People are ill, people have various real physical symptoms, and people are not all getting cured. Nobody denies this. Nobody is suggestion that people are “imagining” sores or “imagining” pain. The symptoms are real.

But, the fundamental question is: can the symptoms be explained by existing conditions, or is there evidence of a new disease, called “Morgellons”?

If you have a car, you will at some point in your life get a ding in your windshield. Suppose thousands of people got these dings, is this evidence of anything? It’s possible to believe so:

On April 15, 1954, Bellingham, Seattle and other Washington communities are in the grip of a strange phenomenon — tiny holes, pits, and dings have seemingly appeared in the windshields of cars at an unprecedented rate. Initially thought to be the work of vandals, the pitting rate grows so quickly that panicked residents soon suspect everything from cosmic rays to sand-flea eggs to fallout from H-bomb tests. By the next day, pleas are sent to government officials asking for help in solving what would become known as the Seattle Windshield Pitting Epidemic.

Obviously windshield dings are real and nothing new. But what causes people to suddenly notice them, and believe that something new is happening? The article concludes:

The Seattle Windshield Pitting Epidemic of 1954 did indeed become a textbook example of collective delusion, sometimes mistakenly referred to as “mass hysteria.” To this day, sociologists and psychologists refer to the incident in their courses and writings alongside other similar events, such as Orson Welles’ Martian invasion panic of 1938, and supposed sightings of the “Jersey Devil” on the East Coast in 1909.

The Seattle pitting incident contains many key factors that play a part in collective delusion. These include ambiguity, the spread of rumors and false but plausible beliefs, mass media influence, recent geo-political events, and the reinforcement of false beliefs by authority figures (in this case, the police, military, and political figures).

This combination of factors, added to the simple fact that for the first time people actually looked “at” their windshields instead of “through” them, caused the hubbub. No vandals. No atomic fallout. No sand-fleas. No cosmic rays. No electronic oscillations. Just a bunch of window dings that were there from the start.

With Morgellons, people are sick for all the usual reasons. Then they look at their skin, and see the normal things you find on anyone’s skin, but because this is the first time they have closely examined their skin, they see specks and fibers. Then they self-diagnose with Morgellons. Sure, maybe Morgellons is a new distinct condition, but there is no more evidence to suggest this than there was evidence to suggest that H-bomb fallout was pitting windshields in Washington, back in 1954.

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  1. And a few other related cases:

  2. Morgie interpretation: “Yes! My car is full of them!”

    In my communication efforts, I apologize for the ways I come across to morgies, but I’m honestly not meaning to make fun.

    The human mind is a very complicated organ. My personal opinion is, that only someone who’s in a very vulnerable position can succumb to believing in “morgellons disease”. It is a dangerously slippery slope, that, I think, is just an odd form of amusement for some types of people who want to believe in it, but it’s an extremely hazardous, and such a very serious matter for the patients who’ve been led so far astray with this awful lie.

    Since its introduction, the so-called experts involved have been blatantly stupid and completely ignorant. Settle down, now, because I did NOT say that morgie people are stupid and ignorant. The jerks behind this are the ONLY ones I’m talking about. The coercive tactics used to influence such patients has been as just as easily accomplished by this outrageous movement as taking candy from a baby. To me, the load of custom-made crap has always been evident.

    The Following Signs or Symptoms are The Basis of Morgellons Disease as defined by patients that fit within a consistent boundary that is also outside the boundary of other “known” diseases. The initial three characteristics parallel a much more entrenched illness, Delusions of Parasitosis (DP) named decades before today’s laboratory technology and infection/immunity knowledge, driven by HIV, developed. The more recent findings listed below provide a far broader and more consistent evidence base, strongly supporting the likelihood that DP is a prematurely-assigned label to an organic, rather than purely psychiatric disease.

    Delusional parasitosis is, and always has been, triggered by a whole lot of organic causes. There is no basis for the MRF’s statement that it’s a “purely psychiatric disease”, or a “prematurely-assigned label”. There is no basis for the types of studies they promote needing to be done on such patients. It’s a serious diagnosis that requires follow-up, or the patient worsens, and the outcome can be deadly. The state of delusional parasitosis is a type of side effect, if you will, that can develop, in anybody, because of underlying conditions. If routine lab work doesn’t reveal an infection, or imbalance, or if the patient isn’t effectively communicating other symptoms, because of their main focus, it could be, quite likely, that they did develop the state because of a “purely psychiatric” illness. Doctors haven’t been “misdiagnosing”, or “labeling” patients with delusional parasitosis, like the MRF’s, and patients’, proclamations. It’s evident that the patients who have been profoundly affected, and influenced, aren’t in possession of reasoning skills, through no fault of their own.

    It’s an outright crime to play seriously ill people like this. If any morgie person had the capacity, or for some, even the motivation, to spend time learning about delusional parasitosis, and if they were inclined to learn about their real conditions, they’d realize how badly they’re being scammed, and where their true state of health really stands. They could try to get better, too.

    Numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7, in the case defintion, as well as the “other commonly reported symptoms and signs” DOES NOT, as they profess, “fit within a consistent boundary that is also outside the boundary of other ‘known’ diseases”. Those “common laboratory abnormalities” indicate real good reasons for developing skin symptoms, as well as psychosis, too. Also, there are recent studies on the role cytokines have in the development of mental conditions. Inflammatory markers are high, of course, in patients with such conditions as cardiovascular disease, demylineating diseases, and autoimmune diseases, which many morgies report having, but they don’t seem to know the seriousness of their real conditions, whatsoever. Would they, if not for the advent of “morgellons disease” to confuse such patients who’ve developed DP? I don’t think so, but, to me, using them like this is nothing short of inhumane, and should be punishable by law.

    I’m not judging anyone who thinks they have “morgellons disease”, despite how such patients interpret my concern over this matter. MRF has always openly stated that patients have cognitive dysfunction (now, including the mentioning of frontal lobe problems), as well as always having mentioned the commonality of behavioral and personality disorders.

    “Morgellons disease” has not caused that in patients, like they’ve lied to them about, trying, and really seeming to expect, to get the rest of society to believe. Due to patients having such problems, “morgellons disease” is the worst thing — seriously, it is top on my list as one of the worst things — I’ve ever witnessed being done to people who can’t help themselves. It’s real sad that it’s influenced others who have fallen for it, too, naturally, but it’s nothing short of criminal to have coerced such seriously ill patients, in my opinion.

  3. If this movement can lead to a resolution of what to do for such patients, to REALLY help them achieve a better state of health, it could even end up being an unexpected blessing in disguise, but it’s certainly is a complicated situation.

  4. Skooze all the typos. Morgies, I promise that I only want what all of you want, and that is for you to be better, and get your lives back, just like so many of you always say.

  5. Morgies don’t want their old lives back. At least this is the case with a lot of them. They prefer the emotional benefits they think they are receiving through the lie of “Morgellons”. These Morgies consider their so-called “diseased lives” to be the best lives they’ve ever had. They’ll never admit it, but it’s true.

    If Morgies would close the door on this chapter of their lives, and walk away from “Morgellons Disease”, Mary Leitao, and everything they represent, they could get down to the business of treating their real physical disorders. But the belief in Morgellons Disease is a mental problem, and its deception is blocking the pathway to healing.

    Tall Cotton

  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery TC.
    Well, here we are. In essence Smilkins I agree that normal health has to be resumed. But we cannot, in all conscience, ignore the lesions, the pain, the nuerological symptoms described, both in the literature, and anecdotally.
    So, what of it?
    For my part, as I have described, hypericum paste has nullified my symptoms; identical to those symptoms described with respect to “morgellons”.
    Do I then subsume eight years of suppurating lesions, intense pain, by stating that I believe, that, because my symptoms have gone, I was never ill?
    No,I do not.
    What I suspect, is that there is a larger conspiracy at play, designing an organism, so resistant to anti-biotic treatment, that, indeed injudicious use of bio-cide agents increases the virulence of the pathogen.
    One of the downfalls of educated idiots, the intelligensia, is they look to the future, giving scant regard to the past, by doing so, denying the insights of ancient lore.
    Akin to using hermetic principles in the lab, to create a genetic monster, whilst completely abrogating the whole of the Art, that being, the essence of creation.
    Morgellons is anti-creation, which according to ancient, unviolable universal laws, makes it null and void. QED
    Yet, still it bothers us.
    One must enact mental fortification, practice stillness, excersize faith using safe, positive affirmations to overcome this scourge.
    Nhilism is order of the day. Eat sparingly, avoiding sugars, alcohol, carbs.
    Make pain your friend, try not to obsess, which I understand is difficult, but not impossible, if you can achieve a state of mental strength, that being the whole of your being in a state of accord.
    Mind, heart and soul.
    Yeild not to your feelings if you are troubled.
    Anticipate success, there is and end to your pain, your isolation.
    There is deception on many levels, be aware use, and ask for, discernment.
    The suffering you endure qualifies you to succeed in future trevails with wisdom, dignity and understanding.
    Be well, there are many conflicting paradoxes to morgellons, dont seek to understand the whole.
    Simply by affirming “I feel GREAT!!” makes the entity which is morgellons shrink.
    Morgellons is intrinsicall the embodyment of evil.
    The remedy for evil is to pay it no heed.
    Turn your back on your fears, your conjecture and panic.
    Understand, that on higher levels of understanding, morgellons has been met, dealt with, and the agents of it’s distribution, have been noted.
    As above, so below.
    So, rest easy, make a paste of hypericum to cover the lesions, thank God your alive and yeild no quarter to this scourge.
    By ignoring it.
    It will go away.
    If your search for assuagement of your suffering leads you here, make apaste of hypericum, leave it over night, get the pus out, re-apply till YOU ARE WELL.
    Once you start this treatment, your body physiology instantly changes, recognizing the quotient and eliminating every other symptom.
    It has come to my notice,as I have stated, hypericum has been catalytic in my cure, not remission of this disorder.
    Why is this?
    What are the biological process’ which transpire, to effectively cause hardened lesions, deep to the extent of their width, to soften, exude pus, cause cessation of pain?
    What is hypericum? who is john Galt?
    Of course if you use your real eyes, you will realize.

