Medical Student Syndrome is an unusual affliction that affects people in medical training. The student reads about a novel disease, and finds they have some symptoms of this disease, and then imagine they have this disease.

Here’s a brief audio account from NPR, entitled: “The Challenge of Knowing Too Much, and Too Little”

People with inexplicable skin conditions, or itching, or people who simply worry a lot about their health, might resort to performing research on the Internet. It seems quite reasonable that they might find Morgellons, and since the range of symptoms is very broad, they would recognize some symptoms. They would then decide they have Morgellons.

Not that their problems are imagined, if people are sick, then they are sick, they have real problems, physical and/or mental. They are not sick with “Morgellons” but they might be suffering from a recently discovered form of MSS known as Cyberchondria.

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  1. Our subconscious minds control us…

    Our thoughts, and not just our actions, create our reality. Even though most people believe that it is what they DO or do not do that is creating their reality, the thoughts of our subconscious mind is what’s really creating our experience of life.

    There have been numerous books written about how we live in a field of infinite possibilities that is essentially waiting for us to decide what we want to create in that field.

    In the meantime, our subconscious mind is deciding for us and since over 85% of our thoughts are coming from our subconscious mind instead of our conscious mind, our subconscious mind is really running the show in our lives most of the time.

    In fact, studies have actually shown that our subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind and that the majority of the thoughts held in the subconscious mind are limiting.

    The truth is that the subconscious mind is actually serving in an attempt to protect us from things it fears. The problem is because our subconscious and even our conscious mind is focusing on what it fears, it therefore actually creates exactly what it is fearing.

    Where our subconscious fears come from…

    These fears come from a variety of sources and they have been programming our subconscious since the moment of our conception.

    Actually it’s even before we were conceived, because quantum physics has shown that memories are stored in our cells and then passed on through DNA, in the same manner that memories such as eye color or hair texture are passed on.

    When the student is ready–the teacher will appear…

    Our thoughts are what actually create our reality and thoughts are living things like you and me. They have a consciousness or mind of their own.

    It may seem hard to imagine for some, but quantum physics has actually discovered that this is indeed the case. The smallest unit of consciousness is actually in the cell stored as a unit of memory or thought form.

    In fact, every thought that we’ve ever had, every thing we’ve ever seen or heard, and every experience we’ve ever had is actually stored in our cells as cellular memory.

    That’s really deep when you stop to think about it. And not only do we have our own thoughts stored in our cells, but we also have inherited certain thoughts from our ancestors through our DNA because the same was true for them.

    If you want to experience an example of how your brain does this, all you have to do is close your eyes and think of someone you know well, like your mother or your father.

    Picture them in your mind’s eye. The reason that you are able to bring a complete picture of someone into your head is because a memory of them is stored in your body, and you are simply calling upon that memory from your body to bring to your mind.

    The fact that thoughts are living things has a significant impact on our lives. This is because we are motivated to do certain things, or to not do certain things based on our memory of our experiences.

    For example if a child touches an iron and gets burned, it is unlikely that the child will ever purposefully touch an iron again. The memory of that experience creates a fear of getting burned that will impact the child’s future behavior.

    The fact that we are also susceptible to the memories of even our distant relatives, means that we are spending a lot of our time doing things based on underlying fears that we may not even be aware of.

    For instance, if someone had a great-great-great grandfather who survived a plane crash and went on to have a family, thus passing on that memory, it may explain why a person has an “unexplainable” fear of flying.

    What inexplicable, limiting, fears do we have?…

    We may not even ask ourselves what it is we’re afraid of on a regular basis, but psychologists have proven that it’s our subconscious fears that are controlling most of our lives.

    However, this isn’t new news. In fact, in the book The Power of the Subconscious Mind, written in 1963 by Dr. Joseph Murphy it states:

    “Once you learn the truth about the interaction of your conscious and subconscious minds, you will able to transform your whole life. If you want to change external conditions, you must change the cause. Most people try to change conditions and circumstances by working on the conditions and circumstances. This is a terrible waste of time and effort. They fail to see that their conditions flow from a cause. To remove discord, confusion, lack, and limitation from your life, you must remove the cause. That cause is the way you use your conscious mind, the thoughts and images you encourage in it. Change the cause, and you change the effects. It is just that simple.”

