Does this family have Morgellons….

… and not even know it!?


Recently I stumbled across, and a review of the Eyeclops Bionic Eye magnifier, a toy camera that magnifies live video feed 200x. Here’s what the Rob, the author, said:

One of the things we found out rather quickly is that there are strange fibers all over the place. You probably don’t think that you have any little fibers on your hand right now, but you probably do.

You can’t spot them, but the folks down at the crime lab can, and the eyeclops can.

Strange fibers? That made my antennae go up, but then worst was yet to come:

Here is a red one, stuck to one of my eyebrow lashes. I realize it looks like a curious little worm, inching his way towards unibrow canyon, but it isn’t moving. Boy, that would have been creepy.

It is just a dead little fiber, stuck to a single lash.

Does someone need to call this family and tell them that indeed, it is a worm-like creature that spawned from a genetic mutation by evil scientists? Or just cut to the chase and call out a hazmat team, to rescue this family from years of torment by a mysterious disease plaguing the nation (that has until now been silenced by medical and government conspiracy)?

I wrote an email to Rob, and asked, “If someone told you that indeed, that red fibers was alive and a worm, what would you say?” He responded,

Well, it wasn’t moving. It was a uniform color. It was a little translucent, and did not appear to have internal structures. It looked like it may have been red gel of some kind. Fibers were on everything we looked at, not just ourselves. Cookies, socks, diapers.”

That made me curious. After using a powerful magnifying camera, Rob asserts that fibers are on everything. In fact, in the article, he says point blank: fibers are everywhere. He seems almost a little pedantic in his response to my question, perhaps suggesting that my suggestion that the red fiber was a living creature was a little silly.

Rob’s article describes what allegedly thousands of Morgellons sufferers see: little fibers. But somehow, the author is able to come to the conclusion that though it looks similar to a creepy little inching worm, the fiber is, in fact, just a fiber.

How is it that one person can see these fibers as just fibers being everywhere, and others see them as an infectious plague, spawned by the tinkering of evil geneticists?

Read Rob’s article about the Eyeclops here.

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  1. Lymebusters are quite excited about the Eyeclops:

    The advent of toy digital microscopes such as this, and the Digital Blue QX3 & QX5, has been a major accelerant in the spread of Morgellons over the internet. It reminds me again of this tale:

    Very similar was the conduct of that inquiring Brahmin, which is
    related by Forbes in his Oriental Memoirs. The Brahmin had a mind
    better cultivated than his fellows; he was smitten with a love for the
    knowledge of Europe — read English books — pored over the pages of
    the Encyclopedia, and profited by various philosophical instruments;
    but on religious questions the Brahmin was firm to the faith of his
    caste and the doctrine of the Metempsychosis. Lest he might
    sacrilegiously devour his progenitors, he abstained from all animal
    food; and thinking that he ate nothing which enjoyed life, he
    supported himself, like his brethren, upon fruits and vegetables. All
    the knowledge that did not run counter to this belief, he sought after
    with avidity, and bade fair to become the wisest of his race. In an
    evil hour, his English friend and instructor exhibited a very powerful
    solar microscope, by means of which he showed him that every drop of
    water that he drank teemed with life — that every fruit was like a
    world, covered with innumerable animalculae, each of which was fitted
    by its organization for the sphere in which it moved, and had its
    wants, and the capability of supplying them as completely as visible
    animals millions of times its bulk.
    The English philosopher expected
    that his Hindoo friend would be enraptured at the vast field of
    knowledge thus suddenly opened out to him, but he was deceived. The
    Brahmin from that time became an altered man — thoughtful, gloomy,
    reserved, and discontented. He applied repeatedly to his friend that
    he would make him a present of the microscope; but as it was the only
    one of its kind in India, and the owner set a value upon it for other
    reasons, he constantly refused the request, but offered him the loan
    of it for any period he might require. But nothing short of an
    unconditional gift of the instrument would satisfy the Brahmin, who
    became at last so importunate that the patience of the Englishman was
    exhausted, and he gave it him. A gleam of joy shot across the
    care-worn features of the Hindoo as he clutched it, and bounding with
    an exulting leap into the garden, he seized a large stone, and dashed
    the instrument into a thousand pieces. When called upon to explain his
    extraordinary conduct, he said to his friend, “Oh that I had remained
    in that happy state of ignorance wherein you first found me! Yet will
    I confess that, as my knowledge increased, so did my pleasure, until I
    beheld the last wonders of the microscope; from that moment I have
    been tormented by doubt and perplexed by mystery: my mind, overwhelmed
    by chaotic confusion, knows not where to rest, nor how to extricate
    itself from such a maze. I am miserable, and must continue to be so,
    until I enter on another stage of existence. I am a solitary
    individual among fifty millions of people, all educated in the same
    belief with myself — all happy in their ignorance! So may they ever
    remain! I shall keep the secret within my own bosom, where it will
    corrode my peace and break my rest. But I shall have some satisfaction
    in knowing that I alone feel those pangs which, had I not destroyed
    the instrument, might have been extensively communicated, and rendered
    thousands miserable!

  2. there is somthing behind that fiber, and it is a living organism.collembola

  3. “Microscopititis” is a catchy thing, too much so, for some folks. I loved reading on, especially about Rob’s adventures in starting fires without matches.

  4. Dear Sandra,

    Collembola? Let’s compare the pictures:

    I don’t see the resemblance. Could you explain it further?

  5. there is a video i saw where collembolla pushed fiber or somthing of the sort.we have seen differnt things on us ,some are black specks (mites) white fluffy c ritters which looks like collemb.(springtails what have you .since i did the birdnest mistake .no one can ever convince me that morgellons is simply birdmites .and the oils we have been putting on our bodies we are about 90% cured.springtails are hard to eliminate but for some reason we are killing the bugs so there for we are not seeing much fiber anymore either so whats up with that.fiber! maybe but somthing put it there.

  6. I would think what put it there was a red sweater.

  7. i didnt know you knew me so well, that i even owned a red sweater smartass

  8. You assert that “something put it there.” I was offering an alternative explanation. What is more likely, collembola, or a red sweater?

  9. I’m a long-time reader of and thus, Rob Cockerham. I’ve even helped him out with some of his experiements. I don’t think he’s too worried about the fibers as he’s just about the most care-free and light-hearted prankster on or off the net. To answer the final question in the main post above – the same way some people see cars and others see giant steel death machines.

  10. Whoa there, think, and hang on a minute, Sandra. That wasn’t your photo. The red fiber was in a picture taken by someone named Rob, so he’s the one suspected of having a red sweater, not you. Do you realize that, now, and that Sarah was not being a “smartass” towards you?

  11. Paranoia?

    As I read those posts, I thought I’d missed some detail that Rob’s red fiber had anything in the world to do with Sandra.

    I guess I lack the ability to jump to a defensive and certain self-absorbed concusion after reading a simple statement.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  12. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    “My hair is not my hair!” the Morgie exclaimed. But she’s never said just whose it

    is. Am I making fun of Morgies? Yes… but I can do that… having been one myself.

    I remember my own hair… irregular, ribbon-like, transparent. I used to think that

    some of my hair was Morgellons pathogens… in disguise. Every Morgie knows that a

    Morgellons pathogen can disguise itself as anything. Is anything wrong with this

    picture? A Morgie thinks a lot of things, but most of them are ,wrong.

    It takes a special person to be a Morgie… obsessive, compulsive, cocksure,

    grandiose, paranoid. And some Morgies think that it helps to be a good liar. A

    dedicated Morgie has to be a serious poop detective, willing to get their hands

    dirty. It’s a good thing that there’s enzymes on the fingertips that kill E. coli.

