You get a lot of different reports of fibers.  Some people find fibers in lesions, some wipe them off their skin, some are short, some long, all different colors, some hard, some soft, some move, some grow, some pop in and out of the skin, some are microscopic, some hair sized, some like threads, some are like spaghetti strands.

Why so many different types of fiber?

I think the problem is with the Morgellons Research Foundation case definition, which describes the fibers thusly:

“[the fibers] are generally described by patients as white, but clinicians also report seeing blue, green, red, and black fibers,”

That is it, no particular diameter, length, morphology, ductile or brittle properties, opacity, smoothness, curvature, solubility, texture or any characteristic other than them being one of a number of colors.

So, anyone who finds any fiber “in or on a lesion”, OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, will fit the case definition.

What exactly is the MRF doing?  Presumably they are not stupid, they have a few PhDs in there, and Leitao has a degree in biology.  Can’t they see that with this ridiculously broad case definition, nobody will take them seriously?  If Morgellons is real, then they do the real sufferers a great disservice in having such an inclusive case definition.
I think that the reason they do not refine the case definition is that they are stuck in the same “non-judgemental” mindset that prevails at Lymebusters.  Not wanting to exclude anyone, they include everyone.  The case definition covers the ailments of about 50 Million Americans with some kind of MUPS.  Anyone who chooses, can simply say they have Morgellons, and the case definition will agree with them.   According to the case definition, I have Morgellons.

I challenge the Morgellons Research Foundation to either update their case definition, or explain themselves.

239 Responses to “Morgellons Case Definition”

  1. An educated person
    does not an intelligent person make
    and when it comes to mental illness
    it do not discriminate.

  2. (I’d keep my day job, if I had one.)

    You’re so right on, though, Michael, and this has turned my stomach to see people being taken advantage of, so savagely, under such a cloak of “caring and understanding when nobody else has been there for them”.

  3. It appears to me that the WTF Foundation is deliberately trying to boost its numbers to epidemic proportions by using its broad case definition. By registering a large number of people with Medically Unexplained Phenomena and drawing them into the Morgellons camp, I think the staff of the WTF Foundation believes their chances of forcing the hand of the CDC will increase. Despite the fact that many of these people have MUPS, a very large percentage of them are also delusional. The CDC already knows that these people have mental problems. It’s amazing how many people think that they can’t be DOP because their symptoms are real. They need to study the definition of Delusions of Parasitosis. It doesn’t matter if they have lesions from head to toe, they are still mentally ill, and nothing except proper treatment for their mental disorders is likely to change that.

  4. TC, do you really think the MRF wants the CDC involved? I see the patients at Lymebusters calling for a CDC inquiry, but the MRF site only mentions the CDC in passing. Should anyone succeed in “forcing the hand” of the CDC, MRF will suddenly find themselves under scrutiny, required to conform to generally accepted scientific and research principles, and basically held accountable for the quality of information they are currently free to disseminate pretty much however they like. Frankly, getting the attention of the CDC may well be the LAST thing the MRF really wants.

  5. WTF is the “point”, the “real truth” behind what has occurred?

    Did Mary Leitao start this whole thing because she thought more research needed to be done looking into the cause(s) of delusional parasitosis?


    Is the obsessive study of insignificant fibers expected to bring forth the answer to all of the MUPS?

  6. Jeezelouise,

    I think that the WTF foundation is convinced that Morgellons is a real disease. I believe they want all the publicity they can get, and I think they do want an investigation by the CDC. The staff of the WTF Foundation is just as delusional as the nuts from Lymebusters, Nuspa, and Biology Online. They’re all in a pit, surrounded by darkness, and they do not realize that they are mentally ill. They think they have Morgellons, and they think that Morgellons is a disease. Hopefully the upcoming decisions, and announcements, from the CDC will put the WTF Foundation, and all of these Morgellons Forums out of business.

  7. Back to the beginning, though, which is always the best place to start in trying to unravel the reasons for something, concerning ourselves with nothing more than the woman who developed a plan to do this, not knowing (or did she?), the amount of other people, like her, that she would attract. Remember, she was quoted as saying something to the effect of, going to have to take her life if she didn’t find the cause of this.

    The cause of what? Some blue fibers in Drew’s eczema.

  8. Is there a source for that “take my own life” quote?

  9. That statement by Mary Leitao is a pretty good indication that she is a nut. I think she was driven by her misunderstanding of what she was seeing, but it’s also quite obvious that she was also driven by her bruised ego. It appears that along the way she reinforced her delusions. That woman is as lost as a goose in a hailstorm.

  10. CBS47 News –Jackonsville, Florida
    Mystery Disease
    Last Update: 4/5/2005 4:40:49 PM


    One woman in Pittsburgh, PA made it her mission to find out what causes and what will cure this bizarre disease.

    Mary Leitao is a biologist and the creator the Morgellon’s Research Foundation in Pittsburgh.

    Her goal is to get state health agencies and the center for disease control to study this disease.

    “It’s inhumane that these people have been allowed to go home and have been forced to research this day in and day out for years on their own,” says Leitao.

    Leitao’s motivations come from her 6 year old boy Drew. Four years ago, he began to feel the itch.

    “He started describing bugs. He said, mommy, bugs, and he would scratch.”

    Then came the sores that shed the fibers. Mary took drew to the doctor and the doctor said it was nothing to worry about.

    “I was going to find an answer, or I was going to have to take my life, that’s all there was too it.”

  11. Look for Doug Buckner, Doug “Doc” Buckner, Ph.D. Associate Director MRF
    in this article:

    These are good, too:

  12. That was a stupid comment, if she did make it, but we all know that the kids feeling bugs is not unique to Drew.

  13. This excerpt is more indicative of the problem, from one of those other links:

    Leitao said the dermatologist was initially fascinated by the blue fibers sprouting from her son’s skin lesions.

    “The doctor looked at everything I showed him,” she said. “He examined Drew’s skin lesions using the handheld microscope I brought. He was so amazed at the blue fibers coming straight out of a skin lesions that he called his physician’s assistant over to look at them.”

    She showed the doctor how the fibers glowed under an ultraviolet light.

    “(The dermatologist) admitted he did not know what made the fibers, but was not willing to help me find out,” Leitao said. “His final diagnosis was eczema. He gave my son topical eczema medication, which did not help.”

    As she left his office, she saw the doctor going out to lunch with his wife and 4-year-old son.

    “Not a care in the world,” she said. “What is wrong with these guys? No innate scientific curiosity or human empathy?

    “I realized I was on my own.”

    Other parents of Morgellons’ patients said their children also have been diagnosed with common skin conditions, but if the parents also report symptoms they get the DOP label.

    The textbook diagnosis:

    Medical textbooks and journals warn that when a patient visits a doctor with samples of “parasites” removed from their skin, it’s usually an ominous sign of mental illness.

    (That wasn’t the dermo being “amazed”, like miss wannbee scientist thought.)

  14. To say that Mary Leitao’s suicide comment was stupid is an understatement. A more fitting word is INSANE. I’d like to know who pulled that chunk of meat out of that little boy’s lip. It’s a shame when a child is stuck with an insane parent.

  15. I wonder how much that statment encouraged the Morgellons Cult members.

  16. Hey Michael,

    On several occasions you have said that you started this blog out of “curiosity” in addition to a passing hope to help someone. Whom do you believe you can possibly help? I’m becoming more convinced that Tall Cotton and Smileykins are secretly working against you. If people who believe they have Morgellons suffer from a lack of understanding, I doubt insults and vindictive attitudes are going to be effective at turning them around. I understand that those two don’t speak for you, but they speak with you. From an outsider’s view, this discussion forum isn’t exactly embracing those you claim to want to help, but you all do judge, criticize, label, scrutinize, laugh-at, etc. Morgies to no end. I’ve been questioned on this board why I don’t step-in and point-out the Morgies erronious ways on Lymebusters; well, I’ll bet many a poster to this blog didn’t agree with all that is said by the anti-Morgellons here, and yet no one of that camp is stepping in to voice their opinion. Hypocrites. This isn’t a blog screaming, “I want to help you”; it is a blog screaming, “I want to have you all banished from the earth,” and then you claim scientific impartiality. I don’t think so. Nope, this is just a little fun for a couple of bored folks with questionable motives. It’s too bad there aren’t fewer games and more substance. I’m not against disagreement; rather, like you, I’m against unsubstaniated claims. This forum is rich with that!


  17. Crawling, stinging, biting sensations are typical in eczema, and skin allergies. I imagine when I was a toddler, that I said it felt like bugs too. No biggie.

    When my child was around 14 years old, she said that too, but bugs certainly never entered either one of our minds. I took her to the dermo, and found that she’d inherited my eczema. We’re both in remission, but once you have it you have it for life, because there is no cure.

    Why did that woman think that the doctor was wrong, and give up, apparently, after using only one type of topical prescription on her little boy? She should have kept in contact with him and tried another, and if she’d chosen to learn about eczema, she would have learned a lot.

    Plus, children don’t get delusional parasitosis. That isn’t the impression that’s given on MRF web site.

  18. Aherah, this is not a discussion forum, it’s my blog. Smileykins and Tall Cotton post a lot on here, but they don’t represent me, so don’t judge the blog by the comments of the commenter. Judge it by what I say. I’m not going to start editing people’s comments.

    And Tall Cotton and Smileykins are not “working against me”. Sure, some of their comments are a bit extreme, but not deliberately so.

    Back OT, tell me which “unsubstantiated claims” you are referring to – just give me your biggest one – and I’ll address it.

    (Although, I’ll be travelling for a few days, so might be a little slow in responding)

  19. “Aherah, this is not a discussion forum, it’s my blog.” Funny, I thought the whole purpose of changing to the new format was to facilitate discussion. Silly me.

    I didn’t ask you to edit comments. I merely stated the obvious: what type of help can evolve from these attitudes?

    “insane parent”

    “Morgellons Cult”

    for starters, you know the rest.

    They can say whatever they wish, but don’t expect to be greeted with a whole lot of love from the Morgies you claim to want to help. Most people don’t respond well to blanket insults, especially not this crowd.


  20. I have no problem accepting that I have an “MUP”. I have itched for many, many years, chronic hives and generalized pruritus. I was concerned about liver disease, but have been assured my liver is quite well, thankyouverymuch. I am probably allergic to something that is ubiquitous in the environment, so there’s really no sense in being tested for every possible allergan since whatever it may be, it’s obviously something I encounter every day, wherever I am. I do keep plenty of Benadryl on-hand ;)

    Still, I am no different than anyone with a chronic, unexplained condition. Of course, I’d like to know what the problem is. I’d love to know how to stop it. So, of course I’ll stay up late any night to hear a news story about a newly defined condition that involves chronic itching. The recent Morgellons media blitz naturally caught my attention. MRF led me to Lymebusters, and Lymebusters scared the crap outta me. I can’t be a Morgie, there are not enough hours in the day to pick, scrape, examine, magnify and photograph every itchy place on my skin.