    Since the discovery of the subconscious mind and its ability to control our lives, many methods of transforming the mind have been developed and have had plenty of time to be tested.

    Unfortunately time has shown that almost invariably, most self-help programs designed to positively address the subconscious mind are either totally ineffective, or take too long for most people and so they never really change.

    Desire to overcome fears, is a beginning.

  2. Smiley,

    I’m a psychologist, and I’d disagree with your statement about the subconcious controlling us, but I think that’s neither here nor there.

    I think it was Wilson and Miller in either there 1946 paper or 1955 paper that described how people with DP implicate bugs about which they know, such as chicken mites for people who live on a farm, to be the cause of their medical malady.

    So, it’s more likely people are drawing from things in their active, concious thought to pinpoint their condition, or pin it on something else.

  3. I have a fear of snakes, but I’m not sure if it is because of the Blue Racer that chased me as a child, or because of the chicken snake that trapped my grandmother in the outhouse before I was born. I just know it has big eyes.

  4. Queenbugb, I think you’ve misinterpretted the reason and the meaning of my comments.

    I don’t know how familiar you are with this phenomenon called “morgellons disease”, and all its background, but it’s obvious we’re not even on the same page.

    I’m not making that superficial assumption, like you’ve inadvertently stated, that everyone who thinks they have “morgellons disease” has DOP.

    Without going into a lengthy explanation, I believe there are biological processes at play, in people who think that they have this “disease”, that are misunderstood.

    I base my opinions upon having had the symptoms of “morgellons disease” and of never having heard of such an invention.

    If I were a person prone to suggestion, and I “had” heard of such nonsense, I may have just allowed myself to lay right there and die, believing I had some mysterious, deadly disease.

    It appears to me, that through one woman’s misinterpretations of her son’s eczematous skin condition (combined with other emotions she experienced when humilated by her son’s doctors), she spawned a disease over the internet.

    Getting others with the same types of misunderstandings, of the processes in their skin to enlist, and tell of all their other health related problems, “her disease” took on newer and larger proportions.

    Pictures of cellular and environmental debris, from people who think they have it, are all displayed all over the internet, and their argument is that they are “specimens” with too much in common, from too many people, for it to not be a real disease of a parasitic nature. It’s just crud from members of the same species, though, and that’s why it all looks the same.

    I’m not looking at where we are now, but at the reasons for it. In my opinion, the subconscious mind plays an undeniable role in influencing people, and the fears that exist among a certain population have been expanded upon through mass media.

  5. Whoop! Just in case a morgie sees that and misinterprets it, I mean the “same species”, homo sapiens!!!

  6. Here’s my issue with the “Morgellons community” …

    Over the last several days, a very active member of that board has been authoring increasingly alarming missives, suggesting that she has discovered the cause of Morgellons and that her life in is danger, because “They” know that she knows. Where I come from, that looks like an impending psychotic break, much as Travis Wilson’s writings did before he committed suicide. If that were someone I knew and cared about, I would be frantically trying to get her under medical supervision – even if I had seen the black helicopters landing in her backyard with my own eyes! She is clearly in crisis, even if everything she believes to be true, is in fact true.

    But the Morgies are so adamantly opposed to any suggestion that there may be mental health issues involved, NO ONE is saying – Get help now! That should have been said to Travis Wilson, it should have been said to Tall Cotton (just being honest here, TC, you were in serious trouble too), and now it certainly should be said to London.

    Even if Morgellons is real, it is inexcusable to watch a trainwreck in progress and do nothing to prevent it.