    Booger mania… that’s the name of the game. A Morgie has body fluids to study… to

    smush together and pull apart. You know… research. There’s snot, poop, pee… and

    blood to discuss. Open discussions are best. Why hide anything? The Land of Morg

    isn’t a place for those with a weak stomach… or even a touch of class… for that


    Most Morgies know what it’s like to have a tormenting itch. And although there’s

    crawling and biting sensations, on and under the skin, a knowledgeable Morgie knows

    they’re being eaten alive, from the inside out. It’s worse during a full moon, or

    when one’s Morgs are pissed off. And a smart Morgie knows that most of the rest of

    the world has Morgellons also. You can see them in the checkout aisles at Walmart,

    in the restaurants, everywhere… excoriating themselves… pulling out

    wedgies…but although they have Morgellons, they’re in denial. The rest of the

    world doesn’t know what it’s like to be a Morgie… but everyone has it. There’s an

    epidemic… it’s an end-time plague. And the Morgies are “chosen” to bear this

    cross, and educate the world… especially the doctors. Isn’t that silly?

    For the Morgie there’s several tools of the trade… th‌ings like microscopes and

    black lights… things one can take to their doctor’s appointments. There’s

    tweezers, specimen containers of every sort, scotch tape, and labels. And for the

    more advanced Morgie there’s now an “Eyeclops”. With an Eyeclops one can view their

    biological garbage on their TV set… and the whole family, even the kids, can do

    their research together. Or one can examine their cleavage… any area that the

    Morgellons pathogens decide to congregate. When I was a Morgie I was always


    Is anything wrong with this picture? Yes, but a Morgie would never know it. They

    claim that Morgellons disease causes cognitive disfunction. They like to call it

    brain fog. But most people know that Morgellons is something that only the mentally

    handicapped get. I can say that because I used to be one…


  13. how can u fools sleep at night…i read some of this stuff..u guys are sick and twisted and you will go to hell..and i think u know it

    now smiley..dont write back : well clearly by your tone you need to reevaluate BLAHBLAHBLAH….u know exactly what i mean

    and dont analyze

    my father is an md and he’d be more than happy to speak with you face to face about the things we have seen.

  14. i see you deleted my comment because i spoke about my dad who is an MD . I also said hed be glad to talk to you.

    you guys are cruel.. you say “please be civil personal attacks will be removed?

    well this thing is an attack on my life that you are trying to pretend doesnt exist. how do u think it feels to not be able to sleep because i have sharp panging pain shooting on the side of my face. i have fibers coming out of my fingers and im feeling every bit of it.
    god why am i even wasting my emotions on this site

    and im not bitter about my life iv had a great life until i started to have fibers and sharp pain. a GREAT life.

    i see what u guys are doing..and how uve set this whole thing up
    ur evil

  15. I think that they should calm down with the fibers under the eye clops bionic eye magnifier thing and do some blood work, cat scans, and MRI s, on the people who are victims to this disease. And there are many tests that haven’t been mentioned, being done on these fibers to find what they are made of. Why is this? I mean… from what i understand the periodic table list every element on earth… and still its described as an “unknown substance”. but no one calling them so has mentioned any tests to prove it is in fact an unknown substance. hmmm… makes ya wonder

  16. sarah,
    did you inquire whether rob found fibers under intact skin as well genius? of course you didn’t. why don’t you ask pertinent questions on these little fact finding missions of yours? i’m sure that your curiosity will compel you to get to the bottom of this. let us all know what you find out. geez sarah, you need to step up and prove that the education you got at good ole UGA ain’t just something any idiot can get from a cracker jack box. at least smileycrack and shortcotton come up with some semi-well thought out points of view. do you have a quota to meet on this board? getting desperate cause you have nothing substantial to write about? how does one happen to “stumble across” an article dealing with fibers and magnification unless one were googeling for it? i think its great that you continue to research morgellons disease and symptoms related to the illness but it’s beyond pathetic when you fail to make logical arguements to support your position . are you smarter than a fifth grader sarah? most of them would have thought to ask if the fibers were found under intact skin, as that is our contention. i don’t believe any morgie has ever denied that fibers can be found in the environment. did you ask rob if the fibers he found seemed in any way unusual? did he submit the fibers to a crime lab for identification? my guess is that they would be identified as typical textile fibers because thats what they are. now remember back to when morgellons fibers were submitted to the tulsa crime and also run through the FBI data base and could not be identified. hmmmmm….. sounds like some of that real scientific proof that y’all never want to address. if you talk to rob again please give him my kindest regards and if he is interested in learning about morgellons disease i would be glad to provide him with factual information. while I’m here let me invite all of the morgwatch crew to attend the upcoming morgellons disease conference in austin texas on march 29. real doctors and scientist will be speaking about our real disease so you might want to think real hard about any questions you might want to ask during the q&a session. wouldn’t want y’all to look stupid or nuthin’

  17. Hi tallcotton, what caused you to become free from your perceived Morgellons? I’ve recently encountered people who are deeply convinced that it exists and who seem beyond any form of rational argument against it. I’m very interested to know what it was that changed your mind.

  18. Since so many of the experts are going to be under one roof, the FBI in Austin Texas ought to attend that conference ppy invited everyone to go to.

  19. Brian,

    DOP is a form of psychosis. It causes one’s beliefs to be irrational and out of touch with reality. My delusions were drug induced, and when I got off the drugs my thinking and reasoning began straightening itself out. I had one advantage over the typical Morgie. When I wasn’t under the influence of drugs I had a sound mind. This is something that Morgies seem to be lacking.

    Although some Morgies are probably experiencing drug induced psychosis, there are “many” other things that can cause it. These things range from poisoning oneself with chemical such as lindane, to merely poisoning one’s thoughts by having a close relationship with another person that is delusional. Delusions aren’t what one is experiencing, but what one “believes” about what one is experiencing.

    Many Morgies are at a big disadvantage because they have multiple forms of mental illness, including personality disorders. I could list several, by Morgies don’t recognize the fact that they are mentally ill. That’s the way it is with delusional disorders.


  20. Stven says “from what i understand the periodic table list every element on earth… and still its described as an “unknown substance”. ”

    I don’t know anyone who has looked into these fibers and called it an unknown substance. Half of the posts on this blog are about the 20 different things these fibers have been identified as– polysaccharides, lint, dirt, worms…..

  21. ppy, if fibers can be so easily be found under intact skin, then why can this not be photographed, or videoed? It would seem like a trivial way of proving that there is something unusual going on with fibers. Why has this not been done in SIX YEARS?

  22. I’m a PhD entomologist who has been looking at samples of fiber balls and other miscellaneous detritus from people’s skin, clothing, furniture etc. for more than 30 years. Sometimes I find nothing that could be reasonably considered to be biting, causing itching etc. Other times I recover live insects, dead insects or insect parts that are relevant, or bits of metal, pieces of plastic from overhead light fixtures etc. that turn out to be the culprits.

    I’ve been reading about Morgellons recently and am impressed with the fact that springtails (collembola) come up here and there in posts from Morgellons sufferers.

    In my opinion, these reports should be taken seriously. Many common springtails have irritating hairs, and some species have toxic defense compounds in their blood. So I suggest a reasonable effort be made to rule out springtails or other arthropods as a potential cause of the problem before concluding that a Morgellons sufferer is delusional.

    I’ve just posted more about this on my Blog at . Hope it helps.