  7. Hi, Al. I am very happy to read that you’ve improved, and I appreciate your kindness towards TC.

    You’ve mentioned sugar, alcohol, and carbs, and, if those substances bother you, this is the first I’ve known of it. Many morgie people say that consuming those particular things exacerbates their symptoms. Itching, and other skin related problems, slow healing wounds, peripheral neuropathy, and problems with mental functionings, clearly indicates that such patients should request having themselves tested for diabetes. While it’s excellent advice to avoid those substances, it just isn’t enough.

    I sure don’t want to be, and I don’t mean to be, a wet blanket. I want everyone to be as well as they can be, through communicating effectively with doctors, and discovering, accepting, and treating their conditions. I believe in the wisdom of conventional medicine, and that there are very many conditions that can make a person ill enough to relate their symptoms to the simple explanation of a made up “morgellons disease”. I definitely don’t know the fullness of your health history, Al, but I’d love it if you’d read this, though, and, at least give it some thought, based on things you’ve said in the past:

  8. So, for me to argue that I have been infected with a biological agent, combining lupus, porphyria and thc, plus lsd, and other goodies is beyond contention, case closed, and for me to further argue that hypericum is the cure, at all levels, is once again beyond contention.
    I’m very pleased my doctor sees morgellons as a serious medical mystery.
    The esters and flavinoids in hypericum should give you a fantastic field of study in its role in ulcers and other skin disorders, promoting healing without scarring.

  9. Any way Smilykins, since were in this debate, I’d ask you to re-read post 6 above and refute the logic, the truth in what I’ve presented.
    I’d ask you to focus on the hermetic references and whether you can discount my premise.
    I’d ask you to be thorough and break it down so that we can all see what is really going on.
    BTW, I trust you are familiar with John Galt?

  10. I’d also ask you to comment on my techniques to quieten and focus the mind.
    I’m sure you will be comprehensive and thorough.

  11. Oh, please.

  12. I didn’t mean to sound rude with that knee jerk reaction, but I know that I did, and I’m sorry. I’m not an Ayn Rand fan. To each his own, but we’re discussing “morgellons disease”.

    If your doctor is licensed and accredited through your medical board, and following all the leads in your health history, and ran the appropriate tests on the symptoms you presented with to unravel the source of your complaints, that is wonderful, and I hope you continue working together to treat your condition(s).

    Through the guided assistance of someone who isn’t fully knowledgeable of what causes a patient to have what is being referred to as “morgellons disease”, having your health improve on a superficial level, could be in the best interest of someone other than you, as it is with so many patients who think they have it, and have been snared by charlatans. If your doctor believes in “morgellons disease”, and sees it as a serious medical mystery, I don’t know what that implies, but I hope it means that he knows what he’s doing, and not taking you for a ride to benefit himself.

    It’s complicated.

  13. You are erudit, but oblique.
    Maybe you are wrong, maybe you are on a payroll, maybe you are sure you are right.
    I’m not an Ayn Rand fan either, but at a time where critical thinking is needed, she has a point.
    Oh well, your answer is far less illuminating than I had hoped.
    However, if you were able to lead, perhaps people would follow.
    Nature abhores a vaccuum.

  14. But Smilykins surely mitigation of the psychological issues arising re morgellons requires appropriate remedial action.
    Oh thats right its all in our heads anyway.
    Those lesions, those fibres why shucks thats body art.

  15. Al, I, personally, have always had a problem with the excessive reports from “morgellons disease” believers that doctors have actually used the words, “it’s all in your head”, when diagnosing delusional parasitosis. The way that has been played up by the so-called experts, for instance, like Dr. Harvey and Dr. Wymore, has really pissed me off, too, how they’ve said that if doctors would only have a close look at patients’ skin, that they would see fibers, and realize that it isn’t all in their patients’ heads, because there really is something going on there.

    It is what patients THINK about the stuff in their skin, NOT that there isn’t anything there!!!!!!!!!!!! The Morgellons Research Foundation is up front and open about “morgellons disease” patients’ reasoning capacities, and I think they capitalize on it, completely. They’re forthcoming, enough, with many other telling things that indicate they’re screwing around with very vulnerable and very ill people, too, and it isn’t hard to see that.

  16. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to express myself very well, without being direct, and I know it is often rude of me to say certain things, but it’s just the way I am.

  17. Yes, but Smilykins, I’m asserting that a paste mado of hypericum will destroy the “hive” of globular granaulated fatty depsits, which reside under the lesion.
    I’m just at the moment going to take the cluster which was revealed after a punch biopsy, to pathology.
    What part of morgellons, dont you understand?
    Be that as it may, to all sufferers, get some st johns wort, make a paste, be patient, keep the paste on, leave it 24 hrs, clean, re-apply paste.
    It pisses me Smilykins that you refuse to critique my post.
    Maybe I’m vain, maybe you cant because you too, know it to be true.
    One thing I agree with it is all in the mind.
    Recovery that is.

  18. Ok smilykins, I see you are thinking, getting upline info?
    Can I get your assessment on the following:

    Well, here we are. In essence Smilkins I agree that normal health has to be resumed. But we cannot, in all conscience, ignore the lesions, the pain, the nuerological symptoms described, both in the literature, and anecdotally.
    So, what of it?
    For my part, as I have described, hypericum paste has nullified my symptoms; identical to those symptoms described with respect to “morgellons”.
    Do I then subsume eight years of suppurating lesions, intense pain, by stating that I believe, that, because my symptoms have gone, I was never ill?
    No,I do not.

