If you search for “Morgellons” on Google, you get three ads under “Sponsored Links”:

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Morgellons Disease
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The first site, “be-healthy-forever”, says that Morgellons is Hookworms, and tries to sell you a book for $120, explaining the “cure”, along with a “propriety blend” of oils, for $350, and a full treatment package for $1500.

The second site, “cure-skin-parasite”, is dermatechrx, which I have discussed before. They say Morgellons is “unidentified”, as if the word “unidentified” somehow clearly defines something. (“Do you have “unidentified”? You need “this”!). They simply sell variants of Bactine, for vastly inflated prices. A few gallons of disinfectents and some antiseptic cream comes to $400.

The third site, “renewalenterprises”, says that Morgellons is Lyme, and recommends “the use of supplements that treat viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus”, just to cover all the bases. Of course, it also says “These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” They give a long list of “treatments” that are “ESSENTIAL”. The full course is about $500 for about a month’s supply.

And the sad thing is: people will buy this stuff, and in all probabilty they will simply damage their weakened skin even more, continuing the cycle of itching, scratching and lesions.

Of couse, such snake oil is nothing new. It’s not going to go away either. The FDA is not doing a good job here.

Morgellons also makes money for the more serious practicioners of medicine. It was reported on Lymebusters that Nurse Practicioner Ginger Savely charges $500 for a session. Upon seeing a patient with persistent unexplained pruritus and/or neurotic excoriations, she can refer them to a dermatologist who is qualified to make a specific diagnosis, or she can diagnose them with the catch-all “Morgellons”, and begin a course of unconventional treatments that takes several months, at $500 per session, followed by very expensive “phone visits” . For the latter, she was effectivley expelled from Texas by the Texas Medical Board.

This thread on Lymebusters suggests even higher prices:(registration required):


Curious here- Is it true her apointments range in the astronomical figures these days?

London, I know that sounds (and is) so expensive but all the LLMDs charge these huge figures.

01tr3v (trev)
Her fees are $1000 to see you and she also has some type of structured telephone fee with is rediculous. Its something like 200 for the first 15 minutes, then 175 for the next 15 minutes and so on.

Yes, the fee to see her is correct. I’d gotten the info emailed to me,

People push Morgellons for a variety of reasons. For some, those reasons might include money.

42 Responses to “Morgellons Makes Money”

  1. It’s a shame that these companies, and others, are exploiting the “Morgellons” patients and milking them dry. I’d like to know who owns these companies and whether or not the Morgellons Research Foundation is receiving any kickbacks. As I understand it, the MRF recommends Dr. Stricker, who is on the MRF Board. This is the same practice where Nurse Savely works. I wonder if any of that money is funneled back into Mary Leitao’s pockets. I think it’s time for an investigation.

  2. Dr. Harvey treats, as well, unless he has retired. Doubtful, though.

  3. Morgellons Archives
    In the “Letter to Morgellons Registrants, from Greg Smith, the Morgellons Research Foundation asked for donations from people with “Morgellons”. The doctor claims that this is the first time that morgellons sufferers have been asked for contributions.

    Well now, let’s take a closer look at this. Doctor Smith says that many of the Morgellons Research Foundation Board Members have donated money to the MRF. Some Board Members claim to have “Morgellons”. So, although the MRF hasn’t previously solicited contributions from Morgellons patients specifically, they have apparently receivd contributions from some people who believe they have Morgellons.


    Let’s take a look at the following Morgellons archive. http://web.archive.org/web/*hh_/morgellons.org/
    If you click on Febuary 19, 2005, it will take you to this web address:

    http://web.archive.org/web/20050219050237/http://morgellons.org/ Yeap, contributions were solicited here.

    And now for February 1, 2005, which leads here:
    http://web.archive.org/web/20050201120422/http://morgellons.org/ Yeap, contributions were solicited here also.

    Well, they ask the general public for contributions. Some of these people claim to have Morgellons. They accept contributions from “Morgellons sufferers”. And now it is claimed that this is the first time fund were solicited from people with Morgellons.

    I don’t know how you do math, but to me, Dr. Smith’s claim is a lie!! The Morgies are a part of the public from whom those contributions were solicited. Apparently, Morgies did contribute, and the contributions were received.

    Tall Cotton

  4. (Voice of a morgie): But what you people fail to realize it how much we are suffering! Can’t you get that through your heads? It doesn’t matter what price we have to pay. Can you put a price on your health? You would do whatever it took to get relief and help them find our cure.

