Post on Lymebusters from Dr Greg Smith, Medical Director of the Morgellons Research Foundation 8/2/2006, around 10 or 11 PM, PDT :

It is with heavy heart that I write this note. I have been associated with the Morgellons Research Foundation as a member of the board of directors and Medical Director for almost two years. What has come to pass has saddened and troubled me. I am especially upset that I recently posted a note on Lymebusters asking Morgellons patients and their family and friends to donate to the MRF. It was, and still could be, an exciting time for all of us with this disease.

` Unfortunately, several events over the last month have disturbed me to the point I must retract my previous letter asking for donations to the Morgellons Research Foundation. I ask that you do not donate to the MRF. Instead, donate directly to Oklahoma State University to help fund the research being done by Randy Wymore.

I make this request because I cannot assure you the money you donate would be used appropriately in the fight to understand and conquer this disease.

My wife, Judy, had agreed to become Treasurer for the foundation. We decided it would be prudent to review the financial records and bank statements of MRF before she accepted that responsibility. I felt this was important to protect ourselves and to become familiar with the accounting system being used.

Mary Leitao has thus far not allowed me to see those documents! She said the MRF attorney was revising the by-laws and she would forward when completed. But I could see no reason she should not be able to send the financial information.
As I cannot review the documents, I cannot say that donations to MRF are being used appropriately to investigate the bizarre disease from which we suffer!

Another major concern I have is the apparent lack of desire by Mary and a few others on the Morgellons Research Foundation board to structure the foundation on a more business-like model! Even though MRF has been incorporated and has a board of directors, the decisions of the board seem unimportant to those individuals who have been with MRF the longest. Specifically, Mary, Doug Buckner, and Ken Cowles have recently made decisions which were in opposition to the direction and majority votes of the board of directors or which should have been made by the board.

I have served on a number of boards of non-profit organizations. This is the first time I have felt the board was only a formality and business decisions were made by individuals such as the Executive Director regardless of the board decisions and votes.

I found to my amazement that Mary seemed to expect all board members to agree with her and rubber stamp her decisions. When I disagreed with her, she became upset and angry. The adolescent “drama’ which has ensued has been emotionally draining. Worse, that energy would be better spent trying to understand this disease and educate the public and the medical community about it.

This is not the first time I have experienced the emotional and, to me, rather irrational response Mary has exhibited when someone affiliated with MRF disagreed with her. It is tragic that Mary reacts in that manner, as she now seems to view me and some others at MRF as her enemies. Yet I had been her staunch supporter and will always feel a debt of gratitude to her. MRF was a beacon of light and sanity for me early in my Morgellons journey!

Personally, I remain committed to doing everything I can to further our common goals! But I cannot expend my energy on peripheral, emotional issues. I do not know if I will be welcome at the MRF in the future. Nor do I know if I even am willing to again be associated with the foundation. But I remain committed to “the good fight” for my health, my wife, and all Morgellons patients.

I wish to emphasize I have no evidence of wrong-doing by anyone at MRF. But since I was not permitted to review the financial records (which felt very, very odd!), I cannot in good faith ask anyone to contribute to the foundation.

My best and warmest regards to you all! Remember: FORTITUDE!

Greg Smith
(Gregory V. Smith, MD, FAAP)

Post from Cliff Mickleson, also emailed to me:

New and alarming reports have recently begun to circulate concerning financial irregularities and mismanagement of funds at the Morgellons Research Foundation.

The emerging potential scandal and its attendant controversy is currently focused on alleged malfeasance of office and misappropriation of donated funds by MRF founder and Executive Director, Mary Lieto.

According to sources close to Board Chairman Charles Holman, Ms. Leito has consistently refused to produce financial records or to account for a large number of donations bequeathed to the foundation by donors.

This, despite repeated requests by Board members,

The missing financial records being sought cover a span of several years.

“We are doing all that we can to account for the donations made to this organization” Says Holman:

“Unfortunately, Ms. Leito is not cooperating in this effort to provide accountability to the public who’s trust she was charged with.”

Mr. Holman’s office reports that they are extremely concerned that they have been unable to recover any record of donations personally received by Ms. Lieto for the year of 2004.

Board members are also seeking access to financial records for subsequent years including, and up to, year 2006.

According to MRF Board members who have been contacted concerning this issue, no records whatsoever have been released for public examination by Ms. Lieto.

“She has consistently refused to return phone calls made to her by Board officers,” reports Dr. Greg Smith, another member of the MRF Board of Directors.

“She also has refused all pertinent information requested by the Foundation’s Treasurer” He added.

A spokesman for several of the officers of the Board of the Morgellons Foundation relates that an official IRS investigation of potential civil and criminal activities on the part of the executive Director and Founder Mary Leito and several others, may soon be under way.

-Cliff Mickelson

Both these posts were deleted from Lymebusters, reposted and deleted again. Other members of the MRF commented

Hey, there, Cliff..!

Hope your post can stay up (this time)….

Charles E. Holman
Chairman, MRF

Cliff, you are right on the money with this one! Thanks for posting and for making public what should have been made public long ago.

Folks, if any of you are making donations…sending it to OSU is the safest bet until the MRF is audited and forced to be lily white.

What’s sad is that they have to be forced!

Cindy Casey

Yep, it’s time to call Uncle Vinny! Not only are the financial records not being produced…They also seem to have turned on the medical people..the people that have helped them the most.

They have turned on me for encouraging folks to donate to OSU. Weird, huh?

Cindy Casey

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  1. An interesting turn of events, indeed.

  2. Whoops. Gee, I hope “very rich”, Lady J didn’t donate that large sum she said she wuz gonna.

  3. I hope this blows her little boat out of the water.

  4. okay, now I know I’m delusional….I really thought you bloggers liked her and were just slamming her and her organization just to help keep this disease under cover- i.e., holding up the delusions aspect.

    Did that make sense? If not, or, in other words…..I think they (MRF) know good and well what this disease is, and I think that some of them work (ed)(s) for a company that helped fund and creat ths cloning nightmare….

    Also, did you guys know that the man in charge of media
    for the MRF is big-time, big-time involved with the talk new radio show…Coast to Coast.?

  5. London,

    Read my lips!! There is NO Morgellons disease. There never was!!!

    Tall Cotton

  6. How much are we talking here?? couple of hundreds? thousands? or….hundred thousands or too?

    I have not a clue….you guys wanna bet to see who gets the closest? hehehe

  7. Got that part. I do.

  8. Question…..

    1. You think the slimebusters gang will stick by her or will it divide them too?

    2. Was Mary L. the rude-butt poster/moderator sometimes on slimebusters posting under the username “Ms. Monk”? that person was just a witch….

  9. London, I saw through what Mary Leitao had done shortly after I’d gotten aquainted with “her morgellons disease”. Not fully, though, and not concerning this latest development. The thing was, then, I’d just thought she was scamming a lot of misfortunate people. I didn’t know the “rest of the story”, and that her child had only had eczema, or the extent of how sick “she is”, until this spring. A lot of morgies still hold Dr. Schwartz in high esteem, and he was transparent as heck too. So yes, they will still uphold her, for the same reasons they have him…”being believed”.

    I had seen a few posts by a Mr. & Ms. Monk, on LB, and there was something I’d missed, that was deleted, concerning a run in with one of the other morgies. I saw no reason, at all, to think it was Mary Leitao. She is “Saint Mary”, to them. Are you unfamiliar with all the “Hail, Saint Marys”, on there? There were a lot, in the past.

  10. Correction: I just learned “more” of how sick she is, a little over a week ago, from that Pittsburgh article.

  11. Lymebusters has disabled posting:

    (Posted by Admin, 8/3/2006 1:35am PDT)

    Due to several distractions being thrown at us all at once, we are disabling the Morgellons discussion board indefinitely. It may be back on Thursday, Friday, or it may be longer – we just don’t know yet. And until we can be assured that others won’t use this entire forum for personal agendas, we have disabled the posting option until further notice.

    This forum will not be used to bash anyone and as stated in our Rules & Regulations, any person conducting and promoting such behavior will be permanently banned.