  19. And, if you have the time, this:
    One of the downfalls of educated idiots, the intelligensia, is they look to the future, giving scant regard to the past, by doing so, denying the insights of ancient lore.
    Akin to using hermetic principles in the lab, to create a genetic monster, whilst completely abrogating the whole of the Art, that being, the essence of creation.
    Morgellons is anti-creation, which according to ancient, unviolable universal laws, makes it null and void. QED

  20. Understand, that on higher levels of understanding, morgellons has been met, dealt with, and the agents of it’s distribution, have been noted

  21. And, if you have the time, I know your busy; Do you agree with the substance of John Galt’s speech?
    A bit of literary discussion, Michael old boy, we’re multi tasking.

  22. The excersize here is to get concise answers/rebuttal rather than drift into tangential existensialism.
    Refute me Smilykins.
    God I do wish TC were better, you’re hopeless on your own.

  23. existentialism …dot the i’s, cross the tee’s
    I’m having an ism spasm.
    Bloody morgellons
    But, we have hypericum.
    And the mysthbusters here.
    Surely were in safe hands.

  24. mythbusters
    …I have a lisp

  25. Al, you think too hard and too much. I’ll say a few things, later, but in the meantime…..

  26. Al, you’re being silly. Morgellons is everything from A to Z… everything and nothing. What cures your Morgellons may not cure anyone else’s Morgellons, and it cannot cure everyone… just those who have what you have. Obviously, this is something about Morgellons that you don’t understand, or else it’s something you simply refuse to accept. You need to quit looking for everyone’s cure. No single cure exists. You don’t need to abandon the belief that you’ve been sick, just the belief that you’ve been sick from an emerging disease or health condition called Morgellons. What needs to be “exercised” is the abandonment of your delusional beliefs. Treat what you have. Let others treat what they have. Forget Morgellons. It doesn’t exist!

  27. Recovery is all in the mind? I disagree, unless one only thinks themselves to be ill when they aren’t. A lot of us pretend to be a lot better, too, when, in reality, we’re quite ill. That’s a very dangerous thing too.

    But, Al, from what you’d said in the past regarding discoid lupus and an enlarged spleen, I still wish that you could pursue that lead. Lupus waxes and wanes.

    In lupus, the immune system produces too many autoantibodies and forms too many immune complexes. Normally, antigen-antibody immune complexes are joined by complement, a substance in the blood that aids in the breakup and removal of immune complexes from the body. Scientists have found that SLE patients have both inherited and acquired abnormalities in complement and complement receptors. These deficiencies in complement may decrease the body’s ability to get rid of immune complexes. Immune complexes that are not broken up may be deposited in various body tissues, leading to the inflammation that results in tissue damage.

    Laboratory Tests Used to Diagnose and Evaluate Lupus

    Something as simple as leaving skin problems alone, allowing our immune system to do its job of cleaning out offending substances, is all it takes for most things to heal. But, morgies are members a group of people who are ill, all, from various underlying conditions that have directly influenced their perceptions incorrectly. They all share the firm belief that what’s caught their attention is highly significant, when the fact of the matter is, that their underlying condition — which has caused that same type of incorrect focus to develop — is what needs to be treated. Treating health problems is an ongoing process, lots of conditions have no cures, and many people need assistance in accepting that they’ll never enjoy the good health they once knew.

    I’m sorry, but I really don’t have an interest in what John Galt said. I’m sure you could talk up a storm on some other forum, discussing it. I’m an uncomplicated person with no motives, no agenda, other than geniune concern about how the myth of “morgellons disease” is destroying lives.

    Please read this article and try to leave your punch biopsy wound alone.

    Maybe you, or someone else, could get something from reading this. (I know. Maybe not, too.)

    I want you to be as well as you can be, Al, getting the right type of help. That’s all I want for everyone.

  28. Oops! Soory. I was too broad when I said what I did about recovery. In the context of anyone who thinks that they have “morgellons disease”, if they have been diagnosed with delusional parasitosis, and proven (which most morgies have), that they have an unshakable belief, doing all the usual things that delusional parasitosis patients do, and, on top of that, fallen for this made up “new disease”, then, yes, recovery for such patients begins in treating their minds. This is all so complicated, that it’s always been hard for me to put my thoughts into words. “Do what your doctor says”, is the best, and easiest, thing to do to get better, but such patients resist that there is a problem with their thought processing, and the “morgellons disease” movement has purposefully reinforced the erroneous claim that countless doctors have misdiagnosed such patients. I’ve said it all before, anyway, like a broken record. Treat what’s wrong with the body, and the mind will follow…treat what’s wrong with the mind, and the body will follow. Human beings are complicated creatures, and so are disease processes. “Morgellons disease” patients would put their minds elsewhere if they could, but it’s too obvious that most of them can’t.

  29. People are ill, people have various real physical symptoms, and people are not all getting cured. Nobody denies this. Nobody is suggestion that people are “imagining” sores or “imagining” pain. The symptoms are real.

