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The following email comes from George, a Morgellons Watch reader:

I am not a Morgellons sufferer, although I have closely followed the debate since 2005. What I have to say here is not meant to be inflammatory to either side of this issue. What I do have to say is important: If you go to a physician and they prescribe you a medication: YOU SHOULD TAKE IT. Just because *you* don’t think you have DOP and you’re prescribed ORAP-doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it. Take the full course prescribed. If you don’t feel better after fully following your physician’s advice then return to him/her and say- I did what you told me to and I’m not better, what’s next? For people who have pseudomonas or MRSA if you don’t take your antibiotic medications these infections will eventually kill you. These are life threatening and extremely dangerous. MRSA is much more of a threat than “morgellons”. This prevalent attitude of “he gave me an anti-psychotic, therefore he thinks I’m crazy, so I just won’t listen to him” is not helping either the treating physician or the patient. This could be why physicians do not want to be involved in treating this disease.

Let me just give a personal, non-morgellons related antidote. I have had problems with mood swings and occasional depression my whole life. When physicians would suggest I was depressed I would get angry and not fill the prescriptions. It got to the point where I was occasionally contemplating suicide. I saw a psychiatrist finally and was put on an anticonvulsant that is also used for mood regulation. My life has changed. I could have continued locking myself in my room, ignoring work and my family, and I may have never known the difference. I was willing to trust this doctor’s opinion and it has made a change I wouldn’t have deemed possible.

My point is this: many of you are using horse wormer to try to get help. You have no idea what this may do to your overall health over time. This may actually worsen your health to the point that you are suffering from more than just “Morgellons”. The wormer may have ruined your liver, but you may believe the liver damage is caused by Morgellons. I think that if all of the patients went to their primary care physician, took whatever meds they prescribed no matter what their personal opinion on those meds is, and then went back to the SAME physician and told them, nope that didn’t work what can we try now? You have a better chance of returning to health than you do by dousing yourself in bleach, mosquito spray, lice treatments and the other non-prescribed ways you are trying to help yourself. Take the road with your physician all the way to the end and then if you still end up without relief, then and only then consider more non-traditional methodologies.

Lastly MANY medications are used for off label purposes. You may not know why the physician prescribed that medication because you are just looking at the typical patient information that is available to you. Seroquel is an atypical antipsychotic and can be used for primary sleep disorders. ASK the doc why they are prescribing it to you, it may not be for the reasons you assumed.

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  1. Amen, George! I have spoken with “Morgies” occasionally in the past who claim they are desperate, have tried “everything,” and will “do anything” to find relief. Then I’ll ask them if they have seen a doctor. Here are some answers I’ve received.

    *”No, do you think I should?”

    *”Yes, but he/she didn’t know anything/was a quack.”

    *”Yes, he/she thought I was crazy/said it was in my head and prescribed me antipsychotics, and that pissed me off, so I’m not going to take them.”

    *”No, but I saw this on the news/found it on the internet/know about the MRF, so I’m positive I have Morgellons.”

    Then, I want to say to them, you haven’t really tried everything, have you? Sometimes they have barely tried anything, other than googling “Morgellons.”

    I’ve also asked about other possible scenarios that have never crossed their minds, either. These patients really need to, as George said, trust their doctors, go through the protocols and simpler proposed solutions first, REALLY “try everything” before they decide to become hopeless to the point that they are taking horse wormer. It’s fine to question doctors, to get a second or third opinion, but unless the physician is practicing or prescribing unethically, it is best to listen, be open to help, and follow his or her instructions.

  2. Yes that’s true, loads of conditions have to have more than one treatment tried before something is found that works.

    Considering alt med-ers and believers in these illnesses are often really against ‘chemicals’ and think they are dangerous, it’s surprising that they would use bleach ! and horse wormer. They really are risking their health by using poisons on themselves.

  3. Let me state something for the record and I will debate anyone who states that I am wrong. I am NOT using Equmaz internally. I repeat, I am not using Equimax internally. Equimax is the best thing we have to clear up our lesions and preventfuture outbreaks and anyone who states different is doing a HUGE disservice again but not knowing anyone who has this. I have this. I have had this for 18 years and put myself into remission once before for 10 years. I have had this for 6 years.I am once again in remission because and only because of Equimax.
    Let it also be known that Ihave been to a shrink and I have a 100% A-OK mental health report. No depression, no drug use and I don’t drink or smoke anything.

    Equimax applied externaly on the lesions heals them and for some reason, most likely because this IS a parasite, no more new lesions come up and eventually you even start to feel better. Ivemectrim taken internally under a doctors care also works as does Flagyl.

    This is parasite and I will not for sure when I get my blood work back which is looking for a specific parasite not usually found in humans.

    Like I said. Meet with someone that actually has this and then speculate. If they do not have fibers coming out of their skin, they don’t have this and may have something else.

