    Morgellon’s victims. Morgellons sufferers report that one might not feel these implants until they are
    “switched on,” ie. remotely accessed.
    The fibers that were tested self-assemble, self-generate, and are self-motile. They can operate as a
    network. The fibers can communicate with each other. It is not clear how much of the movement
    seen in these fibers is due to resonance from electromagnetic energies.

    Morgellons seems to infest people more easily when their immune systems are not strong.
    Do you think our use of electromagnetic energy is weakening people’s immune systems?

    Bees navigate due to radio energies. Are the Morgellons nanowire receivers that are in
    the environment interferring with the navigation abilities of the bees?

    My take? I was thinking it’s probably true until I saw MIT’s name in there…..I mean who the hell doesn’t know that MIT is the Gov’t?? (you know what I mean here)

    Thanks for your opinions- I’m I’m honestly not trying to start an arguement here.


  16. Hi, London. As confusing as it all is, there is a lot more to this thing that you all insist you have, than patients are able to see. For the most part, a lot of patients who think they have “morgellons disease” indicate that they even seem to know, but they won’t (can’t) allow (accept) admitting things to themselves.

    When people are ill enough to seek medical attention, they work with their doctors towards a common goal of attaining a better degree of their state of health. Of course, there are doctor-patient communication problems to consider, and not everybody has someone who can assist them. But, this patient movement has directly shown that there are people who don’t understand a whole lot, and for good reason, in each situation, too, I’m sure.

    Since so many like-minded individuals can’t piece together so many things, they continue to worsen, leading each other into more chaotic thoughts. Trying to make some sort of sense out of what they’re going through, they endlessly scare, and excite, each other with bizarre theories. I think everybody knows that all the things patients say, are, really, as geniunely as bad as they say they are, too.

  17. I don’t know how young you are, but you alluded to pot smoking recently, and the effects it used to have on you. Well, I didn’t say anything at the time, and you won’t receive this well, now, either, but there are recent studies concerning pot smoking in teens being linked to their developing psychosis. Try to stop resisting and rejecting, and allow yourself to accept the type of help you need. Do you not actually know that God does not hear anyone who curses another? If not, stop and think about how many prayers you have had answered, and, then, you’ll realize it.

    God also doesn’t hear from LIARS and DECEIVERS…. such as you.
    Also, it helps to actually read what’s being said, instead
    of quickly jumping to knee-jerk reactions based on disinformation.

    Of course these are the same sources of disinformation that you
    parrot and support (and are perhaps supported by) — drug
    companies and pill-pushing doctors addicting patients to dangerous on-patent psychotropics while funding political parties and propaganda illegalizing, stifling research into thousand years old, safe, well-understood, time-tested natural remedies (all manner of herbal medicines, not just cannabis, are under attack
    by the FDA and DEA).

    please read the following two quotes from the above article
    to get an idea of the kind “spin” presented by the mainstream media:

    “The researchers said they couldn’t prove that marijuana use itself increases the risk of psychosis, a category of several disorders with schizophrenia being the most commonly known.”

    (so why the headline stating otherwise??)

    “Two of the authors of the study were invited experts on the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs Cannabis Review in 2005. Several authors reported being paid to attend drug company-sponsored meetings related to marijuana, and one received consulting fees from companies that make antipsychotic medications.”

    (just as expected… follow the money…)

    Smileykins is appearing more and more like the internet’s version
    of Nurse Ratched in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” … a cruel
    sociopath seeking to chemically lobotomize people who have the
    audacity to complain or organize politically against
    big-pharma and mainstream medicine in charge of the insane-asylum
    that is the United States of America. She wants a docile populace,
    buying the lies of big-pharma, HMO’s and government,
    rather than “questioning authority” and making life
    difficult for the captains of industry and the fascist politicians
    in their pocket. Nurse Ratched just can’t seem to understand
    that the patients are still suffering, and that the pills they’re
    pushing on us simply don’t help… they’re addicting and
    brain-addling and don’t do a thing to stop the progression
    of a real and clinically observable infection, while providing
    an excuse not to look into deeper somatic, not psychitatric
    ( )