    We apologize for what many of you had to witness and ask that you be fair when judging people. None of us knows what has happened so please don’t stoop to gossiping. It will only hurt us more and we need all the credibility we can get. Gossiping at the very bashing website that would like to see us fail would be about as low as anyone could stoop, so I hope that this doesn’t happen. If it does, then we will close this forum permanently.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  12. Man, you deserve a standing ovation for snagging Dr. Smith’s letter in time. This sure is a nasty mess. I’m probably the last to know this, but ABC’s Primetime’s Medical Mysteries is covering “morgellons disease” next Wednesday night.

  13. Please come on over all who have been rejected by MRF.

    We can collectively discuss this disease over here….

    Thanks Magellons…….for letting me air this.


  14. Lymebusters is still in lock-down, they have hidden the Morgellons board, so you can’t even read it. I suspect they are purging all the posts by various people, and tossing them down the memory hole.

    Here’s the latest from “Admin”

    We want to thank you all for your patience while we iron out some challenges that have come upon us. As of right now, we have no plans to close Lymebusters and we hope to be up and running again by tomorrow (if not before).

    Certain people have placed us in a very precarious and uncomfortable situation, one in which none of us even belonged. This hopefully will not stop the forum from continuing on as before and we ask for your continued support. Please know that we are unable to answer all of your emails at this time but you will be hearing from us soon.

    Thank you again for your patience and know we only want to do what is best for you, our valued members. You are the sole reason for the existence and continuation of Lymebusters and we appreciate your understanding of this matter.

    “Certain people” = The chairman of the board of directors of the Morgellons Research Foundation, the Medical Director and the Nurse coordinator.

    Does this all mean anything beyond a power struggle triggered by a disagreement over accounting? I really don’t want to get distracted by minor politics, I prefer science, but the MRF is the prime mover here. Does the accuracy of their accounting cast doubt on the validity of their statistics?

    If the MRF is found to have engaged in tax fraud, or misappropriation of funds, then should we trust anything on their web site? We should not prejudge, but caution might be indicated.

  15. I do feel badly for Dr Smith, who is clearly an ill man and whose intentions were good. I also feel (somewhat) badly for Dr Wymore, who I also believe was not motivated by money, but an assistant professor toiling in a minor medical program who was seduced by the opportunity to become the guy who identified a new and puzzling disease.

    Now, Mary Leitao is a different story. I can’t imagine there was enough money involved to risk jail – and fraud involving non-profit funds is prosecuted far more strongly than failing to report a few bucks on your personal tax return. Whatever her motivations, she has injured a good number of people in a good number of ways and deserves whatever she gets for it.

    Kudos to Michael for shining the light on what Lymebusters desperately tried to hide last night.

  16. Where did all the Lymebusters go? Are they just waiting, or is there somewhere else they go to discuss things?

    It wil be interesting to see what the permitted topics of conversation are when LB resumes.

  17. Michael, the threat of ostracism from a community can be quite powerful. I imagine most are waiting, perhaps not even exchanging private emails about the matter. One never knows who to trust when the foundations are shaking.

    Pun not intended, but I like it anyway ;)

  18. This woman, though, is mentally ill. “Openly”, I might add. I’ll stop short there, but when people are all in the same boat, so to speak, in my opinion, and so very trusting of only those inside their own group, well…

    and, for that matter, if she could have chosen to not be the way she is, if anyone “could”, I don’t believe they’d have chosen the course that any of them are on. It’s all a sad, sad, situation.

  19. It is very sad. A lot of people with very real medical problems and distrust of their own doctors may soon be cast adrift. More than a few professional reputations may be destroyed. The recent media blitz is almost certainly going to follow up on this, if so there will be a lot of innocent victims.

  20. Before this matter arose, I already had a very low opinion of both the MRF and Lymebusters. I didn’t think then, and I don’t think now, that there’s an ounce of credibility between the two. They are both feeding a monster, the illusion called Morgellons.

  21. As a college student studying accounting I find this very interesting that she does not want to release her financial records. I do not know, but I think this women has something to hide and she is scared to face the fact that she has stolen money from sick people. Shame on her.

    It all started with a boy named Drew…………The idea to make money off people that is.

  22. 911, she really doesn’t have a choice. The MRF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and as such the finances are public record. She may be able to drag it out (which she already has, the 2005 form 990 has not yet been filed) but sooner or later there will be an airing of that laundry. There is a CPA on the MRF board, I imagine he’s feeling a bit uneasy about now, too.

    The IRS can grant two extensions to file the Form 990. If she takes both of them, she must file by November 15.

  23. Okay people – this is really really freaking me out. Can anyone help me out here! Mary L. told me NOT to come back to this site because her words “they were energy sucking vampires”!!! But she was the one who told me to come here!!! Know I must be delusional!!! Does this help anyone to help me please. Love from Aussie.

  24. Abac, I noticed you mentioned that you are the Australia contact for the MRF. Surely you know a lot more than we do.

  25. ABAC68, well Mary thinks I’m a dermatologist, she has a variety of opinions, not all correct.

    Are you saying she told you to come here (Morgellons Watch)? Sounds a little odd. maybe she just wanted you to see what was going on?

  26. I will not comment here as to the reality of Morgellons disease or not, this I will leave to the scientific community. Yes, it is terribly sad what has happened to Ms. Leitao. She IS sick. She’s been sick and the Board has been very aware of her illness and unfortunately the beginning stages of Morgellons DOES include irrational thinking and vendetta like thinking as anger consumes the sufferer as they search for the cause(s) of the disease. Please do not misinterpret me. I have NO sympathy for her or for what she has done in the “name” of this disease. I am simply making a statement that we are watching the actions of one very sick individual who is surrounded by folks of dubious character. And I do not mean Dr.and Mrs. Smith or Mr. or Mrs. Holman. They did the RIGHT thing. Media be damned! Corruption exists in many corporate and not for profit entities. This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last. But put a very sick individual in the executive seat of that organization and you are simply asking for trouble. I said weeks ago that folks would be jumping off the MRF like rats on a sinking ship. Thought it was wishful thinking. Who knows, maybe I’m psychic !!!! Imagine that, a psychic Morgie. Scary thought, eh? No, I’ve done no “Heil Mary’s”. As far as I could ever see it was self-absorption and self-interest and quote “get in my way and I’ll steamroll right over you”. Well looks like somebody’s getting a good flattening and it sure ain’t me! And it sure as Hell (am I allowed to say that here or do you change it to heck?) is ABOUT TIME. That is one thing I think we ALL agree on.
    Peace and comfort to those who are distressed….right always eventually will come out on top.

  27. Let me tell you guys from where I sit I am pooping myself – I do not know any more than what I read here and there, if i can manage to with my energy, i just left a message for my shrink to call me because i need to discuss this new situation with him. There really is a major problem going on here, I do not know who is to blame for any of this – look Mary L could very well be suffering the far worse affects of this affliction i don;t know I am not a doctor or lawyer or teacher, I am really really sick with this and yesterday thought I was going to die. My doctor was due to give me another iv today but after a severe herx the other day he said a further one would have me dead by Sat. I am on a Urogesic patch for severe pain physical and mental and it still isn;t working and I still can’t sleep properly. My only intent to front MRF in aussie was because of my advanced symptoms and my complete loss of life and I wanted to rise above all and regain my dignity and of course get support from others, but I seem to be the only one over here who gives any support and that scares me, i don;t want to be drawn into something really nasty i just want to get away. I really do believe money is the bottom line with this money and greed. thanks for listening guys.

  28. There is defintely a connection here with Texas – does anyone know if any employee from National Instruments in Texas has this??!!!

  29. Michael – My reason for coming here was a way to support Mary – because I am too f$%@#* honest. I didn’t like to see her children caught in the cross fire – that is the truth okay. I wish I could have had children and I can’t now – this really pulls me apart people.

  30. I want to stress again also – I DON’T care who is to BLAME for any of this – the BOTTOM LINE is that I want this insanity to stop – because it really is killing me.

  31. Has there been any indication that the person in question has ever acted in a responsible manner? Until a little over a week ago, I’d obviously been under the wrong impression concerning her reasons for creating and concocting her “morgellons disease”. I’d thought it was mental illness, yes, of course. I’d thought she set out to appeal to the group of susceptible victims to further her hidden agenda, also, naturally.

