From “greta” at LymeBusters:

Scott F. Stoeffler, Senior Research Microscopist of McCrone Associates, Inc. “identified” my fibers. Got the actual bill today $820.00! They told me it would
be $600 charged on the credit card.

I got the written report too, my fibers were identified as follows: black wool fibers, red wool fibers, blue wool fibers, colorless wool fibers, colorless polyester fibers, a blue polyester fiber, colorless cotton fibers, blue cotton fibers, a pink acrylic fiber, and a green acrylic fiber. They were examined by polarized light microscopy. He sent one photomicrograph depicting typical woolen fiber from one of my samples.

And from “Sidney”

The NPA worked with McCrone’s – Chicago, back in the 90′s, when Dr. Walter McCrone was still living, interested in the fiber-skin issues, and either Dr. McCrone or Dr. John Shane, McCrone’s chief researcher at the time, designed a protocol for us to follow. Participants strictly adhered to the protocol. As I recall there may have been twelve of us who submitted “specimens” to McCrone’s Research Laboratory.Shower, shampoo, air dry, no towels, no hair dryers, no sitting on upholstered furniture during the process of combing and collecting from our skin.Results same as yours! Various fibers identified by content and color including Flax, Wool, Lycra, Cotten, Polyester, etc.

Thanks for sharing this information and naming the lab involved. Maddening that it was such an expensive process for you. I recall that it was an expensive process, but the amount you were charged is outrageous.

Okay, so a whole bunch of people had their fibers tested, under fairly rigerous conditions, and the results were that the fibers were regular household fibers.

Yet the response is simply to deny the results, and complain about the cost. Why would the labs make up results? Seems like the submitters had already made up their minds about the fibers and were just seeking validation.

Fibers are everywhere. They float in the air and land on you after showering, and they also remain on your skin even after showering.

Here’s McCrones:

Seems reasonable to me.

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  1. Carpet and clothing fibers, no doubt about it. Nothing to get excited over, and, while not in Greta’s fiber analysis, I’d like to add, that the mysterious cellulose fibers have been addressed, in detail, on the morgie message board, in the past, and, of course, it fell on blind eyes.

    When the stuffing in upholstered furniture deteriorates, with age, the cellulose from that is a component of regular house dust. They’ve been told all about textile fibers, and all about paper products, and why so many of them see so many fibers in their bathrooms and kitchens, due to toilet paper and paper towels. Many of these people are fear-stricken when they see regular house dust floating through the air, when sunlight shines through their windows!

    It’s painfully hard to fathom, that as reasonable as it all is, to reasonable-thinking-persons, that “reasonable thinking” is as completely foreign to morgellons’ believers, as their “misguided thinkings” (to be polite), are to us.

  2. Sadly, some Morgies are comitting suicide:

    Somebody needs to put a stop to this hoax before more people die.

    Jay Reynolds

  3. Okay folks…do you really think we are so ignorant as to not know the difference between common textile fibers and the type of fibers that are affiliated with this disease? Do you guys want to learn or continue to bash what you do not know? Please let me know…I would love to show you the way.

  4. Anyone who has observed a fibre emerge from thier skin will know that the source of the fibres is not the environment. Dr. Wymore has, in the limited time that he has, been able to test fibre samples. In his open letter he explains his findings.

    “This has not yet been reproduced. A blue fiber was analyzed a little over a week ago by a collaborative chemistry lab.
    This fiber was neither, cotton, cellulose nor any known textile. No definitive composition has been determined so
    far. The chemical/spectroscopic analysis is an ongoing process.”

    The fact that it has not been reproduced is a question of time. He disclosed this result for the sake of those suffering from the fibres not as part of a scientific publication. Quite obviously when he publishes his results all results will be repeatable.

  5. So, we have a single blue fiber, of unknown origin, the composition of which has yet to be determined.

    We have a bunch of other fibers, collected under stingent conditions, that have been determined to be normal environment fibers.

    Even MRF has identified some fibers as cellulose – and we all know what bloody Kleenex fibers look like under the microscope.

    You’ve got nothing on which to base any of your claims.

  6. neither have you Michael

  7. Extraordinary claims …

  8. Oh, I hope we can all learn something this time. It turns out, my credentials suck.

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  10. Doctor Wymore’s letter is a whole lot of words, saying absolutely nothing. That’s the most boring read I’ve encountered in quite some time. Is that the best mind the MRF could come up with?

  11. Yeah, and it’s like I have said about “all of his letters”, from the start. It doesn’t take a Tennessee Bloodhound to sniff out what he’s been saying, all along, and why he words things the way he does. He “dangles fake carrots”, so to speak, and says way too much of nothing, and if a person doesn’t have very good comprenhension, they can’t realize that. They haven’t been, either. “Blind faith.”

