Television likes to entertain. When you see television stories about Morgellons, they invariably show someone who has horrific open sores on their skin. This is very dramatic, and elicits sympathy for the sufferers, as well it should.

Then, when later in the segment they trot out their “Other side of the Debate”, they imply that the doctors will say “it’s all in their heads”.

The viewer might be confused at this point, since as the patient is obviously suffering from a horrible disease that causes nasty looking open sores, then how can it be all in their heads?

Well, I don’t think it’s all in their heads. But the open sores do not always have an entirely physical cause.

Look at these two photos:


The photos show a woman’s back covered in sores and scars. They are very similar except that the one on the right has less sores and scars.

Same woman, different times? No. Two different women, one of whom claims to have Mogellons, the other was diagnosed with Neurotic Excoriation. Which is which?
Here are the sources of the photos: – Neurotic Excoriations

Here’s another good example. Look at the scars, and compare them to the Morgellons sufferer.

And here’s a very short article explaining what NE is, the suprisingly high incidence, and the MANY causes:

I highly recommend the above article, I wish someone could show it to the producers of future news stories on Morgellons before they hurt more people with their misrepresentations in the name of entertainment.

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  1. I wonder why the diary entries ended in February 2005.

  2. And, yes, I agree that the media has a vested interest in sensationalizing any story. Earlier this year, the local TV station ran teasers all day for a late-news Morgellons piece, calling it a mysterious new epidemic. Of course, it ran at the end of the news broadcast – the stories they tease all day long usually do. When they finally said “3,000 cases in the US” I was pretty disgusted at having stayed up so late. 3,000 cases in the US hardly makes an epidemic, and the use of the word was clearly intended to keep worried viewers firmly glued to their TV sets until nearly midnight.

  3. Yeah, it seems that problem has reached epidemic proportions!

  4. Dear London,
    It is very hard to say how long I have had Rickettsiosis. At least 8 years – it kicked in after my last business trip to Austin Texas in 1998. If the truth be known, I have had this all my life.

    I found out through a hospital here in Melbourne through the infectious diseases unit – the doc performed blood tests for all the nasty bugs and it came back with a very high reading for Rickettsia.

    Strange though, they wanted to get me out of that hospital ASAP and send me to the Dermatology/Psychiatry clinic.

    The Australian Health Department don’t think Rickettsia is a threat to people in this country, but the rest of the world does.

    You need to look into Dr Cecile Jardin and the Rickettsial Approach.

    Rickettsia has been around since Adam was a lad.

    We are humanities canaries and no one cares and no one is listening.

  5. Dear ABAC68: Thanks for the info- Unfortuanely I can’t stay online tonight, or otherwise I would give you an earfull.

    But you know what??? Have you ever researched the Bartonellas? You should! And I’m not talking about your old fashioned cat-scratch disease….Try this one :

    II Cat-Scratch Disease (you see, it’s what I’ve been trying to tell everyone, but yeah, I’m crazy. And….it will make you crazy the way they have cloned it! I’m talking this crazy-demented syndrome too!
    I will shout at you later…..or, email me if you can!

  6. Of course this is way too simple and far too basic, but I’ll say it anyway because it’s a fact. Most people like to deal with facts and reality. Problems get answered more efficiently that way. Unfortunately, illness can prevent us from seeing things clearly sometimes. When a person is physically ill, it shows up in their skin. Huh? I said, when a person is ill, it shows up in their skin. Physical illnesses can upset the mind. Also, the mind can do some unusual things on its own.

  7. Smileykins – go suck TWO EGGS!!

  8. Michael, I can’t help but notice that the skin on the woman who claims Morgellons Syndrome has a grey/blue cast. Silver, perhaps?

  9. abac68, ever since you’ve come to this blog, you have been mean talking to me. I don’t know you and I never did anything or said anything to you personally to warrant such reactions. I’m lucky I like eggs, huh. You think I am all fit and healthy, I suppose, and go around picking on sick people, by the way you said, last night, that you assume that I probably think that you take predisone for the heck of it. What would you like from me, anyway, that causes you to be this way and act the way you do?

  10. >>
    ABAC68 Says:

    July 22nd, 2006 at 8:49 pm
    Smileykins – go suck TWO EGGS!!

  11. Holy Cow, I know mad debate skills when I see them. I am in awe.

  12. You people just make one feel sicker and more and more confused. Today I decided I don’t want to post here anymore. I just don’t think you are helping the situation. Smileykins – No I don’t know you, and I don’t mean to hurt you – but I do have an unknown disease and I just want to live my life.

  13. What’s a person got to do to get an egg around here? Where did that DOPEY Australian go?

  14. Compliments to Michael again for the very enlightening information taken from internet web sites. This blog is making important facts available to the medical community and to people who need reality so much. Who else would have discovered the remarkable similarity in the website photos posted today in this blog.
    I would like to quote from an article I just read which I think pertains to the seemingly futile efforts of some of our more compassionate bloggers to try and help the sufferers: “you can’t reason people out of something that they didn’t arrive at reasonably in the first place”.

  15. Abac, if coming here makes you feel sicker, then by all means you should not come here. I understand that you may feel that this site is an affront and an attack on the ‘Morgellons’ community. But that’s not true. No one here is actively hindering any funding, any press, any CDC inquiry into your condition. Michael is just asking for evidence that he cannot debunk, and frankly so are potential financial donors and media sources.

    I completely understand that you are ill, and you have my sympathy. I just don’t think you have Morgellons. If you or anyone can show proof of Morgellons, I’d be happy to raise funds and awareness. I’d step up and donate the first $5,000. But I need evidence.

    Be well

  16. P.S.

    I see that some folks think Michael is deleting posts from this blog. That is not happening, and anyone with the time and patience to slog through the comments can find the supposed deleted posts.

  17. Johnboy, it is circular logic. “I have something that you can’t see, and the very fact that you can’t see it proves my point”

  18. “You people”? Abac68, I don’t know when you decided to view things here, but you came blasting in as mad as a hornet, lashing out fiercely, and even going so far as telling the owner of the blog how to run it, the same as a few others have. Such behavior has been deplorable and shown how ill you definitely have to be. I’m sorry you that ill, too.

    Granted, I displayed unforgivably bad behavior myself for a period of time being at my wits end. I’m not equipped to properly handle such odd circumstances and I’m completely unaccustomed to it.

    You don’t think we people are “helping the situation”? Well, that depends on what “the situation” is. You haven’t done anything to cause me any hurt, I just truly don’t understand when someone is so ugly acting with no grounds for it, other than it being one thing. Now, I could see it, if I were to address someone personally, but the ways some people have carried on is beyond the scope of my ability to understand. I had enough of that in the past, and didn’t expect it would be brought on such a forum as this.