    I based my opinions on her obscure and deceptive MRF web site, the ways the former news accounts portrayed her 2002 “start of it all”, as well as how she’s been so compelled, in the face of reality. I’d thought she was using people to regain her lost dignity and make a name for herself, in hopes of going down in the annals of medicine, someday.

    Despite making a gigantic spectacle of herself, she seemed, to me, to be so ill as to not care. You know, like an “I’ll show them!” type situation, in complete denial and defiance. Upon reading very recent accounts of her,
    that went into her situation with a lot more detail, this woman is much more disturbed than I’d first thought. She’s not stable enough to be accountable for her actions, in my very strong opinion.

  32. ABAC68, I’m not a doctor, but I would recommend you try to focus on getting well, rather than on this ancillary drama. Even if Morgellons were a real disease, it’s going to be years before anything comes of research. Work with your doctor to manage your symptoms and whatever else might also be wrong, and don’t worry about Mary and her shonky friends.

  33. Smilykins – I am just gobbed smacked – because I do not know what the hell to believe anymore – you right so well – but sometimes to well for me when I am feeling really really drained. But you do make some very relevant points.

  34. Any word on the National Instruments employees??

  35. ABAC68 – Nobody has ever mentioned National Instruments and Morgellons in the same breath, except for you. It’s just a coincidence that your symptoms started when you worked there. It’s just a mid-sized software company. Nothing to do with anything.

  36. It’s also nothing to do with the amount of air travel you do. If that were so, then stewardesses and pilots (who fly a hundred times as much as you) would be dropping like flies. You might want to at least look into having a consultation with a new doctor.

  37. Should I consider reading the Michael Crichton book “Prey”?

  38. Or do we have ourselves one hell of an experiment taking place here?

  39. Abac, the topic of this blog, as you know, is “Skeptical analysis and debunking”.

    Skytroll posted his blog address earlier -


    Skytroll Says:
    August 3rd, 2006 at 7:02 am
    Please come on over all who have been rejected by MRF.

    We can collectively discuss this disease over here….

    Thanks Magellons…….for letting me air this.



    That site is probably better suited for the discussion you are attempting to have here.

  40. ABAC68 -
    I am wholeheartedly in agreement with Michael. I did not post to upset anyone and most certainly folks as ill as yourself and so distant, quite literally from sources of truth. When things get too crazy for me, I have to go back to…..Focus on thyself! In the end, it’s all you have, yourself and if you are spiritual, your connection to a higher power, whatever that might be for you. Listen to your docs, stay calm, the sky isn’t falling, we, the patients or the debunkers (funny, how MANY TIMES we agree, given the circumstances!) I mean I really think it’s not just odd, but funny, like LOL funny! See, I can find humor in everything and I know this is very serious, but it has been my experience in life and in healing, that we learn….from each, what seems to be a negative,,,we learn and grow and if that is not our purpose on this earth, besides to help one another, then I don’t know what else it possibly could be.
    I certainly did not want to upset or alarm you if I was the cause. I just KNOW that Mary has been sicker than many have known for a loooong time. And yes Smiley, we finally agree on something, sicker than we ever even imagined. But she hasn’t admitted it to herself or accepted it rather and until one reaches acceptance of an illness, weakness or foible, not much can be done for that person. But prayer if you believe in it. Thoughts of loving kindness for their healing and discernment if nothing else. Please ABAC, follow Michael’s advice. And focus on YOU, not all of the silly politics and griping going on right now. This too shall pass! And we will all become more aware and enlightened because of it. Try and see the positives. If she is as sick as you are….can you understand? You’re all the way across the world and cannot do a thing about this. NONE OF US CAN. But focus on what is healthy for each of us and continue on. Continue on your path to health. You did not need a single individual to help you with that and I guarantee, the work WILL go on. The research WILL continue and nothing is ceasing except a little creative bookkeeping or possibly the inability to do that bookkeeping. It’s not that big in the scheme of the Universe. You ARE. And know that there are folks out here thinking of you, praying for you and if you need to get in touch with me, we can exchange info. and I’ll be there for you. But don’t let this little bump in the road get you down. You fight for YOU.
    And again, please accept my apologies if I in anyway added to your stressload. No one needs that right now. A lot of folks are confused and feeling “left afloat”, but you are not. You are not alone. Go to Skytroll’s site, she’s true blue, she’ll help you also. A very safe place to land. My thoughts and prayers are with you, stay strong, we WILL beat this! And London….where are you, you information God you? Need your input!

  41. yo London,

    come back girl.


  42. And a note to Michael….other than my disapproval of your taking LB posters quotes and posting them here, sometimes out of context….and yes, you DID have the legal right to do so, I listened to the tears of a few. I FELT their pain and I don’t dig people causing other folks unwarranted pain. I know you were simply trying to establish your point and point well taken, but the INDIVIDUALS were not considered and it caused them considerable pain and distress. That ain’t cool. For ANY reason!
    That said….I HIGHLY commend you for linking Skytroll’s blogsite. You could’ve chosen to behave as the puppetmasters at LB and deleted or played and toyed with the topic, but you did not. You straightforwardly, unbiasedly posted a link that will help those that have no place to share their “Morgellons” experiences have a place to do so. It was very generous and kind of you. I must say this and probably will get a buttload of backlash about it, but other than the use of the quotes, I have found your approach to be the most fair and objective on the web. (Oh boy, I can just FEEL the hatemail coming in!). But, facts are facts. Every other site (skytroll has not been around long enough to judge) HAS fallen into the God complex syndrome and only allowed “approved” topics that were slanted in their favor. I find the discussions here to be refreshingly unbiased, and I wonder if other Morgies really take the time to READ them or just hit on certain words or comments and overreact. That exaggerated reaction syndrome rides to the rescue again, to save them from common sense. I’m not saying I agree with everything you say. I’m saying I respect the fact that you have allowed us our first amendment rights and an open, honest discussion of the topic with little or no bashing of those of us that believe we ARE suffering from a physiological ailment unique, if not novel. For this…..hats off and many kudos! (And boy am I ever gonna pay for THIS statement, but I see it as my truth and since you allow me to speak My truth, I want you to know I appreciate it!).

  43. Hi Doublecreek and all,

    I have not been to Sky’s site in a couple of days now. but I have started my own. I don’t want any writers/viewers until I finish getting my information on there. and then, I still might not advertise it. Dunno.I just find it theraputic to write it anyway. Hell, even the bio-board is being censored>HEAVILY!! Something that Sabrina said would never happen. It does ‘nt really matter b/c there is no way in hell to beat the GD governement. And no matter what TC says, there is some type of illness. Granted, it might not be morgellons, and quite frankly, I don’t give a damn what they call it, but something new is out there and it is not eczema. I have had 3 doctors confirm this on me personnally. and yes, the gov’t is involved and I don’t care who believes me or not.

    ABAC, Sorry you’re feeling so sick to. I dunno/have not heard about the Co., you mentioned. I have heard of another one though. I will not say that name on a public site but someone else did. I read it myself from someone that posted it on the biology-online board I believe in the month of Feb. …..and if it is not there, then, it is in the month of April. Check Feb. first. The initials of the person that posted this info is MM. “Just like those candies!”

    As far as more media for this illness, I say BS, it is never gonna happen. My God the morgellons media man is hooked up
    with coast to coast and Cliff is hooked up with Jeff Rinse and He is hooked up with the pharmaceutical Co.

    So there you have it……you know who owns a lot of our major stations? Why is is General Eletric.

    Am I off topic? I dunno, Michael, please erase if you think so….it is okay with me.

    And the comment about ML being sick and that is why she did what she did….I say Bullshit to that too. I’m sick but I sure the hell am not stealing other peoples money nor am I lying, nor running around with a person I chose to be on the media aspect when they know good and damn well that this is not going anywhere. I advise you to read that post on the fiber disease….then, go from there.