  5. Dr. Smith’s statement was like saying that the MRF hasn’t solicited any contributions from fishermen, but in this case, alagorically speaking, most of their readers are fishermen.

    Here’s the whole archive.


    Yeah, that’s exactly what the would say. The problem is, the MRF isn’t going to find a cure for an imaginary disease, and it isn’t going to find cures for the real problems from which the Morgies are suffering.

  6. (continued): Whether any of those products help, it’s up to the individual to try it, if they choose. Some of those people may be rip-off artists, but you never know. At least, they know this IS REAL.

    And, the doctors working for us are some of the finest physicians around, whereas nobody else even seems to realize, or care, that we all have this dreaded disease You’ll see. They are working towards our cure, even as we speak.

    “Morgellons and Morgellons-like conditions seem to be increasing at an alarming rate and a multi-pronged effort to understand the cause(s) will increase the probability of success in finding the cause and ultimately a cure.”


    (I’m done now, just making a point.)

  7. Tallcotton & Smilykins – I see you two still haven’t taken a break from the internet.

    Smilykins – told you before I don’t fit into any of ‘your’ categories. My blood work does not show any form of connective tissue disease. What the hell makes you think that I live in Europe. I have travelled there but I don’t live there.

    No one has made any money out of me with regards to Morgellons Disease.

  8. Smileykins apologizes, and to reduce confusion, the above was just a probable depiction I did for illustration, and nothing more.

  9. Oh, I am so soory. I hope you feel better soon.

  10. ABAC68 Says:
    July 8th, 2006 at 8:16 pm

    “My doctor gave me the diagnosis of Morgellons Disease. Also a Professor of Dermatology here in Melbourne said I was clearly NOT delusional or bizarre in anyway. Physicians here are aware of this disease. I have endured 56 IV infusions over 8 months.”

    ABAC68 Says:
    July 10th, 2006 at 7:11 pm

    “No one has made any money out of me with regards to Morgellons Disease.”

    ABAC68, they may not have gotten any money “from you”, but someone made some. The pharmacheutical companies don’t give that stuff away.

  11. Isn’t Poland in Europe?

  12. Abac68, if I’d said that you have DOP, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that I had. (Morgies & lymies don’t have a monopoly on brain-fog.) I had asked what type of diagnoses you’ve have, and what had made you think that you have “morgellons disease”, and you’d said that your doctor had diagnosed you with it, and fibromyalgia.

    I’d wondered, what symptoms caused your doctor to say that you have “morgellons disease”. Have you witnessed a cascade of what seemed to be unusual events, such as, granulomatous reactions, mucinous changes, altered connective tissue components such as collagen or elastic fibers, keratinous structures, sebaceous structures, inflammatory infiltrates, and necrotic debris, which were extruded at the surface of your skin through transepidermal elimination?

    Those aren’t “my” categories, and the below link isn’t even where I’d gotten the info on it, but it’s there, at…

    The Morgellons Research Foundation


    Click on: “Delusional Parasitosis” and when you’re there, click on the left, where it says “Causes”

    I didn’t get diagnosed with it, but I, for sure, had it. If you don’t have those symptoms, then you don’t have it. It’s that simple, so then, you don’t have “morgellons disease”. Why? Because there is no “morgellons disease”, but there is such a thing as being sick from other causes, making things that are not normal happen.

  13. I’m sorry, I don’t believe that link works, abac68.


  14. I just had a thought, something for the intrepid saviour/s of Morgellons Watch. A simple experiment even kids can try at home.

    Can Morgellons watch replicate bundles of colored fibers? If we fiberites are crazy and the fibers we claim to see are simply textile in origin then any doubter should easily be able to pluck some lint off their clothing or belly button even and see bright blue, red, black and translucent fibers tangled in amongst the lint. Observation at a magnification of 10x, 20x or greater should reveal all. If you guys can consistently identify fibers as described yet have none of the associated symptoms then clearly the colored fibers phenomenon is just an everyday part of life and we poor fibrous fools lack objectivity. If on the other hand ye the doubters cannot replicate this obvious sign, perhaps your perspective needs revisiting.

    If your curious as to what you should be looking for, go to the main page of morgellonsusa.com and the background picture will give you a clear indication of what to expect.

    I eagerly awaiting the results of your experiments.

  15. See my laundry lint, red white and blue fibers:




    Would you like to point me to a specific “genuine” Morgellons fiber photo that you want me to replicate?