    I’m sorry if you’ve been mistaken on what the mission here is. If I ever thought I could help anyone who thinks they have “morgellons disease”, I already know better than that. You have told us you have Rickettsiosis, and yet listen to you saying that you have an unknown disease. Still, unless you’ve honestly misunderstood and come into a place, here, thinking it was something other than it is…

    you have to be calling yourself into question, or you wouldn’t be looking around.

  19. The skin on the woman above (left) does have a silver hue, but it looks like the light is brighter on the left pic than it is on the right pic.

    Cherokee Chas’ website has some nice pics of embedded industrial fibers in lesions. Check em’ out.

  20. The skin on the woman on the left is illuminated by a straight-on flash of low power, giving it uneven illumination, which makes it look shiny. I brightened it up so the overall lighting of the two more closely matched. The photo on the right has a more even light, probably a large flash with a diffuser. You can see the originals on the webs sites. It’s difficult to deduce the respective skin tones with the different lighting.

    The scars and the excoriations, however, you can see quite clearly.

  21. okay, I’m back for just a brief visit……

    Question to Smiley and T.C………

    1. When you guys were like uniformed….i.e., ( back when you two were posters/members on Lymebusters, what did you think you had then?

    2. Also, you guys seem to occasionally slam Lymebusters and the MRF so I was wondering why you chose to ignore the forum website-in particular, The fiber Disease. Is it because you agree with that name, The fiber Disease?

    ****NOTE: I honestly just want to know. In no way am I trying
    to hurt this blog site. In fact, I love this site. It makes
    me laugh.

  22. and ABAC68, write to skytroll and get my web-address.

    and Smileykins or TC you should do the same, but I know you wont.
    And I will tell you this much….there is something I’d like to share and it
    is not this disease, I promise you that. But it is some information that you might like to know….

  23. Question to Smiley and T.C………

    1. When you guys were like uniformed….i.e., ( back when you two were posters/members on Lymebusters, what did you think you had then?

    A. I don’t know how I can benefit you. It’s written in my story on it, but to reiterate:

    1. 2002 — sick for 2 months
    2. 2005 — first heard of “morgellons disease”
    3. Did not think I had anything, posting on Lymebusters. That place was a whole new realm I had entered.

    2. Also, you guys seem to occasionally slam Lymebusters and the MRF so I was wondering why you chose to ignore the forum website-in particular, The fiber Disease. Is it because you agree with that name, The fiber Disease?

    A. I’d like to slam both of them into oblivion. How’s that?
    A. I don’t ignore
    A. That fiber disease forum is unique in it’s own very disturbing way

  24. London, you need professional assistance.

  25. In the photos above, and in the additional pics on Cherokee Chas’ website, it’s obvious that it would be next to impossible that many excoriations bandaged. There’s just too many of them. This makes the lesions prime candidates for trapping an abundance of clothing fibers and hair. You can even see where blood has soaked through a woman’s bra. It’s totally amazing that anyone would think that these fibers are the product of a disease process. Cherokee Chas stated in the diary that he has seen the “bugs”. Hmmm. There’s no bugs in the photos. Of course, with open lesions this numerous, there could very easily be arthropods stuck in some of them.

  26. Goodnight, Smileykins.

  27. Back on topic. I knew from my experience of living with sensitive skin and eczema to not scratch when I was covered in a rash from head to toe in 2002. It was one of the most trying situations I’ve dealt with. Later on, as well, I didn’t bother my skin when artefacts surfaced underneath it, as painful as that was.

    On LB, I discovered that morgie people take offense at suggestions to leave their skin alone and allow it to do it’s own thing and heal. People who scratch and dig their skin due to a nervous disorder is one thing. There are a lot of reasons for the manifestations of skin problems. People who pick off scabs, is another thing. Why they pick them off, is well known among morgies. People who have connective tissue diseases, or something such as gout which causes uric acid splinter-like crystals in their joints and skin, is another matter. All the reasons that have people so mixed up that they apply things to their skin to keep it flared up, and wonder why it is, thinking something else entirely, is about the saddest thing there is. Allergic reactions can be miserable, especially for anyone allergic to fibers of all sorts that commonly get on our skin. The possibilites are almost endless for the reasons people would pick and scratch at themselves.

    But two things are for certain. That causes infection. Not only a doctor, but an untrained eye can clearly see when a person’s skin is damaged from their own manipulation.

  28. Night, Sugarman.

  29. ohhhh myyyyy I was having nightmares that I was getting well and it scared me! I had to come back to the computer to check on something.

    Sure enough it was there…..(referring to just something I had to google; due to nightmare) anyway, look here:

    Infectious folliculitis of the head and neck has various etiologies, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Accurate morphologic recognition of microorganisms in biopsy and cytologic specimens is paramount in facilitating appropriate therapy. We report a case of a 37-yr-old white male with Demodex folliculitis, who presented with an extensive and painful erythematous pustular skin lesion along the right face and scalp in a dermatome pattern clinically suggestive of Varicella zoster. Examination of scraped smears obtained from one of these pustules revealed numerous parasitic organisms having morphologic features typical of Demodex. Herein, we describe the patient’s clinical presentation, discuss the cytologic findings of scrape smears, and briefly review the literature. 2006

    So um, is that like eczema? I don’t think so… you guys see….

    parasites are real! I think I like the delusional ones better.

  30. and why do you guys knock the fact that this disease I have in not AIDS???? Look here:


    Background and objective: Dermatologic conditions are often presenting signs of HIV infection and may be the sole cause of morbidity in patients who have otherwise stable HIV disease. Eosinophilic folliculitis is a pruritic, follicular eruption that typically manifests late in the course of HIV infection.

  31. Name that tune…..I mean guess what disease……(and no…it’s not HIV or Aids)

    The signs and symptoms of ______________include headaches, memory loss, changes in mental status, speech and vision difficulties, loss of strength, limb weakness, seizures, partial paralysis and loss of coordination. The disease leads to coma and then to death. About 45% of people with___________ experience vision problems, most often a blindness affecting half of the visual field of each eye. Mental impairment affects about 38% of people with _________. Eventually, about 75% experience extreme weakness. Other symptoms include lack of coordination, paralysis on one side of the body (hemiparesis), and problems in speaking or using language.

    I cannot wait to hear TC’s answer….well, can’t wait to hear all of yours!

  32. Have a laff with this one. I mentioned recently that it’s impossible to tell if you’re joking.

  33. Let me shoot it straight, cuz that’s my style.

    It’s very pitiful if you don’t just do this as a hobby of some sort, London. You and your cohorts need some serious help. If you are maddened by your health conditions, to such a point that it makes you folks SERIOUSLY think that you’re “citizen scientists”, I’m so sorry, but none of you can interpret all these things that you’re compelled to look at and share with one another. Particularly, on that fiber board forum, hence it’s “uniqueness”.

    I feel bad for all of you, and I understand that you need support from others who suffer the same illnesses, but listening to a doctor and being open to suggestion from them, is the best course of action to take.