  44. Way to go London….tell it like it is!

  45. Alright, everybody, get in the lifeboat. We’re all gonna be okay.

  46. Abaca68, I mean well. I have never said that morgie people are not truly ill, because I know that they are, but just not from anything called, “morgellons disease”. All that you should be reading, is everything you can possibly learn about what you know you have, and that’s Rickettsiosis. Heavens to Betsy, I am sure you’re very ill.

    I know that when many morgie people are onboard flights, they’ve reported increases in their symtpoms. I think it’s due to the effects of cabin pressurization and changes in altitude. Of course, flying is uncomfortable to anyone who is ill, or in pain, to begin with. Such persons that I’m aware of have complained of an increase in the things coming out of their skin. Apparently having missed seeing it, I don’t know if that is what you have mentioned before, or not.

  47. Thank you Doublecreek.

    I did not actually post a link to Skytroll’s site, Skytroll posted it, I just left it there, and Jeeezelouise reposted it a little later.

    I did not mean to attack people with my sock post. When I quoted those posts, they were essentially anonymous posts to a public forum, so I was not identifying anyone, nor making fun of them. My point with that article was to try to show how, no matter how obviously mistaken people were, that Lymebusters was a place that reinforced delusion. I’m all for emotionally supporting people, but it seems much kinder to gently explain to people that their socks are perhaps not eating them alive, than it is to let them ramble on, then tell them you will pray for them, as if you agree with their delusion.

    After I put up that post, it caused Lymebusters to become increasingly Big Brotherly, deleting posts that deviated from the party line, blocking the IP of anyone who sought to introduce science and reason, descending into a state of paranoia that culminated with last night’s overreaction to something impossible to control (and nothing to do with me). Deleting Dr. Smith’s post was an act of desperation. It is a sad state of affairs that many vulnerable people came to rely on Lymebusters for support, and now that false support has crumbled beneath them.

  48. Hypothetically, if the group of patients could erase that they’d ever come across her MRF website, and never heard the words, “morgellons disease”, could they ask themselves where they would be, today, I wonder? If one could really even consider that, I think it should be examined.

  49. Why it is so good to see you post that Smiley!! It is like music to my ears!!!!! Because that is just the illness that I have found it to be thru all my research. It is rickettsial in nature!!!!! That is why Ted Nugent came to my living room to play…..but the song he sang was not Cat Scratch Fever…..he had a new rendition and it was called
    II Cat-Scratch Disease (he dropped the fever)

    and ….he played it on his molecular guitar…..and he told me that no matter how much someone tried to test him or to figure out his tunes (notes and all) that they were screwed!

    Why I asked him. He told me “Gurl, listen.” “What I have done is simply this…I have taken all those ricksettial species and I think I had like 14-19 of them and I placed them under one big umbrella and I I named that umbrella the name of my new album” I aksed “Ted, Ted, I love your rockin
    grooves can I but your new vinlyl album?” He said “London,

    no, it’s not out yet but I will give you a copy for letting me jam in your living room”

    So he did. He said he also sent free one to the CDC but that he did not know why they chose not to be upfront with the public about it.

    and after London found this out the 2nd day of June, she wanted to share but the people frightened her and she instead
    began to study it and learn how to play a few of the tunes.

    One song on the album is called: “Bacillary Angiomatosis ”

    and that song came to life and it now is growing on my left forearm.

  50. and it makes me spell incorrectly at times. sorry


    But what I don’t know is if it is also going to be the one where there is no cure.

  51. Smiley, Not only that up above, but here is the name of a man made bug (gracias to good ole’ Dr.Venter) that might have been in the clone…it is a man-made microbe or bug…it was done in 1999 . It is called micoplasma genitalium have you heard of this?


  52. Smileykins,

    I’m sorry, I mis-read your post to ABAC68….I thought you
    said she/we should check rickettsial diseases….my bad…I’m waiting for TC to come pick me up in the lifeboat!!!

    He’s so mean, I love it. That was his way of being nice…so, I will take it.

  53. I really expected LB to be back up by now. I guess “the sole reason for the existence and continuation of Lymebusters” is not as important as protecting Mary Leitao.

  54. I think either they are engaged in spirited debate as to the future role of Lymebusters, or they are carrying out some meticulous expurgation. Unfortunately I suspect the latter.

    Whichever, I think their resistance is futile, people will ask questions. Lymebuster has been changed forever.

  55. (Hmm. A molecular guitar, eh?) Yes, London, I only meant that comment for abac68. She’s told us that she knows that she has rickettsiosis. I was not implying that anyone else does. There are morgie people who have mentioned that they have specific other diseases/disorders, such as lyme disease, sarcoidosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes, crohns disease, cancer, and so many things. Staph and strep infections, serious MRSA infections, candida, ringworm, and the list goes on. They don’t have “morgellons disease”, but the unusual things that they’ve witnessed have caused them to all think that’s what they have. It’s sidetracked and derailed people, keeping them from being able to understand what’s really going on, and why it is. Such people are in a state of ill health, for a lot of different reasons, and that is why they are seeing such unusual skin manifestations. There are other seemingly inexplicable things going on for quite a few. Of course, that may not be the case for all, though. But who would even know,if people aren’t in a position to allow themselves to pay attention to the advice of the doctors they’ve seen?

  56. Uh, I don’t think much of anything I just said came out the way I meant for it to. I know too many people are against doctors, though, for sure.

  57. Hey guys, sorry I am rather tired and haven’t read all the posts properly.

    Jeezelouise – I am sorry for bringing up things – I hear what your are saying – thanks.

    I just pray we will all be okay. I just need to kick back for a while.

    Cheers All.

  58. Just read through some of your posts

    London mentioned a while ago about Lymebusters calling them Slimbusters and I kept that in my mind. When I started to feel much better I decided to look into Morgies and help out. I had not been on the computer for 9 months while undergoing treatment. I was not in touch with ML at that stage, but I do have a great deal of trouble remembering what was going on because the herx just put in zombie mode on top of heavy pysch. meds etc.

    Anyway went to Lymebusters and started to help because after treatment and coming off all meds my memory went crazy, remembering all sorts it became so overwhelming it through me into paranoia, funny thing is alot of the paranoia seems to be true, still trying to figure that one out, mind you very painful for me.

    I felt as though when i posted at Lymebusters I to was being ignored and caught in a kind of cross fire. I felt as though it was more research than support, but I didn’t mind so much since I had research myself – I felt I was assisting my recovery by being actively involved in what I thought was a good cause. Things got much worse for me when Mary directed to Morgellons Watch. Then she told me they had to remove LB from the MRF website. I decided to go Lymebusters for support – because phone calls with Mary were costing me money, not her, and I felt I was not really getting good support from her then, it started to make me anxious. She tells me to tell my doc that Flagyl will cause anxiety and paranoia in this group, well next thing I know he puts me on it, I have been the messenger inbetween and when one is very ill you put trust in what you think is good people. With my overwhelming paranoia I have become suspicious of people who are trying to help me. How can one person become Manic depressive and paranoid schziophrenic in two days – well I think to myself medication iv then herx then support group lymebusters – no word from the cdc – no word from MRF members – feeling more and more isoloated – BANG the paranoia took me close to hearing friggin angels. Well the herx reaction is nasty – it feels like someone is interested in finding out what it is like to die or be close to death or something. I don;t even want to try to figure it out.

    As for the name Morgellons I dont want the damn thing. I don’t want whatever is going on in my body. I am protecting me from now on. I will not fight other peoples battles (ie.MaryL) who kinda got me round it by saying “my three sick children” and it stuck in my head like a haunt.

    Just giving you the facts people. I hope this is within the guidelines of debunking and analysing etc. Thanks guys.

  59. You know what really distresses me also, is that I have never ever met face to face another Morgellons sufferer, the person I live with has all the symptoms though, and he is really really stressed from this. I have only spoken with other sufferers on the phone, but they would NOT ring me, only recently a couple of people have phoned me but only briefly and each and everyone of them sent me in 10 different directions ie. the Morgellons plot – its fiber glass in your ceiling trying to get into your skin, some really bizarre directions that through me over the edge whilst on I was on Flagyl – all to damn creepy for me.