  12. Tested by an expert, and found to be Acrylic, Cotton, Flax, Lycra, polyester, and wool… all industrial fibers… yet the Morgies won’t accept that. Diagnosed with Eczema, Seborreah, Scabies, Allergies, Valley Fever, Tinea, Lyme, Bartonella, Erlichiosis, Staphylococcus aureus, and other common infections… yet the morgies won’t accept their diagnoses because their diagnosis includes the presence of lesions bearing “industrial” fibers. Why don’t they close the book on that chapter of their lives and move forward? They are using Mary Leitao’s made up disease as a crutch. That’s why! They cannot function in the real world around normal people.

  13. Imagine the new wardrobe Greta could’ve used that money on, or something of value, at least. Speaking of money, my gosh, I saw one of the morgies post on their message board that they live in a million dollar home!!! Having wealth such as that, is really something to imagine.

  14. I had the exact same symptoms of Morgellons disease described including the parasite.My doctor prescribed Hydroxyzine HCL 10 MG. and Clobetasol Propinate ointment 0.05% The symptoms disappeared in 10 days

  15. I had the “exact same symptoms” too, except for having an obsession compelling me to look at crap through the lens of a microscope, and letting my mind conjure up all kinds of outlandish ideas about what was happening, and why it was, and running to doctors and getting pissed.

    I never called any of that crap “specimens”, never thought that trying to understand what was going on qualified me as a “researcher”, or a “citizen scientist”, and when my loved ones told me it was best to not talk about it, I had sense enough to know not to. I had sense enough to not screw my skin up any further with insane home remedies, too, first and foremost.

    Look at the claims of lost jobs, lost homes, lost loved ones, lost lives. What rules in a morgie person’s life? They do, with “their disease”, and false beliefs. It’s all consuming and nothing else matters to them.

    Get the picture?

    But understanding that I was experiencing hallucinations, which, it sounds as though you may have not had that aspect, and perhaps none of those other things that are prevalent among morgie people, isn’t a real easy thing to realize, until getting better, and not having the things anymore.

    Morgie people, are so resistant to real learning. It’s obvious there is way more going on with them than meets the eye. Waaaaaaaaaay more.

    MRF, they “think” legitimizes it all for them.

    Perfect victims > Perfect prey

    They don’t, because they can’t, and they’re not open to, understanding what delusions are. They underestimate the powers of the human mind . I know, I’ve been there, and I’m glad I went through it alone.

  16. “Developement of bioactive fibers”

    University of Dartmouth.

  17. “Developement of bioactive fibers”

    University of Dartmouth.

  18. The search for a single infecting agent is over. There is no “it”. Several different phenomena are occurring, and some are only indirectly related. The common denominator is human anatomy and the body’s healing processes.

  19. “It” is being created in labs daily.

    Wake up. It doesnt resemble Gods initial creation.

  20. There is no “single” or “common” Morgellons pathogen because there is no Morgellons Disease, Morgellons Disorder, Morgellons Syndrome. There are other disorders, both common and uncommon, but Morgellons is a lie. If a portion of the “Morgies” happen to be infected by a bio-engineered agent then that’s life. That information, whether it’s fact or fiction, has nothing to do with the problem. The problem is the Lie of Morgellons and the cults it has produced.

  21. Thanks Tall Cotton – that reminds us that the key challenge to proponents of Morgellons is not actually finding a causative agent – but rather providing some statistical evidence that Morgellons actually exists at all.

    This they have consistently failed to do.

  22. Hi, I am the one who had her fibers identified (visually) by a fiber expert. Yes, it was expensive. Lucky me, I received donations to pay for all of it. Also, Luckily, I did not need to buy a whole new wardrobe, as someone had donated a new wardrobe to me. It is an ALL white cotton wardrobe. I had to get rid of all my “contaminated” clothing when I moved. I have only worn all white cotton since March 2006. All my bedding and linens are white cotton. My carpet is tan in color. Nothing in my environment is blue, red, or black. Amazingly, the fibers growing under my skin ARE still black, blue, and red! My medical doctor confirms this. He is having the fibers tested at the University of Vermont with x-ray spectrometry, transmission electron microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy. This will be done in August. Again, luckily for me I will be sure to update everyone with the results.

  23. oops, i left out the last part of the sentence, “Again, luckily for me” It should read, “Again, luckily for me, my doctor will be paying for this testing out of his own pocket!”

  24. what an interesting blog, please update greta; well done

  25. Greta said…

    Nothing in my environment is blue, red, or black.

    I’ve never heard of an environment that didn’t contain blue, red, and black fibers.

    Greta said…

    He is having the fibers tested at the University of Vermont with x-ray spectrometry, transmission electron microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy. This will be done in August. Again, luckily for me I will be sure to update everyone with the results.

    Greta, where is your update on the fibers!!


  26. Oops! Wrong topic!

  27. Pssst. Norman, wake up. Norman…..Norman…..Norman


    Sorry, could you please pass the jam?

    Thank you.

    I’d like to hear more on the aforementioned `cliffhanger also.

    I know Greta dresses only in white. Maybe her environment is too.

  28. Interessando, luogo abbastanza luminoso, penso +5

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