    But I can certainly see how it happens.

    Morgellons Watch was the only site I found that first night that made sense. I am again perfectly content to suffer from unexplained, chronic itching. Please pass the Benadryl ;)

  21. Lucky you, the benadryl works.

  22. Again Aherah, what are the “unsubstantiated claims”?

    I like the discussion, I was just asking you not to make me somehow responsible for the actions of the commenters.

  23. Lucky me, I believe the Benadryl works. If I believed that I had Morgellons, I can assure you nothing so pedestrian as Benadryl would help.

  24. I doubt many morgie people care to know about the history — and I’m not referring to the 400 year old disease, but to the history of the formation of MRF.

    I realized it when I partcipating on LB message board, but I did not understand it.

    Things speak for themselves, minus any critique. It’s diffficult to sit by and witness such a scam, but that’s life.

  25. BTW, Michael, the current lockdown at LB is all about you ;)

    You are either ..

    a) Part of the conspiracy


    b) You have Morgellons and are in deep, deep denial

  26. Out of those options, I’d go for a, but lucklily the answer is c.

    Things seem to be going on as usual on LB (Cliff Mickleson doing a clinical study on colloidal silver, etc.). I’m not really sure what the point of blocking guest access was – to stop guests being able to see the sock posts in context? I provided a link to the originals to provide context, but now all they have are my quotes, and then they complain about lack of context.

  27. Are you sure you don’t own a black helicopter?

    The colloidal silver discussion is interesting, in that when someone posted a legitimate challenge to the claims that there were clinical trials in progress all of a sudden that challenge was buried in posts touting the safety and efficacy of CS “over a hundred years”.

    So, where is the info on the ASAP clinical trials?

  28. I’m real bad off myself, Jeezelouise. Some people have told me not to kid myself into thinking that I’d ever gotten over it, because the fibers just all went inward, they’re consuming me without my knowledge.

    Depending upon who says it, everyone’s “got it” — well, yeah, you know, the way she has changed and developed her symptoms’ list, and made up her own bizarre “case definition”, that is a hard one to argue with.

    But all of a sudden, I have supposedly, (just recently, too) become, rather:

    1. a drug user
    2. a schizophrenic
    3. a DOP victim
    4. and something I’m not sure of

    I decided to hang out here when I saw what the mission was. It wasn’t to fight. It’s about promoting truth. The last time I checked, truth was a good thing.

  29. Funny Smileykins, I don’t recall that you ever claimed to have fibers. Actually, I don’t think you made many claims of anything expect this vague “years ago when I had this.” I thought you had problems, with your disability and all, but I was never convinced you had Morgellons. I did believe, as I do now, that you needed to talk, to whomever, about whatever. No big deal–talk. You still talk, only now it’s out of the other end.

    You go girl.


  30. Of course, Smileykins did not have Morgellons. Does anyone?

    Everyone needs to talk, as do you, Aherah. Else you would not be here.

  31. Smiley, aren’t you also a draft dodger, a tax evader and a cross-dresser?

    I AM kidding!!

  32. I was an exorcist, and even, God, they tell me, at one time!!!

  33. (I’m sorry. It’s not funny, but it is.)

  34. How many times have you heard a Morgie say, “You came to the right place!”

    Have you ever heard one say, “You appear to have something else. For your own good, you might want to find another group that’s more suited for people with your condition?”

    They seem to think that the Morgs can cause any symptom, without exception.

    And if you swallow the stories they tell, you’ll probably find yourself checking all the fine print of your life insurance policy, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

    Don’t say our disease ever involves delusions, even after the fact. We know they are biting us. We can feel it!

    Take a bath in clorox and don’t ever do anything to make us look crazy. And if you ever get well, you didn’t have what we do.

    We’re the chosen few. There’s a lot of us.

  35. “I like the discussion, I was just asking you not to make me somehow responsible for the actions of the commenters.”

    How did I make you responsible? Again, I merely state the obvious. The problem is that what you claim are your motivations conflict with the attitudes supported in this blog. Your claims must not be genuine. As I reflect upon what HKMS said in another thread, I am convinced that he/she does not know what she/he is talking about. You see, for about ten minutes after reading his/her post, I thought I had missed something about your motivations. I thought that maybe there was some altruistic behaviors that I might have overlooked. I didn’t or else this blog and it’s supporters wouldn’t sound as they do.


  36. Aherah – care to give a concrete example of how I misrepresent things? Any factual errors you point out I will swiftly correct and/or retract.

  37. Gosh Michael, I’m too tired to do this now (notice the spelling errors?). It doesn’t matter. MHKS made me think about your motivations, which always play a part, and for a moment I wondered. That’s all. In a nutshell, you can’t possibly expect to have open, friendly dialog with people who believe they have Morgellons as long as Frick and Frack continue to espouse their religion of DOP. I’m sorry if that’s not good enough, but I’ve got babies to attend to.


  38. I remember this excerpt on the Tea-tree Oil topic,

    # Michael Says:
    April 27th, 2006 at 4:58 pm

    “I’m more concerned with the more marginal people, who have not yet fully slipped into the seductive abyss of circular irrationality.”

    If I misunderstood, I’m confused.

  39. Good Smiles, then we’re in agreement. MHKS is clueless. I won’t give it a second thought.




  40. “I’m more concerned with the more marginal people, who have not yet fully slipped into the seductive abyss of circular irrationality.”

    And I thank you for that.

    kindest regards

  41. What are you saying Aherah, that I should delete comments not in accord with my point of view?

    Why don’t we get back to the real world. How well does the MRF case definition describe your situation? If you subtract your symptoms from the MRF case definition, then how much is left? How much is missing?

  42. JeezeLouise – you’re welcome, and thank you for your contributions to the discussion.

  43. Underneath the case definition…


    1. Most patients will have sought care from multiple medical care providers. A large number will have been diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis likely because of the juxtaposition of unexplained skin lesions and sensations and psychiatric overlay. Unfortunately, almost none will have received an appropriate diagnostic physical examination (particularly a microscopic or biopsy examination of lesions), but will have been diagnosed by history alone with grossly incomplete observation.

    2. Most of these patients feel abandoned by the traditional medical care system and have sought alternative care providers or have self medicated, seriously compounding an already difficult medical situation

    *Not all people have even gone to a dermatologist. Correct? Their primary care physicians have diagnosed them and they have gone against their recommendations.
    If they disagreed, and sought an opinion elsewhere that yielded the same diagnosis, we are to believe what?

  44. On the case definition – maybe they’ll expand it to include Arthritis now.
    (registration required to view the above)

  45. I think the “OTHER COMMONLY REPORTED OBSERVATIONS” actually IS the true case definition. It’s reasonably short, and still fits nearly all the Morgellons believers.

    Even simpler:

    Bad Skin + Bad Doctor Relationship = Morgellons.

    Fibers are a red herring, everyone has fibers in their lesions.

  46. And, since “most of these patients feel abandoned by the traditional medical care system and have sought alternative care providers or have self medicated, seriously compounding an already difficult medical situation,” why has it taken Mary Leitao four years to suggest any form of restraint. Oh, yeah, it’s because them. I forgot.

  47. Michael, the best that any of us can ever hope to achieve, is to make a difference in a single life. I just want you to truly know that you have done that.

    Thanks and best wishes to you.

  48. Oops! I meant to say, “Oh, yeah, it’s because she loves them.” For some reason, the words, “she loves”, just seemed to disappear.

  49. Spotted an error in my equation:
    Bad Skin + Bad Doctor Relationship + Internet = Morgellons.

  50. Michael, you sound like a reasonable person!

  51. The prominence of demands and high expectations from doctors, among morgies, is not realistic. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck last night.

  52. (Oh. But I forgot, I’m brainwashed by Western Medicine, and I push drugs for Big Pharma. Oh yeah. I have to be everything according to them. Yessum, yessum.)

  53. They also said that you were Mary Shepherd. HAHAHAHA

  54. Well, you can make anyone into anything you want them to be the Land Of Morg. Okay, that should go into the case definition.

  55. “Again, I merely state the obvious. The problem is that what you claim are your motivations conflict with the attitudes supported in this blog. Your claims must not be genuine.”

    By this logic, and based on *your* attitudes, Michael’s motivation would be to promote Morgellons as a distinct disease. Obviously, that’s not his motivation. But by not promoting Morgellons does that automatically make him against those who believe they suffer from it?

    I’ll agree that a lot of the comments posted in this forum are pointless, childish, and diminish the credibility of any arguments presented by those who are commenting. Plus, it’s tiresome. But to assume that Michael’s motivations are not not what he claims based on the comments and opinions of others is ridiculous.

    If you care one way or another, go back and read his posts and/or comments. They are, as I’ve said before, well-researched, well-written, and absent of malice. That doesn’t mean, however, that they won’t directly challenge the beliefs of others, but hey, that’s what makes this blog interesting. So let’s get back to the on-topic debate, shall we?

  56. “But to assume that Michael’s motivations are not what he claims based on the comments and opinions of others is ridiculous.”

    Yet to assume that the comments and opinions expressed on Lymebusters are representative of all those who believe they have the Morgellons condition is not ridiculous? I think this entire blog is based on the application of Lymebuster quotes spread to encompass all who think they have this disease. Actually, your previous comment just made me realize the extent of the mean heartedness going on here. At least at Lymebusters there are a variety of topics; here it’s just “those asinine, idiotic, DOP, insane, skin-picking Morgies” 24/7. It’s actually quite pathetic; it’s always the same two to three people who never seem to have anything new to say (DOP, insane, cult…). Tell me something I haven’t heard! Actually, I haven’t seem much of this “scientific method” yet. Personally, I wouldn’t trust the “scientific method” applied by Michael any more than I would by a member of Lymebusters–they’ve too much vested in a particular outcome.

    In addition, Michael is the author of this blog. There is no one author to ascribe the attitudes at Lymebusters. Michael has A LOT of control over what is said here and how it is said. This blog is better designed to suit a cult than Lymebusters.

    “So let’s get back to the on-topic debate, shall we?”

    Yea, the case definition is broad. When they figure out what’s going on, we’ll be better able to sort out what is or isn’t a result of whatever Morgellons is.

    Or, was the topic those stupid DOP insane mothers with Morgellons, again? I certainly wouldn’t want to stray off-topic and cause you to miss another round of that conversation. Better yet, I’m not interested in sticking around for it either. There is too much childish time wasting going on here, not enough substance.



