Bridging the chasm

Karla McLaren was a new-age healer and teacher. An author with several books like “Emotional Genius” and “Becoming an Empath”. A self described “full-fledged member of the New Age culture for over thirty years”.

Then, a few years ago, she became a skeptic, and she wrote this wonderful article that explains in part why it took so long.

In a very similar manner we have two cultures in the area of Morgellons. One of rational skepticism, and one of alternative beliefs. What these two culture have is a failure to communicate. Karla gives a heartfelt request that I’m sure many Morgellons sufferers would agree with:

I would ask you to respect our humanity, and approach us not as if you are reformers or redeemers. I would ask you to approach us as fellow humans who share your concern and interest in the welfare of others. I would ask you to be as culturally intelligent as you are scientifically intelligent, and to work to understand our culture as clearly as you understand the techniques, ideas, and modalities that have sprung from it. We are a people, not a problem