    (Yeah, yeah…I know)

    I mentioned a woman I used to work with who was that way, among other things. You haven’t a clue of what any of you are trying to read and make sense of. Try to get onto simpler things. I have news for you. That stress, alone, would probably kill a freakin’ moose.

  34. HA!!! Excuse me. “Fiber disease” forum. OMG, “fiber board”!!

  35. Oh, if I were paranoid and anal I’d have corrected all those horrible grammatical errors. London, really now. You have a marvelous sense of humor, but is this really a sort of hobby, kind of?

  36. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, but you don’t have that.

  37. Well, shucks. I was just sure the blank was “morgellons disease”.

  38. I guess since they already have a “fiber board”, we could start a “particle board” to study the possible sources of specks and granules.

  39. Not a bad idea.

  40. Before I start feeling like a doctor, I’d better admit that all I did was stuck the rest of London’s sentence into my search bar. You can locate the source of any quote that way.

  41. Smileykins,

    Good point about the LB people not liking to simply heal naturally.

    Here’s something very relevant – pop quiz: what profession involves deliberately damaging the skin, then impeding the healing process by picking at the scabs and applying salt, lemon juice or Hydrogen Peroxide?

    Professional Lyme Buster? No, it’s a branding and scarification artist.

    Note which method has increased risk of infection.

  42. That sounds like Lymebusters alright.

  43. Dammit, I quit! But T.C., I think you are so smart that you know, you all know that we will eventually really and truly become severely dimented…or demented- hell maybe even cemented……can’t spell today.
    anyway, in ways where we will start banging our heads against things and biting our finger tips and stuff…..huh???

    That’s why you guys can so assuredly call us DOP! oohhhh, but that would put you all on the bad side…..Hey, long shot here, but you guys really do like the MRF and all of them don’t you? It’s a ploy….ahhah.
    Maybe , just maybe you are helping them reach their goal…..of staying off the real reasoning and getting research initiated! Yep. That’s it.

    okay, maybe not. Just thinking out loud. cytoclonic daydreams going on…it will pass…..ahhh

    oh yeah, I know what I was trying to verbalize……don’t you think that if a poster on a message board claimed they knew or had a pretty good idea of what the cause of this strange disease was that if they the message not me silly, that they would automatically say, hey, hey hey, lets hear it if they realy wanted to know the answer?

    I think so, but why can’t the other lay people “see that” I don’t get it.

    Tall cotton, do you think they have hypnotized us or put something into our brain…..maybe like remote control……HUH!!!!! I need to know, HELP,

  44. Hey, TC I will give you credit for a correct answer on Name that Disease,
    but the real answer was “Still Drunk with a hangover too” duhh

  45. The primary difference between LB and the Fiber Diease forum is that LB is very much a closed community (even when they are not in bunker-hunker mode). Any suggestion that those folks do not have a mysterious new disease or that they may be harming themselves will earn anything from a verbal flogging to a complete ban. While some of the posts at Fiber Disease are equally as disturbing as anything on LB, skeptics are not banned merely for being skeptical. LB encourages “group think”, and that’s never a good thing.

    – A ‘sacred science’ — an ideology that is held to be true for all
    people at all times. This ideology generally claims to be inspired
    and scientific at the same time.
    – ‘Milieu control,’ the control of human communication, not only over
    our communications with others, but also with ourselves.
    – ‘Loading the language’ — redefinition of language, with an emphasis
    on moral polarization, and thought terminating cliches.
    – ‘Dispensing of existance’ — the doctrine that the group can decide
    who has the right to exist, and who does not.

    Paste that in your search bar, TC, and tell us what you find ;)

    There’s also a very long thread over at the Museum of Hoaxes (408 pages) that began with healthy doses of rational argument but eventually was co-opted by the “Morgies” and is now just one more place they gather to post about their symptoms. In that case, it seems the unbelievers finally tired of the circular logic and moved on to other topics on the site.

  46. Morgellons is not a disease, and no research is need to find out what “it” is. The only research needed is enough to prove that “it” is a myth. “It” is everything and nothing. The Morgies have a variety of medical problems. The one symptom that these people have in common is DOP.

  47. This is an extremely sensitive matter, and one that none of us has ever encountered, disturbing, on so many extreme levels.

    People who think they have something called “morgellons disease” are more than just a little bit confused and mistaken about things. If a particular type of person is going through a particular type of event, even things that they may have known before, loses its significance. From the experience of being a member on a couple of morgie message boards, and an avid follower of this since hearing about it, I’ve picked up a lot along the way. Morgie people know little, or nothing, about their immune systems, other than thinking they must have good ones, because if they’re “around someone with a cold or sore throat, they haven’t contracted it”. Naturally, they know nothing of skin properties, either. It’s so sad, but far too many can’t understand their own bodily functions, because of what’s happening to them, and the lists go on and on and on. “Disturbing”, is not even an adequate word for all the many facets of things surrounding this. There is no reasoning gentle enough to be had with them, due to what they’re witnessing. They are further driven into it by the bizarre nature of the illness, unable to have their minds opened at all, to get onto the right path. We haven’t called them DOP. Their doctors did.

    They really believe that anyone who doesn’t think like they do is close-minded, as well as an enemy. It’s easier to understand how sufferer’s of illnesses such as this can’t be reached, when, based on their unusual symptoms, they were already convinced they had a rare disease before ever hearing of “morgellons disease”. If they could have only been reached, somehow, before coming across MRF they wouldn’t be where they are today. Yes, such a population of patients are in the most dire need of support, and in their existence, which we can’t understand, they feel they’re getting it, bonding with one another on levels we don’t understand, and we can’t possibly understand. Like I have said, any of them who’ve been diagnosed as having delusions of parasitosis have no shame in that whatsoever. The shame is in the denial, and where it leads them.

    I truly believe, with all of my heart and soul, that everyone on the Morgellons Research Foundation team of experts is very ill. It stands to reason, with that many science-educated individuals going so way out there, and so very far off the mark. It can’t really be to victimize these people on purpose.

  48. I’ll change that word above to “exploit”. Excuse me.

  49. so, you love me and accept me then smileykins? And Tall Cotton said:

    The demand for purity, the notion that absolute purity exists, and
    that anything done in the name of this purity is ultimately moral


    Well, I knew then and there, I had been set free. And from that statement alone, I know that I will never want to be in a cult again.

    Nor would I be allowed in. Okay, I’ve got to go brush the left side of my hair 500 more strokes…..

  50. London,

    Those aren’t my words. I merely posted a link to an article.

    Tall Cotton

  51. Yes they were you liar! HAHA no, I knew that….sorry, I just figured everyone would know that but on second thought….Nahh, they wouldn’t.

    Sorry for the mistake. but, they do kind of fit you, no? :)

  52. London, of course I love you. From the first time I read about Condoleeza Rice, you’ve had a special place in my heart.