  57. Since the “case definition” for this particular “created disease” is so broad, having illegitmately moved from the original medical diagnosis of delusional parasitosis, into a “created list” composed of incongruous symptoms, (minus any verification of the MRF’s members’ reports of claimed symptoms they registered), while it’s professed, by those who believe they have it, as not being “a hoax”, where is the wrong in seeing “morgellons disease” for what it is?

  58. The only symptom that self-professed morgies have in common is Delusions of Parasitosis. Morgellons The illogical thinking of the patient is the disease.

  59. Well, that last sentence doesn’t read right, but there’s no edit or delete function, so I can’t fix it. Please omit the word, “Morgellons”, or add the word, “with” before it. Thanks.

  60. And what do you base that conclusion on?

  61. Hey, am I delusional or not? I think I am starting to believe you bloggers.

    Damn, It was so real. I could have sworn Ted Nugent was playing in the middle of my living room last night. Now today, although my stereo is off, I just keep hearing Ted play, and play, and play……

    OH God, I need help. Does he not know but one song to play?

  62. That’s easy: Cat Scratch Fever

  63. # pumpkin Says:
    July 6th, 2006 at 1:40 pm

    That’s easy: Cat Scratch Fever


  64. # Smileykins Says:
    July 6th, 2006 at 12:20 pm

    And what do you base that conclusion on?

    By Mary Leitao’s own admission, 95 % of the Morgies have been diagnosed with Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP), but I base my conclusion more on the many Morgies I’ve been acquainted with on the Morgellons Support Forums. There’s just no denying that most of these people have serious mental disorders, and DOP is just one of many.

  65. Is it safe to assume you may have formed a non-biased opinion, based upon their written words?

  66. not that song again, oh god no….make him stop playing it!!!!

  67. I did, accidentally stepping into something I wasn’t prepared for, learning, as I went along, as I continue to learn more.

  68. Oh, hahahahaha!!!

  69. # Smileykins Says:
    July 6th, 2006 at 2:10 pm

    Is it safe to assume you may have formed a non-biased opinion, based upon their written words?

    Very safe!

    # London Says:
    July 6th, 2006 at 2:15 pm

    not that song again, oh god no….make him stop playing it!!!!

    Have you tried Zyprexa?

  70. Enuff, already, Ted!!! No, I don’t wanna learn how to play the song, we’re sick of it already.

  71. (sorry, but we all gotta laugh to keep from cryin’ sometimes)

  72. Back on topic. Children don’t get delusions of parasitosis. Parents with it can inflict it on the poor little things, but the MRF doesn’t mention that. Well, though, that isn’t exactly “on topic”, but it is on their web site.

  73. Man, my delusions are real. I will try to take a picture of him tonight.

    Plus, I think I’m getting confused. I hear “smoke on the wat-tuh” dun, dun, DUN,da-dun-da Dun……

  74. Zyprexa? No, you got some to share? I will try anything.

    Can I take it with Merlot? That has been my biggest saviour thus far.

    but only Argentinian.

  75. Too many lawsuits over Zyprexa. I wouldn’t risk it, but try a safer alternative.

  76. # London Says:
    July 6th, 2006 at 2:38 pm

    Zyprexa? No, you got some to share? I will try anything.

    Can I take it with Merlot? That has been my biggest saviour thus far.

    but only Argentinian.

    Merlot wine, right? I don’t know about that.

    # Smileykins Says:
    July 6th, 2006 at 2:52 pm

    Too many lawsuits over Zyprexa. I wouldn’t risk it, but try a safer alternative.

    Risperadone would be an alternative to Zyprexa, for atypical medications, but I don’t use either one.

  77. I know you don’t TC. Like me, though, if your doctor ever suggested it, you would take his advice, or, if you felt that you needed it, you’d inquire about it. We’re lucky that we have good communication with our doctors.

  78. Okay, I’m seeing a genetically modified Prince…..he’s singing Purple Rain
    and he is swigging my Merlot. I know that this is not a delusion. He touched me too.

    Okay, I need to run to store for another bottle. Be back later….and I will take a picture of him too.

    I’m going to have to invite the neighbors over and charge admission….stay tuned.

  79. You’d better let the neighbor drive.

  80. I believe self-medicating with alcohol will only excerabate the number of recording artists in concert.

  81. hahahaha

  82. Back on topic, I think Michael is right. The case definition sounds too broad. I think they should break-down the percentage of people who report having this or that condition into a table. Then, don’t make any statements as to whether one or another condition is associated to Morgellons, just show the numbers. Let the discerning public decide. For me, the most prevalent reason I believe I have what MRF describes, is because I know my fibers aren’t dust or debris, or, if they are, there is no reasonable explanation for why they come of my skin in the manner that they do. I’m aware that the fibers that my skin expels is unique, because I don’t see this happening on my mother. She’s around dust just as I am. The MRF is the only place that has acknowledged that the fibers aren’t “normal.”


  83. Can you believe that someone can be ill, find fibers on their body, and mistakenly believe that they have morgelons?

  84. Yes, I suppose that could happen. I can only know that I am not mistaken about what I see. I’ve seen too much for too long. Others have seen it too.

    Do you have Morgellons pumpkin?

  85. Pumpkin, oops.

  86. Yes I do too.

  87. Pumkin, I believe if you make a WordPress account, you can delete your “whooops” posts before people realize you are conversing with yourself. What other name are you posting under, by the way?

  88. Pinocchio strikes again!!!!!

  89. TC, it’s just someone with DOP …. Delusions Of Pumpkins

  90. Scratch your leg through your jeans. Uh-oh, blue fibers under your fingernails. Now reach over and scratch your arm. Uh-oh, blue fibers in your lesion. Now reach down and scratch your ankle. Uh-oh, white fibers under your fingernails. Now reach and scratch your arm again. Uh-oh. White fibers in your lesion. Keep scratching, and scratching, and scratching. Uh-oh, blooody red fibers, some white, some blue. Uh-oh.. Uh-oh.. Uh-oh.

  91. She’s more than Delusions of Pumpkins.

  92. Dry skin, Delusions of Pumpkins, Mental Illness.

  93. Aherah, are these other people in your household posting, or is it just you? You generally make quite sensible points, and can engange well in converation, so there is really no need to resort to such devices to get your point across.

    If someone needs a post deleting, email me.

    Aherah, you said:
    “I think they should break-down the percentage of people who report having this or that condition into a table.”

    I totally agree. That is what they should do. Unfortunately the survey is too simplistic to form a good case definition from – but it would provide a good base.

    Where did the case definition come from? It does not seem to be based on anything other than anecdotal evidence. Did a bunch of people sit around a table and say “one of my patients noticed some hair loss”, and someone adds that to the list?

    Someone actually has done a more detailed survey and published the results
    (username: results, password: survey)

    There’s everything from “Itching” to “Burning semen” there. Unfortunately its not too useful as there is no correlation data there, there is no quantification of most symptoms, and symptoms such as “fibers” are split up into color, making it impossible to say how many did NOT have fibers. But still an interesting grab-bag.

    But yes, MRF needs to release some figures. Of course they will just say “wait for the OSU study”.

    I’ll happily wait for the OSU study. But they should too, as clearly their current case definition is based on nothing, and should be withdrawn.

  94. “Burning semen” sounds icky

  95. “The MRF is the only place that has acknowledged that the fibers aren’t “normal.”

    Well yeah, but the WTF foundation is pretty f–cked up!!!

    Loose connective tissue is the most common type of connective tissue we have. In our skin, it holds the epidermis and the dermis layers together. Cells called fibroblasts are widely dispered in this tissue; they are irregular branching cells that secrete strong fibrous proteins and proteoglycans as an extracellular matrix (ECM). The cells of this type of tissue are generally separated by quite some distance by a gel-like gelatinous substance primarily made up of collagenous and elastic fibers. Extracellular matrix is any material part of a tissue that is not part of any cell. Extracellular matrix is the defining feature of connective tissue.

    Connective tissue within the reticular dermis has a dense concentration of collagenous, elastic, and reticular fibers that weave throughout it. These protein fibers give the dermis its properties of strength, extensibility, and elasticity. There are fibrosing skin disorders, such as, for instance, morphea, which is, if you look here, synonymous with quite a few things, including borreliosis and Borrelia burgdorferi.

    The focus of morphea seems to be collagen fibers, which become altered with thickening and hyalinization.

    In the early inflammatory stage, a lymphohistiocytic infiltrate, perivascular or diffuse, is often present in the reticular dermis and the fibrous trabeculae of the subcutaneous tissues; large numbers of plasma cells may also be present. The dermis is typically edematous, with collagen bundle swelling in the lower reticular dermis.

    In the late sclerotic stage, the inflammatory infiltrate frequently disappears. Collagen bundles become thick, dense, homogenous, and eosinophilic, with collagen changes extending to the upper dermis and possibly also involving the panniculus, the fascia, and the muscle. Hair follicles, sweat glands, and subcutaneous fat are progressively lost as collagenous material accumulates.

    1.Collagenous fibers: collagenous fibers are made of collagen and consist of bundles of fibrils that are coils of collagen molecules.
    2. Elastic fibers: elastic fibers are made of elastin and are “stretchable.”
    3. Reticular fibers: reticular fibers consist of one or more types of very thin collagen fibers. They join connective tissues to other tissues

    The causes of localized fibrosing disorders are unknown. Suggested causes include genetic, infectious, and autoimmune mechanisms.

  96. Now, that has nothing to do with the fibers we started out with. We’ve shifted into them being “microscopic” all of a sudden now. So, we have our typical DOP, environmental fibers, and now, our connective tissue fibers thrown into the mix of what these goof-balls are obsessively working on. Why a dermatology professor doesn’t knock Wymore upside the head, is a mystery to me.

  97. Maybe Oklahoma needs to stick with football.

  98. burning semen……hahahaha why that’s just what Prince and Ted said!

  99. Somebody once told me, the world was gonna roll me, I ain’t the sharpest tool on the shed …

    But for Pete’s sake!!!

  100. An educated person
    does not an intelligent person make
    and when it comes to mental illness

    SAY WHAT???

    it do not discriminate.

  101. The thing that has always gotten me, is how much disdain morgie people have for doctors,
    but any doctors on the WTF foundation sure seem to be some real weinies, from what it looks like, to me. How ’bout that “rocket scientist”? Whee!!! (Soory, I’ll settle down.) But in his lab studies, mercy. Maybe I just don’t know any better, and it’s perfectly normal to refer to things as “football shaped”.

  102. Big “SMACK!!!”

  103. Hmm, that’s weird. The rest of my message didn’t copy up above. That “SMACK” was to me, from me. I didn’t “know any better”, and was a presumptuous ass. “Football-shaped” is the correct lab terminology.

  104. Here’s one from me. SMACK. hehehe

  105. My semen burns, what do you guys have, a voo-doo doll? It does burn. I just can’t figure out how I got semen today. Oh yeah, I did dream I had a penis last night. For real. I remember now, there I was up under this shade tree the first time I had to “go” I had these two lil friend-boys beside me and we had a shooting contest. Man, I need to go back to sleep and dream some more.