  23. i hope the fbi does attend, shortcotton. michael, if you seek ye shall find. scour the internet my boy. you are being lazy, like sweet little sarah. why don’t you come on out to the conference and see for yourself how crazy we are. since y’all are soooo concerned about our state of mind, you could set us straight, in person. i will pay for airfare to and from texas, Michael. i know cindy casey would provide funds for lodging. think of the good you could do for this world, buddy. you might even be nominated for the nobel prize in medicine for making us fruitcakes see the light. now you may be skeptical of my offer but it is made with good intentions. since the fibers have been “identified” as 20 different things, by derms using the sophisticated technique, known universally, as the eyeball method, maybe you would be willing to actually use a microscope or chemical analysis, as the tulsa crime lab did, to prove your point.i wonder how those so called “experts” failed to identify the fibers or match them to the fbi database? sure they have had extensive training, and tons of hands on experience, but can you really trust their findings? wonder why they want to mislead us? what could their angle be…..? do you think they might be trying to sell us something? please help me figure this out, Michael. we need to expose these jerks for the charlatans they really are. it’s almost scary to think how easily i fell for the lies of these, so called, “experts”. thanks for all your hard work on our behalf, morgwatchers. keep up the good work. let me know about that plane ticket, marg.
    hugs and kisses

  24. Dr. Rotramel, the springtail connection was mostly prompted by this 2004 report:

    However, if you examine the original images used, it’s pretty clear there is high degree of wishful thinking involved. The images were manually “enhanced” to bring out images that resembled springtails. The report was widely criticised, and has never been reproduced. See this commentary on the report:

    Collembola lack the structures necessary to enter human skin, either to feed or to lay eggs. The authors of the single publication proposing to have found Collembola in human skin (2004. New York Entomological Society) manipulated photographs in Adobe Photoshop to supposedly show the presence of Collembola and their eggs. The quality of the photographs and the quality of objects in the photographs was so poor that it is quite possible to see almost any kind of animal in them. The journal should be embarrassed for having published this work.

    None of the current scientists looking into Morgellons have suggested springtails as being related. This does not meant there will not be an occasional infestation of collembola that causes unusual skin sensation – just that the collembola would come from an external source – like a house plant. It could well be one of the thousands of causes of itching that can eventually lead to Morgellons.

    I’m interested in your work. In roughly what percentage of the cases you get, do you find what you think is the cause of the itching?

  25. george,
    do you think your credentials impress us? Michael may not have your schoolin’ but he knows eeeverything. if he says we are just crazy, then by god, We ARE just plain crazy! you might be able to provide “evidence” to support your findings, but so have other “experts” weighing in on this issue. i question your need to use scientific methods to support your theory. that kind of stuff doesn’t cut it around here, sir. none of those fancy test prove a damn thing, right Michael? go ahead Michael, let him have it. tell him whats- what. geez….the links these people will go to…….
    (just kiddin george, but that’s the mindset on this board. you might as well be pissin in the wind, as trying to prove something here. the truth is known but will never be acknowledged. can you say agenda?)

  26. ppy, I await the evidence that will be presented at the conference with great interest. I won’t be able to attend. Is there going to be video?

    Calling people “crazy” is not helpful. People are really suffering – they have real skin sensations, real lesions, and they really do find fibers on their skin. The question is what is the cause of these symptoms, and is there a single common cause?

    Current evidence indicates there are a multitude of potential causes, and a great variety within the patient population. The best course of action for patients is to work with their doctors to try to find treatments that work well for them as individuals.

  27. Is it really a conference if there is no debate, and only those who agree?


  28. conference-n. discussion; meeting of a group/society.
    as defined by Websters Student Dictionary.

    was this a serious question sarah? please show a spark of intelligence, this is getting embarrassing.

  29. wow Michael, i’m hurt by your reprimand. i thought we were fightin’ the good fight together, my friend. you didn’t comment on my request for enlightenment regarding the motives of those crime lab phonies. what do you think they really want from us? should we try to expose them for doing such damage to our community with their lies? what to do…what to do

  30. ppy, all the (Tulsa PD) crime lab did was fail to identify a fiber, two years ago. It did not melt at 1400F. However, the vast majority of fibers people found DO melt or burn.

    What does this show? Lots of fibers have been identified as lint. Some have not been identified. Why does it take two years to identify the chemical composition of a fiber?

    Citovsky’s lab puts up some SEM photos of cotton, and a scrubbing sponge. Now what are we to make of this. Why are all the fibers different?

    All that has been show by all this fiber analysis is that people with Morgellons find a LOT of different fibers on their skin. This is hardly surprising, as there are a lot of different fibers in the environment.

    Why are there no photos of fibers embedded in unbroken skin? That was described as very common two years ago, so why no photos?

  31. youtube might be helpful in your search, Michael. i will have to go back and refresh my memory about the non burning fibers. can’t remember ran those test. where do you come up with your information about the vast majority of our fibers burning? do you have any data to back that up with? and forgive me for disagreeing but the tulsa crime lab not only failed to identify these fibers, they could not match them in the fbi database. they seemed a bit shocked by their failure and i believe went so far as tosuggest that they appeared, in their professional opinions, to have been produced by the body and were not of nature, i believe was the comment. seems a little more substantial as evidence than you pulling random stats out of your ass with no supporting documentation.

  32. Poor ppy:

    what do you think they really want from us? should we try to expose them for doing such damage to our community with their lies? what to do…what to do

    By publicizing your extreme vulnerabilities, you’ve been made easy marks for the predators who most of you believe are worthy of your respect. Hell, yeah, expose them, ppy, and try leading your fellow patients into turning in every one of them in.

  33. ppy, this one incident at the Tulsa PD has become part of the Morgellons mythology. Yes, they found a fiber they could not identify. Yes, they said that a fiber that does not melt at 1400F was consistent with something that could be produced in the human body. Yes, since it could not melt, they could not test it against the database of organic compounds that is probably a similar database to that used by the FBI.

    However, this was two years ago, and their finding (such as they were) have never been repeated. Nobody has EVER shown a morgellons fiber not melting at 1400F. If that was such a big deal, then why did they not repeat the experiment. It’s been two years. What are they doing?

    I presume Wymore is going to announce some fiber non-identification results at the conference? Let’s wait until then, so we can continue this aspect of the discussion with up-to-date info.

    If you talk to him, ask him about the significance of the Tulsa tests. Be specific, say “what is the significance of the Tulsa PD test results from 2006?” He is a scientist.

  34. the thing is michael, we can’t seem to come up with funding to pay for a lot of testing that could shed more light on this subject. i believe that the tulsa crime lab recently were unable to identify more morgie fibers taken from the skin of a morgie that was being interviewed by inside edition. maybe you saw the show? i unfortunately missed it, but was told that it was pretty impressive. sadly,i will be unable to attend the texas conference due to family issues that can’t be ignored. i am very disappointed, as i have been involved in the organization of this event, and greatly anticipated speaking with Dr Wymore personally. i will pass along your question to Cindy Casey with instructions to pass it on to Dr Wymore. doubt he will respond directly, but who knows? if you want to see the inside edition story a link can be found over at lymebusters. as far as Wymore releasing new info, doubtful. i don’t believe he is going to release bits and pieces of information, but rather wait till he has enough info to establish a reasonable all around theory. he doesn’t want to play the guessing game by releasing info for people to run wild with.i can understand that, given the wild theories that run rampant in out community.

  35. It seems rather odd that Wymore has been “100% convinced” for three years, and claims to have physical evidence, and yet he’s not producing anything.

    His topic is “Research Update”, so then is he just going to say: “We are researching, but we’ve been unable to identify some fibers that are not lint, so that’s it”.

    If he’s had evidence for two years, then how is it helping people to withhold it?

    What about Darrah, does he have photos other than those on the MRF site?

    Why was Harvey not invited?

  36. i believe that Dr Wymore is claiming that the samples he is working with are scientifically undocumented, thus the reason it is so difficult and time consuming to identify. actually i guess the right word would be to “discover”. if these samples are not reacting as normal fibers would, and the tissue samples are not consistent with normal human tissue i suppose that would be enough to state that he is 100% sure morgellons sufferers are not delusional. i think his update will be more likely to focus on things they have been able to positively rule out. i think his research goes a little bit further than lint comparison. please don’t trivialize his work when the only research you have done is to quote misinformed derms. maybe if they actually did more than a quick eyeball exam we would not be in this situation now. don’t know what darrah has got, but anxious to find out. i don’t know about harvey being invited or not. maybe he was but had a scheduling conflict. we are hoping jane perry will be green lighted to attend. remember her, ga dept of health, environmental contaminant division chief. she is waiting for clearance from her boss.