  18. You go Niels….these people are going to go down in flames and their careers with be ruined….I am working with some TOP DOCS AND MEDIA SOURCES AND IN THE END…and believe me….These guys will be the asses of the medical community….just wait…I still can’t figure out why they are spending so much time on a illness they do not believe in…wouldn’t a true humanatarian or medical professional put their time into an ilness they do believe in? I WILL MAKE SURE THEY MAKE HEALINES LIKE THEY SO MUCH SEEM TO CRAVE….AND THEN WILL SEE WHO GETS THE LAST LAUGH! THE MEDIA IS ON OUR SIDE AND FROM WHAT I HEARING THE DUMB DEBUNKING DOP DOCS ARE REFUSING INTERVIEWS AND REFUSING TO COMMENT…TAKE A HINT FROM THESE GUYS MORGELLONS WATCH AND CLOSE UP YOUR SICK SHOP AND YOU ARE THE ONLY DELSIONAL ONES HERE SO YOU TAKE A ZYPREZA DRIP!

  19. Neils,

    Just how many hangups have you got, anyway, about what people think? Zero, when it come to caring about how your “morgellons disease” is expressed to the world, and it’s obvious that all patients feel that way. Only you know what’s going on inside, making you feel so persecuted, as well as where it all came from. Or, you should, if you’ve done as so many others, and haven’t had the timely and adequate help for what you’ve really got.

    Maybe if you listed what hangups you have on a blank sheet of paper, and tried counseling with a professional, you could begin to improve your condition, to some extent. All the “home remedies” you’ve used may have damaged your central nervous system forever, though. I hope not, and wish you well, trusting the government to do the right thing.


    Who are “these people” you’re screaming about? The owner of this blog is retired, and TC and I are disabled, so you aren’t yelling about us.

    To both of you, and everyone else who acts like you, I want you to receive what you’ve asked for. And, that’s all.

  20. Neils, poor little Chris had said he’d stopped smoking pot. He’s been on here under the influence of alcohol, a couple of times. Have you read, and understood, anything Chris has said? He’s even thought that this was a support forum. Someone named Betsy, recently thought that, too, overlooking the big title at the top of the page.

    When someone like that stumbles onto this blog, we act cordial to them. I didn’t state anything with certainty about Chris’s situation and pot smoking, Neils. I only know what little he’s revealed. You don’t even know what support, and caring about others, is. How many people do you try to control in your life, through the tactics you all (at least the majority of you, online), employ, then wonder why friends and family have to agree with you, or distance themselves?

    Try to think about that, if you’re able to, and maybe they made you that way, I don’t know, but “morgellons disease” is not worth losing everything to.

  21. London, I didn’t mean to not answer your question about MAFer, but I’d forgotten to, and, no, he hasn’t posted anything here for a long time

  22. Chris,

    You need to reread my posts you obviously have me confused with someone else or you ..not sure what to make of what you said. I am female and have this. You really need to reread hon.

  23. Thanks Smiley re: Mafer…..

    oh well, you all are into something over my head this morning….Pot smoking, boozing, etc., sounds like the best plan for me…..he,he,he

    Have a good day all!


    It is time Morgellonswatch to admit you were wrong. Will you have the guts to do it or will you be the cowards that you are collecting web e-mails and selling addresses to drug pushing companies or are you finally gonna come clean now that your fight to keep this quiet is at is end?

  25. You are talking nonsense Randy. That ktvu story says nothing new (and raises old myths, Billy Koch does NOT say he has Morgellons, that’s Brandi). I don’t want to “keep it quiet”, I want the facts to be known. The CDC investigation, although an unwarranted waste of money, will eventually help a lot in revealing what is actually going on.

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