    Maybe eczema turns into gm semen, right? I knew I was onto something. Band members do not lie.

  106. I’d report it to the Centers for Diseased Semen.

  107. The CDC Men

  108. Well this is not blog material, but I was excited when i found it and wanted to share. If is not what you would like to be posted here, I understand

    if you choose to remove it.

  109. London, I don’t mind you posting things like that (in moderation!). It’s indicative of the shortcut thinking that goes on in places like Lymebusters.

    The theory is that UV light kills bad cells, but leaves the good cells alone, and that by using a form of dialysis, where the blood is exposed to UV light, you could cure everything from AIDS to Anthrax.

    Sounds great. The problem is there are a vast number of problems with this theory, which I leave as an exercise to the reader.

    What it illustrates is short cut reasoning. You have:

    1) UV light kills germs
    2) Shine UV light on blood in a dialysis machine
    3) Cure all known blood borne disease.

    Sounds great. But I only thought about this for ten minutes, and I have about ten objections. Perhaps a good place to start would be to address the obvious objections.

    London, can you think of any reason why this might not work?

  110. No, but I’m delusional and sometimes can’t think very good. At times I feel I have above average intelligence, then other times I feel like I have the mental capacity of a 9 year old. But, tell you what, I will look into it more than get back with you.

    Thank you Michael. Is this why you guys left Lymebusters? You all must have left about the time I joined them which was around the end of August last year. Do you openly say who you are/ were as far as a username there on Lymebusters? I know there was a post about who people thought you were, but to tell you the truth, I never read it. Nor the blog site. I just found your blog about a week and half ago.

    It has truly lifted my spirits. You guys crack me up plus you obviously are intelligent people, very quick-witted and I just love reading it.

  111. Tall Cotton & Smilykins – I see you are both still here. I ask you both to try and do yourselves a favour – take a break from the internet. I really don’t think it is good for your health to be reading and posting continual. You need to get back in touch with reality. I still stand in my position as a severe “Morgellons Disease” sufferer. I dare you both to give it a go.

    And just for the record – I don’t fit into any of your categories.

  112. He Michael…you’re a complete goof. Guess you think there was lone gunman in the Kennedy assassination and that the Reichstag fire was caused by the Jews and that the Holocaust never happened and we never walked on the moon…dumbass. Get a grip on reality, moron, and you’ll do better in life. Have a nice day, and go back to the 3rd grade.

  113. Yes m’am! At your service, abac68!! (Welcome back, I had a feeling we’d be seeing you here today.)

  114. Oh boy. More control freaks ruling us in the free world.

  115. ABAC68,

    You knew we were here, Aherah. We were here when one of your Alters blew her cover as Pumpkin. Havn’t you realized yet that what you think does not matter. Would it be possible for us to talk to Linda.


    Hello, same person. Why don’t you pull yourselves together, and talk to us as that 12-13 year old Linda. We care about you.

  116. You lot seem very confused as to who I am. I live in Melbourne Australia. I don’t know Linda, Aherah, pumpkin or anyone on this site!! So if you all think you know who am I – go and have your head read.

  117. And as for you Michael – you are a very disturbed individual with a very sick hobbie.

  118. And I live on the moon!!

  119. Well, tell us a little about yourself, abac68/iwmlb68. Those aren’t “our categories” that you refererred to, but, if I may… if you’ve never considered delusions of parasitosis to be a problem, why do you think that you have “morgellons disease”?

  120. You can keep coming back at me with your crap as much as you like. As I said earlier – take a break from the internet. Get back in touch with reality. Maybe then we can talk about Morgellons Disease.

    As for Delusions of Parasitosis – I wish I was delusional then I could take a pill to fix it.

  121. Linda,

    Are you going to talk to us?

    Tall Cotton

  122. Abac68. Forgive me for not remembering the details, but I have seen some very serious physical health conditions, at some time, somewhere, that you have spoken of. You sound dreadfully ill, and I am very sorry that you are, too.

    I simply wonder why you consider yourself to have something called “morgellons disease”. Considering your very legitimate sounding health conditions, why is it in the picture?

  123. As far as I can tell, ABAC68, slb159, MHKS and Aherah are all different people (Based on their IP addresses, which I can see in the Worldpress administration functions.)

    Pumpkin and “little cotton”, are Aherah.

    Aherah, feel free to continue posting, you did make some interesting points.

  124. Yes, I agree. Especially as Pumpkin.

  125. Okay, I was fishing. What about Godshammer?

  126. At least Pumpkin read our blog to her, and Pumpkin likes us, TC.

  127. Michael, I was pretty sure Pumpkin was Aherah when I saw the slip last night, but I figured you could check IP addresses so I chose not to make accusations.

    The MRF site should really use IP addresses to prevent multiple registrations from the same person. I’ve a feeling their numbers are horribly inflated.

    By the way, evidently the hostile posters at LB spooked off some serious investment dollars last night. I find the online petition demanding research funding rather ironic.

  128. My head cannot, and just will not, absorb this, yet, after all this time, just WTF research is needed for, exactly. Someone spell it out, please?

  129. Dunno, but if you want funding it’s probably not a good idea to attack the gift horse like a pack of rabid wolves ;)

  130. I don’t think being civil is an option for some of them, Jeezelouise, due to their having borderline personality disorder, and that creates many problems for everyone concerned.

  131. I don’t really feel SecondHandRose was a genuine investment researcher. I think it was someone trying to encourage LB people to act more rational.

  132. My doctor gave me the diagnosis of Morgellons Disease. Also a Professor of Dermatology here in Melbourne said I was clearly NOT delusional or bizarre in anyway. Physicians here are aware of this disease. I have endured 56 IV infusions over 8 months. I don’t have lesions anymore (also thanks to the low dose steroid). I have horrible skin sensations still – feels like someone just dropped a spirochete into my entire skin. I have two negative lyme disease tests. All my blood work is perfect apart from an elevated ESR and CRP meaning inflammation in the body. I have always been fit and healthy. I am only 38 years of age. My deterioration started upon a diagnosis of fibromylagia in 1997. Strange thing though my symptoms worsed after January 1998 after my last business trip to Austin Texas. I used to work for National Instruments. But this disease got so bad that my career ended very abrutely at the age of 29 years. My doctor seems to think the severity of my disease is because I have had so much air travel in my life. Considering I am originally from England, then lived in New Zealand and now live in Australia.

    I still lose endless amounts of fibers from every orrifice of my body. But I still continue to work with my doctor and hope that I am on the path to recovery, but we can not say at this stage because we don’t understand the organism involved in this disease. Only science will tell.

  133. By the way Tall Cotton – Michael is aware that I am from Melbourne Australia.

  134. Michael, I’m not so sure about that. I pm’d that poster and exchanged a couple of emails. Her email address was definitely at a well-known investment firm and her messages were tagged with about 12 pages of legal jargon – you know, the stuff that says if you are not the intended recipient of this message, you must now burn your eyeballs out with a hot poker, etc ;)

    I did send her to this blog.

  135. Abac68, in what way can you demonstrate that “Physicians here are aware of this disease” – is it any different to the few “doctors” that the MRF has on their side? There are no web references to Morgellons in .au

    How much did you pay for your 56 IV infusions?

    I’m sorry to say it, but your doctor sounds like a fraud, who is exploiting you for financial gain.

  136. Really? Doctors, there, honestly think “morgellons disease” is legit??? I’m sorry you’re so ill, but I thought, for sure, that I had read something more serious that you’d spoken of other than fibromyalgia. You are aware, I hope, that late-stage lyme doesn’t always show up in tests, but still, why are you, and your physicians in denial that you have:

    and calling it “morgellons disease”, instead? “Morgellons disease” is what you are telling us you’ve had the 56 IV infusions over 8 months, for?

  137. I’m sorry, I just went for a quick link, and see that was for pediatrics, but still.

  138. Abac68,

    If you aren’t who I said you are, then I apologize for my false assumption. Linda has been assuming various identities, and there’s been some suspicion that she has Multiple Personality Disorder. That may not be the case, and if it is, it’s not her fault. Her mental health, however, is in serious question.

    You said that a Professor of Dermatology in Melbourne said that you’re not delusional or bizarre in any way. Yet you seem to have an unshakable belief that you have Morgellons. You may have something, and it may be something quite serious, but you do not have Morgellons. There is no such thing as Morgellons.

    Also, your behaviour on this blog has been quite bizarre. How do you account for that? Does this Professor know how you act outside his presence? I also suggest you find a better doctor.

    Tall Cotton

  139. Michael, I am pretty sure Australia has universal medical care. I would be quite surprised to find a doctor in Oz treating “morgellons”

  140. Hmm, maybe SecondHandRose does work for an investment company, but it seems odd that she would base decisions based on research done on Lymebusters, and then go back to taunt them. Maybe she’s just a bit unconventional.

  141. My doctors words are that he doesn’t care what anyone calls this disease all he is interested in is killing it. He took me off Antidepressants and Antipsychotics because he believes it worsened this disease for me and it did. I am another clear cut case of misdiagnosis, like everyone else in this boat. We believe it to be a mutation of some type from either Lyme disease or Chronic Rickettsiosis or both, a lot of different elements seem to come into play. And the skin symptoms are what we call Morgellons, and it is good to give something a name for a University and Scientist to study it. You need to re-educate yourselves on infectious diseases and how dangers Mosquitos are, they are the number one killer insect in the world. How many mosi bites have you had in your lives? Ask yourselves. Australia is in denial about Lyme disease. Our governments tell us we don’t have it, so we have good doctors who go out on a limb and treat it.

    Once again it appears to me that you are very much against the Morgellons Research Foundation and anyone affiliated with them.

    And I would like to end this note by thanking the Morgellons Research Foundation for assisting and supporting me, my doctor and the other sufferers in this country.

  142. There are a variety of “doctors” in Australia:

    I’m not “against” any organization or group of people. I am in favor of the scientific process, and evidence based medicine.

  143. Under the MRF/Lymebusters’ topic…

    abac68 Says:
    June 17th, 2006 at 7:19 pm
    “Many sufferers in this country have learnt about ‘Morgellons disease’ from their own doctors. So our doctors must be delusional also?!!”

    Abac68, have you ever witnessed a cascade of what seemed to be unusual events, such as, granulomatous reactions, mucinous changes, altered connective tissue components such as collagen or elastic fibers, keratinous structures, sebaceous structures, inflammatory infiltrates, and necrotic debris, which were extruded at the surface of your skin through transepidermal elimination?