  37. smiley
    any suggestions on how to go about exposing the tulsa crime lab? what about jane perry? and its clear osu has an agenda,i mean look at the money they are throwing to wymore. whats our plan? should we just contact the local authorities? since the media is already aware of this morgellons fraud i don’t think we will get much help there. for some reason most of their coverage has been slanted in favor of us crazy morgies. man, are they gonna feel stupid or what, when the real truth hits the fan. they are probably in on the scam as well. wonder what their angle is? help me out smiley. should i go to the feds? what about if i just keep repeating “liar, liar, pants on fire” till they give up and go away. it’s similiar to y’alls tactics but since it is so effective i’m sure y’all won’t mind sharing
    love and kisses


  39. ppy, I don’t think anyone has accused the Tulsa PD forensics lab of lying. I think they simply acted within their limited capabilities to try to identify a fiber. They failed to identify it, and then they speculated slightly on where the fiber might have come from. That’s all.

    And what is Jane Perry claiming that you think is contentious?

  40. i believe jane perry has stated unequivically that morgellons is not a delusional illness. she has gone so far as to theorize that a soil based fungus is most likely one of the major causes of our symptoms. don’t morgwatchers feel that any supportive research for morgellons disease is unfounded? i assumed that jane perry would be on the list of charlatans y’all claim are out there to make a fast buck off of us. now about the tulsa crime lab…..define limited capabilities. i believe most major law enforcement agencies have pretty sophisticated tools at their disposal. i suppose the fbi database would be considered limited too, in your expert opinion. as experts in their field, stating their professional opinion about the origins of the fibers would be accepted in any court of law in this country. the thing is, you keep minimizing the findings of real experts with hard physical evidence, yet cling to the opinions of derms with no labratory testing to support their findings. why not get some of the naysayers involved in the research if they are so confident in their position. let them participate in the process and then come out with an informed opinion.

  41. There never was an “FBI Database”. Two databases were mentioned:

    1) A database of 800 or 900 fibers owned by the police lab
    2) A databse of either 10000, 85,000 or 90,000 organic compounds (reports vary)


    The threads don’t match the 900 fibers or 100,000 organic compounds in the database used by Tulsa police

    And more recently:

    With a colleague, Rhonda Casey, a pediatrician, and a $4,000 grant from the Morgellons Research Foundation, Wymore got fresh fiber samples from 20 Morgellons patients. He brought them to fiber analysts at the Tulsa Police Department’s forensic lab. The red and blue fibers did not match any of some 900 commercially available textiles in its database. They were not modified rayon, nylon, cotton or anything previously catalogued. Then forensic scientists tried to burn one of the fibers, heating it to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, to determine if it matched any of 85,000 known organic compounds. Again, nothing matched. And the heat, which typically vaporizes any organic material, did nothing to the blue fiber. “We were able to reach in with a tweezers and pick it up,” Wymore says. So, he is pretty clear about what the fibers aren’t. “But I don’t have the foggiest idea what they are.”

    All this suggest is that this particular fibers was something like fiberglass.

    This all happened two years ago. So they were unable to identify the fiber. But why exactly have they not said anything at all about their investigations of the fibers. What is their chemical composition? That should be very simple to find out. Indeed, we now have results from SUNY that suggest the fibers are polysaccharides.

    Could it be that the results of Wymore’s tests have simply revealed a large number of ordinary fibers (polysaccharides = cotton)? And a few unidentified fibers?

    People keep bringing up this one test from two years ago. But they have been unable to duplicate the test? What about the actual results of the test, why were they never published, and instead reported in a distorted manner via various news reports. You know how the media messes up the details of stories like this. Who knows what actually happened?

    Let’s wait and see what Wymore has to say about his research.

  42. Kelly, if I’d already seen this, about the people in Georgia, I’d forgotten about it. Do you think that if these people have hypersensitivities due to trichothecene in the soil, that it should be synonymous with “morgellons disease”?

  43. i agree, lets wait to see what the research produces. in the mean time the sarcasam dripping from post made from little sarah bione dunn should be kept to a minimum. you seem quick to reprimand my comments, why do you allow her to continue to mock us when the jury is still out on this subject? it does little to support your position. in fact morgwatch continues to come across as something of a bully. most people taking the time to read these post see that nothing of substance backs your claims and you continually attempt to minimize our evidence or just out right ignore it. so lets do wait until the evidence is in. if these fibers were as typical as y’all seem to think, it should have been easily proven by now. i doubt Dr Wymore has spent the last few years analyzing and identifying things easily explainable. now as far as why he has not published anything, i believe he addresses a long explaination to someone on biology on line about that very question. i’m sure you are aware of it so i won’t bother paraphrasing.. so lets see what comes out at the conference. muzzle sarah if you will. she only helps our cause every time she voices her nasty opinions. hey sarah, how bout them broncos!

  44. ppy, I think you already responded to Sarah’s remark about the “conference”.

    I did not intent it to come across as a “reprimand” when I said “Calling people “crazy” is not helpful”, in fact I thought it would be something that you agree with.

    The comments here are not part of MorgellonsWatch, any more than the reader comments at the end of an MSNBC story are part of MSNBC. I write the articles (with a few exceptions, like this one), and I usually write them in response to a specific claim that has been made, such as the Polysaccharides article.

    I’m match my restraint to that of the media, the MRF and the NMO.

  45. i’m talking about sarah, not you. not sure why you mention my response to her conference remark. she is the author of the article, and it is sarcastic and fails to answer any logical questions that come to mind. for instance, were the fibers viewed by the cyclops motile, viewed under intact skin, did they glow using a blacklight? i don’t think that anyone disagrees that fibers can be found throughout our environment. we are talking about the nature of the fibers found in the lesions of morgellons sufferers. to suggest that a typical textile fiber is something we would consider a worm, or a morgie fiber at all, is pretty trite on her part. what did she expect this man to say? lets not be stupid, okay. that question was a setup,elicited to get exactly the response she got. did she give rob a brief unbiased history of morgellons disease before asking him this question? of course she didn’t. she may have gotten a more in depth answer that she didn’t want to hear. the logical conclusion being that these fibers do not appear to be consistent with those described by morgies therefore no comparison can be made. i know i’m just spinning my wheels here, you already know all this. i’ll be back after the conference to chat with you more michael. going in circles with you makes me dizzy. one can only take so much

  46. just wanted to add that cindy casey has confirmed that a video of the conference will be made available for purchase. cindy also confirmed that Dr Harvey was invited to the conference but failed to respond. also invited : sarah bione dunn( check your uga e mail address sarah) jeffrey meffert from the university of texas and several derms who have expressed dubious opinions about morgellons. the cdc has also been invited to send a representative but has also declined to respond. i wonder why?

  47. Sorry I misunderstood what your were referring to. I think Sarah’s point was that the fibers seen through the eyeclops ARE similar to those that a lot of people who claim to have Morgellons find on their skin.

    It’s possible that there is some condition that a few people have that creates fibers that are new to science – but nobody has demonstrated it yet. In the meantime, as you know, there are a LOT of photos of fibers on the internet that look just like thing you would find with the Eyeclops. Even the SUNY people have posted photos of cotton fibers, and a green kitchen scrubber.

  48. It amazes me that people seem to try to track my every move, and are still sending email to an account at a school I haven’t attended or worked for in two years.

  49. There is no invitation in that email account, in junkmail, inbox or otherwise. So when someone wonders why there was not a courtesy of a response, the reason is, there is no invitation to my knowledge after thorough searching.