  16. Oh, I see you mention the background image of morgellonsusa,


    give me a few minutes, and I’ll see if I can find something comparable:

  17. Yeap, Hugh R. Delusional, but we knew that already. Excellent job, Michael, or replicating the red, white, and blue fuzzball on the MorgellonsWatch Fuzzball topic.

  18. Well I just don’t knw what to think. I will not go to that gov’t ran site that Hugh R Delusional suggested. For that person is a strong believer in TamTam.

    Again, TamTam is very good friends with Ms. Leito from the MRF. I know this because it came from HER mouth.

    Now the TamTam writes as though he knows the answer to the cause of our ailmaents. If so, then why the hell would Ms. Leito be friends with someone like this when she has a very ill son with the fibers protruding out of his body.

    This whole damn thing smells like fish to me.

    Now, Southcity, who seems to be a nice guy, says tht TAMTAM does not
    know the answer to this mystery causing skin disease. So if that’s true, then why does he f-ing lie to us and lead us to believe him by enticing us to follow him on the voyage of BS riddle-mania?

    I will tell you why…….it’s a diversiion tactic just like morgellonsusa is and lymebusters too. I’m sorry, I do think that there is some very good info on lymebusters as far as treatments that have helped others.

    But hell no, they do not want you to find the true cause……

    Well people, the true cause is that it’s in some of the foods we eat due to them releasing gm organisms in the warehouses where the food is stored in out-in-the -open pellets while it is waiting to be packaged.

    The other thing is they have released this GM organism in the three states that:

    1. Have the most population

    2. Have the most Morgellons Patients (i.e., crazy people)

    3. Have the most HIV patents.

    and for a freeby, I’ll give you four…..

    4. Has the most patients that have what i think I have on my arm
    which I just found out the name today, and that is:
    BACILLARY ANGIOMATOSIS> which, BA is just another name for

    Now this GM organisms that they released for ag. purposes was made with a lot of items that is harmful to ones health. But, do yo think we
    as indivduals matter to the G.Damned Government? If you answered yes to that then you are delusional and you should come over to my living room and watch the freaks gyrate on stage in this nightly rock concert.

    Well one of the things they put into this gm organism was a designer bacteria and this bacteria parasitizes the arthropods!!!! and some crustaceans too.

    That’s right, now we have spiders, ticks, fleas, collembola, mosquitos…… you get my drift that are ill with this bacteria and when they bite us and we are even slightly immunocomprimised or maybe lacking a vitamin or mineral or two they infect us with what we now call a stupid name for a disease , Morgellons.

    End of story.

  19. That would be a great theory London – the problem is that all those people who say they have Morgellons all have different symptoms, often vastly different. If there was a accidental release of a GM ag agent, then don’t you think there would be more in common between the supposed sufferers?

    If you think all those people have the same thing, then pretty much EVERY sick person could have Morgellons, as the range of allowable symptoms is so broad (and fibers are everywhere, as I’ve shown many times).

    You are creating a ridiculously complex explanation where much simpler explanations will do. People have a variety of causes for a variety of diseases. There is no evidence that there is a disease called “Morgellons”. You, London, are sick with something, or somethings, but you don’t need to invent a new disease to explain it, let alone accidental GM ag bio-agents.

  20. I never said accidental release. Why did you say I said that?

    Those hateful idiots intentionally released this gm organism to control the white fly pest! This is a documented fact.

    I’m serious…..the white fly eats things like the melons, cabbage, etc.,

    Now, as far as the fibers? I have not a clue! I know doctors have been able to retract fibers from peoples skin where there was no open lesion.

    So, hell no, I can’t say it’s just textile in nature. But, Michael, I’m certainly not ruling that out either.

    And we (morgcrazies) do have a lot of the same symptoms: skin lesions that won;t heal properly or won’t heal at all! A feeling that bugs or ants are crawling all over us……constant itching, hair loss> due to it going into and coming out of our pores>>>>Hence the name: Morganelli Mogani.

    I know I don’t know everything but I know some things- and I’m sure I’m leaving some vital bits off this posting due to being so late and I can’t think clearly.

    anyway, I just wanted to say I never said accident and would vehemently say it was INTENTIONAL!!!!

  21. oh, sorry! I just re-read my post (2 up) and realized that when I was talking about the food in the warehouse and them releasing this gm micro-organism, that I did not clarify something.

    They released this GM organism in those warehouses for a measure of
    biocontrol……they did not release it to hurt us- although it did…..but it got in there to kill other pest that were eating the grain, but when it did….it left it’s mark in our cereal!