  7. It is akin to watching an impending train wreck, and all sorts of other train wrecks in progress.

    I don’t have any issues with those poor misguided people who are all in the same boat, one way or another. All their boats were capsized before they even arrived on those message boards, and I don’t think other drowning people can be expected to do too much towards helping another drowning person.

    My big issue is, that through Mary Leitao’s creation of “morgellons disease”, and the Morgellons Research Foundation, she’s played around and messed with the vulnerabilities of a particular group of people. I think it’s a outright crime against humanity, but in this free country, anything goes.

    There are a lot of accounts from morgie people who have blamed “this disease” on destroying the families they once had. It’s been blamed on taking everything of value that they’d once had in their lives. Many of them may not have anybody in their personal lives to assist them.
    Many have though, and claim to have been locked up in mental wards.

    Travis had been writing about his life and suicidal tendencies for years, in journals on the internet, which are so revealing, and he lived at home with his mom.

    Trying to put this as diplomatically as I can, it may only be that those of us who are not caught up in it, are able to see it. I’ve gotten my shit jumped, and actually been accused of “handing out mental health diagnoses”, as you may have seen, on this blog!!! The general conclusions are just too easy to arrive at, though.

    Aside from a lot of other things we can see from their writings, there are several that just scream to us that they are of a definite schizophrenic nature. Oftentimes, they’re the ones who are heralded among the other believers and develop a big following!!!

    It ain’t funny, I know that much, and I hate Mary Leitao’s creation of “her disease” and how it’s helped move an already vulnerable set of society into the positions they’ve found themselves in.

  8. No, you’re right. It’s not at all funny.

    But I must disagree with you, that all their boats were capsized before they arrived on that board. A *lot* of newcomers arrive with questions about troubling symptoms and are NOT asked .. well, could it be something more pedestrian? Like eczema? Allergies?

    No, because every possible health symptom just happens to fall into the Morgellons range. They are advised to buy a powerful microscope, suffocate their skin in layers of Vaseline and Vicks, experiment with veterinary medications, and of course come back every day for “support”.

    No, they didn’t all arrive on capsized boats. Some arrived in leaky dingies that COULD have been patched up and sent on to safer harbor. Instead, they are now Morgies, because every possible physical distress IS Morgellons.

    What a freaking black hole.

    Smileykins and Tall Cotton, I don’t know how you got out. Perhaps your personal conflicts with the “community” saved your lives.

    Good for you.


  9. Personal conflicts didn’t help us get over “Morgellons”. Getting over Morgellons caused the personal conflicts. Anyone can get well that wants to be well. They are staying sick because they choose to. Their boats are more than leaky. They’ve been swamped for years. People like that are easy prey for the alligators.

    Tall Cotton

  10. I’d found that message board three years after I was over my bout with symptoms comparable to “morgellons disease”, jeezelouise.

    Tall Cotton and I might both have more of a little something along the lines of fortitude, I don’t know. We both had God to get us back among the living, for certain. It was pure survival time for us, and we’re pretty tough cookies.

    Nobody who thinks they have it wants to hear of anyone that survived “morgellons”. That was one of the freakiest things to me, when I found that place after hearing about it on the radio last year.

    Instead, they pull everyone into it. Like the nurse who came there reporting she had skin tuberculosis, and was seeing a pulmonologist in a few days. Why, they got on her like a chicken on June-Bug, telling her she had “morgellons disease”. I prayed for her health and that she never came back there, and she didn’t, but too many did. Way too many have.

    It’s sure not my idea of a “health support” message board, because let me tell you, if somebody had been around and told me when I was sick, that they’d been through it, and what to do to get out of it, I would have grabbed onto it for dear life. The last thing I would have thought about would be to tell them to be glad they’re healed, and to go away and leave me alone.

    But my psyche wasn’t consumed and infiltrated like theirs is, because I had not heard of this “invented disease” when I’d had all those classic symptoms of it

    You’re absolutely entitled to disagree with my opinions on the already capsized boats. Being a member there for about six months and trying to talk any reason to anyone, is what I base my opinion on, and I just don’t happen to think that a sound mind in a person’s head would lead them into the direction of those particular types of message boards. I think they’d listen to their doctors and treat whatever they had, instead.