  50. who identified them as such, Michael? the people at SUNY or you? if they are claiming them to be something other than what you state them to be, what evidence can you offer to dispute their claims? i’m not familiar with the pictures that you describe but why would SUNY go to the trouble of posting them unless they find them to be abnormal? i’m not a fiber expert, many of the fibers i see could be described as normal except for the behaviors they exhibit. the fibers in my tissue are unusual to me because they are found in the tissue, not scabs mind you, but deep in the tissue. other fibers that i identify as morgellons related are classified as such because they are extremely motile. and the tiny fibers that i see covering my entire body under a blacklight are deemed morgellons fibers because they do not cover my roommate when exposed to the same environment, nor do they cover other family members visiting my home, or are in evidence at their own homes. these fibers reappear within minutes of showering. i find this to be unusual and highly disturbing. is it concrete evidence? no. but it bears investigating in my opinion. so, to summarize, i would not be able to differentiate between a morgellons fiber and a typical fiber simply by looking at them. i am not a scientist, nor do i claim to have experience in this field. i do trust in those who are scientist and who do have experience with such matters. when evidence from valid lab testing is provided to refute the opinions of Dr Wymore, jenny haverty (microbiologist) the tulsa crime lab etc then i might reconsider my position. believe it or not Michael, i would be ever so happy to have a rational explanation for the painful lesions that continue to plague me. give me some medicine to make it go away and you will never hear the word morgellons from my lips again. till then, i will continue to fight for recognition and treatment for this horrific disease.

  51. did sarah actually see the fiber that rob was referring to? if not then how can she compare them to the fibers we claim are morgellons related? is she a fiber expert now? is that part of the fine training she received at UGA? wow what a jack of all trades she is turning out to be

  52. ppy, I believe that SUNY are going to do a presentation at the Morgellons conference. Perhaps then they will clarify what they found. I can wait for that, and then might have some comment.

    “motile” means that they move. This is common claim, but is hard to give credence to, since all thin fibers move with air currents and static electricity. Plus there has been no convincing video of this motility, which it seems would be very easy to video.

    I totally understand you fighting for your health rights. But I just feel that in choosing “Morgellons” as the only solution to your problems, you might picking the wrong wagon. Please don’t totally close the door to other possibilities.

  53. ppy, how exactly do you find fibers “deep in the tissue”? Do you dig them out? How?

  54. “did sarah actually see the fiber that rob was referring to?”

    Click the link to the website in the blog post.

  55. no Michael i didn’t dig them out. putting aloe on the lesions has in some instances caused tissue to surface. can you post pictures on this site? if so i will get someone to help me post what i am talking about. sarah, you might want to check that e mail again. if you check it so infrequently i’m sure you had plenty to weed through. i will extend a persoal invitation to attend the conference just in case. we would love to hear what you have to say. trust me though sarah, we couldn’t give a damn about where you are or tracking you down. we just knew you would try to bitch about not grtting to present your views. now that you have been formally invited, when would you like us to schedule your segment of the conference for? approximately how much time would you like for us to give you? typically segments are blocked off in 45 minute to 1 hour segments. please let us know at your earliest convienience. Michael, you failed to answer my question. who labeled the fibers as a green scrubbie? was it SUNY or you?

  56. Fibers appearing on lotion covered arms could just be airborne fibers. But again, this kind of thing should be easy to video.

    I identified one particular SUNY photo of fibers as a green scrubber, and Mark agreed they looked very similar. It’s the green photo from the last Washington post article. Have a look at a green scrubber with a microscope (just a few fibers, flattened, will give you a similar image). It also appears here:

    You can’t post images in comments, but you can email them to me, and I can post links to them. Or you can upload them yourself, and just link to them in a comment.

  57. Michael,
    because they look similiar does not mean they are the same thing. notice mark did not agree that it WAS a green scrubbie, only that it looked similiar. i’ll see about getting some images to you Michael. i’m not very computer savvy so i’ll need a bit of help. maybe you can identify the weird stuff in my blood that my id doctor, a neuro, an intern, and my gp have been unable to figure out. when i asked ginger savely if it could be bad she replied that “it sure ain’t good”. makes a body feel great. these pics i have available now but the tissue fiber pics have been difficult to post because my program is not responding????? again, don’t know enough about computers to fix the problem but am looking for some help in this area.

  58. No amount of “search” combinations or personal filing through emails produced any emails indicative of an invitation. If I do get a legitimate invitation, I would decline.

    It’s funny what not giving a damn seems to include. I wonder what it would be like if indeed a damn was given.

  59. ppy:

    i’m not a fiber expert, many of the fibers i see could be described as normal except for the behaviors they exhibit. the fibers in my tissue are unusual to me because they are found in the tissue, not scabs mind you, but deep in the tissue. other fibers that i identify as morgellons related are classified as such because they are extremely motile. and the tiny fibers that i see covering my entire body under a blacklight are deemed morgellons fibers because they do not cover my roommate when exposed to the same environment, nor do they cover other family members visiting my home, or are in evidence at their own homes. these fibers reappear within minutes of showering. i find this to be unusual and highly disturbing. is it concrete evidence? no. but it bears investigating in my opinion.

    Hi, ppy. Was your skin irritation what initiated your concern over fibers, or did your concerns stem from noticing them in your surroundings, first? The way you’ve described being the only member of your intimate circle with fibers in your skin just sounds, to me, like you have some layers of epidermis built up that needs to be exfoliated. Many “morgellons disease” patients notice fibers after bathing, showering, and applying lotions. Anyone can expect that, if their skin’s acid mantle becomes imbalanced and unhealthy. However, not everyone is inclined to think it signifies a new disease.

  60. ppy, in reference to what you’ve said about your blood:

    maybe you can identify the weird stuff in my blood that my id doctor, a neuro, an intern, and my gp have been unable to figure out. when i asked ginger savely if it could be bad she replied that “it sure ain’t good”.

    What do you mean by, “weird stuff”?

    A. You’re closely examining your blood, and, in turn, wanting someone to explain its components to you

    B. You hold the opinion that an infectious disease doctor, a neurologist, an intern, and your general practitioner can’t interpret hematology reports

    What exactly did you ask Ginger Savely?

    Thanks, Smileykins

  61. sarah, what are you blathering on about? are you trying to be like the joker or something? when are you going to have something relevant to add to the conversation? why would you decline the invite sarah? we really would love to have you. Michael, i apolagize for the delay in getting pics to you. not feeling well lately. slept most of yesterday away. good thing too. we have been getting some nasty storms. will work on the pics today or tomorrow.



  63. I hope ppy’s feeling better and gets rested up soon, so we can hear back from her.

  64. Smileykins… so, you know so much about all of us… Tallcotton… you too… interesting that you used to be a “Morgie”/”drug addict”… I hear you were quite the “kingpin” of your day…

    So, do tell-Tallcotton! You speak of the “grandiose/ego tripped” mentality of a Morgie… of course, you are speaking from PERSONAL experience… I mean… YOU… HA! “Even when you WERE a self proclaimed ‘Morgie’”… well, even then you were still “special”… & when you weren’t USING DRUGS you had the ablility to see things clearly unlike the “rest of us/most Morgies”… wow… very impressive… (of course, I am quoting him from a previous post)…

    SO… doesn’t that make you even less credible and even CRAZIER than the average morgie? I mean if there were intermittent periods of clarity in which I “saw the light”… I would hope that I would be smart enough to figure out THAT particular correlation-sooner, rather than later!! I mean-HELLO… HIGH ON DRUGS=WEIRD STUFF COMING OUT OF BODY AND MOVING… NOT HIGH ON DRUGS=NO WEIRD FUNKY FUNKANITIS, STUFF MOVING, COMING OUT OF SKIN, ETC.

    Sounds like a NO BRAINER to me-pun intended & highly applicable in your case!

    You know… ther has been so much speculating as to who you all are… if you really want to help all the “morgies”… don’t you think that you would be considered more credible and much more respectable if you stood up and let everyone REALLY know just who you all are.