  60. My latest paranoi thoughts are – I keep feeling as though I am part of a small little plot. My shrink asked me the other day if I thought it was a conspiracy – I said no I think it is – it is more a sign of the times (mary l put that thought in my head), gentics, the world etc etc. But I felt good that day, had vegie juice for breakfast (did this coz Mary and doc told me to), but now I do feel like it is more a conspircy theroy, because I will explain it this way – if I go with angels I think I might die! – so I just keep moving foward each day as my memory returns more and each morning I have had a new theory, but still involve my original theories also. What gounds me is that I tell myself I met this woman (ML) over the internet. I have only spoken on the phone to her and other sufferers. How do I know if they are her pictures? It is really horrible that when people are so sick they are also so very vunerable and are taken advantage of. I will post more later – if you do not mind – am I helping you to help me? I have suffered enough and I think you get the idea of who I am and what I am about. I know in my heart when I am right – if i start with papitations I kinda know that it is something horrible and nasty going on – this can happen a lot when on the labtop doing this stuff – but whilst typing this to you guys – which is the heart felt truth – i feel really quite at ease and just focus on who i am. If someone asked me whose voice do you hear in your head when you have your multiple personality disorder – my answer is Mary Leitao.

  61. Please people – I am not playing a blame game – I am just passing the information down the line. I really don’t want to talk fibers because I know too much of what I see in myself I don’t like to look at that on the internet, it really upsets me, I can not look at bugs or even worms and I hate spiders.

    I get scared because ML kept telling me on the phone that they were going to take her children from her because of the pscycho. disorder Munch syndrome via proxi. Well I am telling the truth here but I have had that paranoia in the past couple of days. Felt like I am being controlled in some biazzre why, but I do rise above it because I am very grounded, my shrink was really really happy with my progress and keeps in contact via email and tells me to hang in there. I have my faith in so many people, but what really really hurts is that this illness will make you crazy to the point where you do not trust anyone or feel as though you word hurt someone, very violent thoughts and dreams, so very very disturbing. My doc wants me to send my urine to nz to be tested, then he said to buy a machine ($800) off him which will be operated by using 5 coloured pieces of cotton and hooked up to a machine which has electrical impulses and is supposed to kill the BUG that way!! Get this I send my urine between 2 pieces of Kleenex tissue and put it in a sandwich bag and post it – is that a good specimen???!!! I am really confused now

  62. I have not had an FBE or other blood tests done by my doc (apart from neg lyme test) this year – I think

  63. Whenever I come and sit and type at the computer, particularly when I am herxing, it sounds like a damn wind tunnel, to the point where my hair literally stands up on end on the right hand side.

    The buzzing in my ears, on the right particularly sounds like over head power lines.?????

  64. My doc told me yesterday – you have poison in you, starts talking about pluto?? and says that Rickettsia is Morgellons??? Now I am more confused?? Because I would rather not have Morgellons. He says that the bug meaning the rickettsia have got the better of me and are trying to kill me, wants to know the meds that work in the states, i go backwards forwards backwards forwards, this is just so draining on me.

  65. I can not grasp the science, and psyche side involved with this disease, it is very unnerving for me. I don;t understand the science world, just the basics, moon up there, stars etc, that is all i want to know. But in conversations with mary l she discussed things about space suits and helmets and then a month later i am having terrible paranoia about this – thinking i am going to be abducted by aliens. but we doon;t have aliens in australia!!!! not sure on that i am not a magician. I have said from the word girl I am an old fashioned english girl and whoever has messed with the wrong person – like i have said many times during my suffering of this thing years ago when it started in my emotions I knew there was something very wrong going on but could not explain it, i kept saying stress, loss of marriage, travel, air flight, you name it i had done all the right things to my body, this thing will make you abuse you abuse and other people will abuse you. so damn sad.

  66. Hey guys – is this helping out any of you. You know will this help me if I share what is happening to me with you?? Because I want to get well.

  67. Mary L told me she had to keep moving house because she was getting dealth threats, and tells my know that she is living in slum with no hot water. Well that just threw me over the head I was scared to death. She talks about “invasion of the body snatches” I have never watched it, but she told me enought to spook me right out, and I think about these crazy damn things when i never used to think this way. It is awful.

    She has wanted ME to get my partner and I to find out who was behind this site. She said not even the cyber police would help her. Well I have been told that you can’t police the internet as such, well Michael can you please give me some help on this one, because me and technology just don;t go together i would just rather listen to music, than hear it in my head!!! i feel like i am some kind of robot. i hope this is just a delusion or illusion or whatever!!!

  68. I am sorry – I just noticed that the time over there for you guys is 2.19am it is 7.19pm here in Melbourne (Fri 4/8/06). I will catch you in the morning I do hope I have peaceful dreams. thanks

  69. I am back – I want to tell you so I don;t forget. Mary L has sent me EVERY single CDC and Health Department Document on my home labtop which belongs to my partner. They kept encouraging me to send them samples, but I could not bring myself to do this. So after me phoning Ken Cowles he tells me to send samples to doctor wymore. but i could not bring myself to do this, because i did not want to look at what was happening to my body, too distressing, this would make one focus on things, i didn;t want this for my health, it tried to destroy i wrote to dr wymore and asked how would i collect samples and the best way to post to the usa, well i get a stupid reply back from some medical student or something – saying i had to register through the uni, i could not figure it out on the computer too hard for me. but i did send mary a scanned photo of what came out of my face i think it came froom their – looked like I piece of elastic I did show it to my vet who said he had not seen anything like it, it was like elastic with a knot in it, my father could not believe his eyes, neither could my friend who is an engineer, he send it was a synthetic type thing he had not seen before. Well do you think i can find where i put the damn thing. In the past few conversations with Mary L she has been shut down and not supportive, she tells me she is scared, so then I get scared because I can only see what is going on by the internet, but then we get an article put in the Australian paper about Morgellons. Michael I will send you a copy if you like. So once I see this in the paper, I’m on to the health department, then later on i can reflect on what I did and I think I acted like a crazy woman. Mary used to say to me “oh you will try to figure this out but you never will” – well I don;t like what I am feeling at all. No one from MRF will give me any information at ALL, Cindy Casey has passed her phone number on to me – but I am fearful to phone as to be drawn into some more rubbish that will hurt me. Hope this all makes sense to you – because from this end it makes sense to me. I smell a rat but I am not sure what direction it is going in, but I do know that this disease in me has changed my family in a bad way, we were so so close and loving, this is just not right at all. I would appreciate any help any of you people could give me please and thanks again.

  70. The Grand Conspiracy

    ML’s kid develops an intense itch, it wont go away and dermatologists say oh well it’s just one of those inexplicable skin things, bad luck, deal with it, but like any mother she trys to find an answer. She reads about reports of outbreaks of a mysterious itch thru the NPA and then discovers NUSPA, next she notices people with these symptoms posting on lymebusters. She gets together with maybe the Lymbusters ppl and they encourage and support her enough to go public, name the disease, start up the foundation etc. Without considering why, she notices more and more people register with Lyme disease – a link, that must be it! people with morgs ahve Lyme. then lymebusters donate forum space to MRF -not the scabies cure and excema ads there – thats paid advertising, a cottage industriy develops. ML’s creation is starting to grow. more people register, publicity increases, the pressure is on. the MRF moves beyond the power of one and forms a board. like all honorary roles in community organisations, there is little money and the real currency is power. the creation becomes a monster, suddenly there are rules, no more can ML can control it. Now it consumes her. in desperation she clutches onto the last semblance of power – the finances. Soon, she will realise that her creation is independent now, she will step back and the MRF will move forward.

    There is no grand conspiracy, just an evolution of uncontrollable events. Chaos theory for all ages.

    Proverbs for Paranoids

    1. You may never get to touch the Master, but you can tickle his creatures.”

    2. The innocence of the creatures is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master.”

    3. If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

    4. You hide, they seek.”

    5. “Paranoids are not paranoids because they’re paranoid, but because they keep putting themselves, fucking idiots, deliberately into paranoid situations.”