  53. No, they don’t fit me. I don’t make demands of anyone.

  54. Like PhD Randy Wymore said in his letter:

    This population of patients frequently exhibit the following symptoms:

    • Distinct and poorly healing skin lesions with unusually thick, membranous scarring upon eventual healing.

    And, like you said, Michael:

    A classic sign of Neurotic Excoriations. Dr Noah Sheinfeld, MD, JD, FAAD, says of Neurotic Excoriations: “The erosions and scars of NEs often have irregular borders and are usually similar in size and shape”, “The erosions can heal slowly because of recurrent picking”, “Scars often remain on patients with this condition”, “Patients pick at areas until they can pull material from the skin. This may be referred to as ‘pulling a thread from the skin.’”

    The doctor also said:

    • Moderate to extreme pruritis at sites of lesions as well as un-erupted skin.

    To me, everything he says is too unbelieveable for me to handle. Why? Well, I must have been a very strange little girl when I was young, because I knew that fibers in skin wounds were normal, or so I’d always thought, and I noticed you could tell that “distinct and poorly healing skin lesions with unusually thick, membranous scarring upon eventual healing” were the result of bothering your own skin. Some kids I remember from grade school, were terrible about that.

    So what’s up with the WTF foundation?

  55. Oh yeah, I forgot. They’re researching a new disease.

  56. I’m sorry, I just hate what MRF has done to these people.

  57. When I speak on the matter of “morgellons disease” my personal experience, and the experiences of believers in it, that I am familiar with, are my points of reference.

    Delusions of parasitosis perhaps plays only a small role with neurotic excoriations. However, the majority of the victims of “morgellons disease” have the distinction of dealing with the expulsions of cellular matter and debris into their surroundings. Aside from the mess, the fear of contagion is because so many “morgie critters” are coming out of people. There are numerous accounts of clothing thrown away, carpets removed, furniture being sat out onto the curb, furniture items being burned, and many homes have been moved out of.

    This is precisely much of the reason people become offended and say that their doctors tell them it’s all in their heads. Of course it is not all in their heads, and they have the crap coming out all over the place to prove that. I know what they’re calling “the morgie critters”, and only someone who’s been through anything that makes their bodies expell matter in such a way “would” know. Of course other people see it. It “is” real. It’s a mess, too. All that waste material is no delusion.

    There is a physiological process going on with anyone who experiences that! That, in turn, leads us into the psychological arena. Delusions of parasitosis doesn’t just happen, there are valid health problems that cause peoples’ bodies to behave in such manners as this. To them, it seems that something has taken over their bodies and made them sick, but it is their body’s'very own state of health that makes it seem that way. All of those things in the “morgellons’ case definition” are behind it, as well as other serious health matters. A lot of them may have been walking around with for years with undetected conditions. Inflammatory conditions cause the blood to thicken, and I sure read enough accounts from morgie people who sound like perfect candidates for strokes and heart attacks, as well as kidney disease. All of the things they’ve been led into believing, through no fault of thier own, are completely false.

    Would it be easy for anyone to not report such hideously rare occurences to their doctors and to refrain from taking in samples of the materials? No, and that certainly happens. These patients expect their physicians to find out what has invaded their bodies all of a sudden. That is fully understandable to anyone. That is, naturally, their main focus.

    Let’s cut the doctors some slack, though. They’re professionally trained and skilled to practice medicine. Doctor-patient communication “begins with the patient”. If such patients’ presentations to doctors warrants the diagnosis of delusions of parasitosis it is not unreasonable. The doctors are doing the right things with prescriptions and referrals.

    Such patients become offended and think their doctors are incapable of practicing medicine. They take the prescriptions and referrals as an indication that their doctors think it’s all in their heads, just so they don’t have to go to the lengths the patients expect them to. They want specific tests performed to find out why their bodies have become invaded. That’s understandable from such a patient’s point of view. Doctors can’t do that though. They aren’t allowed to order tests without valid clinical presentation. I know that these patients have a lot of symptoms, but their focus is on one thing. If they were capable of not discussing that, and to tell of their “other” symptoms, the doctor would do the necessary investigation if they thought there was a need.

    With as many doctors as some of these patients have seen, maybe some of them have tried different strategies. Considering the main age category of this group of patients, I’m very concerned that they may have never kept up with annual physicals and all the recommended periodic health screenings for such things coronary artery disease and cancer. Many could have had symptoms they’ve ignored for years.

    Back to what I was saying, they have this opinion, that, due to negligence, their doctors would rather say it’s all in their heads and dope them up, and have somebody else deal with them. Of course, they know it’s not all in their heads. The stuff is continuing to come out of them, of course. So, they move onto another doctor, hoping the next one will take them seriously and do the all the right tests to find out what all this strange stuff is.

    That never happens. Things just don’t work that way. I understand how some people could have such extreme desperation. If they could only take their professional doctors’ opinions and advice, you know what would happen? They could have their minds set straight and be able to move on to the eventual detection and treatment of their REAL physical diseases and disorders that they all have. The ones who have already been diagnosed with very serious diseases and conditions, but have misunderstood things, and chosen to blame it all on “morgellons disease” would then find out differently.

    Clarity is what they’re after, but they’ve been taken, and directed, so far from its path. To find the way back, one has to go back the way they came. One must go back to where it all…


  58. HI guys! I ‘ve missed you-al l today. I had 3 doctors apointments today!

    One, I walked into about 5 minutes late and apologized when I signed in-
    They in turn looked at me and said…”Oh you’re not late: you’re a week early! Next, the lung doctor. Where everything was someohow Okay, but she said my heartrate was high……really high.??

    Then I went to the opthamologist and he tried to hurt me by blowing these plastics darts into my eye…..this hissing noise and a gigantic force of air…..I panicked……( Sounded like I was putting air in an automobile tire )

    So they dialated me, b/c I refused to cooperate and sit still…..I said I would only if my eyes are closed!

    Long story short………All my test: said Negative…….

    So then I drove home .

    Fan F-ing Tastic Day!!!!! So much fun!

    Oh, yeah, on the drive home I was stuck in traffic so I pulled over at this
    strip mall to get my passport made…..

    I’ve decided that I will go back to Iraq to get those trinkets I saw at the market. They are to die for.

    Which photo is best for my passport? And, ohh….what is best repellent for those sand flies too??

  59. I think you ought to put #2 on your passport. hehehe. pun intended.

  60. Dear Funny Lady:

    London, I’m sorry that you’re ill. I’m sorry everyone is. Those glaucoma air-puff tests at eye doctors become fun after so long. Just last week you’d said that you are going blind. Are you “really” going blind?

    London Says:
    July 20th, 2006 at 6:57 pm

    “I’m sick of this. I am now going blind. My eyesight is deteriorating rapidly.”

    “So go to a doctor and properly convey our symptoms and let them take it from there. Done that! All things come back negative.”

    And today, “Long story short………All my test: said Negative…….”