    You do live in Europe:


  144. Michael, the thread where that person was begging the LB’s to give her something to take back to her clients and being completely treated like crap for the effort was deleted. I don’t think she came back to taunt anyone. The thread that remains doesn’t tell the whole story, I think that’s just a (natural) reaction when someone has beaten their head against a wall for hours and hours, been called all sorts of names then deleted. Anyway, it’s of no matter now. Last I heard, she’s looking into Lewy Body Dementia next.

    As for Oz, it’s my understanding that “Morgellons” is concentrated in the southwestern US. So it seems odd to me that any doctor in Australia would have seen enough cases to make any sort of diagnosis.

    Again, I do believe that people are suffering. I do not believe that they are suffering from the same thing, though, and I sincerely doubt anyone has Morgellons.

  145. I’m 100% positive that nobody has “morgellons”.

  146. Question: Why is this discussion taking place?

  147. “Once again it appears to me that you are very much against the Morgellons Research Foundation and anyone affiliated with them.”

    I’m not against all of the mentally ill people who are being exploited by the MRF, but I am very much AGAINST the Morgellons Research Foundation and everything it represents. Your doctor is a QUACK!

  148. Here’s a shocker! MRF is now asking for money from the very people they claim to serve -

  149. I know, Jeezelouise. This is entirely why I am outraged at the exploitation of such vulnerable members of society. Oh, they can argue with me until the cows come home that they are clear-minded, independent-thinking individuals, but that doesn’t change the reality of the situation one iota. “Neuroborreoliosis”, he admits having Um-hmm, demented as can be and unaware of it, no doubt.

  150. That webpage was the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever read!!!!!!!!

  151. You aren’t a vulnerable “morgellons’ victim”, thinking that your team of saviors, the only people who really care about you, are working for you, either, TC. They’re “the only ones” who know that all these people are not truly DOP patients, afterall.

  152. I know. The blind are leading the blind.

  153. I’m not meaning to say that the money would be used for anything other than research. Oh no, that is not what I am implying. The entire MRF is just like everyone who believes that this is not delusional parasitosis. They are all under a false belief that is not helping these people. Quite the contrary.

    Not knowing the validity of comments made by individuals, I suppose we are all aware that there was recent talk, on LB’s message board, from a person who either had, already, or was anticipating the loss of her job, so she got a loan. She was considering donating a substantial amount of money to MRF.

  154. But, then again, I’m torn over the motivations behind it. It is a bad, bad, thing, and that is for CERTAIN.

  155. I think the motivations are quite obvious. A certain doctor needs to make his mortgage payments and the recent media publicity didn’t produce any big donors.

    Anyway, I’m getting up early tomorrow to do some graving, got a long list of headstones to clean and photograph, and I’m hoping to have time to maybe find a few really old burials. (Yes, I am well and truly weird)


  156. Tall Cotton said: That webpage was the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever read!!!!!!!!

    oh, I hear that! I just could not believe it but it is true. Not the photos though….they are real. People are sick.

    Now if our mental problems are caused by anything, than this is it:

    AIDS Dementia! Lord I hope not, but we will see. I’m glad to read the hyperlink about Morphea……

    It was a welcome sign…that, compared to thinking I have been givin HIV from a friggin insect!

    Hey, I’m out of the loop at Lymebusters- What’s happening there? Anyone at all listening to that person called accudoc? Well, they should.

    And listen ABABC68, unless you get molecular/ genetic testing done, none of this will show up. and the dumb-asses that created it, did not think we’d

    be smart enough to figure this out. You mentioned Ricksettsia…haha good for you, b/c that is a damn big part of it! Oh, yes it is.

  157. Here’s one thing to prove it’s not all a delusion, when it opens up, make sure you look at all three pages…..b/c the second page will shock you!

    Oh, yes, I have taken one of these from my thigh before! Looked identical, except it was a wee bit smaller.

    But delusions- I love them. For they help me escape this living hell that was man made to save their damn crops!

    We should all have prescription acid tablets paid for us by our government!

    Think about it; hell, I know it would help me.

  158. sorry, my brain fog was heavy there, I forgot to drop this off for you:

  159. That sounds like a fun outing you have planned Jeezelouise. I haven’t done that in years.

    Well abac68 left. London, may I ask you the same thing that I asked her? I understand if you don’t want to answer. Have you ever witnessed a cascade of what seemed to be unusual events, such as, granulomatous reactions, mucinous changes, altered connective tissue components such as collagen or elastic fibers, keratinous structures, sebaceous structures, inflammatory infiltrates, and necrotic debris, which were extruded at the surface of your skin through transepidermal elimination? If not, what is it that causes you to think you may have “morgellons disease?

    I think you know that when we have delusions, that we DON’T know it, but, anyhow, you sure sound like you could only stand to benefit yourself by requesting to be placed on something for plain old anxiety (other than merlot). It couldn’t possibly feel good to worry about all those things, now does it?

  160. The photos are real, and the people are sick, but, for the most part, the photos don’t reveal anything significant. They’re mostly scabs, dried blood, and debris from the extra-cellular matrix. Most of the fibers appear to be industrial in origin.

    Why AIDS dementia? Why not late stage Lyme Dementia? Why not Syphilis? Better yet, why not brain fog from mental stress, from believing one has a disease of unknown etiology, one that allegedly kills? Do you realize that a person can have eczema, and worry themself to death over it?

    Why do you think there’s a conspiracy… a coverup? These conditions that have been labeled as Morgellons would make a piss poor biowarfare agent. It totally ridiculous to even hint that this anywhere near as bad as cancer or aids. London, you need to go to a good doctor, and follow his advice, and quit worrying. The government is up to some serious shit, but this isn’t part of it.

  161. London,

    That’s a botfly larva. This has nothing to do with the pest ready/roundup ready cotton. Besides, your arm is what you’ve been worried about, not your thight. Hey, delusional doesn’t always mean that a person is imagining their symptoms. People are also considered to be delusional because of what they believe about their symptoms. “All” self-proclaimed hard-core Morgies are delusional.

    Tall Cotton

  162. Tall Cotton, that is pure excellence, what you just said about people….


    (Still, you know.)

  163. Smiley, Yes, I have seen those. but the other thing that I’m looking into says it mimics sarcoidosis. I wish the hell that is all it is! I will always answer you guys. I have nothing to lose- Nothing to hide.

    Tall Cotton, when I say government coverup, I don’t necessarily mean
    for biowarfare. That is out of my realm of knowledge. What I mean by coverup is this: the damn Agricultural Dept along with the FDA have bypassed certain laws that were in place. Thru their usage ov vernacular pysobabble, they have managed to break a rule that was set in place by the Health Dept. and got away with it, then got it changed.

    To better explain this I will give you a two-fold means of accomplishment.

    One, the Agricultural Dept. has reared and released something (I’m not saying due to scare tactics they have used on me) but they released this GM organism into the environment to help with the pest on crops. Now, I will further extrapolate from that sentence and go on to even say this…..

    They released it into guess which states? You got it…Cali, Texas and

    Nedxt component…..Excuse me, this is off the top of my head- I don’t have the document in front of me……but this has to do with the law they broke then went on to allow it to happen (late eighties, I’m pretty sure) then, subsequently got the law changed so they could keep on doing this.

    This, I’m referring to is how they store the food that is in pellets/ not in boxes, not packaged. What did they do? Example……

    When one of these big food processing companies were being inspected they were busted for having this gm organism flying around landing on top of the food/ grain they were inspecting.

    You see, they were practicing bio-control techniques. But, ah-hah, here’s where they went wrong…..It was strictly forbidden unless it was out in the field on the crops still planted in the ground!

    Long story short, money talks. They not only got away with it but got the damn law changed in 1993!

    So those cornflakes we are all munching on, or those other cereal have no idea of what just sprayed their poop or their pupae
    on top of it.

    Now the fact that the gov’t created and released this and allowes it to happen in the warehouses is government at it’s sorry-arse finest.

    Now, why don’t they come out and say this to us? Why can’t they admit they made a mistake and that the GD thing they created causes embisymbiont parasitism to occur? Why not?

    Because, they are covering it up! It would cost their asses too much money and they are not going to lose any money!

    Wonder why Africa and Europe do not allow GM foods anylonger in their country?

  164. and I think the word Morgellons is stupid too, so , may I pleased be taken off thieir stupid arse list?

    Question (only requires an opinion here)…..which site is worse?

    Morgellons Research Foundation or Lymebusters?

  165. and Tall Cotton, yes, you are right. Although the botfly did come from my thigh, that is minor to my left forearm! For I do think it is HIV late stage or Aids……

    and another thing…..the gov’t can tell the doctors to say Coverup with DOP because they know that GM organisms do not show up in regular
    testing. All mut be genetically done to prove a thing.

    If I’m lying , I’m dying…I had heard that before…..that the gov’t had told doctors to cover this up…..hersay…..that was, until I saw it with my own eyes a week ago. I do have it saved, but no, I cannot prove it because I can’t find where I saved it. It was only 4 in the a.m. when I found it-plus,

    I had company over that night….Ted Nuggent.

  166. London,

    These things you said are probably all true. I know worse things the government has done, and are still doing, and you probaby do too. I know that Smileykins knows. But that doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with your present illness. It’s unnecessarily stressful to jump to these horrific conclusions. We need to get strong, physically and mentally… all of us. We have worse days lying ahead, but they aren’t because of Morgellons. You’ve taken a big important step in the right direction when you got away from those nuts at Lymebusters. Hopefully, some others with follow. Find a good doctor that has never heard of Morgellons, one you can trust. Then follow his advice.

    Tall Cotton

  167. Let’s ask ourselves, does the following sound anything like what a typical “morgellons victim” experiences?

    *I’m taking the liberty of omitting a word, in this 2005 European case study text. Note the causes, including, the significant words…

    “…and as a symptom due to many medical conditions.”

    At present there are several directions in which nosological qualification of (blank) is discussed. (Blank) has been described in the context of monosymptomatic hypochondriacal psychoses, organic psychoses, manic-depressive disorders, schizophrenic psychoses, chronic hallucinoses, and as a symptom due to many medical conditions.

    The aim of this study was to analyze the structure of (blank) and to specify its nosological identity. Materials and methods. The clinical and follow-up observation of 21 patients (19 female, 2 male, mean age 63 years). Results. Clinical development of (blank) in the first group (n=8) corresponds to Kraepelinian paranoia in the features of manifestation and the general regularities of its dynamics.

    Autochthonous onset as a “flash”-sudden is often accompanied by false recollections and tactile illusions, which are interpreted as an insects’ bites. The delusional system doesn’t display features of perceptible progression such as spreading insects from skin to internal organs or an adjunction of another hypochondriac delusion. The complication of condition occurs at the expense of tactile hallucinations, which are connected with the content of delusional system. Systematization of the delusion is accompanied by elaboration of insects’ detailed description: color, parts of the body, ways of moving, life cycle etc.