    This is Michael’s premise, not mine, the first words at the top of this post.
    I agree, that morgellons must be dismissed, disregarded, ignored, bot only whilst undergoing rigorous treatment.
    There is, sadly, many “collective beliefs” converging around this issue, many bizarre, most wildly disparate.
    If Michael’s premise is true, that there is no dispute that people are suffering, then in a spirit of altruistic philanthropy, we must, without prejudice, examine the problem thoroughly.
    I guess then it comes to quantum physics. Convergent reality.
    I just read a coinage; “be a projector, not a collector”.
    You know, the funny thing is, I understand your position on morgellons, considering, especially, the bizarre symptoms you have described in ‘it all started with a boy named Drew”.
    What I dont understand is how you could have lived through what you described, then line up here demeaning peoples suffering, seemingly, completely in denial of the obvious.
    So then tell me, what you have done?
    My guess, and I hope I’m wrong, is that some form of acceptance takes place and a symbiotic relationship emerges, all gain, no pain.
    Well, I dont do deals like that, as I said, I hope I’m wrong, but my soul intuition tells me that there is a greater good to be served here.
    Any way, we seem to be getting along swimmingly, I just wish that such lines of division didn’t need to be drawn.

  30. Anyway, in respect of recovery, One should read Alan Marshall’s I can Jump Puddles, an inspirational true story of a boy who overcome polio.

  31. My doctor is in total agreement in respect of this diagnosis.
    Fibers girl, fibres…necrotic granular subdermal adhesions, coagulated mycoplasma, sub dermal lesions, brain lesions, strongylis monospigerum… foriegn material, e coli in skin, helical fibres, straight fibers fibres 3 inches long..
    “Roll up roll up!!”
    Fibers, yes! we have fibers, from the finest bio active fabrics, all they need is sweat….
    …The Devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to keep”

    Well, let me tell u people, I’m The Best Damn Fiddle Player Yet.

  32. Should read sub- dermal sinus…you rattle my chains Smilykins, I cant even think straight!

  33. Oh, don’t let me rattle your chains. But listen, you said:

    You know, the funny thing is, I understand your position on morgellons, considering, especially, the bizarre symptoms you have described in ‘it all started with a boy named Drew”.
    What I dont understand is how you could have lived through what you described, then line up here demeaning peoples suffering, seemingly, completely in denial of the obvious.
    So then tell me, what you have done?
    My guess, and I hope I’m wrong, is that some form of acceptance takes place and a symbiotic relationship emerges, all gain, no pain.

    I’m against the lie of “morgellons disease” and what it’s doing to people. Being misunderstood, as personally attacking sick people, I’ve asked to have it explained to me, when I’ve been repeatedly accused of it, but nobody will just do a simple copy & paste to let me know what they’re referring to. Nobody will ever come to my blog and address it, either.

    The various, serious, conditions that people listed as part of the registration process for “morgellons disease” are what’s progressed into their having developed a state of delusional parasitosis, if they were diagnosed as having it. By virtue of that state, such patients are the ones in denial, taking offense at the diagnosis, refusing to treat it, and they were easily lured into the deceit of “morgellons disease”. There’s no shame in developing that state, the shame is in not treating it. The shame is also in the widespread lie that doctors turned their backs on patients, when it’s more the other way around. It’s undeniably evident, written all over the internet. The way the “experts on morgellons disease” devised it, anyone who wants to have “morgellons disease” can, and they do, too. This cruel myth has a lot of people more messed up than they would have been had Mary Leitao never come up with it. People are sick, real sick, and suffering too many losses due to it.

  34. What is the lie?
    My skin didnt start suppurating because it got told a porky.
    No it started suppurating after the initial latency of this stealth adapted agrobacterium was somehow, and I do know how, was innocculated, or implanted in my skin.
    Now, you tell me, what is the lie?

  35. Oh, heck. There is no “lie” surrounding the fact that people are sick and that they don’t understand why. The “lie” is that it is all due to a strange new disease, and that so many people were MISDIAGNOSED with delusional parasitosis. That is, unfortunately, common for DOP.

    Had such patients accepted their doctor’s course of treatment for it (as the majority of other patients do, when they seek medical attention), following through with medication (which means keeping in touch with the doctor and reporting any ill effects; allowing one’s body time to adjust to the medicine, so that it has time to work, which includes dosage adjustments or changing to another, similar, prescription) some of them could have recovered from DOP, relatively easily.

    If any such patients were referred to a psychiatrists, where they would have been further evaluated, after openly discussing what they were experiencing, the necessary tests would have been conducted to check for an actual parasite infestation. Psychiatrists could have gotten to the bottom of it for them, ordering any type of medical tests, too, if anyone’s regular doctor missed anything, due to a breakdown in patient/doctor communication.

    Whether such patients were diagnosed with DOP by general practitioners, or dermatologists, they resisted follow up, according to all that they have said. Most of the patients have stated that they won’t talk openly to a psychiatrist because of fear that they’ll be institutionalized. Since they won’t open up and be honest about what they’re experiencing, the psychiatrist can’t do their job of getting to the root of their problem, by determining what has caused them to have been diagnosed with DOP, and whether they even are really infested, or suffering from an unshakable belief that they are. That state is caused by physical and mental conditions, both.