    From: ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ by Thomas Pynchon

  71. Dear Abac68, I just now checked in here and I’m so sorry you’re so ill, and having such a terrible and confusing time. Please try to realize, now, not to communicate anymore with anyone that feeds such bullshit nonsense into you. If you get a phone call, don’t answer, or, hang up. Mary Leitao has her own problems, and she did before anyone ever heard of her. She’s not able to consider the harm she’s doing, or she never would have come up with her ideas. You need positive, healing, thoughts to circulate inside your head, not that crap she’s filled you with. What type of doctor are you seeing, because for rickettsiosis, you really need several specialists. I’m praying for you, SarachConnor, and I’m not the kind of person who’ll just say that because it sounds good. I’m signing off, now, and will catch you later. Try to be strong, and think of happy thoughts.

  72. Oh, come on. That’s some fairytale, you’ve concocted, Hugh R.Delusional.

    From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 23rd:

    “Maybe mainstream medicine has been dismissive of this, too,” Dr. Frac said. “They haven’t given this a fair shake.” He acknowledges that most physicians lack the research power to find the causality of new diseases. He refers Ms. Leitao to Dr. Fred Heldrich, a Johns Hopkins pediatrician known for solving mystery cases.

    “I found no evidence of [anything suspicious] in Andrew,” Dr. Heldrich wrote to Dr. Frac after the visit. Then he added: “Ms. Leitao would benefit from a psychiatric evaluation and support, whether Andrew has Morgellons disease or not. I hope she will cease to use her son in further exploring this problem.”

    From The Chicago Tribune, July 24th:

    ‘They suggested that maybe I was neurotic,’ Leitao said of her attempt to have her son examined by infectious disease experts at Johns Hopkins Hospital. ‘They said they were not interested in seeing him because I had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy’ a mental illness in which a parent fabricates a child’s illness or intentionally injures a child.

  73. All I can say right now is…Thank God I found you guys!

  74. Hugh R. Delusional, not always knowing the manner of tone we’re trying to communicate through the written word, I didn’t mean to sound the way that i probably came across. I’m sorry. Expressing our views is great, and I think speculating on things is fine, sometimes. But, for instance. when facts are already common knowledge, such as how the suspected link with lyme disease came into the “morgellons disease” picture, there’s no room for speculation. I respect your opinions, but I’m not completely clear on how you’ve arrived at all of them. I believe I understand where you’re coming from, and I agree with calling this an evolution of uncontrollable events, on some level. I think it was always total chaos. I’m real torn over innocence & guilt matters. Too many ill, vulnerable, people fell into this snare. Who set the snare was hell-bent with a passion, but is it her fault? Nowhere, did anyone ever step into this scene with a voice of reason, or authority. That covers a lot of ground. Seeing accounts of so many broken relationships, and lives destroyed, and blamed on this, though, it’s impossible to know what people have lived through, and either endured, or had to give up. The whole thing sucks.

  75. Dear onme2, thank God, and and thank Michael, the man in charge of this blog.

  76. Yes ABAC68, I too smell a rat. How come when you emailed me just three days ago everything was fine with you and Mary and the foundation. In fact, that email also had Maty’s name on it as well as that other wierdo flowerchild. You know, what makes me post this ( and believe me, I was feeling really bad for you) is how up above in you postings you say that these tirades of Mary’s have been going on for some time now. I could understand if you had not said that, and instead said everything was hunky-dorey until yesterday or whenever it was that the fallout happened.

    I’m sorry ABAC68, but I’m very ill and I don;t want someone to be f-ing around anymore. I’m tired of peoples shit. I hope to god I’m wrong about you but you said these things yourself up there in your post. Again, I’m not trying to be hateful, nor a bitch but dammit, I am sick and I have been messed with long enough.

    Can you prove me wrong? I hope so, b/c I really like you. I do. But I think you are snooping for her still.
    And I dunno if she made you send that email to me (the one you forwarded) but it did try to infect my computer with a viral lode bigger than the one my body has. Please clarify .

  77. >>Nowhere, did anyone ever step into this scene with a voice of reason, or authority.

    Smiley, I have to disagree with this. Nearly every Morgie I’ve read has been diagnosed with something by their own physicians. In the normal space-time continuum, that’s the voice of reason that we all listen to. How were these doctors to know that Mary’s Black Hole even existed, let alone that their patients were being sucked in? I have certainly never seen anything like this. How would a home-town GP know that there was anything to “step into” at all?

    (Disclaimer: “Normal space-time continuum” and “Mary’s Black Hole” are figures of speech and are NOT intended to imply any new Morgellons theory!!)

  78. Jeez,

    MY Gp ask me what she should do. They are not aware of what in the hell to do….unless you go to one that is into all of this molecular medicines and stuff. Or, maybe a Lyme literate doctor would help but they are hard to find and even harder to get into.

  79. There ya go, JeezeLouise. Thanks. And, not only that, but in their personal lives, with friends and family, as well, I’m sure that anyone touched by this has an immeasurably trying situation on their hands to deal with. Excellent disclaimer, there, lady!

  80. Abac68 and London both, you just need to look after your own health, and try to push the paranoia aside for a while. Healthy body, healthy mind.

    Abac68, I’m not a doctor, but what your doctor is doing sounds odd. The long term antibiotic IVs, and this new $800 zapper machine he wants you to buy, both sound a bit off. It may just be a misinterpretation of what your doctor is doing – but have you got a second opinion? Your doctor may have the best of intentions, but sometimes doctors with an alternative bent get a little carried away. Maybe see what a conventional doctor has to say.

  81. Looks like Mary just expurged Randy Wymore.

  82. Dr Smith and Chas Holman, too.

    Cindy Casey is still there, though.

    Wanna wager how long?

  83. Randy Wymore? May I ask how you know Moargellons?

    and this is the last for me on her….but I must, before I die…..

    ABAC could quite possibly be the accronym for:

    The Australian Biotechnology Advisory Council (ABAC) is a body of experts appointed to provide high level independent advice to the Australian Government on priority issues in biotechnology, including research and development, international links, commercialisation, public interest and ethics. ABAC has played a significant role in the reviews of the National Biotechnology Strategy, and meets with the Australian Government Biotechnology Ministerial Council to discuss issues emerging in the sector.

    but if I may say so….I think she is into the reproduction of lumber/ fako trees….just my opinion and I hope I’m wrong…

  84. I know that all these patients have ever hoped for is a doctor who believes in, and will treat them for, “morgellons disease”, but I strongly advise steering clear of such doctors. The ways morgie people have fallen victims to this, was by being so confused to begin with, due to various causes. Many won’t go near any doctors anymore, not even to take their children, for fear they’ll lose them. For those who are still actively receiving medical attention, I would implore them to get off of the elusively-illusive (whoa) search for a “morgellons’ pathogen”. If it is a near-to-impossible feeling to resist, discuss that with your health care provider, provided they aren’t treating you for a non-existing disease. Look up their credentials, see if they’re board certified, do background checks. Get a new doctor. Get copies of all your health records, If you’re compelled to research, research what you already know, from what your doctor says, and from what you see inside your records.

  85. I do Jeez, I wanna wager….I don’t even know who she is this Casey lady but I will guess….uh, 30 minutes longer?? :)

  86. London, if you want to be a scientist, you should assume your theories are wrong until you can demonstrate they are correct.

    It’s a lot more productive that way.

  87. Casey said:

    Yep, it’s time to call Uncle Vinny! Not only are the financial records not being produced…They also seem to have turned on the medical people..the people that have helped them the most.

    They have turned on me for encouraging folks to donate to OSU. Weird, huh?

    Cindy Casey

    So 30 minutes is probably about right.

  88. Tell your Dr. that you were given a molecular illnes by a damn insect. B/c that is what happened.

    Better yet, don’t- they are not going to know what to do anyway….I think the only thing we can do is sleep right, do not smoke, do not drink, do not doing any of the friggin fun stuff!!!!!! Join the boys & girls Scouts. This is my best opinion. Besides to uprise and get every GM crop and cloned thing out of the country!!!

  89. London, the MRF website is changing even as we speak. Randy Wymore is out. Chas (CherokeeChas) Holman is out. Dr Gregory Smith is out. For whatever reason, RN Cindy Casey has yet to be beheaded.

    Cindy is Chas Holman’s wife and on the “Nursing Advisory Panel”.

    I’m sure it’s an oversight.