    If anybody could mess with reading the lower half of my story on the top part of our blog, they might have a better understanding, but since Tall Cotton’s and my stories there are so long, I imagine that also has a lot to do with it.

  11. Hello Michael,

    If you don’t mind a little prying, I’m curious what prompts you to start and maintain this blog. The interest of those who believe they are suffering from Morgellon’s is obvious – the interest of those who doubt its existence, such as yourself, is less clear. Mind sharing?

    Apologies if it’s been answered before,

  12. Hello Michael,

    If you don’t mind a little prying, I’m curious what prompts you to start and maintain this blog. The interest of those who believe they are suffering from Morgellon’s is obvious – the interest of those who doubt its existence, such as yourself, is less clear. Mind sharing?

    Apologies if it’s been answered before,

  13. TC and SK, I did not mean to come off as combative. The fact is that there are loads of people who itch and pick at their skin, who might have seen the alarming news stories and the first “support” site they found was, well, that site. The correct thing to do would be to suggest to those newbies that they see a dermatologist, an allergist, and maybe even have a psych evaluation. But that is not what is happening. They are being embraced as “morgies” and sucked into the “community”.

    I don’t even know “London” but I am seriously concerned about her state of mind. How anyone can sit and watch a psychotic break in progress and do nothing, is beyond me.

  14. Oh, jeezelouise (hey, that was fun saying) I didn’t take you to be combative. I’m sorry, I see looking at my post that I came off bad without meaning to.

    I’d gone there as someone who’d recovered from those symptoms, and wanted to try helping people, being a sucker and believing the ones there that were always pleading for help. But no, they certainly don’t greet people with current skin issues with any assistance. They don’t know any other ways to be, than how they are.

    I’m in agreement with all you’ve said. I based what I’d said on what I’d seen when I was a member there. I noticed, then, that anyone who stayed, had already been to numerous doctors and gotten an unsatisfactory diagnosis.

    Oh, and the ones with the really serious health problems, too, just killed me to read about, because they are ignoring it and saying their doctors are nuts, because its “morgellons disease”.

    “Can” a cognizant person sign onto their beliefs? Some used to come and go fairly quickly, back then, so they must have been all right.

    But yeah, with the news spreading the propaganda, it’s going to stir up and spread the fear around more and newcomers will find that place, and other ones like it. If they don’t have all the symptoms when they drop by and get sucked in, they’ll work on trying to get them.

    I’ve read, there, “Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough, because I’m not seeing what everyone else is.” (Yikes.)

    It’s real upsetting seeing someone losing it. I’ve seen suicial people getting on there, and spilling their guts, and some of the other ones use it as a platform to tell how bad they have it, instead of focusing on that person and also posting the 800 suicial hotline number up for them.

    They may do better with that now, though, because I haven’t been around there to have seen any of those types of posts. At least I hope so, and that I’m not deluding myself, in thinking it may have improved.

    “Freaking black hole”? My gosh, is it ever.

  15. Hello, Michael.

    This is very compassionate project, and your approach deserves respect. Stating your own ideas, research, and conclusions, as a layperson, should not be objectionable to anyone. You’re not claiming expertise– you’re just thinking without restrictions. I think that there are many people who will open their minds as a result of your blog.

    It’s great that you encourage people to explore all possible physical and mental causes of their symptoms. It’s especially sensible advice that people should explore known and treatable conditions.

    Very few have the patience and compassion to do what you are doing. You are never hostile, and you willingly discuss your ideas and those of others. Thank you.

  16. Ironic, isn’t it “here-to-comment”, how he paints the “suffers of Morgellons” into a hole of naive, stupid sickos, yet he does not want to be painted an antagonist of people who beleive they have the disease. Don’t tell me who I am, and I won’t tell you who you are Marg.