    Okay, all that I have touched on, has been pre-morgellons disease, of course. Then, a mother with a lot of mixed up ideas came along and posted a web site about what she was determined to prove her little boy suffered from, ignoring all the medical advice that she’d had, too, just like all of the patients mentioned above. Her plan to prove her discovery of a new disease has grown out of control, due to a lot of factors.

    Many of the original patients who joined forces with her movement were already on line before she came up with “morgellons disease”. Some morgies even instruct each other to see a psychiatrist, first, and get a clean bill of mental health (which means they are withholding), before they set out on a course of trying to convince another doctor of anything. From all that I’ve read, most of the patients won’t talk openly to a psychiatrist because they have said they’re afraid that if they do, they’ll be institutionalized. Since they won’t open up and be honest about what they’re experiencing, the psychiatrist can’t do their job of getting to the root of their problem, by determining what has caused them to have been diagnosed with DOP and whether they even really have an unshakable belief.

    And, of course, since the Morgellons Research Foundation evolved into consisting of what I consider to be unethical jerks exploiting a really sick mother (and all of her followers that have been so easily coerced into helping her try to prove her new discovery), the “case definition” by their own admission, is ever evolving due to what has been reported as part of their registration process.

    “Morgellons disease” is an outright lie. People who had already been deceived by their own senses have been used, and more and more vulnerable people have since fallen underneath this fixed notion of thinking that they have it too. It is no wonder that so many have, considering that most of them don’t know how this whole mess developed. Lots of people have a lot of different conditions, and I’m sure that not everyone who’s signed up to this falsehood had DOP to begin with. If they became so heavily influenced by “morgellons disease” that they really think they have such a thing, though, they’ve developed DOP, due to it, because it is synonymous. In my opinion, the so-called “experts”, “researchers”, and “morgellons disease doctors”, are having a field day making money off of these patients vulnerabilites, knowing they can try treating their superficial skin problems, temporarily, while pretending to go along with them.

    People, no matter who they are, where they come from, what they do for a living, or what their level of education is, can become so ill that they develop a state of psychosis. That is nothing new. There are numerous health conditions that have cutaneous symptoms, and that’s nothing new, either. Now, take the people who “used to understand” that they had a particular, previously diagnosed condition, that have never known, for whatever the reason, what to expect from it. On the registration page for “morgellons disease”:

    Diagnosis by a physician: (check all that apply)

    __Autoimmune disease
    __Chronic fatigue
    __Delusions of parasitosis
    __Lyme disease (Borreliosis)
    __Multiple Sclerosis
    __Psychiatric condition

    other diagnosis _____________

    I’m weary of repeating all of this, and have said that it’s hard to put my thoughts into written word on the topic. You’ll either get me, or you won’t. But, I firmly believe that a lot of patients have proven that their belief is unshakable, only being interested in a doctor who tells them what they want to hear, while in the meantime, their health worsens. Doctors expect, as most of us do, that when we go to them, it is because we want to get better. Morgie people only want “morgie doctors”, so what good is that? No good, except for fattening the quacks’ bank accounts, while the patients’ real conditions are being left untreated.

    Nobody should ever self diagnose, but “self diagnose” such a thing as this?!! It’s a dangerous trick that’s been played on people who haven’t been able to realize it, and I’m certain that many will never be able to.

  36. I’m sorry, I didn’t proofread and edit.

  37. Med Hypotheses. 1995 Jun;44(6):493-503. Related Articles, Links

    Plant bacterial spores, active systemically as a separate entity, play a significant role in human illnesses such as cancer, granulomas, AIDS, and milky white abdominal ascites that currently defies recognition.

    White MW.

    Greater Detroit Hospital Medical Centers, Inc., Hamtramck, MI 48212, USA.

    There is currently an unrecognized chapter in medical illnesses, occurring in living human beings, that defies recognition in explaining the diseases’ origin and growth, and failing accurately to account for the pathophysiology involved. It is pertinent, therefore, to alert medical science, based upon facts as uncovered by my research studies (1-5), that plant bacterial spores can exist as a separate entity systemically. Being totally devoid of the presence of their adult origin, they can survive with a degree of viability. Ultimately, they may become embedded within, or nearby, a network of cells, consisting of the reticuloendothelial, squamous, or epithelial group. With an ensuing adequate but compatible circulating flow of blood by the host to the specific tissue site as muscles, bone, or bone marrow, it can thus lead to the various pathophysiological changes and illnesses that currently defy an accountable recognition

  38. Information from scientists investigating the cause of Morgellons disease

    Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D.

    I entered Morgellons research as a skeptic and have come to understand it as a multi-system disease of unknown cause. Morgellons is off-handedly discounted by many public-health officials and physicians who ignore physical and neurological symptoms — and, instead, label sufferers as delusional without looking at their skin.

    If medical professionals would employ a simple diagnostic tool, such as a dermatoscope, they would see microscopic fibers under unbroken, non-scarred skin as my Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences colleagues and I have seen. OSU-CHS researchers have evaluated fibers and material collected by clinical faculty, healthcare providers and patients.

    Tulsa Police Department CSI forensics investigators have eliminated the possibility that Morgellons fibers are common environmental contaminants, hair, fur or any known naturally occurring or synthetic textiles. These fibers have never been observed in the non-Morgellons, negative control population.