    If you all are SO worried about us… you claim to want to help us. I mean, I would hope and pray for that to be your reasoning-otherwise, you are extremely sick and twisted… bored… & IN MY OPINION—-have simply replaced an addiction to narcotics—-with another addiction—the INTERNET… I believe that there should be 12 step programs for INTERNET junkies & that it should be taken as seriosly as drug/alcohol addiction. NOTE**the drug accusation is neither speculation or a personal attack, but rather a statement made by the NOW 2 “website/INTERNET kingpins” that run this site…

    So, back to my suggestion that you all reveal your identity… what do you say? If all you have told us is true… I would think that it’d be a bit healthier for you to make connections on a more personal level so that others can connect with you and truly relate VS you living your life addicted to the computer… & in reality pushing the very people you say you want to help “AWAY”… you can’t really think that you are SO magnetic & charasmatic that you can wage a full fledged verbal smackdown… & yet, those very people you linguistically stomp day in & day out… STILL- will look to YOU, their abuser, for help & guidance. HA!!!! TALK ABOUT GRANDIOSE THINKING!!! Unbelievable!!!!

  65. Mrs. Koch, you should be concerned about the effect you have on your family.

  66. Brandi,

    I see you are quite concerned with Tallcotton and Smileykin’s previous drug use. In my opinion, I would like to celebrate two people overcoming a serious addiction to a very destructive drug, regardless of your opinion on Morgellons issues.

    It is something to think about, that when they were taking drugs they were convinced they had “Morgellons.” You substantiate that you do not take drugs. However, you both claim/claimed to have experienced the exact same thing. How does this not further the evidence that Morgellons is not a distinct medical condition?

  67. really, Smiley? The effect I have on my family? You mean… the way I take my FAMILY out camping, cruises, get togethers, beach… I am homeroom Mom… chaperone fieldtrips, etc…

    So, HOW am I “effecting my family”? By, being happy… enjoying life, teaching them to live—love–laugh?

    SO… how are YOU effecting YOUR family? MY family is happy and active… IS YOUR family? You DO have kids… right? Even if you SAY you don’t… how about YOUR “family?… do they ever even SEE you considering that your head is so far burried into your keyboard that I wonder if they’d even recognize your face…

    My children are “vibrant” & happy children (so I am told & from what I see)… how about you & yours? HHHMMMM?

    SARAH-actually, I am THRILLED that these individuals no longer use narcotics… HOWEVER… it is my opinon, that they have REPLACED their drug addcition with a NEW addiction-THE INTERNET… & they are both equally HARMFUL to one’s mental well being, & LIFE in general…

    With that said… I think that it’s FABULOUS that you, Sarah, want to “celebrate” their recovery… BUT, I BELIEVE that they need a whole NEW recovery program for their obvious internet addiction… it is often said that drug addicts replace one HARMFUL addiction for another… so, I will join you in “celebrating” when they start LIVING their lives VS blogging/posting about it.

    ALSO-there is no more proof that they have truly CONQUERED their addictions then there is proof that “Morgellon’s exist”… right? Isn’t that what we all need? PROOF… prove it… & as we have ALL been told time and time again, ” if you can’t PROVE it–there’s nothing to discuss”…

    Lastly… are you speaking in your usual sarcasim OR are YOU claiming that because these 2 people CLAIMED to use drugs and then hallucinated as a result… THAT in itself is enough proof to lead you to believe that 2 people’s drug addiction causes Morgellon’s? Is that in your “peer reviewed” data? PS–that was a rhetorical question…

    Sarah, give it up… you all are clearly running out of reasonable NEW material in which to argue your side of what you consider “a debate”… time will tell… PERIOD… that’s all there is to it… until then, I would suggest that you find something more productive to do with YOUR time as well… & Smiley-Kar… Tallcotton… how about going about helping others like yourself to stop abusing drugs… start a “just say no” campaign & visit schools!!! WOW!! Imagine how many you could help with your stories…

    Frankly, You know as much about me as I do you… HHHMMM???? Just how much do you think we know about each other????? I know that MY kids are happy VS seemingly depressed… how about you? How are you treating your family these days?

  68. ***It’s funny what not giving a damn seems to include. I wonder what it would be like if indeed a damn was given. by, Sarah B.

    SO profound!! Too bad you didn’t take up philosophy VS… bugs? what is it you do again?

  69. Sarah, thanks, and excuse me at the same time, but I had to laugh when I read your comment. Given how so many morgies have said it so often, I certainly understand how you’ve, also, thought that I’ve used drugs.

    The purpose of our “The Lie of Morgellons” blog was to illustrate two people from opposite ends of the country, with very similar experiences that had two very different causes. Secondary Organic Delusional Parasitosis is what we’d both had, not knowing it at the time. I didn’t have any reason to trust my mind at the time, and neither did TC.

    What’s the morgie motto? Never give up, trust your mind, and keep fighting the good fight, people!

    In 2002, my heat-pump had failed during hot weather. I’m disabled, I lived alone, I was dehydrated and developed heat rash. I progressed into heat exhaustion and developed, and passed, kidney stones. I was seriously ill for two months.

    “Morgellons disease” is proof of the possession of an unshakable belief for the majority of the community that has, afterall, been repeatedly diagnosed with delusional parasitosis. That’s the crowd that first fueled it, but, as everyone knows, it’s evolved into encompassing a lot of patients not treating what they have, which are, all, very serious conditions.

  70. Brandi,

    Again, an ad-hominem attack, but nothing to prove Morgellons. Again, doesn’t your assertion that TC and Smiley had the exact same thing as you, but were under the influence of a terribly addictive drug, not add to the evidence that Morgellons is not a distinct medical condition?

  71. That’s cracking me up soooo bad, Sarah.

    I mean, that is an excellent point you made to Brandi. The gossip is what I’m laughing about again.

  72. UH, NO… do I have to spell it out for you? TC & Smiley were on drugs that caused them to HALLUCINATE… if DOP is “drug induce”… WELL, the steps would most likely go as follows:

    A). ingesting illegal narcotics to the point of SELF induced HALLUCINATIONS…
    B). then, “feeding their hallucinations with theories of bugs or ANY other sort of LIVING organism becoming (in their eyes, the culprit vs a mere hallucinatioin)… taking it to the NEXT LEVEL…to the point of, “DOP-an unshakable belief that one is…. BLAH BLAH BLAH… ”

    THAT definition has been beaten into the brain of anyone and everyone merely passing through this “blog” to the point of everyone who post here being able to recite it backwards… I am so sickened BY the repetiveness of THAT def. that I refuse to type it or even COPY and PASTE it from any of the hundred posts where it has been reiterated OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER…

    It interest me that TC claims that in between his bouts of drug induced hallucinations… he/she/whatever… had bouts of “clarity” in which he KNEW all that he had experienced while under the influence was NO REAL.
    SO, tell me… how does THAT fall into the DOP category (BY DEFENITION) if HIS belief WAS indeed SHAKEABLE… HHHHMMMMM? If you are going to get technical… be consisitent…

    SO! you CONTINUE to say that NOTHING proves that this is indeed a distinct medical condition… DUH… it hasn’t been officially accepted due to a LACK of research vs a group of ignorant individuals debating that it is NOT a disease but rather “most LIKELY” due to this “group” of individual suffering from a mental illness-specifically-DOP…

    Here is your quote for the day—- DON’T OFFER ANSWERS when you can barely comprehend the QUESTION—- Remember that your opinons… are just that-OPINIONS…

    UNTIL you have PROOF that this DOES NOT exist, I think that you start thinking about how silly you are going to feel when the truth positively unfolds. The worm will turn… & your reputation will suffer. I hope it doesn’t…

    I have told you, Sarah. I DO NOT think that I have LIVING organisms living within my
    body. SO, by def. I do not have DOP-right?

    Just as I have not proven to you that this “does exist”… you have not and cannot prove to me that it “does not”.
    Warning! SARCASM BELOW:
    Good luck, Sarah!! I hope that you find your life to be more satisfying by doing just whatever it is you do… Boy,I’m guessing you have done miracles for the community with all your posts… you have really improved the quality of my life with your uplifting words (as have TC & Smileyka).

    I CAN ASSURE YOU… if you have helped anyone… I am sure that SOME “crazys” within this group as their would be with ANY group based on stats/odds alone … but, for every ONE person you’ve helped-you all have hurt at least 1000 times that number… but, hey… you are pretty sure your OPINIONS are right… WTH? Right?