    Smileykins Says:

    London, is it too much to request what all the tests that come back negative entails, exactly? I’m sorry, that is too personal. But many blood tests have value ranges, and such, and if you want to know where you stand, request copies of all your tests. Everyone should, anyway, to have the best teamwork with their doctors.

    The fact that you “have” a pulmonologist is significant. Don’t you agree? Do you often have a high heart rate? Did you discuss it with the doctor, today? Do you think it was just elevated from being at her office, or due to walking? I have forgotten, but had you mentioned, earlier, that you have the RA factor, as well as your sweetheart’s having it as well? When we live sedentary lifestyles, being a former gymnast, you know what we can expect. How are your blood lipids? What about your platelet counts? Are you anemic? No dehydration problems? Have you had all the annual health screening tests for your age category? Do I have any more invasive questions to drill you with? Could I possibly get anymore personal? Would it do any good to research what may be treatable, instead of chasing after “morgellons disease”?


    “An anonymous blogger maintains an anti-Morgellons Web site rife with personal attacks”

  62. I got people everywhere screaming at me….wtf? does someone think this website that Michael posted is me???

    I need a drink, or two.

    All I did was search my arse off and did it 7 days a week for min. of 12 hours a day…..and then I turned around, and did it again!

    Then I wanted to share some of my luck/ my findings with the public boards that we all visit?

    and I have done something bad? OKAY…..I’m missing something….

    Michael, TC and Smiley….I’m not inferencing you…..I’m just getting a lot of pm’s, emails with people po’d at me….like i did something….


  63. The woman is a nut!

  64. I was referring to Mary Leitao.

  65. London, people are mad at you because you post here. This site is viewed as being “the enemy” since it investigates the claims surrounding Morgellons with a scientific and skeptical viewpoint.

    I don’t think anyone thinks that you are me. I think that’s rather unlikely. Some people do think PappaSmurf is me, which is rather incomprehensible.

  66. Michael,

    You are PappaSmurf, or maybe London, or perhaps a shadowy “group” working against them. Or maybe employed by that archvillian, the CDC? Either way, it’s clear that you didn’t get enough love as a child.

    Be careful, they know your initials, RSS.

  67. I run so hot-and-cold over it. It’s just so pitiful and so new to experience all this, but…

    In The Land of Morg, people make you whatever they want you to be. If they say you’re a toad, well, now, by gosh, they done told ya you were, so shut up already. Be a toad. Michael, TC, and I were practically conjoined triplets, there for a while, not too long ago.

    Now, listen here…

    “It is June 2006. Drew now sleeps with his eyes half-open, a neurological abnormality that worries Ms. Leitao. Drew can’t play baseball this season, because he sweats profusely in sunshine and sweat triggers his skin irritations. So instead, Ms. Leitao pitches to him in the yard.

    If Drew has a “neurological abnormality that worries Ms. Leitao”, get the child to a fucking neurologist. How could any kid grow up with that and survive it? (Well, they often don’t.) Damn, if somebody could’ve just gotten her some BIG-TIME help before she took herself mainstream. I feel for her, but hells-fire & damnation. Look what’s she’s done.

    Mainstream munchausen-by-proxy and getting by with it, with a movement to promote madness. Yeah, basically that’s what it is. They’re like, “Oh you awful people. We don’t want to get our heads back on straight. No, we wanna screw everyone elses’ up with our disease”. (I’m sorry.)

  68. Tall Cotton, I knew that, I think. I dont know for sure if I even read where you said tthat anyway. No, I was stupid to even post that up there under Michael’s post of the blog. I recieved two strange emails from two people I know (one I know kind of) and they were bitching saying how could I have dissed them like I did. Dunno what they hell they were referring to so I’d assumed they meant here.

    when I arrived here, that was the last post at the time- the one from Michael talking about the blog….So I assumed this person either a) thought I wrote the blog, or b)wrote a comment to it.

    So see, I told you it was stupid for me to have even written that!.!

    Michael, but I am you, duhh…..Hey, did they ban you too at LBusters or are you back on their?

    Well, okay, I kind of knew you guys were a place for debunking Morgellons but I had never been here but the day it opened up back in April when Southcity alerted uis about it at Lymebusters.

    I had forgotten about it- all I did was search!…..About a month ago my search had the word morganella morganii in it and when the google page opened up I saw this one.

    Now I was just going to put a quick post in saying go to hell and all that stuff., but then I found myself rolling with laughter and I just did not want to leave……

    I’m sorry to have “messed up your blog. You A-holes could have like told me….duhhh :)

    okay, I’m going to have to start my own blog then. But damn, I need to get off the computer….plus I am going to offer the powers that be an ultimatum…….I think they have a key/code to healing my exzema’s…..and I will gladly not post anywhere, anytime if they will remove 1/2 the lesions off my forearm. by this Satureday……I hope they are…….maybe clean my house while you’re at it……..

    okay, by my lil amigos…..and amiga’s………Can I pop in maybe once a week for hoppy hour??????


    Lotsa Love & Lotsa Laughter!

  69. Riddle me this ….

    Why is Wymore the only one of THIRTY names on this list of OK State biomedical teaching staff without a link to bio and credentials?

    And how does expertise in “molecular physiology of ion channels, ion pumps and pacemaker channels” qualify him to head up the “research” at a foundation devoted to “finding the cause of an emerging infectious disease.”?

  70. Smileykins Says:

    July 23rd, 2006 at 1:37 am
    London, you need professional assistance

    see, that’s funny as S. to me!!!!

    loved it~


  71. Jeez Louise……

    I know, I bet you were thinking why him when all they had to do was search a couple of more names down on the list and found the proper department and scientist HUH????

    Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    Michael H. Pollak, Ph.D., Professor of Behavioral Sciences
    Research: Physical activity during everyday life.
    Vivian M. Stevens, Ph.D., Professor of Behavioral Sciences,
    Chair, Department of Behavioral Sciences
    Research: Smoking cessation; adherence to medical regimens.

  72. see…this leaving is gonna be hard on me…… :(

    c’mon Michael, it’s time to leave……

  73. Actually, London, I didn’t scroll down. I was merely curious about the Morgellons saviour.

    I do now, however, agree with Michael regarding the motives of the MRF. It’s not about money at all.

  74. I thought you’d like that, London. You seem to stand alone, as the only morgie person around who’s nice acting. (Or are ya just drunk? Haha!!) People shouldn’t be bothering you for being on this blog. We’re not enemies, taking sides. I don’t like the whole thing, but I care about the people. I do. I always did.

  75. Since Lymebusters doesn’t allow open and honest communication, getting banned from their website is one of the best things that could happen to a Morgie.

    A Morgie doesn’t have to remain a Morgie. One can get rid of Mary Leitao’s fake disease if they go back, mentally, to the point where they believed the first lie.

    Of course, the Ex-morgie will still have whatever real medical problems they started with. But by listening to their doctors they may find that their problems are curable, or at least treatable.