    Delusional activity develops in several directions: collecting of the evidence of insects’ existence (“matchbox sigh”); struggle with parasites by demanding for disinfection, eliminating of insects by means of self-developed autodestructive methods; protection of the relatives which includes usage separate household things and regular indoor cleaning.

    In the second group (n=13) development of the psychosis is accompanied by ideas of spreading of insects to internal organs and blood, persecutory delusion and bizarre protective methods, that allows to consider this condition in the context of schizophrenia.”

  168. On Lymebusters website I went to my profile and deleted all the information. I believe, however, I could have done that with one click, had I seen the “button” sooner. I don’t know how to unregister at MRF. I’d like to do the same. I suppose a person could write them a letter, but I wouldn’t really trust them to remove the name. They might.

  169. man, smiley, that was kind of hard for me to read tonight…..probably funny as hell, but hard….tell you what….I will get back with you in the morning to give you my critical analysisl latergators!

  170. Thanks Tall Cotton, but you are friends with someone that I will never quite understand…..that is the only thing about you that totally throws me!

    Thanks for your take, for I do know you are a rare intelligent being.

  171. London,

    If you are talking about Smileykins, we are a lot more than friends. I Love her very much. If you don’t understand her, that’s your loss. She’s a lot more intelligent than I am. I wish more people would listen to her. She knows what she’s talking about.

    Tall Cotton

  172. There was a deadly chemical leak in Bhopal India, that killed thousands of people, in 1984. I live where that lethal chemical, MIC, is manufactured. GM crop engineering industries are also in my vicinity. Like the majority of us, I consume GM foods everyday. Even for those among us who prefer organic products, the inevitable progression of GM crop transference will interfere with them in the future. Personally, if I found that any of these things were a bother to me, knowing that I couldn’t do anything to change the reality of the situation, I would seek assistance to help me find a way to live with it.

  173. London,

    By the way, that was a very rude thing you said. Smileykins has bent over backwards to help every Morgie she has come in contact with. I don’t know why you would say such a thing, but it was very rude and immature.

    Tall Cotton

  174. No, I understand. She knows you, but we’ve never met.

  175. Thanks for taking the time, if you read that last post I did, London, but it wasn’t meant specifically just for you to read.

  176. People can generally tell when something is said to them, directly.

  177. Smileykins, it seems like you posted so much that the spam filter kicked in and started quarantining your posts as possible spam. I’ve unflagged them and removed duplicates. Hopefully you should be good to go.

  178. Hey guys, I’m sorry, but I am confused….what in the world did I say about Smileykins? I am at a loss. OHHH, I think maybe where I said your friendship with someone……hell no, no,no,,,,,was not even referring to that. Do you have my email address from when I joined this blog site?

    If so, write me and I will tell you……please, trust me hear…..and get this, I had no idea you and smiley were hooked up….please forgive me, but I have not read all of the blogs here….i’d say I’ve read only an 1/8th of them…….hell, I thought smileykin was a male. I did. And I thought Michael was female, due to everyone calling her Marg…..i’m sorry, very sorry…..but no, was not meaning your love life with anyone….this was a friendship you had formed with someone from the boards…..if you are indeed the past B.A. person……hell, I don’t even know if that is correct. Please, you have to believe me……I never read those post on who’s who…..on any board….I was always just posting stuff that I had researched.

  179. so, okay be mad at me… I will not have anyone to share my delusions with, nor anyone to make fun of me and my eczema………

    Awww, I love yall Man…..I need you and the warmth of your meanesses surrounding me…….I do……

    I apologize again, but I really do not think we are thinking the same thing here……..

    And Smiley, Please don’t think I was talking about you and your mean butt, b/c I was not…..Word up Dawgs, Word.

  180. come out and be mean dammit!! I miss ya’ll!

  181. Case Definition? How About A Slogan?

    Doctors can’t find anything wrong with you?
    Well, step right up folks, we have got the disease for you. Yes, you heard right, ladies and gents, we have the disease that fits all sizes, shapes, and colors. Step right this way.

  182. No testing required. We’ll take your word for it.

  183. Now, am I saying that people aren’t sick?
    No, I’m not. I am making fun of “morgellons disease”.

  184. AND, the thing is….

    It’s NOT FUNNY.

  185. For Sale

    Wacky Wymore Delusional Eyeglasses 50$

    ‘It’s Not Eczema’ Wall Muriel 20$

    “It All Started With a Fluke Named George” Wall Muriel 20$

    “I HATE DOCTORS” Bumper Sticker 2$

    Black Light Keychains 5$

  186. this is priceless…….

    tallcotton Says:

    July 10th, 2006 at 12:57 am
    For Sale

    Wacky Wymore Delusional Eyeglasses 50$

    ‘It’s Not Eczema’ Wall Muriel 20$

    “It All Started With a Fluke Named George” Wall Muriel 20$

    “I HATE DOCTORS” Bumper Sticker 2$

    Black Light Keychains 5$

    That was a scream!!! You need to have a list like this every Monday!!

    bumper stickers, with the translation
    (one for $2 or two for $5)

  188. I understand where these jokes are coming from, but remember that the problem of Morgellons is primarily one of communication. Polarization and alienation force people into groupthink, which prevents progress. Consider the effects of such jokes on emotionally vulnerable itchy people looking for reasons for their woes.

  189. she was. hahahaha kidding! and Welcome back strangers. Thought you mut have fell in the lake or something Sunday. Scared me!

    Okay Michael, I will try to quit having delusions. I will.

  190. and , uhhh, It will be two for five for me!

  191. Can I sell some of my Raid Antiperspirant first? It’s just 5$ a can.

  192. I’m sorry, Michael. Aside from fulfilling a personal request that made someone happy, my goal wasn’t intended for the purpose of being anything other than a tool to help illustrate the absurdity of believing one might have “morgellons disease”.

    Your fact based evidence is enough to stand on its own merits to reach those who are in the decisional process of whether they want to think they have it, or not, but some of those people may see a message in humor too. Delete my comments if it will bring further harm to those who are already there. Again, I apologize.


    Information you might need to know:

    Some of the symptoms and physical structures associated with this disease are unusual and may lead physicians to assume that the patient is misinterpreting their situation. Nearly all (95% of) adults with the symptoms of this skin disease have received a diagnosis of DOP or Delusions of Parasitosis.

    Various organisms may be found on the skin of individuals with this disease, but are not currently the focus of this investigation. The only consistencies observed by laboratories affiliated with this foundation, have been the fibers, black specks, and granule-like structures. These consistent findings are the main focus of our investigation into the primary cause of Morgellons Disease.

    Think about the substance of those comments!!!

  194. In the case of secondary organic DP the delusion often disappears when the underlying organic illness is treated. You know, like when lyme patients “with morgellons” are treated with antibiotics. That makes “the morgellons” improve.
    1 + 1 =

  195. Smiley,

    question here…..(by the way, I’m no good at math), but without doing my homework and reading all the old blogs, may I ask you something?

    Are you guys saying you agree, that some of us do indeed have some health problems- predominantly cutaneous ones, but you just do not think

    that it is the proper name when we call it morgellons disease? Or……

    Do you guys think we do not really have anything serious, just delusions, maybe some eczema, maybe some syphilus (SP?) by the way, wonder why Tall cotton said maybe that anyway?

    I’m sorry to be such a lazy butt and not do anymore reading of the past blogs before I asked you that…..but I’m busy setting up for the band tonight. I think it is going to be superfreak himself, Rick James.

    I mean, I know he did die one time, but on every other Monday, he does show his kinky self. ( I would not have know this but, I was on that telepathic-TV guy’s show last month and Rick was talking to me, saying he needed to perform in the Dallas area and that he was itching.) Now, I guess you are going to probably say that is a delusion too, huh? Pleeze…

    So, I’m going to start setting up the stage, hey, you are welcome to stop by if you’re in Dallas. Just bring me Raid , tweezers, and a zapper…..whatever the hell that is? Hey, what the hell does a zapper do?

    Do people sit and shock themselves and watch fibers pop out? ouch, I bet that hurts. Could’nt do it…….Oh, there’s the doorbell now…..

    It’s The Bushes arriving with Snoop Dawg……this is going to be a good evening…..Oh, Jeez, rolling papers just fell out of Georges pocket….oops!

  196. Um, well, Rick James’ skin’s probably itchin’ due to being a wee bit more on the ashy side of things, these days, London, considering his circumstances. Light some incense, candles, and swig on that merlot, and heat him up a little bit of Oil of Oregano (if ya got any). If he thinks he wants to talk (pass the joint…one of his best hits) axe him to read this to ya, cuz it’ll ‘splain fangs better than I could here. Partay-down.

  197. Oh, London, about the zapper question. I’d thought TC may have advertised one, but I see he didn’t. (That doesn’t mean he duzn’t have an assorted selection.)

    To be perfectly frank, I had to ask that before, on LB, because I’d read about people zappin’ away, left and right, and all I could picture was either a stun-gun, or an electric cattle prod. It’s neither of those, though, but people claim to kill morgies with them.

  198. I believe that Morgies have real problems with their skin. I also believe that most of them have some really screwed up ideas about the cause. I mentioned the possibility that some of these individuals have have cutaneous lyme disease. I also mentioned syphilis because because Treponema palladium, like Borrelia burgdorferi, is a spirochete. Also, one of the regular posters on lymebusters tested positive for syphilis. The second test came out negative.

    My main point was that I believe that there are possibly different diseases working in different people. Some of them probably have Methicillin Resistant Stapholococcus also. Several have eczema. Some have psoriasis, some have folliculitis, some have Sarcoidosis. Nevertheless, most of these individuals are still delusional. There’s 3 catagories of Delusions of Parasitosis.

    No, I’ve never owned, or used, a zapper. They don’t shock though. They generate radio frequencies. It’s claimed that ertain frequencies kill certain organisms. To be honest, I don’t know whether they work or not, but I sure wouldn’t recomment that anyone spend their money on one.

    Tall Cotton

  199. Well, Mister Pissy. I was jokin. You got all those other things?

  200. I’m sorry TC. I shouldn’t have said you probably had a selection. I did it in jest, referring to your earlier ad, but I know people could misunderstand and take it to be more than it was, which was a joke.

  201. Smileykins, if you use your stun-gun on the Morgs, make sure you’re wearing your rubber pants.

  202. …..thanks you two crazies…….Laughing, I’m going to read Smileykins hyperlink!!! Gracias! Like I said, I am totally out of the loop with who is who one every board and blog, so, I appreciate this.

    PS: tonight was fun. Rick got Mr. Bush to lip synch that song…Pass the joint. Mr. President was a wee baked himself so when he took the stage to sing for us all, he prefaced it with “Read My Lips, pass the joint!”

    Overall, it was a good show in my living room tonight!

    Off to read…….