    JeeezeLouise did you miss the part where the people with this disease have a least one bizarre element in common–the fibers? Perhaps we don’t all have the same thing at all, but we do all have fibers embedded in our skin. Until we figure out what may be causing that, we only know that we are receiving the same lame non-answers from the medical community.

  17. I have fibers on my skin as well. I’ve even taken microscopic photos of them.

    Maybe you do have fibers embedded in your skin – but that seems like it should be easy to demonstrate. All the photos I’ve seem have been of fuzz balls, individual fibers, or fibers in scabs and lesions, where they would naturally gather. Nowhere have I seen photos of fibers in unbroken skin. Why are there no photos of fibers embedded in skin – if this really is the one common element in Morgellons sufferers, then surely it would be of great benefit to them to focus on it. Yet where is the evidence?

    Even if you do all have the fibers in common – are all the fibers the same? Some are microscopic, and now some are spaghetti sized. All different colors. Some clump into balls, some wave in sync, some jump in and out of the skin, some move autonomously, some glow, some wax, some wane. I’ve got lots of fibers on me too – what’s the special thing about Morgellons fibers again?

    And, “here-to-comment” (who is not me) thanks for the comments, much appreciated.

    Aherah – I don’t know who you are, or what you have, but you sound like a reasonable person.

  18. Wow this is amazing!

    The fibres again. If there are chromobacter in the mixed infection? Colours!

    Calcium oxalate +

  19. oh yes, the reason that this is amazing is that I have medical research student syndrome; it all started when I had access to microscopes and a complete bacteriology lab – 10 years or more.

    My one big mistake was not doing anaerobic cultures!

  20. Michael – the fibers you so elucidly displayed from the CNN documentary WERE from unbroken skin. I know, I was there, it was my skin. And not just me, but every other patient in the group had fibers removed SUBDERMALLY, through aspiration, wedge and punch biopsy. Actually, the researchers themselves were quite amazed that the fibers were found so distinctly far from lesions themselves and aboslutely COULD NOT have been adhered to, injected into or by any means SHOVED into a lesion. Personally, I must say I didn’t really “see” fibers myself macroscopically and a lot of the other bizarre symptoms that many sufferers display and was amazed myself that under the dermatascope these fibers were indeed imbedded deeply UNDER my skin in some cases several inches from any lesion or there was not a lesion in the area at all. It is difficult at best to see from your pics or even the CNN filming the 3 dimensional depth of the screens which showed what the dermatascope was viewing and frankly I was amazed. But no one there was out to “convince” me of anything. I saw what I saw and it is what it is. Fibers embedded deeply under the derma. I believe that evidence will be forthcoming that is going to blow all of this Morg bashing to Hell. And Smiley and Cotton, we’ve discussed living off the land and sweating the sweat and building the immune system and putting away the scopes and removing the obsessions and all of that has been done in my case, but nonetheless, the disease and the fibers remain. I have a number of VERY sympathetic doctors. I do not take up their extra time. I do not whine, complain or obsess. I relay the symptoms, they have tested to high Heaven and ruled out everything known to man and at this point ALL are turning to Dr. Wymore for the answers. His epidemiology study is beginning this coming week and hopefully this will prove helpful in obtaining information regarding commonalities and rule out what this is NOT. You must remember, as in his response to the Tam Tam video. Science is a slow process, mainly of ruling out what it is not. Answers will be coming soon and although there’s a lot of loopy stuff going on at LB that I am in total disagreement with, especially for newcomers, and yes Smiley, I agree that every avenue of the ordinary diagnostic, both physical and psychological should be visited BEFORE going to the diagnosis as Morgellons, the same holds true for the diagnosis of DOP. EVERY other diagnostic tool must be utilized and physiological ailment MUST be ruled out before the dangerous labeling of a patient as delusional. It works both ways. I will say this. I believe that answers will be coming soon and somebody had better have a very good recipe for crow!

  21. dblcreek, you sound like a very reasonable person. But why is it so hard to get photo or video evidence for something that can so clearly be seen? Why cannot the dermascope video be recorded in a format that demonstrates what you are saying? What about stills?