  73. Sarah… one more thing… there is NO possible way that we can PROVE via post that our illness exist!!!

    If you haven’t noticed… the only thing that this site does anymore is dicredit others, & people make points that point out how YOU and your friends cannot seem to PROVE OTHERWISE either!!!!

    What else would you like me to say… I tell you I have this one symptom (the ONLY COMMON one seems to be this matter that comes out of one’s pores)… you tell me I can’t prove it (again-duh)-not by posting…

    I think that you should PROVE to US that it does not exist… before you go running your mouth torturing individuals who are already suffering. WHY RISK THAT-you being wrong? You are going to feel so bad one day…

    If it were me, I would lean towards the side of caution and unless I had PROOF it wasn’t real I would NEVER risk hurting people-you don’t KNOW… you just have no idea what you are doing… you really don’t…

  74. Brandi, why do you think you have Morgellons, and not some other unidentified disease? What symptoms of Morgellons do you have?

    You have lots of doctors see what is happening to your skin. What does this prove?

  75. If you search you will find sufficient evidence that Morgellons disease is in fact Nano technology that was sprayed in cluster areas during chemtrail operations. Nano technology will produce fibres of any design shape they wish in any colour and will NOT match any other fibers in any world data base. These nano tech fibers can move and perform operations in any manor so designed. In effect its one big experiment to see the effects it has on people.

  76. Hey, Michael. Well, I understand and even agree with you all about so many people writing off EVERY symptom they have as “MORGELLON’S”… OF COURSE, that is going to be detrimental & possible fatal.

    SO! Michael, I very well could have some other UNidentified illness. Whatever it is… leaves my doctors and I banging our heads agains the wall (metaphorically speaking LOL) trying to figure out what the HECK is causing that one particular WEIRD symptom… weird specs, fibers, & more… they continiously torment us and constantly emerge from our skin. THAT is what makes ME, personally, believe that I have sometihing in common with others calling themselves “morgies”.

    If someone could name any disease and/or medication-drug that causes such a creepy symptom (matter unexpectedly coming out of un-broken skin)… I would be so thrilled and so relieved to know that there is some sort of RATIONAL explainaition. Words cannot even begin to express how happy and giddy I would feel.

    It’s just so heart wrenching, scary, embarrassing… & beyond… the riducule is becoming unbearable. I realize that this is hard to beleieve & SOUNDS bizarre & even downright nutty… but, all I can do is tell you what I have going on with my body & pray that you all understand that this is not my perception being “off” for one reason or another… but, really happening to myself & WORSE-my babies.
    If anything, I have tried desperately to go the other direction… initially, I could NOT believe my eyes & was assuming & desperately hoping that it was just some sort of explainable/ NORMAL airborne matter landing on my skin… but,to my horror and disbelief-it was definitely coming OUT OF MY SKIN though my pores & as I have told you before-I received validity from friends and family members because it was easily visible to the naked eye. Could you imagine how terrifying that would be? When you have seen what I have to see day in and day out… you would KNOW & UNDERSTAND why I KNOW what I know & become so angry and hurt by the cruelty of regular bloggers on this site… & other sites similar to this one.

    I don’t mean YOU, Michael… you know that. I have told you that I understnd your stance & dare I say, desire to help get to the bottom of it all. you play devil’s advocate, but you are respecful- in my opinion… TC & smileyk… not at all respectful, and treat people they say are mentally ill… like complete NOTHINGS… like crap… which shows me how sick THEY are. If YOU truly believe that the people that post here are mentally ill-why would they make such evil comments and twisted insults. MY GOODNESS! I even felt bad back around the time of my first posting experience on your site & possible my first time ever… well, I felt HORRIBLE and embarrassed for my nastiness at one point and time. I was terribly sorry and even sent an additional post telling everyone how sincerely sorry I was for acting so rude and childish. TC accepted my apology and had enough class to send one my way also. Still, the next day he was telling me off & putting me down again.

    Someone with with a good head on their shoulders & just plain old common sense SHOULD be able to take a step back… & realize that (again-BASED ON STATS & ODDS ALONE!) that it is highly likely that after having “it”… well, if you believe you have been ill with “it” for 3-however many years… it’s very likely that a person will come down with SOMETHING completely UNRELATED to Morgellons within such a LONG time frame-whether it’s a bacterial infection, strep throat, the flu, or a blood infection due to having SO MANY open lesions-FOR THOSE that have open sores… I currently, do not.

    Anyway, you get the point!There are a NUMBER of likley ailments that one will MOST likely deal with over a number of YEARS… if these are ALL simply being written of because of Morgellon’s… not good at all.

    I feel like you all “lump” us together more than we do… you (okay not you specifically)… but, just as we shouldn’t neccesarily use Morgellons to explain EVERY single symptom we might incur-you all should not assume that every single one of us is suffering from some sort of mental disorder and that we ALL right off our symptoms, don’t listen to our docs, poison our children, abuse our animals…

    In ONE breath you state that we all don’t listen to our doctors or even GO to the doctor’s office to get PROPER medical care, & in the next breath you are talking about how many of us “morgies” have Munchausen’s Syndrome &/or Muncausen’s syndrome by Proxy… that’s a contradicting assumption.

    It feels as though anything any of us do is consistently picked apart as to why “whatever we are doing” is an atrocity and proof of our mental illness… you claim that we are incapable of rational thinking because we are so DEAD set on having “MORGELLONS”… you say that we wrongfully write off so many symptoms (TOO many) and attribute them to Morgellon’s… Many of the bloggers on this site ALSO lump us all into a gazillion different categories that make a “morgie” a “morgie” from, DOP TO self mutilation—drug addiction—emotionally unstable–abusers (to kids & dogs)–unable to comprehend your version and OPINIONS on just what is going on with OUR bodies… etc.

    I get it!! I SOMETIMES understand where you are coming from when sharing your concerns over self proclaimed “morgies” possibly & accidentally overlooking something treatable. Still, you must realize that such statements are overly stated assumptions! For example, my daughter has had the CHIKEN POX (last year), my youngest was sick with Ecoli for a week (the more common one found EVERYWHERE, m son has had an ear infection, I had pink eye, UTI, & the list goes ON… point being-I went to the doctos, took my babies to the doctor… all that jazz. I could have seen the Chiken Pox breakout and freaked out claiming that it was “Morgellons”!!!! Especially, considering that I had her vaccinated in hopes of her never having to deal with the pain of CP! I knew that her lesions were NOT due to Morgellons.

    This is getting long and I am so sleepy today so I have to go for now! Just take it into consideration… try and think of this hypothetically and imagine that you & children had THIS one alike symtom… TERRIFYING symptom-gross, creepy… no one had answers, but everyone has assumptions & opinions-most of the opinions consisted of others calling you NUTS… you don’t know what to do… but you KNOW what you have (meaning your symptoms)… & being mentally healthy and socially aware… you realize that your only option is to suffer in silence… because, you know that even YOU yourslef, would think the EXACT same thing if the tables were turned.

    So! I wait… no, I LIVE… it’s all a matter of time until we have answers & we all know that TIME FLIES when you’re having fun!!! SO, my family does just that!!! We have SO MUCH fun together and I refuse to let anything keep me down!!!!

    Warm Regards!!!!!!!!

  77. OH! To answer your “what does this prove?” question… that there IS indeed a need for research.
    MY DOCTORS are all in agreement that something is wrong yet cannot ffigure out what is going on… even my docs are annoyed as to WHY more research is not being done & that is becoming increasingly common… doctors demanding research and becoming as frustrated as we are…
    My post are relevant because they show the mindset of a couple individuals that need to focus on themselves VS others…
    Just as you all are trying to “warn” others of finding others suffering with the same symptom they are… “the Morgies”
    I am trying to show how unreliable some of the regular sources on this site are…
    I noticed that you didn’t post my question in regards to Smiley’s sleep disorder…

  78. You all want to go on about irrelevant posts… posts that are ad-hominem… PLEASE… go back and read all of your post… give me a break!!!!