  203. It’s probably a lot better to be out of the loop, than to believe you know someone, or to mix their identity up with someone else, or to assign them one that suits you, if you get my drift. Hehehe.

  204. Oh, of course, I’m excluding your in home visitors, london, and glad that you have a good time with them. No, I’m only talking about the “on line morg, mistaken identity experiences”, for some, not meaning you.

  205. All I wanted, Michael, was to make Smiles and Tall Fuzz refer to me with a term of endearment, for a change. For a while, I relished in the reference of “pumpkin” rather than “dop insane mother.” It made me want to be friendly, if even to myself since no one else here is. This is what I mean when I say that your blog does not invite open, honest dialog. The crowd here spends too much time dissin’ the Morgies. Of course you don’t want to help anyone; it’s obvious! Still, this blog is boring without me.

    P.S. Mary, my heart really does go out for you and your struggles, even though you’ve become perpetually mean here. I really do hope you two are happy.

  206. Linda,

    It isn’t being mean to say that you need to see a psychiatrist. Your doctor was saying the same thing when he gave you the DOP diagnosis. You can be Pumpkin, if you want, but you can’t hide who you really are. And you certainly can’t hide from yourself. Do yourself a favor, and get some help. We care about you, but we aren’t going to reinforce your delusions or coddle you.

    Tall Cotton

  207. Don’t speak for me. I don’t care about this woman, Linda, at all.

  208. Sorry about that, Smileykins. Personally, I would like to see all Morgies get well. That doesn’t mean that I like them, or what they represent. I don’t think many of them would be recognizable if they were well mentally. But, I’m speaking for myself, and I apologize for using the term, “we”, in my previous post. Isn’t it amazing how the Morgies always blame someone else for their problems.

  209. Something tells me that if Michael had a black helicopter or was part of a conspiracy, he/she’d do a little more than just have some little blog.

    Just saying.

  210. Welcome back Pumpkin. Now – you want to comment on the “fuzzballs” thread? Some people are claiming what are obviously clothing fibers to be Morgellons fibers. If some people are clearly mistaken, then why does the MRF and Lymebuster never mention this?

    Do you have any photos Pumpkin? I can have a bash at those.

  211. Bubbles, I do, of course, have the vast resources of the FBI at my disposal – via their web site.

  212. The topic of discussion was MRF’s case definiton. I expanded on Mary Leitao’s motivations, as to how, when, where, and why she developed them originally, and how and why it has led as far as it has. People hearing about “morgellons disease” for the first time, or for anyone who’s curious to know what it’s about, is who Michael blog was originally intended to reach.

    This blog has somehow had a profound effect on people it wasn’t intended for. The people who are convinced that they have “morgellons disease” read here and feel personally attacked on a primal level. Their intentions for coming here were clear before they arrived and wrote their first words. The exhibited manifestations of some of the combined illnesses, are more than I care to deal with, but it’s an indication that some “believers” are trying to come to their senses, when they come here and want to stay. There’s no telling how many other such people are only reading this blog and it’s changing their minds too.

    I’m not interested in promoting any peace, love, and understanding among people convinced that they have “morgellons disease”. Whatever it brings to them, they should be allowed to embrace it. That isn’t the audience I want to reach, and I’ve stated that fact, having already wasted six months of my time in the past. Those people need not be concerned about what I say in the least. As far as I’m concerned, if it’s real to you, then you’ve got it. If you wanted to find a way of getting better, you would, rather than leaving it in the hands of strangers.

    People who aren’t so sure are responsible for this blog going through an evolutionary process. The etiologies of each individual who believes they have “morgellons disease” are extensive, as well as very intensive. As I’ve made clear, I’m ill-equipped for dealings with such people. Six months on lymebusters was too long. I think it’s a job solely to be handled by professionals.

  213. “It isn’t being mean to say that you need to see a psychiatrist.”

    Did you read this ? Oh yea, you wrote it. Hmmnm, my issues seem minor in comparision, but that’s just my perspective. Mean is creating an aire of vindictiveness and hatefulness toward people who are sick, however you perceive their sickness. I don’t think anything I’ve done screams out ARROGANT like your behavior on this blog. There are 4,500 people registered to the MRF. You don’t know most of them, you are not a doctor, and yet you have the whole lot all figured-out “dop” “insane.” I think your obsessive interest in slamming this group shows that you have some residual anger with yourself, and you need someone/group to pin it on. You blame them because you “lost it” in exactly the manner you use to describe them. You need that shrink much more than I do, or else, prove that you don’t and walk away from this blog. You can’t. Your obsessive nature won’t allow you to. If you aren’t also disabled Fuzz, I’d suggest you get a job. You need to get your mind off this topic and move on with your life.

    Michael, it’s possible the MRF web-site and Morgellons info could be better presented. If you hadn’t noticed, it’s a grassroots effort, and, as such, I still think they do a damn good job.


  214. They do a terrible job, except at media relations. They have a somewhat unbalanced talent set there. Ken Cowles is doing a wonderful job.

    For an organization that has been promoted to this degree – even getting CNN to do a free infomercial for them, you’d think they could at least update their web-site with some useful information. The only change in the last month has been to add the request for money.

    Have you noticed that the number of registered households is still 4512 – the same as it was the day after the CNN report, nearly four weeks ago?

    They do a “damn good job”, sure. A damn good job at drumming up more business for Ginger Savely.

  215. I wish more people who fell into this trap bothered looking at everything on the old MRF site, which I enjoyed much more than the updated version. Their own numbers of 95% DOP is a lot, though, so naturally, all that anyone who has it “needs” is someone to go public with telling them that it isn’t. Looking any further into anything is of no importance to such people. Handing them over a “disease” is exactly what they long for, through no fault of their own.

    “The Morgellons Research Foundation was named after a skin disease which was called ‘The Morgellons’ in the 1600s by Sir Thomas Browne. Drawings by Ettmuller in 1682, of what he considered to be the organism responsible for the Morgellons, are similar in appearance to recent micrographs of the unusual fibers and filaments associated with the skin disease our foundation is researching. The early investigators who studied the Morgellons, were never able to identify a pathogen.”

    That’s really nothing more than a historical account of not yet understanding the importance of proper bathing, which was common practice, not to do, in olden days.

  216. you are really pathetic. You cannot deal with logic and reason. You are part of the cover-up and you will without a doubt go to Hell. I’ll be there to open the door for you. See ya, you gutless blogger

  217. David, what logic and reason were you referring to?


    None of you know what the hell you are talking about. My mom has this shit. I don’t, but I can definately tell you I am a witness to it. I have no reason to wish she had Morgellans. I sure as hell didn’t go shopping for a disease for her to have and neither did she. I think this disease is about the weirdest thing I have ever heard of and I think if I didn’t know somebody that actually has it, I would have been very skeptical of it too. BUT IM TELLING YOU IT IS VERY REAL. I remember the first time my mother had ever descibed these weird lesions that had white fibers growing out of them. Also her comment that she sometimes felt like “glass” was working its way out of her skin.(She didn’t literally mean glass but something that just felt like granules, sharp small shards). I was a little taken aback. It sounded so off the wall. I had never heard of such a thing but basically was like wow, you should really see a doctor if that doesn’t clear up.I’ve got to say that my mom is just not the profile of a person who makes things like this up. It would be totally out of her character, and would run against the grain of the person I’ve known for 32 years. She has had the symptoms of this disease for 3 years. I have seen the symptoms first hand. She has been decribing them to me as well for the 3 years she has suffered through. I did not even know of another person or a diagnosis or name for this disease until July 24th, 2006(yes that was yesterday) when I read an article about it in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune. I was absolutely stunned to read about a disease that was to an absolute T exactly what my mom is physically experiencing and none of the doctors she has gone to see can cure or figure out. AND just so you know, yes they treated her with skeptism and thought she could be “imagining things” or having physical manifestations of lesions from psychological troubles and asked that she meet with a phychiatrist for an evaluation. She did and the phychiatrist had her take a battery of different tests and gave her a clean bill of mental health(and as a side note agreed with my mom that she most definitely had a physical and not a metal illness in her opinion.) You will all see this disease in time become recognized as a very real disease. A disease that is very physically real and is not a figment of the imagination.
    -A very worried son from Minnesota

  219. Just because something is real, does not mean that it’s Morgellons. Nor does it mean that it’s a disease. No, the condition described by the Morgellons Research Foundation will “NEVER” be classified as a disease. I’m sorry your Mother is sick, but I sure hope you haven’t shared any of the nonsense with her that you heard on the Morgellons Broadcasts. It’s a pack of lies!!

  220. Photos,

    About those photos you made mimicking other photos of fibres of morgellans.

    When I saw your photos I had to laugh because I could plainly see that they were paper fibers or something similar(fiberglass maybe). Which I know is your point, but what struck me is that in the end your mimics really dont match up to images I’ve seen on the web. There was one I thought that did. But not most. IT strikes me as ironic that your attempt to debunk actually pushed me in the opposite direction. I cant speak for all the images posted on the web and as too whether or what picture is real or not all I can say is that I have no mental problems and can plainly see what is coming out of the lesions my mother has on her face. She doesn’t “pick” at her skin as if she were obssesive compulsive. Yes, I agree with you that natural everday clothing and plant fibers are all over you and in the air we breath and can easily transfer to the skin, but it is quite different for something to actually be stuck IN your skin and at any given moment you can find it stuck IN your skin(as in my moms case.)

  221. Showthepop

    but it is quite different for something to actually be stuck IN your skin and at any given moment you can find it stuck IN your skin(as in my moms case.)

    Do you have video? I’d love to see it.


  222. By the way, this thread is not current. Let’s take it upstairs, shall we?

  223. Gosh, David. Gosh, Showthepop. There is no need to feel that we’re threatening to take it away from you. If it’s real, words against it won’t make it turn unreal. Click on either my name or Tall Cotton’s name. Showthepop, I don’t know whether your mom goes to the doctor alone, or what types of doctors she’s been to. You should help her get the right tests done for her other symptoms, aside from seeing fibers in her skin. That’s not an issue. Her other syptoms are. She needs you to go to her doctor, not a skin doctor, either, and help tell what her other symptoms are.

  224. Hey, Showthepop…

    “Also her comment that she sometimes felt like “glass” was working its way out of her skin.(She didn’t literally mean glass but something that just felt like granules, sharp small shards). I was a little taken aback. It sounded so off the wall. I had never heard of such a thing but basically was like wow, you should really see a doctor if that doesn’t clear up.”

    This is just for you, to help consider what “may be some” of what “could be” wrong with your mom. Please be sure to know what her other symptos are, and look them up. Please, don’t waste precious time on “morgellons disease”.