    All I saw on on the CNN report was a single blue cotton fiber (on your skin, I think) that did not look like it was embedded in the skin.

    I’m glad to hear that you disagree with a lot of “loopy stuff” on Lymebusters. But why do you never speak up? Don’t you see people are being damaged?

    I really look forward to more scientific research into what is going on here. I’m not out to prove or disprove anything, I’m just going by what the presented evidence indicates. Unfortunately that presented evidence seems to be misinterpreted by some people, leading to health problems.

    Thank you for your thoughtful feedback, and I look forward to hearing how you progress.

  22. I must say I was rather disappointed myself in the visuals as it did not capture the depth as I said, but then again we are viewing through a 2 dimensional machine. I DO know that even patients have filmed the fibers expelling and moving with cheap radioshack or mattel computer linkups. You’ve got to try and be open minded enough to, if not believe, then at least don’t jump and assume it’s a hoax and go to the site and view some of the video. Some of the very best was captured by patients themselves that I will persoanlly vouch for, not that it means a hill of beans to you or anyone else. I KNOW what I have seen and I for one, have not been labeled delusional.
    In the time between my last post and now I have had a deluge of incoming mail with quotes from the two that have been stirring this pot and I did not come here to cause them or anyone else problems. I simply want the buck to stop. Here. People are getting hurt by what is slightly short of slander and things are being taken quite out of context. Personal sharings among a group of people who are suffering from a horrendous disorder. The fighting, squabbling, backstabbing, all of it is not going to lead us to answers any more quickly, be it to prove that Morgellons exists or to debunk it. Science must pave the way and logical thinking and I haven’t seen much of that on this blog. I ask only that you please take these genuine sufferer’s pain into consideration before making a mockery of them. This is REAL and I don’t need you or even any scientist to prove that to me, but it will indeed be proven. But patience, care and graciousness would be much appreciated by those of us that are rational and not involved in the politics of the disease but simply trying to help find a solution and peace as well as we can make it in the world of Morgellons.
    Thank you for your thoughtful comments and I hope that reason may begin to prevail on ALL of these sites. Emotions are running high on all sides of the issue, but we must let the experts do the work. All the rest of us can do is theorize and that leads us nowhere but into more debate. Discussion is fine. Terrorism, namecalling and labeling is absolutely unacceptable. Thank you for letting me speak my peace and express my point of view.

  23. dblcreek, that’s very reasonable. I’m very much in favor of science and logical thinking. I’m just going by the available evidence. I would be very happy to retract any errors on this site that you discover.

    I posted the “cotton socks” excerpts to illustrate that Lymebusters (the primary Morgellons discussion forum) is a place that fosters irrational thought. I understand that most Morgellons sufferers have been hurt by not being believed by their doctors, and that Lymebusters strives to be a place where people are always believed, but how can it help a person to encourage them to think that their socks are alive?

    I did NOT take the quotes of of context. People there really thought that they were either absorbing cotton fibers, or actually being infected via their socks.

    The sock posts were anonymous, so I’m not directly embarassing anyone. I would never reveal the real name of anyone. I have no wish to attack or hurt anyone. My primary concern in all of this is that people get appropiate medical care.

    I can’t find any video on, do you have a link?