    A doctor, that is helping me has a cousin that they are treating for MRSA that has this since this person has the fiber nightmare. The treatment is working a little bit to make this person feel beter but it is doing ZERO to heal the lesions or get rid of the massive fibers that come out when you apply vaseline and rub ina circular motion.

    It amazes me how people without this can talk as if they know the people that have this. Big set of bachi’s.

    Eqimax work 100% and I swear by it. It is a miracle especialy for people that can not get a doc to listen to them. DO NOT take it internally. Cabish!

  4. Topic: What I know to be true.
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    You’re really sick, Randy, and nobody has said that you aren’t.

  5. Randy,

    What I can never understand is why you internalize EVERY Morgwatch post as if it is about you.

    “It amazes me how people without this can talk as if they know the people that have this. Big set of bachi’s.”

    You have no idea what my profession is, with whom I’ve spoken, who I do or do not know. But because I don’t know Randy Yaskal, then I have no clue about “Morgellons Disease,” huh? My grandmother could claim to have it, for all you know.

    Are you telling me that it simply isn’t a possibility that people ARE taking Equimax internally? That’s great that you had a great mental health report, and you don’t smoke or drink. Guess what? Every post is not targeted towards you (though this one, mine, is). There are thousands of registered sufferers; do you personally know all of them? We’re not speculating. There’s no question that people (elsewhere, not necessarily Randy) are seriously harming their bodies; can you really argue against that? Really?

  6. I am not taking it personally although if anyone is going around stating that something that is such a cure should be ingored, Yes I will straighten them out. Sorry if the truth upsets you. This disease has never been about me ever and I find it very funny when anyone thinks that is my stance. It could not be further from the truth.

  7. Hello Everybody,

    The people who believe they have Morgellons Disease actually have a large variety of health problems, and there is no single cure that will work for them all. Equimax won’t do it. Neither will Ivermectin or Flagyl. There is no “Morgellons Disease”, and the sufferers who have lesions, have them for a large variety of reasons. A few of these people could have parasites, but it isn’t likely that many of them do. And there certainly is no “Morgellons” parasite.

    One thing that most of the “Morgies” do have in common is Delusions of Parasitosis. With them, their illogical beliefs are unshakable. This is a psychosis, and it often needs to be treated with an antipsychotic medication. The problem is that they do not believe that they are mentally ill, and they will not follow their doctor’s advice. Their minds are closed and they live in constant denial.

    Some people have difficulty grasping the reason for debunking the Morgellons myth, but not everyone realizes the amount of harm these people are doing to themselves and the people around them. Many of them abuse their spouses, their children, and their pets. Not only do they experiment on them medically, but they also fill people’s heads with lies. They destroy their relationships with family and friends. They destroy themselves financially and become a heavy burden on the health care system. They also recruit others into their destructive Morgellons movement.

    The Morgies need a lot of help with their individual physical diseases, but they also need help for their mental problems. These mental problems were not caused by Morgellons. Morgellons is a myth. Their real physical conditions may have led to their mental states, but in many cases, these people have had mental problems all their lives. They need health care advocates. They are not capable of taking care of themselves or making their own health care decisions. They’ve proven this, over and over.

    Hopefully there will be some people whose beliefs aren’t too firmly fixed for them to come to their senses, but the situation looks grim. The Morgies don’t realize that the Morgellons doctors are quacks, and that they are being conned by both them and the Morgellons researchers. The Morgies believe they are thinking “outside the box”, but they have, in fact, lost touch with reality.

    Tall Cotton

  8. You are NUTS as out of your mind and refuse to meet with me to see a real person that has this, Therfore I will ignore your rantings of foolish misconceptions as that of a person without a clue projecting their own case onto others. You are very, very sick. Please get a life, get a job, get a soul.

  9. Randy,

    I had “Morgellons” as severely as anyone ever has. The difference between me and the rest of the Morgies is that I am one of the very few that have fully and permanently recovered. Morgies, which includes you, need to listen to someone that has been there, and back, rather than listening to other Morgies who are still trapped in the Morgellons delusional state.

    Although some Morgies are suffering hypochondriasis and self-inflicted skin wounds, many of them have legitimate concerns regarding their skin. I had a bacterial infection which I exacerbated by picking. Like the rest of he Morgies, I also suffered from DOP. Once a person has been there, and recovered, it is easy to recognize this condition in others.

    If the situation weren’t so serious, and if it didn’t involve the Morgie’s abuse of other people, their behavior would be laughable. The harder the members of the Morgellons movement try to convince others that Morgellons is a real disease, the more unstable they reveal themselves to be. This certainly includes you.

    No one intends to ever meet with you for any reason, and it is ridiculous that you think that it would prove anything. All it could possibly do is prove that you have some of the symptoms that are in the current Morgellons case definition. That case definition is so overly broad that it is totally useless.

    I know that you believe that the fibers in your skin are meaningful. They are, but they do not mean what you think they mean. Everyone with skin has fibers embedded in it. Some are produced by the human body, and some are environmental, but none of them are an indication that there is such a thing as Morgellons Disease. The disease does not exist, and despite the fact that you think you need Morgellons, emotionally, you need to face the truth and quit harming others by trying to convince them of lies.