    Not to mention, it’s the SAME old same old people posting here… over & over & over & over again & again & again… ugh!

    In case you all haven’t noticed… it seems as though people are becoming a bit bored by you all and this website in general… slowly but surely… it’s losing it’s appeal… slowly fading… away.

    You know why? BECAUSE what YOU write about proves NOTHING as well! If you have something to share with the world… why don’t you wirte something VS BLOGGING… as in, an article… book… anything!

    I’m signing out for good!!! I have a LIFE to live! & you know what? Those of you with kids… you need to prioritize… go get some sleep–…smilelykin…rick…TC…winter, sarah…ChrisB.(love ya chris!) & all the rest of my MW buddies Take care of yourselves! I hope you all find happiness… I mean that!!! You know what they say-keep your friends close and your enemies closer! PEACE!!!

  79. OKAY-I lied… I’m back… Dave-can I email you? I need to ask you a question…

  80. Brandi, you make a lot of good points, and I think you explain your situation very well. I can understand your frustration.

    Nobody on the internet can really comment on this stuff coming out of your skin, without seeing a photo, or hearing it described by a dermatologist. It sounds like there is something wrong with your skin. There are thousands of known dermatological conditions, and thousands more still to be discovered. I don’t really understand why you chose Morgellons in particular, or why you think other people are suffering from the exact same thing as you.

    I’ve got a question for you though – you must have been to several different dermatologists, and shown them the stuff that was coming out of your skin. They must have had some theories as to what the “stuff” was made of. They might even have had some theories as to what was causing it.

    My question is: what were those theories?

  81. Brandi,

    Smileykins was not, and is not, using drugs. That is false information started by Morgies. Our stories make that very clear. One of the points of our stories was the fact that two different people, worlds apart, can arrive at the place we all called Morgellons, and come there by very different routes. Mine was through drug use. Smileykin’s was because of other health issues. This also applies to the other people who think they have Morgellons. A whole garden variety of conditions can cause those same symptoms, and there’s no reason to believe that Morgellons is anything new, or that it is a condition that is shared by a lot of people. They merely have some of the same symptoms, and there is nothing unusual about those symptoms.

    Tall Cotton

  82. As Brandi stated, due to his circumstances,TC may have had moments of clarity, but I didn’t. I only knew I was very physically ill and that it affected my mind to the point that it couldn’t be trusted. That’s really a common occurrence among us humans. I don’t think it’s all that unusual for someone to realize that in themselves, either, although, I have a hunch that it may have a whole lot to do with the underlying personality of the person.

    Hehe, more gossip…I have a sleep disorder?

  83. Dear All you All,
    I am a Nurse Practitioner. I also have the disease that is called Morgellons. I know exactly HOW, exactly WHEN, and because of the research I have been able to do, I
    now know exactly WHAT the causative organism is. This theory, I believe to be
    right-on! Or, pretty darn close, close enough, that for all our sakes, NEEDS to be seriously looked at.
    The research I’ve done is basically first-hand experienced, and first-person recorded.
    It is based on an ongoing signs and symptoms as seen by a well seasoned clinitian,
    from the initial exposure accident (and surrounding circumstances), to my now, declining health. It includes all environmental evidence that mirrors my physical evidence. This also includes incidental information as in personal lab results, and a convincing Spore Analysis completed by a professional company (67%Asp/Pcn in basement as compared to 5.3% out doors, same day). We have a small fruit orchard
    which has given tons of environmental information. All of this information being gathered since a known exposure accident. This accidental exposure to the disease
    “Morgellons” was due to the use of a shop vac (unfiltered) on Nasty, suspicious carpets of a newly purchased, older home. These carpets were causing “weird”
    stinging sensations. That was nothing compared to the all over stinging of fine particals of dust/lint-like black dots and different lengths of “baby eyelash” strands
    that thickly floated in the air from our shop vac. This “stuff” would burn into your skin, and you could not remove it. Asthma-like difficult breathing and coughing, plus extreme hypotensive feeling, sent us running from our home. Me to urgent care. The environmental specialists to determine our safe return(?) were called to do testing. Small ulcerative sores slowly surfaced from the places on my skin previously burned by the airborne contaminates.
    So, now with all this unproven (by Scientific Methodology) gathered information, I believe I have connected some formidable “Dots”. I work on the fear of speaking out. But, the need to speak now, is becoming stronger.
    Morgellon’s is an INFECTION, due to the COLONIZATION by contact of a Biocontrol
    organism. I strongly, without a doubt feel it is a Rouge Molecularly Altered by DNA transfer of coding for BT Toxin (from agrobacterium)!!!!!!FUNGAL Organism, specifically: ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS 36
    This biocontrol organism was used by Agriculture to displace Aspergillus Flavus.
    It was used in conjunction with BT Cotton The seed of this cotton genetically alstered
    with the same BT Toxin. This seed has the ability to burn its way into better germination sites. BT Toxin DNA transfers across Kingdoms, and Back, potentially.
    ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS 36 is dominant over Aspergillus Flavus (which produces Aflatoxin and revunue loss for crops in the market), ASPERGILLUS FLAVUS 36 DOES NOT. It has been used extensively, especially by air dropping, all over the United States. It has been given exemption from studies for human health or ecological effects. It has been successful, though, for decreased levels of Aflatoxin at the market.
    Aspergillus is a normal soil organism. Aspergillus Flavus is known as the “Dust” fungus and a known pathogen to humans. It infects the largest numbers of insects
    and may have a “Vector” relationship with many. ie, Ticks! (making the connection with Lyme’s Disease).
    The only message I have to give from all of this is a direction of focus for our Research, and if you know you have Morgellons or suspect you do, seek Lab testing specific to Aspergillus Favus from your Healthcare Provider. It needs to be very specific to antigens of or the DNA of Aspergillus Flavus.
    I will gladly send by e-mail, my research paper to anyone who asks.
    Hoping for answers, and from my heart, Maribeth

  84. Sarah … you said, “Does someone need to call this family and tell them that indeed, it is a worm-like creature that spawned from a genetic mutation by evil scientists?”

    Read the rest of and you will learn that Rob is an evil scientist.

    He would be delighted to have mutant nanotech worms infesting his eyelashes.

  85. I agree that it doesn’t help to label people crazy. It also doesn’t help to feed their delusions or personality disorders just to pacify them. I hope the CDC is taking the right approach with this, because frankly it ticks me off just a bit that incredibly precious and dwindling resources are being devoted to this simply because of the “squeaky wheel” phenomonen created by a large group of self-diagnosed sufferers–especially since many of them have been unwilling to even try the therapy recommended for DOP. If it turns out there’s something here, that information will be very helpful and Morgellon’s sufferers will have been vindicated. It has happened before. However, there are thousands of clearly defined devastating disorders, diseases that cause consequences orders of magnitude worse than what Morgellon’s patients face, that desperately need the attention of the scientific community. If this all turns out to be DOP, it is unconscionable for money to be diverted to appease the delusions of a group of people unwilling to accept reality.

  86. I agree with you Pongo, it doesn’t help to label people crazy. Let’s hope that the “Morgellons Movement” can bring about change so we can bury the hatchet on the crazy label.

    Pongo said: However, there are thousands of clearly defined devastating disorders, diseases that cause consequences orders of magnitude worse than what Morgellon’s patients face, that desperately need the attention of the scientific community.

    I have to disagree with you strongly Pongo on your comment here. I believe human suffering should never be measured, suffering is simple that – “SUFFERING”. Whether you have Morgellons, an ingrown toe nail, cancer, or schizophrenia, pain is pain. Besides we haven’t learnt all there is to learn yet about Morgellons, so we have no idea what we face. Mind you I really feel the greater community have a lot to gain & learn from anyone who has been diagnosed with “Mental Illness”.

    Look on the bright side, the “Morgellons Movement” could save one of your kids in the future from losing the life they thought they had. Morgies wouldn’t make noise unless they felt it justified.

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