    Make sure you both read this:

    o Urate crystals are shaped like needles or toothpicks with pointed ends.

    o Urate crystals are negatively birefringent. Pragmatically, this means that the crystals are yellow when aligned parallel to the slow ray of the compensator and that they are blue when they are perpendicular.

    o Pseudogout crystals (calcium pyrophosphate) are rod-shaped with blunt ends.

    o Pseudogout crystals are positively birefringent. Pragmatically, this means that the colors are the opposite of gout. Thus, pseudogout crystals are blue when aligned parallel to the slow ray of the compensator and yellow when they are perpendicular.

    o Crystals need to be distinguished from birefringent cartilaginous or other debris. Debris may have fuzzy borders and may be curved, whereas crystals have sharp borders and are straight.

  225. Showthepop, I was in a hurry when I copied & pasted the above. I am not meaning that your mom has that. I know you care about her, and she needs someone to assist her. Please, don’t waste precious time entertaining the myth of “morgellons disease”. She has some other health problem(s) that’s causing manifestations in her skin. My family saw the stuff too. Read my blog.

  226. OK I read your personal stories and I my mom has never claimed to have half the stuff going on that you two have. Stuff hopping around and shooting out and bursting and bugs hatching and flying around and WTF!!!
    You really had to be hallucinating right??
    My mom really seems to be of sound mind and functions just fine as she goes about her daily life other than the depression about her outer physical appearance.
    Was it the meth that manifested these “visions”?
    Incidentally whatever you did have happen to you is still not normal and still should be classified as some sort of disease. So if its called Morgellans or Blastromybigonia or mysosoupophilodous who gives a shit. Something very real is wrong and producing physical symptoms that is not merely a mental problem. So what is it in a nutshell that you think it is /isnt or what way should be properly addressed.

  227. Showmethepop, you just heard of “morgellons disease” July 24th. If you think what you read on our blog was anything out of the ordinary, read at Lymebuster’s message board. Hell no, what am I saying?! You need to drop it altogether, but by the words you’re saying….

    “Incidentally whatever you did have happen to you is still not normal and still should be classified as some sort of disease. So if its called Morgellans or Blastromybigonia or mysosoupophilodous who gives a shit. Something very real is wrong and producing physical symptoms that is not merely a mental problem. So what is it in a nutshell that you think it is /isnt or what way should be properly addressed.”

    It’s too late for you. You’re hooked.

    Open your mind to reason, and read this again?

  228. Oh, shit!!! I just now noticed what else you said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tall Cotton and I DO NOT HAVE anything!!! That was several years ago for both of us!!!
    Forget it. I’m sorry, no offense intended, but it’s far better to not read things when you can’t interpret what you’re reading. I didn’t realize.

  229. I apologize for my emotional response to taking offense at what you derived from our stories, after I had meant to try to steer you off of this, and somehow, inadvertently, solidified your beliefs in it. When someone misinterprets something, and repeats it, that is precisely how rumors get started, so I didn’t appreciate it. I’d suggested, earlier, that you try to help your mother by addressing her real health matters that are causing her skin manifestations. Life is all about choices. Go where you wish, of course, and enjoy the ride. There’s little more to say than that, but for the record, I appeared to be of sound mind back then, too, but just because I could pull it off, that’s no reflection on anyone else’s state of mind that they’re in. We’re all different, and nobody has what anyone else has. You don’t know that, falling for “morgellons disease”, like so many others, but that’s everyone’s own decision to take that route.

  230. Ok so that was you then and this is you now and…

    Did you have anything wrong with you at all then? A physical ailment of any sort or where you just messed in the head and your all better now? I’m guess I’m not following you. Please take time to explain to me. If it is worth it to you that is.

  231. Check the third to the last paragraph, maybe, in my story’s section. Every person’s causes for having what seem to be unusual skin symptoms and artefacts is different, and there is a wide range of causes for such things. My symptoms began much milder than what they became. That’s irrelevant though. What is relevant, is that your mother has symptoms of a skin disorder, it’s like nothing you have seen before, you’re concerned about her, and you just heard of a myth that is being spread through the media that seems to match up to it. We, here on this forum, happen to know the score on it, from the beginning of the lie, but you just heard of it and it seems to match what your mom has had symptoms of for the last 3 years. I sort of see your reasons for trying to tell us off like you did, but you’re just having an initial reaction, after just hearing about “morgellons disease”.

    Read that link I provided for you to that Pittsburgh’s article. That’s the woman with her child that started it all.

    You said, about your mother ….

    “It would be totally out of her character, and would run against the grain of the person I’ve known for 32 years. She has had the symptoms of this disease for 3 years. I have seen the symptoms first hand. She has been decribing them to me as well for the 3 years she has suffered through. I did not even know of another person or a diagnosis or name for this disease until July 24th, 2006(yes that was yesterday) when I read an article about it in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune. I was absolutely stunned to read about a disease that was to an absolute T exactly what my mom is physically experiencing and none of the doctors she has gone to see can cure or figure out. AND just so you know, yes they treated her with skeptism and thought she could be “imagining things” or having physical manifestations of lesions from psychological troubles and asked that she meet with a phychiatrist for an evaluation. She did and the phychiatrist had her take a battery of different tests and gave her a clean bill of mental health(and as a side note agreed with my mom that she most definitely had a physical and not a metal illness in her opinion.) You will all see this disease in time become recognized as a very real disease. A disease that is very physically real and is not a figment of the imagination.”


    “My mom really seems to be of sound mind and functions just fine as she goes about her daily life other.”

    But more specifically…

    “They treated her with skeptism and thought she could be “imagining things” or having physical manifestations of lesions from psychological troubles and asked that she meet with a phychiatrist for an evaluation. She did and the phychiatrist had her take a battery of different tests and gave her a clean bill of mental health(and as a side note agreed with my mom that she most definitely had a physical and not a metal illness in her opinion.)”

    All right. Who is “they”? Were you present? What year was this? What did the “battery of tests” involve? And I hate sounding this way, but it does happen (I’m not implying this was the case with her, though) was your mom honest when she was referred to a mental health professional, or did she withold information to just cheat herself and fool everyone? Did you hear the psychiatrist with your very own ears, say what you stated them as saying about being in agreement with your mom? Does your mom keep specimens that come from her skin? How long has your mom been in a depressed state due to her appearance?

    If I seem to have asked a lot of questions, I just figure that since you brought it up, that you’re open to discussion.

  232. I’m sorry I didn’t get all of that one quote copied, Showmethepop, but you know what you said. I hope you’re reading and learning, here, and I’m sorry that your mother and you are going through this difficult time. It isn’t hopeless and don’t think for a second it’s a new disease. I swear to you on my life that it isn’t.

  233. My immune system became overwhelmed. To begin with, I only have one kidney. I should be drinking lots of water and keeping my remaining kidney in tip-top condition. I should also be careful about drinking too many caffeinated beverages. But rather than keeping my body well hydrated, I practically stopped drinking liquids altogether. I also quit eating and became malnourished. Why would I do such a crazy thing? I’ll tell you why.

    I was addicted to methamphetamines, and I was using them heavily. I was also going several days and nights without sleep, real often. I wound up in a hospital with bleeding on the brain. I was in and out of consciousness for two weeks, and I came very close to death. After that, I quit using, but I almost waited too long to quit. But I know what happens as the kidneys reach the point of failing and the toxicity in the body is at a dangerous level. But, how could this apply to you?

    It probably wouldn’t if your kidney and liver are functioning properly and you aren’t putting toxins into your body. But when the live quits metabolizing toxic waste, and the kidneys quit filtering, the toxins in the body quicky reach critical levels. At this point it’s up to the skin to dump the trash, and there’s a surprizing quantity and assortment. I had clear gelatinous material extruding through my pores, solidifying into filaments as they touched the air. I had black yarn-like stubbles coming out of my pores also. A lot of them were coming out, all at the same time.

    There were long, hard, crystal-like needles under my skin, and yes, there was a lot of pain. My epidermis was expelling black, charcoal-like bits of material, and there was a hugh amount of reddish-brown rocks. Some of these were larger than the head of a pin. And yes, I heard the snap, crackle, pop, like a tiny popcorn machine was popping. I had lesions all over the lower half of my face. There were also multi-colored fibers. I was a mess. And this is not the half of it. My point is this. When the body reaches a toxic state and the organ aren’t funtioning optimally, these are some of the things one will see. And yes, were real, but it wasn’t Morgellons. Morgellons is a myth.

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  235. Michael, you’d said:

    I challenge the Morgellons Research Foundation to either update their case definition, or explain themselves.

    I hadn’t even noticed that when they updated their website, at the end of January, OMG, they updated the case definition…AGAIN!

  236. Case Definition

    The following case definition has been developed by Tall Cotton. It is an evolving document, like everything else regarding Morgellons, and is updated for review by patients, practicing clinicians and interested health agencies, thus it will continue to be refined as new symptoms are added.

    The Following Signs or Symptoms are The Basis of Morgellons Disease as defined by Tall Cotton. These symptoms overlap “known” diseases. The initial three characteristics parallel a much more entrenched illness, Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) named decades before today’s laboratory technology and infection/immunity knowledge proved that were, in fact, symptoms of this delusional disorder. The more recent, outside the box, findings listed below provide a far broader and more consistent evidence base, strongly supporting the likelihood that DOP is synonymous with Morgellons Disease, both purely psychiatric diseases.

    1. Skin lesions, self-generated, often with pain or intense itching. Lesions appear as linear or “picking” excoriations, because that’s what they are. Sometimes the unreachable regions of babies’ skin must be excoriated by the child’s mother. Lesions often progress to open wounds that are never allowed to heal completely or properly.

    2. Movement sensations, both beneath and on the skin surface. Sensations are often described by the patient as creepy-crawlies. Involved areas can include any place where there is skin remaining. The regions may be limited to the scalp, nasal passages, ear canals, face, or somewhere else.

    3. “Filaments” are reported on skin lesions and at times extruding from scabs. White, blue, red, and black are common on days that clothing of those colors are worn. They also report black or white granules, similar in size and shape to bug eggs, on or in their skin or on clothing. Most clinicians willing to waste their money on a simple hand held commercial microscope have thus far been able to consistently document environmental fibers.

    4. Musculoskeletal Effect is usually present, manifest in several ways. Pain distribution is broad, and can include joint(s), muscles, tendons and connective tissue, especially when hung over or during drug withdrawal. Both vascular and “pressure” headaches and vertebral pain are particularly common at these times.

    5. Cognitive dysfunction with illogical thinking as well as short-term memory and uh.. uh..

    6. Emotional effects are present in all patients. Character typically includes obsessive/compulsive states, hallucinations, delusions, MSBP, BDD, NYPD, Schizophrenia and virtually all states of psychosis. Degree varies from bad to worse. Noteworthy is the newfound strong possibility that emotional presentation precedes physical symptoms.

    7. All symptoms subject to change without prior notice.

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