  24. Michael,
    I’m just waking up but I will indeed find you some viable links. And as I just posted on another thread here, I agree about LB, I don’t know whether the irresponsibility was intentional or wreckless, I try to remember (or hope anyway) that those that are running it are sick. I have suggested many times that there were ways to protect their members, to no avail. I see where you are coming from and that certainly won’t win me any popularity awards since you are what is considered “the enemy”, but it was just waiting to happen. I commend you for recognizing these vulnerabilities, but please do not exploit them. I understand how many could have been caught up in the cyclic “thinking” that the forum provided. You are ill, you don’t know why, many did not get support from physicians as I have, and you turn to whatever source is available. But personally, there were many times, I had to just shut it down because the speculation could range from Martians to invisible attacks. Yes, I agree, it was irresponsible, but not necessarily intentional. I think many began to “live inside the computer”, if that makes any sense. And THAT world became more real than the one outside. The one that hosts a plethora of pathogens, both natural and manmade, pathogens all the same. Not invasion of the cotton socks. No offense meant to anyone. There was a time that cotton bothered me. Was it alive? No. Was it poor quality from WalMart being imported from Guatemala and irritating my already irritated skin, Hell yeah. I have a cotton tee and socks on as I type. Better quality and it’s not alive or eating me either one! Give me an hour or two to wake up, ’cause unfortunately that’s what it takes for these old aching bones these days and I’ll link you up on this thread, OK?
    See what I can do. I just want peace. Let the scientific folk figure this damn thing out and yes, stop the fear and go out, away from your scopes and computers and enjoy the beautiful day. One way or another. Sick or not. If nothing else running fearful ideas through your automic system creates a cascade of hormones that feeds the breakdown of the immune system in and of itself. That is something I strongly believe. Get back to the world people and let the scientific and medical community do their work. Unless you are a scientist yourself, you have no place speculating. If the best equipped have not found the answers yet, neither will you with your handhelds, you will only continue the cascade of fear and it’s damaging. It’s just my take on it. Not trying to preach to the choir, but it sure helped in my circumstance. I am only speaking from my own experience and that is all I will ever do. Be back atcha.

  25. Michael – would you direct me as to how to get out of the archives and to current blog and we can do this there (and no, TC, it’s not because I’m brainfog impaired, I’m computer impaired and always have been!). I’m having trouble maneuvering this site and I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to tuck this back into archives, I just couldn’t find the appropriate place to post. And as for what I was referring to with Smiley was the comment that we live half way across the country from one another, perhaps you got me confused with someone else and that I even said we attend church together, well since I haven’t attended a conventional church in two years that’s quite odd and if you have those words….post ‘em. Because I doubt very seriously that either you or I would take the trouble to drive the distance to attend one another’s churches and I wouldn’t involve my church in this since there are sufferers there that don’t even get involved in all this online b.s., I have tried to protect them and I also think we are not anywhere close in denomination. Thazall. Peace! Don’t get all upset about it, I just think there was some confusion about it. I’m honestly trying to give the benefit of the doubt to the statemenet.

  26. At any time you can click on “Morgellons Watch” at the top of the page, or:

  27. Thanks Michael! I contacted the MRF or a member today and they do indeed have the pics that you are seeking, I have seen them, but are certainly not at my disposal and was told they are not a priority at this time, I assume because of all the media fallout and contact, so if you want to see them, take it up with the MRF. I’m not. Although I’ve been nothing but supportive of them, I’m not going to beat my head against a wall for anybody! All I know is they will be coming to a website for your viewing oleasure soon….or someday. Not sure which. Am getting a deluge of pics, but I get the feeling you’ve already seen all that. Old news is no news.
    Happy 4th!

  28. So, they think that publishing the pictures that will demonstrate that it is a real phenomena is “not a priority at this time”!

    Exactly how hard is it to put up some photos?

    Methinks they better get their priorities in order.

    I’m not sure if they feel like talking to me, but if I were to contact them, who should I contact, and what should I ask for?

  29. No comment on the who. I’m growing weary of the politics. Contact whomever on the board you choose. Word spreads there like wildfire, so it shouldn’t make any difference. I agree about the priorities. How long does it take to upload a CD? About 45 seconds on my computer. I’m just passing on factual information, but I will not get into disputes or naming names. I’ve born my share of the retaliation and I don’t intend to take more from either side. I only want to see what is fair and in the best interest of all parties concerned, done. Words and promises kept and respect given to all. They don’t need to talk to you to hear you. As a matter of fact, just by making that post, I’m sure you and I have already been heard and are “under discussion”. But just to be professional, a polite inquiry might be in order. I did my level best!

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