    As I’ve said many times, there is no such thing as “Morgellons Disease”, by any name. Your hopes, and those of the other Morgies, will never change that. The word, “Morgellons”, is quickly becoming synonymous with the disturbed mental states of the Morgellons believers, and rightfully it should. If you really want to be a Morgie, or someone with the “Fiber Disease”, you need to understand that other people understand that it is a delusional state. In that sense, yes, you have Morgellons. But, before you decide that you want to be the Morgellons poster child, you need to realize that it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

    Don’t tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve been there, and back.

    Tall Cotton

  10. You never had this. Period. You thought you did and YOU WERE DELUSIONAL but you are right, you never did. If you did you would not be saying the things you are saying. PERIOD.

  11. Pssssst. He didn’t have an unshakable belief. You do.

  12. Randy,

    Do you mean that if I really had Morgellons, I would be talking crazy like you and the rest of the Morgies?

    Tall Cotton

  13. And further more you wish you had it so much that you spend hours on here just not to lose the connection. Sick,sick,sick..get a life already. You never had this and you wish you did so you go around telling people that have this that they don’t. A simple psychotic reaction.

    Anyways this site is a waste of my time so this will be my final post since none of you took me up on my offer which proves you are all full of shit.

  14. Randy said (again)

    this will be my final post

    Randy, saying that, and repeatedly returning, lends nothing to your credibility.

    Do you realize that you talk ugly to, and even make fun of, your fellow “morgellons disease” sufferers, as well as anyone here that doesn’t think that you’re the all knowing queen of the “morgellons disease” universe? If you weren’t in the state of mind that you are, you’d be able to understand that seeing so many patients cut loose and go on an all out mission to declare their (oh, shit, I can’t say it) — yes, you seriously don’t know what’s wrong with you. That’s precisely what’s made each one of you, who’ve taken offense at doctors’ diagnoses of DOP, take offense, and do all the things you do, which covers a lot of territory.

    Through the enlightenment of your patient movement, I’m very concerned, wondering what in the world all of you are expecting from having brought your inabilities to take care of yourselves out into the open.

  15. Randy said…

    this will be my final post

    Tall Cotton said…

    Is that a promise?


  16. The medical text books need to be changed for Delusions of Parasitosis. Psych. meds are not purely the answer, especially if one has the Morgellons symptoms. We are all different, so again a good medical practitioner should be able to determine this.

    I do not take any meds and I am recovering, seeing is believing!

    As for the doctors, they need a damn good slap around the head! Symptoms do not lie!!

    Toodle pip.

  17. I agree gillian. I dont believe most docs that perform physical diagnosis have any more background in psychological analysis than me, and I have no connection to the medical profession .
    I am using a strong anti-bacterial soap,dial soft soap (the yellow stuff) and I seem to be making progress. Im certainly more comfortable than I have been in the last four years.
    I do believe that there is people out there that are in need of some mind bending.
    Some of the stuff I read here and on other sites gives me the impression some of the afflicted wont do much about it with or without help because they have a need to be sick and tired.

  18. Hi, My name is Anastasia and I began experiencing “morgellons” symptoms about a month ago after a hotel stay in Ohio. I have been to 4 doctors, who have treated 3 diffrent things, and none of the treatments have worked. I am a 24-year old women, attractive, doing photo shoots I had hoped to take to New York. I have a great job, great friends, a great life. I have been seeing a Psychiatrist for the last 2 years (I had a somewhat troubling childhood and my mental health is just as important to me as my physical health). Regardless, I think my Psychiatrist would know if I am delusional. If I ever in my wildest dreams were going to “imagine” something, it wouldn’t be this. I had 3 photo shoots scheduled, I can’t go. I have lesions on my arms and my skin looks thin, NOT ATTACTIVE. My hair is falling out, not just from my head, from my eye lashes and eye brows.

    Honestly, No one (yet) has questioned my sanity. All doctors collected samples of the fibers and black specs, they saw them. My frustration is mainly due to a lack of knowledge, understanding, and cure for this.

    I read things where people who have no idea, calling this “not real” or “DP”. You don’t know. If I wasn’t a Christian, I’d wish that you got it, so you can see how REAL it is. If no one wants to help this man, let him help himself. And if he wants to post to defend his or anyone else’s actions, let him. You will NEVER know the feeling of going to doctor after doctor for them to have NO answers, or God forbid, the answer that it’s all in their heads.

  19. Anastasia, seeing four doctors in about a month, treating you for three different things, hardly seems enough time to allow any one of their treatments (for whatever conditions you have) to even begin to work. You’ve said that your frustration is mainly due to a lack of knowledge, understanding, and a cure. I hope that’s something you’re also sharing with your psychiatrist. I hope you’re back in good health soon. Smileykins.

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