    I understand skepticism. I don’t understand the rush to judge sufferers as delusional. To the skeptics, just look at the skin.

    Randy S. Wymore, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
    Oklahoma State University
    Center for Health Sciences

    Vitaly Citovsky, Ph.D.

    CONTRIBUTION OF AGROBACTERIUM TO MORGELLONS DISEASE. RB Stricker*¯, VR Savely¯, A Zaltsman**, V Citovsky**. *California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA; ¯International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society, Bethesda, MD; **State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY.
    Background: Morgellons disease is characterized by dysesthesias and dermatologic lesions that range from minor to disfiguring (Savely VR, Leitao MM, Stricker RB. Am J Clin Dermatol 2006;7:1-5). The disease has been reported primarily in Florida, Texas and California. Although an infectious etiology of Morgellons disease has been postulated, treatment of the disease remains problematic, with many patients having inadequate responses to antimicrobial therapy. Skin biopsies of Morgellons patients reveal non-specific pathology or an inflammatory process with no observable pathogens, often with fibrous material projecting from inflamed epidermal tissue. Morgellons skin fibers appear to contain cellulose. This observation indicates possible involvement of pathogenic Agrobacterium, which is known to produce cellulose fibers at infection sites within host tissues. Methods: Skin biopsy samples from two Morgellons patients were subjected to high-stringency PCR testing for genes encoded by the Agrobacterium chromosome. Screening of the same samples for Agrobacterium virulence (vir) genes and T-DNA sequences in the patient’s genome was also performed. Results: PCR screening indicated the presence of Agrobacterium genes derived both from the chromosome and from the Ti plasmid, including the T-DNA, in tissues from both Morgellons patients. Conclusions: Our preliminary results indicate that Agrobacterium may be involved in the etiology and/or progression of Morgellons disease. If these results are confirmed, it would be the first example of a plant-infecting bacterium playing a role in human disease. Further testing is ongoing to validate this observation and to determine whether Agrobacterium not only resides in the infected areas, but also transforms them genetically.

    January 14, 2007
    Research update from Vitaly Citovsky, Ph.D.
    Our continuing screen of additional Morgellons patients has identified Agrobacterium genetic material in three additional individuals. Thus, all Morgellons patients screened to date have tested positive for the presence of Agrobacterium, whereas this microorganism has not been detected in any of the samples derived from the control, healthy individuals.

  39. Now, which lie are we referring to?

  40. Research Article
    IONP-PLL: a novel non-viral vector for efficient gene delivery
    Juan-Juan Xiang 1, Jing-Qun Tang 2, Shi-Guo Zhu 1, Xin-Min Nie 1, Hong-Bin Lu 1, Shou-Rong Shen 3, Xiao-Ling Li 1, Ke Tang 1, Ming Zhou 1, Gui-Yuan Li 1 *
    1Cancer Research Institute, Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, China
    2Xiangya Second Hospital, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, China
    3Xiangya Third Hospital, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, China

    email: Gui-Yuan Li (

    *Correspondence to Gui-Yuan Li, Cancer Research Institute, Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University, 88 Xiangya Road, Changsha, Hunan, China.

    Funded by:
    National High Technology R&D Project of China; Grant Number: 2001AA221031
    Special Funds for Major State Basic Research of China; Grant Number: 1998051008
    Natural Science Foundation of China; Grant Number: 30200292 and 30270429

    non-viral gene vector • iron oxide nanoparticles • gene transfer • CNS disease


    Non-viral methods of gene delivery have been an attractive alternative to virus-based gene therapy. However, the vectors that are currently available have drawbacks limiting their therapeutic application.

    We have developed a self-assembled non-viral gene carrier, poly-L-lysine modified iron oxide nanoparticles (IONP-PLL), which is formed by modifying poly-L-lysine to the surface of iron oxide nanoparticles. The ability of IONP-PLL to bind DNA was determined by ratio-dependent retardation of DNA in the agarose gel and co-sedimentation assay. In vitro cytotoxic effects were quantified by MTT assay. The transfection efficiency in vitro was evaluated by delivering exogenous DNA to different cell lines using IONP-PLL. Intravenous injection of IONP-PLL/DNA complexes into mice was evaluated as a gene delivery system for gene therapy. The PGL2-control gene encoding firefly luciferase and the EGFP-C2 gene encoding green fluorescent protein were used as marker genes.

    IONP-PLL could bind and protect DNA. In contrast to PLL and cationic liposomes, IONP-PLL described here was less cytotoxic in a broad range of concentrations. In the current study, we have demonstrated that IONP-PLL can deliver exogenous gene to cells in vitro and in vivo. After intravenous injection, IONP-PLL transferred reporter gene EGFP-C2 to lung, brain, spleen and kidney. Furthermore, we have demonstrated that IONP-PLL transferred exogenous DNA across the blood-brain barrier to the glial cells and neuron of brain.

    IONP-PLL, a low-toxicity vector, appears to have potential for fundamental research and genetic therapy in vitro and in vivo, especially for gene therapy of CNS disease. Copyright © 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

    this one?

  41. Oh, well, given a multiple choice like that, I’ll choose comment numbers 37 & 38. Comment number 40 sounds very promising.