  76. Guidelines For Suspecting & Identifying Munchausen By Proxy

    * A child who has one or more medical problems that do not respond to treatment or that follow an
    unusual course that is persistent, puzzling and unexplained.
    * Physical or laboratory findings that are highly unusual, discrepant with history, or physically or
    clinically impossible.
    * A parent, usually the mother, who appears to be medically knowledgeable and/or fascinated with
    medical details and hospital gossip, appears to enjoy the hospital environment, and expresses
    interest in the details of other patient’s problems.
    * A highly attentive parent who is reluctant to leave her child’s side and who herself seems to require
    constant attention.
    * A parent who appears to be unusually calm in the face of serious difficulties in her child’s medical
    course while being highly supportive and encouraging of the physician, or one who is angry,
    devalues staff, and demands further intervention, more procedures, second opinions, and transfers
    to other more sophisticated facilities.
    * The suspected parent may work in the health care field herself or profess interest in a health-related
    * The signs and symptoms of a child’s illness do not occur in the parent’s absence (hospitalization and
    careful monitoring may be necessary to establish this casual relationship).
    * A family history of similar sibling illness or unexplained sibling illness or death.
    * A parent with symptoms similar to her child’s own medical problems or an illness history that itself
    is puzzling and unusual.
    * A suspected parent with an emotionally distant relationship with her spouse; the spouse often fails to
    visit the patient and has little contact with physicians even when the child is hospitalized with
    serious illness.
    * A parent who reports dramatic, negative events, such as house fires, burglaries, car accidents, that
    affect her and her family while her child is undergoing treatment.
    * A parent who seems to have an insatiable need for adulation or who makes self-serving efforts at
    public aknowledgement of her abilities.

    That June 2, San Francisco Chronicle article did have a misprint, as I’d mentioned, last month, how stunned I was to even hear of the existence of two older children, just prior to reading this. — “2002: A South Carolina mom researching her children’s strange skin condition starts calling it Morgellons and creates the Morgellons Research Foundation.”

    Those poor children. The two older ones, got “morgellons disease”, rather than grief and depression after the passing of their father. Everybody affiliated with MRF needs to check themselves, cuz they are wreckin’ themselves, “renowned physicians” that they are (as I believe I’ve been told).

  77. Smileykins, that also sounds reminiscent of “Conversion Disorder”

  78. This blasted issue is the hardest thing to assign words-to-thoughts that ever was, or will be. It perplexes everyone who knows anything about it. We see it for what it is, and we’re wrong for even hinting that there is no such thing as “morgellons disease”. People who think they have it are about like, for example, a type of person who’s being cheated on, by their spouse, and knows it. Some people only need/want to be told what they want to hear, and honestly prefer to embrace lies, rather than dealing with truth, in any form. They’ll tell so many lies themselves, it isn’t even anything wrong, to them. That’s sociopathic behavior, to not have a conscience. As a mother, it makes me livid reading what some morgie mothers write about their children. Other morgie people praise them, in their warped style of support, for being so loving and caring. That is far from reality…and none of them KNOWS IT!!!

  79. I saw on Lymebusters a while back that someone mentioned how she was going to add a few drops of Everclear to her child’s juice, because she had read Hulda Clark saying that Everclear is a good way of getting out the parasites.

    And nobody even commented on it. Nobody thought to mention that adding 190 proof alcohol to your child’s juice might not be a good idea.

  80. Yes, Michael, and look at the numbers under “Frequency”. It happens more than that, but it “isn’t reported”, because such people aren’t seeking the proper avenues of help they’ve been directed to. Just like how one cannot dare go near suggesting to a morgie person to follow their doctor’s lead, and try a prescription for DOP and/or see someone skilled in the field of mental health. If they’d ever arrive there, some of them could find out a whole lot to assist them in getting back into living normal, happy, lives. The ego is way too involved in “morgellons disease”. This thing has so many, many facets, physical & mental.

    P.S. The site changes are cool.

  81. It’s torn me up, reading the things I have since first hearing about this. TC & I had to disconnect from it, when accused of only wanting to be right about “morgellons disease”, and of not caring about the people. They want to be cared about, but they don’t want to be. They can only support each other in all the wrong ways. Arrgghh.

  82. >>Michael Says:
    July 25th, 2006 at 12:38 pm
    I saw on Lymebusters a while back that someone mentioned how she was going to add a few drops of Everclear to her child’s juice, because she had read Hulda Clark saying that Everclear is a good way of getting out the parasites.

    And nobody even commented on it. Nobody thought to mention that adding 190 proof alcohol to your child’s juice might not be a good idea.

  83. In most states, you can go to jail for such things.

    Michael, does using single or double

  84. Ok, nevermind, got my answer. Obviously using a reverse > is not a good thing ;)

  85. They tell their stories of child neglect, and abuse, and animal neglect to the point of death, on a regular basis. All those things are punishable crimes, and I feel like an accomplice reading about it and being helpless to do anything.

    From that Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, this really bothered me too:

    “I found no evidence of [anything suspicious] in Andrew,” Dr. Heldrich wrote to Dr. Frac after the visit. Then he added: “Ms. Leitao would benefit from a psychiatric evaluation and support, whether Andrew has Morgellons disease or not. I hope she will cease to use her son in further exploring this problem.”

    That’s a doctor talking, supposedly saying “he hopes”. Doctors are required by law to do more than that. Children and animals have legal rights and it’s the public’s duty to protect them. I sure can’t, but if there were a way I could, I’d sure as hell do it.

  86. I watched the Today show this morning and heard about Morgellons. I then did a little research on the web about it. I once thought that I had this disease. I had all the same symptoms that I have read about. Many of my friends also seemed to have similar symptoms. I was totally freaked out and would spend hours picking and eliminating “foreign bodies”. What I know now is that there was nothing wrong with me except for the fact that I was a methamphetamine user. The drug is what makes the symptoms seem real. I wonder how many of the people who believe they have Morgellons are also meth users? I have not used meth in over 3 years, and all of the “symptoms” I thought I had are gone. I believe that meth may be the epedemic here, not Morgellons.

  87. Thank you for contributing here, Sara, and congratulations! I’ll venture to say that when people are using drugs, they aren’t exactly taking care of themselves to begin with. I personally had symptoms that I didn’t understand, myself, at a time when I was in a state of very poor health a few years ago. There are various health reasons that cause what seem to be exceptionally inexplicable cutaneous symptoms, as well as other ones, to occur in people. I got better when it nearly took me out of this world, doing the right things to improve the state of illness I was in. The two months that I was going through it, though, I was sure I had a new disease that was killing me. If I had heard of this made-up “morgellons disease”, back then, I could have “possibly”, given the state I was in (maybe if I were another person), given up and expired.