  90. Wymore’s “Letter You Can Take to Your Doctors” also appears to be gone?

  91. why thank you very much. Pay up Jeeze! You owe me -what was that wager? $ 100 bucks right? :)

    Thanks Michael for that info. and , I did not see your post two up until after I posted my last one. so, no disrespect meant to you…it was just too late.

  92. Not so fast, London! She’s still there!

  93. once again, my post was too late. So Jeeze is that a push or do I owe You?

    what , who is going to run the organization?

    and what in the world happenend to the new lady, the pro ball players wife Brandi? I have wanted her email address since the end of June. But to no avail. Is she not the Prez of the board?

    and does Ms. Leito not follow Robert rules of Order?/ does the board positions not have to be voted on by all the board members???

    tell me more Michael.

  94. That is, if you want to get as well as possible, either take some baby steps onto a better pathway of discovery, which will include acceptance that we can’t all feel like we did 20 years ago, or look up some legitimate health care advocacy services to assist you. If you enjoy “morgellons disease” as a hobby of sorts, maybe develop a shift over into a new hobby that’s a lot healthier, and much easier to understand. These bodies we all live inside of, are the only ones we’ll ever have for the time we’re here, you know?

  95. Has anyone ever read, “and soon, your house of cards wil fall”, written in anger from any morgie people? I sure have seen it a lot. Lots of karma talk, too. Oh, this is unreal.

  96. Just playin’ with ya, London, on the wager thing. Jo Ann Mangili, RN has been removed, they may have missed Cindy and lopped off Jo’s head by mistake. Such things happen in bloodbaths, you know.

    As for who will lead the MRF? Well, the bigger question is probably how long the MRF itself is going to survive. The IRS is evidently knocking on the door, that’s never a good thing.

    In corporations, board members must vote on changes to the board, but private foundations can have their own by-laws to some extent. If Wymore, Holman and Smith have resigned, then it’s a moot point anyway.

    Either way, the MRF is not what it was two days ago and anyone who has donated to the Foundation has a right to know what the heck is going on.

  97. New post on the Wymore split, no real new details, but a place to continue the discussion.

  98. Smiley, I have certainly seen those things said many times. But I think it also important to distinguish between the MRF and the very ill people that organization purports to serve.

    However the MRF comes out of this, if it does, there are still a lot of frightened and sick people out there, perhaps even more because of the MRF.

    Those people do not need to be ridiculed, they need to be urged to find appropriate medical care. So I hope they will find, coming to Michael’s blog, a non-confrontational place where they are encouraged to see beyond “Morgellons” and hopefully seek proper treatment.


  99. I didn’t read all the posts – but here goes.

    the name ABAC68 – Mary named me the “Aussie bad arse chick” 68 is my year of birth. I am no good with uses names. Mary L kept calling herself the American bad arse chick and said you are the aussie bad arse chick she kept telling me this months ago, so I used it. I don;t know why.

    Michael – I agree with what you are saying. I am due to go back to the Doc on Wednesday for IV. I don’t want to, I want to get past the full moon and get it all out of the way. My parents suggested I make an appointment with another doc. I will I just have to come to terms with a few things. The thought of a new doctor does scare me. There is a guy local who treats CFS and he and my doc are the ones the Rickettsial Research Laboratory in Geelong in Melbourne recommend, or alternatively there is a lady doctor in the city of Melbourne that I have seen in the past for my gyaenological stuff – she I go back to her??

    It really does hurt me when Mary L asked me to be the Offical Australian Represenative for the Australian Sufferers. I have worked so hard to help myself and others – but I can not anymore. I joined up with the MRF after thinking they were guiding me in the right direction.

    I really am scared to come to the computer – but something inside me tells me – I need to give you people – what I know – what has happened to me and what I tell you is the truth.

    London – thank you for helping me. I explained to you in my email about Flowerchild – she has sent me some weird documents, supposed CIA documents, and stuff of Morphbugs or Morphborgs. Look my dad doesn’t want to read this stuff anymore, he just sees his doctor in terrible pain and wants this all over.

    Sometimes I feel as though I have been poached and someone wants to pin blame on me for something I did not do – does not make sense.

    The Durogesic pain patch – this just gave me nightmares last night – I was on and off with it yesterday to try to control the mental pain. I will just take things nice and slow and I know I will survive this. Thanks.

  100. Oh – I see house of cards mentioned. Mary L has said that alot. She also got me to post stuff on the biology line website I think it was, I registered under the name of “Doobie” there was only about 3 posts I think, each time I was given a warning, I just cut and paste the information she sent me and stuck it on that site, please check it out, I think you guys will be able to read between the lines. She was angry with that Randy (Lady) online there. I had no idea about these other websites – too hard for me. I just did her dirty work thinking I was doig the right thing.

    It really is horrible when you see the big picture.

  101. SarahConnor/Abac68, taking things nice and slow sounds like a very good idea. minimizing stress can be very beneficial to your health.

    Also, if your parents are recommending you see another doctor, then it’s probably a good idea. At least to get some perspective for yourself. Going back to your lady doctor might be good, as she knows you to some degree.

  102. thank Sara, I’m sorry to have hurt your feelings if I did so. I’m just really tired of all of this and I am shaking like a leaf right now….why? because, as I said earlier or yesterday I believe it was, that I started my own blog. I had really no intention of annoucing it/ making it public. It was really just thereaputic for me to write there. Well, today, I’ve been studying how they got this molecular parasite into us and at the very end, If I’m lying , I’m dying I had this sudden understanding of how….the light s, the figures the microwaves,,,,all of it and the lights, the microwaves- top that off, I guess god was leading me becuase I hit a jack-pot. I found out how (through what technology.

    Well, I go back to the biology-online board and was continuing my posting there. TamTam and I were communicating back and forth at the time…well, then it happened. It had been happening for the last two weeks when I would write there….I would see flashes of these lil lime green football shapes (no bigger that a small pill) and also I noticed on the backjground paper that it had like this print stamped into it, although the formations were vague but it would go across in slow motion as I typed. Hell, I even mentioned this in some of my emails (which yes, they are saved and dated….) but today, when I go back to continue my post, boom!! it did it again! but guess what? this time it was an inch long pink streak-kink of reminded me of and exclamation point but big…it flashed on then off in a matter of 3 seconds…but, I had two witnesses right here beside me…oh yes, indeed. I immediately wrote the rude Canalon monitor but to no avail. I’m getting to the bottom of this and if you could have just seen my last post on the blog I created, then you would be thinking OMG, no way….talking about weird timing….hell, like I said, I’d been seeing this for the last two weeks but I wanted to make sure before I said anything. Today, I got lucky, I had two witnesses.

    I think I’m about to blow this whole damn thing out of the friggin water!!!!I might just announce my blog site….

    I only posted one main post and did 30 comments to myself….like I said, I was really making it like my personal diary…so if you go there be prepaird for that. and boy, if I post it, I do think there will be some jaws dropping. dunno, I’m so mad right now !!!

    so ABAC, I guess we need to stay off the computer b/c I think that is how they are making this thing happen. Laugh all you want people. This is a crime and I have every intention of everyone that has given me a virus…and I know what’s up with what….wait and see dammit!

  103. London, I absoluely agree that you should stay off the computer for awhile. I wonder, also, if there is anyone who is NOT an online “friend” who might sit with you for just a bit?

  104. London – I have to agree on the one about the computer. Yes my symptoms get worse on the computer.

    I just spoke with Cindy and Charles Holman. These people were terrific to me. They both don’t want to be affiliated with the MRF, neither do I. Charles was very honest and confirmed my deep feelings about this situation. We all agreed we do not know why this sudden change of events has happened with Mary but the money thing has been going on a while they said and they had no idea. She tells me one story about her life and then she tells them another story. But for now people I am signing off. Because I know in my heart I do not want this disease to perpetuate any further than it all ready has. My family are hurting from this terribly especially mentally. I don’t know if it makes any sense to you, but what I find hard about this is that my Gran is 90 and is beng very well cared for in a hopsital here. She is so “withit” mentally, as she gets better I feel sicker, so my family we are 4 generations and I really find it a hard strain.