  22. London, how did that so-called “released organism” differ from the foods we eat every day from crops that are genetically spliced with other species, to give them a longer shelf life, as well as with the micro-organisms to make them resistant to pests?

  23. this released organism contains specifically a bacteria that acts as
    what we call an “endosymbiont’……paratagenesis…….stuff I really do not understand-only a laymans grasp here……

    also, look at this:


  24. What I enjoy is the Morgies who say that “If so-and-so was really a scientist, then they wouldn’t care how much money it cost– they’d do it because they want to help!”

    Why doesn’t this apply for Morgie doctors?

  25. London, besides the fact that GMOs are everywhere (much like fibers), and that horizontal gene transfer is theoretically going on, you don’t actually seem to have any evidence that what YOU have is caused by a GMO.

    Bubbles, yeah, we never hear of Savely or Stricker doing pro bono Morgellons work. (perhaps they do – corrections solicited here).

  26. No but I will have the evidence as soon as I get genetically tested!

    and I have documents that say what this is too……but I’m shutting up about all of that until I get tested. I promise.

    They have left me alone these last 5 days and I should be more appreciative. But good Lord, just waking up with this horrible sickness is awful- just awaful. Okay Michael, I will behave.


  27. London, I’m afraid you’re way behind the reality of genetic crop engineering, close to a decade almost. The splicing of other species’ genes has been in our food supply for years. Anymore, even those of us who want to grow our own gardens can basically only buy seeds that have been genetically modified. Cross pollination spreads GM crops to other food crops, as well as having caused the development of invasive plant species that are destroying ecosystems.

    It’s very wide spread now, in the year 2006. For just a slight example, off the top of my head, there is a arctic fish whose genes are spliced into strawberries to make them more resilient and resistant to cold temperatures. Crops are also engineered to be pest resistant. This is nothing new.

    Environmentalists groups have been trying, for years, to get companies to label the foods we purchase as being GM foods. Aside from many of our fresh produce products, other shelf items have ingredients in them, such as corn, to cite just an example, that comes from GM crops. It’s all over, and we eat it everyday.

  28. It isn’t possible to tell if you’re serious, or whether you’re playing a game, london.

    You’ve said: “I will not go to that gov’t ran site that Hugh R Delusional suggested. For that person is a strong believer in TamTam.”

    That isn’t a government site, only because “usa” is included in the address. Concerning all of the comments you made about Tam-Tam, well, to the discerning reader of Tam-Tam’s nonsense, what is going on with him is all too obvious.

    If you’ve heard directly from Mary Leitao that she is friends with him, again, discerning people would not find it odd, given her situation. Her little boy Drew had pretty much recovered from his original bout with eczema, though, according to what the Reno Journal-Gazette reported this spring.

  29. London you made this comment : Again, TamTam is very good friends with Ms. Leito from the MRF. I know this because it came from HER mouth.

    Tamtam has phoned Mary on a couple of occasions. I don’t think this makes them good friends.

    And without being hurtful towards Tamtam – he is definitely not a scientist, and he DOES NOT know the causative organism.

  30. Well, of course Tam-Tam doesn’t know the causative organism, and nobody else will ever find one. There is no causative organism, because there is no “morgellons disease”. Geesh.

  31. Let me just say this about a geniunely all-too-possible scenario. Provided that such people as those whom we all read about are not seriously ill, absolutely anybody, who wanted to, could easily do a royal job of further messing with the minds of people who believe there is such a thing as “morgellons disease” and that they have it.

  32. What I mean is, the people who develop followings to their outrageous claims are further messing with people’s minds. Mary Leitao kicked this thing off, though, but others add onto her original damage that she began by facilitating the enforcement of misunderstandings.


    I like TAMTAM to. I have not followed tamtam in a while( it’s been nearly 3 months) For starters, I was practically told he was there for another reason. I personally think he was sent to distract! But yet he helped some too.

    He is really funny (his character). Now I will be honest- I researched every single word he spoke! some led to things -some led to nowhere but

    on a wild goose chase. I was told about him, I’d say march or april yet I kept following him just because….but about the middle of Feb. is when I made my decision to quit following him.

    blah, blah…..

    hey ABAC68,

    you said: And without being hurtful towards Tamtam – he is definitely not a scientist, and he DOES NOT know the causative organism.