  88. Regarding drugs for depression and other mental disorders, I often read that people who say they have morgellons have been diagnosed with depression or other disorders. I have been on SSRIs for depression for over 5 years and they are by no means “happy pills.” Rather, they balance one’s mental state and kind of “lift the fog” of depression so that I can live a more normal life. If someone is suffering from a chronic skin condition that causes sores, pain, itching, and/or disfigurement, it stands to reason that they might start to suffer from depression and drugs or therapy or both might be prescribed, even in the absence of a diagnosis or a treatment for the skin ailment. Even if the depression is caused or exacerbated by the negative effects of the skin ailment, the depression should be treated. The same goes for other mental disorders that may or may not be worsened by health problems (skin or otherwise). I can only speak of depression because I suffer from it and have experience with the meds.

    For example, I get cold sores about 4 or 5 times a year, and sometimes they are quite severe. They are painful and disfiguring and they sometimes disrupt my life to the point of not wanting to socialize or even go to work because of them. As a person predisposed to depression, this chronic condition often makes the depression worse. Obviously, I should seek treatment for the cold sores, but does that mean I should not seek treatment for the depression? I can tell you, if I had cold sores more often or something similar all over my body, I’d be REALLY DEPRESSED. And I’d want treatment for that depression (and the skin disorder as well).

    Obviously, not all morgellon’s sufferers have been diagnosed with depression (or other mental distorders) but whether or not the problem is caused (or made worse) by the morgellon’s, the depression, et al, should be treated, as should be the underlying problem, if possible. In the case of morgellon’s, there is no reliable prescribed treatment, and I understand that sucks (pardon my french), but if the quality of life can be improved by treating the depression or other diagnosed problems, then why not go for it?

  89. Good points MHKS, unfortunately a lot of people just don’t want to admit to themselves that they may have any kind of mental problem, even one like depression.

    Just look at this diary from the husband of a typical sufferer:

    She’s not depressed, yet some days she crys so much she can’t go to work. It’s sad that she continued to insist on both scratching her lesions, and going to Ginger Savely for treatment.

  90. Some morgies ideas on the topic of mental health are so very archaic. From what some of them say, “they” are the very ones who have attached a stigma to it. Actually, many of them are full of prejudices. That’s never a healthy thing.

  91. I found the Cherokee Chaz Diary very interesting, but I was amazed at how far gone he is, mentally.

  92. Cherokee Chaz is the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Morgellons Research Foundation.

  93. Yeah. You know, with the high risk of infections that nurses who work in hospitals face, I kinda-sorta, at one time, considered that may be the case with Cindy. It’s not, though.

    It’s so sad, and terrible to promote such a thing as this belief in a non-existent disease.

    What is a person who has a loved one with such a problem to do?
    Maybe they either have to go mad right along with them, or else, risk ending up losing them from their lives completely.

  94. I knew that Charles was a member of the board of directors, but for some reason I was expecting him to be more sensible. He and Cindy are obviously a case of folie a deux. I don’t know why he would think that being a nurse or a field rep for a video company would make either of them immune to delusions, and I don’t know why he would think that either of them would be aware of it.

    People fail to understand the power of the human mind. He admits that Cindy can’t keep from scratching her lesions, but he acts as if that difficulty should somehow disqualify her for the diagnosis of neurotic excoriations. It also looks obvious to me that the black fibers are from clothing.

    I guess that sick people are what the MRF needs in order to promote their agenda, but the insanity of some of their members is so obvious that it seems that their membership would be counterproductive.

  95. I’ll reserve my comments.

  96. This is a real sad account of a man who dug at one spot. There is at least one morgie, that I know of, that seemingly does this to just one place. The scab is always removed by this particular person, to look at what’s underneath it.

  97. Exclusive video footage about a novel thought man made human pathogen at:

  98. I can’t believe you are bickering and bad-mouthing…*@##%%**!!!***************************************************
    about petty things you didn’t get your way,BLAH BLAH!
    Isn’t our main concern about the people who are suffering with this disease out there..Did it ever cross your mind that you may get it next???? I definately have it…how dare you insult my intelligence and thousands of other sufferers,
    blowing this off as a media scam….I hope no one in your families get it…God Forbid…Shame on you!!! Trust me,You
    really loose hope when your own family thinks you are nutz!!

  99. Cantlove2much, I know. I’ve communicated with enough morgie people in the past to see that being believed is the biggest thing in their lives. I just cannot comprehend that having such a sense of pride, is worth losing everything over. It is though. It damn well is. If you care about maintaining your relationship with your loved ones, you’d better dump your pride and do as your doctor recommended.

  100. “Isn’t our main concern about the people who are suffering with this disease out there?”

    No!! Because no one has “this” disease.

    Come to your senses and maybe your family will change their opinion of you.

  101. u two r so funny

  102. Well thank you, Al. I remember those funny things you’d said, when I first read your comments on this blog, so I know you have a really great sense of humor. Oh, lemme tell ya now, though, when TC really cuts loose, he beats all I’ve ever seen.

  103. I’d like to see that pathetic prick(TC) come out from under your petty coat you crone.
    What have you got to say TC? Your are a fuck stick, mate.
    Go on, you red necked fundamentalist prick.

    Ok Michael, so , I do a little profiling myself, you pop psychologists make me puke.
    Your model of victimization and plausible deniability is crumbling and using the principles of”dumbing down” and “sliding” you hope to exert your “reason” over the pitiful suffering this disease causes.
    I adjure you…

  104. Morgellons Acquired Delusional Disorder (MADD)

  105. Delusional or not, what those people want is to get healthy.
    Do you blame them for wishing so?

  106. No, but if they want to get healthy, they need to follow their doctor’s advice. This is something they ARE NOT doing. As soon as he tells them they need psychiatric help, they either ignore the referral, or else they go to the shrink trying to pull the wool over his eyes. If they would get the psychiatric help, the rest would be dealt with. That’s where they need to start, then the picture would be much clearer.


  107. Tall,

    So everyones delusional or MADD or whatever in one regard or another. If that pleases sir hiney to get you off your silver toilet, now what? Every mammal alive has parasites. Some are worse than others and some can kill you. The folks speaking the truth here are heros. The ones finding humor in that fact are parasites in the lowest form of humanity. I feel sorry for you.

  108. Norman,

    I don’t care what you believe. No one is going to listen to you except Morgies, and I didn’t come here for their sakes anyway. Think what you want. Why would I care?


  109. We appreciate those who can recognize truth, Norman. They must be silent on here, though, huh? I would like to know why people are unable to admit simple things to themselves, like having depression (which can be deadly), having anxiety, and having OCD. Can anyone take a stab at explaining that to us?

  110. Wait a minute. How did you get off the corn, and onto parasites in mammals, Norman? Also, consumed with such negativity, can you define how, or better yet, why, you feel sorry for anyone who is standing in the light of truth?

