Morgellons Money

In August 2006, Mary Leitao, the inventor of the Morgellons appellation and founder of the Morgellons Research Foundation, came under some scrutiny for lack of accounting for monies donated to the MRF.  She had this to say:

“It has been the most bizarre situation,” Ms. Leitao said in an interview. “We’re talking little, tiny chunks of money. I will tell you, the year 2004, there were $318 worth of donations. And $100 of those came from me. I donated a check to my own foundation to jump-start us.”

 Yet, three month’s earlier, she had personally signed the 990 tax form for the year 2005, which listed donations of $17,165 and expenses of $2,819 and $1,715 on a new computer listed as an asset.

Why then did Leitao attempt to characterize the money involved as “tiny chunks”, when clearly thousands of dollars are involved? 

The 990 form is available here:
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Apparently $10,000 was donated by one person, who was then not able to get any information as to where the money went.