    Why are morgie people afraid of so many things?
    Look at what the fashion industry has come up with. I think nanotechnology is cool!!!,1,1167376.story?coll=la-headlines-health&ctrack=3&cset=true

  42. You may well think its “cool”…
    Try breathing out filaments shaped like a minute fish skeleton…or a finely serrated opaque white feather…
    Oh yes cool, way cool.
    Now, my dear, you have simply gone from the sublime, to the ridiculous.


    Now the Government is delusional too.
    I’ll find a stamp for you, Smilykins, so you can tell them too, they have lupus..
    Ummm, Smilykins, do you have an exit strategy for when this conspiracy of silence gets blown apart?
    What will you do with your time.?

    Agrobacterium, spliced with e coli, I find that fascinating, considering a pathology report stating e coli was found from mycoplasma collected from under the lesion.
    I guess he has lupus too.
    The pathologist I mean, not the mycoplasma, um no, I mean the agrobacterium spliced on it, cultured in some vetrinary antibiotic, no, umm I mean those damning excoriations, do they have lupus too?

    Make morgellons fun.

    Lets consider this, we are now as little trees, filled with agro bacterium, surely we count as carbon credits now?
    Oh yes, we would just hate to bring chemtrails and weather modification to bring about accellerated global warming, or is it dimming?
    I’d just hate to HAARP on about that.
    Jesus, maybe David Icke is right.
    Where is that fuking tin foil beanie when I need it the most?
    Oh thats right, the missus pricked it full of holes to cook the freaking rice…Which is all I’m living on in my dug out bomb shelter, just in case they actually do succeed in ignitng jupiter, or is it neptune, or uranus, with plutonium, to cause fissile meltdown, giving us two suns, and a really grand entree to the holographic images of dieties for all to see, in the sky?
    No, I’m just HAARPING.

    Any way it’s all good really.

  44. Do I have an exit strategy for when this conspiracy of silence gets blown apart? I don’t think I’m thinking of the same conspiracy of silence that you are.

  45. Ahh, the unknown.
    What silence do you refer to?

  46. The silence of the truth that’s so loud.

  47. One thing about the after life, the next dimension, and quantum thinking is that like Edgar Cayce demonstrated, we all are a part of the akashic system. Just think every thought, vibrational energy pouring forth, what a mess….no mass!
    Thats why I send peace, thats all I’m now prepared to fill my akashic record with.
    Now Smilykins, are my premises beneath your erudite, expert analysis?
    I think my educational standards are on a par with yours?
    I’m not going to continue to bother with you, or this sad little site, unless you can comment with aclarity.
    I must say, you are rather sounding like a petulant teenager….


  48. Al, all that I know of you has been because you’ve considered yourself a member of the group of “morgellons disease” patients/victims, and posted on this blog, and I read some comments you’d made on Biology Online’s Fiber Disease message board. As hard as you’ve tried to be cantankerous in the past, I’ve known better, and that you’re an okay guy. I think if you could just gear down thinking so long and hard about everything, that you might fare better, but, not knowing you, naturally, I just have no idea.

  49. Well I guess if someone doesnt think long and hard, we’d still be wiping our butts on grass.

  50. A morgie called Prevenge thinks that I’m a “ridiculous excuse for a human named Smilkeykins”. That person doesn’t know me any more than I know him. No wonder he’s sick.

  51. Relevance? your honour?

  52. The relevance is that there is a lot of hatred in some of the hearts of the people who consider themselves to be “morgellons disease” sufferers. Precipitating that guy’s comment about me, was a misunderstanding. It’s pretty well known that outsiders can’t comment on lymebusters, so I couldn’t respond to it, but I am glad that he straigthened it out.

    What happened was, that somebody else who believes in “morgellons disease” anticipated that Dr. Wymore was getting ready to announce something, due to a June 2006 blog comment that I’d made. That person’s misunderstanding arose due to another person, who believes in “morgellons disease”, too, having not noticed the date, as well as having misunderstood what I’d said in my old comment. So, there it was, on two message boards, and both of them directed others to it in the hopes that it meant something. Then, Prevenge called attention to the date of the comment, to person who’d posted it on lymebusters, adding what he did about how he feels about me.

    Why, even Rense knows this.

    (Man, I can’t believe I just posted that link, but, so many of you like them, so, dig it if ya can.)

  53. I see that the emedicine article from Dr. Noah S Scheinfeld was recently updated on May 4th, 2007.

    I encourage reading that and scrolling down to the “Differentials”, clicking onto them to read, as well as googling the “Other Problems to be Considered”, and reading, thoroughly, about whatever prior illness/disorder/disease/condition that anyone who thinks they have “morgellons disease” has.

  54. No DOP here

    “Differentials” – nop, been there done that.

    “Other Problems to be Considered” – uhh yes…

    Australian Spotted Fever


    just some food for thought…

  55. Lymphatic system

    The lymphatic system is a complex network of lymphoid organs, lymph nodes, lymph ducts, lymph tissues, lymph capillaries and lymph vessels that produce and transport lymph fluid from tissues to the circulatory system. The lymphatic system is a major component of the immune system……..

  56. anyway don’t listen to me, I’m just a delusional single mother..

    I’ll leave you with it folks, my duties are a callin me, bum change & feed time.

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