    Do what you have to do people to help yourselves and to help you. Don’t fight anyone elses battles I tried and it doesn;t make you better. I just want that Documentary to go to air – I want the public to know that someone (MaryL) tried to make something horrible happen – but the good people will not let anything happen. We all want the real TRUTH. Thanks for reading.

  105. London, you can spread a virus over the internet, it’s called a “meme”

    Sounds like you have something wrong with your monitor. Or your eyes. Maybe you should give the eye doctors another chance! Just take a chill pill before you go.

  106. Michael – I don’t even understand the virus side of things. I must get my partner to update the virus thing on this. He is always on top of this normally. He is an electronic engineer and understands a lot about computers. But this damn ‘thing’ has tried to destroy us financially, but we are getting on top of things. Oh – this does make me think more now about the email I sent London and the person who sent it to me. This woman lives next door to my sister. I am not letting that woman be my hairdresser anymore!!!!! I will grow my hair again until the cows come home!!!

  107. I will post my new posts under your new heading Michael – because I get confused backwards and forwards.

  108. Well thank you so much, JeezeLouise.

  109. yeah, that’s what I’m saying MICHAELLLONS., AND YOU WANNA KNOW SOMETHING ELSE? iT STARTED HAPPENING ON MY COMPUTER THE VERY SAME DAY i CORRESPONDED W/ YOU VIA EMAIL. REMEMBER EMAILING ME TO ASK ME WHAT KIND OF TREATMENT PROTOCOL i WAS ON? No, that is not what I’m saying, so don’t think that I am accusing you. I got quite a few emails that day. I just rmember that day very clearly. I also have the old emails to back this date up.

    I don’t mean to sound like a witch, but, I do not need your condescending tone at this moment. Cuz if I post my blog, I’m sure a lot of money will be falling down thru the cracks…i have every damn one the investors names too. so don’t even go there making me sound and look stupid. Not a damn one of you.

    I know that it is called a meme and I posted on my blog the references/ or hyperlink to the articles.

    Now, I did not name names on my blog…i was typing my heart and soul out incase I ever needed to post it…

  110. Smiley, I meant no offense, but I am just appalled that no one is taking responsibility for all the patients caught up in this mess, a mess that is suddenly 100 times worse than it was just a couple of days ago. As I am sure you can see, there is a lot more imploding today than just the MRF. One does not have to go far from this site to see what I am talking about.


  111. that sounded rude and mean, but I did not mean it like that. I’m so pissed that this has happened to me then to watch it friggin unfold in front of my eyes …right after, I’m talking exactly right after I discovered it could be done…there i was…back in the gd twilight zone again,,,but this time, I was a little more wiser.

    biotechnology can kiss my ass. I hate every one of those companies. And I’m about to launch a full investigation into that little rinky dinky corrupt website out of rhodes college in Tennessee. They have jerked me around the for the last gd time I can tell you that.

    sorry Michael of my gruffness. I don’t mean a personal thing by it to you.

  112. London – get your website happening please – if it is going to get the real TRUTH out then do it – that is what we want. We do not want to go back to the Twilight Zone – I have been there – I have touched things and picked them up – it effected my family – I thought they would hurt me – but then I thought I could hurt them???!!

    We need the real TRUTH – we don’t care about disease because disease means “DIS-EASE” my friend with Multiple Sclerosis told me this – and he don’t look like he has MS. He is a very clever man – but this thing has upset his life also. Torn his family in half, and the children are suffering mentally.

    Do what you have to do people – but please do it for the RIGHT reasons – for the love of man kind and humanity. Not insanity – not turning things upside down and medalling with nature.

    If people have done the wrong thing – then they need to be exposed for this – I have been a law abiding citizen all my life – oh yes I am messed up with bills etc – but I will get that sorted in time. My health and my mind first. People who do the wrong thing and hurt others need to be punished.

  113. Michael,

    I liked the simplicity of the meme hyperlink you provided. But, here, I can read on a lil higher level too. This is more your speed and this is the one I spent 4 hours on trying to learn it…you know…like you said “learn the science” Well, I don’t think I will ever be able to dicern this one, but I gave it one hell of an effort. Plus, this one sounds so much more like really, this is no S, it can be done….

    Plus, it’s more your speed..

  114. RUT ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -By Cliff Mickelson


    A newly obtained internal memo written by Mary Leitao, Executive Director of the scandal plagued Morgellons Research Foundation indicates that Ms. Leitao had full knowledge that a considerable amount of funds donated to the Foundation were unaccounted for.

    The memo refers in particular to a number of missing donations made by outside parties to the tax free and non profit foundation in the years 2004 and 2005.

    In reply to an urgent inquiry made to Ms Leitao by former Chairman Charles Holman for full documentation concerning the missing funds and in response to his request for an explanation of other financial irregularities, Ms Leitao states:

    “This is all I have. I now realize that I did it all wrong, but admit I did not know what I was doing. I apologize but it is not the only thing I have screwed up.”

    A spokesman for several former members of the Foundation’s Executive board have gone on record as saying that despite this admission, Ms. Leitao then failed to forward any paper documentation whatsoever concerning donations for the period of time in question.

    They add that despite repeated attempts to assist the CEO of the Morgellons Foundation in reconstructing a paper trail of the missing funds, no further information or cooperation was then forthcoming from Ms. Leitao.

    The Spokesman further states that the intractability of Ms. Leitao and her failure to be cooperative concerning this issue, as well as other questionable financial matters, served as the primary reason for the recent spate of resignations from the Foundation’s board of directors.

    “We had no clue as to where the foundation’s funds had disappeared to” Says Former Chairman of the Board, Charles Holman.

    “We felt we were deliberately kept in the dark as to the number and amount of donations for the year 2004.”

    “I was a Treasurer with no books and no records to account for” added Judy Smith, the former MRF Treasurer.

    “The situation was intolerable” She continued. “The Morgellons community deserves better. They deserve accountability for their monies.”

    -Cliff Mickelson

  115. What a surprise, that the executive director of the MRF (which I am convinced is all a very clever ploy to make money) isn’t exactly forthcoming with the potentially incriminating documents. Perhaps this is because she could have cured all of her patients with 5 mg per day of olanzipine. If you believe you have this disease, ask your doctor to prescribe this medication. At the very worst, it won’t work. What have you got to lose?

    Please see:
    Meehan WJ, Badreshia S, Mackley CL.
    Successful treatment of delusions of parasitosis with olanzapine.
    Arch Dermatol. 2006 Mar;142(3):352-5.
    PMID: 16549712 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

    I have no financial interest in this medication.

    Eric Williams, MD


    hope my post don’t get delete – I await Mr. Idiot Cowles reply

  117. Mr. Williams

    Please contact: – Dr. Smith – they would love to take on more Doctors for support.


  118. Don’t waste your time on This website is being paid for by the people responsible for spreading this disease/parasite/bacteria, whatever it is.

    Factual information can be found at: (note that you scroll through the posts on the biology website by using the “GoTo Page…” in the upper right hand corner.

    Also see: and here is more:
    I just found out it is from the tobacco hornworm! This is the insect that the parasitoid wasp does a number on!!

    I have been trying to tell you guys about the ricsettsia diseases, in which they now call all of them the Bartonellas:

    Lice Join Ticks As Possible Disease Carriers

  119. “I just found out it is from the tobacco hornworm! This is the insect that the parasitoid wasp does a number on!!”


  120. Just got off the phone with my contact at the MRF and they state that Mary L. has purchased a new computer out of the donations for “research” – If ANYBODY at the MRF is reading this – PLEASE TELL YOUR WEB TECH TO MAKE A STATEMENT ON YOUR DONATIONS PAGE THAT NOT ALL FUNDS GO TO ‘RESEACH’ THAT MOST GO TO OTHER PURCHASES.


  121. I feel if people had only known to not fall for a myth called “morgellons disease”, and instead, followed through on their doctors’ diagnoses, and suggested course of treatment. there would be no reasons, whatsoever, to need to caution such people about throwing their money away. But, sadly, this is reality, and such predacious ways are easier than taking candy from a baby.

  122. please help. i am looking for a morgellons civil suit action lawyer for this case.
    all i know it is a bulk package for all of us who have this horriable diease.

    any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you

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