  111. Interesting site. Now from an MD’s perspective: I had a large practice, ~41,000 patients, and saw perhaps 30 patients over 20 years with symptoms similar to the above. I had trained in an area with high drug usage, and in my town there was a very high number of meth users.
    These patients had fairly similar histories, describing frequently with strong intensity/urgency, nervousness that there was something burrowing underneath the skin, that could be dug out and the patient would see something moving, and or laying eggs, even one who saw small white flies “hatch” and then fly about the room. Some of them were incredulous that I could not, even under lighted high magnification, see the “bugs”
    After listening carefully, examining the skin carefully especially for other causes of itch, (and there are many dozens of them) and then taking the small bottles of “organisms and/or eggs” to examine under the microscope, sometimes culturing lesions that looked infected, in no case was there an insect present that I could recognize. In something over half, I had a strong suspicion of meth use, though all except one denied being a user, for which he was seeking treatment. Most had been treated with many courses of Kwell, sulfur, even malathion. I have seen many cases of neurotic excoriations, which seems related but generally different. In these there usually is a “butterfly sign” on the back, which the nails can’t reach. The long linear scars are typical however and some use scratchers to claw at the midback. Many of these patients have an underlying disease that causes pruritus, but not all and those usually had enough anxiety, etc. to justify the label “neurotic”, even psychotic. In the presentation above, despite sympathetically trying to find some way for a patient to accept insight or at least an antipruritic medication, sometimes even exotic kinds, to block the itch-scratch/pick cycle, there were only a couple who would try to accept advice and/or psychiatric referral. One of those reverted to full delusions of parasitosis, the other was lost to follow-up. Were if from an infectious agent, one would expect clusters. I saw only one pair and they had classic “folie a deux”, apparently meth users. But what bothers both patient and doctor is that failure to find an organism does not prove that there is none, and although I feel this is a central nervous system problem primarily, it must be admitted that a neurologic defect other than neurosis/ psychosis/DOP is not precise enough to understand what the real pathology is. Also that it is so difficult to find some way to get them relief. Several patients had gone to psychiatrists but had failed to get relief. The best I could do was very sympathetic “tender loving care”. Orap (pimozide) had gotten some praise as a drug but it has risks and I prefer that a psychatrist familiar with it prescribe it.
    Sara’s insight and testimony are amazing and heartening when so many users are in denial. Anyone using meth should consider that their speed bumps and bugs may be due to brain damage from the drug.
    New medications come out all the time, and it is my hope that a neurologic cause and good treatment for these distressing symptoms will soon occur. Let us all keep an open gentle mind about something that even if “all in the head” is a real disease, needing a real diagnosis and specific treatment until then. A retired Dermatologist MD FAAD

  112. Thanks for that detailed description of your experiences Doctor, it’s unfortunate that such a detailed pictures of the circumstances cannot easily be conveyed to the media.

  113. All you morgellons disease doubters and cynics go and have a look at the firs captured images of a living organism moving that is the cause of this disease. You are welcome to contact me if you want to hear about my seven-year suffering with this disease. I live in London and did not even know there was a disease listed as morgellons until 2006, or that it was the same as the disease I had been suffering from for the last seven-years documented.

    All-comers doubters welcome to view on youtube at


  114. Something moving. Is that your proof? The video is so out of focus, I’m not even sure if I was looking at the right thing. I’d be embarassed to show that video to anyone, much less use it as evidence of anything.

  115. Oh, hi, again, Andy. I hope you’ll tell us more and haven’t just left us high and dry.

  116. I got fibers popping out all over me just reading this website.

  117. Well, now, Diehard, if you were literally speaking, your epidermis needs to be restored to a healthy state. Better health comes from within, and better skin health is achieved through refraining from detrimental practices. But, if, like morgies, it’s something you decide to let take hold over your life and ruin the person you were, then there are plenty of other web sites for that.

  118. I pulled a fiber out of my skin and viewed it under a microscope. I swear it gave me the finger.

  119. Heheheh. That’s just as bad as some of the things I saw. Of course, they weren’t real. If you are on drugs, now is the time to quit. Tommorrow might be too late. I almost waited to long.


  120. Dust bunnies that collect in obscure sites our homes are not dangerous. They are not unusual forms of life, lurking to attack anyone. Static electricity, which is increased in some areas, due to heating our homes in the winter, can make such things come toward us and cling to us, though. If anyone feels they’re being bitten by them, or angering something invisible into biting them, when dealing with collections of dust and debris, that is a allergy…mixed with abnormal thoughts.

  121. I’m not a morgie (never was) or on drugs (never was) … just kidding around.

    Nice meeting you guys though …

  122. HAHAHAH!! We thought you might have been kidding!! But you never know around here. Nice meeting you too.


  123. [...] Morgellons and Neurotic Excoriations [...]

  124. Interestingly enough … I *do* have what I guess you can call fibers that extend out of my pores.

    I don’t think it’s a disease though. it’s odd, some of them get irritated and they annoy my when I brush across them. I can pluck them out though – and in doing so, sometimes I have damaged the skin around it. I’d imagine if combined with a mental obsession one could wind up digging holes in themselves or making it a lot worse.

    I’d never considered them being BAD or unhealthy though – figured my skin was just over-producing stuff or whatever the heck it is.

    It’s not a hair, though it seems to be built around the hair many times. Often times, the skin *does* have a dried layer that will come off in a circular shape that I suppose could be described as a “scale” – though again, just like the term “fiber” it would not have ever been a term I’d have thought of on my own to describe it as being.

    In any case, I found the skimming of this post interesting since it had never occurred to me that it’s something bad LOL. I just pluck them out so that they can’t irritate me by scraping and just get on with my life. but now I must admit I am a little curious as to what they could be. LOL

  125. All I know is I have all the symptons as described from others and I have seen the proof with my own two eyes from my own body that I have This so called Morgellons disease. I was disabled in 2002 by a surgeons mistake and cannot work so I have no income. I am very seriously looking for help or a donation of a digital microscope so I can document my case findings to share with others. Please, isn’t there someone who can afford the $70.00 dollars or so to help me? Until then I will be sitting here hiding, alone until there is help…………………

  126. I have been serching, since the beginning of my own, very real experiences with this phenomenonal condition, for a place to talk with others with the same knowledge/questions. I am searching for answers. I am searching for someone to help me figure this out. my goal is to help others understand…and know what is happening (at the very least) so that we can come together and stop this if it is possible. IS there anyone with the same agenda..anyone who doesn’t doubt themselves and what they have seen and experienced and who doesn’t just want to debate whether it it actually happening? IT IS.

    This is all true just go get a black light and you will see threads, red, blue, black,green, now guess how these little thingies get into your body?
    Another thing is when papper is recycled is it sanitized, do they de-bacterialize it if so dose it work?, perhaps what they use exasterbates it ?.This makes sence nothing else dose thesepeople who are blaming the Government have been blaming the government long before Magellons came out, Perhaps the reason everyone dose not have it is bacause all makers of TP dose not recycle paper.
    Before I found out about this I wondered how a three month old had some rfibers removed from his lip , face, could have mommy cleaned his face with toilit paper, dose any one here use TP to put on alchol, or collodial silver, or any thing.

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