    I was just wondering if you might possibly share how you know this?
    Just curious because he writes like he does but south said he did not…..

    so i was just curious how you know/ or “found that out”?


  34. Dear watch dog group,

    Let’s see. I can’t remember any doctor or any massager ever giving me free advice. This is America, not the Crazy UK or some other NON-FREE Society. Time is money, and we offer help, help that has cured people.

    Come over my place and take care of my kids while I get a sick MORGELLONS patient help over the phone. Watching your kids grow up is priceless. But, losing the time is not free.

    I defend a charge for our time.

    Don’t you Morgellons Watch Group idiots have anything better to do with your time. Do you except fees for advertising? AHY?

    Good day Mr. Socialism.

    Anyone who needs help come see us,

    Marc Milnerstein
    Web Master

  35. Dear Marc,

    So… you actively choose to talk on the phone with people you don’t know, to give remedies to a disease you don’t know work, for a disease that probably doesn’t exist, instead of being a parent?

  36. Yeah, Sarah. That’s what the man said. We’re no “watch dog group”, here, and far from being “idiots”. The only thing we are is the voice of reason, and that’s the only reason this blog is so despised by people such as yourself, Marc Milberstein.

    “Watching your kids grow up is priceless. But, losing the time is not free.” Yeah, Marc Milberstein, and knowing there are priceless children being forever marred because of their parents’ inabiltities to function correctly, and transferring their illness onto their offspring in countless, damaging ways, physically and mentally, purposely picking at any slight imperfections they see in their children, and those poor little kids being subjected to all of the madness that they are.

    …..you are the “idiot”, not anybody here that knows what is going on.

    The fact that unscrupulous people exist, and continue their predacious games with these seriously ill people under the guise of deception, holding their hands, telling them how much you all care, if you think society doesn’t see what ALL of this is, you’re nutty-as-a-fruitcake, dude.

  37. Let’s see. I can’t remember any doctor or any massager ever giving me free advice. This is America, not the Crazy UK or some other NON-FREE Society. Time is money, and we offer help, help that has cured people.

    So you are saying that unless you pay for something, then it’s worthless? It must really suck to live in a country with free health care, they would never fix anything!

    Not everyone in life has the simplistic fiscal relationship you imply. I don’t need any more money. I’m retired. I’ve already earned my money. I’m just doing this to pass the time, and to help people.

    “be-healthly-forever.com” on the other hand, is doing their thing to make money. You sell a “guide” for $100 that will supposedly cure you of “Morgellons”, about which you say “This is a highly contagious, and infectious mixture of many different skin and tissue parasites which are creating many different types of disease, that is destroying peoples lives. It is very difficult to diagnose.

    If it’s so difficult to diagnose, then how can you sell a cure?

    So your argument is that since you charge $100 for your information, then it’s somehow better than my (free) information. I’m sure even the brain-fogged can see through that little scam.

  38. Brain-fog is really just a little touch of absent-mindedness that makes one come off to others as being a bit of an airhead, at times, like me (hehe, but really, it is). It seems that quite a few morgie people think that using the excuse of brain-fog, as a catchall, cloaks them in a shield of protection and that nobody knows there’s some really serious trouble going on. Consider how many morgie people there are, who, after becoming thoroughly convinced by their own sense perception, would rather pay someone to believe them, and to support their lie, rather than to trying to accept reality. Afterall, they know what “their reality” IS. There’s nothing more real than reality, you know, unless…..

  39. Do you except [sic] fees for advertising?

    Do you see any advertising here?

  40. Nice one. This dentist in Africa has a Morgellons Disease Clinical Study.


  41. Interesting conversation.

    In a way, I agree with most of the people here: you simply can’t justify charging thousands of dollars for the treatments that may or may not work. There are a bunch of home remedies that are shown “some” success but most of them are less then $20. A phone consultation for $300? Please… I hope people can see the BS.
    I wrote a post on Morgellons recently from all of my experiences as well as my friends… Even if you implement all of the recommendations there, it will still be less then $300 for all of them.

  42. [...] Then we get this photo of the hand of someone who claims to have Morgellons.  This is an interesting link to the quackery surrounding Morgellons. Now I’m not sure who they got this photo from, but I first saw it over a year ago when Russell Altman emailed it to me (this is the original photo, the one of the article is cropped and enhanced slightly).   It was taken March 21, 2006 and is the hand of someone that Russell claims he cured with the quack remedy “colloidal silver”, which he also conveniently sells. There is a lot of selling of remedies for Morgellons. [...]

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